Ishqbaaz 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rudra humiliates Bhavya

Ishqbaaz 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shukla runs and someone catches him. Shukla comes running and falls down. Shivaye walks in and gets shocked. Some time before, Anika says till Shivaye comes, I have to continue this event. She talks to everyone. She says we have a famous singer Maya here, I will request you all to welcome here. Maya sings Muskaan jhuti hai…… and dances around. Tej and Shakti look around. Anika thinks they all are finding that man. Pinky sees Shukla and stops him. Shukla fools her and runs. Jhanvi says he fooled you and you didn’t know. They go to catch him.

Abhay says its good if they fight, my work will be easy. Shukla sees Abhay and recalls him taking the tapes from him. He says its him, I should tell Tej. Anika sees Shukla and recalls seeing him. She collides with Tanya. She says I m in hurry.

Tanya says you spoiled my saree, you are jealous as Shivaye came to me. Anika says let me go. Tanya throws her phone and says I didn’t do this intentionally. Anika checks phone and says its broken, how will I call Shivaye. Anika looks for Shukla. Someone pulls Shukla. Anika sees Tej on call. She follows. They all come back in living room. Shukla says let me go, I won’t tell anyone. Someone hits his head to the pillar. Anika says where did he go. Tej goes to address everyone. He thanks them for coming and contributing, this event is organized for those people who are suffering for that tragedy. Shukla calls him out. He comes running to them in injured state and signs behind. He falls………..They all get shocked.

Shivaye comes home. He walks in. They all look on. Shivaye sees Shukla and gets shocked. He asks what the hell is this……. Gauri gives tea to her mum. Some men come in and take the things. Gauri asks what are you doing, stop. The man says you didn’t pay rent since many months. Gauri says I will pay, give some days time. The ma says you have troubled us. Her mum says this girl’s marriage is happening from our house, wait for some days. The man refuses. Om comes and asks the man to stop. He says you want the rent, why are you create problem. The man says I didn’t get rent, you pay it. Gauri says talk to me, I will repay. The man says enough now, its all new excuses. Gauri asks where will I take my ill mum. Om says don’t fold hands in front of him, pray to Lord, Lord gives everything. The man asks who are you. Om asks him to take money and go. Gauri asks why are you giving money. Om says I m her new tenant. Gauri asks what. Om says let me talk, count money and take money, I m Sardar, if I get angry then…. fight with Sardar is never good. The man says we got money, pay rent on time now. Om asks him who will keep things back. The man asks the other men to keep things.

Shivaye comes to Anika. He says I told you to keep an eye on that man. She says I did so. He says if you knew, you would know who did that with Shukla. She says Tanya came and argued. He says she did her work, you should have done your work, you wanted to get involved, I should have handled this. She tells what happened. He asks how many excuses will you give, accept if you did mistake. She says you also did mistake, you got Tanya home, how are you bearing her. He asks how are you getting her in between. She says you got her between. He says you know she means nothing to me. She says tell her to stay away. He says so you are jealous. She asks shouldn’t I be jealous if she roams like your wife. He says you are going on other tangent, my plan failed, its my mistake, I should have done this myself. He throws his phone angrily. She too does the same. They see each other. She says if you can break phone, I can also do this, do you think you can prove truth by shouting. He says you are giving me lecture than accepting mistake. He walks off.

Dadi comes to Anika. Anika says it was my mistake but he scolded me. Dadi says fights shouldn’t become a habit, as person tells the things which he shouldn’t, such things leave a mark on heart, man can’t understand many things, it becomes woman’s responsibility to manage relations. Anika asks her not to worry, she won’t let the cheap fights affect their marriage.

Gauri asks who are you, I don’t know you, why did you help. Om says Lord help you, I m just a medium, I gave money to them when they asked you. She asks what. He says I will explain, I m your tenant, you are their tenant, I gave money to them directly, leave all this. He says I have to set a sweet shop, I was finding a house and came here. Gauri says I will return money till tomorrow. Om says let me stay here. She asks why, you can stay in hotel. He says I can’t have food there,, I want mum’s handmade food. Gauri’s mum asks her to let him stay. Gauri says its Richa’s marriage, how will we…. Om says Richa’s marriage will have sweets from my side. Richa asks Gauri to agree, maybe Lord has sent him to help. Gauri agrees.

