Ishqbaaz 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamini says your sister is going to become unmarried mum, I can’t get related to a characterless girl. Shivaye says not a word more, if you say anything, I will forget a woman is standing in front of me. She says Shivaye… He asks any doubt. She gets shocked. Some time before, everyone walk to Kamini. Anika says we all fooled you, you felt we can’t do anything in 20 mins, you forgot you are dealing with Shivaye, when its about his family, he changed 20 games/moves in 20mins. FB shows Anika saying where did Shivaye go, how to tell him what happened.

Shivaye calls him. She asks where are you, so much things spoiled here. He says I know everything, when you played oye oye song in sangeet, I understood something is wrong, Khanna told me that he heard Ranveer and Mahi’s conversation, I understood

Ranveer, Kamini and Mahi are involved in this plan. She says yes, I wanted to say this, they kidnapped Soumya and kept her in basement. He asks what. She says yes, we have to stop this marriage. He says don’t worry, I have a plan, Mahi’s news should not get in media, listen my plan carefully. FB ends. Anika says plan’ s first step was I will swap my place with Priyanka.

Mahi goes to room and says Shivaye turned the game, I told mum not to get greedy, she does not value me, how to get mum out of this matter. Shivaye hits on his head. Mahi falls down. Shivaye says enough of hide and seek, now game should be played coming fore. He leaves. Kamini asks what happened by this drama, if you are in Priyanka’s bridal dress, Priyanka is pregnant, she is going to become unwedded mum, you all can go out, you got the spice. Shivaye comes and asks what’s the hurry, real drama is still left. Kamini says your sister is going to become unmarried mum, you used my son, I can’t get related to a characterless girl. Shivaye says not a word more, if you say anything against my sister, I will forget a woman is standing in front of me. She thinks and says Shivaye… He asks any doubt. Kamini and Ranveer get shocked. Shivaye says you know you have two problems, you talk a lot, and you lie, the fact is my sister is not pregnant, she was never pregnant.

Anika smiles. Shivaye calls Priyanka. Shivaye and Rudra hold her. Shivaye says truth is Ranveer wanted to marry Priyanka for money, he played the game to make her helpless, when she went on camping with friends, he gave her drugs and lied to her that they got intimate, then he kept giving her drugs, she felt pregnancy symptoms, then he got fake medical report of pregnancy, she got convinced that she is pregnant and said yes for marriage being helpless, truth is she was never pregnancy. She cries. Rudra says don’t cry, its not your mistake, we will not leave him. Tej gets angry and pushes Ranveer away. He asks how dare you do this with my daughter, I will kill you. Shakti and Rudra stop him. Dadi says we did not know this. Kamini says you are risking other daughter’s life to save one daughter, Anika would know as she was dancing on that stage, we have Soumya in our clutches. Anika asks what, Soumya… Shivaye says Soumya… are you talking about this Soumya. Soumya comes. Kamini and Ranveer get shocked. Kamini recalls hiding Soumya in basement. She looks at Ranveer.

Rudra says Kamini ji, you would be thinking how Soumya came here, there is not a long story behind this, but a small FB. FB shows Anika saying Rudra….Soumya is in basement, Kamini, Ranveer and Mahi have kidnapped Soumya, go and get her fast. FB ends. Rudra says when you were preparing for 20mins marriage, I went and got Soumya. Dadi holds Soumya and asks are you fine. Soumya nods. Pinky says you are very mean Kamini ji. Rudra says I felt you are honest and responsible police officer, I was wrong, you misused your uniform to ruin an innocent girl’s respect, you should have shame. Shivaye says such people have no shame, I spoke to commissioner, he will take care of them, they don’t see difference between respect and insult, seeing your faces, I don’t think this affected you, you would be thinking, you got 200 crores diamonds, this is also your misunderstanding. Kamini gets shocked.

She asks how can this happen, I have sent those diamonds. Rudra says you think so, we caught the man. FB shows Rudra hitting the man and fainting him. Pinky gets the diamonds. Rudra drags the man. FB ends. Pinky shows diamonds and says last time I did not change the jewelry, I had fun to do it this time. Shivaye says you thought you will run away by ruining our respect and stealing money, you forgot, we are the Oberois.

