Ishqbaaz 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye learns the problem

Ishqbaaz 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says Shivaye told me about your coming, I got dressed up to get the feel of Eid, you have worn simple clothes… jeans. Fiza says yes, I wear jeans at home. Anika says I have seen on tv, you people always stay decked up even at home. Fiza signs no. Farhan jokes. Anika says I was eager to meet you. Shivaye says Anika talks a lot. Anika says you are talking bad about me. Shivaye says no, I m warning him that my wife will ask so many questions that he will be tired answering. Anika asks Fiza does women talk much, see she isn’t saying anything. Farhan says I don’t like women who speak a lot, Fiza knows this well. Shivaye asks what are you saying. Farhan says everything has limits, women should stay in limits, Fiza agrees to this, right. Fiza says yes. Shivaye says lets drop this matter, they travelled

a long way, Anika show the guest room to Fiza. Anika says yes. She goes with Fiza.

Shivaye asks Rudra to get Farhan’s luggage by asking Khanna. Rudra says I will keep it myself. Farhan goes with him. Om asks are you thinking the same. Shivaye says Farhan was sounding strange, he was never so conservative. Om says every couple has issues, they will sort it out. Shivaye says Farhan works in Dubai, and his wife lives with his mum in Lucknow, maybe they didn’t get time to know each other, they will have a good understanding by staying here. Om agrees. Anika asks Fiza to come, we will get Farhan and Shivaye’s secrets out today, you don’t talk anything, I m talking a lot, tomorrow its your first Eid in this house, Shivaye has already told me to have great arrangements, we don’t know much about Eid, you tell me what to do, its special Eid for us. Fiza says its special for me too, don’t know on next Eid, we….

Anika asks is there any problem, you can share it with me. Fiza says I don’t know you well, but I feel I can share my feelings. Anika says then tell me. Farhan comes and asks aren’t you done talking yet. Fiza says I wasn’t saying anything. Farhan says sorry Anika if Fiza has bored you with her talks. Anika says no, she never utters a word. He says yes, she never says much, but her actions speak a lot. Anika looks at Fiza. Anika says both of you freshen up and come downstairs. She goes. Fiza offers help. Farhan says I can handle my work. Shivaye asks Gauri to make sure everything is good, its Iftaari in evening. She asks him not to worry. Shivaye asks Farhan about his job. Farhan says its going good. Shivaye calls out Anika and says your phone is ringing. Farhan says you answer it.

Shivaye says its Anika’s phone, I m not among those husbands who check wife’s phone, even Anika doesn’t do this, we respect each other’s privacy. Farhan says what privacy between a husband and wife, I receive Fiza’s calls, you should know who your wife is talking to. Shivaye says I don’t agree, a wife should have a right to privacy and personal life, I won’t like if Anika answers my calls, so I won’t do anything that she doesn’t like. Bhavya says exactly, trust is much imp between a couple. Rudra says if partners check each other’s phones, it means there is no trust. Anika comes and says it was Pinky’s call, I will just come. Om says we agree with Shivaye, we don’t check each other’s phones. Farhan says its your opinion, why do you need password then, if you have bad intentions or have something to hide, what’s the harm in showing the phone, Fiza do you have any problem if I check your phone. Fiza says no. Shivaye asks does she check your phone. Farhan says no, she doesn’t need.

Rudra says if you check her phone, even she should check her phone. Shivaye says its wrong, both should check, I don’t agree with you. Farhan says fine, I don’t agree with you, the kind of freedom women in your house get, I don’t think they should get much. They get shocked. Shivaye asks what’s wrong with you. Farhan says we change with time and thinking too changes. Shivaye says thinking isn’t changing but is forced on someone. Anika asks what’s happening, everyone has own perceptions, do you think it will change by arguing, talk something good, you met after a long time. Rudra says I will show you my marriage album, come. Farhan goes with him. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya talk to Fiza about clothes for Eid. Anika says I don’t know good Urdu, you keep teaching me, I will talk good and then get praised. Bhavya goes.

Gauri says I will get the list. Fiza asks Anika to carry on. Anika says you will have fun, come. Farhan asks where are you going. Anika says we girls are going for Eid shopping. He says why does she has to go, I got everything for her from Dubai. She says we don’t know anything about Eid shopping, she will be bored at home, she will help us and take her around Mumbai. He says she has gone out enough, she is fasting, if she decks up then… Anika asks what. Shivaye comes and asks what happened. Farhan says nothing. Farhan says get everything ready for Iftaar, let them go. Fiza and Farhan go. Anika says something is wrong between them.

Shivaye says I feel the same. She says your friend is strange. He says he wasn’t such, don’t know what happened to her. She says Fiza looks scared. He says I feel bad for her, better go shopping and come back before Iftaar. She goes. Farhan scolds Fiza and asks her not to act innocent. She asks why do you doubt on me. He says you would have told Anika to take you out. She says I refused to her, I m the same girl whom you loved you much, why did you change. He says I know the truth. She asks what did I do. He says I don’t want to argue, we have come here for two days to celebrate Eid, stay here like a good wife and pretend that we are a happily married couple, so that I maintain respect in front of my friend, I will be getting free from you after Eid. He goes. Shivaye hears them. She cries. Shivaye goes to her and knocks the door.

