Ishqbaaz 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika starts leaving and cries. Priyanka and Dadi cry. O jaana…..plays……….. Anika leaves……. Some time before, Anika tells Shivaye that she will leave job herself, what will he fire her off the job. She turns to leave. Dadi comes in the way. Anika says no Dadi, you all are very nice, you gave me much love and respect, but whatever happened today, I m sorry I can’t stay here. She picks the phone (Shivaye’s) and leaves. O jaana……plays………..Priyanka cries and goes to her room. Dadi goes to Shivaye and says Billu, whatever you did today, you did very bad. She goes. Om says status/standard Shivaye, blood does not decide that, even thinking decides it, and today you made your standard fall…..

Soumya consoles Priyanka and says I know Anika went, but whats the use to cry. Priyanka

says Soumya, Anika did not do anything, it was not her mistake. Soumya says I know. Priyanka says Anika was saving me, I have to tell this to Shivaye. Soumya says he is annoyed, calm down, talk to him later. Priyanka cries.

Tia is with Shivaye and says you look so stressed, your neck muscles are so coiled, close your eyes and try to relax. She massages his neck and shoulders. He closes eyes and thinks of Anika. She says don’t be so tensed, you did right, I don’t know how could there be any mistress of old man Mr. Chabbra, but he got old now and he had mistress before, and anyways how did he think Priyanka will marry a mistress’ son, its ridiculous. He says exactly.
She says I hear Anika crossed all her limits today, she should mind her business, who is she to interfere in your family matter, its good you fired her, universe will not give her any other job. He gets angry. She says relax, whatever you did was good.

Sahil says its good you left that job, even animals remember favors, but SSO…. He forgot anything, Tadibaaz Bagad Billa, its good you can spend time with me at home, we will go to fly kites, we will have ice golas, I will not let you miss Shivaye. She says why will I miss, I m happy that I got leave, his kanji eyes used to stare at me all day, he used to know its me even without seeing me, he used to say in English, I can sense you, where did his sense go now, if I did anything wrong, would he not sense, how did he think that I can do anything like that, I was saying Priyanka that meeting like this is not fine, but I could not take Priyanka’s name, she would have got trapped, I lied and he agreed, he could not seen eye truth now, all his qualification is waste, I don’t want to talk about him, don’t take his name infront of me.

Shivaye says Tia, don’t take that girl’s name infront of me. She says sorry, I was trying to relax you. He says its not needed, I m okay. Dadi says when children do mistake, its elder’s duty to rectify it, Shivaye fired Anika, I will get Anika back. Jhanvi says you are saying right, I also feel wrong happened with Anika, we should get her back. Tej comes and says no one will go anywhere, Shivaye took right decision and no one will change it.

Bua asks Anika what will we eat if you don’t do job. Anika says I will not go to that house. Bua asks will Ram ji earn and get, I mean what about Sahil. Anika says I know you are worried for yourself, not Sahil, don’t be scared, I will do earn, there is not just one job in the world, I will find any job, but I won’t go there. Dadi says you did not grow up that you command your mum, Anika did a lot for this house and you are saying Billu did right by firing her. Tej says I agree that she helped us, but she should not interfere in our personal matters, afterall she is an outsider and should not talk in our family matters. Bua says who else will say, they are rich people, go to them and apologize to them. Om comes there. Bua greets him and says I was explaining her not to leave job. Anika asks Bua to go inside. Bua asks tea, coffee, I will get cold drink. Anika says Bua please go. Bua goes. Om says Anika, whatever happened, I m…. Anika says no need to say, its good you came here, wait…

Tej says Anika deserves this, Shivaye clearly told her that Dev and Priyanka should not meet, still she took Dev to Priyanka’s room, Dev wants to become Oberoi’s son in law, he is Chabbra’s illegitimate child. Shakti says but he is Mr. Chabbra’s son, he has his blood and they have father and son relation. Tej says no, relation is illegitimate, its enough now, I want to discuss this again, this relation won’t join again, and Anika won’t come back in this house, this is final. Priyanka hears this and cries.

