Ishqbaaz 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye gets sick

Ishqbaaz 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says your brother is still alive, I promise I will make everything fine Gauri. She cries. Shivaye and others dance on Ainvayi song. He gets dizzy and holds his chest. Some time before, Shivaye, Anika and Rudra see Om and Gauri. Gauri cries and hugs Anika. Shivaye asks Om what happened to Gauri. Om says Tej has done such a thing that I m ashamed to say. Shivaye asks what did he do. Gauri says Tej has done my Shraddh. They get shocked. Anika hugs Gauri.

Om says how could we stay there after that. Shivaye says you did right, I can’t believe Tej can do such a thing. Anika says poor Dadi, she would have broken down. Shivaye says I will talk to Dadi. He gets dizzy and says I will just make a call and come. Pinky tells Dadi that her phone is ringing. She sees Shivaye’s call and answers.

She asks are you fine, don’t you miss your mum, how is Anika, is she taking care of you. Shivaye says everything is fine, how are you and dad. She says how would be parents without children, how long will you stay away from us, come back. He asks where shall I come back, to that house where bahu’s Shraddh is performed, I left my brothers there but you all didn’t let them live in peace, they have come here. She asks are Omru and Gauri there at your place. He says what would they do, how would they stay there after Tej’s did that, did you and dad stop Tej. She says we couldn’t do anything when he had ousted you from this house, why shall we get in his family matters. He says no, its our family matter. She says this has ruined everything, you can break all relations, you can stay alive for your brothers, forget even your mum. She cries and ends call.

Anika asks Shivaye what happened. He says I m trying to understand, we left the house so that everything gets fine, but everything has fallen apart, Rudra is going to get married, its a joyous occasion, but I m happy but I m unable to feel it, its not right. She says please handle yourself, you have to handle everything now, Rudra, Om, Gauri, they need their elder brother, if you fall weak, can you imagine what would happen to then, you are their support, you can’t fall weak. He says you are saying right, for the sake of my brothers, their happiness and family, we have to be strong, I m sure to end the problems going on in our family, during this wedding, everything will get fine. She says Rudra is stubborn, he wants everything to happen here. He says don’t worry, I will talk to him, we will do pre-wedding functions here and marriage in Oberoi mansion, till then I will get some time to make everything fine. He comes to Gauri. She wipes her tears.

He asks are you crying, you know the one who doesn’t have anyone cries, you have your brother who will make everything fine. Anika and Om come. Anika asks Gauri to see shagun. Shivaye says its a suhaagan’s shagun, you are Om’s wife, till I m alive, no one can snatch your rights of being an Oberoi family bahu. Anika says Dadi always says, forget it, consider elders as immature and forgive them, they can also make mistakes. Shivaye asks Om to fill sindoor in his wife’s maang. Om fills Gauri’s maang. Saathiya…..plays…. Om hugs Gauri. She cries. Shivaye says no more crying now, we need to prepare for Rudy’s pre-wedding functions, Gauri has to do double work, she has to rectify someone’s wrong doings too. Anika asks are you telling about me. Anika asks Om to see their bhai-bahen bonding. Om says its fine, we are also Devar-Bhabhi, I m on your side. Shivaye gets dizzy again. Gauri holds her. Anika asks him did he not take his medicines. He asks them to get to work.

Rudra comes to Soumya. She says I m going to meet my friend. He gives her a paratha roll. He says I have made this with pure ghee, I had to thank you, we are best friends. She says I m very happy that you got your love, keep Bhavya happy. He asks do you have a doubt on me. She says yes, that’s why I m saying. Bhavya dances. Gauri says listen to me, bride has to act shy. Bhavya says I just know shooting. Gauri says I will teach him and keep reminding too, just look at me. She acts shy. They laugh. Rudra says you would be happy for my marriage happening. Om says we know what will happen post marriage. Rudra says I also know, helpless jokes will be cracked, that torture also has its own fun. Anika asks what torture. Rudra says I will tell you, Shivaye said marriage is like a torture. Om says no, we were talking about marriage. Shivaye asks did I say that. Rudra says yes. Shivaye asks Gauri to say Anika. Gauri says Shivaye can never say this. Anika says you are taking your brother’s side. Gauri says I m saying true. Rudra asks am I lying. Shivaye and Om say yes. Shivaye asks Bhavya why is she crying. Bhavya says I was thinking if my family was here today, they would have…. Om signs Rudra. Shivaye says go and hug her.

Rudra hugs Bhavya and says don’t cry, my family is your family too. Gauri says enough, go now, groom and bride should be away before marriage. Shivaye says yes, Dadi made two feet rule. Rudra says we are new generation. Gauri says firstly, where will we sleep. Rudra says you all make your arrangements, Bhavya and I will manage ourselves. Anika says you both aren’t married yet. Gauri says there is just one room here, so… Anika says girls will sleep in the room and guys will sleep in hall. They argue. Rudra says we are having a marriage here, not Dangal, there is no music and dance, it doesn’t look like a marriage house. Gauri agrees. Shivaye says we will do something then. Tej says why are Omru not answering my call. Pinky says they have gone to my son, you won’t let my son live in peace, you have ousted him and now when he wants to start afresh, your sons take their problems to him. Tej says Shivaye has made them against me. She says your deeds are responsible for this. Shivaye and Omru dance on Ainvayi…. along with their partners. Shivaye gets dizzy and holds his chest.

Shivaye falls down. Anika shouts Shivaye. They all run to Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aashika

    My bad luck that I can’t watch on TV becoz cable is gone but I read here and love the obro and obahu team and their dance too… Bhai- Behan and devar bhabhi Jodi is super. At least there is no ravaan in today’s episode. Now we have to wait till Monday to see if shivay’s health condition. Feeling sleepy good night to all pkj and happy lohri to all in advance…

    1. Banita

      Go Aashika Go!!!!!
      Happy Lohri to U too dr in advance…

    2. Congrays Assika..dear…GAG….and happy lohri to you too.

    3. Go Aashika ……..congrats. ………

    4. Go aashika go…..congrates on being 1st…..
      Happy lohri…..nd happy weekend dear…..?

    5. Hello Aashika,
      Go Aashika Go.Many many congratulations….
      Yeah they all represents lovely bonding of family.Just so lovely watching them like that those are missing from our life in reality.That’s why I love IB more than anything.Anyway,happy Lohri to you too dear.Enjoy every moment of the festival.God bless you?

      1. Aashika

        I also love ib a lot other than any serial’s that’s why I register in tellyupdate. Happy lohri and weekend to you and all other members….