She says Farhan just went out. He says I have seen him and heard everything, I understood there is a problem, what’s the problem and why. She says there is nothing, every couple has some petty issues. He says Farhan is like Omru, you are equally imp, tell me, what’s the problem, Eid is festive of happiness, I don’t want you or my friend to pretend to be happy, you both really get happiness in your lives, tell me the problem. She says Farhan doesn’t trust me. He asks why. She says we were very happy when we got married, then he went to Dubai for job, I lived with his mum, I never realized when we drifted apart, when he returned, he began suspecting me, he assumed that I m characterless. He says so he checks your phone.

She says he even hired a detective to spy on me, he keeps track of me, I swear to Lord, I only love Farhan, I can die for him, still I don’t know why he suspects me, my marriage is falling apart and I m not able to do anything. He says okay stop crying now, I will talk to Farhan and clear the misunderstandings, let me tell you, he is good hearted, problem is the distance between you two, I will make everything fine. She blesses him. He blesses them. She walks ahead and slips. He holds her in arms. Farhan comes and asks what’s happening here. Anika, Gauri, Bhavya and Omru come. Shivaye says its not what you think. Farhan says you don’t say anything Shivaye, I know what’s happening here. Shivaye says you are misunderstanding.

Farhan says she is a disgusting and characterless woman, you don’t know her, mom was right, I work hard in Dubai and this woman does such things behind my back. Fiza cries. Farhan says she used to get decked up and go out, she used to stand at the window to watch other men. Fiza says I was just waving at kids. Farhan says shut up, I thought mom could have been wrong, but today I have seen it, she didn’t even spare my friend. Shivaye says its nothing like that. Farhan says I m not blaming you, but you don’t know her, she saw a chance and embraced you. She says don’t accuse me, I was about to fall and… He asks how much will you fall in everyone’s eyes. Shivaye says enough Farhan, you can’t talk to Fiza like this. Farhan says my opinion about her won’t change. She says I swear to Lord that…. Farhan says shut up, I had asked you not to humiliate me in front of my eyes, I thought of divorcing you after Eid, now I can’t wait for a moment. Fiza asks what are you saying, I just love you. He pushes her and asks her to stop acting. He says I expel you from my life and house right now, I divorce you. They all get shocked.

Shivaye says you will have to listen to me. Anika asks else what will you do. Shivaye throws her in the pool. He gets in the pool too. He holds her close.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Sry for not replaying U all in last page…
    WELCOME BACK @Shiny dr….
    @Arpu i m not against of nikah… But i dont want any drama in it… But agar romance nd al ke saath sb ki nikah ho toh……
    @Ishu , sacchi.mein u said on a very sensitive point , i.e , my bhaiya’s height… LOL…
    @Lu , yeh now it’s high time… Hope cvs will understand it…
    I thought aj pool romance hoga , but….
    Koi nahi…
    Coming to epi…
    Farhan , how dare he talk like this…!!! Nd straight said that he don’t like talketive women…. Nd all those things to Fiza…. Seriously…!!
    I thought Fiza will say her problem to Anika , but……
    Restriction in many thing only for girls / women… This is common thing happening in this world…
    Now a days ye sb kaam ho raha hain , but still this type of things happening….
    To doubt others to put restriction other all these things r depend on that person’s mind set… To reduce all these things we have to change our mind set… We have to trust other….
    Trust is d pillar of any relation… If we trust eo then there is no point to doubt other in these type of points like Farhan said…
    So still social issues is going on some how… Obros will short out everything at last…
    Precap – Pool romance…..
    I m waiting 4 that only…..
    GN PKJ….

    1. Arpita6

      He Bani..congrats GBG.
      I am also excited for pool romance..hope Cvs will do good
      Not any 1 miniute scene.I want loooooong.

      1. Banita

        Hlo Arpu…
        Yeh i also want a longggg pool scene not a small one…
        Just hope editor cut na krle….

    2. Heyy,,Bani ,,.how are you ,,all good na ..
      Congrast on being 1st yrr….
      Social issues is still going on …
      But ib ,,jada se jada girls issuse hi dikha rahe hai ,,this is really awesome ,they are supporting girls very well .each and evry point ,,that is the good thing about this social issues….
      Bye ,take care….

      1. Banita

        Hlo Tania….
        Yeh all good yaar…
        Last one was not about only girls , it’s for both…
        Nd ab humare society mein jayda girls relating issues hain toh dikhayenge vi usse hi na…
        BTW Thank U dr…

    3. Banita congrats for being number 1. I know you are excited with the pool scene tomorrow. Savour through the scene. ?

      1. Banita

        Thank U dii….
        Yeh i m super exciting for that…

    4. Luthfa

      Go Banita Go.Many many congratulations….?
      Let’s see what cvs are going to do.And you are absolutely right.No matter what happens sufferer will be one and only girls.Age old tradition and custom.Anyway,waiting for pool romance and fire in water.Take care?

