Ishqbaaz 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika face the ring problem

Ishqbaaz 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks how can I wear this. Shivaye says I just want you to try this, Tia will come late, if I don’t like this, I can ask the jeweller and call for more options, it will just take a min, I won’t be able to find it on my fingers, your hand will be fine. Jeweller says please wear it if he is insisting. She says fine. She says its too tight. He says try it, how will it go inside if you don’t wear it properly. She asks shall I chant any mantras for this. He says no, its not the way to wear it. She says I m wearing it the right way, its too tight. He says not this way. He holds her hand. Lights go dim. Mere haath me…..plays….. They see each other. He makes her wear the ring. They recall their moments. He says beautiful, something difference, unique….. jeweller says wow…. beautiful.

Anika gets her hand back and asks what did you just do. He says I m sure the ring will look more beautiful when Tia wears it. She asks can I take it off. He says you won’t be able to. She asks what did you say. He says be careful, its very special.

She tries to remove it and says its stuck. Shivaye says you don’t know how to wear and how to remove, what do you know then. Gauri calls her and says Nikhil may come anytime, you have to get ready, come fast. Anika says I m coming. She runs to kitchen and puts hand under water. She tries to remove ring and thinks what to do. Dadi asks what’s wrong, Tia’s ring is in Anika’s finger. Shivaye says I just wanted to see how it looks, so I asked Anika to wear it, it got stuck. Rudra says its so funny, Anika had the shagun chunri first and now the engagement ring. Om asks how will engagement happen now. Shivaye says I called the jeweller, he is sending the ring cutter. Rudra says ring cutter will come, he will cut the ring, then he will join it and polish it, till then Tia will come.

Dadi asks what about the engagement, what will you do now. Nikhil and family comes. Anika greets them. Priyanka hugs Shivaye and Tia. Rudra says Tia has come, but ring didn’t. Sahil’s mum says lets begin the engagement, Anika forward your hand. Nikhil’s mum says not the right, the left one. Anika forwards her hand. Nikhil asks whose ring is this. Everyone looks on. Priyanka asks what do you mean. Rudra says ring is there, but not currently, when we get it from Anika’s hand… Tia’s mum asks who is Anika. Rudra says wedding planner. She asks what’s the engagement ring doing in her finger. Om says its a long story. She asks how will engagement happen without the ring. Rudra says I have a plan. Om asks him not to share bad jokes and plans. Rudra says no, Tia is wearing many rings, Shivaye will make her wear any ring, engagement should happen on time, Shivaye will make her wear that ring when it comes. Dadi asks what are you saying, Shivaye’s named ring is in someone’s finger, you are asking Shivaye to make Tia wear her own ring, that will not fulfill the ritual.

Rudra says engagement should happen on mahurat, Tia can wear Shivaye’s ring later. Om agrees. Rudra says tell me, is the mahurat imp or ring. Tia’s mum says I agree, we will do the ritual with Tia’s ring. Dadi says fine Shivaye, make her wear her own ring, we can’t let mahurat pass. Anika says I tried everything, but the ring isn’t coming out. Gauri says its fine, then wear it in your right hand, you can wear it later too. She asks Sahil’s mum not to argue, it doesn’t matter, Anika can wear ring in right hand. Nikhil’s dad says but ring is put in the left hand’s finger. Nikhil says it doesn’t imp, exchanging rings is imp. Shivaye makes Tia wear her ring. Tia smiles. Everyone claps. Tia makes him wear the ring. Nikhil makes Anika wear the ring. Everyone claps. Anika thinks of Shivaye. Priyanka feeds sweets to Shivaye and Tia. He thinks of Anika. Everyone congratulates. Rudra says I was thinking why this happens with Shivaye, roka happened with Anika and engagement too, maybe she is the right one for him. Anika sees the ring.