Anika gets some documents and says I had some items of Oberoi mansion, please will you take it. Om asks don’t you have anything of Oberoi mansion now. She says no Om, nothing, please…. He says thank you for everything and leaves.

He recalls Shivaye’s words and cries. She sits in darkness. O jaana….plays……… Shivaye thinks of Anika and is upset. They both think of each other and are equally sad.

Om comes to Shivaye. He says what you did with Anika today. Shivaye says Om, I don’t want to talk. Om says you have to talk, today I won’t tell you that relation is made by people, but their surname, I won’t tell you that big family, richness, poverty are just labels, we all are equal, I won’t say all this, I know you will not understand this, I will talk to you in the language you understand, you are a big businessman right, whats business’ biggest principle, that the asset which is most useful, its not made away, and Anika was biggest asset for you and this family, and she proved this again and again by saving you and family, and what did you do, you insulted her and fired her from job, because of a small mistake, I know you don’t understand humanity, today I got to know you don’t understand even business, else you would have not done this loss deal, you are elder to me and do bugger mistakes than me, I know, but mistakes can be rectified Shivaye, its not too late. Shivaye says Om, you think what you are saying is right, but I bet to differ, she is gone from here, the chapter is over.

He gets a call on landline and attends. He says just listen to me and throws the phone away. Om asks what happened. Shivaye says I will end this Gayatri’s story today. Om says tell me, I will…… Shivaye leaves.

Its night, Shivaye goes to jungle area and looks around. He does not see the body fallen on the ground. He steps over and goes ahead.

Shivaye asks everyone why are they talking about Anika’s topic , she was an ordinary employee, I had problem with her work and I fired her, story over, anyways we have serious issues to focus in our life. ACP comes and says you said right Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Shivaye looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. |Registered Member

    What made Dadai-Jhanvi think that Anika will return to Oberoi mansion after so much insult,,,Anika shud never go back to there again for work,,,this bua is irritating

  2. diya

    Some informations:
    1. omkara , anika and shivaay wont have a love triangle.
    2. At this stage , om wont have a female lead. At first it will be shown how he got addicted to drugs and what made him hate his father.
    3. Ishana wont be coming back because gul mam said that fans cant change her decision (something like that)
    4. After the revealation of om’s past , a female lead will enter.
    5. Shivaay is not an illegitimate son

  3. |Registered Member

    Tej considers himself as a saint or what,,,I knw Chabbras did wrong by hiding the truth,bt Tej ,,,he was no less,,,,He was going to give divorce to Jhanvi for Swetlana,,,…If Swetlana is Tej’s past,Chabbra’s illegitimate relationship is his past,,,.I know that it’s hard for them to accept someone lyk Dev as their SIL..,well most ppl are lyk that,,,,,bt Oberois (excluding Dadi and others) are acting lyk they are saints /equal to God and can do anything ,,,cheap mentality,,,over reacting ppl ,esply Shivaaye and Tej

  4. |Registered Member

    maybe this is Gayathri’s next plan to trap Oberois,,,,or maybe ACP Rathode killed her to frame Oberois,he surely hs some knda enmity wid Oberois

  5. Sanchi

    This had to happen. Even ASR took more than 200 episodes to understand that he loves Khushi n 100 more to express it to her. In Shivika’s case unki gadi to aage badh hi nahi rahi hai, they come back to square one everytime!!
    N those rumors about one night stand😂😂😂😂 hillarious. I am damn excited to watch the upcoming thrill in the story but hope that they dont drag it like a chewing gum..

    • Tamanna

      Lol😂😂😂 ASR & shivaaye are similar in many ways and even shlok !!! 😂😂😂 Guess boys are shown with screw dheela in star plus shows & then small town girls who speak a lot make them fine eg.- Khushi,anika,aastha 😁😁😁

