Ishqbaaz 12th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daksh says I will propose to Anika today, if she agrees fine then…. Shivaye asks else? Daksh says I will fly and take her. Shivaye gets shocked. Daksh proposes Anika with a ring, and asks will you marry me Anika, I really love you. Anika gets shocked.

Sometime before, Om shouts to Tej. He says you have shown your nature today. Tej asks him to be in his limits and remember he is talking to his dad. Om says I m not taking to a dad, I m talking to a businessman. Shivaye asks what happened Om, why are you talking to Bade Papa like this. Om says don’t call him Bade Papa, he does not deserve respect. Riddhima comes and says Om…. She wishes them happy Diwali and says I went to buy lights, Om happy Diwali, this is for you. Om says no Riddhima, I will light the gift alone. He throws the

gift on the floor, and then dumps the papers too. He ignites fire and burns the papers and gift box. Everyone get shocked. Tej looks on.

Shivaye asks whats wrong with you, what are you doing. He asks Tej whats the matter. Tej says I did what’s a father’s duty. Om asks duty? Is this your duty to build wall between brothers. He says Shivaye, Tej tried to build a gold wall between you and me, he cheated me and made me sign hese papers, its written that I m owner of 50% shares of Oberoi empire, that’s more than yours, why? So that I become CEO in future, maybe Tej will be proud if I become CEO, not for me, I m proud to be Shivaye and Rudra’s brother. Jhanvi asks Tej is it true what Om said, I can’t believe you did all this. Dadi asks Tej why did you do this. Tej asks why not, can’t I think for my son’s betterment being a father, can’t I get his rights, I did not snatch anyone’s rights, why should I give an explanation, I did nothing wrong, I was just securing his future. Om asks future? Seriously? You ruined my past and present, please spare my future.

Om says you know Riddhima I hate lies, even then you lied to me, I signed papers without reading, because I trusted you, I did not know you are with Tej. She says I did this because. He says I don’t want to know why, you broke my trust, you are seeing these papers, even our relation burnt with this today. Riddhima says listen to me, I did this for your future, Tej explained me and I… He says just leave, I said get lost…. He shouts. Shivaye and Rudra hold him. Shivaye asks Riddhima to please go. She leaves.

Shivaye says I think its bad idea, its nonsense. Daksh says I knew you will react like this, I have to go, I told you I will propose Anika today. Shivaye says no, you did foolishness once and made me do it too, I won’t let you do this. Daksh says but I should know her decision. Shivaye says you know her decision, its a no. Daksh asks how do you know. Shivaye says I know her, I understand her words and even her silence. Daksh says Shivaye, don’t talk such lovely things, else I will lose chance and she may fall in love with you, look such people talk like this, who secretly are in love with someone, are you in love. Shivaye thinks of Anika and says yes, no…. you got mad, you are my friend and I m explaining you. Daksh says I don’t want to understand, I want to follow my heart, I will propose Anika today, its good if she agrees else…. Shivaye asks else. Daksh says I will take her along, have a good day. Shivaye asks him to listen.

Om asks Dadi why should I be happy, to be Tej’s son or for trusting Riddhima. Shivaye comes and says to be my brother, to be Dadi’s grandson, to be target of Rudra’s Pjs, if life has given reason to get annoyed, it has given many reasons to be happy. Om says please. Shivaye says just don’t do this because of Tej. Om says not because of Tej, Riddhima broke my trust and my heart broke. Pinky says this is result to trust wrong girls, Shivaye is lucky to get Tia, girls are ahead of Riddhima too. Dadi says no, if there are girls like Riddhima, there are girls like Anika too, good in looks and heart, Lord makes pairing, right girl will come on own as per fate. Rudra asks like me? They all turn and see Rudra in a Ghagra.