Rudra talks to some people. He introduces his personal bodyguard, Bhavya, fashion world is such, he hired a rough, tough and mature girl to get a reality check. Bhavya thinks to concentrate just on duty. She says I don’t drink. Rudra asks how did you think I will offer you wine, this is the problem with small people. He drops the glass and says clean it up. Bhavya gets hurt while picking glass. He gets worried and stops. He recalls Bhavya slapping him. She cries and sees him. He smiles.

Om gets a room. Gauri says you can stay here, or sleep on sofa, or go hotel. Om says I m fine. She asks him to fill water to have bath, water comes twice, for two hours. Om asks for two hours. She says so I m telling you to go hotel. He says its fine, own house is different. She asks own house? He says I mean yours, don’t take tension, I m comfortable, what are you seeing. She says I felt like…. He asks did you remember someone. She says no. He thinks maybe you don’t want to miss me, very soon I will apologize to you. He dances.

Rudra talks of the deal. The man gives sweets box. Rudra says you are giving me bribe, its fine, everyone takes bribe. Bhavya recalls how she got trapped. She says bribe is illegal. Rudra says she was ACP before, she was suspended, even then she has attitude. He asks her to mind her language, look down. She says my eyes will never bend in front of everyone. He says you are talking to your boss. She scolds him. She says I can’t compromise with my ethics, I kick your job, I quit. She goes. Rudra smiles and goes after her.

Om says I have to stay here for some days, don’t know how they stay. He hears Gauri’s mum. Gauri’s mum asks her to give food to Dilpreet. Gauri says don’t know he will like simple food. Om welcomes Gauri. She gets food. He says I was waiting for food, I m hungry. She asks him to order food if he wants. He says I m ready to pay extra for this food, it fills soul, mind, heart along with stomach. He eats food. She thanks him. He says sorry. She says I said thanks as you saved me from goons, why did you say sorry. He thinks there are many reasons. He says you got food for me, I didn’t ask you to sit so sorry. She asks him to have it and goes. He sings dulhan hum le jayenge. He eats food.

Rudra stops Bhavya. He asks where are you going, without my permission. She asks did you not hear what I said, I quit. He says you got memory loss, you forgot you signed a contract. She asks will you force me to work. He says you will work by your wish. She says in your dreams. He says maybe you didn’t read it well, you can’t leave my company before 3 months, else you have to deposit 30 lakhs, as far as I remember, your salary is just 35000, there is just one option, work for me, follow my orders, stay as my slave, leave this attitude at home. She says its not written in this contract, you have to deal with m attitude.

Om ties the pagdi. A pot falls. Gauri goes to see. He quickly ties pagdi. She doesn’t come to his room. He shuts door and makes pagdi proper. He comes out and sees Gauri stitching clothes. She gets hurt by the needle. He gets worried. Saathiya…..plays….. He gets a call. He answers call. Shivaye asks could you not call after reaching, you forgot us after going Sasural. Om says I was going to call. Shivaye asks did you meet Gauri. Om says yes, but she didn’t meet me. Shivaye asks is everything fine, did she say anything. Om says she just tolerates everything silently, I m seeing real self esteem now. Shivaye says I can understand, even I misunderstood Anika before, you won half battle now, you have to win Gauri’s heart. Om says I have to give her much happiness, I have just given her tears, I want to fill happiness in her life, did you find about Kalyani mills. Shivaye says not yet, I will find soon. Om asks him to take care and ends call.

Gauri and her mum talks to the guy’s mum, who shows much tantrums. The lady says we will come for Roka tomorrow, I want you to take care of my relatives well, we have no greed, but we want relatives to get shagun, give one saree and jewelry to women, give one suit piece and envelop for men, keep laddoo box, anyone can say I did son’s engagement in beggar’s house. Om looks on. Gauri says don’t worry, we will do as you say. Richa gets sad. Om thinks why did Gauri agree to fulfill demands, how will she do this.