Shakti says media got quiet suddenly, its big breaking news, won’t you cover, how this ACP and his mum tried to loot and cheat our family, unfortunately this could not happen, they got caught. He says Kamini, I did not think you will fall so low. Tej asks them to get out. Pinky asks them to get out, else they will get kicked out. Kamini and Ranveer get leaving. Shivaye says one min. He asks Prriyanka to go. Priyanka recalls Ranveer’s tortures. She says I was scared till now, of every situation, today I want to give you something before you leave. She gives him a tight slap. She says thanks for ending my fear forever. Kamini says how dare you and raises hand. Shivaye holds Kamini’s hands and comes between. He says you did many mistakes before, if you do one more, I won’t tolerate, if you raise hand on my sister again, or if you trouble her, none will be worse than me, get out of here.

Shivaye says your game is over, you could not do anything to us. Kamini says game does not end till I lose, get ready to die Shivaye. She shoots. Anika comes in front of Shivaye and gets shot. She falls in Shivaye’s arms.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Akriti

    wishing you all
    Happy Visu!
    Happy poila baisakh!
    Happy baisakh!
    Happy Bihu!
    Happy Tamil New year!
    Easter regards!

    To all the members of this beautiful IB family …..
    from me and my family…..

  2. hi guys
    to all my luvly IBzianssssssss, wishing all of you
    have a great wonderful celebration with your loved ones…with new resolution…new goals..and always think positively…

    Btw yesterday epi…. Shivaye SIngh Oberoi rocked&nailed the villains with his smart thinking..i just love to c his style when he speaks with that tadi…expression…each words strong words…i fall for that all the time..

    WOW bravo to our prinku…that slap was owsm left him speechless&shocked….pinky was great when she picked up the diamond&throw to the air..great scene
    anika looked beautiful as always…

    the oberois have together nailed it ….DIL BOLE FAMILYBAAZZZZZZ….

    well next will be anika get shot… our shivaye teary eyes our shivaye love confession..awwwwww waiting for this yaar……will be the best of all

    have a great celebration guys….

  3. @nivi dear, akrti dear, mujhe lagatha ki sirf mujhe ye frrling aa rahi thi ki episode was dragging but you guys were also agree good.

    Asthababy your analysis is always khidki tod. And darling is reserved for me Awwwwwwwww sooo sweet.

    @Uf dear , I also want sala jija emotional convo. And from your comments I feel that you are a big fan of rumya and missing ishkara pair very badly .AM I RIGHT.????

    @Surbhi dear, of course tumne mujhe hug kiya karna chahiye after all we are frnd na?????

    Oooopsssss Amayaa dear, soo you are the long lost sis of Astha baby. Good. Now I will call you baby’sis.??

    And wish you a very very vishu
    Tamil new year,
    In fact in our odisha today is also our new year.soo enjoy your day.???????

    1. Akriti

      yess @ arpu the episode was little bit dragging…..

    2. Arpu

      Not a big fan of RuMya.but missing badly IshKara.but I also like GauriKara.Mere liye all couple are equal.but GK and CVS not given all couple equal important.aaj RuMya ko dekho tho IshKara ka yaad aatha hai.aur mujhe acha nahi lag raha hai CVS RuMya ko ignore kartha hua dekh kar.i mean wo couple bhi tho amazing hai cute hai.infact all couple are superb.tho sabko apni talent dikhane ka chance milna chaahiye na.aur main RuMya ko important iss liye dhe rahi hu kyunki unko koi important nahi dhe raha hai.waise bhi ab unki story main wo cutness kam ho gayi hai.phir bhi main dekhna chaatha hu unka pyaar aur caring.i hope CVS aur GK ko ye YAADH rahe unki pass ek aur couple hai RuMya unko bhi importand dhena chaahiye aur unki fans bhi wait kar rahi hai.mere liye all couple are important main tho bass ye chaatha hu.sabko equal imp mile.ek half hour show main three couple ki story handle karna mushkil hoga.ab tho DBO start ho gaya na.aur uss main GauriKara ki saath RuMya ko bhi imp dhedho.jaise nandhini ki engagement aur plain hijack dramese unko importand diya tha.plain pe RuMya ka hug.kya scene tha wo??

      Shivay ka love confession ka news pakka hai kya.main tho bass ShivIka ki love confession caring romantic moment ka wait kar raha hu.main ShivIka se bass yahi chaatha hu.

      Main ek aur baath poocha tha sab se.jaise ShivIka ki life main daksh hai.GauriKara ki life main kaali thakur hai.waise RuMya ki life main aap kisko dekhna chaatha hai.
      I think daksh aur kaali thakur jaise vilan RuMya ki life pe nahi iss liye unki story pe dhum nahi.agar koi hai tho bathavo.agar koi vilan dekhna chaathe hai tho CVS ko bathadho.