Shivaye comes to meet Anika. He asks about her engagement. She says ring didn’t come out yet. She shows her right hand and says I had to wear the engagement ring in other hand. He says ring cutter has come, so…. The man tries to cut the ring. Anika’s hand bleeds. Shivaye scolds him. The man says sorry, the finger had swollen, she got a scratch. Shivaye says you think its a minor scratch, her hand is bleeding. The man says sorry, but the ring. Shivaye says get out of here. The man goes. Shivaye says its all my mistake, your hand got swollen and I insisted you to wear this ring, this was my idea to call the ring cutter. She says its fine. He asks is it paining. He blows on her wound. She says Shivaye……. He looks at her, holding her hand. Daksh and Priyanka come. Daksh says wow, what wedding planning is happening at this hour.

Shivaye says actually the ring cutter came to cut the ring, but it didn’t. Daksh says the ring which was supposed to be in Tia’s finger, what is it doing in this wedding planner’s finger, you are holding her hand and sitting here, isn’t it too much, I m much worried for my sister. Shivaye says its nothing like that. Anika says sorry, I shall leave. Daksh says that ring belongs to my sister, please… Anika tries to get it off. Shivaye says its okay, you can return it tomorrow when the swelling subsides. Anika goes. Daksh says I don’t think she will return the ring, its an expensive ring, anyone can turn dishonest for it. Shivaye says Anika is not such. Daksh says you know a lot about her. Priyanka asks why are you pulling his leg. Daksh says he is my brother in law, I hope he didn’t mind. Shivaye says I will just come. He goes. Daksh thinks Anika wants to expose me, I will teach her a lesson, such that she won’t be able to show her face to Oberois.

Its morning, Anika says I have to talk to you, its imp. Shivaye says I don’t want to. She says its really imp. He says I don’t want to talk about the ring. She says ring…. and sees it. She says did you think I m talking about the ring. He asks then what. She says I had come to return the ring, and I wanted to tell you about Daksh. He says I don’t want to talk about him, give it to me. She asks what. He says ring. She says sure…..She removes the ring and gives it to him. He leaves. She also leaves from the room. Omru look on. Rudra says they are playing with those rings. Om asks did you notice something, whenever Anika is in Shivaye’s room, Shivaye tries to run out of the room. Rudra says you are right, he behaves differently. Om says I think its all our illusion. Rudra says the smoke comes out only when there is an incense stick burning. Om says only when there is a fire. Rudra says that’s what I meant. Om asks shall we find out what’s happening. Rudra asks how. Om says we have to find out. Rudra says we will directly ask Shivaye. Om says yes good, he will tell us, the moment you start talking about his personal life, he turns mute. Rudra says when I commit to do something, I make it possible. Om says stop delivering dialogues and tell the plan, Mere bhai….

Rudra says the moment Shivaye drinks this punch, it will melt him down, he will become Raj from Baldev. Shivaye asks what’s going on. Rudra says we were waiting for you. Shivaye asks why. Rudra says shall we have the punch. Daksh and Priyanka come. Daksh says let me see how Shivaye’s taste is. Rudra says but, I got this for you. Shivaye says don’t be selfish. Daksh drinks it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    Sab meri galti hai ,maine hi tumhe ring pehne ke liye force kiya, ring cutter ka idea mera tha meri wajh se chot lagi” Dard ho rha hai kya” “Kuch khas nahi” “Ek second dikhao mujhe” “Shivaay” reasons reasons shivaye yr dramaa is owsm…

    ‘Utaregi tu utarogi nah?” Becauae hw knows u cant remove the ring….

    OMG Shivaye Singh Oberoi is in loveeeeeeeeee?????
    The way hw he forced her to wear the ring and the satisfaction when she cannot remove it…. on top of all todays heroine is the ring…. how Shivaye put in on her fingers easily… the eyelock shivaye love in his eyes… the fb on chunri rasam gv me thinkinb that shivaye fall in love the same day…. OMM he is love….

