Ishqbaaz 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Farhan and Fiza unite

Ishqbaaz 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Farhan says I divorce you… Everyone gets shocked. Shivaye says no, you are not supposed to take big decisions of life in anger. Fiza says I just loved you. Farhan says divorce….. and thinks of Fiza. He says twice and is about to say for the third time. Shivaye hits him and faints. They rest him on the sofa. Fiza holds Farhan and cries. Om asks what did you do. Shivaye says this was the only way to stop him, if he said Talaaq thrice, they would have got divorced. Rudra asks what, will they get divorced if he says Talaaq thrice. Shivaye says its not so easy, there are legal procedures, but in our male dominated society, some people have turned Triple Talaaq into a joke, people are giving Triple talaaq on social messengers or video call to divorce their wives, talaaq is a small word, it ruins a

woman’s life, like Fiza’s life was getting ruined today.

Gauri says its not so simple. Fiza says its normal in our religion, husbands can give divorce to wives whenever he wants, husbands are allowed to do this. Shivaye says I have read about it, Triple talaaq is allowed in extreme situations, when there is no other option. Fiza says you can’t explain this to Farhan, I have to accept the divorce if he decided. He says no, you have to fight for your rights. She says how shall I fight with one I love, if he is happy to divorce me, I will accept his decision. Bhavya says why, you didn’t make any mistake. Rudra says clear the misunderstanding. Fiza says I can’t clear it, his mom has created this misunderstanding, he trusts his mom more than himself, we got married against his wife, so she instigates Farhan so that we get divorced. Shivaye says once he gets conscious, I will explain him, I promise everything will get fine. Gauri asks Anika why is she silent. Anika says there is nothing left to say. She goes. Shivaye says listen….. Fiza asks is Anika under the same conception like Farhan.

Shivaye comes to Anika and says whatever happened with Fiza… Anika says I have seen and understood too. He says listen to me. She says I don’t want to. He says I don’t want any doubt between us. She asks is there any reason. He says no, I want to explain. She asks him to stop it. He says I went to meet Fiza and she slipped. She says I don’t want to listen. He says I will say what I want. She says don’t show me your attitude. He says only I can show attitude, because I m SSO. She says I m Khidkitod Anika, keep your attitude. He says you have to listen to me. She asks else what will you do. He asks should I tell you or show it to you. She says you show it to me today. He lifts her and throws her in the pool. Music plays…… He enters the pool and stops her. Ishq hai aansun….plays….. He holds her close. He says truth is Fiza was falling down and… She says you gave her support, I know. He says then why did you doubt on me. She says who told you, how could you think so.

He asks why didn’t you say anything, you showed me attitude, I felt you are upset. She says our relation is beyond any doubt, I trust you more than myself, don’t weaken our relation by giving explanation. He says I was so worried, why didn’t you tell me, you know I get worried seeing you worried. She says Aw… will you marry me now? He says person makes mistakes once or twice, not repeatedly. She says you mean you made a mistake by marrying me. She splashes water on him. He says I look more s*xy when drenched in water. She says you are mistaken. He says no, I look attractive. She says I don’t talk to you, you drenched my dress. He holds her and says I know how to make up for it. She says show it to me. He holds her close and falls back.

Later at the pool side, Shivaye drinks coffee. Anika asks Shivaye is he sure. He says we should try it once. She says fine if you are saying. Farhan gets up. Shivaye says sorry. Farhan says why are you saying sorry, you did what a friend should have, I m upset with this woman, I don’t want to see her face. Fiza says I never cheated you. Farhan packs bags and says I m leaving, sorry for the trouble. Anika says calm down and listen to Shivaye once. He says sorry. Shivaye says no one divorces wife for a trivial issue. Farhan says I know you did everything to save our marriage, your intention was right, but the person for whom you did this is wrong, I don’t want you to support wrong person and this costs us our friendship. He asks Fiza to pack her bags. Shivaye asks Farhan to stop. Fiza stumbles. Anika holds her. They ask Farhan to stop. The power goes. Shivaye shouts Khanna.

Three goons come and call out Farhan. Farhan asks who are you. Shivaye says who let them in, Khanna, security. Goons/Omru says we have come to talk to him, we heard that you are the manager of Dubai’s biggest bank, that means you manage all the accounts. They point guns at Farhan. Farhan asks what do you want. They say we want access those accounts, the logins IDs and passwords of important customers. Farhan says I won’t give you confidential info. Goons threaten him. Farhan says I m not scared to die, I can’t be disloyal to my job. Shivaye says if you dare touch Farhan… Rudra says no, we won’t touch your friend, we have brought guns, see we will shoot him this way. Om says I will not shoot in air again, I will shoot him. Shivaye and Anika ask Farhan to give them what they want. Farhan says I can’t give them info, I don’t carry it. Om says give us your ID and password. Farhan refuses. Rudra says get ready to die, bye. He shoots….. They all get shocked. Farhan gets shocked seeing Fiza shot. Lights get on. He holds her in lap and asks what have you done. She says I told you I can give my life and even get shot for your sake, I did my duty, I loved you a lot and will love you even after dying, good bye.