  6. Diya

    Ok. So I don’t want to really, and I do get the human emotion if sheer fear of an authoritarian guardian and the inability to speak up or confess to one’s mistake in front of them, but in spite of it I am totally hating Priyanka right now. And hate Soumya for that terrible advice to talk to Shivaay later. Later!!!! Yeah, first calm down, take care of yourself, pamper your already pampered self, put your own self as the top priority and save your own sorry bu** while a poor , honest, innocent girl gets abused, insulted, humiliated and fired from her job with no other means of livelihood and a young child to support. What a terrible friend Soumya is! Just like she has been telling Rudra Romi’s secret for gazillion years, she is advising That wretched Priyanka to do the same. Birds of a feather…!!😡. Ok anger vented, so the writers wrote it like this to drag the separation drama and build some intensity. Also to bring Priyanka’s leading guy in. But it’s torture to watch this track and get I can’t resist knowing what happened next. I guess I’ll stick to reading updates so that all my blood does not boil off watching injustice. Hehe. Now back to normal. It’s a show. Calm down Diyaa, just a show 😑

  7. Luna

    Hey Chetna!!!!!! Happy belated birthday to u Ishqie, I wished u in the previous page too at 7:00 pm but it got posted very late that I think u did’nt saw it. Sorry for that. Well, birthdays are actually just like any other day but it’s us who make it special. God bless u and ur whole family!!!!! I wish u get all the happiness in ur life.

  8. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    BTW, i am the same mad Diya from above. My name was taken so had to register as Diyaa. Got so mad that made this DP. Just kidding guys. Don’t be angry at me for this DP. I don’t mean it for the show

  9. Naija gal

    Gosh! Such a heartbreaking episode. I must say Priyanka is absolutely spineless. How does one keep quiet in the face of such blantant injustice meted to an innocent person?

  10. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Shahil becomes a stress buster for us after this shivaay’s uneccesary misunderstandin….. The way he said I wil not let u miss sso…. Wow

    Tia pagli mauka ka feydha uttarahi hey thu…. Bas kar….. Cheater…..

    Aww aaj jyadha rudy ka scene nahi tha… 🙁

    Tej and shivaay should hv been father SON….

    Dadi as always DO somethin to bring anika back….

    Om nw its no use to explain him…. He is so adament but once he knws he did wrong he wil regret tht tym..


    IRRITATING AND BORIN GAYATHRI TRACK…. END IT SOON.. And wat is this now jail jail jail…. Its boring one week elders go to jail nxt week shivaay….. And if he cals him proud as an oberoi then CANT he simply catch tht GAYATHRI in his web… Weras GAYATHRI is going on winning in her plans…

    • |Registered Member

      yeaaa u r rite,,,,,first Rudy&Om was in jail (for some petty reasons),then Anika went to jail ,after that Big OBros went to jail,next it’s Shivaaye’s turn,,,,It’s weird that the great Oberoi can’t handle a single villain,,,

  11. Sana

    I really want shivay be the adopted son of obroies,,then when he knows about it will be worth watching….family,blood,surname bla bla bla😝

  12. sunanda

    Anika nd shivayy sadness is very means shivayy phone is with anika that gayatri calls 2 landline

  13. Sana

    I really want shivay be the adopted son of obroies,,then when he knows about it will be worth watching….family,blood,surname bla bla bla…

    • Tamanna

      This way Anika will get to know that her kanji eyes baagad billaa is in problem AGAIN & she will go & rescue him…but after that she’ll NOT forgive him still 😑😮😮

    • Diya

      😁😁. Muy guess is that while Shivaay is in prison , the actual murderer will call Shivaay’s phone and will leave some voicemail that will be used as an evidence and then it will be Supergirl Anika to the rescue again. 😎

  14. Kumari

    I think the phone is the proof to releasing shivay from jail. The splrs said that anika explains to acp that he stayed at night with her only and show the phone as a proof.l et us see wat happen in next episode……if it is true let us see how shivay will realise his love for anika after dng all this.

    • Diya

      Oooooh!! That may give Dadi an excuse to force Shivaay and Anika to marry… If you are using staying with her at night as an alibi then marry her. She might resort to some emotional atyaachaar to force the. She has vowed to bring Anika back to Oberoi mansion right.

      • Kumari

        The mrg shouldn’t happen like that. Shivay should apologize anika , Shivay will craze about anika ,iwant to see that ….

  15. Vee

    It will be nice to see Anika and Om together,shivay has always hurt Anika and does not deserve her, he has been so vile and should realise his mistake which I hope is too late would like to see him cry for a change it is very emotional seeing Anika being humilated, but hey it’s only a soap.