    Rudy baba u r rite the wrong no is the right no 4shivaye… p,ease do something bring them together make shivaye confess his love…

    Tia sorry cant u c shivaye is not happy gegying engaged to u…. so please go away..
    This nikhil … damn clay man u too leave anika please…

    He came to check on her… reason jewel cutter.. but when he tend to her wound.. when she said ….. shivaye….. the whole world ws singing 4 shivaye…..

    Now im worried wht will dhaks do to Anika…… as long as shivays stand by her…
    Cant wait 4 monday.. i supposs anika will hv the same feeling toooo…

    After so long mere dhill hua ishqbaazzzzzzzzzzz…
    Gd nite cuties

    1. Hi Pushpa di .
      How are you and your hand ?

      yes Shivaye Singh Oberoi is in love anf he islooking so cute in this state.

      and ya……
      Go pushpa di Go !
      Congo on bring first!

    2. Hiiii Pu di..your dil hua dil hua Ringbaaz..???..yeh Sso is the baap of all chantomais…ha ha.
      Go pu di Go..congrats…

    3. Luthfa

      Go Pushpa di Go.Many many congratulations…?
      How are you now?Hope you are recovering.I have continued praying for you.You will be all right real soon?

      1. Luthfa

        About episode,yes,your Shivaay has already fallen for his Anika.In entire episode he was so very caring towards Anika and his hidden love came just like that.This Shivaay is sooooooo…cute.Just hope Tia,Nikhil get out of Shivika’s life asap.I can’t wait to see them getting married.And Daksh is going to play his card as usual.Let’s see.Take care di.Lots of love?

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    HRU all??
    Hope all of U doing well…
    Now a days i m a little busy with my works , that’s why i m getting irregular nd couldn’t read ur comments also…
    But today i got a little free time so thought to come here…
    Well , today my comment will be small one…
    Ab meri Shivay bhaiya nd Anika ki haldi ho gaya nd engeggment vi…
    Rudy boy as always U r rite…
    Haar time wrong number thodi na lag sakta hain…
    I m just loving loving loving soooooooooo much this Cute Singh Oberoi , Sweet Singh Oberoi , Caring Singh Oberoi nd my Pyaare Shivay bhaiya…
    I love all Shivika scene that happened during these days…
    Nd many lovly dialouges , but i don’t hve time to comment all those…

    But last part of today epi ,
    Omru scene , “Mere Bhai”…. Hahahaha…. LOL…
    Precap –
    Hope Rudy ka “Rudy special punch Shivika ke saath saath Daksh pe vi kaam krle…
    Nd Monday jaldi aajaye..
    KEEP WATCHING IB ON TV… We hve to increase TRP…

    1. Hi Banita di.
      yes me too want Rudy ka special punch Shivaye k saath saath Daksh pr bhi asar kre.

      Al the best for your exams di

    2. Hiii bunny….so good to see you here……..
      All the best of good luck..
      Jo kar rahi he acche se kar..
      Waiting for punch party…

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,how are you?Missing you sooooo….much yaar.Come back soon.
      Hahaha….OmRu just made me laugh like anything.We will get talli Shivika and hoping for some solid romance.Yesterday’s episode was one of the best episodes of Redux till today.Waiting for Monday.Anyway,take care.Happy weekend to you too?

  3. dear friends…
    kya aap mai se koi mujhe baata sakti hai kya shivay aur tia ki shadi bhi 7 dino mai hai??? cause mujhe iss tia ki bacchi bilkul pasand nehi hai…i am very sure iss tia ki.bacchi mai kuch gadbad to jarur hai…aur na tia aur acchi ladki ho hi nehi sakti…
    kabhi kabhi to mujhe lagti hai ki iss tia aur daksh dono husband wife hai…jo oberoy’s ki paiso hadapne k lye ayi hai…
    waise bohot accha hoga agar daksh aur tia dono ek saath expose ho jai. Aur na phirse shayed annika ko shivay aur tia ki shadi ki taiari karni padhegi aur phirse naya rituals kar k bekar mai hum audience ko bored hona padhega….
    wase kisi k paas koi news hai ki in 7 dino n
    mai kya hoga..daksh aur tia expose kaise hogi…of course punch wala news chor k agar kisik paas koi news ho to please share karna…