She closes eyes. Farhan cries and shouts Fiza, I have accused you badly, forgive me. He asks Shivaye to call ambulance, she isn’t saying anything. He says sorry Fiza, you love me, don’t you, how can you leave me. Shivaye says calm down. Farhan asks can’t you help me, call for an ambulance. Shivaye says it won’t be needed, the bullet shot at Fiza was fake, she just fainted, she will get fine in some time. Farhan asks what, are you kidding me. Shivaye says sometimes, we have to test relations to understand their value, we have to put on an act, that’s what we did today. Farhan asks what do you mean. Shivaye says Omru, Khanna…. They remove the masks. Farhan asks why. Shivaye says to make you realize your mistake, to make you understand that your wife Fiza loves you a lot, I don’t know the reason why someone instigated you against her, she is very sensible, good hearted, sorted and decent girl, she kept saying that she will get shot for you and today she proved it, what did you do, you were going to divorce her. Farhan cries.

Anika sprinkles water on Fiza. Fiza gets conscious. Farhan hugs her. She asks are you fine. He says I m fine now, I m sorry I did wrong with you. She says don’t say sorry, its enough for me that you trust my love. Farhan hugs Shivaye and cries. He thanks Shivaye and says you will not pull such a stunt again. Fiza asks stunt? Anika says it was our plan. Fiza asks what. Rudra says got petrified, its not your fault, I m a good actor. Om points gun at him. Rudra says I mean we both are good actors. Khanna asks just the two of you. Rudra says I can’t lie anymore. Shivaye says I hope you always remember this small lesson, Talaaq is not a small word to say it any time, at the time of the wedding, both the bride and groom are asked for consent, same way I think their consent should be considered at the time of divorce too.

Farhan nods and says thanks, you saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life, else I would have lost the most beautiful thing in my life. Shivaye says you understand things a little late, this has been your problem since childhood. Rudra calls him stupid and says if Dadi was here, she would have said this. They laugh. Shivaye says Tomorrow’s Eid will be the happiest one for us. Om says I wish to have Seviyan. Bhavya says you will get it tomorrow. Rudra says then at least get halwa. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya ask Halwa hai kya/its not that easy. They smile. Anika asks why are your plans always so dangerous. Shivaye says we love playing with dangers, we are Ishqbaaz.

Anika asks Shivaye for Eidi. Shivaye asks Gauri about the arrangements. Gauri says the cook has prepared everything. Shivaye says sorry I have to go. Anika says listen, Fiza is right, you attend meetings always, its not a big deal if you miss one. He says its an urgent meeting. She says its not urgent, have it on video. He asks her to stop it. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suddenly, I felt like missing Annika’s big curl hair which she had in earlier episodes…..
    Talak!!! Can anyone have this kind of divorce???!!!
    Om’s voice is too obvious in thief’s getup!!! Already guessed that Khanna is one of them too…. Luckily, everything is fine now….. Good plan by Shivaay but same as in movies….. Anyways, waiting for Eid episodes…….

    1. Go See the Go !
      Congo on being first .

    2. Go swetha go …..
      Cograts on being 1st ..
      Me too is waiting for eid special epis….

    3. Go swatha! Congrats for being number 1.

    4. He swetha dear..GSG..congrats…
      Yeh in Muslim community triple talaq system was there..but on 22 nov became restricted…..
      Me too waiting for EID special..episodes…

    5. Luthfa

      Go Swetha Go.Congratulations on being first………..Divorce doesn’t happen with triple talak.It needs legal procedure to complete with the consent of both the parties.And if someone utters talak out of anger like Farhan did,it will not consider to be valid,just a mere word in general.To get talak/divorce both husband and wife have to come to a final conclusion whether they want to stay with each other or not.Like marriage doesn’t solemnise just having said Qaubol Hain without registration and kabeen nama,in the same way divorce can’t happen by uttering only one word three times.So,if Shivaay did not stop Farhan by punching him,still Farhan could not have divorced Fiza then and there as it would be illegal to do.I hope you got my points.Take care.

  2. Sherya

    Hii Buddies…How are u all ?? Wow..Awesome chappy today and precap is interesting …. really shivomru’s plan is awesome waitng for eid track .

    1. Hiii Shreya.
      Me too is waiting for Eid track .
      And precap was really intresting ….

    2. Hii Shreya..I am fine..
      Yehhh precap us interesting..Sso kuch khichdi jaroor paka rahe he…..

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Sherya,how are you?I am good.Thank you so much.Me too is waiting for Eid track and Shivika Nikah.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care.

  3. Hello everyone .
    How are u all ?
    Hope all are doing well.

    CVS ne hum sab ka Pappu bana diya
    Most of us ,were waiting for long pool sequence ,but nothing like that happen.
    But that short sequence was also nice …..
    My one of the fav song with my fav onscreen jodi….
    Sach mein Annika ka ishq Shivaye ko le dooba aur Hume kuch bhi nhi Mila……….

    So it’s all about Triple Talaq .
    I totaly agree with Shivaye ,Talaq is a very small word which has very deep meaning ,and many emotions are attached .
    And I agree agar Nikkah ….
    Groom aur bride dono ki marzipan se hota hai …….to talaq dene ka Haq sirf sohar ko hi kyu….
    Usme bhi dono ki marzi honi chahiye.

    Jab Un gundo ne bola tha na ………
    Farhan Yusuf Khan … that time I thought his voice is similar to Om……actually I didn’t know he was Om himself….
    And mene ye bhi socha ki Oberois mansion mein kabhi bhi kahi bhi koi bhi muh utha k chala Aata hai ……phir mene socha are Khanna ji ki new new shaadi hui hai ,it’s OK busy honge .
    After the bullet sequence ,suddenly I realized
    Ki yaar Kisi ko koi farak he nhi pata,ye in ka plan hai.

    Annika red mein bahut pretty lag Rahi thi.