  16. Pragati

    Hii I am new to comment here. I think that anika would be “nazaish” beti of a rich man. But due to her self she left her house. Because when shivay was abusing dev, anika felt bad and hurt

    • |Registered Member

      yea,,,bcoz he used words lyk Orphan e.t.c,,,,afterall she is an orphan na,,maybe bcoz of that she felt bad

  17. Pragati

    I think that anika would be “nazaish” beti of a rich man. But due to her self she left her house. Because when shivay was abusing dev, anika felt bad and hurt

  18. Pragati sharma

    I think that anika would be “nazaish” beti of a rich man. But due to her self she left her house. Because when shivay was abusing dev, anika felt bad and hurt

  19. SenuThilini


    |Registered Member

    Am i the only one who missed rudra today ? Missed omru moments also. Anyway this story going in very interesting track. If rudra is an illigetimate son of tej then only shivay will understand his guilt. As he loves rudra alot he cant think in the same way about rudra.

      • |Registered Member

        * those funny moments and dialogues like …
        Phono bhulgaya wallet bhulgaya khud ko kyu Nahi bhula…
        2. Tujhe na science ko donate kar dena chahiye tu jeeta jata proof hai ki ek insan bina dimag ke jee sakta hai..
        3. Shivaay aur anika ,anika aur shivaay yeh ho kya raha hai…
        4. Their funny act Rudra as anika and omkara as shivaay..
        5 shut up Rudra… Kya bhaiyya aap ek hi Baat bol te ho moo bandh rakh it Same bhaiyya …. To be continued..
        Many more are there and many more to come

  20. saku

    Episode was boring for me…..& that tia😠 shivaye up anika k khilaf bhadka rahi h….Episode main ek hi accha scene tha sahil-anika convo….& this Tej Singh Oberio is just like shivaye….priyanka is so much FATTUU…I mean jis ladki me use bachane k liye apna job, selfrespect sab dav pe laga diya usne use bachane k liye kuch bhi nahi kiya??…wo shivaye ko kuch nahi bata saki thik h understand..but she should hv atleast tell this to om or rudra..

    • Mayank Agrawal

      Yes agree and priyanka ki awaz tak nhi nikalti phir kya matlabh hai itne bade ghar mei rehne ka gulaam banke..

  21. akann

    I really liked the song sequence post Om’s visit to Anika with Shivika scenes. It was really nicely shot with all the different lightings and all. Also Anika crying made me kind of sad. From Shivay’s expressions today, it was pretty obvious that he was more hurt than mad by Anika’s “action.” Again, that doesn’t justify his outburst and insult towards Anika. Also Tej and Shivay make a better father-son duo with their craziness. I feel like in some ways Om is kind of similar to Shakti.

  22. |Registered Member

    Felt bad for Prinku before,,,coz Shivaaye shouted at her before and she was nt able to speak up,,,,,,but now,why can’t she use her brain,she knows that Om/Dadi wud be able to convince Shivaaye,so instead of saying to Somu,she shud have told the truth to them,,,maybe she didn’t say anythng bcoz she felt that she did bad to bring Dev to her room,,,bt still,whatever happened with Anika was toooo bad,nthng lyk that will happen with her that she is soo afraid,,,,and Soumya,,,,what made u thnk that Prinku will say the truth to Shivaaye herself,,,,Why u are nt bothered abt telling the truth to someone else,,to Rudy/Om,,,,,,,As Diya said,writers want to stretch this track long

  23. |Registered Member

    Tej/Shivaaye feels that Anika interfered in house matters ,,,well that’s true,,there was no need for her to get included in Oberoi house matters,,,,so why these Oberois didn’t restricted her before,,,,,She was the one who helped them to solve problems lyk Fake video case/mallika case e.t.c,,,There was no need for her to help them,afterall it was their family matter,,,,N At that tym they were happy that she helped them and even called her family,poor girl took it seriously,,,now she did one mistake and she is out,,,,Selfish Oberois

