Ishqbaaz 13th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 13th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye holds Anika against the wall and asks who are you, whats your standard, you bl**dy low standard people. She says leave me. She gives him all the lists and docs. She says I m leaving this job, do me a favor, don’t show me your face again. She leaves. Some time before, Shivaye asks Rudra to open the door and not touch water. Rudra screams. Shivaye and Dadi get shocked. Shivaye is about to break the door. Rudra opens the door and has foam over him. He says I was going to bath and water ended, I slipped and got hurt. Shivaye asks did you not open tap. Rudra says I did, but water did not come. Anika comes and says I switched off main water supply and no tap will have water now. Dadi thanks her for saving Rudra’s life.

Anika tells Rudra that someone left current in water supply. Shivaye says

don’t worry, everything is fine, relax. Rudra sees Soumya there and hides behind Shivaye. He says see how Soumya is seeing me and jokes.

Om sees Shivaye’s missed call and calls him back. Shivaye’s number is busy. Om calls Rudra. Rudra says shayari. Om says I wish I could slap you via some phone app, Shivaye’s phone is busy. Rudra says you know what happened with me. Om says Soumya has thrown water on you. Rudra says nonsense, someone left current in house’s water supply. Om asks what.

Shivaye tells Tej that its one more attack, we gave work to Shwetlana on your saying, sorry to say, she is inefficient, we will get best security service. Tej says I won’t ask you to give one more chance to her. He tells Shwetlana that she could not do this work, he got away from family because of her. He says I mean I went against my family, I gave this work to you and did not listen to Shivaye. She says I managed your responsibility well, you were happy with it. He says now I m not happy, its about my family security, none is imp than to me than my family, you are done here. Pinky and Jhanvi look on.

Rudra tells Om that Anika has closed the switch on him. Om asks is everyone fine. Rudra says if Anika wanted to kill me, why would she save me. Om says maybe she is positive and she looks negative by situation. Rudra says you are copying me, I got saved by her presence of mind. Om says she saved you and Shivaye, just I m left, we have to find out, just meet me. Shwetlana says I will leave this work, you can hire world’s best security agency, but can’t stop these attacks. Tej asks what do you mean. Shwetlana says thieves come from outside, but doors open from within, someone is present at home who is helping them, we have to find out who is that person. Shivaye recalls Anika and says I know who is that person.

Om and Rudra go and meet the channel guy, about the chip leaked in media. Rudra says I think Shivaye has scared him. Om says Shubhankar, we just came to talk to you. Shubhankar says we did not do sting operation, we got that big story, that woman came to our office and save us the chip, I told Shivaye, you have sent that woman to jail too. Rudra says all proofs sign to Anika. Om asks what do you know about that woman. Shubhankar says she gave us the chip, I don’t think she is related to your family, how did she get this story. Om asks that woman’s name. Shubhankar says she was from lower middle glass family, she did not look educated. Rudra doubts on Anika.

Anika tells Dadi about sweets from Raju halwai. Dadi asks her to order sweets from this shop. Anika says its not of Pinky’s aunty standard. Dadi says old shops make sweets by hand, so it has taste, get sweets from this shop, packing should be beautiful. Anika says people like packing more than sweets. Dadi says I told Rudra to get packing designs, call Rudra, he would be in Shivaye’s room. Anika goes.

Rudra says Anika is that dangerous spy. Om says I can’t believe this. Rudra asks what other proof do you want. Anika goes to Shivaye’s room and says his room is danger call, I will call Rudra and tell him Dadi is calling him. She calls Rudra. Rudra says see her face, she looks so sweet, who can say she is spy. He shows Anika’s pic to Shubhankar. Shubhankar asks who is she, is she any celebrity. Om and Rudra ask don’t you know her. Shubhankar says no, that woman was aged, she came wearing saree. Om shows Gayatri’s pic. Shubhankar says yes, she was that woman who gave us chip, she asked us to leak footage, I don’t know that girl. Om tells Rudra that Anika is innocent. Rudra says how can Shivaye do this, its too bad. They leave.

Anika says why is Rudra not attending my call, maybe he is busy, I will tell Dadi. She stumbles and her phone falls down. She looks for her phone. Shivaye comes and asks what are you doing now, are you planning to plant bomb here. She says my phone fell here. He asks whats your game plan, there will be new threat on my family. She says I saved Rudra’s life, you are blaming me. He says because you knew it, you wanted those electrical points. She says so what, you called those men, its your marriage. Shivaye asks Anika for whom is she working, I will pay double.