Shivaye says I have to find whom Shukla has spoken last. Tej says Shukla did wrong by not destroying tapes, we have to go Goa to end this problem forever. Shivaye hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VHM

    Today’s episode was OK…i loved Rikara, Om in particular, his confidence…
    the talk between Shivaay and Om was spelndid…
    Rudy as Rudra Singh Oberoi is slaying his silent arrogance role..
    Felt Sad for Bhavya though…she gave him a good reply..come on Bhavya go…
    All in all OKAY episode…

    More than talking about the episode i wanted to put up something else today that i need to change before anyone else :


    Rather than me ranting on the lost charm of IB or not liking IB anymore…
    I think i should just take it as a pure fiction…
    The problem cropping with people like me is we have owned those characters so much
    that , i / we have been imagining them to be real despite knowing the truth that they
    don’t exist for reality..
    Not to blame CV’s for this but have to blame my/our addiction for IB…
    I/we must understand the fact that:
    I/we watch the serial for the actors performances, for the story line, definitely not for social message……
    If i/we have to watch it for a social message then definitely IB shouldn’t be my/our cup of tea…
    I/we better switch to Satyamev Jayte or Crime patrol…
    Every serial shows hypothetical situation IB is no different…logics are not
    important for serials because they blame it on circumstances created by them as scenes…
    What matters is just a time pass for an hour watching the impeccable performances
    of actors, leaving all the stress of the day for a while…

    And if someone comes to me to ask, people who watch the serials or in that case
    movies and get influenced then my answer would be a question to them

    People do watch some good serials / movies with social message are they implementing
    what they are watching? if they are not doing so how come they blame other serials
    which does show some or oodles of negativity…

    Getting influenced or not influenced depends on our thinking not what we are watching
    atleast in entertainement industry be it cinema or Serials ….

    Moral of the story is watch the serial for entertainment keeping aside
    logics and trying to see social message….

    End of the day I LOVE TO WATCH ISHQBAAZ and if i don’t like to watch a particular episode / episodes for whatever reason,i will skip
    , but for sure i am not gonna pray for it to go off air or bash the people behind who are working so hard to entertain us !!!

    Because by bashing them you again are giving a WRONG social message that BASHING IS GOOD ”wink wink”

    1. Nikita_jai29

      Ghg… Nice thought.. Agree with you…

      1. VHM

        Thanks Nikki…

    2. Aniru

      Go Harika Go.. Disclaimer is good.

      1. VHM

        lol…Aniru…thanks …

    3. Fatmi

      Ya u said right… Agree wid ur all points ?? we watch shows just for our entertainment and to see our fav actors on screen… . But donno why people said that they should stop watching ib and keep bashing… Ya it’s true that sometimes shows don’t go according to what we want to see… bt it doesn’t make sense to bash them… Though ib never served any bakwas story line like some shows…

      Lots of luv for #Ishqbaaz ??????????????? and for #ishqbazians also ??????

      Thanx VHM for ur lovely comment… Al the actors of IB are awesome in acting and there is no doubt…. So we should always support them for their hardwork…

      And I request the viewrs of India those who watch IB plz watch on TV… Bcoz star plus pulling plug from all the low trps shows and i think we ishqbazians don’t want that our fav show goes off air for this f**ing reason…

      1. VHM

        Hey Fatmi…thank you for your support…i really don’t care about TRP’s and don’t understand why the channels run behind them …uff …crazy competition

    4. Aayushi_kul

      I totally agree wid u harika di.. Its totally fictionl n we shld appreciate the hard work of the team

    5. Banita

      U Amazingly explained?????
      Agree with u… Nothing to say about it more….

      Dil bole Ishqbaaz…..