    BEAUUUUTIFUL EPISODE!!! One of those yoy don’t them to end… I loved every parcel, every small thing even Tej’s scene lol
    So firstly… Ricara … (even still waiting for more) but that was a heart touching moment, i felt like Gauri was in sort of shock unable to speak for looong after she said what that inhuman Tej did! the small scene of Sindoor was huge in senses at my eyes, Omkara filled her maang with sindoor the first time to stop her from death and today it’s like if he brought her back from death… i want more real Ricara moments, their own reaction to what’s happening, but still I loved how shivika handled it, like real elders…
    after that all was perfect… the party, the Obros, the bahus masti… Rumya little scene… just wanted it will never finish
    Warrying for Shivaay’s state… but I’m sure nothing can harm him, he’s Shivaay after all, poison can’t kill him 🙂

    1. Yes Mahira dear..nothing will happen to Sso.but still these type of precap…is doing our weekend ki tie tie fiss.

      1. MAHIRA

        you’re right Arpita… but I don’t know if this poison track will be on a longer time because in videos they’re showing them having full masti exchanging their roles , this why waiting with optimism 😉

      2. SAHI PKRE HAI

    2. Hi Mahira,
      Yes me too was so happy for Rikara that they got some meaningful SS along with Shivika.If this thing continues then Rikara will be able to flourish like Shivika and complete their journey.Episode was really very good.Loved it a lot.I know nothing can happen to Shivaay and will not happen.To hell with that Veer and his killing mentality.First Komal now Shivaay.Anyway,take care.Happy weekend?

      1. MAHIRA

        Thanks Luthfa 🙂
        I wonder if that Veer is a psychiatric doctor, he’s so well knowing everything about medicines and chemicals… a real cousin/bhai of that witch Swetlana 🙁
        The three obros together gives the impression that the vanvas track is on the way of ending but still news are saying that such an actor like Mr Tangaballi isn’t here for a couple of episodes only, he’ll have a full story, don’t know how deep they’re diguing in that storyline.
        be it a ramayan, anika will surely be kidnapped “again” but how and when?
        there is also Rudra’s marriage which i’m at 99.99% sure will have a master drama stopping it, after all it’s a Oberoi son’s marriage, without complications, it can’t be…
        news are also saying that Saumya will try to ruin the wedding 🙁 🙁 🙁

      2. MAHIRA

        happy weekend to you too 🙂

      3. Mahira,
        Thanks for what dear?You are right.Those scientific experiments are their forte.Don’t know how they manage those.In IB all marriages of the Oberois always suffer from this or that problem.Take the example of Shivaay.He took so much time to address Anika as his wife vocally and accepted her after much struggle and pain.Now their relationship is going in the smoothing track but here again they got the company of Veer.I am sure there will be huge drama in Rudra’s wedding as Oberois are famous for goofing and messing up their own marriage and their attitude not to accept it being married.Let’s see what happens.

  3. Zaveesha

    Hi pkjs….
    Todays episode was soo good after all such sad episodes…I loved the episode as there were less of Veer nd tejvi scenes…i hope that Ruvya marriage bring happiness nd give us our old IB…
    Keep watching IB on TV…
    Good night nd take care…

    1. Zavesha dear..hope your wish comes true.ishqbaazi wil be high more than nafratbaazi.

    2. Hello Zaveesha,
      You are right.Episode was totally in mood lifting position.Really enjoying except the collapsing of Shivaay.Hope so,Ruvya marriage do some miracle.Waiting for it.Take care?

  4. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Chapter 30
    Sry frnds.fir not replying yarr.and i am hapoy that 100+comments was in last TU page..thnx guys.
    @Rahul ji..chalo mere ko ek aur bade bhaiya milgaye..
    @Shivya dear..thnx you
    @Niki dear.thnx yarr.
    Now come to episode
    So it was like some stress relief episode.
    But still whatever Sso said JAB TAK SSO JINDA HE.blah blah blah..i wanted to hear all those from Omkara.??.and it is going to 1 year of rikara mariage.that time he filled her hairline with his blood as vermilion but with hate bow he is filling vermilion with all the respect and love. ….nice progression.
    Yes Sso you can’t be weak..your strengths are with you then you shouldn’t be are our brave Sso.
    Really pinky ponky you missed Sso and also annika..ho sakta he…MUJHE nahi lagta.???????.
    And Sumo with paratha.??????????i remembered when sumo was crying remembering her bro Rudy made parathas for he also made it in his own hand.Cvs still are going to make her negative? ??..and if she is going then She deserves a heartfet good bye..but she just vanished…..orCVS will do something worse!!!!
    And Dance part… i was thinking about @[email protected] @other who drool over Sso.
    Actually today Naks bhaiya was n full on dance mood…????..he really dance very good..
    And everything was just good as well as obros part.
    And Pinky ponky is really a jhagdalu aurat….what was need to say about om and rudy to he wil hate Sso more..really pinky ponky you are really a donkey ???.
    Precap -i don’t understand why they are showing thede type of precap.
    @frnds remember when anni get shot that episode was also on monday and precap was shown as anni getting shot..and we waited like mad people when monday will come…..I WANT SOMETHING LIKE THAT.
    And role reversal is going to happen once again.this time along with obahus
    Today offscreen pics were so good.
    Ok frnds now i have to say something that we completed 30 days of vanwas.
    My examsare coming so i wil be absent from Monday till 27th jan..i kean my vanwas chapter will be close..i will come til 15th or 16th jan…try to reply you..after 27th i will come with Vanwas chapter.
    Ok byy.
    Good kuck 15th or 16rh ko wish karna..not now..??.
    Ok byy

    1. Nikita_jai29

      All the best for your exams dear…

    2. Nikita_jai29

      ????upps abhi good luck wish kr diya

      1. Its ok Niki.dear..thnx yarr

    3. Banita

      Heyy Arpu…
      I will miss ur Vanwas chappies yr… Tune isse vanwas track starting se numbering krna suru kia tha… Main sacchi mein nahi chahti ki ye numbering aadhi se baand ho nd phir suru ho kun ki numbering change ho jayega compairing to show… But…….. Exams also important…
      Main abhi tujhe wish nahi krne wali hun 16 ko hi karungi… Acche se padho…

      1. Bani bhi chahuni chapter ku end kariba pai..but still exam saru puni continue 16th re wish karibu..ok thik accgi bhalare padhibi…

    4. I too will terribly miss your vanwas chapter di. Anyways Good luck , take care & study well. Love you a lot.

    5. Wow arpita6 you actually counted the vanvas dares. Oh my I did not realise. Almost one month of vanvas. Nice comments dear on Pinky.

    6. Hey arpu dear…..
      30 days of vanvaas…..great….we should celebrate yarrrrrr…..
      Read well dear…..nd have a great weekend….love u.