    OK bye .
    Good night .

    1. Ishu…how are you …all good na
      Yes yr cvs ne hamein pappu banaya ,,waise long nahi hai to kaya hua short sceans mai bhi shivika nai phar diya hai …
      Mai to rudr ki voice aur uski laughing sai hi samaj gayi thi ,,ki is mai kuch to jhol hai ,,but yeh to obrois ki master planning nikla ,,,,waise obrois aj kal jaise sadhi bacha rahe hai ,,mujhe lagta hai ki ek Shadi bachao name k company open karna cahiye in logo kon,, jokes a part ,
      Lets see shivay ka eid mai kaya plan hai …
      Bye ,,tc .love you …

    2. Hi Ishita, how are you my dear?
      Yes I was hoping for a little longer pool romance but it ended so quickly as soon as it started. But it was so romantic Ishita. I was drooling.

    3. Hiiii Ishu…
      Ha ha ha..yeh I thought a intense sequence wil happen

      But I forgot it is our shivika..they always do unexpected things..??????..
      I knew it was all plan.firstly from segments(???( look how much smart I am ???)
      Then shivika’s little convo at pool side….after pool part.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Yes,most of us wanted a longer pool scene but cvs took us by surprise.And to tell the truth,I loved all those banters of Shivika most than their pool romance.Shivaay said it right.Both husband and wife have the right to decide the fate of their relationship.Plan was well executed but I found Farhan to be dull and expression less.And Anika was looking so very pretty.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care.

  4. Arpita6

    Hiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    ?????????????????????oh God..I can’t stop laughing. …..
    My stomach is aching…lets start
    1.Sso’s one punch…and that lambu is down..??????? Daksh,Vikram, Viraj.. sab Sso ki haath ki ek maar khate he inki hawa nikal jati he…..

    2. Shivika pool scene.????????????????????Thank God I kept my expectation low……But firstly I thought It eill be more hot than previous time with more romance..My imagination actually gone Annika will try to go out from pool Sso will stop her and AAJ AANE KI JID NA KARO.BG song will be played. .then ………….. (baki shivika type romance imagine karlena).
    IN KA KUCH NAHI HO SAKTA…..kuch bhi nahi..??????.
    Now one more lesson from shivika- Don’t expect anything from shivika..just EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. .?????????.
    I mean they always fight now in pool too.
    Wait …wait wait..Sso him self said I look more s e x y in water…really.Sso normal.couple give these compliments to each other..but nooo Sso is Sso..Tadi is his main lifeline…?????.
    btw CINEMATOGRAPHY was in its peak..I love the wholr sequence it was good but it was more cute thanhot.and Annika’s nikah dream
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.Isoooooo cute

    And guys..I felt there was forhead kiss in pool scene but our mahan editor kept their kainchi…
    bbtw pool main girne ke baad kya hua????????????????…
    Baki part was good.

    Jokes apart.
    But main part was why Annika became sad suddenly may be Cvs didn’t gave proper look..
    Bit I thought she remembered all those darken days…….like that sadu Sso and pinky ponky’s conspiracy and all that that is why she became upset…..ITNA KUCH HO GAYA KI KUCH KEHENE KO BACHA HI NAHI..
    This sentence actually showed her emotions. ….

    Precap – I know Sso yiu are planning something on EID but plz….don’t shout yarr.I am.waiting for tomorrow it is going to fun to watch Ruthna manana of shivika.

    OK GUYS..kisine KALA movie dekha? ??? How is it?????.

    1. Hiii………..
      Arpita di .
      Mujhe bhi laga ki Annika ki Punky mom ka purana Wala version yaad aagaya tha isliye wo sad ho gayi thi ….
      And yes di bilkul sahi bola aapne ……
      SSO ka punch Sach mein har Baar funny aur insan tod hota hai …..
      Har Baar jisme padta hai to banda behosh ho jata hai….???????????

      Mujhe bhi nhi pata oil mein Horne k baad Kya hua …….
      Agar aapko pata chale na to mujhe bhi batana ……
      Philaal to mujhe itna pata hai ki Annika ka ishq. Shivaye ko le dooba …….

      Love u Di……
      Take care.

      1. ??????Ishu..I sm finding answer that what happened after falling on pool..ok if I will know then Will let you know..???
        Sso ka ek punch aur samne wala behosh…Main hi sgort hight ki but mera haat he dhai kilo ka..???Sunny deol ki yaad aagayi…??????..
        Yaa Annika ka ishq Sso ko le dooba aur shivika ka ishq hame le dooba..
        Love you too Sis..

    2. Arpu …how are you ..
      Don’t know yr pool mai girne ke baad kaya hua ,,but tum to imagination queen ho to imagine karlo na kaya kaya hua hoga uske baad ???lol yrr ,,
      Yes you are right ,,i also think why anika become upset at that time ,,,she remember all those bad things happened with her by pinky and become upset…
      Lets see is eid mai kaya naya hai …
      Ok bye you ….

      1. Hii Tani…
        I am fine..Ok I am imagining and totally lost in shivika world.. ha ha..yeh may be She remembered those days..
        Any ways Eid toh special hoga..Sso will do so many special.thing for Annika.Just wait and watch..

    3. Yes arpu the cinematography was so good. Both having a great eyelock. I was enjoying every moment of it. It was so good.

      The punch oh my goodenss. All the weakling men.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Hehehehehe…..Me too was thinking the same.By the way Darling,AAJ AANE Ka nahi but JANNE ki JID NA KARO….Shivika were in their own world.I loved their heated conversation especially those dialogue of Shivaay.Don’t know whether Anika was upset or not but she seemed to be affected to some extent.Waiting for Shivika Nikah and Eid track.Take care.

