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Ishqbaaz 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says like your brother is imp for you, my brothers are imp for me, you will not tell Omru anything. Om asks what will she say now, I have to ask her why did she marry. Om asks Rudra to play video. They all get shocked. Sometime before, Om and Rudra talk why is Shivaye taking so much time, he does not know how to talk to kids. Shivaye asks Sahil do you like this. Sahil says what do you think chocolates, shake and toys will convince me, you work will be done. He throws toy and says we give more toys to class monitor to get saved from beating. Shivaye says okay, what do you want. Sahil asks what can you give. Shivaye says there are many facilities in my house. Sahil says I heard you cook well. Shivaye says cooking in the word, I cook well. Sahil says you will make desi ghee chow mein every sunday.

Shivaye says you both are mad, whats this desi ghee chow mein. Sahil argues. Shivaye says okay, I will make it, this deal is done. Sahil says wait a min. Shivaye asks what else do you want. Sahil says you will show less attitude, you will not scare me by kanji eyes, and you will not trouble Anika and not do anything that hurts her heart, because I can’t see Anika crying. Shivaye says even I can’t see. Sahil asks then why do you make her cry.

Shivaye says she is no less, you don’t find her wrong as she is your sister. Sahil says its her life, let her do anything, give her respect. Shivaye says you are a kid, talk like kids. Sahil says I m a kid, so you are saved, if anyone makes Anika cry, I can’t just see it, Anika should not cry again because of you, else I will forget I m a kid. Shivaye says you just look a kid, and you are everyone’s father in talks. Sahil says you look elder and in doings, you are a kid. Shivaye says mind your language, I m elder. Sahil asks him to become elder and show.

Anika says Dadi, I will go and see. Dadi says everything will be fine. Shivaye gets Sahil. Anika says I knew it, Sahil will not agree. He says Sahil will not go anywhere. Rudra says finally, someone younger to me has come. Rudra asks Sahil to stay in his room, but Soumya took the room. Om says its fine, stay in my room. Sahil says okay, Soumya I have come here, we will talk a lot. Rudra asks why will you just talk to Sumo. Sahil says don’t spoil her name, she is not Sumo, she is Soumya. He smiles. Anika sees Shivaye.

Rudra says Sahil is funny, not more than me, he said he will check my GK. He jokes. He asks Om what is he thinking. Om says I m finding answer to your question. Rudra says I did not ask anything. Om says you asked Shivaye, which he did not answer. Rudra asks what. Om says why did Anika marry, Shivaye was helpless, what was Anika’s helplessness. Rudra says I sometimes ask genius questions. Om says was Anika helpless or did someone force her. Rudra says we will ask Shivaye directly. Om says you think he will tell us, I feel answer is close and we are missing it.

Shivaye goes to Anika and says I had no idea about Sahil’s condition, he is physically challenged, if I knew… She asks so what, would you not risk Sahil’s life and force me for marriage, I told you not to involve Sahil, you were going mad, you are saying you did not know, why, did your men not tell you. He says I did not know, don’t play blame game. She says you are having sympathy for Sahil, we don’t need it. He says stop assuming things. She says you are feeling bad, not for mistake, but for using the one who can’t even walk properly, so you are letting him stay here, but he is not ordinary kid, he is very emotional about me, he is young but thinks he is my elder brother, if you trouble him or use him for bad profit, I will spoil so many things that you will forget all attitude to make things fine.

Priyanka comes home and cries recalling Ranveer. FB shows Ranveer asking Priyanka what will your brothers do, if I reopen this case, you or Omkara will do jail, I will file such case that you have to be in jail forever, so decide Priyanka, will you go jail or send brother, or marry me. FB ends. She cries.

Rudra says but Om, how will we find out. Om says there is a way and calls someone. Shivaye says like your brother is imp to you, my brothers are imp to me. Anika says I know. He says the way we had to marry… She says not we, just me. He says yes, you will not tell them even if they ask. She says are you threatening me, you should request, I forgot you did not learn to request. He says don’t argue. She asks what will you do, if your brothers know, why are you feeling michmichi, you did this for family, your brothers should know how low you can fall. He says shut up. You will not tell anything to Omru. Om and Rudra come. Om asks what will she not say. Shivaye asks what are you two doing here. Om says I have to ask Anika why did she marry. Rudra says yes, we want to know why did she agree to this forced marriage. Shivaye says what do you mean, she married. Om asks did Shivaye use your weakness and force you. Shivaye says it does not make sense.