    7. Hello Arpita,
      You reminded me of all the past incidents and those were very emotional.Yeah me too don’t think Pinky is a changed person now.I want a separate track for her redemption and all those things she did with Shivika.It’s absolutely alright.Will miss your Vanvas special analysis.Ok,will wish at 16 but let me wish now-All the very best for the exams.Love you.Take care?

    8. Hai Arpitha darling how r u ? read all ur vanvas chappies it to good dear. im gng to miss u definetly

    9. hi arpi dear
      ALL THE BEST DEAR. ll b missing ur vanavas

    10. Banita

      All D Best of Luck Arpuuu……… Acche se likhna…

  5. Fetching Friday evening to all my GPkj walas!

    Still I didn’t watch today’s episode. I hope it will be definitely a khidkitod episode with my theeno Ishqbaazis. I will watch it asap.

    Waise thank you Luthfa di, Dhwani Naidu, Banita, Mahira, Shanaya, Jeni, Omaira, Prabha di for your reply on my comment. Love you all.

    Happy to see 134 comments on our IB page by our Grand Pkj. Keep commenting yaars.

    Good night and sweet dreams. ☺☺☺????

    1. Yesh Shivya dear go and watch is really a good episode.

      1. Surely Arpita di I will watch it. Waise How are you di?

    2. Love u too dear shivya…..nd happy weekend.

    3. Hello Shivya,
      You are most welcome dear.Yeah we managed to cross past century after a long time wirhout being in weekend page.Hoping to achieve more like this.Episode was really good.Anyway,take care.God bless you?

  6. Hii pkj guys how are you omggggg Tdy’s epi so good and can’t get better epi than this wat an epi?❤??❤❤❤???❤❤❤❤????????????????????? anri rikara shivika Ruvya rumya shinki anikara shivri all goals in one epi soo good to see such epi in ib I will tell this epi is one of my fav like mahasangam feels how much I loved today’s epi this gonna be the best epi without any negativity such pure epi ruvya marriage I didnt feel like that the end game gonna be rumya maybe BT I loved that chotse rumya and also ruvya hug moment??? I can’t choose to whom I will support??? shinki covo heart touching shivaay called mom anyone noticed???????? shivika scences are pure bliss even every infinity times??? Rudy about marriage and torture blaming brothers he didnt change even single percent my Rudy boi???? shivaay looked so hot in that black sherwani ??❤???❤❤????????all looked pataka rikara after ages loved it that sin door moment dance moment all semma(superb) shivaniomriruya dance on anivayi anivayi lut gaye❤❤??? stoled epi
    Oh my Mata shivaay baby??????veer I’m gonna kill u thank god tdy no veer scence???

    Upcoming role swap rikara as shivika shivika as ruvya ruvya as rikara gonna be masti palangtod can’t wait?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Banita

      Heyy Meena ,
      I m good yr… How about U??
      Shivaay already told Pinky as Mom before… I think starting of Vanwas epis when there was a major sence of Pinky that time , in which epi i didnt remember correctly…
      Yeh me also waiting for this segment…

    2. Meena dear.. i noticed it..Ssi addressing her as Mom..i will bot forgive pinky ponky in my life.sacchi main.yes dear.Mahasangam ki first episode wali feeling.

    3. Yaaaa……i also cant wait yarrrrr……meena dear…..that will be fun when shivika will be ruvya….rikara will be shivika nd ruvya will be rikara.
      To much fun…..ha ha ha ha……bt scared for sso’s condition……love u dear have a great weekend….

    4. Hello Meena,
      Episode was really worth watching with less negativity.All three couples was looking aww..dorable.But missed Soumya with Rudra.Yeah all of them is going to swap their roles.Couple swap episode will be a fun ride I am sure.Nothing will happen to Shivaay.Don’t worry.Take care.Happy Pongal?


    1. Finally atlast bhavya and rudra ki story kuch to aage badhi ?????….
    2. this tej should go to psychatrist for his mental check up (he is really kaan ka kaccha)
    3. I m fed of writers as well as dress desginers, same dress in different color.. bhavya was looking cool but rest not good..
    4. I hope veer part get over soon

  8. Again the famous network????

    1. Right yarrr…..this blo*dy network never works in time. ????

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode after the yesterday creepy episode… Cvs make sso fine because we fans want some positive… Kab se ye veer tejtia swetlana ki negativity dikha k pareshaan kar rahe ho… Wants some makar sankranti and lohari festival celebration in show….

    1. Banita

      Yeh Nikita… In last lohri Shivaay got shot… Hope this year also cvs will show some interesting lohari segment…

    2. Me too want lohri celebration but either without drama i mean a romantic lohri or Anni will get shot…ye mere ko chahiye.

    3. Hi Nikita,
      Yeah you are right.Those negative face off ruined the charm of the story and its progression.Thank God they switch to some festivity mood.Waiting for the kite flying ceremony.Take care?

  10. This Anika is becoming irritating by the day. All she seems to do is shout Shivaay at the top of her lungs every single time it’s getting abit too much now. I’m finding her character to be extremely immature and annoying with each passing episode. Gauri and Bhavya come across as more mature than her. What kind of person, regardless of level of education slams their foot on a vaccuum cleaner to switch it off when the head is sucking on someones face? Stupid.

    I understand Anika has not been raised in a comfortable environment but some of her actions are beyond logic. She’s an orphan, I get that but she raised Sahil on her own for many years. She cooked, cleaned etc. Then how is it she has never made a cup of tea and makes it for Shivaay for first time? How is it she does not know how to cook when she had a catering business? Totally stupid.

    I have noticed in recent episodes Anika has become an attention seeker. Everything has to be about her, revolve around her and she needs to know everything. She is married to Shivaay but this does not mean she owns him and that he is her property. Ever since she dressed up as an old woman for Gauri’s wedding she has become OTT. No one told her to dress up as a grand ma and feel sorry for herself. She could have disguised herself as a sister or sister in law but no.

    Then she moaned and made a fuss that Shivaay did not tell her that the boys were going to get Gauri. She sulked about that. Why? because she was not informed and everyones attention had shifted to Gauri and Om. Gauri wanted to come back but Anika made a fuss that the boys were wrong to bring her back to Oberoi mansion.

    Every single time she repeats the same dialogue about being an orphan and not having family. We get it. We’ve heard it a million times – orphan, no family, can’t cook blah blah move on now.

    The episode where Shivaay grabbed Anika and pulled her into the cupboard was another childish display of Anika’s behaviour where she yelled at him and said she did not want to talk to Shivaay and that she was not in a mood for a joke. He wasn’t joking with her but she did not give him a chance to explain. Childish again.

    It has been shown Anika is scared of the dark yet shes perfectly fine to chase after the ‘bell lady’ every night in the dark. Anika is shown to be brave enough to chase after the same mystery person in the dark inside the house and outside to a jungle but when she lays on the bed and pretends to sleep whilst holding Shivaay’s hand who is hiding underneath the bed at the time she cries like a baby and says she’s scared? What rubbish. She’s just attention seeking again. I get that she’s confused about hearing the bell ring but why act like a damsel in distress when she’s not?