      1. Banita

        Thank U @Lu…
        Yeh age old tradition is still going on…
        Waiting for fire only… LOL

    5. Go Bunny Go…
      this is Aastha after a long time.

      1. Banita

        O M G…!!!!
        My Aasthu dii is here….
        WELCOME BACK diii…
        Nycc to see U here after a longggggg time…
        Love U dii…

    6. Go Banita di Go!
      Congo on being first .
      You are absolutely right di ……
      Restrictions hamesha girl/ women par hi hote hai …….don’t know ……why? …..

      1. Banita

        Thank U Ishu…
        Why???? This is d question whose answer wohi log de sakte hain jo ye sb krke hain in d name of costumes nd al…

    7. JeevithaTK

      Hi Banita dear,
      Congrats dear for being 1st dear…. OK let’s c today pool part dear.. Love you. TC…

      1. Banita

        Thank U @Jeevi…
        yeh let’s see how much hotness store in pool…

    8. Banita di
      Aap mujhe bata sakti hain ki aapne Jo link share ki hai voting. K liye wo safe hai ki nhi in terms of privacy because they are asking for phone no.
      So ,I just want to clear it .

      1. Banita

        Ishu relax… It’s save… I myself vote in it…

  2. Pushpa

    Hello luvly people…. v r always happy people….

    Well i know all waiting for 2moros pool scene but just take 5min and read all our TU updates please.

    My take is privacy is precious. I think privacy is the last true luxury. To be able to live your life as you choose without having everyone comment on it or know about. Everyone in OM do respect their partners privacy but this Farhaan says stupid thing like i will read my wifes messages but she dont read mine…. who doesnt trust his wife….

    And the way fiza so scared towards Farhaan ….. ok Shivaye & team thinks therevis something wrong and this shivaye confirmed when he hears Farhaan scolding fiza and promised fiza he will unite farhaan& fiza… but the RK post …. hw can cv give this away to another this person ..what the hell Farhaan ‘talak’ immediately …… stupid real stupid….

    Precap….. ???????????oooo la la
    Gd nite lets chat tomoro….pool scene……

    1. Banita

      Hlo diii….
      HRU??? Talking with U after a really long time….
      Yeh he just said talak without thinking once…
      Yup pool scene…. Usi ki hi tob intejaar hain…

    2. Hiiii Pu are you..
      Yeh agree with you..
      Everybody needs some privacy… if a husband can check wife ohone then wife can also check it..
      Some privacy needed and some thing also needed to be shared by both partners…..
      I have kept my expectations very much low.bcoz scared of editor ‘s editing…….

    3. Hello pushpa how are you my dear? Yes everyone should have a certain measure of privacy once they reach adulthood. Fiza is not a kid to be policed by her husband 24/7

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Personal privacy is very important in conjugal life as individually couples have different choices about almost everything and they should maintain and respect that.And to be honest,there was no need of RK pose for Farhan to misunderstand Fiza.He is already a gone case.Forget all those,hot and steamy pool romance is coming.Prepare to get burned.All the best di????

    5. Hello Pushpa di .
      How are you?
      Yes ……
      Privacy is necessary in marriage also .

    6. And Sorry Pushpa di

  3. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals.
    @Shiny dear.Me too missed you too much.How are you???..I am fine.
    @Sindhu.yeh but I don’t know much urdu.I can say odia fluently. .
    @Lu no need to say sorry..I will love tobturnung into a mess again and again and again and again…ha ha ha.

    Ok episode was ok ok type for me.
    This is what I don’t wanted ….I mean this prblm should known by girls gang or Annika…
    I mean what is this???? In this matter Sso will take lead..kya yarr.malab kuch bhi..
    Actually this 6.5 footer reminded me Of Beast singh oberoi whom I really hated during shivika first forced marriage. .I was sooooo much angry on him than anything…
    Bcoz both situation is same.that time Sso also misunderstood Annika now this idiot farjan..
    I forgive Sso ..letse see about this idiot.
    And Farhan for your kind information TALAQ is not a word it carried so much thing and it shouldn’t be used in these matter …..

    Only I loved Precap -now 24 hours torture.
    Hope a long sequence will happen..not chootu sa..

    1. Arpita6

      Guys Are you voting or not????.
      Once again reminding you nominations
      1 Best show-ishqbaaz
      2.Best Actor- Nakuul mehta
      3 Best Actress-Surbhi Chandna
      4 Best onscreen jodi-Shivika
      5 Best Supporting actor-Kunal Jaisingh
      6Best supporting Actress – Shrenu Parikh
      7 Best actor in comic role -Leenesh matto
      8 Most fit actor- Leenesh matto
      9.Style Diva- Surbhi Chandna.
      Some one plz send the link.
      After all we are ishqbaazians.
      Keep voting.

      1. Arpita di mujhe vote karne mein koi problem nhi hai but for registration they are asking for phone no .
        To aapko Kya lagta is it safe?