    1. Shamrin dear….we don’t have any clue what is going to happen in 7 days..
      Don’t if shivika will marroed or not…
      Or what kind of marriage it will be..
      Will Daksh be exposed soon or not.
      So many questions are there dear….
      We have to wait for episodes or segment spoilers….
      Just keep patience and watch it.

    2. Luthfa

      Relax dear.Don’t stress yourself up for upcoming.We are getting everything for Shivika the way we wanted and I am sure Tia and Daksh will be exposed on time.We just need to stay calm and watch the next story unfolding.Take care?

  4. Arpita6

    My comments are gone totally….
    I wrote soo many things…..leave it…..
    If i will get time then will ginaa write..
    Episode andwhile weekwas really good.
    Hope this weekend all pkj wil present here..

    1. Luthfa

      Exactly my situation.Me too wrote so much but everything went down the drain.Had to post in the morning.Just frustrating??

      1. Moment of feeling like pulling hair..??…
        Sari mehenat gayi ghat pe

  5. hi pkjs
    Today’s episode was awesome loved it aur mujhe toh aisa laga ki daksh ke kaan ke nicche bajana cheapster

  6. Today’s episode was awesome loved it aur mujhe toh aisa laga ki daksh ke kaan ke nicche bajana cheapster

    1. Ateeqa….dear..even I want to do same thing with Daksh..no1 cheapester…….???….

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Ateeqa,
      Daksh is a blessing for Shivika indirectly.But his cheap actions are just intolerable??????

  7. What an episode?
    Love u cvs .
    Thank u so much for giving us such a lovely episode .

    Shivaye today u were Smart Singh Oberoi.
    How smartly u managed to engaged with Annika ?

    Background song ,music, decorations ,everything were awesome.
    and it should be like that after all its our Shivika’s engagement.

    what a song yaar ?
    just perfect ………….perfect for both of them.

    Mr.Nikhil Sharma and Ms.Tia Kapoor ka to PAPPU ban gaya and they deserves it .
    cheaters both of them.

    Rudra was right,
    Annika is Shivaye’s right number not Tia .

    Shivaye has no patience.
    Is he don’t know it is not right to go to anyone’s home at late night ?
    Shivaye baby have some patience.

    and yes I totally agree with you , the person responsible for Annika’s condition is none other than you .

    so Omru are on jaasos mode .
    loved it .
    Rudy’s comic sense and Om’s sarcastic laugh was treat to watch .

    Precap don’t know Daksh will expose or not?
    but definately something intresting is going to happen .
    Afte all its Rudy’s plan .

    Ok goodnight.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Love u all.

    Monday come soon .

    1. You mentioned everything my dear…. Loved it Ishu..
      This whole week was awasome…

    2. Luthfa

      Sorry dear.Network scattered my reply.Anyway,episode was really very good.Waiting to see how Rudra’s plan is going to bring Shivika close to each other.Take care.Happy weekend?

  8. Helloooo to everyone.
    Kaise ho sab??
    Ishita di
    Banita di
    Arpita di
    Tania di
    Luthfa di
    Jeevi di
    Nikita di
    Riana di
    Ayush bhaiya
    Aur baki sub.
    Aaj after 4 days when I opened TU and read ur comments got to know Ishita di was missing me.
    So, here I m di.
    Actually was busy with studies as I m in class 11 and starting of class is with bad experience.
    And about IB just loving this redux.
    Dear Sara love to you all

    1. Hiii Ritu…ooo you are busy with study..
      Ok no prblm..comment here whenever you get time…….
      But still missed you….
      Love you.