    6. Zaveesha

      Totally agree with ur points di… criticism is good but bashing is worst…

    7. Krish6868


      This is only my opinion. If I hurt you please forgive me!
      1 Agree IB is a fictional show.
      2That is how FAN CLUBS are formed.
      3.Addiction to IB- yes,when it comes to IB I feel like a water-snake which has swallowed
      a frog and is stuck in the throat.It can neither spit the frog out nor swallow it! Facing the
      same miserable situation!
      About the CVS – Now that they are sure of their audience ,they assume I will accept any
      thing they conjure up. This show is a money making machine for them. The AD agencies
      pay about Rs.50,000/20 seconds of ads during the peak time. If the trp is high the makers
      get a bigger chunk of the channel gets only 10% of the ad .money. When I’m
      contributing to their trp why should I put up with their hypothetical plots?
      I watch IB for the talented cast.Lived through the torment Anika underwent ,but couldn’t
      bear the same with GAURI. So never watched DBO. But with the merger, forced to watch
      the torture of GAURI and now Bhavya. The way GK demeans her women is not
      entertainment, it is sadism! And as a woman it is not just time-pass for me to see history
      repeating itself again and again.Do you think the emotional torture of the ObroBahus as
      a social cause? Atleast they should be given respect,but no,they have to earn it the most
      cruel ways possible.
      Always appreciated the actors commendable performances. Made the family vote for the
      SPA awards many many times.Now furiously voting for ITA 2017 awards!

      Moral of the story is when you are spending your time watching IB,you can always
      demand superior quality from the CVS and don’t let them take you for granted!

      If IB is to go off air it will only due to the CVS folly and definitely neither due to the loyal
      audience nor the IB cast.

      1. VHM

        Hey Krish,

        You and me have given same solution…That is i don’t like an episode i just don’t watch it…in this way i am not contributing for what i am not liking…as simple as that…also, the disclaimer says that it is fictional, so their view of fiction is this way may be…i have very clearly said this show doesn’t even 1% give social message and to the truth any decent family leave alone rich, will not behave with the ladies in this way….in a similar way no mom would react to his son’s way as Pinky did…kidnapping own son, saying a lie his son is illegitimate…to the core it is crap…but i still see it leaving all logics…i see it as entertaining laugh of to the given up logics and end my day…

        Difference in opinion do exist and end of the day , we end up watching this show…And as you say if IB goes off or other day it has to go off…so i am even prepared for that…

        My point was very simple…if I don’t like i will skip but i will atleast not wish that because i am not liking so this must end….that’s not fair…this show is livelihood for many behind the scenes too…why will i wish so

      2. Shekhar

        Oh my god!
        It seems if incidentally, you happens to meet GK with a GUN, definitely you will shoot him!

        I would have been thinking, I am most annoyed with CVS, but shockingly I am down to you in annoyance level! ?? ????

      3. Shekhar

        Oh my god!
        It seems if incidentally, you happens to meet GK with a GUN, definitely you will shoot him!

        I would have been thinking, I am most annoyed with CVS, but shockingly I am down to you in annoyance level! ?? ????

    8. Riana

      Awesome thought Dear…
      Totally agree with you ???

      1. VHM

        Thank you so much Riana

    9. Piyuu

      i totally agree with u harika

      1. VHM

        Awee ..thank you Piyuu

    10. Krish6868

      When you said about the people working so hard to entertain us, thought you meant
      only the actors.totally forgot about the behind the scenes helpers!
      God forbid that IB goes off air ,at least not in the near future!
      But it is in the CVS hands whether to destroy the show or to bring back a semblance
      of its past glory!
      Look at the plight of IPKKND3. It started off so well and continued to maintain the
      original intriguing plot line for 6 wks.Then due to the pressure of trps,it lost its
      charm . Thought it would be a story like “THEN THERE WERE NONE” by Agatha Christie.
      But I was rudely reminded that even Barun had to die, for it to become Then There were
      None.! The CVS could have saved the show!
      The CVS should not take our loyalty complacently.That’s why we are regularly bashing
      Good Day VHM!

  2. Nila

    Hai pkj family

    Missed today’s episode due to lots of work ???

    Just now watching the episode???

    Shivaay in black awwww?????

    Missing free hair OM?
    gauri looking cute today nai costume haina ?

    All r went to sleep I am watching IB in mute mood?? y babies r fighting?
    Good n8???

  3. Awesome episode… Except for Ruvya I loved the entire episode… Rikara❤

  4. Pushpa

    Shivaye kae entry wah kya style …
    2day show nailed by anika by throwing phone just like shivaye superb..
    No tracks ist cvs…u hv to get shivika fight which i think its kind of out of place,..thy r working 2gether to get the truth…thn wht happen???? And u guys felt lyk not showing wt happened to ShivIka aftr d fight !!!
    But i must say shivaye u cannot get angry wt anika…tht 2rps cheapde tanya and other obrois interrupt her all de way yaar….u please apologize to her cause u raised yr voice2day ws not right..ok..