    This whole obsession of being the perfect ‘GL’ is just not possible with her. She shouldn’t bother because she only ends up creating problems for Shivaay and then feels sorry for herself when her attempts fail.

    In today’s episode Anika’s reaction was again stupid. Shivaay has collpased and she once again screams Shivaay at the top of her lungs and doesn’t run towards him.

    I’m considering not watching Ishqbaaz anymore (even though I like the show) because I can’t stand Anika’s character right now. Seriously OTT.

    1. Itna gussa on Annika..?????????

    2. Hi tulip dear, I think we partially need to blame cvs for giving Anika such dialogues and acting. They are the script writers and if they want her to do that, anika’s character has to do that. Cvs write their stories in such manner.

    3. Hiii tulip ?
      Im sorry if this comment is gonna hurt you but I disagree with you i know this is your point of view and I shouldn’t be saying all this but believe me I don’t want you to hate anika or stop watching ishqbaaz for this petty reason

      The vacuum cleaner part I believe that anika is uneducated right she’s never used a vacuum before she doenst know how it works or how harmful it can be tho she cleaned before she’s most probably used a broom coz she’s never had that kind of money to buy a vacuum so it was her first time as they say there’s a first fkr everything…

      When she dressed up as a old woman she had low self esteem every single person goes thro it some day or the other .. Plus shivaay jokingly said stuff which made her get a lower self esteem and she felt hurt plus shivaay was with other girls ignoring her how else would she feel ? No matter how much a girl trusts her husband when he’s with other girls she tends to feel jealous if that’s the right word

      I don’t think she seemed to take attention when the boys kidnapped gauri bcoz she considered gauri as her sister and she thought it’s wrong she didn’t know the whole scenario and she said whatever she had to and we’ve seen from the very beginning both shivaay and anika say whatever they want to before knowing the whole truth one example is when shivaay believed daksh slept with anika for money that was a misunderstanding and shivaay kidnapped gauri here it’s fine no problem but why hide her in the cupboard when we’re they gonna tell everyone after a week ? That’s why she reacted there

      And dear when did she ever say she’s an orphan did she ever say or take advantage of the fact that she has no family ??? She has rather thanked shivaay for giving her family and when she was a wedding planner she considered Dadi as her family whenever they have her smtg or ate they’ve themselves included her she never went to them and done emotional drama of not having a family except when she was with Sahil and when nayantara came anyone would react like thay coz you’ve never had motherly love and now it’s some kind of a joke ! ???

      I agree with the catering part ..

      The time she made tea she had clearly said ” anika you’re making tea for SHIVAAY for the first time ” not that shes making tea the very first time in her life …

      The darkness part anika is scared of the dark but she’s brave at the same time whenever she eent after that lady she hesitated she never went there willingly like how she would face someone day time and only she sww the woman what was she supposed to do leave it or rather gather courage and face it and prove that someone is actually bothering her

      The time when shivaay pulled her in the cupboard for me it wasn’t childish behaviour coz she was in distress the way shivaay arranged the clothes on the floor made her think of that lady they have shown flashbacks plus how can she act normal when you’re already scared and someone pulls you wouldn’t you feel like crying and her shouting is justified is he just supposed to keep it to her self and die form within?

      She wants to be a good GL atleast today she knows she cant but shes trying she’s putting in an effort some ppl dont even try how is one supposed to learn if they dont try ?

      I’m not quite sure which part you’re talking about when shivaay collapsed coz when they were in the lounge she did lend a hand when he wanted to phone Dadi again she went to him even tho she wasn’t next to him as far as the precap preamp is concerned she’s in a state of shock of she never care why would she cry ? She scram ran and when he was lying she herself almost collapsed
      She cares for shivaay more otherwise why would she even bother

      Hope this makes an impact and yeah sorry if it has hurt you it’s your point of view but I’m saying it again I dont wanna hurt you everyone has their point if view but I feel as if you’re slightly misunderstanding

      Take care ??

      1. She’s in a state of shock and if she never cared why would she cry

        And one more thing you havta give it to her for making things look realistic

      2. Tottaly agree with u omaira…..i love anika’s acting…..i dnt know why some people dnt like her acts…..noks told she is really a hard worker person….sorry bt….may be u misunderstood anika……tulip….

      3. OMG!!!! Omu,such a long reply.Hehehe……That’s really good.Tit for tat.Love you?

  11. Banita

    Heyy PKJ…
    Aniri sisterly hug… Gouri hugged Anika cried out nd told her about her pain… Anika consoled her like a elder sister…
    CVS plzzz end this PLR’s track which will end with end of vanwas track ( I think) Nd start Aniri’s childhood track soon…
    Om still didnt say to Gouri when she told she has no rite on Om… Coomon Om at least say something good to console her…
    Pinky – Shivaay’s talk…
    She asked about Anika… Feel for sometime like our old Pinky is back…
    Shivaay confort Pinky for not taking Gouri’s side , but she was also rite at her place…
    Shivaay – Our Family… Yeh bhaiya U can only unite ur family…
    Dont be upset , but how can he upset for long when Anika , his support system , his strength is with him… As always she support him nd boost his strength with her horlicks words…
    Shivri’s brotherly nd sisterly talk…
    Om filled Gouri’s maang…
    I want to see Rikara’s wedding before Rudy’s wedding yr… Becz Shivika married twice , but Rikara didnt marry properly for once also… Their 1st wedding was just maang bharna nd phere , nothing else… I want a properly Rikara wedding including all rituals…
    Shivri nd Aniom team up for Ruvya’s wedding…
    Rumya’s paratha sence… Badly missing Rumya’s old paratha sences… In their 1st meeting also this paratha took a major role…
    Aniriya looking Khidkitode Gorgeous nd our Obros as usual Handsome munde…
    Aniri teach Bhavya how to blush in wedding…!!!???? LOL…
    Shaadi ka laado……………… I think for d first time rudy said a proverb correctly…
    This Bhai-behen nd Bhabhi-Dever ki jodi is going to be moree interesting….
    At d end of d arguement Om took Gouri’s side nd Rudy tease him…. LOL…
    Itna baada ghar mein bs ek hi bed room hain..!!!????
    Bhavya miss her family nd Rudy hug her when Shivom told him to do it… Seriously…!!!! Is he really love her..!!??? or he is this extend childish..??
    Shivika , Rikara nd Ruvya dance together… Like that parttt…. One of d best sangit song…
    Today there was no PLR , but his evil work was there… Poision is doing it’s work… Shivaay is sick…
    Precap – Shocking…
    After a long time today i saw some insta segments , where Shivomru as Rushivom nd Aniriya as Bhaniri… Just like 1st Rakhi celebration…. I m superr exciting 4 this upcoming segment….

