Ishqbaaz 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: ShivOmRu wipe off the partition line

Ishqbaaz 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika argue over the brush and mirror. She jokes on his hair. He says don’t you dare talk about my hair like that. She says your tadi has come back after coming back to your room, Bagad Billa. He smiles and says we realize the value of loved ones after staying away from them. She says we will never go away from them. He says never. He holds her. Dadi says at least shut the door. Anika makes excuse. Dadi gives a necklace. Shivaye asks what shall I do of this. Dadi says wear it, this is ancestral necklace for my bahu, I couldn’t do anything when Tej took back all the jewelry from her, today I want Anika to get her rights back, I want you to make her wear this necklace. Shivaye makes Anika wear the necklace and earrnings. Ishq hai aansun…plays…. Anika takes Dadi’s blessings

and hugs.

Anika says we all will have food together after so much time. Tia bumps into them. She says sorry, I m really happy you both came back, I wanted to meet before going, there is an eye camp happening, I have sent my reports, they are hopeful that I can regain my eye sight. He says that’s great news. Tia says I hope you both stay happy. She thinks stay away from Kalyani mills secret. She says I should leave now, bye.

Shivaye and Anika see the line. Anika says its the same partition line about which Gauri had told me. Shivaye says I was heartbroken hearing about it, I can’t explain what I m feeling seeing this, its my mistake. She says it happened because of your absence. Pinky comes and asks what are you doing that side, if Tej sees you, he will create a scene. Jhanvi says please, don’t blame Tej, you also wanted this division. Pinky says we wanted the division first, now he was going to auction the house, its good my son came back and saved us, else Tej would have gone to jail. Shivaye says I got to know and I m seeing what’s happening here. He goes. He recalls their argument and gets sad.

Dadi comes. Shivaye says don’t know, what went wrong that filled bitterness between them, everyone is living together, but not united, can’t things be normal again, can’t we stay as a family again. Dadi says Billu, you are the foundation of this family, you have the entire responsibility, you have to be strong, if you break down, this house will shatter, I know you are very brave, you can face every problem, but sometimes person has courage and strength, but he has to understand which path will lead to the right destination, when you don’t understand anything, this Ramcharitramanas will show you the right path, you still have to go through the tests of relations, you have to become Maryada Purushottam, this book will support you. Shivaye takes the book and touches her feet. Dadi blesses him. Shivaye goes to Omru. Dhinka chika…..plays…. He says this line….Om nods. They wipe the line. Shakti says no Shivaye, this line is engraved in our hearts, its not going to wipe off easily. Shivaye says this house is like Dadi’s heart, you can’t break it. Jhanvi asks Omru to ask Tej once, he may feel bad. Om asks did he ask us, we are doing the right time, he has broken the house, we are joining it, he did his duty and we are doing out duty. Rudra says Shivaye is back, the family has to be together. Dadi says your children are teaching what you should have taught them, thank God they went on their Dada ji, not you all. Shivaye hugs Omru. A man comes and says you had ordered the sample of wedding card. Gauri says wow, Rudra’s wedding card. Rudra checks. Everyone smiles.

Rudra says there is a mistake here, this invitation will be on behalf of my brother, replace my father’s name with Shivaye’s name. The man asks him to decide and inform. He goes. Jhanvi asks did you go mad, you want to have brother’s name written instead father’s name. Rudra asks why, if brother is fulfilling all the duties of a father, how does this matter. She asks what about your father, who got you in this world. Rudra says just giving birth doesn’t make anyone a father, responsibilities start after birth, you need to give good values to children, there are many things, dad didn’t do anything. Shivaye did it for me, my brother is like my dad, so Shivaye’s name will come instead dad’s name. Tej comes and says Shivaye’s greatness stories didn’t end, truth won’t change, I will always be your dad. Om says bond of heart is bigger than that of blood, we have this relation with Shivaye. He argues with Tej and Jhanvi. Om says we would have been on road right now, Tej is standing here because of Shivaye, else he would have been in jail. Dadi says Tej, this house was your dad’s dream, you have auctioned it. Tej says I had nothing to do with the auction. Om says you are lying, we all have seen your sign on auction papers. Tej says but I didn’t sign, don’t know how it happened.

Dadi asks him to accept his mistake, who knows it then, did he sign in inebriated state that he doesn’t remember it. Shivaye thinks maybe Tej is saying right, its possible that someone cheated him and made him sign, he may hate me, but he can’t put Omru’s future at risk, Oberoi mansion is his pride, I m sure someone used him. Rudra says Shivaye’s name will be printed on this card. Tej says forget it, invitation will go by my name. Rudra says then this won’t go. Shivaye says it will go on behalf of the person who has the right to send it, on behalf of Tej, forget what he did, what are you doing Rudra, if I don’t have any issues with Tej, why do you have issues. Om says you are our brother. Shivaye says he is our dad, invitation will go by his name, that’s final. Tej says congrats Shivaye, you got another chance to become great, because of my useless sons. Shivaye thinks if Tej is saying he doesn’t remember signing papers, is Veer behind this.