    2. Riana

      Hi Ritu..i am good and now started loving the redux…❤️

    3. Hello Ritu .
      Nice to see ur comment .
      I am fine.
      and u ?
      yes I missed u .
      oh ……so reson for ur absence is studies .
      then , ok .
      whenever u get time come here.
      what was bad in ir starting dear?
      Love u .

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Ritu,how are you?I am good dear.Thank you so much.Not only your Ishita di but everyone is missing you.Very happy to have you back.And do comment whenever you can manage time.Take care.Happy weekend?

  9. Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals…….
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 20….

    As I said my comment is gone totally a very big I have write it once again.
    @Lu..yeh pkj is losing its members..
    Bcoz most of the pkjians left the show after merger….
    Then others are vecame busy with study and with other stuffs……so comments so low..Even I am too missing the spark of our pkj….but still I am.loving it…..

    Come to.episode…

    I will not say thank you to Cvs bcoz whenever i say this Cvs do something bad.
    But today ehole sequence was sooo beautiful, acting, direction..( special mention) to CINEMATOGRAPHY……all were on its high level…i loved whole episode………
    Mere haath main
    tera haath ho
    Sarri janate
    Mere saath ho.
    When I hold your hand..something happens to me..some emotions awakens on me that I couldn’t stop myself to watch see hold you….I am loving to hold your is giving strength support…a certaion emotion that I am loving…
    I am feeling heavenly when I am near you..
    I want to be with you…I want to see while the time..I am not able to let you go…..I am feeling very much strenge…but I am loving this feeling and want to feel it more and more…..
    No one can choose better song sequence for #Shivika except HARNEETJI…she writes every scene soo beautifully…..
    Sso’s intense gaze……By God..It has soo many emotions…this gaze wil be death for me..( Ok I amvery much sakt laundi. ????)….
    Both are locked in each other’s intoxicating eyes…..Anika’s nervousness and Sso’s intense eyes…
    and simple hand holding is able to create havoc in anyone……
    Something different
    Sabse alag.
    Ok one thing I noticed This version of Sso is very much expressive…He is doing what he want to do without thinking second time……
    And Annika..although she is not saying anything but She is understanding Sso’s feelings for her….I am loving this phase of Shivika……..???????.
    Utregi toh utarogi na…??????????????I am dead…this Sso is Dada of all chantomais god..He is like..Whatever is mine is completely Mine…He is showing his haq on Annika…….Smart Singh Oberoi……
    Sso jst came to her home that also at night..pinch me…..i think his main intension was to check if her engagement is happen or not…
    And the way he showed concern towards Annika..and said RING GAYA BHAAD MAIN ..
    He is genuinely worried for her…Annika understood his feelings and finally she said SHIVAAY…….World stopped for him….
    as we are getti g everything..can we NOT GET any force marriage?????????? .i am really tired of it….
    To be continue………..

    1. Now come to Daksh
      What come??? I want to break his 206 bones..
      Want to break his teeth how dare he to say those thing.
      Nonesense , idiot , stupid, moron…..
      All galis for you….
      As much I love shivika more than that I hate you.
      Want a perfect gangaram of him…..getting hell angry on him…..?????????????????????????????????????????????..

      Rudy.. ha ha yes Annika is the right number for Sso..and Sso is also right number for Annika……..
      But plz Annika as Di..plz plz I am dying to hear it..

      Both are engaged to different person..but keep thinking about each other…….
      As much i am loving to see Ring in Sso hand , feling sad that ring is belong to bacchi..???..

      last part mere bhai…..ha ha ha..omru are back with bang..

      Precap- i am hating Cvs for making me wait for
      2 long days
      Monday…….come soooooooon………….
      Ok pkj..can I expect our pkj to be present on weekend….???!!!????

      1. Awesome!
        Arpita di !
        A for awesome and A for Arpita di.
        ur analysis and u both are too good.

        It is really good to read such al long comment after a long time.
        love u di.

        acha apka comment gayab ho gaya tha.
        pata nhi kl kya hua by mistake mene kahi aur comment kr diya .
        pr us pr bhi telly updates hi likha tha .
        pata nhi kya locha hai.