    Wht de hell..? Its memorial event tha and v hv Tht hot red dress s*xy wala dance…why? Is this necessary? So,there u go shukla is dead …abhay wht r u doing??? I just hope shivaye will find out soon its abhay bhd all these incidents…

    So 2day so much of rikara scns…well gauri still cant recognise om her husband his eyes his voice his face just bcause of turban!!!! ….i dun get it…but om ws doing a super wonderful great job….

    Rudra i know she hv hurt u so much but i think there is a limit 4evrything..u cant treat 2her worst …no mercy to bhavya but pls handle it smzrtly..

    Precap…another truth cm out frm senior oberois…its agn shivaye in his jamesbond shoe…
    Gd nite gals…

  5. Nikita_jai29

    .. Goa is onn.. Waiting for the goa trip.. Shooting is also going for this… Excited…

  6. The typical attitude of the Oberois will not change in any birth! I can’t stand the fact that they blame their wife for every damn thing. If they want they will make them partner in crime for their convenience but not in good aspects. What does Shivaay think of himself, a supreme being who can do anything without doing any mistakes? It is not easy to do the expected job when you are surrounded by a ton of people who are against you and that without any help. Shivaay is an all rounder and expects everyone to be like him. How intolerable! He has no patience at all to understand someone’s viewpoint and situation. He is desperate to know the truth but has no stability to make up to it. Everyone calls him emotionally challenged but I think he is rationally challenged! He loses all temper when it concerns his family. He can’t tolerate a single mistake of Anika no matter what happens. There is a limit for everything. Such obsession for family and family matters will cost him heavily in the long run and the sufferer will be none but Shivaay himself…

  7. Misha_Mikul

    TRP .. 1.5??
    Why?Why?Why? ?????

    Today’s Episode was okay only!!??
    ShivIka moment!! I was shocked!! ??
    All were going well why suddenly this fight?? ??
    Okay I can understand Shivaay was frustrated because he can’t do anything to unfold the raaz!!?
    I love the way Annika didn’t get down and equally showed tadi!!??
    She must have shown the same tadi to that Tanya..I just couldn’t control my anger when Tanya behaved so rude with Annika!!??
    If I was there, it would be Tanya’s last day!! She exasperated me !!?????

    Who’s that guy staying at Gauri’s house yaar?? I haven’t seen him before this..??
    He is Omkara… Nop he isn’t!! Omkara has long hair yaar!! ??
    Damn it!! only one different!! if he tied his hair and talked like sartha ji, he became a New person!!??
    Woww…… CVs think fans are fools!!????
    Gauri couldn’t identify him, that’s what irritating me!!??
    Om ji, stop acting ji, I can’t control my laugh ji, try any other logic way ji!!

    Precap -Oberois to go Goa… I read spoilers!! Comedy track is gonna ahead in Goa!!??
    Let’s see!!?

    Nitezz Dearss.. Tc all??

    1. Aniru

      Hi Misha.. Even I was so pissed off with Tanya. the situation is such that Anika could not do anything. It would have been bad for Oberoi family if media notice her fight with Tanya.
      I am sure, my tigress will not leave Luchi Tuchi Tanya… CVs, meri confidence ka gangaram mat ki jiye.

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Aniru.. I agree with you dear..Thanks for calming down??
        but will nvr forgive that Tuchi Luchi Tanya buffalo??

  8. Hi all, today’ episode had Omkara and Gauri more and that was nice to see. However I would have wished they had also more scenes of Shivika. I don’t mind Rudra’s part but please change Bhavya. I am not prepared to see her with Rudra. I just wish they would change her to another actress as I don’t think Sowmya will return. First fight of Shivika after their marriage. Actually in this regard I would say Anika was also at fault a little. When Tanya came and interrupted, Anika should have shown her Tadi attitude instead of speaking to her politely. Tanya is already so rude to her so she should just push Tanya aside and left instead of entertaining her. Tanya is filmsy looking and she would just chicken out but Anika is the string character woman. I can understand why Shivaay was angry as he went through a lot of trouble to set this memorial up and she could not handle it for him. Anika could have enlisted Kanna’s help to keep an eye on this Shukula instead of trying ti handle everything on her own. Let us see how the couple make up their fights.