Rudra says Sahil is her weakness, did Shivaye…blackmail you….. Anika says no, how did Sahil get in this, nothing such happened. Shivaye looks at her. Om asks really. She says yes, it happened as Shivaye said, Tia left, if no one sat in mandap, family would have got insulted, so Shivaye requested me, I sat in mandap. Shivaye looks on. Khoya khoya rehta hai…..plays……….Om says request, Shivaye did? Anika says yes. Om says its not two days of marriage, husband and wife started hiding their mistakes, Anika….. why are you doing this, did Shivaye force you to lie. Shivaye asks whats wrong with you. Om says lie always gets caught. He asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye asks where. Om says I will say. Rudra asks Anika to come.

Dadi asks what happened Om, what do you have to talk to all of us. Om asks Rudra to play video. Rudra plays video. They all see Shivaye forcing Anika to sit in mandap instead Tia and marry him, while Anika is refusing him. They all get shocked seeing Shivaye threatening Anika about Sahil. Sahil gets angry and shouts why did you make Anika cry, why did you force her for marriage. He beats Shivaye with his walking stick. Everyone look on. Anika holds the stick and stops Sahil. O jaana…..plays……She says no Sahil. Sahil cries and says he troubles you a lot, even then you are on her side, your SSO is very bad.

Anika says none is bad, just circumstances are bad, you are young, you will not understand, come. They leave. Dadi goes. Shivaye stops her. Dadi says don’t call me Dadi, I m ashamed that you are my grandson. She goes. Pinky comes to Shivaye and says you are my Shivaye, my son, you used to talk about blood, family line and respect, how did you fall so low, you did that bad thing, my son was wrong and I was cursing that girl, you did not say anything, she did not say aunty ji your son did wrong thing, you broke my pride. She goes.

Shivaye goes to Om and Rudra. They walk off. Shivaye wipes his tear. Anika looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mouni

    you guys are right , l almost forgot to talk about cctv , why isn’t there a proof of tia’s lies right there ??? come on she was in that same room wirh her robin D so whyyyyy ?? so close yet too far it disapointed me but it reminded me of ISPKKND when videos exposed shiam , it was the same mistake because no way it was a cctv
    but lets hope somehow tia will get exposed soon , really soon , she is starting to be boring and her relationship with sso is going no where and both know that and now that the OF knows the truth they will not see their relation the same way , they will feel guilty with anika
    the way things are going am thinking daksh may enter the scene after tia is gone and l hope so because it means tia will be gone soon , maybe not gone as a character according to the promo but as a relationship with sso and that’s the important thing
    plz plz writers end the shitia track pleeeeeeez the universe and all of us can’t deal with her anymore

    1. Saratu Mohammed

      So right about the CCTV. although I’m now happy Shivaay was exposed but I keep wondering where were the cameras when Tia was fleeing with her lover?
      And I cant wait to see Shivaay’s reaction when he learns the truth about Daksh.

  2. So atlast, SAHIL had a met with SSO. It was not a easy task for SSO to face that little kid who just can not even walk on his own. After seeng his feerless attitude and talks, he soon realised while seeking a string of a puppet to make him dance for him, by chance he catch the HIGH TENSION ELECTRIC WIRE. His funny talks was making him comfirtable with,, while his attitude shaken him . Seeing his worry for ANNIKA he realised how much strong bond is between both BRO-SIS. He thought, its a matter of few toys , chocolete and amenities, but in the way SAHIL kicked out over his pre defined solution, he was made realise, how much tough it was to make a deal with a kid having a sister like ANNIKA!

    OM smelled some mal game in SHIVIKA wedding, and today’s SSO attitude made hime confirm, it was not money or any brie in kind, but it was something odd reason behind SHIVIKA wedding, and atlast he found out and expose SSO in front of whole OF without being baised, which also helped PINKY being away from biased for his son. THat lady PINKY, is difficuilt to get in her right state, but she had proved it again after saving JHANVI from DIAMOND THEFT ACCUSTAION that atlast she is not biased upto the extent to make any injustice to any innocent. She may be greedy, but just can not commit herself involved with any injustice and rightly scolded his only son for which he was deserved. Pinching on his chest and making him shut, he realised his only son, how much she got hurted.

