Ishqbaaz 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia asks Anika to return her phone. Anika says I m calling Dushyant. Shivaye asks who is Dushyant. Tia says no one. Shwetlana says relax Tia, you are worrying as if Robin will answer, he is dead, let her call. Some time before, Anika sees the buffalo. Everyone smile. Rudra asks Shakti how did Shivaye get the black KOW cow. Shakti says firstly, its COW, not KOW, and this is not a cow, its buffalo. Dadi asks what’s happening. Shivaye says this is for Anika. Anika asks did you get buffalo for me, but why, I said I will get fresh milk and cow milk is better. He says its not for milk. She says buffalo is for milk. He says I got something else also. He asks Khannna to get that, I can’t say it. Khanna says fine, I will get it.

He gets cow dung in a trolley. Anika asks did you get cow dung for me.

Shivaye asks did you recall anything, when we met during landslide, I told you… you told you…. eve buffalo won’t stop hearing my name. The old moment is shown. He says the same line again. She asks why are you saying this. He says so that you get angry and throw cow dung at me. She asks do you want me to throw this on you. He says yes, this is our relation. She asks is cow dung our relation. He says no, I break things and you throw things, we are like that. She asks did I really throw cow dung on you. He says you have thrown water on me, and once you slapped…. Everyone smile.

Khanna says I shot it too. Shivaye says ya. She says even then you married me. He says leave it, you throw cow dung on me. She refuses and says how can I throw this on Pati Parmeshwar. Shivaye and everyone ask her to throw it. Anika throws the cow dung at him. He bends and gets saved. He goes to her and asks did you remember anything. She says no. Rudra says you are forgetting continuity, you have to get same buffalo then she will remember. Anika apologizes to buffalo for the trouble and goes. Shivaye asks Khanna to take it away.

Anika wipes hands. She sees Tia and says Shivaye said I have thrown cow dung at him. Tia asks do you think you can do this. Anika says no. Tia says exactly, its their plan to convince him. Anika asks are you fine now, you were missing your friend yesterday, what was his name. Tia says no one. Anika says Dushyant. Tia says no, I m fine, take care of yourself. She goes. Anika says I think she has a fight with Dushyant. She asks Priyanka what happened. Priyanka says don’t know where Soumya went. Anika says Soumya….

Rudra says I don’t know where did Soumya go. Shivaye asks did you tell her anything, you both are in same collage, you should take care of her. Dadi says don’t know where she went. Anika says I got this from Soumya’s room. Shivaye reads…. Rudra I never expected you to accept our marriage, what you said that day, I don’t think I should stay here after that humiliation, if you think I m responsible for all the problems, I don’t have right to stay here, I don’t want you to have any problem, you are lucky to have such family, take care of your lovely family. Shivaye shouts Rudra what’s this, don’t you know.

Tia says its fun to see them like this. Shwetlana says this is just the start. Tia says what will happen ahead, Anika lost memory, Jhanvi is injured, Tej feels his family is his enemy, Om is arranging money to give you, and now Rudra and Soumya’s problem, poor Oberois, there are many problems and not a single solution. They smile.

Rudra calls Reyaan and asks is Soumya with you. Reyaan says no, I did not talk to her since many days, is there any problem. Rudra says no, if she calls you, tell her to urgently call Shivaye. He ends call. Anika says you care for Soumya a lot, why did you hurt her heart. He says I wish I could explain you, this situation and relation are complicated, yes we had a fight, I did not think she will leave home, she is duffer.

Shivaye asks Rudra about Soumya. Rudra says I called her friends and could not know. Priyanka says Jhanvi has fever, call doctor. Shivaye goes. Shakti asks Dadi about Tej, since Om and Shwetlana got engaged, Tej is nowhere, he did not come for office meetings too. Dadi says don’t know whose bad sight caught this house. Anika says we have to face problems, we have to start by small problems. Shivaye says you don’t know anything, don’t get into it. Anika says I know, but I m bahu of this house, I will do what I can, everyone is worried and everyone’s problem is very big, Rudra’s marriage, Om’s business, Jhanvi’s health. Tej’s anger, if big problem’s solution is not found, we should find small problem’s solution, it gives courage. He asks which problem is small in these. She says Tia’s. Tia asks what.

Anika says none thinks for Tia, she is restless to meet her love. Tia says what nonsense. Aniak says I m saying what I have seen and felt. Shivaye asks Tia what is she saying. Tia says I don’t know, just stop it. Anika says no, you helped me, its my duty to help you, I know you are missing your love, you should call him, this is that phone which has his number, I will call him and say you miss him, I will solve everything. Shivaye asks about whom is Anika saying. Tia says I don’t know, return my phone. Anika says don’t worry, you did love, don’t be scared, don’t have annoyance. Shivaye asks about whom are you talking. Anika says Dushyant. Rudra smiles. Shakti asks Tia who is this Dushyant. Tia says I don’t know, give my phone back. Shivaye asks Anika what are you doing, who is Dushyant. Tia says no one. Shwetlana says relax Tia, let her call. Tia says she is calling Robin. Shwetlana says you are saying as if Robin will answer, Robin died, who will answer the call, relax. Anika calls Dushyant. She puts phone on speaker. Someone answers and says hello. Anika says Dushyant….. Tia gets shocked. She recalls Robin’s death and says Robin. She thinks how can Robin be on call. She screams and faints. Everyone rush.

