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Ishqbaaz 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi, Om and Rudra joking on Shivaye. They act like Shivaye and laugh. Shivaye comes there and Rudra jokes on his style. He laughs. Dadi and Om see Shivaye coming. Dadi asks Rudra is he scared of Shivaye, why does he not joke on Shivaye infront of him. Rudra shows his muscles and says do you think I m scared of Shivaye, he is scared of me, he asks me to help him get such muscles and I tell him that I will think and say. Shivaye asks really. Rudra runs to Dadi seeing Shivaye and says they made me say all this, save me Dadi.

Shivaye asks Priyanka for her ill mannered friend’s number. She asks Anika. He says whatever, give me your phone, I have imp work. Priyanka smiles and nods. He takes her phone. Dadi says Anika’s number, what’s happening.

Anika hides in some

chamber and gets hit on her head. She gets dizzy and sees an empty carton kept there. She gets inside that huge carton. The men seal that carton and take it in the car.

Tej calls Shwetlana and asks what was Ashok’s wife doing, I don’t want this news to come in media. She checks news and says don’t worry, media will get news which you want. She checks news and thinks why did this news not come till now. She recalls telling reporter Geeta that Tej is giving divorce to his wife because of her.

Om and Rudra go to Shivaye and ask him not to go anywhere today. Shivaye says fine, send driver. Bua says don’t know where did that shameless girl went. Shivaye calls Anika and says she is not answering call, don’t know where the hell is she. The men get that carton there in Shivaye’s room and leave. He says I want that chip in any way and throws the phone in water. Anika’s phone rings and she gets conscious.

Suddenly, she comes out of that carton and shouts no one dare to come close to me, look at my red slipper, I will just hit under the ear….. Shivaye looks at her shocked. He asks you. She says you have shut me in carton. He asks what are you doing in my room. She says don’t come close. He walks to her. She throws her slipper at him. He bends. She holds her head and faints, falling in his arms. Shivaye looks at her. O jaana…..plays………….. Shivaye makes her rest on his bed. He gives a pillow under her head and cares for her. He thinks she won’t get up so soon, I have to find the chip, maybe chip is in her bag. He gets tissue and gets her bag out of the carton. He cleans his hand and sits to check the bag for the chip. He thinks is it good to open a girl’s bag without permission, but I want that chip. He gets carrot and other things.

Rudra says I m going to Shivaye. Om says he is already worried, its not about you always. Shivaye gets popcorn, thread roll, and slipper too. Rudra says its about me, Om you are worried for just your hair, did you get time to fulfill my wish, just Shivaye is there for me, his doors are always open for me. Shivaye says there is tailor shop, veg market, but not that chip, where would she hide that chip. Om sees Shivaye’s room door shut and says you were saying something Rudra, Shivaye’s door is always open for you. Rudra asks Shivaye to open the door. Shivaye says they had to come at this time, where shall I hide her now. Shivaye covers Anika with the blanket and puts pillows on her.

Shivaye opens the door and blocks the way for them. Rudra asks Shivaye why did he keep door shut. Shivaye says just like that, I m not hiding anything. Om asks when did we say you are hiding something. Shivaye says yes, do you have anything to tell us. Rudra smiles looking inside the room and says we had to talk about that. Shivaye looks at Anika, and says I can explain this. Om says no need to explain, it happens, I m glad you like doing this apart for work. Rudra says this model is made for each other. Om says Rudra, this is big for you but perfect for Shivaye, I will talk to Tia. Shivaye asks what. Om says that boys have two love, a girlfriend and a car. Shivaye sees the car pic and says you are saying about this. Om says yes, what will we talk about then. Rudra says we will sit and discuss which car to buy. Shivaye stops them and says Rudra you can’t come here. Om and Rudra ask why. Shivaye says you have to learn to achieve, not ask, if I get this car for you, you won’t learn to achieve anything, you can’t learn to stand on your feet. Om nods. Shivaye shuts the door.

Om tells Rudra that Shivaye made you leave. Rudra says its because of Tia, who else can it be, Shivaye shouted on me and made me leave. They get shocked seeing Tia there. Tia hugs Dadi and says I will meet Shivaye later, let him rest. She leaves. Rudra says Tia is there. Om asks who is in Shivaye’s room then. Dadi asks who is there. Rudra says don’t know.

Shivaye sprinkles water on Anika and wakes her up. She asks what type of person are you, I did not say sorry, you have sent police and kidnapped me to get me here. They argue. She says you show attitude. He asks what language do you use, my ears are aching. She says Uncha Khandaan and Kacche Kaan, I know blue eyed guys are clever. He asks her to say again. She says I m no less, I will call police, wait. He shuts her mouth keeping his hand and they look at each other. Music plays………..