    • Mayank Agrawal

      ya producers should think about this kam se kam dadi ko ye baat bolni chiye thi shivay and tej se ki jabh to tum logo ne kuch nhi kaha vo bhi to family matter the tabh to you are happy and now you are saying that ki she is interfere in our family matter…

      • saku

        Right….jab anika ne un logo no help ki that tm it was ok for them..why tab wo unke so called FAMILY MATTERS nahi the??….& now just coz she did mistake which was not actually her..toh ab woh unke family matter mein interfare kari h???..such a selfish people’s!..😡

    • Rosu 25

      Yes….last time they said that she is a part of the family…..a family member can involved in family matters too….so she helped prinku….prinku is her frend too…if she did anything to protect the family…she is like a family member…if any mistake happens…..they treat her like just an employee……you are right Roz…oberoiz are selfish(doest mean all members)….especially tej and shivay….both are same to same….

  24. MP

    Only one word for shivaye and tej EHSHAN FRAMOS 😡. n anika ki etni insulte karne k baad bhi jahnvi think that she will come back to job!!! No noo.

  25. JANVI

    hi guys….
    can i join the ishqbaaz family??
    bt seriously priyanka should hav said something to shivaye or atleast to om…. cuz everyone knows shivaye would be like prinku tum use support krna band karo… but atleast om would underdstand…
    i thought tht atleast soumya would suggest her to talk to om but no… she gave such stupid advise… ii felt like yelling at both soumya n prinku…
    nd this acp rathore is so annoying yr….

  26. Rosu 25

    Why this prinku still keep quite…..atleast she could have tell it to dadi,om or jhanvi…..why did she listern soumyas advice… she the one who helped her to bring dev there….no….its all prinkus decision….so this time also she has to take her own decision….she shouldn’t have listern Soumya….

    • saku

      Right…prinku ne atleast ye baat om,dadi ko batana chahiye tha…unko chodo rudra ko toh bata sakti the na???…woh kuansa use chillata..! Aur soumya ko yeh baat pata h so woh khud kyun om ko nahi batati who use sis manta h right???….or rudy me toh use bst frnd bhi bol diya so why to hide from him..??..they hv right to know about their sis mistake…what do u think guyz…

  27. shahabana

    Gd morning hv a nc day guyz. Really i missed rudyy in yesterday episode i think they should add atleast one scene of rudyy in every episode really he is a star of the show

  28. shahabana

    Yesterday omkara said right persons standard doesn’t depends on blood but depends on his thinking level and behavior truely sso’s low mentality and thinking shows how low standard he was and this sso doesn’t knw how to talk with someone and he talks about family blood standard .and tej he says dev is illigemate but what about his affair with swethlana and because of ill behavior his wife has became an alcoholic and his son addicted for drugs really big clap for this oberois standard and mentality and if they dnt want to accept dev for prinku its their choice but they doesn’t had any right to talk about dev or anika.

  29. Tarika

    Don’t know why inspite of repeated explanation some of you keep asking the same questions pertaining The Ishana Track.
    “Is Ishana ( Vrushika Mehta)gonna come back ? When will Ishana come back ?
    The answer is NO, Ishana track is over.

    *”Gul Khan herself has tweeted and answered your questions.

    Q- Did you end Ishana or the actress left?
    GK- Ended the character

    Q-Will any other girl be there for Om or Riddhima will be with him?
    GK- Wait, wait everything will start one by one.

    Q-Can you pls reveal the new girl who will be opposite kunal?
    GK- Not Finalised Yet”

    we have Om’s initial track without a girl.. Just him and his past and his secrets.. Girl will enter a bit later….”
    These are her latest tweets.

    In short there will be a whole new love track for Omkara. There will be a new girl who will enter Omkaras life and we will get to see him fall in Iove. In short Om will get to do his Ishqbaazi.
    We as fans should not loose hope. We should trust the makers and whole team of Ishqbaaz who gave us such a lovely series with such beautiful characters that they will bring a new girl for Omkara.
    So what if one track did not work it’s time to move on.

    • nithu

      Yes we hv to accept the fact and move on…wait for om’s ishqbaazi… I don’t think whether they could recreate the impact created by ishkara in a short period of time, but I hope om’s true love story will be more intense..