Shivaye asks what happened to you. Rudra says I heard someone’s heart broke here, I came to join it, you would have heard about Dilli wali girlfriend, its me. Om says Rudra, shut up. Rudra flirts and holds Om, saying don’t feel bad, its Diwali. Shivaye says no, its said in Holi, your dialogue is wrong. Rudra says Holi or Diwali, Om’s mood is always off, and I m expert in making mood Om. Pinky and Dadi smile. Om says I think you got mad. Rudra asks where will you go getting saved by this Chikni Chameli. Om says stay away. Rudra claps and gets lights. Rudra starts dancing on Mere Saiyyan ji se aaj maine Breakup karliya song. Pinky and Dadi wear caps and dance with Rudra. Shivaye smiles. They make Om dance. Rudra’s Ghagra falls down. Everyone get shocked. Om laughs.Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi……plays……….. Rudra wears ghagra back and dances with Om. Shivaye smiles seeing them. He thinks of Daksh’s words and worries.

Anika tells Bua that she is going, she kept Sahil’s breakfast. Bua asks did you had breakfast. Anika says yes, bye. Daksh comes and greets morning, its good to see you. Anika asks you? Daksh says yes, beautiful, I mean its such a beautiful day. She asks how did you come here. He says I came nearby for work and thought to pick you to get company till Oberoi mansion. She says I m not famous that everyone knows my address. He says I found it. She asks why. He says for the one to whom I came to meet. She says I will go on my own. He says no, our way and destination are same, why don’t we go together.

Bua says if he is insisting, go with him, what is your name. Daksh greets her and says I m Daksh, and you. She says I m Sundari, her Bua. He says you are really beautiful. Bua asks since when do you both know each other, you do business or job. Anika says Bua ji enough, I will talk later. Anika leaves with Daksh. Shivaye says Daksh is not answering, what shall I do, I hope he does not do anything stupid.

Soumya sits sad in her room. Rudra comes with the ghagra and thanks her for it. He asks are you fine. She says yes, why. He says I took you ghagra without asking, even then your feminist Sumo did not come out. She says mom is coming. He says you should be happy, you were missing her. She says its not problem that she is coming, problem is she is coming to talk about my marriage, with Reyaan. He gets shocked.

Anika gets shocked seeing Daksh surprising her with heart balloons and getting on knees to propose. She says what are you doing, everyone is seeing. He says I don’t care, let them see, you maybe surprised thinking how did I take this decision so soon, if I did not meet you, I would have thought so, but the fact is, love does not depend on anything, it happens when it has to, I got mad seeing you, I just fell for you, I have to wait on first step or wait for you to take second step, or you fall in love with you, or come to final step. We have one life, thats short, why to waste time, I thought to come on final step. He shows the ring. She gets shocked. He asks Anika will you marry me for once…. I really love you a lot. Anika says Daksh, I…. Daksh says credit goes to you, you made me mad, I m crazy about you, come on say yes please….. She gets shocked and looks at him. He requests her.

Anika calls Sahil and says wow, you and Bua lighted beautiful diyas at home, what…. She wonders who has lighted the diyas inside home, if Bua and Sahil did not do this. A black doll falls infront of her. She gets shocked and screams. She takes phone to call and gets scared seeing something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. DAKSH , informing SSO he is going to PROPOSE ANIKA, left OM, and when all were enjoying BREAKUP PARTY, SSO was worrying for DAKSH , rathar for ANIKA! As sson as he got retired from party, he called DAKSH, and then again called, but dissappointed. He just get confused, what to do then. No, he just could not even think to call ANIKA!!!! , because, then he was not either STONE SINGH OBEROY or WALL SINGH OBEROY, he then was only BILLU JI, stepped out of his whole SSO BEING after shadding all his wears. He was stood there as a physically GROWN CHILD BILLU as he was born who knows what he does want.

    Yes, that girl named ANIKA had absorb his all what he attains and wear after his childhood and made him STARK NAKED literally. He then knew how much he WEAK under all his shields to the extent that a ROAD SIDE GIRL is pinching him, hurting her as and when she wish!

    This very feeling is with which SSO just can not walk, just can not consciously accept, just can not conceive and keep denying what other says, rathar isnsist!