    1. I was thinking the same itna bada ghar aur ek hi too excited for upcoming part..

      1. Banita

        Haan yr Arpu… Cvs hume pappu samajh rahe hain…

    2. Lovely analysis by explaining part by part of yesterday’s episode. Super work dear. Love you. Take care.

      1. Banita

        Awww!!!!!! Thank U Shivu dr… Love U too…

    3. Nice analysis bani dear……nd
      Happy weekend……???

      1. Banita

        Thank U Sanaya… Take care…

    4. ItsmePrabha

      hey Bunny..i am good about you?? well about aniri’s track i think there wont be any in near future but like you,even i am eagerly waiting for it..lets hope it comes soon..

      1. Banita

        I m good Prabha…. Yeh I know Aniri track is not coming up soon… But just hope that CVS will bring Aniri track after this Vanwas track…

    5. Hello Bani,
      Awwwww….So lovely and beautifully written analysis.Just loved it.I agree with you.Rikara deserve a proper wedding with all the rituals followed by.We have seen countless half wedding of Shivaay.Can’t we expect one proper wedding for them?Makers plz hear us.Nothing will happen to Shivaay.He is invincible and the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi.Anyway,Happy weekend to you too.Take care.Love you?

      1. Banita

        Heyy Luthfa…. Thank U yr…
        Yeh me also just hope cvs will give us a proper Rikara wedding track… Shivika ke half , half ho kr full ho gaya hain , but Rikara ke half hi hua hain…

    6. Bani!! hi!! You are right.. It will be great to see Aniri past revelation track.. Rudy saying proverb correctly.. Effects of engagement it seems.. All the best of good luck for your exams dr.. Love you yaar..

  12. Hello Pkj’s..!!!
    Arpita,luthfa,omaira,aastha,pinku,mahira,Nikita,zaveesha,shraddha,shivya,anjali how r u all?missed u guys very much….
    BTW I was busy also but today I really felt like commenting here after watching today’s epi… seriously it was mind blowing,heart touching nd breathtaking…I just loved every single scene of today’s epi very very much…missing our old ib….yes Mahira ur right RuMya scenes were adorable nd if CVS made somu negative am gonna do a big OMM of them already they have broken rumya fans heart by making ruvya nd not rumya??am already angry with them for that but what can we do gulli ki choice he bhavya after all….

    today dil hua ishqbaaz….

    1. Hi Ayesha! I am fine. Thank you. How are you? Keep commenting year. Love you & take care.

    2. Hiiiiii Ayesha

      I’m okay and you ?????

      Whenever you get time do comment …?

    3. MAHIRA

      welcome back dear 🙂
      and some news are still saying that Saumya is very bad ( i read she’s with Veer)
      you know the worst? if it comes to be known that she’s really the 3rd kapoor sister , it will not only break Rudra heart but also Omkara, AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN a betrayal, a liar… he made her his little sister, this wil be a mess for him too 🙁

    4. Hello Ayesha,how are you?Missed you too a lot.I am good dear.Thank you so much.Yeah episode was really very good.What can we do?Gul Khan is not going to hear us.How I wish some miracle happens and Soumya becomes Rudra’s wife!Is this possible?I don’t know but what’s bad in hoping?Let’s hope everyone.Anyway,take care.God bless you?

  13. Hey yes meena all goals in one epi…thank u to CVS for giving this blissful,amazing episode for us….

  14. Hey Arpita ohh ur vanwas chapter was really interesting to read here…ohk I don’t know if I will be able to wish u on 15th or 16th or not so in advance I wish u now best of luck for ur exams????……

  15. Hello everyone, hope all of you will have a great weekend and enjoyable one.

    Today’s episode was really nice. First ShivOmru bonding. I loved it so much. The brotherhood strength. But I oo have to agree with Pinky that Om can’t handle Tej and am surprised. He ran to Shivaay. He is married now and he and Gauri should stand for themselves. Shivaay really has shielded them so much. Anyway, I Don’t mind them Com ing to Shivaay but cos should not show Rikara as a weakling.

    Shivaay’ a acting was superb. His fainting and dizzy spell were so realistic and I felt for it that I was holding my breath at the end of the episode knowing what will happen. Poor Anika!!! She is in such a shock that she can’t even go to Shivaay.

    Shivaay and Gauri bonding and Om and Anika bonding was a treat to watch.

    But one thing is for sure, I think Shivaay knows why this was happening to him. Each time he had the symptom, he recollected the moment he was licking the notes so I thi k Shivaay suspects it must be from them that he is getting these dizzy spell. He knows he has not eaten anything yet and not take his medicine. Already there Rudy and Bhavya issue and Rikara returning so he must have figured it is from the notes.

    Poor Shivaay will not be able to tell anyone. I Don’t know what to expect but I hope Anika’s 6th sense will work.

    1. I dnt know sibdhu……why i hate weekend……i think for ib!!!!cant wait to see that what hapnd to sso??????really in deep tension.

      1. Ops!!!!!sorry… will be sindhu…..
        Slip of typing…..

    2. Hello Sindhu,
      Agree with you totally.Omkara needs to learn a lot of things.Because of Shivaay and his love towards him Om and his development over responsibility has suffered from progression and all thanks to cvs.Don’t know what is going to happen with Shivaay.Hope they will handle it properly.Happy weekend.Take care?

  16. Ayesha dear..thnx yarr..missed you too.

  17. Can anybody tell me what happend to shivaay?????????????i cant wait for 2 days yarrrr…..
    Btw… long time after we get to see some happy mnts.aniri hug..shivomru mnts..obhus vs obro..their mindblowing dance…rikara consoling scn was damn gd.nd shivika consoling scn make me cry.bechara shivika…….hope this veer n vanvaas will finish soon.

    Btw…..tmrw cmnt was 134!!!!!!amazing…….go pkj go………
    Sorry cant write long for xm…….hope sso will be fine soon……..2 days?????
    Love u pkj family……dil bole ishqbaaz.

    1. Hello Shanaya,
      Shivaay was being poisoned by Veer.It was slow poison and it is affecting him gradually.Yeah all of them looking really very good.Loved them a lot.Don’t worry dear.Focus on your study.God bless you?

  18. Hi guys. morning. Wishing
    “HAPPY BHOGI” to all

    1. Gud mrng jeevi……
      Happy Bhogi………… but what is Bhogi …. sorry actually l don’t know ……..
      Is any type of celebration. ………. sorry ???????

      1. Hi jeni, shanaya dear,
        Im fine. Bit busy. 4 bhogi in north they say as lohri thing so. Wt kadhambari said is exctly is wt bhogi is.
        Tq kadhaambàri dear. Hru..