      2. Hii Ishu….ye…that was also tu page but tell updates .co .in likha tha..and Amena di updated that..I also got confused…
        Thank you sooo much Sis….love you too inna saara..????????..

    2. Riana

      Arpu… Damm true Yesterday’s episode CINEMATOGRAPHY was trully mesmerising and on another level…The lights were arranged superb !…❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. I am loving this redux like anything Riana… totally giving me different vibes..
        And your dp is making pkj hotter.. ???????

      2. Kaash koi marriage pe bhi aise hi Background bana de yarr….Ishqbaaz ki crew ko bulana padega.. ?????????….

    3. Luthfa

      Wah,wah Darling,superb lines.Very simple yet so impressive and lovely.You have brought out those moments spent between Shivika so beautifully.Waiting to read something like that often.And what to say about the episode.It was totally khidkitode.Looking forward to Monday desperately.Take care.Happy weekend?

      1. Lu…can’t even tell you how much I am waiting for Monday desperately…….
        Thank you soo much….
        Hope mere main utna bheja aaye writting karne ke liye…??..

  10. Riana

    Everything was mindblowing yesterday…
    Shivaay’s concern towards Anika was just ???????????????????????????????
    As arpu you said, I wish ATLEAST THIS TIME Shivika gets married in a beautiful way…??????????????????????
    NO FORCE MARRIAGE ??????????
    Go to hell cvs if it happens ?????????
    Accha chalo…..
    Precap was PATAKHA ???????????

    1. Nice !
      Dear Raina , I like ur way of commenting.
      Full of emojis.
      Full of fun.
      keep it up my dear!

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..I don’t think cvs are going to fulfill your wish still fingers are crossed?

    3. Riana…chalo dua karte he atleast this time our wish will be fulfilled……
      But still As Lu said finger crossed………
      And your emojis are love..

  11. Gm everyone, epi is super se bhi uper tha. Redux wala shivay to bhaut hi expressive rather than phela wala shivay se,jab wo anni ko ring phena raha tha to light music aur eyes intensity everything mindblowing. Jab ring cuter wo raha to us time pe jo bgm tha wo to mere liye killing tha uper shivika ka eyelock. Ase lag hi nai raha ki dono acting kar rahe hai ase laga sach me sab kuch totally real ha, me to connect hi ho gayi

    1. Luthfa

      Awwwwwww….You are going all gaga over Shivaay.Not bad yaar,carry on.Shivaay was sooooo….very sweet in yesterday’s episode.Waiting for Monday now.Take care?

    2. Simrat….i dont know if your new to pkj or not..
      welcome to pkj…..
      Loving to see your love for Shivika and Shivaay..
      Hope ishqbaaz will give you more and more love..

  12. Luthfa

    One ring,one finger,two hearts and so many unsaid emotions have seen the secret merging of two souls into one being.Everything happened in front of those very eyes through which they were looking at each other and tried to fathom the situation but couldn’t.No protests were placed,no interruption came,no words were there just silence marked the incident.Two hearts were screaming rather but no one heard anything.The moment arrived so suddenly that it didn’t give any chance to reconsider the act that was being performed.Those satisfactory,happy expression of Shivaay narrated the story without costing a single word from his side.In our life sometimes such moment comes when we forgot all the world and do what we want to do at that time,without any hesitation,fear and fuss.Because more than anything,our heart wishes to do what it takes to be done.That was the moment when Shivaay listened to his heart and allowed to come forward to take the charge of his life.He lived in that moments though those lasted just few seconds.He knew he was right all the way and the one who was before him,with the looks of mixed feelings,almost reluctant to bend was the right choice at least in those moments.Such miracles don’t happen every time.And Shivaay Singh Oberoi made that miracle happen quite intentionally,only for himself………………………………….