    1. read ‘ , hurting her’ as ‘,hurting him…..’

  2. That smile on om’s face….oh god save me from kunal iam addicted to him?

    1. Veda

      Same hear.. ???????? oh me…

  3. Nice episode

  4. @mukta abiha d disha d chetna d mishri d aahana d sahana d ritika d mukti d Shivani d samyukta sat yahzu d sunheri nd all other members where are u all…
    Plz comment guys..

  5. Rudra was just too funny today. I also loved how Dadi started rapping. lol.. This Daksh is really a clingy kind of guy who is desperate. I bet Annika is gonna show him his place. At the same time, it is good to see Shivay being pushed out of his comfort zone. One of these days, he is definitely gonna explode and reveal his true feelings. I feel the the same thing is going to happen with Rudra also. That Reyaan guy is such a loser. I dont know why would Soumya get back with him. Even the Rudra is flawed, I would choose him over Reyaan any day. But I kind of understand why her mom would think of getting them married since he is from a good family and he is a decent guy.

  6. IB seems to be running on a super fast express mode.. Daksh proposing Anika.. i want anika to say yes.. it wil b interstin to see shivay after that
    Daksh is bringing out shivay feelings for anika.. does nt seem like tia’s D

    Seriously Soumya wants to get married to reyann? WIthout her consent how is her mom comin to marry her off

    Please change the dressing of Anika.. she looks beautifull but does nt suit a middle class girl. i Wonder how she even comes out of her home, an walks in her streets.Surbhi has lost a lot of weight from the first epi

    Rudy ur just cute n nice.. with a such a lovely family who will ever b sad

    Om i wish breakups were so easy to forget.. u laughed in no time.. this shows he never truly loved ridhima

    Wen are all the mysteries gng to get solved.. infact they r just increasing day by day

    One gud thing SHivay said today, count iteh blessings in ur life,if God has gviven u bad he has given gud also

  7. I think Daksh is the D of Tia..bcoz as soon as Tia said a life partner will come for Anika..Daksh came..also he really looks weird and definitely have some bad. Intention s against Anika and shivaye..comment back if u believe this guys

  8. @Luna
    i agree with what you said about om being indifferent about riddhkara breakup and anika lying to save shivaye. But now dont you feel the cvs have framed him as an ideal and at the same time somewhat real, strong man who can act more sensibly and move on in his life and can even tolerate a little bit of lie to save his sister/brother; which looks appealing? Earlier his character looked like that from ramayana/a fairytale; way too far from reality. Earlier i liked O’s character but now i have started loving him even more.

    dadi and pinky looked so cool!!! I have decided ki future mein mai jab dadi banungi, i will like SARLA DADI!!” Hahah…jokes apart, she is awesome!!

    Rudy is a REAL DARLING!! No words to describe his acting, expression and comic timing.

    Daksha sometimes scares me. Just hoping that his character is similar to Mallika’s.

    Although Anika is a middle class girl, they have shown her as a modern girl who carries all dresses- be it sleeveless tops, full sleeved kurtis, cropped tops, gowns,frock suits, backless lehangas..with equal ease and grace. So this EXPERIMENT ON LOOKS seems quite obvious and appealing. Moreover she repeats her dress and wears DESIGNER DRESS only when she is gifted one by PriOmRu/Jahnvi/Priyanka/Shivaye; which justifies her middle class image. A well framed character indeed!!

    1. Neha, I agree that Om’s character has became more flexible but it had happened without any reason which is looking unrealistic. CVs should have given a justificable reason for the reason of change in Om’s character. And it would have been better if Om’s love interest had brought this change.