    ANNIKA verywell cleared it out to SSO, either she or her brother need not any pity or sympathy, and saying that, my brother is emotional, and very much emotional for her. Though he is my little bro, but behave with me as elder brother. I had beared with whatever you did with me, but mind well, if you missused him for your profit in any kind, or harmed him anyway, I will spoils so many things that you will forget your all attitude while making them fine!, and SSO very well know, she does mean it, SHE CAN AND SHE WILL!!!

    Finding ANNIKA covering his brother odd deeds, even after passing through all types of torcher, both OMRU came to know, as of now, ANNIKA is right BRIDE they wished for but with wrong GROOM!

    So, in my POV, SSO ego’s got badly hurted , and that is in ANNIKA matter. Nobody can assume the reaction of SSO, but for SSO, more issues to come to deal with only to find ASHES of his thought process. REACTION and REFLECTION of his attitude and his deeds may put him in great vise , and ANNIKA will be with him to make him up to whom he wronged so far!

    Being IDEAL INDIAN BAHU, it is difficuilt for SC to mantain her BOLD character FRAMEm but she done it with!!!

    I don”t see any positive aura in OM of TIA, and she may be in OM having a nuisance value only. If makers do not deform PINKY’s character, TIA had already lost her only one support in OM. So she will work only on plan -B, blackmailing!

  3. I am a silent reader and comments rarely but today I thought I should I don’t know shivay and sahil stole the episode and I was crying watching precap at the end wen I realise I dunno whatever happened is happened but couldn’t see sso crying at all

  4. When something sounds too good too be true is usually is. That is why I am doubting this video and the truth coming out. I hope it is not just Shivay’s dream. I am almost too afraid to watch tomorrow’s episode. What if it does turn out to be only a dream? By the way. Hi all Ishqbaaz fans. I always read all your comments but today I just could not stop myself from joining you. Love Ishqbaaz

    1. Keep commenting….

  5. indera sanichara

    Awesome ephoside writers, I will remember it for a long time. Sorry for Shivaat but he deserve what happened to him.

  6. Wow, what a performance by Nakul Mehta aka Sahil. He stole the show. I teared up watching him.

    1. Uh..Nakul Mehta plays the role of Shivaay not Sahil.

  7. Good Episode. Let Anika come out of the deewani stuff and be a strong and independent girl.

    1. What do you mean by ‘deewani stuff’?

  8. MY mY mY where to start my comments on today’s epi..

    first of all guys, what is this Desi ghee ka chow men??? Fhat the Wuck? I should add it to the list of “things to do before I die.” hehe

    I have to agree with all of my fellow ishqbaazians, I just loved the face-off bettern SSO and Sahil. It was brilliant. I could not stop laughing at all!

    The way Sahil threw away the spider-man, I was thinking waaaa this kid can’t be shoved around so easily Mr. S. S. O.
    Despite the tension, both Salesab and Jiju has one thing in common as SSO unintentionally have declared even he “cannot see tears in Anika’s eyes” awwwwwwww, then why S. S. O? why do you make our Anika cry!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, I forgot as Sahil said you are smaller than a baby!!!!! Heheheehhehe little fetus SSO.

    OK next, Anika and Shivay face-off was amazing! Our tigress is back! Of course she was back last week after pepper spraying Mrs Robin, but the way she threatened him with “raita pailungi ma kasam…”- BY GOD even I got scared seeing S. S. O flicker with her threats heheheh

    By this time, I thought i had enough awesomeness from one episode, until OMRU walked in with the evidence in hand (PLEASE IGNORE THE LOGIC ABOUT THE VIDEO recording)!
    I must say Anika is very lucky to have such loyal devars. They were bent down to disclose their life-line their brother, Shivay to find the real truth behind what compelled Anika to agree to this meaningless marriage.
    Sahil’s reaction to the video was justified. Poor kid had to watch his sister give into crazy demands for his safety. But guys, one thing is very evident… Anika will always stand by SHivay. The way she stood by him twice in the same episde: front of OMRu and her own Sahil.