Shivaye calls doctor and says nothing happened, don’t know how she fainted, she is resting, come for checkup. Dadi says I will get food for you Tia and goes with Anika. Tia says how answered Robin’s phone, I have to find out. She calls. Mrs. Kapoor answers. Tia says mom, you have this number. Mrs. Kapoor says yes, why. Tia says Anika called on this number, a man answered, I thought Robin…. Mrs. Kapoor says are you mad Tia, I was busy on another call, my assistant answered. Tia says I felt…. Shivaye comes and asks what did you feel.

Anika and Shivay argue over Tia and Dushyant’s child. He asks her to stop it. She asks why are you angry. He says because I….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello Hi…Aye Haye 😉
    Awwww..shivay z soooooooooo cute just lyk me (wink wink) and Liji’s daughter 🙂
    Well as usual Ishqbaaz was superb but smhow I dnt lyk DBO except his acting. And IDK y but I think Om help karega Jhanvi Thakur ki coz of same situation (Jhanvi-Tej) aur iss se indirectly Gauri ki help ho jayegi….Ya wo Kaali ki help karega land k liye?? After all he z a changed man. And gals I hateeeeeeeeee this S thing ..Sarma :(..Writers plz change this to SH SH SHARMA

    Well Liji…Juggling between job interviews and frnds marriage 🙁 and gal yes its only you who missed the precap with open eyes 😛 ..LOlzzz.

    Sumo,Lax, Mouni, Archu,Shahabana,Liji ..Did u guys noticd this??? Kisi ne sabke comments ka reply kiya last TU page pe 🙁

    1. Sumi.SS

      Lol..lyk u? ??yeah I hope aftr sme days our Omwl back normal..actually he can’t be a bad boy for long tym..

    2. Neha..!!
      U and your observation about who commented on what. Saashtaang pranam for that ??
      And Neha why this frequent bunking ???

      1. @Lax …no my dear , ek he ka nazar ata hai. Told you naa juggling between job interviews and frnd ki shaadi so reply ni kar payi.
        @Mouni …shekhar ne reply kiya sabko ..that’s what I’m talking about :'(

    3. Mouni

      sorry neha l didn’t understand the last part of yr comment

      1. NEHA sis is too intelegent to understand !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Nitee

    Happieee valentine’s day my sweet ishquies… luv u all guys.. hv a ishq day..

  3. Mouni

    well guys who from you wished pinky back uh ?? bcz she is ughhhhhh
    in new spoiler when tilana sent anika to fall while she is ” sleep walking ” sso saves her and holds her in his arms yaaay but also dadi , pinky will come and pinky will start her nonsense against anika
    guys anika is really confusing us with her acting in some scenes she really look like someone who lost memory like in this spoiler , she was about to jump but in other times she seems acting and yesterday in that call with gauri she seemed the old anika
    anyway l feel bad for sso , remember guys when we wished he will suffer bcz the way he married anika and humiliated her , well we got our wish , he looks desperate and lost and he will be much hurt when he knows its fake , l just hope he will find out before she exposes tia or else we will have another drama and misunderstanding

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah mouni u r right..I am also eagerly waitng fr the next stry line..dnt knw in whch drctn they r gng to move the stry.more than tia exposure..I am overthng abt Annika and kalavathi….I am sure it’s AniRu plan only…what wl be shivaay reactn??

    2. Archiya

      Talking about shivay suffering.. i did not still see him so very desparate to get his old anika back.. he just wants to protect her from shvet an Tia.. i want him to get her back for himself.. actually i want him to literally cry an pray for anika memory to be back.. he has hurted her a lot
      i know too much of expectations.. but i really want it
      An i m hoping that anika memory loss is for true.. and shivay shld succeed in bringing it back at the point wen we are bored of this track:)

      1. Sumi.SS

        No Archu check this link..he is madly love wth Annika..
        Both decided to go away frm last kalavthi folps all the plan of sso .and ask him to marry tia..both r arugument over the topic in pool side(I just pinched myself shivaay not ready to marry tia and want her Annika back)but kalavathi act on peak level really it creates doubts on ML drama was fake or shitia mrge arrangement track is gng on OM.

      2. Mouni

        am thinking he will be desperate hen the matter of tia’s child is brought and anika wants him to marry tia for the baby and is the spoiler she confronts him about their relationship and its good , he must face the fact that he loves her and does not care about KKN stupidity , he can’t just go on with her like that

      3. Archu..!!
        Don’t kill me when am saying that there is a spoiler video where Annika wants Shivay n Tia to get married. Shivay is shaken by this and woh dialoguebaazi kar Raha hain Annika se to remember the ehsaas n bond v share n asking her to think from heart n not head. Can you imagine SSO asking Annika to think from heart n not head. So SSO is def. a changed man. He sounded desperate, though angry n Annika was saying it’s better to seperate blah blah. So it’s kinda role reversal.