  9. I can’t wait for Monday episode and I think shivika hug will be in Tuesday I think?

    1. And I think daksh is not tias bf

  10. OH MY GOD this D 4 Daksh is so dangerous he is scaring anika he is mad or not is he upto something ? i think he want 2 distract shivaay using anika BREAK UP PARTY WAS so nice Will riddhima be back again or she is out of om’s life i wish ishaana 2 back with a bang One doubt where is ACP, priyanka? they r concentrating on different matters total confusion atleast slove one of the mystery overall it was a nice episode

  11. Renimarenju




    1. Oh renima di…hw much u will work look after ur health also…
      U comment whenever u get time??..
      I will miss u?
      Take care di…

    2. Hellooo renima .u are commenting in busy shedule also thats coolyar
      Anyways tc of urself and all the very best dr and comment when u gets time

    3. Razna

      Its ok renimaadiiiii. Aap bhas apnaa kyaal rakhnaa….we all are fine here…..
      Just comment when u get free……we can understand ur situation…u should take rest…..
      And i misssuuuu

    4. Kiki

      Hi Renima di.. How are u?

  12. Saumya Agarwal

    Nice episode. .. I guess that daksh is not the D of Tia and he has been called by om and rudra to make shivika realise their feelings. I’ve read somewhere that tia’ truth would be out on the day of their marriage as anika would see tia with someone and will get a proof to show to shivaay. That horror twist is only for 2-3 days. I wish Saumya will tell her mother about rudra and her marriage.

  13. Heyy ishqies I am silent reader of ishqbaaz comments.. I just wanted to clarify that daksh is tia’s bf.. its both tia’s and daksh plan to keep anika away from shivaye so that the’re isn’t any hurdle for in tia’s and shivaye ‘s marriage for whatever reason or revenge she is marrying him

  14. Hellooooo gd afternoon really fine.hope u all are fn.
    Sorryyyy today i got late.
    About episode its nc one.
    Rudra rocked in todays episode he looked cute in girls attire he always brings smile on my face he is really charming.
    And daksh i dntknw whats wrong with this guyz the charecter daksh is really comfusing i really hope he is the not one who is tias mistarious D.
    But anyways this daksh helping shivika to come more closer.
    And i tooo doesnt liked anikas dressing style its look like she is going to any fashion show not a family diwali function and afterall she is a middle class grl not an oberoi.she looks more pretty in simple attire.
    And most awaited ridhkara breakup happend and i know many are not happy the way it happend but im really happy and now we can see new grl in oms life.
    And now saumyas mom is coming to talk aboit saumya riyans marriage ohhhh whats happening i think cvs are planning to reveal rumya marriage.
    And precape i dntknw whats happening in ib
    But anyways i love ib love forever

  15. Guyz i really liked yesterdays sso’s diologue that “i can understand anikas silence also” ohhh what a amazing .how changed this sso really loving it who never beleibed about love started to say doilogues also really sso truelly fallen in love thats why he can hear anikas silence also thats called love.
    For me love=attraction+affection
    In shivikas case they both have attraction and affection towords each other thats love.
    In rumya case rudy has both attraction and effection towords saumya so he loves her but about saumya its not comfirmed.
    And now daksh is saying he is fallen in love with anika truely its not called love its attraction only bcz he doesnt know what is anika
    So guyz if u had time plsss share ur veiwes about love in simple way

    1. Razna

      I am also agreeying with u shahbanaaa

    2. Yes, its the intense out come of all his feelings for ANIKA! When one start to understand the silence lying between, its a peak of understanding.
      This shows how much he sensitive for ANIKA, and this fact couldn’t slipped out of DAKSH eyes, and refered it indirectly in his convo’s with SSO.
      DAKSH, let him be a BF of TIA or not, but he knowingly/unknowingly pinching SSO, and forced him to check his feelings. SSO has been vertically parted, physically is with somewhere else, mentally only with ANIKA.

      1. Yes shekhar sso mentally only with anika

  16. Razna richu saku chithra and all my sweet ishquees im really fn guyz i got busy so i commented late and also this tu is taking so much time for moderation im fedup with this.

    1. Yup di…they r taking so much time for moderation…its just annoying..

  17. Hey guys NEW segment that tia is married girl and anika will collect the proves but again fails and shivay scolds anika??

  18. Veda

    According to new spoiler..dat D num k pranee is not TIA’s boyfriend..TIA is married to him… ????