Anika calls him mad and says I don’t talk to mad, don’t know if I get madness germs from you. She starts leaving. He holds her against the wall. She says leave me. He says you think this is joke, my family is not joke for me. She says I don’t know you are one person or dual, one Shivaye can do anything for his family, and I know one Shivaye who is arrogant and egoistic, you maybe best for your brothers, but for me, you are bad. He says I don’t need character certificate from you, who are you, whats your standard, who are you parents, did they do anything in their lives, you blo*dy low standard people. She says leave me. She goes and gets papers.

She gives him all the lists, advance cheques and docs. He asks why are you giving this to me. She says you have to check things, and decide what to do, I m leaving this job, your family is very good, I wish I could say this about you, elders give good values to everyone, but everyone can’t adapt values, you did not learn your Dadi’s values, you just learnt to earn money, you are a cheap, ill mannered, egoistic and mad man, you have money and still very poor, do me a favor, don’t show me your face again. She leaves.

Shivaye tells Tej about Anika. Tej asks are you sure. Shivaye nods. Jhanvi asks why will she work for Gayatri, Gayatri is not rich, how will she give money to Anika. Shivaye says we have many business rivals, anyone can give her money to harm us. Dadi says no, this can’t happen, I can’t be wrong to know person, Anika is not like that. Shivaye says I told you, attacks started after she came in our life, if she can give sensitive footage to media, she can do anything for money, my opinion about her is….. Om comes and says its totally wrong, Anika did not do anything, she is innocent. Anika goes home and cries recalling Shivaye’s words. She hugs Sahil. Sahil talks to her and she cries thinking of Shivaye’s words. Sahil asks why are you crying. Anika says your story was boring that I got tears. He says I m not 8 year old kid, did Shivaye say anything. She says don’t take his name, I hate his name.

Anika throws water outside and it falls on Shivaye’s face. They both see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Luna

    I hope that now Billu Ji doesnt say that Anika gave the chip to Gayatri as he is master of having pre conceived notions.

  2. Luna

    I cant believe that even Rudra thought Anika as culprit, the person who saved his life. Rudra is milder form of SSO.

  3. salsa

    ok I have a lot of things to say for today’s episode…but onething that just poped my head was om concerning abt anika..I mean that is so sweet yaar.. om was like,whatever people may think abt her but im gonna listen to my heart and it says she is innocent.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 what a lovely devar babhi combo…..

  4. pradishma

    Well done Annika…..claps ..claps..claps…claps..
    A very clear, fitting ,insulting reply to that damn Shivaye..I like Shivaye but he always saying annika as low-class ,low-class is cheiiii to listen,,
    Actually he is too cheap and talking of low standard…
    Annika was awesome and her every words were like beating him with chameli..
    Annika saying shiavye , you are ghamand,badtameez, u didnt get sanskaar from dadi, paisa wala gareeb…awesome…awesome ..
    as usual, OM darling is fantasctic, finally he found Annika is innocent.
    Even Dadi was supporting Annika…

    Precap: wowwww This time a bucket of dirty water over shivaye’s face…..Welldone…
    Waiting for Shivaye to fall madly in love with Annika…

    • Luna

      I agree wid u, shivaye hates low class people but he doesnt know that its his thinking and mentality which is low class.

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Yup,,,,I too was expecting her to say all these after that ‘door code incident’ …I’m happy that she left the house

  5. Guman

    In today’s episode i felt like dadi and om are angels…😃
    And have you guys noticed everytime the water tht is splashed over shivaay was clean but this time it is dirty water…😂😂😂😂
    It is a gift to shivaay for his sayings….😂😂😂😝😝😝

    • Enasanjida

      Om not Ishaana..bcz Ishaana nai kaha apni dil ki suno.. Om toh confused tha. Om ek confused person hain. Om kiyu – 3 brother Shivay ; Omkara ; Rudra full confused person.

  6. salsa

    im liking om day by day now…..
    I just loved it when he said to rudra,anika ne teri jaan bachai, usne shivay ki bhi jaan bachai… ab baas me hi bacha hu… 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 I feel like anika is superman (in sahils tone) 😀 😀

  7. ishika

    Hpy fr th precap…superhpy fr wat Om did…bt dfntly angry fr wat shivat did…
    It ws vry hard fr me to see a powerful strng indpndnt grl like anika to cry……thnk god anika gave him bck n the her stayemnt proved th diffrncrle btwn her n billu…sso has money fmly power n yes his so called modern. Education….bt still his is so judgmntal to tlk abt her prnts…whre anika being “low standard grl ” as he said😐…know th imp. Of family n said u hvnt adapted th values tht ur fmly gave you bt didn’t blame hr family…😒😒…this is wat is th shivika couple stands fr cmpletly diff. Though in future will fill ech othrs demerits n incompleteness😊

  8. Luna

    If Anika falls in love with Shivaye who tortures her insults her and treats her like dirt then she has no self respect.