    Next, the final blow to SHivay… when his mother said “ You have broken my pride” even though It was sad watching Shivay’s well deserved blows. I just couldn’t stop but to think of the episode with Makila when she said “All desi mothers and their HEERAA BETA”… Today, pinky’s heera beta has broken all her pride. Shivay you turnds from a big twinkles diamonds to tiny lusterless accents diamonds (pink’s language).

    All in all today was an excellent episode and a treat to all of us, Ishqbaazian. It was the beginning of fall of S.S.O and a raise of Anika. SSO was called CHOTA by Sahil, Anika, and Rest of his Family today.
    BTW, about the prinku ACP scene…. I am very afraid for prinku’s future. Very soon She will definetly end up in loony bin.

    The precap made me cry seeing the tiny tear drop from the corner of S.S.O’s eyes 🙁

    BTW: guys did you notice the KHANDANI CRT TV?????? LOL i was like whatttt! Oberoy dont have the latest 6K HD LED TV!!! hehe

    1. I liked ur view dr..

  9. Now Tia must be exposed by om in front of Om family, and Daksh should be nailed for bad mouthing anika and her virginity,shivay should say sorry for his misunderstanding ,dadi should open up for the bank loan she got for anika bro Sahil ,as daskh mis interpretation of his bad mouthing anika character, open up Tia and Robin relationship and kidnapping drama, bring romance between Shivay and Anika,also Rudra and sumiya

  10. First part was too cute n funny….2nd part was emotional…Atlast Pinky agreed that Shivaaye was wrong……SSO deserves all these,,,,but still feeling bad for him,,,,the whole family got against him….. 🙁

    1. ‘Finally’ Pinky agreed that SSO is wrong. Hopefully she will turn into a good mother-in-law from now on.

  11. This episode made my day…bcz just now i read updates…but i’ll see n then comment…
    Heyyy all my frnds n sisterss….have a very nice day …good morning…time shortage so not mentioning names…
    @renima d ..i’ll read 4th part after returning home from college…n then comment…
    By by..

  12. What sn words to explain the of the best episode till date…and the actors done great job
    First part is just funny…i really enjoyed sso sahil conbersation a lots…the due nailed it by their acting skill
    Sahil saumya rudra part also nc i hope in the upcoming episode we can see more
    Ohhj priveer marriage will happen in forced will bebig shock for oberois and sso…
    I loved shivika conversation too it was nc bcz anika is in her old bold avathar..i liked her thashan
    Finallyyy omru finds out shivika marriage truth…this was the best part of the show…sso deserves this…whole family is against sso including his mother..thats really i think one by one all secrets will be out
    And precape i know sso deserves all hatred and ignorance from his family bcz he did very bad with anika..then also i cnt see sso like this..i felt bad for sso

  13. Today’s episode was really sad.
    No matter what Shivaay did i can’t see him cry. But what goes around comes around.
    Shivaay is getting punished for his bad ‘karma’ which in a way is fair. Hope everything gets sorted soon. I want ShivIka love story to settle and than Om’s should start, this way nothing would be confusing.
    The way Sahil was beating Shivaay, showed the true love between him and Anika. I wish Sahil stays in OM forever, it will be more fun this way.
    Wish it wins lots of awards this year. #PRAY

    1. Yesss Sophie ishqbaaz deseves many awards…i hope ishqbaaz wins in all catogories.
      In AVTA award NAkul won the best actor award…i hope many more wins ishqbaaz teams

  14. Lijince

    Yesterday’s episode one of the best episodes in a long time…..Sahil proves he is his Anikadi’s bro….fultu ‘bindass’ attitude….atleast he could manage to make Shivaye realise that he is not the only one who has love for family and bros…..and Sahil’s acting is too good….when he beats Shivaye with his crutches, his helplessness and anger is seen on his face!!

    And am very happy at the family’s reaction after seeing the video…..even the great Tia supporter Pinky tells Shivaye that fault was on my son’s side…and I kept cursing that girl….like Pinky’s acting yesterday….