    2. Banita

      Yeh mujhe vi laga tha girls gang ko fiza ki problem pata chalega , but cvs toh kuch aur hi planning mein hote hain…
      Everyone is waiting for pool scene only… Hope iss baar humare expectation se ho…

      1. Bani.thank you for the link….ok no thank you.
        Love you..
        Cvs ke liye Bahu Sso jo he na..???..
        Ye can’t wait for Pool scene …but expectations thoda kum rahe toh accha hoga..editor kuch bhi kar sakte he

    3. Heyyy,,Arpu…how are you..
      Yes yr ,,is case mai to ladkiyon ko lead dena cahiye tha ,har bar shivay jaruri nahi hay ,,aue jab baat ek ladki ki hai to ek laki hi uski baat ko achese samaj payegi na , cvs ko pata nahi sso se itna payar kiun hai…..
      I also want a long pool side scean …bohot hi jada maja ayega kal shivika ki bhigi bhigi payar bhara tashan dekne mai ……
      Bye ,,love you ,,tc…

      1. Hii Tani I am fine dear..
        Yeh a girl can understand a girl’s pain more than boy.
        But Cvs ae loving Sso very much na
        tlab kuch bhi..
        Shivika ki bhigi bhigi pyar bhara tashan….these words are enough…

        Waiting..waiting….and waiting..

    4. Oh wow Arpu must be nice to hear you speak in Odia. Heard it is a difficult language.
      Arpu I have voted so many times all for IB only until my fingers got frozen and I could not make ip any more IDs as I lost ideas of password.

    5. Luthfa

      Kay baat hain Darling,you are going naughty and all.I think upcoming pool romance is influencing you.Carry on?????????????
      And yeah,I would love to turn you into Puddle Mess again and again and again and again……Hehehe…..??????????
      Episode went as per Farhan’s wish and the silent obeying of Fiza amidst all the viewpoints of the Oberois.Anyway,pool romance is waiting for us.Your moment is going to arrive.Be ready Darling.Pool ke paani main jalne ke liye???????????????
      P.S.I have done voting with all the ID’s I have.

    6. Hiiiiiiiii……….
      Arpita di .

      Precap is really interesting .
      Bilkul Sahi bola di aapne Talaq sirf ek word nhi hai .
      Is chote se word se Kisi ki puri life kharab ho jaTi hai .
      Isliye Talaq jese sensitive word ko soch samajh kr use Krna chahiye.

  4. Hlo pkjians…….i hope all is going well
    1stly sorry for not replying to anyone actually ,,i am little busy with my college’s paper work ,,so sorry
    @ishu ,,HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..!! I know i am late ,,but sorry ok..plz don’t mind ….???meri taraf se tumhare liye balti bhar bhar ke payar,,aur wishes…..

    This farhan ,,is too much ,,aise koi bhi rishta nahi tikega ,,kitna shak karta hai …koi bhi relationship mai trust is really needed,,,..and agar yeh dought kisi bhi rishte mai a jaye to isse bara khatarnak kuch bhi nahi hai ..
    I feel very sad for fiza ,,she is too much stressed about theire relation….but mujhe nahi lagta aisa rishte rakhna bhi chahiye ,,ayse koi bhi rishta nibhaya nahi jata ,,
    Cvs again and again highlighting shivay’s character,,,they did wrong by this ,,it’s not needed ,,but the just doing this …

    After a long time ,,i am egarly waiting fkr tommorow , ,,i badly want to see shivika in pool…..
    But they are romancing aur somthing else ,,mujhe samaj mai nahi aya,,,…
    Ok ,,so bye ,,and good night …

    1. Banita

      Hlo Tania…
      In precap they r romancing only yr… Actually they r starting their romance… Hope koi kabab mein haadi naa ban jaye…

    2. Tani..Shivika yaa toh fight karte he….ya fir prblm solve karne main lage rehe te he.
      Yaa fir ek dusre ko tashan dikhane main..
      Btw inki tadi wali romance mujhe bahut pasand he..
      Lets see kal pool main kya karne wale he.???????wink wink..
      Yeh much glorification will do gangaram of Sso…character..
      Poor fiza and this idiot farhaan..

    3. Hey Tania dear! How are you? Hope you are doing good.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Trust is a must in every relation.And there should be some privacy as well.But the way Shivaay said he won’t check Anika’s phone and expects same from Anika looked somewhat overdone to me.As in the past he himself checked Anika’s phone out of jealousy for an imaginary Rohit.In any given time,anyone can behave like Farhan be it Shivaay or other in real life as well.And Fiza won’t break this relationship as she loves her husband.She has become the victim of her love.Anyway,let’s wait for pool romance.Weather is not so will be Shivika??????

      1. Luthfa

        I meant weather is hot.Auto correct mata ki jai ho????????

    5. Hiiiiiiiii dear Tania.
      How are u ?
      And Thank u so much for ur wishes and for u Baltimore bhar bhar k pyaar .
      Trust is the base of every relationship Tania .
      And ya doubt se relationships aur Rishton mein darrar aa jaTi hai.

