Ishqbaaz 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Tej cheats Jhanvi

Ishqbaaz 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks what happened, Rudra said there is some problem here. Shivaye says Khanna told me that you…. They see the table and say Omru….. Some time before, Ragini takes her selfie and says I look gorgeous even in these bruises. Anika looks on. Ragini sees her and acts to talk to her mum. She says yes, Shivaye is very sweet, he cares for me a lot and asked me to stay here tonight, he does not let me go away from his sight. Anika goes. She turns and sees Shivaye. She says it was mom’s call, she is scared that Siddharth would come home, she was asking me to stay at my friend’s house, I was thinking where to stay. She thinks he is not reacting. She says I have headache and bodyache, would you check if I have fever. She holds his hand.

Anika comes and says no use to make him check, a

girl can understand better, you would be having headache, bodypain, have this kada, you will get fine. Ragini asks what’s kada. Anika says this green item is kada, your health will be tan tana tan tara, drink it, close eyes, take a gulp. Ragini says no, it looks strange. Shivaye says it looks strange, but its healthy, I trust Anika, she won’t give anything wrong. Anika looks at him. Ragini says fine, I will drink it if you say. She drinks it and coughs. She says it was very bitter. Anika says yes, like you, I mean its given to ill people like you, you will get fine. Ragini says I was saying, I will book hotel room. Shivaye says stay here. Ragini asks really, that’s very sweet. Anika says its good, I can give you kada every two hours. They go.

Tej talks to Jhanvi on call and says thanks for putting my medicines and files in bag, I forgot while hurrying for airport, you never forget wife’s duty. She says we are talking so normal after long time, no fights. He says I realized my mistake, person values family when he stays away, I promise things will be different when I come home this time. Jhanvi says I will wait for you, have a safe trip. Shwetlana says one should learn acting from you and smiles seeing Tej.

Shivaye stops Anika and asks what were you doing. She asks what. He says you gave kada to Ragini intentionally. He stops her. She asks what are you doing. He says I m asking you. She says its not bad to give kada to any ill person. He asks really, when did you start worrying her. She says yes, so I gave her kada, else I would have said she has hurt herself. He asks what. She says I m taking care of your would be fiancee. He asks my fiancee. Om comes and says I have to show something guys, come.

Rudra and Bhavya compete and exercise. Rudra stops. Bhavya says if you want to make me lose, do something else, you can’t make me lose in crunches. He says you are cheating. She says I don’t, you focus on your exercise. He says girls can’t have healthy competition, they start crying. She says I m one who makes others cry, did you see your way to exercise, you will get cramps in stomach. He says I know more than you, I was born doing situps, its useless to talk to you. He goes. She says he left competition, he would have got angry if he lost. Anika says Bhavya showed him down. Shivaye says poor Rudra, he is doing a lot to prove he is macho. Om says what’s the use, why does he not accept Bhavya is a cop and more strong. Shivaye says he is my brother, he won’t lose. Anika says we have to unite them, focus on plan.

Tej holds Shwetlana’s hand and says I m a man full of surprises. Shwetlana says I think I should go home now. He asks have you gone mad, I lied to family about urgent meeting to spend time with you. She says I did not ask you to lie, I don’t want to repeat my mistake, this happened always, whenever you need a break from family, you come to me and spend time with me, then you forget me, I don’t have any value, you took me to Oberoi mansion, but your family members sent me to jail. He says I got you out of jail. She says problems did not get sort, you could not get respect for me, I used Om to make you jealous, you were saying you will make me your wife, you are same Tej and I m same Shwetlana, what happened now. He says I know I did not fulfill my promise, trust me, I will make things fine. She says enough, I m fed up hearing this, I don’t trust you. He asks her to trust him once. She says you always broke my trust. He says not this time, I have a plan, you will get your rights and respect too. They smile.

Anika, Om and Shivaye come to Rudra’s room. She says we have to do this before Rudra comes. Shivaye says really, I did not know, you are wasting time. Rudra walks in corridor. Anika lifts dumbbell and screams. Shivaye holds it and asks what were you doing. Om looks on. Shivaye keeps the dumbbell in place. She says don’t know where to start. She gets an idea. Om says hurry up, Rudra is coming. Shivaye says let me concentrate, I m reading user manual to do setup. Anika says why, we have to spoil it. He says even then we have to see setup, this wire goes that side. She says we have to just cut a wire, I will do. She cuts a wire.

Pinky scolds servant. Shakti asks what happened. Pinky says girls and boys made teams. He says they are happy, what else we want. She says there should be discipline. He asks what problem do you have, that children are having fun or you got alone. She says I just have Shivaye, after Anika came, he forgot me. He holds her and says you see what they all do, did you think why they do this, this family has much love, I did not see so much love in any other family, if you think everyone got away, there will be some reason, love and respect do not come on asking, you have to earn it, if you take a step, all family members will take 100 steps towards you, we get that what we give others.

Shivaye asks what did you do, do you know wires. Anika says how does it matter, I have cut the wire. Om says guys, Rudra has come. They leave. Rudra says what does this lady cop thinks, I exercise even in sleep, today it will be either me or this machine. He exercises. Anika and Shivaye get glad and do high five. Om asks him to leave Anika’s hand. Shivaye recalls their moments. They leave.

Pinky comes to Ragini and asks did you see Shivaye. Ragini says no. Pinky says then find out where is he and what he is doing, you are staying here at night, its good chance, you have to become Shivaye’s wife, just do what I say. Ragini yawns and makes faces. Pinky says if you come close to him, he will get away from Anika. Ragini says I will go to him.