    1. Ohhh no what is this veda really tia is married then also she is marreying sso really such a cheapo and great sso he doesnt know about tia is already married really big clap for cvs .

      1. Sumi.SS

        Again anika will fall into tia’s trap.that’s also tia plan..

      2. Veda

        Exactly SHAHABANA…CVs hv totally lost it…married…!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. seriously…??!!!????……nd da great SSO is totally unaware abt dis…wah….!!

  19. Bakwas show and bullshit drama,shivaye is taking care of Anika like her big brother and om…foget it and rudra I am tired of him.

    Star plus plz plz plz end this crap as soon as possible

    I’m dying by Anika,tia and riddimas over acting.???

    Nowadays hating this useless drama to the core.kasam is far better than this bakwas

    1. Veda

      I think IB dsrvs some more time before final judgment… star plus already has a number of unbearable CRAPS … request star plus to stop those fst

    2. Nikko who forced u to watch ishqbaaz if u like kasam go and watch and comment in that page who stopped u for that.u are telling kasam is best for us ishqbaaz is best.u know what before leap i too liked kasam but after leap its just pathetic nothing else.we are not fools to watch reincrinization plastic surgery crap and kasam losted the story line and now its full of sas bahu drama if u like to watch kasam go amd watch but dont come here to irritate us.for ur imformation starplus is not ur property to if u say end the show they will end and im sure u are jelousy with ishqbaaz thats why u are spreading negetivity.ib is favret of youths its not a sas bahu drama.

      1. Same here…

      2. Razna

        Same pinch…..if u dont like ib then stop watch….and dont came hera and irritate us….

    3. Nikko if u r so annoyed wd ISHQBAAZ then don’t watch it who is forcing u dear???…
      Nd one more thing if u like kasam from core of ur heart then continue wd it why r u wasting ur precious tym in watching ishqbaaz if u think its usless carp??…
      But for us its a nice show ok..
      I know its ur personal opinion but atleast dont say to end this show…
      U continue wd Kasam nd we will continue wd ISHQBAAZ..
      Its humble request don’t spread negativity about ishqbaaz here ok…


  20. could anbody tell me the latest offline barc trp of ishqbaaz?? Guys, is it among the top 10 shows or not?

  21. Sorry guys commenting after long that becoz busy wid big brother wedding and as I already said I am a marwadi grl and there are so much rituals in wedding so full weak no tv but yesterday I saw all episodes on hotstar and it’s was like a treat to watch sso as jealous Singh oberoi he was looking so cute and nikko dear if you don’t like IB then don’t watch who the hell is forcing u but stop spreading negativity about aur favourite show if u like kasam it’s OK if ishqeees are happy wid aur show …..

    1. Hi di welcome back…..
      Hw r u??

  22. Where is 13th November 2016 written update?

    1. Its Sunday so no epidode

    2. No episode on sunday

  23. Hellooooo very good morning to all my sweet ishquees
    Have a wonderful day

    1. Gud mrning di..
      Hv a nice day?

    2. Razna

      Good morning shahabana……same 2u

    3. Razna

      Hi guyssss goodafternoon……how r u alll….
      Today iam so excited to watch shivika hugg!!!!
      I m sure todays episode will rockzzz……
      And another thing…tia is married and D is her husband!!!!! I cant believe this… cheap tia……

  24. Hey guys Daksh is tias husband and tia and daksh will be exposed only after shivika marriage.gk confirmed this news.

    1. But how shivika marriage will happen we have see and I don’t want shivika marriage like ekta kapoor style like bride exchange without knowing ??

    2. Sumi.SS

      OMG..Is it true???whr u get this news??