    • AmandaS

      I’m glad she quit just so she doesn’t fall for him. That dream I didn’t enjoy. I want Shivaay to fall for her first. Can you imagine the insults he’ll hurl at her if she falls for him first.

    • Maggie

      Luna! They will definitely make Anika and Shivay fall in love since that’s just hoe the show is gonna twist into. They’ll shoe this arrogant side to Shivay and then Anika will unravel his soft side which will make her fall in love with him. Extremely similar to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. I have a feeling it’s based on that story, just a few twists around the characters to make it look “different”. I can easily relate one character from this show to the other from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!!! Especially the combo of anika-shivay and khushi-arnav.

      • Iamsofianeak


        |Registered Member

        Maggie you’re right , It’s similair to Ippknd ! ( shivikas’ love )
        Shivika = Arshi
        Anjali = priyanka
        Anjali & arnav’s grand-mother = Dadi !
        Lavanya = Tia

      • Luna

        Maggie, I know dat dey will fall in love but its giving a very wrong message and its also very illogical.

    • Lids

      So true!! But I do want Shivaye to fall in love with HER and she doesn’t until much later. Make him work for it. 🙂

  9. Luna

    The water throwing scene has became a running gag in the show but i think its becoming repetitive and no more funny.

  10. salsa

    todays epi was a rollercoaster of emotions….
    every character of this show are so unique.
    angry man shree shree shree bagad billa ji maharaj
    happy go lucky sometime emotional anika,
    sweet and intense ,sometime funny om

    sayribaaz,lady killer,and expression master rudra

    sweet and caring rudras loveangel soumya

    and cunning and cute con master bela aka ishana..
    I just love everybody… ishqbaaz

  11. Iamsofianeak


    |Registered Member

    Anika’s words wereeee wowww , shivaye deserve this because he talks about her parents , i feel bad for Anika but he will say sorry to anika
    she saves shiv/rudr’s lives , Om is the next onee hahahahah
    PRECAAAAAP Im waitting for tomorrrow’s episode

  12. salsa

    whatever it is but I never get tired of this cutest cutest and cutest couple shivika….
    whether they fight or share love emotions I just have one line for them ” I love u guys”
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Tusi

    so, many water throwing in this show, it may be called washout show, :), btw om lv u, and shvy….awww… he is really annoying… Anika should not back to that house for work…

  14. Ooshi Akbar

    Om u r the bestest Anika u did the right thing and precap is v.v.v.v.v. good as shivaye deserve this and also more than this clapping for Omkara again as he is the best in all brothers don’t want Om to weep or to sad always

    • Enasanjida

      Ara sabh credit Omkara ka hain.. Thoda credit Ishaana ko vi dooh. If She don’t say listen ur ; then will 100% dam om blame Anika” [ as lyk Rudra- woh vi confused thaa] thanks Ishana <3 nahi toh 3 brother ek nmbr confused person hain.

    • Luna

      Hi Ooshi, if I’m not wrong then u were also there in Shakti page. Do u also watch that show like me???

  15. Hahaha

    I know why shivaye is outside anika’ s house in the precap, he probably got to n know that anika is innocent, so he probably went to say sorry! Who thinks I am RIGHT! reply to this comment!!! To let me know your OPINIONS!!! PS: BEWARE OF KIMBERLY!!!

  16. ishika

    Well in future ishana s life is sorted cz she has omkara the clean headed guy(irony cz hs hairs though!) 😂.