Shivaye and Anika are on the way. He asks someone to find info about Veer. Anika asks did they find anything. He says nothing, we don’t know where he is. Anika says he must be crying at his defeat. Shivaye says no, he must be planning his next attack. Anika sees Veer near the garage and says Veer. He says yes, I m talking about him. She says Veer is there. He stops the car and sees Veer. Shivaye recalls Veer’s bad doings. He gets angry. Anika asks what are you upto, you can’t do this. Shivaye drives close to Veer. Anika asks him to stop the car. Veer turns and gets hit by Shivaye’s car. He falls over the car. Shivaye asks are you fine…. Veer……. you are in Mumbai, that’s great, so sorry, are you fine. Anika asks Veer are you fine. Veer is unable to get up. Shivaye says sorry, I will make sure you get the best treatment. Doctor checks Veer and asks them to take care of Veer, they will know about the fracture after removing the plaster. Shivaye says don’t worry, we have brought him home to take good care of him, we will keep an eye on him. Doctor goes. Veer thanks Shivaye.

Shivaye says you will stay here till I get fine, if you want, I can call Monali and Shweta here. Veer says they went to Monali’s mum, if you tell them about my accident, they will worry, I don’t want to trouble them. Shivaye says yes, you don’t trouble anyone, you are such a gentleman. Veer says thanks, but you both are troubled. Shivaye says we are repaying for your favors. Veer says you are a good friend. Shivaye says you won’t forget this friendship ever. Shivaye and Anika leave. She asks why are you doing this, you bumped your car and tried to kill him, then you got him here and got treated. He says I didn’t try to kill him, I did it to bring him here, what can be a better way to take revenge from an enemy, just bring him to home in a condition that he can’t even walk. Veer says if you think, you can stop Veer from these minor injuries, you are mistaken, after getting trained in martial arts for years, I know how to heal such injuries. He rests his legs and twists, bearing some pain, he stands on his feet. He then lifts his leg, getting back on his feet and winking.

Veer says people invite Ram home, but you invited Raavan. Shivaye says I know he is a Raavan, because this time Raavan will defeat in Ayodhya, not Lanka.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today episode wasn’t good.. Except our shivika romance in their Oberoi mansion room and dadi teasing them.. I liked that Obro’s erased that line.. You guys didn’t have any other song to play in that scene.. That was so irrelevant song to that scene..
    Dadi has given shivaay the book of Ramacharitranam same as the promo.. No idea what they trying to show..
    Tia became positive instead of Sumo.. Cv’s giving us offer..
    As same as Om : Tej you are a shameless creature.. You are blaming shivaay after knowing why shivaay did it..
    Rudy parents are always shivika… There is no doubt in that..
    Tejvi you deserve that..
    Jhanvi became mad and blind.. This is not the need.. You both will face more than this..
    I’m not at all angry at pinky.. What ever she spoke is correct.. She never insulted omru has Tej insulted shivaay..
    So, ravan ka dahan in Oberoi mansion Mein
    So, 2 more days we have to wait to know why shivaay shoot Annika..?
    I don’t think it bcoz of their past secret.. It may be to destroy veer shivika’s plan.. Let’s see what Cv’s have for us..

    1. Banita

      Congo 4 being 1st dr…
      Yeh me also dont think that shoot sense will be becz of their past… There will be somthing different… Yeh lets wait what cvs is upto…

      1. Thanks bani dear.. Even in dreams Shivaay can’t kill his Anika. She is his jeena ka vaja..

    2. GKG..congrats..kadambari dear…me too waiting desperately for shooting sequence…

    3. Hi Kadhambari,
      Me too was thinking that after Ramcharitramanas,dhinka chika as background music?Don’t know why makers always make serious things light and light things serious.And about Jhanvi,I think she is afraid of losing Tej and that’s why she is ignoring other things as the wife inside her dominating her emotions and thinking power.Anyway,let’s see what is waiting for us.Take care?

      1. Go Kadhambari Go.Many many congratulations…..?

    4. Hi kadhambari,
      Hru. Congras dear. Yaa janvi become blind like komal, n surporting there husband. S wt to c them suffer for they hv

  2. *this is not the end.. Typo error..

  3. Hello everyone, I hope all are good. Enjoyed reading most of your comments but did not have time to respond to some of your beautiful comments.

    Today’s episode was again great. I loved when the song was played Dhinka Chinka… I wished they had played longer to see the 3 bros wiping the line.

    I Don’t know who is worse. Pinky or Jhanvi. Jhanvi is getting worse by the episode. Now what are Tej and Jhanvi doing in the mansion. It is Shivaay’s mansion for their information. He has bought the entire mansion and he has more right but Tej is so shameless coming crawling back. Jhanvi is so blinded by her useless husband’s love who doea not value her at all.