    5. ItsmePrabha

      namaste Arpu ji…Kaise ho….? I missed ur cheapdapan yaar..aur dekho meri wapas aate hi tumhari cheapdi comment mil gayi mujhe…Love you..

  5. Hii r u??..pool sequence was awesome but I wished more…??what happened to that kiss??is it edited?loved narbi’s voice modulations today….

    No idea abt the precap….hope everything is fine

    1. Hello Sneha .
      Me too don’t have any idea about precap ,but I am sure Jo bhi ho Shivika ki uniqueness to hogi hi …..
      Let’s wait …….

      1. Yes dr..waiting for the sweet surprise

    2. Hi sneha..i am fine yr ,,how are you good na ,,
      Hmm..we all wish more shivika pool scean ,,,but kaya kare jo bhi mil rahi hai usse hi khush hona paregi ,,but short tha lekin cute tha shivika scean …
      Yes our great editor edit that forhead kiss part …???
      I think in precap ,,yeh shivay ke koi new trick hoga ,,anika ko paresan karne ke liye ,,lets see kaya hota hai ..
      Ok bye ,,take care …

      1. Yes dr I am also good..waiting for today’s episode.. Love u. Tc

    3. Oh dear sneha I also wished for more but we will not get more…. I just fell in love ? watching the pool scene. Shivika chemistry is awesome.

      Sneha from your name I thought you were from Mumbai but oh you are from Kerala. That is nice.

      1. Hii diii.. Oh from my name;-) their. Chemistry is just fantabulous

    4. Hii Sneha..I am fine..
      Even I wanted a long pool sequence. But whatever we got is also really good..
      Don’t worry.Sso is just showing fake anger.
      He will give sweet surprise to her..just wait and watch..

      1. Yes year.. I am also satisfied

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,
      Yes we wanted Shivika to stay in the pool for a little long but it’s okay.And there was no kiss dear.Nothing got edited.Waiting for Eid track.Take care.

      1. No editing. Oh okay…even it was short..their proximity…;-) me too waiting for eid

  6. Hi guys,,,,hope all of you are doing good ……
    Today’s epi is khidkitodh ….
    I just loved this epi ..
    Shivay’s punch is really needed at that time ,,this is a really serious matter
    .Talakh is just not a word …by this word two life can be destroy …thank god they solve the matter…..

    I just loved shivika scean ,,full of atitude and tadi k sath super hottt wala scean ….
    Shivika is truely best ,,,and theire awwwee wala scean ,,???just awesome ,,,,,,
    Anika looks gorgoues in that red dress…..
    Good plan by the way ,,
    Rudy you are too good ,,so funny yr,,yes you are such an good actor…
    By the way ,,yes yr yeh sab new comers shivay se hight mai bara kyun hota hai …jab farhan ne shivay ko hug kiya ,,at that time mujhe bhot hi hasi ayi ,, shivay to farhan ke bahon mai chup gaya tha ???i found it really funny …
    Precao — ab yeh kaya new majra hai vai …shivay ko kaya ho gaya ,,why he is shouting ,,,pata nahi ab kaya raita phel gaya…

    Ok guys ,,i know mai sab ko reply nehi kar pa rahi hun ,,i am sorry for that ,,i am really busy ..plz ha don’t mind [email protected] di i am fine ,,sorry mai apko kuch dino se reply nahi de payi …..

    1. Hii dear Tania.
      I am doing good and I hope u too r doing khidkitod .
      Shivika is known for their Attitude…..
      Taxi dikhaya to unka janam siddhi adhikaar hai….
      Hmm……Annika was looking gorgeous in red dress.

    2. Tania dear Rudy is always so good in accurate comic sense. He is amazing in the delivery of dialogues.

    3. Hiii Tani..yeh Annika was looking sooo beautiful in that red dress….
      Yes always others became taller than Sso..even i was laughing during that hug part ha ha..
      Precap- nothing yarrr..Sso is doing drama.bcoz……I will not reveal..wait and watch..
      I am.sure you will love it.
      And its completely ok prblm..

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Words are always powerful.I can create as well as destroy.We should be careful while using any words.That plan was looking funny to me with those odd expressions of Farhan but OmRu and Khanna did well.Anika was looking very beautiful.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care.Love you too.

  7. Actually I watched many of the pool scenes in Instagram.. May be it’s bcoz of that I expected more

    1. Even I also expected more dear..but Harneet ji insta update put me in a doubt..that may be pool scene is just for sometimes…..Then I kept my expectations low.. sequence was small in that also.. and a forehead kiss edited…urghhhhh

      1. Yes yaar..that forehead kiss…I shivika could do that then why is it edited??I don’t know what is the reason…all their romance will be edited…anyone who watched the epi could find out that the kiss part was edited…or if he wanted to edit it…then he should edit the moment just before that tooo….now shivaay is actually moving neato anika’s head and then cutt

    2. Luthfa

      i always keep my expectations low while wanting anything from IB as experience taught me.It’s okay dear.Happens sometimes.

  8. Guys are you voting or not??????
    Best show ishqbaaz
    Best actor Nakuul mehta
    Best Actres Surbhi Chandna
    Best Onscreen jodi-Shivika
    Best supporting actor-Kunal Jaisingh
    Best supporting Actress Shrenu Parikh
    Best Actor in comic Leenesh matto
    Most fit actor Leenesh matto
    Style diva..Surbhi Chandna
    These are nominations. …..
    Somebody send the link plz..
    .dont stop voting.