    Rudra saumya I m nt cncrnd bcz I knw saumya I too smrt fr tht Dumb oberoi😂 she wl mnage😍
    Bt this sso..wl dfntly hv whole lot of fghts wth her I’m too damn sure..he is a confused prsn evn in future aftr thre love track strts thn also in kind of situations he can blame Anika wth his judgmntal behaviour..thier life saviour is omkara my b ishna saumya too..😅 rudra is jst a mini vrsn of shivay wth a higher degree of dumbness😂

  17. Maddy_02


    |Registered Member

    Finally shivaay will get some sense. Finally that chip problem will be cleared. And waiting for shivaay reaction after knowing the truth. Om you are too smart. Beauty with brain…😘😘

  18. pradishma

    Shivaye will go to Annika to say sorry after insisted by dadiand om…But when Annika throws water ,he gets angry and will not ask sorry..But there comes our cupi- Dadi…
    Dadi acts as cupid between these two to make them realise their love

  19. Laya

    Luv the precap Anika nailed it . and totally agreeing with salsa this shows everything so unique and got easily in to my favorite series list 😜😍😘😇 just happy to know anika quited and ready to see pleasing her to come back and take the job . Anika looks perfect when she is in best mode argue mode 😡Tujkho ashi hona Chayata

  20. Laya

    Aur guys is kimberely kho chod if not boy humko headache Degi let her comment so what we all luv ishqbaaz she also luv s ishqbaaz but she is in to negative right kimberely 😒😒😒😑😝😝😝

  21. Liya

    Hai i am new here……I love this serial alott and used to watch it daily till yesterday,now my cable connection got cut by my parents as i am watching t.v more than bookss.
    Todayss episode was sooo emotional i was literaly crying after knowing about anikas state how can shivaye insult her to this level ,don’t know why he thinks poor people can do anything for money??
    Thanks to my ommii everything will get clear…..I wish i could see youu in t.v and in real……love you ommi# keep on roking like #

  22. Dil

    Hi, gd sunday to all.
    Couldnt beleiveeee when sso did his signature move when anika left with tears in her eyes. I ws. Hoping he would feel for. Anika is right. He is a stone( big blo*dy rock).
    I Wnt. To say so much, but anika said it all.
    “I’m not fond of touching you!” Let’s see for how long baby!!
    And wow, om’ s appearence and ”
    absolutelt wrong” that ws. Super cool.
    But I dont think sso will feel for her even after this, cause he ws. Harassing her even before chip incident. He is only going to say sorry because dadi forces him.!!!!!!

    • ishika

      Yes dil bcz surname incdnt wl hpn aftr this..he s sayng sry tht too with his stone face fr dadi…bt if Anika wud hv nt joined th job then only he cud hv realzed I bt no she wl come n hnce no realzatn😐….n his rudeness ws at level 100 ..bhvng like a bldy as#**#e

  23. Mukti.H


    |Registered Member

    All THE ISHQBAAZIAN DO reply to this and don’t forget to read this…
    Kimberley is a mental patient I mean she is crazy…….like in YHM page I saw her comment….for firs

    • Mukti.H


      |Registered Member

      INCOMPLETE …….
      I saw her comment first time in YHM page….
      Can u think she always used to badmouth the lead couple raman and ishita … always praising the negative character and always. Badmouthing the positive character …and now she is also doing this with ishqbaaz ….
      She confessed it herself that she is a mental patient …….

      • mishri

        Hahaha mukti..she is the 1 i was warning u all about…she is jst crazy..wanna pull our legs datz all…we will let her hav fun oki???bt diz is ishqbaaz family..we will stay togthr..

    • Aliya

      Hiii mukta
      I also saw yhm page .she is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy l think in her life she got some tragedy in her life.she is commenting always negative.

  24. Asma badar

    Good morning !!!
    Have a fun sunday..

    Although, om n every one will know that guytari leaked chip.. but shivaay thinks anika works for guytari… so anika will still be culprit in his mind..

    I think dadi will force him to go to anika n bring her back… but again another arguement will be there..

    As for tia , who was that cloak person btw… why was he in oberoi mansion…

    N some one said here , tia loves someone else n marrying shivaay for money…
    That explains tia too much understanding behaviour… no girl can be that extreme level of understanding infact , it more of a negative influence on relationship..
    N tia mum knows that

  25. Roz


    |Registered Member

    I’m glad that Anika left Oberoi mansion,,,Dumb Shivaaye,,,,he is so rude…how can he blame her without any proof,,,,Now he will go after her to convince her…..

  26. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ENASANJIDA di.. I seriously love u di… Ha.. U r just awesome.. R u confused.. I l say u.. I mean the way u say ishu ko credit do.. I m speaking abt that.. Yes the credit goes to ishu.. She said to him listen to ur heart.. Om listens to his heart and then come to know that Anika is not the. .