    I am furious that no one realises that it is Shivaay’s mansion and he has every right to erase the line. No one can stop him.

    Tia did one good deed and left. Hopefully the mills will close chapter if not it would be worse.

    It is sad to see Pinky and Jhanvi still quarreliing. Dadi is right that the older Oberois have to learn from the younger Oberois about unity and bond and love. As for Tej and Jhanvi they did not even have the decency to apologize to Dadi for what Tej has done and also to Shivaay. They didn’t even thank him for saving the mansion as if it is his responsibility. If Tej was capable why didn’t he part with his money to save the mansion since he made that mistake. So disgusted with both the husband and wife.

    Is Oberoi mansion a charity place? First svetlena was in accident she was brought there then Tia was in accident and she was brought there and now veer is in accident and he is brought in to the mansion.

    Keeping Ravan near seems to me to be a bad move. Veer has recovered and I Don’t know what he will be up to. I only hope Monali will tell Shivaay that veer is only interested in Anika. I.just hope somehow he gets to know it from Monali. Honestly I Don’t know whether to look forward to tomorrow’s episode cos veer is recovered and he eyeing Anika

    1. Banita

      Heyyy Sindhu….
      True.. disgust husband nd wife… Janhavi is another psycho who is blind for Tej… BTW how r U dr???

      1. Oh dear lovely Banita!!! fine my dear. Hope you are. I am glad you agree with me that Jhanvi is a psycho. She really is. When Pinky changes they show Jhanvi as the villianous but when Jhanvi is good then they show evil Pinky. Cvs decide whom you want to be bad and good.

    2. missed Nagini.she was also brought by Sso..Sso’s car is the best way for entry in OM .
      And i am confused for one loved dhibka chika song in that sequence or you are just making fun…i can’t understand. ????????..

    3. Banita

      I m also good Sindhu… I think cvs alternating between janhavi nd pinky , ye nahi toh wo…. Nd mein vi pehele bol chuki thi yr ki janhavi is in psycho list acc to me nd today u also said that… I seriously dont like her this psycho side…

    4. Hi Sindhu,
      Jhanvi is insecured right now because of her wifely emotions.She has suffered a lot being Mrs.TSO and now she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to make everything alright.That’s why perhaps she is following each and every word of Tej.As Tej is focusing on his family for the first time in the history of IB apart from bragging around.OM belongs to OmRu also and in that sense Tej has the right to live here by default as the father of OmRu.Anyway,let’s see what happens next.Take care?

    5. Hi dear.
      Hey. Yaa ur right Janvi as become another physco. U enjoyed the song bt I was laughing like mad that to night at 1:30. N u missed

  4. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    ????????????????????????????????????i am laughing.. ????.i can’t control my laugh..?????.ok i controlled..he he he..
    1.Shivika scene..after soo many days…My shivika back to their room..and annika ???.she ..just jerked Sso.hatiye..???..and Sso romancing with his biwi with tadi. And annika’s as always ..kya kar rahe he aap..but today Sso didn’t listen to her.
    2.Dadi ..why always like kabab main haddi..???…2 feet rule kam the kya???…Kiss day par kiss milne hi wali thi ki chop hogayi..not fair dadi . ..
    The way Sso looking at anika wearing those ornaments. ..i was like awwwww. …they are so adorable..
    4.and cleverly they Showed that ramayana part….matlab pura sambhalke scene de diya…..Btw Sso.Ramji ne Sita ji ko chod diya tha…Aap toh goli marne wale ho..olan he ya such main annika ko chod doge????big question for you.
    5.And most funny.part.Why they played DHINKA CHIKA….????????????????????..i am died. ..for a s3c i thought shivomru are going to dance on it..but ye toh pocha marne lage ghar ho kya raha he..Cvs….koi jawab he..has has ke meri pet main dard ho raha he….???.
    6.And kis muh se Tej ghar main..dadi ne toh ghar se nikal diya tha na usse?????.and Dekho toh iski akaad..Such jan ne kebaad bhi he is still annoyed with reminded me Pinky ponky’s annoyed face after tia expose…
    7.Some one plz send janvi to mental asylum. .she is gone mad.. That om who fought for her…she is behaving like this with om…Tejvi are gone mad…and janky ki ladai toh roj ka he…naya kya he isme???.
    8.Sso 9ne request from my side .mujhe bhi apni gaadi se takrado..and OM le jao..taki main apni annika di se mil saku…Sso..this not the right move..but always you proved as a GAME CHANGER..lets see..what is your move.
    9.8 footer Vanmanush ?????????usne apni pair thik kardi.. ???.koun super man he kya???and Sso you ned to learn marshal art before fight with Vanmanush bada hi strong he.
    10 Andha kanoon..still you are roaming in OM…ok accha hua..chali jao.OM se..
    11.precap..once again i am saying SSO this is not right. .and OM ayodhya kab ban gaya???……ayodhya main aise 2 rupees fighting nahi hote he..
    12.dadi..i am gussa on you for being haddi in shivikaand thank you for Understanding Bilu….
    13today is one year anniversary of DBO ..1 year passed..i can’t believe and alsoi was the first pagal who commented on DBO TU starting was good but ruined by botoxlana and her scientific lab…
    14.happy wala birthday ARYAN akka SAHIL..i am missing you..plz come back in IB..we are waiting for you. ..