    Om and Gauri part was so sweet. Om started realizing about Gauri’s goodness.

    1. Aniru

      I have a small difference of opinion. Anika is not Shiyaay’s wife in front of media. If she mess with Tanya in the function which is organized by Shivaay, it would be problem for Shivaay’s business and credibility.

  9. I agree with you Harika di.But some people and their individual taste are different to understand. They mistake fiction for reality. The real emotion of real life is not applicable for some imaginary incident. Fictions are the reflection of real life but in an exaggerated way.We need to balance between the two…

  10. Guys this question is for discussion.When do think actually shivika fell in love with each other?

  11. Aniru

    Shivika Nok Jhok which I want to see. Angry birds mode suits them. Typical Hubby Wifey fight. I liked Shivaay’s surprised look when Anika threw her phone. Today Shivaay reminded me about how my husband scold me for small mistakes. But for my bigger raithas, he supported me.

    Today Anika spoke her mind. SSO has taken Tanya’s side. Tanya was doing her work. SSO, do not compare any other girl with your wife’s ability. She has stood with you in all your fight. And Asking are you Jealous?? really?? and she should suffer all the rants your so called biwis and gfs do to her. I was like have some empathy on that girl.

    Dadi always advise Anika to be good wife. Please keep some for your bahus, sons and grandchildren also. Relationship is partners combined responsibility. Not one’s

    Abhay is so cruel that he is ready to harm that man. Tanya is getting on my nerves.

    Even though I was missing OM, he is funny as Dilpreet. Is this going to be Arshi story. Arnav stayed in Khushi’s house and her friend’s marriage function in Khushi’s house. Lets see how CVs bring the story.

    RSO became SSO. Hurting his lady and seeing that he is getting more hurt. SSO x SSO. OMM

    Sr. Oberois running after a Taklu. It was fun to watch. Even if the situation is serious.

    & the dance in memorial. No comments..

    Ladkiyon mein Khuddari to bahut hai. Like Anika has to pay millions to Oberois, Now Gauri and Bhavya also indebted to Oberois…


  12. Another thing,such song sequence for memorial?First this then Shivika fight.The OMM of my mood.I can’t see Shivika fighting with each other.Plz cvs,do something…

  13. Apart frm this bhavya everything was so nice in the show especially rikara scenes ???? hopefully they will show more of their scenes further. Luv them

  14. Banita

    Good epi….
    Phone phekao day…. Ek din me 3 phone tod dia…..
    Anika miss becz of that Tanya?????
    Only becz of that Tanya Shivika fight with each other…. and bichare do phone sahid ho gaye…..
    Shivaay ki entry ????

    I like this Om paaji… So cool…. and Truth…. Ready to make correct his all mistake….

    Shivom convo,
    Shivaay told truth , he suffered from this stage now on suffering from it… Next is Rudra Singh Oberoi’s turn…. All r suffered becz of their own dids……

    Rudra Singh Oberoi, Like Rudy’s this look , but not this shed…. He just following his Brother’s foot step…
    Bhavya , I don’t like her as Rudy’s opposite , but like her Attitude just like two O bonus….

    Precap- Mystery…. Mystery…. Mystery….
    Senior Oberois try to hide their ugly dids which is done before 25 years back…. and Shivaay Singh Oberoi try to bring out all d mystery….

    Hope CVS will unfold this mystery soon…. and don’t make our pappu again….

  15. I just loved today’s episode since after long time (after DBO)more RIKARA???scenes were there.
    Love you alot RIKARA ???
    Finally something has started between my fav couple i just hope this love story will progress further.
    Om were looking so cute and gauri as usual just gorgeous but how gauri still couldn’t recognised om ??
    His eyes shows so much of emotions and intensity i just can’t handle it ????
    Aadha kaam toh uski aankhe hi kar deti hai

    One question- if richa is gauri’s friend why gauri and her mother are taking financial responsibility of her marriage and also they are not rich i mean they don’t have enough money to pay their rent.