    Earlier I had told that the exposure of Tia’s truth or ONS MU will not be enough for Shivaye to realise the non-existence of blood, surname etc. But from yesterday’s epi, I feel that this will bring an enormous change to an extent in Shivaye’s thinking……and moreover now the whole family is supporting Anika……by the time divorce gets done, I feel Anika will save the family name again by helping Prinku from ‘forced marriage’ situation…..

    And coming to the CCTV footage, can’t understand what the makers are thinking about the viewers…..CCTV footage also shows video in slow motion…. LOL…and I wonder where was the CCTV fixed when the car blast happened?? Maybe his security Khanna was shooting the video….but did he jump up when the car exploded to get the aerial view?? Probably he must have stood behind Shivaye to get the shot of Shivaye showing Sahil’s video….. 😀 😀 😀 and how did Om miss Tia and Robin from the footage? Or maybe the makers thought that Anika will expose that video…..poor execution of that scene…..they could have atleast edited the scenes…

    And Shivaye shedding tears?? Still more to shed Shivaye…..hope Anika doesn’t melt so much seeing Shivaye in pain!!

    1. Everyone is comfused about this cctv footage matter…i too have same thought afterall whats this cvs is thinking about viewers….i think they forgot logic showing so much secrets together

      1. Best to ignore the logic in Indian serials ? just enjoy the ishqbaaz gang. I’m glad the story is moving fast

      2. S Aqua ishqee its best to ignore logic in indian television..most of times i dnt expect logic…yaa i tooo happy story is moving fast

  15. The kid who portray’s Sahil deserves deserves every award , what a performance.
    Wasn’t Dadi aware of what Shivaay had done as Anika had told Dadi and then she said” You need not forgive Shivaay, just fulfill the duty after being married now” Maybe Daadi forgot all those stuff.

    If this was any other show the truth would have been revealed after 3 month or 5 months but this is Ishqbaaz and that why we like this show.

    1. She was but not fully.

    2. Yaaa if its in any other show they would taken a year also to reveal the truth but ishqbaaz is something different…thats why we likes this…its too fast like new generation

      1. Yes ur right dr, in some shows truth won’t revealed till the end..

  16. I don want the friction between brothers to be solved by Anika. The brothers should sort the difference on their own . DONT let Anika poke her nose into the bonding of brothers. Even dadi didn interfered into their affairs. Hence Anika should not. Let the brothers be united on their own…anika keepOUT OF IT.

  17. Hi everyone ..can I join the IB family ..I love ishqbaaz …n I ve lately started commenting on the ffs ..earlier I was a silent reader ..
    BTW what I think that in yesterday’s epi if they could arrange for those videos so easily then the videos surely would also have that portion when Robin aka dushyant forced tia because they were also in same room..why did it start from Shivaay throwing her on bed ??
    Even tia’s truth would have come out so easily !!!!

    1. Welcome…Mansi

    2. Heyyyy….Mooooost welcome dear..why to ask….just come …n keeep commenting…

  18. Now finally the truth of marriage is out now no one can taunt Anika Feeling bad for shivay
    waiting to see when this tia’s Truth will come out.

    1. Yeah nobody can blame Anika anymore, even Pinky is ashamed of Shivaay.

  19. Ab hoga SSO ka fall.. Waiting for priyanka’s forced marriage.. Remember dadi asking shivaye, what he would feel if someone forces his sister .i want that to happen, so sso learn some manners. It’s karma bc.. Love u my om.. Sahil and rudra was awesome. Kudos to pinky aunty.

    1. Mayank Agrawal

      Ha ha ha But Prena he Is SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI puri duniya ko jala dega sachi vo agar aisa ho gaya to , He is so powerful man ..and deserves also the power because atlast he is Biggest INdrustialist OF india..

  20. Hi Mansi welcome to ishqbaaz Family

  21. Krishnaa

    Sahil rocked today!!! loved todays episode though there were some loopholes, like having cctv cameras in the dressing room but tia’s misdeeds were not out, and how come they have the camera outside in the open when shivaay was blackmailing anika with saahil.
    but overall i loved todays episode. as for priyanka, i hope her brothers and bhabhi save her on time. pinky, at least u supported the truth today.