She bites his hand and says I have tongue and teeth too. He asks where is that chip. She asks what. He says when I came to meet you in jail, it fell from my trouser, inspector said he gave that to you. She recalls and thinks I have thrown it, it belonged to him. He says I won’t leave you if I don’t get it. She thinks don’t know what will he do if he does not get it. She says I will get it. He asks in how much time. She says 3-4 hours. He says 3 hours and I want that chip here. Om and Rudra come there. Om asks Shivaye whats happening, and Anika you… Anika says Shivaye got me in carton and I fainted. Rudra jokes. Shivaye says I did not get her in box, I told Om about consignment, she came here in that carton. He asks Anika to leave and remember what he said. She takes her bag and leaves.

Shivaye holds Anika against the wall and they argue. He asks for how much did you sell the chip. She says I did not sell it, I gave the chip to you. He says you don’t know what could happen here. She says I did not do anything, are you leaving now or shall I remove my slipper. He pushes her and holds her hand.
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  1. Aww….Shivaaye caresses Anika….loved it….want to watch it….but can’t…. feeling very very sad that I’ve haven’t watched any episode of this serial till now……I feel like crying…..
    BTW thanks Amena di for ur super fast update…..

    1. You can watch it on hotstar

      1. But hotstar is so slow to download have to wait too much

  2. Omg…..
    Today’s episode was very romantic….
    anshi rockzzz… Hope Om n rudra’s patners make a gud chemistry like this…

    1. Anshi? That’s not a bad name!

    2. yea Anshi is nice name for the pair

      1. Yh arshi and anshi…the best pair so far

  3. Really awesome episode love anika and shivaay

  4. thanks alot amena di for a very soon update

  5. Khushi

    Thanks alot ameena di for the fast update

    Aww again u would say om….I love u his expressions r sooo good and rudra also is very funny…I loved the episode u can not watch the episode without a smile…..
    And that BG score oo jaana acts like icing on the cake….just amazing…
    Plz can anyone share the link to download that BG…if anyone have??

    @priya read ur comment on previous update yeah same pinch dear he is my fav…soo cute yes I saw his expressions when rudra’s friend came in the hospital room….he is soooooo adorable???????????

    1. Sumo

      Haha.. Khush! We r soooo alike thought of commenting here n found u.. Already..???

      1. Khushi

        Haha di….now I really feel that humara peeche janam ka naata hai???
        Missing u alot di….jaldi aao…yr yeh paper ne band bajayi hai??
        Btw how r ur prep going???

    2. Priya15

      Haha… Ya Khushi… Om never fails to make magic in his scene.. In strdy epi also.. I watched it today at 5 pm only…. His scene with om was just mind blowing.. I need to say.. That guy makes a simple scene memorable.. Seriously.. Ha yar. Each and every he make me surprised.. Ha Mei namik ke liye kehti hun na ki.. Namik ki aanke laakho baat keh deti hai.. Aisa dekho toh.. Kunal ki aanke ek hi samay Mei bahut saare emotions dikha deti hai… He na???

  6. Shivay taking things from anika’s handbag funny sean

  7. Very funny episode.
    I love the facial expressions rudra gives when other characters r speaking. I get distracted by his funny facial expressions and hand movement. he dominates the he scene even when he is not.speaking.

    It was so funny when OM had a great poker face and rudra smiling when they catches Anika in shivs room lol
    I was laughing so much.
    This is a nice show that makes the audience happy without those crazy SaaS bahu drama.

    I hope Anika finds the chip and use it get shivs help w the custody of her brother.

    I just don’t lIke shiv’s physical aggressiveness towards Anika as shown in the precap.

  8. A very romantic episode. A hidden love between the two. Nice acting and casts.
    Hope there will be a good understanding and love.
    This serial is getting very interesting.
    No dragging like other serials.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  9. Sumo

    Dis show is amazing really.. Loved #shivanika bonding… ??? n d brothers bonding is sooo adorable.. Doing good already..

  10. omgg…. wat a serial yaaar…..
    now my fvrt tym 10pm….
    awzm seen …. tody
    sivaay and anika…. sooi cute yaaar…..

  11. Awesome episode I loved whole episode and eagerly waiting for tomorrow ???

    1. Me too!!!!…Shivika scenes make me blush :-*>
      I am in love wid them <3 <3 <3 <3 :-*

  12. OM is alwys de BEST??❤️✌?️

    1. even I support u

    2. Yes, LOVE Om.

    3. Yes he is and he will be.his hair are soooooo kool

  13. soooo good …..waiting 4 tomorrow’s episode….thanks ameena….rudra is so cute…even om also……..