      4. Archiya

        Lax dear,
        i am happy if this spoiler is true.. i actually like their role reversal.. so dont worry i wont kill u,, infact i will give u loads of chocos:)

      5. Archiya

        As i know for sure shitia wedding wont happen..

      6. Archiya

        i am badly waiting to see a desparate shivay who wants anika.. an i want him to accept that ..

    3. Mouni
      Saw that spoiler video. Pinks Moms is back finally. But I must confess, I want Pinky to b present when Tia is exposed.

      1. Mouni

        oh yes when tia is exposed l dont care if sso is not there but pinky must see it all and some ppl are saying she will be exposed in the so – called wedding that will be made for shitia if its true this must be the master plan of anika and maybe rudra

  4. Archiya

    hello everyone.. anyone gonna follow Tanhaiyan here?

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah dr..did u watch evry episodes..I am decided to watch it on night..
      Pls check our ishqbaaaz page too dr..they were uploaded a new video on Valentine day games….and our lovely shivika won the game and tiltle “BEST COMPATIBLE JODI “

      1. Archiya

        hey Sumi,
        how r u dng??
        i have not watched yet as all are for premium.. will watch tomo may be..
        was trying to check out love games but its not opening for me 🙁 will surely chk out later.. thanks for the info 🙂

    2. Sumi.SS

      K dr..our shivika have healthy frdshp in on-screen and off screen too

  5. ooh ? first scencs were superb no word. our kadoos, akru sso can go any extent for his lady love. how cute that was….. even I feel dushyanth is alive and this might be that chudail mrs kapoor plan . and once Tia get to know this I believe that she won’t stand by her mom. the buffalo were also so cute ….

  6. pinky should not come back

  7. hi, i was a silent reader. im a srilanakn, im so much into dis drama, i luv reading all ur comments 🙂

  8. Mouni

    guys did they show that anika sneaked into tia’s room while she is sleeping and took photo and number of dushyant or is it for today ?? or is it like the scene where rudra helped her when she fallen ??

    1. Mouni
      I guess Annika ll sneak into Tia’s room in the coming episode. She might ve thot anyway Tia won’t co-operate so I ll do it myself.

  9. nice episode..buffalo gobar part was very funny.

    1. Mouni

      if anika is going to prepare the wedding , what is sso doing ?? why is he passif about it , is he just going to let this mess on and on ??
      l just hope by Thursday or Friday this madness ends , am sick of pinky acting like a witch out of jealousy and am sick of the kapoors roaming around the OM like that plz expose them already

      1. Mouni

        lol maybe sso will run away from this wedding ” the runaway groom “

    2. Mouni
      Pinks Moms is back n drama started. God..!! Although Pinky looks good in straightened hair. Loved Svetlanas eye make up as well. Nothing else is good abt the video.

      1. Mouni

        IKR pinky is too much , she is just jealous of shivika’s love and sees it as threat
        l too love swetlana make-up she always looks wow
        am just hoping the video is before the pool confrontation of shivika

      2. Mouni..!!
        Not so soon. It ll take some time. May b end of next week or so. Donno how true is it heard that Nakuul is going for vacay.
        About SSO being so cold abt these things, there are many spoilers saying many things. One says Shivay is making Annika the wedding planner so that she remembers her old wedding planner days n thus to bring back her memory, another spoiler says Shivay want Annika to realize her feelings for him out of jealousy n thus confess her feelings.

      3. Sumi.SS

        U grl..other than stry and dialog..u observed evrythng..yeah dr again pink drama..when we r gng to hv chutkara frm her sas drama.

      4. Lachu, Sumi, Mouni, Archi, Banu……fans party time is over I guess!! Pinky moms is back in a new look and angry avatar!! Grrrr……so lets take deep breaths and enjoy today’s episode!! Kya pata Kal Shivika moments ho na ho….!!

        Shahabana is missing…..what happened??

  10. Whether ANIKA faking her ML?

    I said ago, and described ANNIKA’s fall from first floor to down floor in detail as it was happen. From that scene it is clear ( IF CV let the logic as it is as iw was happen to be) , SSO was looking at ANNIKA from the moment he pushed her to the moment she striked over the floor and spilled out the blood from over her head.

    1-It is clear, if ANNIKA fall was planned, then SSO and RUDRA both are involved in it. Otherwise FALL of ANNIKA is not a planned one, but real incident, accident.

    2-If it is planned, then ANNIKA is faking ML which is her own PLAN in PLAN as it was of ANNIKA in trapping SWET

    3-If it was real an accident, then ML is planned by either ANNIKA alone or by ANIRU.

    4-In any case, ML is fake about which SSO is totally in dark

    There are many clues, intentionally left by makers, ML is a FAKING DRAMA.

    FAKED ML drama had shattered many dark clouds from over the supressed TRUTH so far like,


    B-One name DUSHYANT surfaced to all with which TIA may have some connection

    C-Those truth which never believed by SSO through ANNIKA, now we get him thinking over the spoken out from KALAWATI

    4- The thinghs which she could not do as ANNIKA can do as KALAWATI

    5- ML is a good weapong with ANNIKA to escape and to get step back from any confused state of situation.

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