    1. Luthfa

      Voting is done Darling.Now let’s wait for the result.All the best IB and Shivika.

  9. Arpita6

    @Sindhu di…any languages than mother tounge language is difficult…na……..just like i can say odia fluently but Tamil wil be difficult for me..just like this..
    @Shiny dear…first of all stop calling me Arpita6 yiu can call me Arpu.

    Dear don’t fall weak….you have to strength of your mother….Be her biggest support system…
    More power to you and lots of love to you.
    Love you sooo much dear.

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      Ok Baby I will call you Arpu from here on… Thank you so much for there to me… yeah always there will be for her as for her i’m her jenne ki wajah.. and no less for me too…

  10. Forgot to say ,,i just loved anika’s that dilough..same to you ! Back to you ! No return ! ???superb…
    And shivay “mujhe pata hai ki may bhigi hui aur bhi se**y lag ta hu …really shivay ,,,but truely mujhe to tum aise bhi aur waise bhi kuch bhi ho hamesa hi hot lagti ho aur kabhi kabhi too much se**y bhi lagti ho..
    Chi chi tania ,,kuch bhi bol rahi hai ???i should not say ??i will not say apni dil ke chepade baat e ab apni dil mai hi rakhungi , pakka…..

    1. Same to you..back to you with no return..
      Reminded me First Bilu song……
      Dil ki baat dil main mat rakho…
      Hum bhi bolte can say..chepdapanti bhi jaroori he..?????????

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehehe……I was thinking about that evergreen banter of Shivika.Those were really golden days.And dear,you can tell anything.Woh kya hain,hum PKJ walo thora besharam kisam ke hain.We can handle anything.Hahahaha……

  11. Arpita6

    Ishq he Ansoon
    Ishq he nagma
    Ishq sukoon he rahat he
    Ishqbaaz he sehera ishq he dariya
    Ishq junoon he jehemat he..
    I really love this line..after so many days I am listening it..
    Oh Jaana is the best song of shivika each and every words of it suit shivika relationship. ..

  12. Arpita6

    Mere ko double pack mila ha ha .
    On Tv they played Mainu ishq tera……….
    And on hotstar they played ishq he ansu…
    Shivika mere ko duba rahe he hardin aoni jalwe se..

    1. Banita

      Mereko vi ye double pack mila…
      I was miss this “Ishq hain aanshu” song 1-2 week before nd today i got it… Main pool scene se jayda iss song ke liye khus hun…
      I think sb vote kr chuke honge ab link kun bhejna…
      nd one more thing ye soch ke khus maat ho jana ki mere comment gayab ho gaya kun ki aj mane comment ki hi nahi…
      Baaa baaiiii PKJ…
      See u all tomarrow…

      1. Hawwwwww..tu mujhe se khush hone ka haq nshi cheen sakti Bani..????????.
        Jokes apart but after writting a long comment if it will bot posted then it is actually frustrating…
        But don’t worry main khush hona band nahi karungi..?????????? you.
        Btw…your dp is awasome

      2. Hello Banita di …..
        Kese ho aap?

        By the way di, aapne comment kyun nhi kiya?…..why????
        Take care Di….
        Love u…

    2. Luthfa

      Hahaha….Some of us were really lucky.I loved the chorus of O Jaana song like anything.Such beautiful contrasting lyric.My forever favourite.

  13. Story is so much changed they bringing small stories trying to resolve social issues no more old guys in this series, where are all mom n dad, just these 6 ppl trying to solve the issue. Show name should be Social Oberoi’s and put the ad in newspaper if you have any issues please call these number. Wondered in TV serial Hindu families will be showing Muslim festival and act like them, do any Muslim tv shows bring Hindu festival and act like them. I always see such thing in shows. I have to see now Zee tv where there is muslim show let see will they show Diwali or Holi in their serial, highly doubted.

    1. Lara dear plz……dont bring religion issue …
      There is no restriction regarding celebrating other religion’s festival.
      In a district our state both hindu muslim celebrate Durga Puja together.if diwali and holi also..Those Muslims love hindu festivals..
      Even Hindus celebrate Eid eith them by Embracing each other….
      There is no rule that they cant celebrate each other festival..
      Please..Love and respect all religion……

  14. Hi lufta di , Bani di ,Arpita di , Ishita di and all pkj fans. Thanks for the welcome in pkj family?
    Coming to episode shivika Tashan e romance was amazing ?
    CVS told correct about triple talak it should not happen, a women’s consent is also important
    Rudra was funny as usual ??
    Good to see Anika trust on shivaye
    Shivaye I am sso dialogue was amazing
    Today also I missed rikara scene . CVS plz give them also some scene??

    1. Hiii Pooja..yes in a talaq process wife’s consent is needed…
      Yeh happy to see Annika’s trust on Sso.
      Rudy toh funny he hi..
      Tc dear.

    2. Hiii…..
      Pooja dear …
      How are you dear?
      Yes…Annika trust Shivaye more than herself ….aur wo sirf bolne k liye nhi kehti ……she means it …

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Pooja,
      You are most welcome dear.Yes off course.Girl’s consent is equally important.After all it’s a matter of her life as well.Rudra is always funny and gets ready to lighten the situation.Wating for today’s episode-the naraz SSO is wating for us.Take care.