    2. Hi jeevi….hw r u dear???happy bhogi.
      Bt what is bhogi?????????

      1. Hi shanaya,
        It’s a festival in Tamil Nadu..we have four days of festival 1st day is bhogi( we used to burn all old items it’s like forget the past and enjoy the future)
        2nd day is pongal worshipping the farmer
        3rd day is Mattu pongal worshipping cow n where jallikattu happen and 4th day is kanum pongal going out with family.

      2. Hi kadhambari…….
        Tnx for ur explaination…..i can understand now…..
        HAPPY BHOGI…..????

      3. Hi jeni, shanaya dear,
        Im fine. Bit busy. 4 bhogi in north they say as lohri thing so. Wt kadhambari said is exctly is wt bhogi is.
        Tq kadhaambàri dear. Hru..

    3. Wow,that’s really cool.How I wish I could attend all of them!Lucky you all guys?

      1. No prblm dost.. You come to my home.. We will celebrate.. Pongal is the best in my hometown, especially 3rd day.. Today too busy due to bhogi..lot of old items were discarded.. All cleaning process.. Shopping for pongal.. Am too tired thats why couldn’t come today.. Will see you all soon.. Love you dost and love you all..Happy Lohri/Bhogi and happy Pongal/Sankranti to all of you..

      2. How I wish I could really come and enjoy all those rituals with you!But this is not going to happen,making me sad.Don’t worry,I have a solution.I will imagine that I will have celebrated Pongal with you using hyperbole(a literary device to imagine anything which is not possible for some reason).You must me tired dost.Take care.Love you a lot.And enjoy the festival and think that me too present there and going to celebrate????☺☺☺☺

    4. Um also fine dear….have a happy weekend.
      Love u?


  19. Hello guysss
    How r u alll………
    Nice and sweet episode. …………..obro and obahus……….awesome
    What is happening to shivaye can’t see this…………Atleast no veer and tejvii scenes happy for that………And l can’t see soumya too like this .Is she is just a good friend for rudy. Their marriage already happen ………… l know it was an accident but……….. afterall marriage is marriage it has a prestigious value and trust ………
    Even though at once they have feelings with each other ……suddenly after months it has change in to friendship. ………….l can’t accept this ………… sorry guyss

    1. Hi jeni dear,
      Hru. Hope ur geting wel now. Yaa dear even i cant accept it. Take care dear.

      1. Hiii jeevi
        I am fine now…….thank uuu……..

    2. Hello Jeni,
      Marriage is treated with much negativity in IB.Here all relationships especially marriage is considered some kind of deal or compromise.Love marriage between Tej and Jhanvi also turned into a bitter experience because of personal issues.So,we can’t expect any proper marriage and continuation of its sacredness no matter what.Cvs can target anyone’s marriage to ruin.

  20. Hi today episoid was emotion n happy wala tha. Gd to c bond btw bro-sis n devar-bhabhi. Again shivaay called MOM. v.happy to c somu-rudy parota scene was missing it. Parota as always beginning of relation of hate/friends. So hope this will b the start of their love. After wedding 1st time om filling gouri’s maang happy. Shivay anna dont 4get n
    Anika was ur wedding planer(SSOO)..

    1. Hello Jeevi,
      Yeah episode portrayed some lovely bonding and I loved it too.They were so happy together.I want to see them always like that.How I wish what you have mentioned about Rumya turn true!Shivaay was teasing Anika lovingly.Hehehe..Anyway,take care.Happy weekend?

  21. Tears have so much to tell of one’s heart!Tears are like self made Sea of emotions.Those eyes reflect so many things that we start reading those.When tears make its entry at the threshold of eyes we get confused as those love to take the test of our perception.What one goes through while crying only that person can tell accurately as every emotion has its name on it of one’s heart.Sometimes it’s not necessary one will only feel someone is under emotional mess if get to watch one is sheding tears.There are another kind of tears also and those are tears of heart.No-one observes those as it don’t have any image to perceive.Pinky cried and we all got her emotion on the plate served before us.How she must have felt at that time!On the other side someone didn’t shed a single tear drop but his heart experienced Tsaunami of tears.He couldn’t manage to give it an explicit discharge!Those tears were very much valuable and priceless for Pinky to know what his son is going through after separating from his family.Such are the impossible tanturms of silent,invisible tears of heart.Only because of it maximum consider to believe someone to be heartless beyond imagination……………

    1. Superb writing skills …………. waa waa waa…… amazing luthfa……….
      Keep doing………… l am enjoying ……….. continue writing………..l can’t express my words……….u r write the most valuable tears …………

      1. Awwww…..Thank you so very much Jeni.Love you.God bless you dear.I will try dear.Thank you once again?

    2. Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow
      Great Great Great
      Superb Superb
      I wanna teach english from u dear.ur deep thoughts nd analysis jst touch my heart.may god bless u.keep it like this… u dear…..

      1. Awwwww….Thank you so so so so much Shanaya.Love you.I am still a student dear so can’t teach you.But thank you so much for considering me.Love you.God bless you?

    3. ItsmePrabha

      your take on TEARS is an impeccable one Luthfa..Be Blessed dearie…

      1. Hey prabha
        Updated profile……love it??
        Surbhi was looking damn hot yarrrr……
        Nd narbhi photoshoot so long time after???????amazing amazing……surbhi in red n noks in black….perfect match,perfect jodi,perfect secenary……these all things makes the envioronment more beautiful???amazing…… jodi ever……go narbhi go???

      2. Hai Shanaya..yeah chandu di looks hot..BTW how are you dear??

      3. Hi prabha,
        Um little busy with trying to give rply…..what abt u?

      4. Hi Prabha,
        Oh thank you so very…..much dear.Those are real experience of my life.Being an introvert I have faced it so many times.Thank you very much once again.Love you.God bless you?

    4. Oh My Luthfa,
      You did it again!!! What great writing skills!! It is poetic. You should publish some poems back home in your country. Send it to any publisher and they may publish in poem columns if you have something like that in your country.

      1. Hi Sindhu,
        Thank you so much dear.Yeah we have publisher and publication house in our country.In fact we celebrate our Mother Tongue in the month of February with all enthusiasm and joy.You know what,ours is the first country in the whole world whose people sacrificed their lives for their Mother Tongue.That happened at 21st February in 1952.Now all over the world this day people celebrates as International Mother Language Day.I hope you know that.We love our language Bengali a lot dear.We can give up our life for it.It’s very valuable for us.Anyway,thank you once again.Love you?

    5. Banita

      Mind blowing analysis Luthfa… Just love ur analysis yrr…

      1. Awwww…..Thank you so very much Bani.Love you.God bless you?

  22. what her son is going through….