  5. No wonder Farhan is Obro’s friends…. He is not less than them…. They are once like that too, blaming their girls having affair with another man……

    1. Banita

      I agree…

    2. That’s true…..

    3. nd y ur hellbent n blaming shivaay fr d past nw he s changed dont brag n past episodes.

      1. I’m not saying about Shivaay only…. I’m saying about three of them…. And I’m not dragging their past…. I just said the similarities they are having with their friend too….

    4. Ha ha ha I agree…
      Good that all three are chnged…

    5. Luthfa

      Very true,apt,valid and rightly placed point?

  6. Luthfa

    It’s so right to do whatever one wants to do without knowing what other has to say regarding the decision of their own life,correct Mr.Farhan?Your wife has committed crime in wanting to live a normal life.See,you were away from home,from Fiza so she should have confined herself in the four walls of her room inside your house.She should not laugh,talk,go somewhere,nurture one or two hobbies,pay visit to relatives and all those which a wife should not do when her Husband stay away from her.According to you her world should revolve only around you but unfortunately you were not available that time.So I am assuming you wanted Fiza to cry over your photo hanging on the wall,on the bed side table and most importantly on her phone and wherever you were present around her.She should mourn that you are not near and doomsday has arrived.Wow,such deep your intentions and your inner wish!Hats off to your demands(seemingly)as a husband.I must say,Fiza has committed sin by taking breaths in absence of you.She should have hold her breath till you come to see her.Why don’t you go for an agreement with Fiza that how many minutes she would hold her breath?Fourteen fifteen minutes per hours would suffice?Or do you want to check other options?I think one minute per hour is the perfect deal.Just sign it with Fiza as I am sure she won’t and can’t refuse you.She will say Yes for everything you will ask or demand.What a wife you have!Your opinion about your wife is absolutely perfect.But I want to ask you,if Fiza in future wants something like that you are wanting now,will please you?Will you agree with her and response to her every wish without any question?The way you have accused(lovingly)her,same accusations if she place on you,will you deny?If she turn down your pleadings to hear you once and give a chance to explain your words will you feel heartbroken and devastated?If she makes a time-table for your day to day life will you accept that with a blooming smile on your face?If she humiliates you(off course for an absolutely nonsensical reason)in front of other,will you cry feeling shame that Fiza is insulting you unnecessary?And most importantly if accidentally you fall over some other girl or woman or ask for their help when you will be in potential danger and for that if Fiza term you Character less,would you protest?You know what Farhan,I am expecting fair answe for every question I have asked.You are a Male,100% from every aspect.Don’t back out like a coward feeling shy okay?Oh,how can I forget that feeling shy is an ornament of a girl especially for Fiza like girl.Anyway,I am waiting for your answer.If you really feel ashamed to answer my questions then you can e-mail me.I won’t share with anyone,I promise.And my e-mail ID is…………………………………………..

    1. Banita

      First of all clam down @Lu calm down…
      What a powerful comment..!!!!
      I totally agree with U dr…
      In this man dominant society many male like Farhan think they r only superior nd girls like Fiza tolerate everything silently…
      Nycc comment yr…

      1. Luthfa

        I was and am calm dear,don’t worry.Fiza’s conditions made me write something like that.And in my writing Farhan is representing all those husbands who think and behave like him,that’s it.So,I unleashed my words for everyone like Farhan.Anyway,thank you soooooo….much for your love and concern.Love you?

    2. Lu,,,i think you are hell angry with that farhan ….
      aur hona bhi chahiye ,,but itna narazgi sehi nahi hai tumhare sarir ke liye ,,so come down ,,ok cool cool
      Are who 2,rupees mindded farhan to tumhara gussa bhi deserve nahi karata ,,pata nahi apne apko kaya samjta hai ,,aisa lag raha tha ki fiza uski biwi nahi bal ki ek doll hai jiski remote farhan ke haat mai hai ,,aisi husband na wife’s ke liye jindegi ka ek curse hota hai ,,.leave it ..
      You just come down..!!!
      Bye ,,,tc ,,love you..

      1. Luthfa

        Hahaha….I am not angry or anything.I just wanted to wash that Farhan with detergent that’s why.Thank you soooooo….much for your sweet concern.Love you too?

    3. Mere ko lag raha he.tumhari dimag ki dahi hogayi he…calm down..take a deeeeep breath..
      Analysis is awasome..
      Farhan needs one word..IDIOT …..
      This word actually suit him…

      1. Luthfa

        Relax,relax Darling.Mere dimag ki dahi,raita,lassi kuch bhi nahi hua.I was absolutely fine and well while writing it.And who is Farhan for whom I would waste my energy?Anyway,thank you sooooo….much for your love dear.Love you?

    4. Oh what a great Penmanship!!! Penmanship!!! Penmanship!!!luftha you never fail to amaze me. Now your penmanship has changed. Your beautiful words are just like the gentle river that silently flows along and soothing to one’s ears.
      What an apt description of jealousy and abusive Violent man. Such man should be nailed to the torture stake. What do they take women as? Some rusty product that they can keep toying with their feelings and being suspicious all their lives? They don’t let their wives live in peace and they too don’t live in peace. They themselves bring on unnecessary stress.