    • Enasanjida

      Abh main 2uma ek news dai tii hoon.. Omkara love story hoga which Gaytri daughter. (if gaytri dead then who revenge) Revengeful love story.. Do u lyk it? Do u think soo.. Omkara love story highlight hogaa 😮- no way. I don’t think soo. Ishkara love story much better thaa. 2umai yeh news kaha sai mila. I have a twitter but i don’t see thats news.

  30. shahabana

    This sso even doesn’t knw how to say thanks or sorry properly and he talks about standard family etc really he should learn something from his brothers

  31. Mayank Agrawal

    Guyz i am thinking that roop kills the gayatri because of may be their disputes that gaytri ne kaha hoga roop se ki mai teri family ko bta dungi ki aise tu bhi mere sath hai i mean dhamki di hogi kuch aisa,,,,what do you think ?

  32. Mayank Agrawal

    i have one more possibility in my mind that now om quarrels with shivay becz jabh shivay ne kaha tha ki aaj gayatri ka kissa khatam kar dunga to om ne ye baat sunli thi and jabh shivay pe allegations lagenge then om unhe sach maanlega …

    • |Registered Member

      Om is a person who gives importance to Sach,more than family,,,,lets see how will he react seeing all proofs against his bro

  33. |Registered Member

    this sso is getting on my nerves nowadays .what do he think of himself????just being a rich person he can’t insult anyone .I agree with anika that respect is earned by giving respect.tej has no right to speak about illegitimate child and mistress because he himself is involved in affair with shwetlana.he might have an illegitimate child .seriously tej and shivay have such a low mentality .

  34. Tarika

    I think once Shivaays case will start it will be difficult for Om to lie.
    So there’s a point but defiantly Om loves his brother a lot.
    Maybe during this time he will remember his past and how Shivaay saved him. Why Om hates lies ? Why he hates his own father so much ? Oms Back story will come out then.
    Was wondering who this new girl in Omkaras life will be. I ken how will she meet him. I was thinking the lawyer who fights Shivaays case will be Omkaras new girl. As during Shivaays case she will tell Omkara that it’s not necessary to always tell the truth and a little twist in words can save his brother. This was Dadis prediction also that I’m hates lies but his better half will complete him she will lie.
    I think the lawyer will be his new girl. Lawyers do lie but not a lie which harms anyone. She will make Omkara realise this
    Omkara will have a intense and passionate love story. If you remember even Rudra mentioned it in last weeks episode.
    Hope they really find a beautiful, delicate and smart girl for Omkara.

  35. Anshi

    Now I understood ki anika shivaay ka phone galti se le gyi … And shivaay ne apna phone tracking par lgaya tha .. Ab vo arrest hoga gayatri ke murder k lye to anika ye bol degi ki shivaay puri raat uske ghar par tha ….or shivaay Bach jayega…

  36. juhi

    O jaana song is heart melting. Want Shivika reunited soon to show that in this world true love does exist.
    Whats the story with Tia…shes still in in the picture. .lol she is trying to influence Sso against Anika but no matter how angry he is he doesn’t want to listen words against Anika…cool.
    I wish Anika saves Shivaye again with Om and Rudras help.
    I wish Anika ends up saving Shivaye again

  37. AISHA

    Hey guys, i’m a silent reader of yrs. but i couldn’t control myself after seeing GUL’s interview. do u remember gia zen in girls on top yes, Barkha singh is going to play the lead role opposite OM. She will play the role of a modern girl named ISHA born and brought up in UK who doesn’t speak hindg much and belongs to a highclass well known fmly with whome the oberois have a long enmity. She runs away from her home to fulfill her drean of becoming an artist. She reaches India to learn more indian arts forms. Gul also said that ISHA is a girl who is quite opposite to OM. She is so cute and talks too much.she hides her identity frm everyone. she loves loud rock musics amd more importantly she loves short hair. Gul’s think that BARKHA SINGH suits ISHA. anyway i’m waiting for new ISHKAARA. Plzzz…guyzzz… Dnt miss Gul’s intervie. it is very important. So wht do u think . Will barkha and kunal rock???. Lets hope 4 the best.