    • enasanjida

      i m f9 .. how r u dear. ? confused what & which matter ? Ishkara ka scene 2day we missed it.. don’t know az vi dikhai gaa yah phir …Phir sai Shivika, Romya dikhai gaa . & also I think Ishaana not hurt Omkara ..i guess Om hurt Ishaana. bczz this obroi brother totally confused.

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        haha..but di aap shayad bhul rahe ho ki omkara is not like the other two..i mean that adamancy and arrogancy which is in that both bros thats not in om…he is unique.the soft nature ..ha di aaj kal toh zyada romya bhi dikha raha hai but ishkara nahi..i think just bcoz soumya is in oberoi mansion so they r giving romya too…hare yr hame ishkara chahiye pls uska bhi scenes dikhao..

  27. shahabana

    Gdmrng ishqbaazians hv a nc day….. Anyways loved the job anika and dumbo shivaye. Om u are a super hero. Loved ishqbaaz.

  28. Rosu 25

    Good morning all

    It’s good that anika left her job……how much shivaay insult her…… He only give values to his family and money…….it’s not fair…..there are some people who are not wealthy but have their own self respect…. One day he will understand this…..or anika make him understand the fact …..
    Om is very intelligent and he is just opposite of shivaay……
    I like the precap …. Again throwing water on shivaay……. But this time unknowingly…. But he deserve it…….
    Waiting for today’s episode……

  29. sooryapriya

    Hi mukti iam a new to this I love,….ishqbaaz I’m a tamil girl I know hindi a little bit but I know english and tamil fluently can you
    say what is the relationship between rudra and soumya why she is in rudra’s house

  30. Navi

    Om is too good… finally found out about the chip. Rudra is just impossible… but very cute.
    Anika ne rudra ki bhi jaan bachayi. .
    I loved Anika’s dialogue mujhe pe ek ehsaan kijiye. Dobaara apni shakal mat dikhaye.
    Om ne hero ki entry maari to prove Anika is innocent.
    How can anyone forget about the precap. Awesome. .
    This time she threw a bucket full of water. .

    • Kat


      |Registered Member

      And from the colour of that water, it can’t be normal water!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s muddy water or some thing I guess!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  31. mishri

    Hellllo evry1…OMKARA SINGH OBEROI saved it 2dy…..he is jst aaàwwsum!!!nd did u guyz c the part he teasd rudra??😂😂😂..nd rudra is such a dramabaaz..SHIVAAY is soooo rude dat he made anika the alwayz strong cry!!!!how dare he pull her parents…hw dare!!!!!!!he deserves dat bucket of eeeu…😂😂 nw i feel abit sorry..and om the way he came.nd said ABSULOTELY WRONG..i was clapping..nd happy news..i got new fans for the show aftr ystrdyz family is in..😅😅😅😉😉😉

  32. Aliya

    Good morning ishqbaazians 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊
    for sad episode. Om is more intelligent and grave than shi shi bagad billa

      • Kat


        |Registered Member

        Hey dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m preparing for my uni semester exams these days dear. So won’t be able to come here often. But I’ll here whenever I’m free!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  33. Shai


    |Registered Member

    well done OmRu…join a detective agency case solved within minutes!!!!!
    the “detective” Oberois!!!

  34. Shai


    |Registered Member

    Om has given a very good lesson to us!!! whatever the situation shows us,don’t believe it in an instant think of every aspect related to it,and keep your mind calm,share it with a good listener,you will surely solve in no time.Don’t jump into conclusions like shivaye..

  35. Shai


    |Registered Member

    Good morning ishqbaaazians!!!
    well while watching the show,who all went like,”Om tumhe bachaane anika nahi,main khud aayungi!!” (Om,for saving your life i will be there,not anika!!!)
    Reply with your views guys,Please!!

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      haha shai mujhe bhi lekar jaavo na ..mein toh aavungi zaroor..omkara i m always there for u…u r a unique person yr..toh tumhe bachane waale bhi unique honi chahiye..i mean shivay aur rudra ko anika bachayi thi u r not like them u r anika shouldnt save u…mei aavungi ..haha okay now come to serious matter ..agar om ko kuch hua toh mei chahti hun ki ishu aaye aur use bachayi i dont want anika again..wt say shai??

    • Ooshi Akbar

      I don’t feel that but the thing I felt was he shouldn’t be in danger we want him to be in danger

  36. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    wowwww ..woww ..!! I knew it.,OM is not like shivaye,he is a logistic person and alwyzz support truth.. Here also he showed his kindful behaviour ,.
    THIS is thing, that differs OM from shivay and rudra.!
    i’m so happy ATLEAST shivay said sorry!