  15. Luthfa

    Kabhi kabhi risto ki gehrai ko samajhne keliye unhe ajmana padta hain……Sometimes to understand the value of relation,it needs to be tested……So deep and poetic line!Now,one has to do drama to understand(according to Shivaay)the importance of any relationship!Well,for me every relation has its uniqueness in its own way.If one requires sweetness then other prefers strict attitude and so on.But the main point of every relation is undoubtedly Trust and mutual understanding.If any relation lacks those things then no matter how perfect and well balanced that relation looks,in true sense it has the threat of breaking at any moment if not concerned people try to join it by force for formality.Farhan and Fiza’s relationship is an arch example of such kind of relation.Here to make understand the reality,demo was needed.Inner feelings came out because of one drama!Whenever any relation will go through the scarcity of trust and understanding,it will indeed become drama and put show every now and then.By the way Shivaay,your relation with Anika is not bound to any drama right?Then why Anika did that special act?Was something wrong?That drama of Anika indirectly told many things.I hope you got all the meanings.Would not you?

    1. Oh my goodness Luthfa!!! Wonderful poetic saying my girl… Yes right which I had in my mind that no one has to do drama to show that there is true love or trust or understanding. It is not needed. Trust and understanding should come naturally. Either you trust the person or you don’t at all. In farhan’s sake that love has to be invoked by a goon drama to show that Farhan loves his Wife. To me it is more of her possessiveness than true love that is depicted in Farhan’s sake. If it is true love, there isn’t any explanation to be done. Because Husband trusts Wife and Wife trusts Husband.

      In Anika’s case where she walked off, Shivaay does not need to explain at all. Anika definitely trusts him. Shivaay should know she did not walk off because she suspects him. In the twinkling moment Shivaay wavered a bit and thought Anika did not trust him. What happened to Shivaay suddenly that he was so desperately trying to convince her? He does not need to do that all. So Anika just played along. She knows Shivaay would never have done such a thing and Farhan is a posssessive man who is suspicious of his wife’s very motive.

      Very nice analysis Luthfa. To prove true love there is no need of drama. The feeling should be invoked and realised by both the husband and Wife.

      1. Sorry Luthfa I meant to say Farhan is a possessive man who is suspicious of his wife’s every motive. Not a single naunce of her escapes his notice. This auto correct sometimes swallows your words or misspells it. Irritating.

      2. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Wow di,you have explained that particular moment and the entire situation so beautifully.Very well written and mentioned.And I agree with you completely.Love is a natural process and it doesn’t need any explanation or justification.If it needs those then it is anything but love.And in a time tested and well grounded relation like Shivika’s those things are not acceptable and think able in the least.Still as it’s human heart,everything is possible in any given time.But true relation is an all time winner and Shivika have this by themselves in their life…..Thank you sooooooooooo….much for your love di.Love you?

    2. Yeh indirectly they showed Annika’s emotions she was actually hurt by remembering those days..but I am not sure Sso got it or not.
      Looking forward for next episodes…..
      And Lu you nailed it….Wow…wow..just wow…

      1. Luthfa

        I think Shivaay was afraid that Anika might misunderstand him as his track record with other girls is not favourable.But Anika made it clear to Shivaay very well.As Sindhu di said,she played her game to earn a yes for Nikah.Thank you sooooooo….much for your love.Love you?

    3. Hi guys,
      Back to page after 3 days.. Episode was good…
      Ishitha & jeevi belated birthday wishes.. God bless you with loads of love and happiness.. ???
      Coming to episode is that kind of talak happening.. I’m unaware about it..
      That silent of Anika where she witnessed is her self.. I Think her flash back came to her.. Farhan story is short version of shivika’s separation track..
      Guys I won’t be coming to page regularly bcoz my son is too much time to wake up early to get ready for his school.. Have to tell him bed time story early to make him sleep.. So, I will be watching IB only in morning..
      Sindhu, arpu, Banita, ishitha, sneha and all other who I have missed.. Have a weekday.. I Hope you guys have Muslim friends have a nice Raman with them… Take care guys..

      1. Hello kadhambari Di….
        So …… Now a days u r busy in fulfilling mom’s duty ……
        Nice…..very nice….
        Ya ……di some time back , such of divorce happens ….
        But I think now a days it is not allowed…..

        Your son’s habit is just like me ….
        Me too don’t wake up at my mom’s one call in early morning ….
        And keep saying ……two minutes mummy ….
        And thank u so much di …..

      2. Luthfa

        Hello Kadhambari di,
        How are you?And how is your Prince Suhas?It’s okay di.You are a mother and you have your commitments towards your family.But do come to visit PKJ whenever you can manage time and don’t forget us.Lots and lots of love to you and your Prince.Take care??

    4. ShinyTirupathi

      Luthafa dear you always play with words just perfect….

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooooooo….very much Shiny dear.Love you???

    5. Hiiiiiiiii ……
      Luthfa di ….
      U very well know how to play with words .
      I think it is child’s play for u …
      Nice analysis ……

      Ya ….me too belive there us no need of any ki d of darma to show ur love…..not at all….

      Love u Di….

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Ishita,
        It depends on how one views his or her love.Some choose to be silent lovers without any showy things and some are very expressive,through their acts people get to know about their love easily.But at the end,if love needs any external force to exist and run often time,then has something to worry about.Love is like happy memories which we love to create and love to cherish in our heart always.Those never leave our heart for a second.And if anyone requires any reminder to remind those moments then it’s not okay at all.Love demands attention,care,proper nurturing everyday,every moment. with same dedication and feelings.And those are mutual work.If one backs out then situation becomes like Farhan and Fiza.See,they needed outer force to understand their hidden emotions.Those who take care of their love don’t need any drama or anything.This is the essence of a true relation which is full of love,pure love.Anyway,thank you soooooooooooooo….much for your love also.Love you too.

