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Ishqbaaz 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says she is not my mum. Shivaye asks her to get DNA test done, else there is other way, you have your childhood things, your mum will identify this. Pinky and Naintara hear them. Pinky says our lie will be caught now. Some time before, Shakti asks who did these arrangements. Pinky says Shivaye’s mum in law, Anika is not an orphan, her mum has come, they met now. Shakti asks who is her mum. Pinky says she is here. Shakti and Priyanka see Naintara.

Pinky introduces Naintara. Shakti says she looks much tired. Shivaye and Anika come. Naintara says I have habit to sleep in day and be awake at night. Priyanka asks do you do night duty. Naintara laughs and says people call me Raat ki rani. Pinky introduces Shakti. Naintara greets him and says see I can hug Samdhan ji, but not Samdhi ji.. its fine

I will hug my son in law. She hugs Shivaye and says son in law is like son, I m meeting my daughter’s Sasural for the first time and did special arrangements, come. She starts performing a Mujra on Jhalla walla song. Pinky smiles. She dances around Shakti. Shakti moves away. Anika and Shivaye look on. Naintara makes Shakti dance with her. Pinky sees Shivaye’s reaction.

Anika stops Naintara and makes her away. She asks is it done. Naintara asks why are you talking to me this way. Anika asks whose daughter. Pinky asks Anika what is she saying. Anika says I did not say anything, I have to ask something, she claims to be my mum. Naintara says I m really your mum. Anika asks why were you helpless to leave your little girl, why are you seeing Pinky, answer me. Shivaye asks Anika does anyone talk to mum like this. Anika says I want some answers. He asks her to talk to her in private. Anika asks why, if she has no shame, why should I shy. She asks Naintara why did she leave her. Naintara thinks what to do, its better to become Nirupa roy.

She starts acting and says which mum will leave her daughter willingly, I …. Pinky thinks I told her everything, I wish she remembers everything. Naintara says your anger and questions are justified, you have total rights to know truth. Anika asks why did you leave me. Naintara cries and says I was helpless. Anika says I m saying the same, tell me why were you helpless. Shivaye asks Anika to stop it. Anika says today she came back to me, as I m your wife now. Naintara says no, I did not come back as you are big house’s bahu. Anika keeps her away. Naintara says you are my daughter, I m really your mum. Anika asks her to answer.

Naintara says what shall I say that you accept I m your mum, I left you and now you don’t want to accept me. Anika asks her to answer, and stop drama. Shivaye says give her a chance to answer. Anika says she has no answer. She goes. Naintara says I think she did not forgive me, you tell me where is the place for lonely woman to stay, I had no roof on my head, I could not arrange food for her, I have put a stone on my heart and left my daughter in orphanage, how shall I explain her. Pinky thinks what nonsense is she saying. Shivaye looks at Naintara. Pinky asks Shivaye to go to Anika, and takes Naintara.

Pinky asks Naintara why is she ruining her plan. Naintara asks what did I do. Pinky says I told you Anika’s story, you left her to temple, from which Mr. Bajaj has left her to orphanage. Naintara says sorry. Shivaye asks Anika what’s wrong with you. Anika says she is not my mum, why don’t you agree. He says orphanage staff gave me Naintara’s address. She asks why can’t they do any mistake. He says truth is shocking, so you are not accepting it. She says I did not feel anything when I hugged her. He says memories also fade with time, you are saying about emotions. She asks why does he want to prove its true. He asks shall I need to give proof. Anika says she is not my mum. Shivaye asks her to get DNA test done, else there is other way to know she is your mum. She asks what. He says when I went orphanage, I got your childhood things, your mum will identify this. Pinky and Naintara hear them. Pinky says what is he talking about. Shivaye says this box has your childhood memories. Naintara says I will fail in this test. Pinky says I have to do something. She calls orphanage matron to know about things. She says call is not connecting. Shivaye says if she identifies these are your things, you will believe she is your mum. Anika says if you tell her, its my things, she will identify it. He says we will add few things in it, if she identifies your belongings, then she is your mum. She says fine. Naintara worries. Pinky asks her to leave fast, as she can’t get insulted in front of her son. She takes Naintara with her.