      IB ki trp tho mujhe upset kiya.i mean ShivIka ki ithni acha romantic moment diya CVS ne phir sab SBS bandh karne ki wajah se hai.YRKKH ko dhekho wo logo ki set pe SBS jaatha hai kya kya twist aane wala hai ye sab ka report dhethe hai.thab fans wo sab tv pe dekh the hai.unko patha chal tha hai kaira ki romantic moment aane wala hai intersting twist aane wala hai.thab sab log show dekhne ko excite hotha hai.aur wo epi tv pe aatha hai tho dekh tha hai.aur IB main bhi ek week boring karthe hai thab fans bore hoke dekhna bandh kar tha hai.but next week acha moment milne wala hai ya nahi kisiko idea nahi hotha aur wo log wo week miss kartha hai.ab anika ko goli laga hai.ab aage kithni shivika moment milengi.koi idea nahi written spoiler pe tho barosa nahi kar saktha.sirf SBS tha jo pakka news dhe saktha hai wo bhi bandh kiya.okay SBS segment nahi tho promos wo bhi dhikha sakthe hai thab patha tho chale aage kya hone wala hai.

      Trp kam hone ka bahuth reason hai.
      1.SBS segment bandh kiya jiski karan koyi upcoming twist aane wala hai ya nahi jiska kuch patha nahi chaltha.
      2.CVS fans ko impress karna nahi balki accept karna aatha hai.saari lead character aur lead couple ko imp nahi dhe tha.ek week full boring dikha tha ki emotional ka koi khadhar request karke thak jaane ki baath request accept kartha hai. pe promos nahi aatha. upcoming twist aur track ki baare main koi clue nahi miltha uski kaaran


  4. @ amayaa
    You choose any one of them I can coz in 11both r very fast subjects if you really want to become doctor then go for bpc and engineering go for mpc it’s upto u dear but choose fastly as time is so less
    @akriti mpc means maths physics chemistry

    I want to share something today after exams I’m going for movie with friends first day first show I’m so excited but it’s Telugu movie for Tamil New year Telugu movie good combination ??

    1. Akriti

      shab dear. ..
      I am also going to take maths in 11
      because it’s my favourite subject….

      But waiting for the results …..
      just pray for me….

      1. For sure akriti Even u pray for me ?

  5. What a khidki tod episode today whole oberoi family nailed it.Rudra’s line “main bohot fast hun”??.Now on Monday abiggest turn on is coming in ishq baaz we r going to get our first ishq baaz the one and only shivaay!!!!! Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode

  6. Piyuu

    lax liji anila and all mallu friends Happy vishu

    1. Thank You Piyuu ??

  7. Piyuu

    riddhi shiv anu gayu chavi shab all tamil ishqies puthandu vazhthukal

  8. Piyuu

    superb episode..oberoi family nailed it. shivaay rocked today i like all the dialogue.prinku ne kamal kardiya kya thapad maara ranveer ko acp u deserve it.precap eagerly waiting for episode patha nai aaj episode dekh payenga koshish karenge.k bye ishqies .


    For the first time I have to say this that in problems family always unite.. and two things are always common-
    1. all drama of their family solve in marriage.
    2. In every marriage one or other family person is out.. like in shivaye anika- no dadi, rudra-soumya -no family, tia-dushyant – no jhanvi, now priyanka-ranveer- no jhanvi and omkara..????????

  10. Sorry i could not comment for past four days was bit busy well coming to episode it was amazing what a marvellous & mindblowing acting by all the IB actors it was so good to watch the unity of family & protecting each other.
    Shivay’s dialogue ” KOI SHAK” was epic
    Guys Kinner said 10 days are difficult can anyone here tell me how many days are left out still.

  11. Kal ka episode ishqbaaz kam CID zyaada lagray it was awesome ?.nd same jst waiting for todays episode..hiii everyone hw
    r u all.hope everyone is doing well..

  12. I love u guys, prinku ‘s slap was awesome, when all were United I loved it really, wish good episodes and waiting for it

    1. Ranilya

      Anu u logged in with a different mail id??

  13. sach me yaar dhasu perfomance

  14. Shekhar


    wish you all


    1. i guess no tamil guys may be some silent readers any ways wish u the same shekar bhaiyaa

    2. Thk u 🙂

  15. Hiiiii puspa dear, yaa I am ageee with you.
    Hii firdose dear, hope you are fine.

    Are kuch bhi bolo saddi ho yaa na ho OM ki decoration ki tarif karni padegi. Pehe shitia saadi aab preeveer saadi inki decoration ki level hamesha upar raheti he ????