  14. The promo ?????

  15. Shai

    The car scene was best

    1. Hey..i totsllt agree wth u..dat scene gave me the shock of my life

  16. What about shivani

  17. hi … AQUA u r 100% correct ….om is not speaking much.. but his expressi on super .

    why did they bring the courier .. if shiva asked them to bring /…… why did he get shock ….. they lift easily … with box more than 60 kg not easy to lift with 2 persons …
    om asked shiva what was that and anika / THAT IS SUPER … om and rudra told shiva that we were talking about car … but told dadi somebody was there in shiva room …..??

    so they were talking about person only ….

    when they saw Tia om and rudra expression is very cute and enjoyable….
    don’t go deep just enjoy their acting …..3 bros and dadi acting very yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good . but sequence of the scenes or ????????

    1. Hehe even reading the update makes me smile….. I am absolutely in love with the show.

  18. Wow… Worth watching episode.Anika & shivay so romantic…..loved it..

    1. Promo is also interesting….

      1. Hey Rose,,,

      2. Hello roz…glad to meet u here

  19. Epoxide was just so funny. Couldn’t stop laughing. Too good. Loved shivay and anika. Their chemistry is awesome. Om and rudra’s conversation was so funny.

    Does anyone know who is paired opposite Om? ? Is it Vrushika or Twinkle? ?

    1. Goms

      i googled its twinkle..

    2. Sumo

      It’s vrushika .. ?

  20. Goms

    i dono hindi much.
    Anyone know the meaning of
    “Uncha Khandaan and Kacche Kaan”

    1. Sumo

      It was a poor joke by anika .. It means upper class family n kacche kaan is actually we say that wen someone is not able to hear us… So eventually it meant” u r from d upperclass n u can’t even hear properly!?” Ahh I fumbled a lot ??

      1. Goms

        Oh ok.. thanq sumo and anika

    2. It means that he is rich but not having strong ears to hear a girls voice

  21. Very cute episode. Anika’s funny words like bagadbilla, tadi etc r too good and shivs reaction on that osm. Om too good expression, hairstyle omg. love him a lot.
    Actually om’s love story should be emotional one.

  22. Haha loved the epi,,,,3 brothers are totally different from each other still sharing an amazing bond,,…Dadi’s part was also superb,,,,

    Om,Rudra,Shivaye 3 have 3 different styles and attitude….
    loved Anshi/Shivika part verymuch…
    Rudra is too cute and he always make me laugh…love him
    also there is somethng spl in Om,,,,simple and expressive acting…

    1. also,,,loved Shivaaye’s exprsn too,,,angry young man look suits him very much

      1. Khushi

        Yeah roz….I agree with u….looks good when he is smiling…. But he looks so dashing with the angry man look….it really suits him…..this role is totally opp go that which nakuul played before
        Loving the trio especially om…..ohhh be is sooooo cute??????

      2. yea I didn’t expect that this look will suit Nakul,,,bt he z rocking and u r rite,,…there is something special in Om,,,calm and sweet,,, <3

  23. Hello, everyone …i m also a big big fan of ishqbaaz ……
    Here is a suggestion for Om’s girl. ….
    Oms girl should be bubbly. …chirpy n one who could match his cuteness
    I wish Monica sehgal ( the one who played radhika mishra in manmarziyan) to be om’s girl
    …….what r your suggestions?

  24. nakul is simply awesome,loved his cute role in pyar ka dard & now his angry looks in ishqbaaz, rudra is so funny, omkara speaks less but his eyes speak a lot……love the 3 brother’s bonding……dadi is the sweetest of all………….love u daadi…………

  25. Breaking news ……omkara is going to b paired with vrushika mehta

    I m a very big big fan of ishqbaaz

  26. This show shivaye and animals scenes reminds me of ipkknd arnav and kuchi scenes ?

    1. Animal???? Her name is anika yaar

      1. hehe maybe autocorrect

  27. I so wish it’s vrushika… They will make a great pair… hope the news is true and she should enter the show soon… It would be fun to watch the love story of om who is so mature and serious in life. Keeping my fingers crossed..

    1. I hope Vrushika compliments OM the way Anika compliments Shivaay. Fingers crossed!!!!
      Somehow I am not sure about Kunal Vrushika pairing. Still hoping for the best!!!

  28. Rudra speaking to Shivaay : “Dabay main dabba
    Dabbay main khargosh
    Apkay kamray main
    Anika bahoosh” 😀 😀 😀 😀

  29. Yeah nadiya… that dialogue of rudra was epic.

  30. As per my opinion Om’s love story should be emotional. May be girl from his past for whom his dad had objection and something like that. And that girl and he still love each other. “Bachpan ka pyar” type story. Then it will bring some drama and emotion. Not bubbly girl type. And ofcourse pls new girl for him not Vrushika or Twinkle. They look like dolls. We want anika and soumya type dashing as well as cute.

  31. What is shivaye’s and anika’s ship name? Shivika?

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