  23. Wooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww. Wondrous analysis on today’s theme TEARS relating with yesterday’s episode. I am dumbstruck with your daily analysis on different themes. Thank you so much for entertaining & enhancing us with your flourished flow of writings.

    Stay safe & take care. Love you from the core of my heart di.

    1. Awwwww….So sweet of you.Thank you so much.I will definitely try dear.Love you.God bless you?

  24. Nikita_jai29

    Well explain dear luthfa…
    Missed you too ayesha dear…
    I also want some positive this time for lohari celebration…

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Thank you so very much dear.Love you.God bless you?

  25. Hii guys..arpita,luthfa,banita,dhwani,janu,Nikita,shanaya,shivya and all others(I just wrote some familiar names..nd all others)how r u?Actually I was busy with exams and didn’t get time to comment here….????but I used to read some of ur cmnts nd to be very frank it’s awesome..?????
    And abt today’s episode I just loved it..and ShivOmRu dancing was really afraid abt shivaay’s condition..but am sure it’s our SSO and he will overcome all that.
    But I read in spoilers that veer takes this opportunity and blackmails anika and anika who is really afraid abt shivaay’s condition won’t allow him to suffer nd will bend in front of veer..I don’t want all this to happen..And veer such a cheat..I don’t like him.And I was really he a doctor or chemist??what all things did he have with him?chemical to cause fire in water,temporary madness,injection to make a person stand as statue and all…???????its really funny..ok dears bye..TC

    1. Hi sneha
      Dnt belive in those spoilars.these all r rubbish.i also read that veer will show shivaay’s fake dead body nd all rubbish i dnt……HE IS THE GREAT SSO…….so keep watch on tv…..nd keep love ib.
      Nd how was ur xm????

    2. Hello Sneha,
      How are you?Missed you too.Don’t know from where that Veer manage those scientific tricks to apply on others.Him and Savetlana really complement each other.Anyway,happy weekend.Take care.God bless you?

    3. Hi Sneha! Missed you a lot yaar. Love you. Keep commenting.

    4. Banita

      Heyy Sneha…. Missed u too yr… Nd i dont belive in these spoilers becz it always did dimag ka daahi… Hope ur exams were good…

  26. Amazing episode…Shivika , Rikara and Ruvya…all bonding and nok jhoks…loved it so much?

    I too felt Ruvya marriage plans tooooo hasty. Its happening in a rush and dont feel the happiness as Shivay said. We want Veer chapter to end b4 wedding so we can enjoy it to the fullest.

    Precap….OMG Shivay plz be ok. No poison can touch him as his name protects him…..felt Anikas heartwrenching pain. Shivika so real, their emotions and connection….Mindblowing?

    Hope Shivay is connects the dots leading to him being sick and leads to Veer.
    Hope Anika doesnt do anything stupid by getting trapped in Veer game to save Shivay..

    Cvs plz we want Shivika together always? plz give them strength and brains to win over evilness..dont make them vulnerable or stupidly trusting that people take advantage of their goodness
    Fed up of Veer track….plz end it soon

    1. Hello Zara,
      Yeah episode was too good.We want such balanced episode.All three couples was looking really good with each other.Missing Soumya with Rudra.They will tackle any situation.Don’t worry.He is SHIVAAY and nothing can happen to him.Anyway,take care.God bless you?

  27. Hiiioi everyone

    Yesterdays episode was ???????????????????? loves each and every bit
    The bonding is sooo pure between these brothers and sister-in-laws is ?????????????

    Thoroughly enjoyed but scared coz shivaay fainted ?? I hope ever gets exposed soon

    Take care

    @Dhwani sowi couldn’t reply but how are you ???

    @@luthfa what you wrote about tears is so true there couldn’t have been a better perception ?

    1. Hi Omu,
      Episode was so nice and worth watching.The bonding and love among them is a rare sight to watch.They were so happy together.Najar na lage.Thank you so much for the compliment.But I wrote what I felt and I myself experienced it countless times.Happy weekend dear.Love you.God bless you?

  28. Dear Tulip,

    First of all,Thank You So Much for managing time to write such a nice Essay on Anika and her action and reaction.I am impressed for the Love you have showered on Anika.Yeah you are absolutely right.Anika doesn’t know how to cook yet she has managed to run catering business and canteen works.That’s a seventh wonder you have caught it right.You know what Anika is so lazy that she couldn’t make it possible to cooking as she didn’t know that to survive it’s mandatory for a girl to learn cooking.Cooking is the ultimate destination for a girl or kitchen.She has to learn it no matter what.Or else we will keep on taunting her as we all are Excellent Cook of our family.Anika hasn’t obtained degree of MS on electronic items and that’s why she did mistake.But when our loved one’s get stuck by something like that we usually look for manuals to figure out what to do.And not get into action like Anika of any kind to release them from that problem.And you are 100% correct about her being self centred.She is so much self centred wife that she left Shivaay during separation as Pinky was torturing her.She wanted to live in OM at starting of Vanvas as she is a self centred person of high quality.And she didn’t want to look young in the disguise as she was turning 50 at that time.As she was aging she thought to be an old woman in Real.But I think Bhavya was perfect for that role.Anika was demanding her young husband of 25 to do romance with her.But Shivaay refused to do so and she got mad and started behaving like a 16 years old teenager.She feared darkness but we can consider it as her feigned act.She doesn’t fear darkness and was expecting Shivaay will do again some romance and she entered the cupboard wishing the same.But she became upset as that didn’t happen.She was in a wonderful mood to do romance but her wish couldn’t be fulfilled because of Shivaay.She always shouts at the top of her voice only to show the power of her lungs nothing else.She loves to exercise power over such things.Anika absolutely likes to get Shivaay as her personal property that’s why she deliberately separated Shivaay from his family involving with Savetlana but no one knows it.In OM she was unsuccessful to make him her property but after coming Goa her dream came true.Actually that Vanvas was the plan of Anika not Savetlan’s.Anyway,you have much patience to tolerate Anika and her stupidity till date.Hats off to your patience.And thank you so much for Your such insight on Anika the Perfect attention seeker…..

  29. ItsmePrabha

    heyya buddies… aaj choti si comment hi likhungi.. loved shivika,rikara scenes so much..and rumya and paratha is my fav. combination…#wewantrumya wali feeling chal rahi hai mann mein..par as we know gul mata kya chahthi hai wahi hogi toh zyada stress nahi loongi..well aaj ka epi thodi bohath stress free hai kyunki na VPC na Tejvia na Swetty…par billu ko aise phisaltha hua dekh kar darr laga..par jiski gale mein saanp hota hai uss ko koi zehar kuch nahi kar saktha hai..mere shivaay bilkul teek hoga..and Mr.SSO when you dance i cant stop drooling …precap se mujhe heart attack hote hote reh gaya cant wait for monday..yaar yeh monday kab aayegi..