    1. Moonlight Imagination

      Well My dear darling…you are forgetting something…Its the date I joined TU.
      Good night.

      1. Heh..congrats for one year anniversary….
        Yarr mere ko baatein yaad nahi reheti..

    2. Banita

      Heyy Arpu….
      Yaar main vi pagalon ki tarah haas rahi hun wo song yaad krke… That LOC wala sense was hilarious 4 me… Okkk now stop mora didi mote confuse hoe dekhuchi…
      HAPPY B’DAY ARYAN…. Me also missing him nd his cuteee imagination watching Somu….

      1. Bani i am missing sahil like anything..we saw him in diwali time for just sime seconds…Plz wapas aja sahil..teri fidi tere ko confuse hoke dekh rahi he..ok don’t confuse her.????

    3. Hey arpita6 I also wanted them to dance for that song. All the you get Oberois with their bahus. Happiness is reigning and that is a happy song.

      I also agree I loved Shivika romance in the room. Wow of good taste and Nakkul’s eyelock oh my goodness anyone would fall for him.

      1. Sindhu dear..i am going to file a case against you..i told you na.stop calling me Arpita6..just call me Arpita..but you are not listening to me…ok..FIR darz karungi main aab..?????..
        And i am fallen for my jeene ki wajah..

      2. Oops sorry Arpita.. It is not my fault. It got defaulted on the keyboard and each time I type Arpita it auto spells with the 6 and I can’t stop it in time. I will try to be more cautious and vigilent when typing your name.

    4. Hi Arpita,
      Hehehehehe…..You never miss making me smile.Thank you sooooo…much.Agree with point 5 and 11.Don’t know what is going to happen next.To be honest,I am little bit scared.Anyway,why fear when Shivaay is here?Take care?

      1. You are smiling…osmiling…oki am also smiling. Me too little scared and also excited..lets wait and watch..

    5. Banita

      Fidi..??????? Yeh kisika naam hain??? Tune mujhe confuse kr dia…

  5. Moonlight Imagination

    1.Tia and only Tia was the centre of attraction…kya hai yeh ladki!! kya kya hai yeh ladki!!
    2. Hmm…Billu…close the door…that was more of ???
    3. Annika…Hope she will be safe..beside Thangavali and More beside that “Ramchatrianasa”…Ideology,love, truth and Evilness…all together now.
    4. someone kill Tej Singh Oberoi for me…kyun ki I am gonna kill Jhanvi before that.
    5. Arre wah Shivaay Bhaiyya…Oberoi mansion ka floor ekdum chakachak ho gaya…do this daily..Daag achche hote hain..take some lizol too.
    6.ome with me Veer…I would love to teach you some tricks from Hypnotism…kaam aayega.

    1. Banita

      Hlo dr…
      4) I m also with U… Lets make a deal like Shivaay bhaiya’s style… U kill Janhavi nd i will kill that TSO…
      5) Hahaha…. LOL…
      Take Care…

    2. Let’s do this together..milke marte he tejvi ko..there was a time i used to love janvi..but now..she is gone mad.

    3. Hi Moonlight,
      I must say,you can ridicule anything on your own style.Great,carry on.Enjoyed reading your subtle ridiculous analysis.And congratulations for the 1 year anniversary.Take care?

  6. Misconception,what a delicious thing to feed one’s overconfidence!Tej is thinking that Shivaay is his enemy in every possible way and his this misconception is feeding on his self made conception-Shivaay is his rival no matter what and he can never want his good.Totall opposite is happening in actual sense.Tej is too blind to see that he is still standing in one piece because of Shivaay only.Tej and his this misconception is leading him towards his own self termination.On the other hand,Veer thinks that he can tackle Shivaay very easily but everytime he fails.Shivaay compelled him to accept defeat at every point but he is too adamant to see the facts of his losing against Shivaay.His misconception that he can defeat Shivaay is harping the fire of his overconfidence.