    • |Registered Member

      Reallyyy,,,,Gul confirmed this ???!!where did u see this interview ,,,,N If she is of short hair ,it will be difficult to identify b/w om and her,,,,,

    • Nivedha

      Barkha Singh is bad in looks
      Whatever it may be…atleast don’t side line my OMKAARA ‘s character😡😡😡😡

    • Tridha


      |Registered Member

      I didn’t see it anywhere. Where did u get the news? Give the link yaar. Barkha & kunal won’t look good together

    • PAYEL

      Yaaah…no where did i see any interview where gul praised…acha forget about praised…have evn uttered her name…if you know any such interview…pls share…the link…we wanna see that too

  38. Luna

    Shivaye actually wanted to hear that Anika did’nt helped Dev to enter the Oberoi mansion. He wanted to hear a no from Anika, he wanted her to support and respect his decision. He was angry bcoz she went against his decision. Actually the opinion of Anika matters a lot to SSO though he himself does’nt knows it.

  39. Luna

    The phones of Shivaye and Anika are swapped she will again save the ass of SSO. Shivaye’s phone is getting tracked and he will be blamed for Gayatri’s murder. Anika will come to the rescue and say that Shivaye was with him the whole night in her home.

  40. Luna

    Another spoiler is Anika’s image will get tarnished as media will hype the news that Shivaye and Anika had a one night stand and to save the image of Anika and Oberoi family reputation Shivaye will marry her. I hope the spoiler is fake, it’s a done to death track.

  41. Luna

    This Tej is such a big hypocrite. He is talking like he himself is a saint. He hates Dev bcoz he’s an illegitimate child but what if Shwetlana comes to him with his illegitimate child. I will like to see a track like that in future. What if Rumi or any other girl comes with an illegitimate child of Rudra???? Then we can also see the hypocricy of Shivaye as he will also accept it for the happiness of his brother.

    • |Registered Member

      Na,,,,Shivaaye will support his bro but not Romi,,,He will try to hide the matter with his money and power,bt will not blame his bro as Oberois can never be wrong,,,,they are Saints,,,,The whole world can be wrong but not Oberois

  42. |Registered Member

    Bshama,,,,,dr I too love all those OmRu moments,,,,bt when was that 4th one,,,,OmRu imitating Shivika,,,,,I 4got

  43. Mayank Agrawal

    guyz who are saying that exchange of phones wil help shivay to come out of the case ,,they all are wrong it doesnot happen….tej uses his power and money to clear out shivay ..this time anika doesnot the help of exchanged phone anika comes to know only about the incidence.. and according to the latest gossip when ACP randhava comes oberoi mansion and he asks some questions from shivay but shivay refuses to give any answer and says that – Shivay singh oberoi kabhi kisi ko explanation nhi deta…..then ACP says that ranveer singh randhava ko aapke shivay signh oberoi hone se kuch farak nhi padta and they both fights with words..

    • Rosu 25

      I don’t think that the phone got exchanged only for anika to know about the incident…shivay from a reputed family and a VIP too…so his arrested news will definitely come on media….and anika will come to know about it….then what’s need for exchanging phones….so it’s sure that this time also anika will help shivay…..and the phone would be the proof…

  44. Tarika

    I think this Barkha Singh is a rumour. Just saw her profile she’s not at all good looking and also please we want Kunal to have a girl with long hair.

  45. Radhika Patodiya

    @ mayank agrawal buddy you always give us very correct and true information ..thank you so much , your thinking and saying quality is so good… keep updated us..

    • Mayank Agrawal

      hahaha jabh shivay jungle mei jaata hai last scene mei gayatri se milne tabh uske pass hyundai ki car hoti hai normal hahaha oberois duniya ke sabse ameer aadmi , shuru mei to producers ne bhot BMW dikhayi thi ..kaha gayi abh vo

  46. MP

    Guys sach me aaj to dimag ka bhajipala ho gaya hai Ye sochte sochteab aage kya hoga. Kaise bachega shivaye. Someone says anika will save him, Someone says tej wil save him.