  22. Hi guys
    I know yesterday episode dekh kar aap log ko shivay ke liye bura feel ho ra ha hai.but mujhe uske liye koi bura feel nahi ho ra ha hai.apni brothers and dadi ki ignore se hi usko bura feel lagengi naahi anika ke aasu se naahi uske thapad se.and sbb segment pe shivay anika ko daksh ki wo baath Keh kar usse phir se rula raha hai .jab usse anika ke innocent proof hongi thabhi vo ithna roona chahiye jithna anika roya tha and ya sirf marriage nahi usse pehle shivay ne anika ko kya kya nahi sunaaya tha usse rulaaya tha jab ki bina galthi ki sirf MU ki wajah se usse rulaaya aur yaha tho shivaay ki aankhon main aasu aana chahiye jab ki galthi uski hai tho vo roona chahiye lekhin usne Jo anika ko dukh diya hai na uski saamne uska aasu kuch bhi nahi.jab uski manse anika ke liye saari MU clear hongi thab uske dil pe anika ke liye pyaar feel ho na chaahiye.saari MU clear hongi,and stone singh oberoi sweet and romantic singh oberoi banegi.dhono ki beech main pyaar honga ye guilty feel ki wajah se shivay ka heart melt hora ha hai anika ki innocent clear ho ne ki baath vo full on sweet and romantic singh oberoi banegi.
    Jaise shivay ki expose hua waise tia ki bhi expose hoga aur wo dekh ne main bahuth maza aayega.pinky aunty tia ko chaar baath sunaathe hua aur anika ko tia ki saamne best bolthe hua dekhne main maza aayega.
    I hope apni brothers ki dooriyan ka ilzam wo anika ke sar pe na daale.
    I think saahil iss the best bro usne Jo shivay ko bola wo karke dikhaya”bacha hu iss liye tho bache hue ho.warna koi meri anika didi ko rulaaye aur main dekh tha rahun aisa hoi nahi saktha” shivay ko apni stick se maarke usne proof kiya uski anika didi ko rulane ka result.and ya agar wo anika ki big bro hotha na tho shivay ka attitude ka faaludha bana tha.aur aap logo ne dekha jab sahil usse maar raha tha thab shivay ko bacha ya kisne wahi jiski saath shivaay ne ithna bura kiya ithna insult kiya ithna rulaaya wahi anika Jo shivay and uski family ka help kiya ho jab ki uski bros and family saahil shivay ko maarthe hua dekh kar kisi ko koi bura feel nahi aaya sirf anika ki face pe tha sad.I hope shivay aage usse zyaada dukh na dhe aur usko anika ki value samajh aaye.
    ishqbaaz ki saari actors acha kaam kar raha hai.I hop star parivaar award sabkho wo award dhe Jo wo log deserve kar the hai and ya saahil ko bhi milna chaahiye ek special award.
    aap log gul khan ko batha dho jaise ipkknd main arnav kushi ne dhubara happy and love marriage kiya waise iss main shivika,rumya,and priveer bhi kar dhe agar om ki marriage bhi peacefully nahi hogi tho uska bhi kar dhe and ya aise happy marriage pe sagai,mehandi,haldhi,sangheeth saari function ye couples happyily enjoy karthe hua dekhne main maza hongi agar ye couples ki beech main pyaar hongi tho deserve karthe hai aise happy marriage full function ki saath karna waise ipkknd pe one couple tha iss main tho four couple hai (om ki love story start hongi tho four couples hongi)and ya three bros ek saath happy marriage kare tho dekhne main hi maza hongi aap log gul khan ko ye baath zaroor request karna sirf shivika nahi rumya and om ki marriage bhi happily karne ko wo kya hai na wo tho hamesha imp shivika ko diya hai kumse kum wedding tho three bros ka ek saath kare and wo bhi happy and peace fully love marriage what say guys.and one more thing maine kunal ko sirf the buddy project and ye hai aashiqui pe dekha hai wo dho show colleague based love story tha main usse kisi shwo pe marriage karthe hua nahi dekha I hope iss main dekhne ko mile.and main wait kar raha hum uski love story start hone ko.