Ranveer asks do you think this will be useful. Kamini says I m following her since she came from Paris, she is acting strong, but she is scared within, I think her mind is asking her to stay away from you, but her heart wants to come to you, she could not forget you, you were her first love, first love makes a person weak, we have to use her weakness, you have to trap her in your love again. He asks are you sure Mausi, I got job back with difficulty, now fight with Oberois again. She asks did you forget your insult or that slap. Ranveer recalls Priyanka slapping him. Kamini says you can forget, but not me, till I take revenge of my insult, I will not sit in peace. He says Shivaye can do anything. She says we can make him do anything, his siblings are his weakness,we have to strike it, I don’t expect anything from Mahi, I have expectations from you, your mum left you with me in your childhood, you always supported me, I m sure you will support me in this fight, Oberois have to pay a price. She hangs a toy. He says fine Mausi, I will do whatever you say.

Pinky asks Naintara to get lost, Shivaye will kick her out if he comes. Shakti asks Pinky what’s happening. Naintara greets him. Pinky says she was saying she wants to go from here. Shakti says this house is of Anika, its yours too. Naintara says if I have no right on daughter, how can I have right on her house. Pinky says I explained her, but I can’t force her, we will explain Anika and then call her. He asks her to explain Anika infront of Naintara. He asks Naintara not to go if she wants to come close to Anika. Naintara says I don’t want my daughter to bear more sorrows, I will go. Shivaye asks who is going…. Naintara gets shocked.

Shivaye says Thank god that woman is not your mum, she made fun about the word mother. Anika cries and says when Shivaye could not bear the lie about me, how could he bear the truth which Mahi told me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. AnuluvsIB

      Jobless ppl shab!!
      The actors themselves might have a good rapport but the fandoms are fighting..
      Very immature!

    2. Meenuu

      Some kaira fandoms have stopped now

      There are one or two brainless people
      Who wants to start fight

  1. Because of 2.30 show ishqbaaz repeat telecast was stopped??? and yrkkh comes and for ishqbaaz it’s really unfair

    1. I mean yrkkh 3 times

  2. Hi guys I back ….????hi astha archiya amayaa anu akriti arpita bela anikaa shab and all love u all as I came tomorrow onwards I will be also commenting guyszzzzz
    Hey what all changes happened here for many days….. I couldntcouldnt read comments here hi all shab is missing I didn’t see her comments here and also I found new frnds here as I was busy and honestly missing u guys very much ….
    ????? I am very sad guyzzz but all of u enjoyed ur days in this family archuzzz HW r u…..astha nice to see ur dp changed its very nice now I feeudp as the best…..all be happy

    1. hi diyas guess me im ur SHAB KHAN ive registerd with my moms name and i missed u soo muvh

  3. Chavi

    Hi ishquies.. How r u all dears..good evening yaar..
    I’m d last one to comment here? ..actually past 3 days busy with my work yaar..I got time today n I read all ur comments side by side of my daily household work ah just now finished of reading yaar…all comments n analysis r awesome superb ??..keep writing n commenting pkj’s..

  4. Chavi

    Bela..nice comments..
    S bela SSO is SSO only..Nice yaar ur mom” nach baliyae kinaagi partner dhoondh..ha..ha..convey my regards to ur mom yaar..ur mom too is here in pseudonym… Nice good yaar..

    Astha..meri Jaan..nice analysis yaar?
    Ur shakthi…??kanna laddo thing a aasaiyaa?..nice yaar

    Nivi…ur comments r??..
    I too feeling d same dog colors..ha..ha

    Neha..good question yaar..but anika having sister yaar not bro I think so …

    Manya,surbi,gayathri,ranilya,lax, shree,anu,pushpa…all ur comments r ?…keep commenting yaar..

    Yes..akriti..anila..I agree with u..Mr.bajaj wala scene..

    Vishakha,,ur idea of kaamini chawl version n red saree version..lols..nice yaar..?

    Nilash..nice thought yaar of shakthi went naughty..?