    But anyways i love RIKARA and very much happy for them

  16. Dear Friends
    Ishqbaaz Team Goa Jaa Rahi Haina.Pehle Main Dekha Insta Pe Wo Log Goa Scenes Juhu Beach Pe Shoot Kartha Rahi Hai.Mathlab FAKE GOA.After I See Wo Log Goa Jaa Rahi Hai Confirm Hua.Ek Aur Baath Ye Hai Ki Star Plus Another Show ‘NAAMKARAN’ Ka Shooting Bhi Ab Goa Main Hai.Main Ek Video Dekha Jiss Main Zain Imam (NaamkaranIPKKND male lead) Beach Side Pe Walk Kar Raha Tha.Patha Nahi NK Team Original Goa Main Hai Ya IB Team Original IB Jaa Rahi Hai.Kisi Ko Patha Chala Na Ki Agar IB Team Original Goa Jaa Rahi Hai Tho Tell.Anyways Agar Two Show Ka Shooting Ek Jagah Ho Rahi Hai Tho Wo Log Milegi Patha Nahi.Acha Hoga Hamara IB Team ORIGINAL GOA Jaaye Nahi Tho Unki Izath Ka Tie Tie Phis Hoga.IB And NK Same Set Pe Shoot Nahi Hogan Tho Okay.

    So Please Confirm Friends Over IB Team ORIGINAL GOA Jaa Rahi Hai.Mujhe Lagtha Hai NK Team Original Goa Pe Hai.Agar Aise Main IB Fake Goa Gayi Tho

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Sorry Naamkaran Ka Saath IPKKND Galithi Se Add Hua.

  17. Just waiting patiently for the FB where they show the reason for Shivika fight. I am sure it was staged by Shivika for some or the other reason.

  18. I just have a question sso announced his wedding with anika and proposed her in front of media and 15 days later he announced Tanya to be his wife how come no one in the media questioned about his recent marriage with anika

    1. Yes and he even said before the media that Anika is still his wife as they did not get divorced. I was wondering the same. The same with the memorial function. Nobody questioned Anika’s relation with Oberois when she talked to press.

    2. Krish6868

      please read VHM’s comments.I feel you will get all your answers!

      1. Thanks I read it and I got my answers

    3. Shekhar

      I just called GK, and telling, I AM NOT BOUND TO GIVE ANSWER TO ANY LOGICAL QUESTION!, and CUT the call! ):

    4. Aniru

      Hi 1234, It seems media also knows that SSO can make them pappu. He announced his wedding with Tia in media, he introduced Tia as wife in front of media. Then later he said, it was a business reason. Later he said that actually married to Anika. Again in front of media he announced that he do not have any relationship with her. Then he said that they were never got divorce and announced Annika as Fiancé. Now he announced Tanya as his wife. He has taken full round. Now we can wait for him to announce that the that was for business reason.

      1. Quite true

  19. Can anyone please answer me

  20. Shekhar

    It becomes now useless to bashing CVS, because bashing does work only when there remain 1 % chances of any rectification in CVS, but till now it seems they are now at below datum .

    It is not that, particularly me, failing in getting romantic scenes and was bashing, but what I found is how much they were expert in romantic story line, are equally dumb in construing the stunt and secret scenes, and more dumb in revealation of secrets. They are wishing, do not look at KANKAR, but WHEAT in us, It is right so far as for those who are seeking the reason to be continue with crap is concern and how much the patience they have in doing so. CVS has been become the victim of being straddled both legs in dual situation of TRP and GOOD STORY, and looking at their financial math, they might have been forced to serve crap plots.

    It is very sad that CVS sacrificed their talent at mid of CRAPS STORY LINE for the sake of to be on the better side of puzzle based on financial math and in doing so, they just could not maintain equilibrium between their COMMITTED and NEW VIEWERS and now facing great problem at TRP FRONT.

    OM and RUDRA story just can not work at large at their this talent level, on the contrary they are becoming the reason of declined TRP. So far as the talent is concern, all the talent from characters is being sucked out slowly and steadily, and disappointingly IB is losing more and more viewers in the process without being in the knowledge of CVS.

    1. Krish6868

      SHEKHAR, Good Afternoon!
      Last week’s trp is 1.5. IB has slid from the 17th position to 20th this wk, although
      the viewership increased marginally.
      The track was quite interesting with the Kalyani Mills fire mystery.
      Many did not like SSO returning with Tanya as his wife.
      The CVS should improve the editing too. The flow of scenes was very clumsy.
      My family teases me for watching IB.They say it has an IMDb rating of 5.3/10
      and is just an average show.One should watch shows with an IMDb rating of
      8/10 or more,that’s what the great intellectuals say!