Dadi asks servants to do work. Gauri comes and sneezes. Dadi asks what happened. Gauri says I have allergy to paint, don’t worry, I will manage. She goes. Anika, Om and Shivaye see Rudra trapped in wires and ask what happened. Rudra says I got stuck. They smile. Shivaye calls to get help from technician, He says there are unprofessional, they are saying they won’t work on weekend. Rudra says I can’t wait till Monday. Anika asks Shivaye to do something. Om checks wire and says help him, fight later. Anika says can’t you see Shivaye is fighting, since I made his fiancee have kada, he got bitter. Shivaye says you spoil people’s mood and mouth. Omru ask kada. Rudra says they are fighting, leaving me. Anika and Shivaye fight. Om says its a saying…. Rudra screams. Om says sorry. Shivaye asks what happened. Rudra says I m stuck. Om says I m freeing you, relax, is your neck better. Shivaye and Anika argue. Om says focus guys. Rudra says I m out of focus. Om asks how did you get stuck. Rudra says I think you all can’t help me. Anika says yes, just one person can help you. He asks Lord? She says no, I mean Lord will help via someone, leave it, you won’t take her help. Shivaye and Om agree. Om says Rudra’s ego is big, he won’t take help. Rudra says no, get that person. Shivaye says call her. Rudra sees Bhavya and says no way, I will not take her help.

Bhavya says fine, I will go. Rudra says get me out, I said I don’t want your help, but you are cop, you have that towards public. Om says you mean commitment. Rudra says very smart, get me out of here fast. Bhavya helps Rudra and gets him out of the wires. Chahe tum kuch na kaho…..plays…..Rudra looks at her.

Pinky is with some ladies. She sees Tej with someone/Shwetlana. Tej leaves. Pinky says Tej has gone to Delhi, what is he doing here, who was that woman with her. Shivaye, Anika and Om clap. Om says Bhavya, you solved his problem easily. Anika says you made girls’ name shine. Shivaye says I think you should thank her. Rudra says thanks, but I think machine got damaged because of her. Bhavya says no, problem is in your way to exercise. Shivaye says don’t fight, be nice to her. She says its okay, it was my duty. Om says she helped even after a fight. Rudra says I also helped her, but you will take her side, as she is a cop. He goes. Om says if anyone else gets attention, its not acceptable to Rudra. Ragini comes to Shivaye. Shivaye says Rudra was…. He asks Anika where is she going, their work did not get over. He signs towards Om. Ragini says let’s spend some time together. Shivaye asks her to rest. They leave. Ragini says what the hell, how can he ignore me.

Its night, Jhanvi calls Tej. He says his phone is not connecting. Shakti says maybe he is in flight. Pinky asks is he really in Delhi, maybe he came back and went office. Jhanvi says no, he said he will come home. Pinky says maybe he went to hotel, when I went to kitty party, I have…. Shakti stops her and asks what were you saying. Pinky says I have seen Tej. He says you can’t see anyone happy, Tej and Jhanvi’s relation got fine, you can’t see their happiness. She says I m saying maybe I have seen Tej, I can’t be sure. He asks what’s proof. Tej comes home. Shakti says see your mistake. Jhanvi says finally you are here, your number was not reachable. Tej says my phone’s battery was dead, I was busy in meetings. Pinky asks were you in Delhi, it would be hot there. Tej says yes, very hot. He gives boarding pass and hotel bills to Jhanvi, and says I don’t want to get doubts on me. Jhanvi says come on, this is not needed, I trust you. Tej thanks her. He says Shakti I need to talk to you. Shakti says Pinky, I will just come and goes. Pinky thinks why did Tej give proof, who was that woman with him.

Anika smiles and looks at Shivaye. He asks why are you smiling, stop it. She asks why, is there spinach stuck in my teeth, my teeth are shining by manjan/powder. He asks why are you smiling. She says my plan worked. He says it was my plan. They argue. She says Rudra and Bhavya had an eyelock, they had romance. He says Rudra was tied, do you think it was romance. She says you won’t understand. He says I could not understand you. Omru see them. Om says they will always be found behind any pillar. Rudra says or in RK pose. Om asks what’s RK pose. Rudra falls in his arms and says this one. Om asks what are you doing, duffer. Anika goes. Rudra says this is divorced couple. Om says now we have to unite them, its their turn next. Rudra says right, who was first. Om asks who said next. Rudra says you just said. Om says I think your ears got damaged, focus on plan. Ragini asks Shivaye can we have dinner tonight. Shivaye says sure. Khanna says no, there is some problem in storeroom, Anika… Shivaye asks is Anika there. Khanna says yes. Shivaye goes.

Rudra says storeroom, there is much loss because of rain, its your house, you have to go, else Shivaye will doubt. She says right and goes. Khanna comes. Rudra asks did you send Shivaye. Khanna says yes, but he won’t leave me. Rudra says yes, he does that always, Dadi says who can avoid destined things. Anika and Shivaye come to storeroom and see each other. Anika asks what happened, Rudra said there is some problem here. Shivaye says Khanna told me that you…. They see the candle lit dining table and say Omru….

Shivaye says you finished everything in just one day. He gets angry. Anika says you took one day to make a cheap opinion about me, you forgot what all I did before. Gauri sleeps inside a tent. Om fixes it. Saathiya…..plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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    episode is awesome.

  2. Swetlana is back, yes .Without her the style and spice was missing. She is the necessary yet not over the top negative villain . I just love her.

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