      Thanks for your analysis dear Luftha.

      1. Luthfa

        Awwwwwww….So sweet of you di.To be honest,I did not think my comment will turn out like that.I just went with the flow.And you are absolutely right di.Farhan like husband won’t mend their way anytime soon.And Fiza’s will go on suffering throughout their life.Thank you soooooo…much for your precious love di.Love you?

    5. Oh …….my ……..god…….

      Oh…….my ………mata…..

      Itna anger Luthfa di……..
      Sehat k liye accha nhi hai…

      But ya …..
      I agree with each and every point of your’s di .
      Husbands like Farhan has to give answer for the questions u mentioned above.

      And yes agar Farhan aapko email Kare na…..
      To mujhe bhi bata Dena ……I promise mein Kisi ko nhi batongi ki aa ne mujhe bata hai..

      Pakka promise ……pinky promise …..?

      Love u Di.

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehehe…..I don’t know why everyone is saying about my anger.What I have written is to trigger the always suspecting mentality of some husband like Farhan.I wrote inserting sarcasm,taunt,irony and everything to bash Farhan peacefully but you guys are thinking I am angry!Anyway,as you are also eager to know the answer then I will ask Farhan to send his answers to you directly.Is that okay?And I love you too dear?

  7. Hi pkj I am new here, I was a silent reader but CVS is really doing a good showing about social issues. I am also missing rikara scenes. Somehow in these social issues I am shivika, rikara and ruvya seen. Wish they show their scenes differently not all together. Ok I commented very long so bye now .

    1. Hiii Pooja..welcome to pkj…keep commenting and enjoy the fun.
      One miniute you said long comment… ha ha.then whatever we are writing what is that…?? ??????..
      Even I want their scenes differently…it will be more good..

    2. Hi pooja welcome to PKj family. Be patient pooja. They will show soon.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Pooja,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love and band-baja.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love…?
      Cvs are doing great but messages are overflowing that’s it.And dear,long comment is the specialty of PKJ.See you soon.Take care?

    4. Hello Poja ……
      Welcome to our lovely pkj family with lots and lots of love.
      And keep commenting.

    5. Banita

      WELCOME TO PKJ Pooja….
      nd ye chotu sa comment hain dr…
      Waiting read ur more analysis on epis…

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    Hi guys. A v. Good morning to all.
    I’m so happy today to share 1 of my day with u all tht tht today is my birthday… I’m so happy to celebrate this birthday with u all. I think this year will b 1 among of special n rememberble…. Becoz to celebrate it tht family where v r connected by hearts ? ……
    Coming to the episode it was OK… But eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode to c that pool side romance…. Which is 1 among favarate of shivika part….. I hope CVS gives a good b’day gift… Just hope he don’t make me papu by making it jst few seconds….. I don’t want to spoil my mood today by telling Husbands like Farhan…… OK guys c u all soon. With lots of love.. TC..

    1. Hiiiii Jeevi.. dear…wish yiu a khidkitod happiest birthday..I wiah you will get all the happiness that you deserve..
      And yeh enjoy this day with your family……..
      Stay lots of delicious food…
      Hope Cvs will give you a Good gift on your too want a long sequence not for few seconds..
      Btw your dp my RUMYA..?????…..feeling emotional…

      1. JeevithaTK

        Hi Arpita dear,
        Hru. Thank you so much dear.. Let’s hope CVS gives me nd all of us GD treat…. Any Rumya I miss them a lots…. Love you. TC.

    2. Luthfa

      Wish you a day full with love,happiness and smile.Hope the day brings you all the sweet wishes your heart desires.God bless you and may your all dreams come true…..Happy Birthday To You???????????
      Shivika’s pool romance will be your birthday gift.Let’s wait for your gift.With you whole PKJ is going to enjoy.Lots of love????????

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        Hru. Thank u so much dear…… S dear waiting to become 6:00pm to watch the episode…. Love you. Tc

    3. Heyy jeevi …..Happy Birthday dr…..
      May god bless you ..and all your dreams comes true…
      Enjoy this day with your family and friends,,and with us too….
      Stay happy and healthy…
      I also want to cvs gifted you a long shivika pool remance scean …
      Take care …love you

      1. JeevithaTK

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        Hru. Thank u so much dear…… S dear waiting to become 6:00pm to watch the episode…. Love you. Tc

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    Kadhambari akka how was little Prince Suhas 1st day of the school…… Shiny n pushpa do welcome back to both….
    Hv a nice day guys..