    6. ItsmePrabha

      Darling such a bliss reading your analysis after ages…and it is as fabulous as ever…Love you…

      1. Luthfa

        First of all,welcome to PKJ your own home with lots of love and band-baja.You know na how much I missed you?And thank you sooooooooooooooo….very much for your love,Love you too.God bless you.

  16. Mona_2005

    Guys ik I should not write this but could not stop myself
    Ik I will receive lots of hate but no worries
    To many rikara fans( sorry for writing this)
    But I really don’t understand why they keep on saying or blackmailing that show rikara or we will stop watching the show then another
    comment they never show rikara therefore I stopped watching it
    And just one thing that we are not going to watch ib that’s it in these comments
    Guys common be a little sensible if you will stop watching the serial then why will they show your couple , they will not get trp enough after showing as you have stopped watching the show and I am not on insta aur Twitter so i don’t know much but sometimes use bhai’phone and use insta where I saw some shivika fans saying that they want only shivika, no groupbaazi and all
    Pls guys don’t change the main motive of the show
    It was a story of the 3 Bros but now they are divided into shivika, rikara, ruvya
    Shivika fans are demanding shivika
    Rikara fans rikara and so on
    Guys I am not stopping to demand just pls don’t always blackmail that I will stop watching the show as it will not gain you anything
    And shivika fans pls be fans and pls support groupbaazi, they are lovely together
    We are one huge family guys , pls don’t divide into shivika, rikara aur ruvya
    Huge request
    And hatsoff to all the ib fans which watch it on TV for Ishqbaaz
    Love ishqbaaz

    1. Hiii Mona….actually these words are really needed in insta and we sre ok with it.
      Yeh some people are doing it….bcoz they are not getting what they want..
      But pkj is different…
      Yes we should support the show…
      No hate for you…dear.
      It is place for hate..

    2. Nicely put Mona_2005, yes people should not keep saying I will stop watching IB if they don’t have such a couple. IB started just with obros, shivika, seniors, rikaras and finally Ruvyas. So if they have watched the progression they will know now it is just obros and Obahus.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Mona,
      Those things you mentioned are applicable for Twitter and Insta fandom of Shivika and Rikara or may be Ruvya.But PKJ is away from all those.Sometimes few come to rant all those but most of us maintain absolute neutrality.Take care.

  17. Do research before making things up about Islam. Divorce happens either once or twice three is not allowed to be used in any case and if it’s used triple then these to never can they be back together unless divorced woman goes through second willfull marriage if the second husband either die or divorce her on his own will then she can go back to her previous one. so to avoid that complication triple talaq is not allowed

    1. Yes…Now triple talaq is not allowed..but its ok na..talaq hua nahi that is the big thing…..

  18. No use of even saying cuz nobody listens….we want private scenes of the other two couples too

  19. Hello PKJ family, how are you all?

    Oh my goodness what an awesome episode!!!!! It was so romantic but very short. I expected more but I have learned to always expect the unexpected. Shivaay pulling anika back towards him and the resistance Anika showed was so awww……. Shivika always can pull this off so well.

    Now I don’t understand one thing. Do they say just Talaaq three times and divorce just happens. What is this nonsense? How can someone just say divorce three times and you get divorced. This is absurd. Actually Farhan is already married and Fiza is his second Wife. I know muslims can marry as many women as they want. I just only agree to one man and one woman policy. The one whom you marry will be your lifetime partner and a person is only free to marry when one of the spouse dies. Till then they become one flesh and go through any trials together.

    Precap I realise now Shivaay is pretending to raise his voice at Anika because she did that to him. Pretending not to trust him and he trying his hard to explain to her so now it is Shivaay’s turn. Tit for tat. Shivaay probably will prepare for the Kabool thing that Anika always wanted. He kept saying we married so many times. I think that is what he might be preparing but not sure. If he does that i hope it also happens to Rikara and Ruvya as well just to be fair to all couples.

    Farhan’s redemption is too short. How can one be a mummy’s boy and trust his Mother more than his Wife? He should have suffered a little bit more. His hatred for Fiza was shown and he never was angry when Shivaay hit him. More angry that she accidentally slipped and fell on Shivaay’s arms. Farhan was let go easily.

    1. Hiiiiiiiii……..
      Sindhu di….
      I am fine and wish the same for u..

      Yesterday’s episode was so romantic di…
      It will be intresting to watch their Nikkah…..
      If Shivaye is planning for it…..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Divorce does not happen like that.It needs specific legal procedure to complete.And about polygamy,in Islam the ideal marriage is the monogamous(one man married to one woman) form marriage.Limited polygamy is a provision approved by Islam foe Exceptional circumstances only and that also with many stringent conditions.Vast majority of Muslim men are monogamous in their marriage relationship.Those who have more than one wife are very few,probably less than zero point one percent of Muslim world.And most importantly,Islam did not invent the system of polygamy.It existed long before Islam came into the scene of world events.And in Islam if a man wants to do second marriage,he has to follow strict rules to do that.Islam does not promote polygamy rather it has given clear guidelines on all kinds of relationship,monogamy to polygamy.I hope your confusion on the take of Muslim’s several wives is cleared………Shivaay is an ideal husband and I am sure he won’t disappoint Anika.We had seen in yesterday’s episode the example of it.Let’s see what happens next.Tale care.