    1. Lu……yeh hundred percent right..
      Nobody uttered a word but still thousand words said bu both of them….
      I loving this phase…
      And you too..mmuuuhhhhhh?????

  13. Luthfa

    Hello my lovely PKJ family,good morning.
    Yesterday TU ate my comment and I couldn’t post it.That’s why I have to post it now.Hope everyone is doing well.Anyway,see you soon everyone.Have a nice day ahead??????

    1. Wow!
      Luthfa di again you nailed it.

      hmm …….di don’t know kl Kya hogaya tha.
      lagta hai telly updates page ko bhoot lag gaye the.

      happy weekend di .
      love u .

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooooooo….very much for your precious appreciation dear.Yeah,yesterday TU disturbed a lot.Update came so late.Anyway,take care.Love you too?

    2. You too Lu…..

  14. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely episode… Luthfa dear you are rocking…
    Happy weekend to all

    1. Happy weekend to u too Dear Nikita

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Nikita dear,
      Yes,episodes was just too good.Thank you sooooooooo….very much for your valuable love.Take care.Happy weekend to you too?

    3. Hii mere Niku…How are you?????…….
      Happy weekend to you too.

  15. Hi my gpkj Family how are u all
    I missed so much guys …
    Firstly welcome to pkj Family who are new here ….
    Hi pushpa how is your fracture take care dear…
    Redux IB it’s so interesting and amazing …
    Shivika New journey wow it’s feeling like heaven..
    Sso feelings for annika wow ..
    Shivay idea is worked two engagement ‘s are misplaced loved it ..
    Sso intense look and annika eyes that scene was awesome..back ground music and lighting
    Waiting for punch redux …

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Chaithu dear,
      Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love.Hope you are doing great.
      Redux is fabulous and hope it keeps us entertained like that.Waiting for Monday.Take care.Happy weekend?

    2. Hiii Chaithu..welcome back with inna sara pyarr……….Bg music is love……
      And hope they will give us episodes like this…?????

  16. Luthfa

    Hello Ishita,
    Nowadays episodes are going fantastic.Loved yesterday’s episode a lot.Shivaay was acting so cute and he didn’t leave a chance to show care for Anika.I felt I was watching real Shivaay.Now Rudra has planned something and his plan is going to backfire definitely.Let’s see what happens next.Take care.Happy weekend?

  17. Luthfa

    Hehehe…..I don’t think cvs are going to fulfill your wish still fingers are crossed?

  18. Hi for all pkj fans so all are enjoying ishqbaaz redux so munch so let’s do crazy things like asking some questions about serial everyday this is for sharing views only not hurting.
    So am asking all ishqbaaz fans ????
    Who is the romantic jodi?(WITH ANSWER YOU TELL WHY THE JODI IS PERFECT)
    So let’s see how many views will come ?????

    1. Hiiii Aditi..where were you?????..
      For me Shivika and rumya is best….
      Rikara are realy good..trying to accpet rubhya which is very much difficult for me…..
      Shivika defines chemistry..their eyes and simple hand touch…gives me goosebumps…
      I love them in everything
      And rumya had really different story.if gul maata could give them chance then ishqbaaz could be more popular….
      Rikara has also good chemistry…one thing I love about them that is after love confession of Om he never shout at gouri….

  19. Pagals…DON’T MISS THIS WEEK.
    Rikarians….finally khush ho jao..they are going to meet.but they will meet at bathroom.??????????..
    And Shivika will drunk
    They will have a heart to heart conversation
    They will do talli dance.
    Sso will hug Anika that also.soo tightly
    And they will end up sleeping with cuddling each other….( clarifying SIRF SOYE HE..KUCH AUR NAHI KIYA HE .???????)…
    Don’t miss..
    I am sure you will love it.
    P.S – Shuvika hug and Rikara meet clips are out now on insta and Twitter
    You can check..
    Love you..
    Have a blast Sunday night….

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