    1. Jeevi thank you yarr..enjoy your day ..and if get time then vote for IB..
      You too dear..have a nice day..

    2. Than you so much Jeevi and wishing u the same for u dear .

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    So Hey guys @Arpitha6 dear I’m fine…
    @Banitha dear Thankyou for welcoming feeling as if I’m Back Home….
    So coming to epi…. Farhaan was Replica of My Dad and Fisha is My Mom… these scenes goes eveyday in our House… I would say My mom is the very unlucky women she has so many wishes,dreams but broken into pieces by my dad.. My Mom was with me yester while I was watching it… she was saying to me For Her Chopra(Shivaay) came but no one is there for me to support… I would have Divorced him but seeing your face I couldn’t do anything.. The pain and guilt I felt is out of world. No body should get men like this.. my Mom is praying that I would never get Husband like this.. Only fights and in return tears were the only thing happens in this families everyday… The only Happy and good thing to me is Ishqbaaaz and PKJ…. I had no Happy family in any way not just a simple Happy family…. just only lost everything in life… After seeing the epi I was stressed and I felt like saying to someone so I just poured out… sorry Love you guys…

    1. Luthfa

      Shiny dear,
      Plz don’t be sad though you have all the reason to be.I can’t console you still want to say that God will heal your wounds and take away all your pain.Have faith in him.Lots of love,hugs and smiles from my side.And PKJ is always there for you dear.Love you.Take care?

      1. ShinyTirupathi

        Thank you so much yeah just having faith only in him… you guys always bring smile to me…

      2. Luthfa

        That’s like my girl.Keep smiling always and be happy.God is watching everything.Just forget everything else.Love you?

    2. Hii …….
      How are you ?

      Don’t say like this dear.
      You didn’t lose anything in life .

      U just concentrate on your studies and on your aim and forget all other things .
      And try to achieve success in Ur .

      And the day u become IAS officer
      Ur mother will forget all of her sorrows in front of ur happiness.
      And that day the tears in ur mom’s eyes is not bcoz of the pain given by ur dad but the happiness given by u …
      And that day is not so far .

      Stay strong.
      Take care of urself and ur mom.
      We are always with u .
      And don’t be sorry ,u can share anything which u want ,after we are like ur family members.
      Right ?

      1. ShinyTirupathi

        Thank you for such motivation dear Sure I will bring Happiness in my mom’s face…. yeah I’m strong but my weakness is My mom… can’t see her daily in tears… just I and my bro are everything to her

    3. Banita

      hey u didn’t lost everything dr , ur mom is with U who’s supporting u in every term nd pkj is also with u na… In pkj u only gain nothing to loss…
      Nd don’t be sorry to share anything with ur family (pkj)…
      Lots Of Love dr to U nd ur breave mother…

      1. ShinyTirupathi

        Thank you dear Haan I felt really good hearing this of course its My PKJ family

  11. Oh my the episode was mind boggling!!! Farhan Farhan what a sadistic man!!!! If tables are turned and Fiza has suspected he has Mistress in Dubai then what? So woman can’t suspect man of having any secret affair but only man can suspect. What kind of society are we living in? All the extremist of jealous category men who married a beautiful Wife and leaves her at home under the care of his mum and goes to work hard abroad. Constantly checking from his mum whether his Wife is talking to any men. Which means Fiza can’t even go to a grocery store to buy anything because there could be male seller and when gives the note she is probably not even suppose to hand it on his hand or even talk to him. This is absurd.

    Poor Fiza!!! She has married an abusive Husband. He expects to keep her locked inside his house and so no one can see her. Men like Fatiha.n should not marry at all.

    It is true that Husband and Wife should have at least a certain measure of privacy. If we go through their call log then you are not trusting your husband or Wife. I like what ShivOmRu said that we never check our wives phone. Actually the three bros did that at one point in their life and that is why the obros know how a woman goes through when you label her characterless. The three obros labelled that to Anika Gauri and Bhavya. After knowing the truth they were remorseful so that so why shivaay and Om are feeling sorry for Fiza. He knows what Anika and Gauri went through when they labelled them characterless and then they worked to win the back.

    Having said that I am waiting for the pool romance. Hopefully it is more than one minute and no editing please. It brings the old IB moments.

    1. I am not trying to rake the past deeds of ShivOmru. Since they have gone through this experience before they have become good examples and have treated their wives like gem. They are all n the better position to explain to the rogue Farhan and knock some sense into him if Farhan has any sense at all.

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      I agree with you completely.Some men think their wife will do anything behind their back so trusting them is not possible.That Farhan even set a spy to track Fiza’s whereabouts and day to day doings.Fiza must be feeling suffocated all the time being on such a relationship.And about Obros,at one point they were also nurtured same mentality like Farhan to some extent but now they have mended their way as they have learnt from their experiences.Nice analysis di.You and me are sounding same and that’s beautiful.Take care di?

    3. Banita

      Hlo diii…
      Agree with U dii….
      Hope Obros will try to understand him by their old exprience…
      TC dii..

  12. Hello dear luftha arpu banita beauty tania Ishita sneha krishna shivya kadhambari my Little Sister jeevi aayush rithu pushpa dhawan Naidu dhanu Sri

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,have a great day ahead.Love you di?