  47. shekhar

    Next to come….(probably)
    Star Plus show Ishqbaaz just had had a high voltage drama in their last episode where Shivaay insults and lashes out at Anika for letting Dev come in their house. Anika is shocked and hurted. She cries and resigns from the job.

    Just the another day, Shivaay gets arrested in the charge of murder of Gayatri. Before killing herself, Gayatri had planned everything in a way that will make Shivaay accused. All the witnesses point towards Shivaay.

    But just then once again Anika save Oberoi family. Anika goes to police station and says that Shivaay is innocent as he was with her that night. Anika risks her own image by saying that Shivaay spent whole night with her.

    Well, why is Anika doing all this for Shivaay? Will Shivaay realize what Anika is doing for him?

  48. Veda

    oh nooooooo…!!!!…. I rly want a simpl midl cls grl oppost hm,nt a typicl “KHANDAANI NRI” …. 🙁 🙁 nd BARKHA SINGH…!?!??!!!… donno if her look is going to b chngd here or nt,bt mah “grls on top” exprnce dsnt tl dat she is a good choice oppost KUNAL aka OMKAARA…

  49. Catherine

    Hey shivaaye is to much over how could he speak to anika like that and now anika also should not talk to shivaaye he is always too much and that tej very big mister perfect came to comment abt anika if she was not there that idiot tej would be in least shivaaye should have supported anika know very always the girls will forgive boys

  50. Tarika

    There is no news of Barkha Singh being roped for Ishqbaaz. I think some people love cooking up there own stories.
    Wonder Gul would give out so much information about Omkaras new girl. That she’s NRI, likes short hair and blah blah blah…..
    The person whose spreading this rumour is doing just time pass and bringing his or her own fantasises out.
    Where’s the link to that interview given by Gul Khan.
    Barkha Singh is no match for Kunal.

  51. Sanaurifa

    Hai ishqies I saw some spoilers that buaji crying and gathering a big crowd in front of house
    Later Anika is kidnapping by two goons in auto rickshaw
    But that time Anika is wearing same clothes as we saw her first outside mandir scene
    Do you think this is true plz reply

  52. Sonakshi

    Yes, i to saw it saunarifa…… I think its true bcoz anika’s hair style was different… I mean she had a plait similar on the episode when tej thanked her…..

  53. Mayank Agrawal

    guyz i thin kthere is also some issue of shivay ki shirt ki sleeves ki button jo tuti hui thi baar baat ( cufflink ) uska bhi koi clue hai kya kisi ko ? why they are showing that kuch na kuch to relation hoga uska bhi because 3 episodes shivay wears the same shirt till now..?

  54. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Barkha I didn’t see it anywhere I think it’s a false news.
    And anika will save shivay because in today’s precap there will be anika in the oberoi mansion

  55. ayat

    no no plzzz no barkha singh….om is damm gud nd i dont want to say anything bad 4 her bt she is not equal to om….om suits a girl who is lyk ishana mean vrushika……nd ya i dont think shivay easily come out frm dis matter cuz a new entry is come 4 dis ….hope 4 best….

  56. shahabana

    Guyz if u want to knw about trp of this weak look at this list
    1.brahma rakshas 3
    2.sathiya 2.9
    3.kkb and shakthi 2.8
    4.yhm 2.7
    5.tharak mehtha
    6.udaan 2.3
    7.ssk 2.2 rishtha kya kehlaatha he
    Siya ke ram 2.1
    9.ahoka samrata 1.9
    10.ssel kavach 1.8
    And ishkbaaz and kasam trp are same its 1.7

  57. Soosh

    Why is Priyanka silent? Why cant she share the truth with Dadi to whom she is actually close and if she is getting scared of Shivay. She had courage to get Dev in the house without knowledge of anyone, does she not have courage to speak the truth and protect Anika from the blame that she actually does not deserve.

  58. ayat

    yr y sathiya kon dekhta hoga…d serial is so boring nd yrkkh really……kuch rang pyar k is better than all of dis….srry if i say sm1 thing wrong

  59. rohan

    Ishana character is very new and different… y they removing her … she performed well in that showdown… excellent performance.. she is the only reason I watch ishqbaaz … I really hate to see some other with om … vrushi plzzzzzzzzz come back

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.