    1. Don’t be sorry Uf, write as much as you want.

      1. Thank you Sophie

    2. Haha no problm….i lv to read loooong commentsss …so keep it up…..n nice name…

    3. Helloo uf
      U comment how much u want dr and u can share ur viewes tooo no one will be hurt everyone has a right to share their viewes
      And s sso deserves this ignorance but everyone feeling bad bcz of his superb acting skill…and the charecter sso…this three brothers are jaan of the we cnt hate them

      1. Thank you shahabana
        you right sso aur uski bros show ki jaan hai and hamari anika zaroor shivay aur uski bros aur family ki beech ka dooriya mitta dhengi .
        And thank you abiha.

  23. Did anyone notice that pinky slightly thumped sso’s chest twice and put a finger on it and they gave a close up shot of this. It has been mentioned in the earlier episodes that shivaay had some heart problem. I feel that this act of pinky gives a future reference of sso’s heart problem.did anyone else notice this?? Btw I am a silent reader and couldn’t hold my curiosity reading ur comments..

    1. Heyyyy welcome …why to control …just keep commenting yr…

    2. Lijince

      Nice observation Jiya….maybe she meant that Shivaye is literally sick at heart….as he has been heartless to Anika!!

  24. tht was one SUPER EPISODE..feeling bad for shivaay though..n priyanka.

    1. Shekhar, thank you for the link, can you, please, explain what they saying?

    2. Mouni

      what’s going on ?? l dont understand the language , is there a murder ??

    3. Lijince

      Somebody kills Tia’s BF….so Dushyant aka Robin gets killed or what?? Or is there any other mystery now??

      1. Yeah he gets killed by —- but anika gets blamed for it

  25. Mayank Agrawal

    Guyz whats this going on Tia ke boyfriend ka murder kisne kar diya and anika sara ilzaam apne upar kyo le rhi hai kisne kiya murder and kyu ?

    1. Ohhh whats this new drama now

    2. Tia ke boyfriend ka murder? What are you talking about my friend.

    3. Annika murder ke ilzam le re hain tho, kya Shivay ne murder kiya.? Just a guess. Kya naya natak hain yeh? Aaargh..!!

    4. Mayank Agrawal

      Pata nhi Yar ye kya kar rhe hai and in todays episode anika oberoi family se request karti hai and made them realises importance of shivay whats this yar anika itni achi kyo ban rhi hai ?
      and still shivay nhi smjhega

  26. excellent episode

  27. Tia ki bf dhushyanth ka murder kisne kiya kyu kiya ye tho up coming episode main dekhna hi maza hai .but anika apni upar murder lene ka reasons.ya tho wo kisi ki blackmail ki wajah se hai,and ya phir wo kisi apne ko bachane ke liye hai tho,tia ki bf ka murderer anika and shivay ki relative bhi ho saktha hai and anika shivay ki relative ko fasane ke liye bhi ho saktha hai.mujhe lagtha hai anika apni upar ilzaam lene ka reasons ye sab hai.

    1. Uf, some of us don’t understand language you use, so we can not enjoy your comments.

      1. Dasha
        I don’t know that’s way my comments in hindi

      2. Uf aap kisi bhi langauge mein comment kar sakte hai, mujhe aapke comments aur app bahut ache lagte hain. ?

  28. Now what’s this new drama . why anika take blame on herself???? Orr
    Ye sab tia orr uske mom ka koi plan to nahi hena ???anika
    ko fasane k leye. Ager anika kisi oberoi member ko bachane ke liye kar rahi hair to galat ker kar kahi hai . kyu ki SSO kabhi anika ko nahi samje gaa . Any way Jo bhi hai per ek baat to pakki hai k SSO anika ka sath nahi dega .

  29. Hi friends I am new here but wanted to say that now chutki+omkara might become chutkara. What say? HOPE YOU ALL LIKE THE IDEA

    1. Welcome Tanya….to IB fsmily.
      ChutKaara sounds cute, but I dont think Chutki is her real name, most likely it is her pet name.

  30. Mayank Agrawal

    Guyz just saw the todays episode it is good but i dont like the precap …poor precap

  31. SSO Anika ka saath dethe hai kyunki oh usse rote huye nahi deksaktha aur problem mey bi nahi deksaktha chahi SSO usse yakim kartha ya na kartha

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