    1. And the most serious misconception is of Shivaay’s that he is underestimating Veer and his power.What many things Veer had done to him he doesn’t know yet.He is assuming what else Veer can do or will do,not knowing fully.Veer is a puzzle and he is too stubborn to solve him.In any war be it physical or mental,one shouldn’t underestimate the potentials of his enemies.This can be a fatal mistake and Shivaay perhaps is ignorant about it.Lybirinth is the another name of misconception.To find a proper way out will be very difficult.Anything can happen,will happen for sure……………

      1. Great analysis about misconception…All three are have this..and all are in dangerous position..lets see who will win.
        Veer or Shivaay

      2. Hi Luthfa,

        Wow.. In Anika’s language u r such a khidki tod in explaining things..??
        I really love your way of analysing and explanations things.. ?? Hats off to you dear.. ???
        Both shivaay & PLR underestimating their enemies.. But who got in between his bechare Anika.. ??
        I hope within Wednesday or Thursday episode shivaay comes to know about Veer’s intention.. ??

      3. Hi Arpita,
        Thank you sooooo…much for your love dear.Shivaay is going to win for sure.Let’s see?

      4. Hi Kadhambari,
        Awwwwwwwww…….Thank you so much for your love dear.I am touched.Hope Shivaay will find out soon what Veer actually wants.Let’s wait and watch?

    2. Banita

      Luthfa….. Ur writing skill is Amazingggggggggg dr…. Keep going like this…
      Yeh Shivaay shouldn’t underestimate d power of PLR…. Like ur concept about misconception…

      1. Thank you so so so so sooooooooo….very much for your love Bani.Yes,Shivaay shouldn’t underestimate PLR’s power.I am waiting for their face off on Anika.

    3. Hey luftha I loved your misconception theory. Oh my you were spot on my dear. I wish I could sit at this very moment and look at your writing skills being typed away.

      Yea you are right!!! Misconceptions misconceptions of Shivaay by Tej. Tej is insecure and he has always being in competition with Shivaay and that is why he does not care when he forced OM to marry for business deal so he can go ahead. I thought Tej changed when svetlena was threatening him when he had to act as de souza but when it comes to dollars and cents no every penny counts and family and unity of family is not number 1

      1. Hi Sindhu,
        Awwwwwww…..You are very sweet and kind.Thank you sooooooo…..much for your love.Yeah only power and status matter to Tej the money monger,nothing else.Don’t know when some sense is going to knock his brain.

  7. Hi every one
    Congrats kadhambari for First comment
    Welcome back to shivika room missed so much that romantic atmosphere..scenery all
    Nice shivika scene dadi came in between always ..
    Hi arpita Iam also thinking why they are played that song it’s really funny it’s a emotional scenes and they played funny din chank number..
    And tej and jahnavi what is their problem I don’t understand they are really disappointing
    OK guys good night

    1. Hi sharmi,

      I Can’t say it’s 100 percent true.. But don’t spoilers.. Before the auction in one of the spoiler they said veer gonna crack deal with shivaay for “OBEROI MANSION” by sacrificing Anika to him.. It didn’t happen like that.. So,don’t believe any spoilers..

    2. Chaithu dear..funny means great me..i was laughing like mad..and shocked at that time..this is a big blunder..

    3. Hi chaitu,

      Thanks dear.. Tejvi are mad.. Still Tej consider shivaay has his rival.. He can’t disgust shivaay getting respect in family.. His ego is his self destruction..No matter how much shivaay help or safe Tej any khatra situation.. Don’t forget he is the one who tried to kill his own kids and wife for his selfish..
      Pinky also took time to accept Anika has her bahu from heartfully.. Now same thing happening with Tej..

    4. We all are laughing..loi nahi hasna acchi baat he..keep laughing????

    5. Hi Chaithu,
      Yeah Dadi came in between Shivika’s kiss day celebration.What to do yaar.Makers used to make us laugh like that only.Hehehehe….???

  8. Banita

    Heyyy PKJ…..
    Shivika in romantic mode in their room after a longggg time with in that blue wall… Kya dadi humesha aajati ho , apko gr8 grnd children chahiye ya nahi… Jo vi ho I don’t want baby track now soon… Shivaay nd romance na karen ho hi nahi sakta… Jewellery pehenane ki chakar mein vi romance… Not bad bhaiya….
    Tia was genuinely happy for Shivika… Chalo koi toh gayi OM ki dharamsala se….
    Pinky-Janhavi cat fight… Beech beech mein ase cat fight vi jaroori hota hain…
    Shiv-Dadi convo , Dadi gave RAMCHARITMANAS to Shivaay…
    Dhinkchika song 😀 😀 …. Hahahahaha……….. It’s Hilarious…. I was laughing like mad that time nd still laughing…. My mumma doubt on me now… Control Banita Control… Hahaha…. Timing nd song bilkul vi match nahi kr raha tha… Hahaha…. Ghar saaf krne ke liye ase song…. Aj pakka mumma meri naam mental asylum mein daal degi… But it’s too Funny….
    Janhavi- Tej ko bura lagega… Who cares…
    Rudy- Sirf janam dene se koi baap nahi ban jata… Superbbb line for Tej…
    Tej still taking against Shivaay after knowing d truth… Someone plzz close his mouth…. Humesha karela kha ke ghumta hain…
    No one beliving Tej expect Shivaay… Karma…
    Shivaay bhaiya hit PLR nd brought him in OM… Ek gayi nahi ki dusra aagaya OM ki dharamsala mein… Apni dusman ko ghar mein lane ki kaam koi SSO se sikhe… He did PHD in it…
    PLR apne ap hi per thik kr dia… Per hain ya chabi wala toy jisko chabi do nd wo chalne lagega…
    Precap- PLR in Mumbai Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki raaj chalti hain ab tumhara kya hoga bacchu…
    Gd Nt PKJ…