    2. Hii diii….???

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi Sindhu akka,
      Hru. A big Hello to u akka. I do agree to u….. Y only woman r suspected y nt men….. Same to pinch akka even I think tht men like Farhan y do they marry r live they wife along n suspect them….. OK akka I’m the same jeevi ur little sister.. Now jst registered that’s it. Love you akka. TC..

    4. Hiii Sindhu di.
      How are you ?
      Ya..di u r right obros too did same with their better halfes but from their mistakes they learnt a lot .
      And that is good .
      I hope Farhan will understand Fiza and stop behaving and stop treating her like that ..

  13. Luthfa

    I am calm dear and I was calm too while writing it.Don’t worry,I was fine.Fiza’s conditions made me wrote something like that.And in my writings Farhan is representing all the husbands who think and behave like him.So,I have unleashed my words for Farhan everyone like him.Anyway,thank you soooooo….much for the love dear.Love you?

  14. Luthfa

    Hahaha….I am not angry or anything.I just wrote what I wanted after watching the episode.And seeing the behaviour of Farhan felt like washing him with detergent.That was my small trying to purify him though I know laato ke booth baato se nahi manta.Anyway,thank you sooooooo…much for your sweet concern.Love you too?

  15. One thing confirmed that shivaay only three things in this
    1 nayi soch brand
    2 colors of different suits
    3 stylish star

  16. Hii guys
    Arpita,luthfa,Shanaya,dwani,banita,sindhu,kadhambari,tania,prabha,aashika,zaveesha,pushpa,dhanu sree,Nikita,mahira,Zara,janu,mahi,chaithu,chavi,omaira,dishani,riya,jeevi,riya,ss,Misha,jeni,shivya,shyni,riana,Aastha,rahul,aayush, abhishek,anitha,sana,ishita,shradda..etc etc.
    How r u guys???I hope everyone is doing best…???

    Sorry guys for not responding to ur earlier replies..kinda reopening formalities..??‍♀??‍♀
    @arpita nd
    @bani no dears..this social track is not over..but now I am just kind of liking checking each other’s phone,trust,freedom for girls…I loved the subject..
    Nd bani also congrats for being no 1 today…I checked time..10:30 grt fast nd furious..????
    @ishu belated hpy b’day Dr..
    @tania I am fine dr..all the best for ur results..when is it?
    @jeevi same here too…it’s heavy rain in my place too but for us it’s u too..
    @sindu I am also good dr sis..I loved ur I am not from Mumbai I am from kerala to be more specific palakkad..what aspect made u think that I am from Mumbai..?????
    @luthfa hope u are free now.I loved ur yesterday’s cmnt…love u

    And guys when I asked the retelecast time many of u said 3:30,4,5 but actually now there is just one retelecast (my finding)and it’s 11:00am I don’t know what happened to the aftnn show…anyways thanku everyone who shared the time..and now another problem popped up… star India has deactivated many channels in some places of South India…so I am not getting star plus in TV..??‍♀??‍♀?‍♀?‍♀?‍♀

    Just depending on hotstar or other online sites….poor me..don’t know when will the star plus come back…??????

    One of ma longest cmnts..??

    1. Thank you so much Sneha .
      How are you dear?

    2. Banita

      Hlo Sneha….
      I m good dr… How about U???
      I m also liking this track , but i think now it’s too much about social issues…
      BTW Thank U dr…

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,
      How are you?Yes,I am free for the time being.Thank you sooooooooo….much for your valuable love dear.And all the best for your further study.Hope this problem of channel ends soon.Take care.Lots of love?

  17. JeevithaTK

    Hi Sneha dear,
    Hru. Oo in ur city to rain ???? but nt common dear becoz rain is rare in our city if I’m not wrong in 2016 v don’t have a single rain whole year. But this time it was heavy which v can’t bare it. V can tolarate heat nt rain.. By the way all the best for academic year of ur school.. OK c u soon.. Love u. Tc

  18. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies dear… Episode is good… Trust and privacy matter cvs has brought up in a good way.. Excited for the precap….

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Nikita,
      Me too loved the implementation of the privacy matter of married couple.And for me,there should be some privacy between couples respectively.Waiting for pool romance of Shivika.It’s been almost one year.Take care?

  19. Nikita_jai29

    Happy birthday dear jeevi

  20. I would personally be happy if they don’t reconcile, poor lady deserves someone better loving selflessly is good but not at the cost of self respect

    1. Luthfa

      Hello 1334,how are you?
      You just spoke my heart’s wish.Whatever Fiza is tolerating in the name of marriage is not acceptable at least for me.That Farhan is thinking so high of him.Fiza’s self-respect has become weak in front of her love.And I feel pity for her.This love is really dangerous to handle sometimes.We won’t get our wish as Oberois will unite Farza at any cost.Millions of Farhan are roaming in the society and unfortunately they don’t have friends like Shivaay Singh Oberoi and well wisher like the Oberois.Take care?

      1. Luthfa

        Sorry its 1234….?

      2. I’m fine tq, how are you, very true there are so many like that in society, more than correcting people like Farhan it’s important to make people like fiza understand that it’s very important to stand up for themselves and even if it’s against the person who they love selflessly

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