      SHEKHAR,the CVS should wake up from their lethargy! Missing those choice
      dialogues which were so common till before the separation drama. I would
      ruminate on those choice phrases enjoying their depth and sweetness
      Nowadays not getting even one quality dialogue in 5 episodes!
      The list of complaints seem un-ending! GOOD DAY SHEKHAR!

      1. Shekhar

        There is no meaning to suggest CVs to serve good and meaning full as they are now at point of no return!

  21. Hi friends today episode shivaay bhaiya comeback with bang on.kya entry maa ra tha bilkul sso version …..I am so happy ??????….. Shivika husband and wife wala fight was nice.I understand shivaay bhaiyya situation hum kisko beintahaa pyaar karte hai Na uspe hum saare gussa nikalthe hain aur huk bhi jatate hain …. Us luchi tuchi taniyaki wajase kitnakuch suna pada humare anika ko…go to hell taniya …..rikara scene was so nice but I missed longhair om….rikara fans keliye today episode treat episode maximum rikara and bhavya scenes …. The obros are completely changed for their betterhalves : 1) shivaay who not bend in front of anyone even God today he bent on his knees and proposed and completely changed his attitute for his wife anika…… 2) omkara :the one who hates lies and always supports truth .today he is ready to tell thousands of lies for his wife gouri …. 3) rudra : who is a fun guy and flirts with anygirls , freebird ,immature boy today he completely changed for bhavya …..pyaar sabkuch kar deta hai …… u ishqbaaz and love u shivik??????????????..rikara …..?????


  22. Will there be honeymoon of shivika in Goa track?

    1. I think Shivika honeymoon track is reserved for episode 1000. Lol

      1. Krish6868

        I think so too!

  23. Archiya

    i haven’t seen the episode, just read the WU.. this one line blew off my mind dadi says “it becomes woman’s responsibility to manage relations” seriously…
    what the hell is the man doing then.. bcoz of women like dadi the mentality never changes.. why the hell managing everything is a woman responsibility only.. women need to compromise.. dadi also say that shivay was wrong.. even he wld have been in anika place, even he wld have done the same, infact he wld have behaved still dumber.. why could she not stop her grandson an tell him that.. of course its the woman’s responsibility..
    SHivay always says that he will never allow tears to come in anika eyes.. unfortunately he is the sole reason for her tears always

    Am excited to see Rikara..reading the WU.. first time m gonna skip shivika n watch rikara

    1. Shekhar

      You are as lucky as I was till 10 AM today that we did not watch yest epi! Now a days, it seems to me, CVS consider the discussion going on here over their CRAPS as THE CRAP itself! Ok, let it be then what so ever they think !

    2. Krish6868

      Does Dadi know that SSO can recognise Anika as his wife? Or is this another
      drama of SHIVIKA?
      As for Dadi’s advice to ANIKA even I was pissed off!
      Cuddle Choti for me! Good bye!

  24. You have pointed out a very good reason Archiya di.The female folk of OM will continue to do the sacifice and bear the burnt.If something goes wrong, again the responsibility to correct it will be their part.The way Oberois treat their respective partners with some exception,is not at all commendable…

  25. Piyuu

    episode was ok…..
    luchi tuch tanya ki wajah se shivika ke beech jagada huyi…dhono apna phone thod diya.
    i like rikara scene.shiv om conversation was nice.
    precap mystery

  26. it is turning out to be a typical husband wife relationship and nothing extra ordinary. Just like Raman and Ishita of YHM. Makers please do not infuse fight scenes like this one today. The love part between Shivika should be of a different level and arguments like these will kill that feel and we will lose interest in watching them. Shivaay does not know the background and he just came and backfired Anika which was very wrong. She was doing her best per his instructions. Anika should have told Shivaay that Pinky aunty and others were keeping a close eye on everyone and did not allow anyone to come and see what they were doing in the closed room with that Shukla. Please elevate love and romance. Not misunderstanding and fights.

  27. Tuchi luchi Tania..

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