    1. Kan kahibi lo..just agree with you in all points..
      And thank God my mama didn’t see me laughing..otherwise she think that i gone mad..
      True yarr OM is a dharamsala..ek gayi aur ek aagayi..
      Pair he ya chabi wala toy..??????dead..
      Love you soo much and he..Happy MAHA SHIVRATRI..

      1. Banita

        Haan mo mama dekhiki kahile besi padhiki pagal haegalu ki… Ab main kya bolun unko…
        HAPPY MAHA SHIVRAATRI to U too… May God Shiv bless on U nd ur family…

    2. Hi Bani,
      See na,Dadi and all other always come in between the romance of Shivika.Dekh na,baad main Dadi khud bolegi ki,mujhe par pota cahiye Billu.Ab jab itne sare disturbances hain to kahase layenge par pota Dadi(inner voice of Shivaay)…..Very nice and well written analysis.Agree with you totally.Take care?

      1. Banita

        Heyy Luthfa….
        Haan yr Par pota chahiye toh thoda privecy vi dena chahiye na… Kabhi dadi toh kabhi rudy ya kabhi koi aur…. Sb distrube krne chale jate hain…. LOL….
        Thank U dr…. U too Take Care…

  9. Happy Birthday dear sahil aryan
    Ya missed so much this cutie pie

  10. Hi,Arpita I am also missing DBO a lot…… Why did they play the dhinka chika song ….. like seriously……but I laughed a lot. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi……..

    1. Dipti dear..DBO stared in a good point..but these Cvs couldn’t handle it..i don’t know if i am missing DBO or not..but missing chulbul….
      And yaa i me too laughed a lot…

    2. You know dipit i think it has been an emotional last week and even until Monday but now cvs want to show some joy factor so audience will feel happy and think it is comical for that scene song and laugh which I think most of us did. So let us take it light hearted.

  11. Karina

    @Banita thank you for answering my questions on yesterday s update…it was really helpfull…thank u

    @Saku sweety so glad to see you…i ve missed you a lot…h r u ? Im waiting to read some ffs by you…let me know when you write more…lots of love..

    @Luthfa thank you for welcoming me…its good to be back…h r u ?

    1. He Karina dear..a old pagal of GPKJ..where were came after sooo many days..
      How are you?????

      1. Hey Arpita…im fine dear and h r u? I was busy with work so didnt have time to come…but its good to be back now.

    2. I am fine Karina dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are also doing great?

  12. hello kadhambari di,
    kya aap sure hai ki shooting is shivika’s plan???
    kuki mujhe bhi aisa hi laaga…
    paar bohot sari spoiler aa raha hai islea daar laag raha hai…
    I just hope ki ea shivika ka koi plan ho

    1. Banita

      Heyy Sharmin…
      First of i suggest U don’t belive in spoilers dr becz they always make our dimag ka dahi… Nd don’t stress urself… It seems like U r veryyy much worried about that shooting sense from last some days… Keep calm nd go in d flow…
      Take Care…

      1. Yes Banita I agree. Sometimes they show such shooting promo scene so that audiences will watch and keep them in anticipation. Sometimes when they show some promo I realised it does not happen that way. This is a way of promoting the serial. So I Don’t worry so much about the shooting scene whether they have it or not. Even if they have it there will be twist so I think we just wait and watch.

    2. Hi sharmi,

      I Can’t say it’s 100 percent true.. But don’t spoilers.. Before the auction in one of the spoiler they said veer gonna crack deal with shivaay for “OBEROI MANSION” by sacrificing Anika to him.. It didn’t happen like that.. So,don’t believe any spoilers..

  13. why r u always shows shiyvae looks so boring.please give some scren space to om and gawri rudy bavya.shivaye anika r oldee.we dont want their romance always was very boring to watch.please we want to see rikara and ruviya romance.please consider it.

  14. dear kadhambari and banita di….
    U r right…these creepy spoiler always turns are….
    paar sach hai ki shooting wala promo dekhr mai thora pareshan hun paar mai excited bhi hoon kuki mai dekhna cha ti hu ki shivika us vaanmanush ka kaise omm karegi iss plan se..

