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Ishqbaaz 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra sitting sad. Om says Shivaye refused you for car and you got sad. Rudra says no, Shivaye said I can’t stand on my feet. He stands and says is this not my legs, I will do something, I did not think but I will buy car. Om asks waiter to get bill. Rudra pays the bill. Waiter says amount is more than bill. Rudra asks him to keep it. Waiter thanks him and goes. Rudra and Om see a girl selling her car to get money for her dad’s treatment. The man offers 25 lakhs. She asks him to pay more and asks him to see the car once, its Ford vintage car. Rudra likes the car and tells Om that its two in one car, sports and vintage, wait I will do car deal and come. Om asks him to stop.

Rudra goes to the girl and says sorry, I heard you, I m ready to pay 40 lakhs for your car. She

asks are you sure. He says yes. Om calls Rudra and says she is selling one crore car in 40 lakhs, there is something fishy. Rudra says no, she is innocent face. Om says she is in burqa, how can you see her face, if she has one crore’s car, won’t she have 40 lakhs. Rudra says everyone’s bad time comes, look at her eyes. Om sees that girl and her tearful eyes. Music plays…………. She wipes her tears. Om says Rudra, please don’t hurry. Rudra says look at the car, even Shivaye would have do such deal till now. He calls Mahesh in account departments.

He pays 50 lakhs to the girl. She says I just need 40 lakhs. He says keep it, your dad is in hospital, you will need it. She says thanks, if everyone is like you in the world, it will be easy to live life, here are the car keys. Om asks what about car papers. She says its in car. Rudra sits in the car and says its first deal of my life. Om says car is not bad. Rudra says even car is not bad, Shivaye will know me now, are you coming or shall I go on drive alone. Om says you won’t change. They leave in the car. The girl removes her veil and smiles. Nachun mai aaj Chann chann……plays……….

Anika takes a stone and says I will throw it forcefully as I have thrown that chip, then it will also go there and fall at same place. She throws stone and sees the stone. She says it fell here, I will rewind mind. She recalls where she has thrown chip, and says no, my mood was very bad that day. She tries and throws stone again. She says whats happening, I have to manage, last try. She throws stone that hits inspector. She gets the chip and smiles. Inspector holds his head and stops him, while showing the stone. She gets tensed.

The man asks did the deal happen. She says yes, 50 lakhs, Papa you know I did not see such big idiots. She removes her lens and says they were cute, that long haired guy was smart, don’t know what did he think of himself, but we have fooled them. They laugh that they fool the smarter people.

Rudra says we get police protection with costly car. Om says something is wrong. The girl says I will get 1.5 crores from them, I will start research on them and laughs. Shivaye gets some call and says what, I m coming.

Shivaye goes to police station. Om and Rudra are in lockup. Inspector says sorry, we had to arrest them on theft blame, we did not file FIR. Shivaye says thanks. Om says Rudra, see how Shivaye is looking at you with love. Rudra says Om has done this deal, he liked that girl and blames Om. Shivaye says shut up, we will talk later. He asks inspector to release them. Another inspector calls Shivaye and asks can you come to police station.

Shivaye says I m in other police station. Inspector says that girl has come here and said you has sent her here, she is in lockup. Shivaye goes and meets inspector. Inspector says she has hit me, it could be big case on her. Shivaye gets her released. Inspector says go, Sir did your bail. Anika apologizes saying sorry. Shivaye says finally and turns to her. Anika says sorry inspector Sir, I did not wish to hit you, I was throwing stone and checking how far it goes, when I get angry, I feel like breaking some glass, or drive my Champa on someone.

Shivaye recalls the car glass breaking and cow dung incident. Inspector asks Champa. She says its my scooty’s name. He asks does scooty has name. She says my everything has name. Shivaye asks is she done. Anika goes with him and blames him for going to lockup twice, Sahil’s kidnapping and slipper breaking too. He asks where is the chip. She gives the chip and says now I don’t need to see your face. He says we both agree for same thing for the first time. He leaves. She gets a call and says I m coming, I will reach soon, I arranged money, I will do formalities. Shivaye hears her conversation.

Shivaye sits in his car and checks the chip. He deletes the video and thinks of his words to Om, asking him to win and not run from the reality. Anika is on the way and asks lawyer to fix her meeting with that big lawyer. Om and Rudra come home. Om says we had to go jail because of you. Rudra says its cool. Om says you say this to Shivaye. Rudra asks is Shivaye at home and walks removing his shoes. Dadi asks Rudra why is he holding shoes in hand. Rudra says this house is temple and I don’t wear shoes here.

Dadi says you party, drink and dance on music, then you know this house is temple. Shivaye comes and asks Rudra to say. He says Dadi, Rudra is shy to say, Rudra has made our name shine. Dadi asks what. Rudra asks Shivaye not to say. Shivaye says Om and Rudra did one crore’s car deal in 50 lakhs. Dadi gets glad. Shivaye says I will take them to room. Rudra says no, we will go to kitchen, your mood is better there. Shivaye pulls his ear and takes him. Anika talks to canteen authority man about tender. He says tenders will open in a week. She thanks him.

Shivaye, Rudra and Om go to kitchen. Rudra asks whats this dish. Shivaye says don’t touch this, I did marination in morning, as you guys did not let me work. Om says don’t touch it Rudra, Shivaye is touchy for himself, hair and his dish, whats this Taj mahal today. Shivaye says I tried a new dish today. He jokes and they all laugh. Tej comes there and looks on. Rudra says I m very hungry. Tej says yes, you won’t get good food in jail.

Jhanvi gets shocked seeing Tej and Shwetlana’s video in breaking news, where Tej says I will give divorce to Jhanvi, so that we can get legally together.

Shivaye holds Anika against the wall and they argue. He asks for how much did you sell the chip. She says I did not sell it, I gave the chip to you. He says you don’t know what could happen here. She says I did not do anything, are you leaving now or shall I remove my slipper. He pushes her and holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sugar

    I loved the entry of Om’s Pair
    and anika’s part was really funny

  2. Nice epi…. Vrushika’s entry was gud…
    Loved annikas acting 2day….
    Ishqbaaz rockssss…..

  3. Nice Episode , Looking Forward For More………Vrushika n Omkara Will Be Interesting To Watch…….And Rudra Haha So Funny!!!!

  4. only om got d perfect female…
    otherwise Shivay,Rudra r much unfortunate on ds matter… ds girl is a con girl???

    1. Absolutely osphora…Om got d ryt pair!!

  5. Anika looks like sivay’s aunty

  6. Om is looking cute ???

  7. No malavika…anika is cute..maybe a bit big for shivaay..but so far the show is awesome….i love the pairs alrea…dy

  8. A nice pair of Anika and Shivay. But always quarrelling with each others. Acting’s are best and story is going on smoothly with any drag.
    This is a best serial of the Star Plus at present.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  9. Om’s pair is gd….i like her…nd love rudra…he is super cute

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