    Amayaa..??to ur comments yaar..
    Don’t worry dear..soon we will get blushing scene in d future plot..
    Ur hindi lines are like rhyming lines to me yaar..??

    Mouni dear..sure u will get right moment soon too hoping so..

    Anika..nice comments…??

    Friends all ur Hindi wala comments ??awesome yaar? but it is something difficult for me to understand…but I enjoyed all ur lines comments yaar??..

    Archiya …once again thanku dear..for ur moms day dedication ff…

    Anu n archiya..?what u r going to do with amayaa..yaar …seriously I’m getting laughter…

    Akriti…even I found such situations yaar coz of moderation ke uncle…??☺ ur lucky to get father who is teaching maths n physics.. Great yaar ..all d best?..

    I want to share u one thing all school going girls r studying well ah..think so..mmm I’m an average student in my schoolings..yaar..n I don’t like maths..even I got pass marks in my tenth exams yaar??..but I love science n language papers ah..coz of maths I took pure science group in my 11th ?..
    But what fate teaches me is now I’m teaching maths to my kid with interest..??..

    Lax..I too think DAT it is shivika’s plan..
    Maahi..ur lines n comments. ..r ?n it reminded of Rudy…yaar..

    Mouni n I’m thinking both pinky n kamini as mothers..with two distinct characters.. Keep d thing apart who is d mother of d twins…but here kamini being mother doesn’t care about his son..n greedy while pinky on d other side who loves his son selfishly at d atmost level..n except her don’t want anyone to enter his sons life ..

    Shekar baai..
    “Who is going”?.. Its shivika’s plan..
    Yes..baai ..CVS r capable of putting any stuffs in d name of them..let’s hope for d best..yaar..
    I liked ur comment about anika its awesome yaar??..specially these lines..
    ” when anika is in her angry bird avatar,everybody is scared,even SSO..”..
    SPA AWARDS for what…ur explanation is ?..keep writing yaar..

    Sure kiki n mouni..there is major turns will happen while d revelations of pinky n kaminis truth…

    Ranilya..I too have d same doubt..both r Pinky’s sons may b..n what kamini said to maahi is all a lie…

  5. awww tysm lax di my sister already told me dat sing loris for both kids I will sing beautiful loris for my bacchas.
    thank you shana and AnuluvIB
    sure nivi di tomorrow is naamkaran of my bacchas I will let u know

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    Yes..lax..CVS won’t drag anything longer..

    Hi r u dear..its OK yaar..keep commenting while ur free..
    Hi simmy..

    Hi riddima.. How r u patient yaar..soon we will get what we expected yaar..
    Here simple logic …our CVS r using yaar..
    Like through some hard work we achieve something …d same way CVS r making plots yaar….
    Hi Ravi..pushpa.. Ur comments r?☺..
    Astha..ur lines maahi baai n mastani together with shakthi bajirao Singh oberoi..lols..?
    Truely ur shivay bhaiyyaabaaz..yaar?yup..waiting for d chemistry BTW shivika yaar..
    Shanaa..fine how r u u too.?

    Kanfi..ur ff is??..keep writing dear..

    Archiya..I too loved anika’s convoy with 9tara..
    Superb os..dear..?keep writing dear..

    ?song arpita..n nice comments..


    Chiku..I too agree yaar gauri is anika’s behen she also d same…

    Nice imagination akriti..kattappa killing bahubali..gauri killing kaali..??..

    Shab khan..hi r u…eid Mubarak..n salams to u dear u can fast yaar..all ur comments r ?..
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    Anu spaavukku poromm nallarukku ma…nice

    Alia,maggi,arshi,…nice comments yaar..

    Thanku ranilya..n all n wish u all happy mothers day dears…
    Astha..ur action speaks louder than words…is simply awesome yaar?..congrats to u too dear..n love u too ..OK OK..I won’t leak yaar..(wink..wink)..


    OK friends…if I missed any one’s comments plzz forgive me..OK ishquies take care…

  7. Archiya

    Guys.. Shivika is live on insta @officialsurbhi

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