    1. Yes dear..we all.are waiting for 8 footer Vanmanosh ‘s tie tie fiss..lets wait and watch.
      And don’t believe in log itna danger danger spoiler dete he ki..dimag kharab hojata he..

  15. dear banita di…
    kya shivay iss Friday annika ko shoot karegi…???

    1. Banita

      Heyy Sharmin…
      Diii…???? Am I ur di?? Actually i dont ur age na ,so what’s ur age dr?? Nd acc to SP shooting sense is in friday , but mujhe nahi lagta friday ko hoga just like ramacharitamanas sense… Nd dont panic yr kuch nahi hoga humare Shivika ko…

    2. According to promo they are saying this friday..may beon Friday shoot sequence will happen.

  16. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Episode is ok.. But dhink chika… Like a totally wrong input… And the pocha scene… What are cvs tried to show that there main lead moping the floor… Wo bhi acche se nhi kiya…
    And what a powerful eyesight of shivika they see veer from very far…. Yaar seriously if my eyesight is become like them so i can cycling more safely ??????? tejvi areas like favicole ka majboot jodh… Chutane ya tutane ka koi chance nhi… More you try they stick more strongly….
    Keep commenting and keep watching ishqbaaz dearies….

    1. Banita

      Heyy Nikki…
      Favical ka majbut jod…. Hahaha… LOL dr…. Janhavi is more stick in Tej, lagta hain strong wala favicol hain wo…

    2. I can cycling more safely..??? too want my eyesight more powerful like Annika.
      Yes dhinka chika was wrong put but i enjoyed it…itna hasne ko jo mila..??

    3. Hi Nikita,
      Hehehehehe…..We had to laugh so much because of yesterday’s episode.The charisma of the makers.Hehehehehe…..????

  17. Hi my gpkj…
    @luthfa… Tnx for ur lovely wishes…. Nd today u just rocked gal. Go luthfa dear go….. ?
    @sharmin… Just take a big breath n calm down…. Please….. U r in so much stress abt this promo. Pls don’t be…. U know… Sso can’t shoot anika. Sso’s heart is in anika’s heart. So how he will shoot anika??? Nd may be sso will shoot anika in Friday’s precap for suspense…. Um nt sure… Bt pls dnt be panic…. Its nt gd for u….
    @kadhambari… Congo for being first…
    analyzing shortly….. Sorry for that….
    Episode was gd.
    Finally got shivika’s tadiwala romance….. That room…. Missed it a lot…. If he kissed her… Then it would be happy kiss day???what dadi?????? Sara mood spoil kar diya…. ?bt enjoyed it a lot…. ?
    So sweet of u tia…. Bt still I have doubt on u?
    This song???what yarrrr???? Makers should give a good song….. This song is nt suit for this situation…… Lol…. I was thinking that time…. Omg!!! What happened to my tv??? Anything wrong???? O god…. This was damn funny…… Pls CVS don’t do this again…..
    Awwww….. Rudy loves his vaiya so much…. ???
    What’s wrong with tej????? He now knows that whatever sso did all for tej…. Bt still he is doing fooling activities….. Nd janvi…. Wow…. What a pativakti…. Lol….. Shame on u janvi…..
    I wanna kill this tejvi…. ???
    Where were shivika going??? ?
    Oh my my my my,,,,,,, what a hit my SSO…. ???loved it a lot….. ?
    What a acting ???
    Awwww…. Bechara veer is now on OM?welcome to SSO’s lanka….. ???
    What a plan my SHIVIKA…. Smash this veer…. So proud of u?
    ???veer stand up???um so proud of ur Marshall art practice ???ab ayega asli maja….. ???
    Precap:we all know in every serial…. Hero always wins…. So um damn excited….. Hoping for the best…. ?
    Love u all n take care ???

    1. Pativakti..i cracked up….????????.Seriously Janvi needs some mental treatment….

      1. Hi Shanaya,
        Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.Thank you so much for your love and you are most welcome….?
        I am impressed because of your”short”analysis.Hehehehe….Same to same experience yaar.Me too thought that what happened to my TV suddenly?Nice analysis.Take care?

    2. Same to same….Autocorret ki jai ho….????

  18. it was nice reading all the anaylsis and feedbacks.
    indeed it was a nice episode to see shivika back in their room in Oberoi mansion. and anika was looking so beautiful and fresh yesterday. she looked so much like katrina kaif to me. but very cute together with shivay. infact the two are incomplete without each.

    the evil veer seems to be quite strong – physically and mentally too. but the only hope is that love conquers and looking forward to shivika puting an end to Veer completely and forever.

    the shooting sequence and double role of anika – is just moving in the last year same time track with shivay’s duplicate mahi – which coincided with Holi. dont want the same track again with anika’s double role. until and unless its a plan of shivika to overcome evil veer. then its worth the track – to see shivika do it together.

    indeed veer tried level hard to separate them – it drove the fans mad too – but was lovely to see shivay win over.

    even the kalyani mystery – revealing anika’s family. something we all waited from the start – is now become a track by itself with a mission to separate shivika. but we trust in shivika’s Ishqbaazi that we will not see them separate but their love growing deeper and stronger for each other, thus ending the hatred and wicked desires of the evil.