    Archu dear, once again your dp is darwaza tod. ?

    And i have a question how many frnd of me want that ranver will chng and will back with positive role and pair with prinku??

    1. hi arpi…i dun want ranveer b back at all……….as for mahi yesssssss….

    2. Arpu

      I want ranveer pair with prinku.priveer couple is also awesome.

      Aage koi vilan aayega oberois ki against plan karega phir oberois unko expose karega punch dialogue ki saath.agar yahi recycle karke chaltha rahega tho ye show ishqbaaz kam vilanbaaz,planing baaz, directive baaz, saazish baaz banega.ab prinku ki baath koi nahi bacha jiska shaadi ka drama dhikaye I hope kuch intersting track laaye not any shaadi drama.

      ANIKA ki sis chutki gauri hai mujhe nahi lagtha.waise in logone tho proof kiya IB aur DBO ki set alag jo show pe boltha hai na first floor second floor agar aisa hotha tho ab thak chulbul aur anika mil gaya hotha.dadi bhi miltha chulbul se but no.aur prinku ki shaadi hai aur maa bhai shaadi pe nahi wah.DBO ki shooting bhi ye log IB ki set pe kar sakthe haina.aisa ho tho aniri scene miltha bina dupe ki o bro moment bhi.

      SHRENU PARIKH SIRF LEAD ROLE KARTHE HAI KYA.bass aise poocha tha koi karan nahi.

  16. Wow….Epi was superb, itz really nice to see oberoi family bonding but without Om couldn’t able to get that complete feel…
    And big whistle to Priyanka singh oberoi for that tight slap but really felt bad coz no more Priveer… Cvs spoiled good pair…

    And My Sweet TAMIL ISHQUIES….
    Wish you all very Happiee Tamil New Year…
    Good Fortune, gud health and a wonderful life.These are wished for you this tamil new year…PUTHANDU VAZHTHUKAZH..


  18. Maahi dii… Congratulations for the first comment.. And astha dii you are awesome and your analysis is awesome… And astha long lost sister… Amayaa aise ant shant mat Kahana… And UF I also want a rumya scenes… And happy new year.. Happy basakhi.. Happy Easter to all ishqies….

  19. Ranilya

    Hi everybody…
    This episode is dedicated to OF
    (Why can’t they just wind up DBO n get On n Jhanvi back to IB? Why why Why?? )
    Shivay’s entry was awesome….and his dialogue delivery ?
    “Koi shak?! ”
    Kameeni was clean bowled !!
    But have say .. . As Shivay said they don’t know the difference betn respect n insult (izzat aur bezzathi ki farak hi nahi pata) how much she spoke about izzat to prinku but when her turn came… she showed no shame! In fact even Ranveer!!
    I expected Ranveer to to show guilt but no he dint…instead he was burning with anger…oh..Will miss priveer…really wanted them to b together.
    Cvs have spoiled stories for all pairs except shivika…
    It was a major disappointment to NOT see rumya ….i mean rudy saved soumya…and that’s It!! It was so short…. ok it was a fb but I sure want some better rumya scenes….
    Well deserved slap for Ranveer…
    I’m sure kameeni n Ranveer will b back for revenge…
    But Shivay is still Stupid Singh Oberoi! He still hasn’t figured out how Mahi ranveer n kameeni r related … Anika toò don’t bother to find out!!
    By now he could have easily collected information about kameeni n co.
    He has private investigators at his finger tips!
    The same precap again….i have a feeling the precap will drag to next week… Will have to wait till Monday to see Shivay devastated…..long wait….torture…

    1. Ranilya

      Archu Lax n Liji
      Yesterday I have replied to your comments/questions hope you have seen them.

      Liji n Archu how r your cute dolls? My love to them???

    2. Ranilya

      Happy New year/vishu/Easter to all

  20. Hii Arpitha i am fine dear I agree with u there decorations is always amazing

    I think Priveer will be a good pair but after what he did for her she will not accept him if he change also I know he wanted to take revenge for his sister but defaming a girl is not good that too being an ACP where they will take oath to protect the people

  21. Chavi

    Hi ishquies..
    Thanku all dears..for d wishes
    Amayaa sorry yaar wish u happy new year ..?

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