  37. Navi

    Nadiya. . Mukta where are you people…

    Luna I think tia is bankrupt. So she is marrying shivay. Just a guess. What do you guys think? ?

    • Luna

      If Tia’s family is bankrupt then how come Oberois dont know that???? It would had become a breaking news in the media.

  38. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Hi…. Im from Srilanka. Im a great fan of ISHQBAAZ… I really like to read ur comments. I would like to join this ishqbaaz family….
    I luv shivika…. I hope shivaay will realize his mistake after knowing the truth..

  39. Aashna57

    Hi guys, thank u for this telly,coz I am out of town and cant see ishqbaaz,btw om is more understanding and sensible than bagad billa,the way he solved the problem from the root was amazing,rudra is simply hilarious,he just Has that knack to make ppl laugh,he is too gud,shivaye is unbelievable,how can he just throw anything or anyone to the wall,he is stupid,gud thing Anika left the job,now shivaye will realize her importance,….Guys, I want to see More of shiv om ru s bromance,who agrees wid meh??

  40. disha

    nive episode om found out gayatri leak cheap in media and shivaye always blame anika for everything precap is also nice back water water water

  41. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    one awesome NEWS FOR ISHKARA FANS…

    dont know whether u people noticed one thing or last ishkara scene ..i mean where om and ishu meet and he speaks abt anika ishu thinks he is speaking abt her…do u remember ????in that scene one BG SCORE was u people know what is it??
    If NO….see this

    its the bg score of ISHKARA but without LYRICS..that was amazing na???I loved that bg score waiting for the full song..did u people NOTICED IT???if no go and hear it ..its fantastic..pata nahi kab whole song lyrics ke saath ayega…

    did u people like it????reply guys…SHARE UR VIEWS…waiting to read ur views as we people were waiting for it right????

  42. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    MUKTHA di..i cant delete ur account..dont know y ??its not deleted..i mean i opened it through lap..ur having laptop right??pls open ur account and see u can see the setting options and everything..i mean u can put dp..u can try it through laptop..okay..say me if u cant find it in lap too.then i l ask tu page to delete the account my first account was deleted by tu page only as i cant do it ..tu helped me..okay??

  43. Ananya

    Hi every ishqbaazian I’m new in this 👪 forum will u all become my friends. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
    I like nakkul mehta and Surbhi Jodi amazing……. But I love om how understanding he is…….. An ideal man……….. Rudra looks cute but how he can suspect on our anika but I love that om believes her and proves her innocent in front of that rude arrogant egoistic shivaay……….

  44. Ananya

    Who is this stupid mottu who always badmouth about this serial if you don’t like it then stop seeing this serial but don’t give your views if anyone don’t want to listen I just hate his comments and I can’t tolerate that stupid mottu …………..
    If I’m not wrong then you are that stupid mottu who always badmouth In bigg boss 9 also oh my god it means habitual of badmouthing you always give your views when no one needs I think you have no self respect you are just an impudent……… I have no words for u …………..
    And friends he is in habit……… Sadat so majboor hai………

    He also comment on my favourite naagin also…………….

  45. nivedha

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    LUNA I am posting ur reply here as it will be difficult for you to open older comment so the reply is
    I watched Shakti in beginning but now I left it because the story had an unbelievable twist as a girl knows if she is a girl but soumya don’t knows that she is not a girl I feel this idea of the writers just ridiculous I don’t even want to talk about their this ridiculous idea sorry but I was a student of biology in 2nd year so writers this idea seems to me more than ridiculous and illogical

    • Luna

      yeah ooshi, i agree though the message of show is good but there r many plotholes in it but i think soumya not knowing that she is kinnar is bcoz she never got any education but it raises another ques that how soumya already knew that what is kinner?? and i dont know why even the cvs of the show r saying soumya is transgender when she’s actually inters*x. they dont even know the diff btwn transgender and inters*x. its very much clear that writers of shakti have not done proper research before making the show.

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    Ideal Show Handles Quick Bondings And Affectional Zesty Fanfollowing Associating Massive
    Intimate Lovable Yeasty Miraculous Embarassing Marvellous Beautiful Extraordinary Refreshing Sweeties……..i miss you all…..

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  56. apeksha

    hey guys…surbhi jyotiki entry honevali hai…i wish ki anika & survi sisters ho….kyoki anikabhi anath hai na….& har time shiway use status ke bareme bolta hai- isse usebhi jawab mil jayega…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.