      1. Luthfa

        I am sorry,it’s take care di.

  20. Luthfa dear how are you my dear? Thanks for your compliments saying that we both think so much like same to same. Oh my goodness I didn’t realise your thoughts are also similar to mine. We don’t see each other and yet our minds work alike though we are in different part of the world. Nice na….

    Luthfa my sincere apologies for getting your name spelt wrong all this while. I have been addressing you as Luftha and you never once corrected me. I feel so bad that all this while o just addresses you as luftha. I only realised yesterday. So sweet of you not point my mistake at all.

    1. Luthfa

      Awwwwww….You are so sweetly innocent di.I have never considered it like that.And you can address me the way you feel like.Our relation won’t change because of that.And plz,don’t say sorry for this absolutely trivial thing.Like Anika said that her and Shivaay’s relation is beyond everything so is ours.We love each other and tha’s what matters.And Shakespeare also said”What’s in the name?”.just relax di.I am all okay with my name the way you will write.Love you di.

  21. Hello dear luthfa arpu banita little Sister jeevi kadhambari krishna tania Ishita sneha beauty shiny dear pushpa shivya aayush and many more beautiful people.

    Jeevi dear I know you are the same jeevi and my little Sister so no worries.

    Shiny dear don’t give up on life so easily. Try to overcome your trials and don’t get affected by what happened to your Mum. You live your life to the fullest and make it a success. For now concentrate on your studies and do well my dear. You are not alone. You have this family with you and we are all here for you. You can always look at me as your older Sister just like how jeevi dear always addresses me as big Sister. In Tamil.

  22. Hi banita dear I am sure you have savoured through the romance scene in the pool basking in shivika’s romance. ?

    1. Banita

      Yup diii…
      I expected moree dii… But…

  23. Shivaay’s fake anger is to do with Anika’s old diary. Maybe she has written something he did long before they even fell in love with each other.

    1. Luthfa

      You are absolutely right di.I am waiting to watch an angry Shivaay.Let’s see.

  24. ShinyTirupathi

    Thank you so much guys I will always love and Cherish both Ishqbaaaz and PKJ… I always don’t show pain to others but couldn’t control yesterday PKJ is really special..
    Banitha,Ishita, Luthafa, Arpu love you guys…
    coming to epi…. It was good…. I expected pool scene thoda long but zaldi finish hogaya but its too cute…and visual was great… Nakuul,Surbhi born to be costars their comfortable is another level… they make it so natural…. waiting for today night epi… Bye pagals Love you all

    1. Hiii …….
      My dear Shiny …….
      How are u?

      I want to suggest u Shiny ,
      Please don’t hide ur pain … least from ur loved ones……
      Because it hurts a lot …….( Well……I am giving u advice but I myself don’t follow it )
      But please ….we should ……right ?

      And ya at the same time don’t shed tears in front of those who does not care ……
      It just a waste of ur precious tears which means a lot for someone else ……..
      Me too expected a lot ……
      But nothing like that happen ….

      And we are always there for u
      I know ….not physically …..
      But still……
      Love u .????

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Shiny dear,
      You are one of our family members dear.We love you and will always love.No needs to be formal okay?May you shine like the brightest star and become the most successful one.I will pray for you.Take care.Lots of love…..Shivika are indeed co-star goal.Very much visible from their on screen and off screen chemistry.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care.

  25. ShinyTirupathi

    guys I need help.. I love Arts… pencil art, painting and I do it to relax ….. I’m interested in Digital art can anybody guide me pls….. If you guys know about

  26. Aaj mene first time vote kiya hai ……
    I am so happy ….????????

    1. Banita

      Ishu ,
      Congratulations dr…
      I m good dr… Tu kesi hain??
      Nd ab 2 days thoda busy hun ghar mein guest aaye hain isliye comment nahi kr pai…

    2. Luthfa

      Congratulations dear.Keep voting.

  27. Annika looking very cute

  28. ItsmePrabha

    Hola Familia…Do anyone know me other than my Darling…? as it was ages that i last visited our home(read PKJ)…i missed you all to the tiffany….and mostly i missed My bunny’s cute sweet comments and Arpu’s cheapdapan and ofcourse Luthfa’s mindblowing analysis..How are you all???
    well coming to Epi…Amazing as always….Shivika are love…jeene ki wajah hai….
    And Pool scene after ages,just like me….can watch their pool ishq for infinity times and can never get bored….seriously main Nox and chandu di se poochna chahungi ki ‘aise kaise kar lete hai hai aap log?’…
    Farhan and Fiza ke liye joh drama hua hai it was good….loved rudy there…precap is intriguing… can’t wait for it…let’s meet tomorrow..till then take care…Love you guys…Buh-bye…

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Sweetheart,
      Welcome to PKJ once again.And thank you sooooooooo…very much for your precious appreciation.Pool ishq of Shivika was amazing.They were looking very much comfortable with each other.It feels so great to watch them together working with utmost perfection.Hats off to their acting caliber.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care.Lots of love.Love you too.

      1. ItsmePrabha

        aww darling you know how much i missed these comments and replies…Love you and god bless you..

    2. Banita

      WELCOME BACK TO PKJ Prabha dr…
      Yeh U r here really after a longggggg time…
      Loddsss of Lovee yr…

  29. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good.. So cvs has tried to show the triple talaq issue.. The dialogues shivaay said is true… I almost got a pain in my stomach after laughing to see shivaay punch to farhan…
    Excited for the precap

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