  25. Veda
    New ISHKAARA vm…dis song nd da lines suit dem prfectly ?

    1. Wow….
      But missing them more now.????????
      I m crying ??????

      1. Veda

        I just cant stop missing them…

  26. Guys, Gul has confirmed that Shivika will have a hate marriage, with typical bride swap track. Tia and Daksh will not be exposed before Shivika wedding. Tia’s track will not end soon. Gul is copying Kasam track to increase TRPs. So finally IB is turning into a typical family drama. That’s what happens when u focus more on TRP and less on creativity. I’m done with this show now, can’t see Shivaye, Pinky and Tej insulting Anika and Anika crying buckets of tears. I can’t bear all this nonsense. I’ll not watch this show regularly after Shivika wedding but I’ll definitely return when Om’s love interest is introduced. I still have high hopes for Om’s love interest.

  27. Shivay force anika to marry is better than bride swap track what do u think guys

  28. Veda

    finally GK confirmed bride swap drama….JISKA DAR THA YAAAAAARRRRRR…WAHI HONE JA RAHA HEY…!!!!!!!!! GK once said dat she doesn’t care about TRP bt nw she herself confirmed dat its matter fr her……I cant tolert dis…. a hav to bid a temporary good bye…

    1. VEDA mam, why are you so upset! Do you think, any director may let know others what he is going to day?, atleast she may say, and we may believe, upto 2-3 episodes for what GK mam just can not reshoot the epis, but i do not thank she used to get more than 3-4 epis in advance. All directors keep the option open to render any twist, one more always beyond 1000 option we thought for even!!!! Put aside feelings, and just enjoy the situation! Either to praise or to condemn is only in our hands!

      1. read ”going to day” as ‘…. going to do”
        read ‘, but i do not thank…’ as ‘ , but I don not think……’

    2. Sumi.SS

      @veda mam and luna mam pls dnt say lyk this..gul mam cnfrmd that there is no bridal swap..In ishqbaaz fmly only entry is allowed there is no exit door..u both omkara fans one intrvew om says that clearly If u dnt lyk the show it’s k but pls watch the shw @10 pm.
      Pls keep watch…ur both comment hav more worth..enjoy the shw keep commenting.

  29. Guys r u sure shivikas marriage will be like tht of kasam no no no

  30. After shivika’s marriage there will be more “pain pekna vala “scenes I think what u think guys ??????

    1. Hey guys good news there will be no bride swap gul mam confirmed this just now?????

  31. Gul mam latest insta post
    “I did not say we are doing bride swapping I was just answering you guys saying it doesn’t work!!it has always work on Indian tv.I was just saying you people think it doesn’t work but it always gets the ratings
    We are not doing it!”

    So dear ishqies don’t worry especially your Luna dear

  32. why are u saying that u’ll stop watching?noooo girlss??we all love shivika and can’t stop just bcz of the story which is not according to your wishes.guys i think we should wait and will be what if it’s like ipkknd or kasam, atleast we’ll get shivika staying together..gul’s every track is thrilling..all we have to do is waittttt..if we’ll stop watching, the drama will end very soon(i don’t want this)..ekta kapoor’s shows are so “Bakwaas” yaar..atleast IB is way wayyyy better than those(sorry if u are ekta’s fan?) but seriously i don’t like ekta’s “Ghisay pitay” tracks.if ekta’s shows can stay for a lifetime on t.v then dudeee our IB is muchhh muchhh better than that??P.s i love you all guyz.plz don’t take me in a neg way.i’m just cleaning your heart bcz it hurts when someone says that he/she will not watch IB.shivika will stayyyy togetheeerrrr yaayyy and soon love ki entry hogi

    1. YEs sanaurifa im eagerly waiting to waych shivika marriage and isqbaaz really ishqbaaz is really best show

  33. Sumi.SS

    Another new upcmng epis we know that shivay sangeet fuctn.shivomru in same costume..not only them Anika pic also out.she also has same fabric desing..looks cute in that lehenga..shivika look perfect pair togther..I thnk there is chance fr shivika couple dance..hope so..

  34. Luna dr GK comfirmed that there is no bride swap in shivika marriage and all ishquees GK also cimfirmed that omkaras lead will enter after shivika marriage.
    And gk is replaying to all comments polietely then also some fAns are bashing her in insta really disgusting

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