    Romance – the ishqbaazi has somewhat vanished from the show. at times only fun and caring romance is shown. the emotional love of shivika is missing from the show.

    looking forward to IB
    with shivika together and omru in action and fun.
    especially to the rudra & bhavya wedding. and please atleast this wedding we wanna see shivika do it together and also enjoy the celebration together.

    1. Banita

      Heyy Christie….
      Yeh they r incomplete with each other…. I want to see some romance between Shivika nd Rikara also in between Ruvya’s wedding…. Nd Kalyani mill’s incident.. Yeh this what we r waiting from starting… Hope cvs start this track soon…

      1. yeah its so nice Banita to know how all IB and shivika’s fans agree on the same platform and we eagerly await for real khiditod shivika romance

    2. Christie just said everything thing that is in my heart…
      You have to trust on shivika..may be it can be their plan….
      And some obro moment and light moment is very much needed now..bahut hogaya ye..rona dhona..planning plotting..

      1. Yeah agree with you arpita. we trust in shivika’s love. and IB is become so serious. all the fun and romance has taken back seat.

    3. Hi Christie,
      Very well written and you have pointed all the important things very beautifully.I agree with you totally.It has to be love that will win at last defeating all evil.I don’t want Mahi track’s repetition.It didn’t turn out the way I expected.Let’s see,what is waiting for us.Take care?

      1. Hi Luthfa, thanks for the compliment.
        we all have a lot of faith on Love. Since love never fails.
        Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
        Faith, Hope and Love – But the greatest of these is Love.

        and we have seen this love in Shivika and so looking forward to Love win, Shivika win, Ishqbaaz win

  19. Hi guys. Hru all. Okk soo finally after 15 days today i saw the episiod. Happy to shivika room was missing it. Dadi u spoiled they moment. Irritating TSO n Janvi like to put them in Harry Potter prison far from all. Janvi n pinky fight ????????. Soo cvs changed tia character. Nt somu’s. Hope like tia even somu character changes.Really tht song was much funny was lauching like mad?????????. Again the same the accidient wala. I think he is nt get any other idea. Liked obro’s hug.lambu just????????.tc guys

    1. Hi Jeevi,
      How is your father doing now?Hope he is fine.I will pray to God for his recovery.
      Yeah Dadi interrupted but Shivika were so adorable yesterday.That song brought smile on everyone’s lips unintentionally.Waiting for Veer and his new drama and how Shivika are going to handle him.Take care?

  20. Hi jeevi,
    I’m fine.. How r u? Why you put them in Harry Potter jail.. We will do “Abra Ka Dabra” okay? ?

  21. I have been watching this series from day one, as i can remember soumya was not a sister to Shwetlana and Tia. But recently everything has change that soumya is a sister to Shwetlana. WHY CHANGE THE STORY?

    Its boring! Soumya got married after been followed by Shwetlana sister and got drunk!
    so why now change to soumya being the sister to shwetlana?

  22. Shekhar


    There was a lot of discussion over the ARC while PINKY was hell bent to kick out ANNIKA from SSO’s life as well as from OM for ever, and we knew, nothing emerged out to whom we may call any ARC, and that PINKY’s drama was winded up without giving any THRILL to the story line to whom we may call ARC. ARC does mean something beyond our imagination and expectation, but miserably we got nothing like ARC, and as usual, PINKY twisted character was ended up with nothing!

    In initial EPIS, it was shown DADI receiving a mobile along with others belongings of the person who got burnt alive during MAHA AARTI which was when dialed last number, it was dialed in OM and some one’s hand in OM was shown to cut it off.

    That person in OM, who disconnect that mobile may come up as the reason of forming of such ARC. While going through intial epis, it is also clear, THERE IS SOMETHING HAD BEEN COOKED something ODDS by both senior OBEROYs jointly, and in the way, it is my presumption, if there is any ARC to come hence forth, then both seniors are the sSTART and END point pf this so called ARC with ANNIKA’s past as the APEX POINT of this ARC.

    So KM HAVOC has been weirdly temporarily ended with leaving the traces of ANNIKA’s past .

    MYSTERY after MYSTERY without giving any thrilling end is the tradition of these CVS, but in my opinion, they will not end up the ANNIKA’s past like before.

  23. Nikita_jai29

    Totally agree with you bhaiya… I am just hoping that cvs don’t spoil the anika past like they are doing currently in the show

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