    1. Banita

      Heyy Prabha..
      Thank God tumhe heart attack aaya nahi warna tumhari comment mein kese padhti yr… Yeh a stress free epi , but a stress ful precap… Monday 10pm kb hoga yr…

      1. ItsmePrabha

        Ha Bunny ..thank god that mujhe heart attack nahi hua..hahaha..

  30. Hello Prabha,
    It’s ok.We will manage.Rumya can happen if makers are ready to give it another chance considering the demand of the fans.VPC and all other negativity free episode was really good.Shivaay will emerge as the ultimate winner defeating that Veer.Just waiting for it.Anyway,happy weekend and happy Pongal?

    1. Hello Luthfa..yaa maybe we can get rumya.. And thanks and happy weekend and pongal to you too..

  31. Nishuu

    Awesome episode ????
    Loved it sooo much
    Hope shivaay is fine

  32. Superb episode.. Kind of a relief to me.. And a treat to Shivika, Rikara, Ruvya and Rumya fans.. It was last year during lohri tht precap was so confusing, should say undeducable, and me and my frnds had kind of a debate as to who got shot.. Now why fear when spoilers are here.. Got too addicted with spoilers.. So am not at all worried for shivaay bhaiya.. I just want a rikara marriage before Rudy’s.. Hope CVS give us this as a sankranthi gift.. ?? Saw rikara and shivika photoshoot.. Shivika were looking quite hot together.. Awwwww how cute were rikara.. They looked exactly like a married couple.. Let’s hope these happy times aren’t spoiled by veer..

    1. Happy Bhogi and Makar Sankranti.. Dhwani dear..

      1. Pongal subhakanksalu to you sis ??? Enjoy Pongal.. Take care sis..

    2. Hi Dost,
      Awww…You had a debate?Yeah previous one was so confusing.I too didn’t understand that whom got shot.Let’s see what happens this time if there is any Lohri celebration is going to happen.You are right.Shivika and Rikara all of them were looking really very hot and stunning together.Anyway,hope you are having fun and enjoying all the festival.See you soon.Take care.Love you?

      1. Hi dost!! Yeah enjoyed the festival yaar.. Ok I will imagine that you are also celebrating with me.. But one fine day this is gonna be true.. You and your soulmate will come to my home and we will all celebrate ?? Will pray to God that this will happen.. Love you so much dost.. Take care of your health.. It’s quite cool here evn in my place.. So I guess it must be really really cool out there.. Don’t let the cold catch you.. Love you yaar..??

      2. Hello Dost,
        Oh what should I say now! You are inviting my soulmate along with me whom I have not met yet?Dear Soul Mate ji plz enter soon in my life so that we can fullfill my Dost’s wish.Yeah I will take care of myself don’t worry.Take care.Love you and God bless you?☺?☺?☺☺
        P.S.I have planned something similar for you and your soulmate.Wishing that both of us got our wish fulfilled.Plz God be with us and take care of our wish.Plz plz plz……

    3. Banita

      Heyy Dhwani…
      Haan yr i also want Rikara wedding before Ruvya’s wedding… Hope cvs will give us this…

      1. Same pinch yaar.. Hope CVS dont forget that rumya are already married and pls dear CVS marriage is so pure.. Pls don’t try breaking it..

    4. Hi Dost,
      I am sorry but what to do I forgot to clear your confusion.KMF means Kalyani Mill Fire incident.Anyway,hoping you are enjoying all the lovely aspects of Pongal.Take care?

      1. Dost!! Why sorry?? For a very small thing.. No sorries and thank yous OK?? Yeah about KMF, CVS have given holiday to KMF track it seems.. They came up with swety diverting shivika with veer’s help and at the time veer track is going in full force, they have brought ruvya.. Soumya is also back.. There will be surely some drama with them.. So am not sure if CVS will again divert from veer or finish his track off and go back to KMF track.. There will be so many untied knots then.. Let’s see what happens.. See you soon.. Love you dost..

      2. Hello Dost,
        Awwww….Ok I will remember that but will use it occasionally.You are right.These cvs and their typical madness not to complete one single plot properly.They serve us anything of their mind breaking the consistency.Let’s see what happens with this Vanvas track.Bye,see you soon.Take care?

    5. Hi dhwani dear
      Im fine. Tq nd same to u. All the best for rest of ur exam. Sry for late rly. Hope ur enjoying pongal. Keep smileing dear. Tc

  33. Happy Bhogi/Lohri and Sankranti/Makar Sankranti/Pongal to all the pagals over here..Love you all

  34. Sizzling Sunday morning greetings to all my GPkj walas!

    Happy Pongal wishes to all my GPkj walas. Let this Pongal festival brings luxuries and happiness in your life.

    Have A Happy weekend all my GPkj sweeties.

    1. Happy pongal shivya nd the all pkj family…….may this pongal fastible brings in ur life soooooo much happiness nd enjoyable moments.?????

      1. Thank you so much Shanaya dear. My special Pongal (Makar sankranti) wishes to you my dear.
        I hope you are busy with your exams. Study well. Stay safe & take care. Love you dear.

  35. Hi every one happy Sunday to all
    Happy boghi and sankranthi to all …

  36. Dear Friends
    Main yaha apna ek doubt poochna comment kiya tha.
    Main Ishqbaaz dekhna stop kiya hai.jab soumya negative hone ka news pehle aaya tha baath main wo fake news hua ab wo real news bhi Ishqbaaz Ko main good bye bol diya
    Pkj members main koi agar Ishqbaaz dekhna stop kiya tho kya wo pkj family se out hogi kya.agar koi Ishqbaaz Ko hate karne start kiya tho kya wo bhi pkj se out hogi.
    Main ab thak ye believe kartha hu pkj family members ek fans Frend group se zyada,friends group hai.agar pkj family members Ishqbaaz fans nahi hua tho wo pkj se out hoga kya.
    Rudy aur anda ka shaadi honewala hai suna???????????????????
    Agar aap log honestly RuMya ko like kartha hai tho RuVya wedding scene dekhunga ya nahi.
    Don’t say ShivIka OmRi AniRi ShiOmRu ke liye TRP ke liye dekhna hoga.
    RuMya wedding track ke liye Jithna TRP mila usse zyada TRP math dena.
    Jab apni fav Character Ko end karega fav Jodi end karega thab aap log samjhenga RuMya fans ka sad.ek Baar ShivIka Ko end karke imagine karo thab aap log RuMya fans ka dukk samjhenga.
    Agar aap main se koi RuMya ko honestly like kartha hai tho.rudy anda ka wedding scene nahi dekhunga.
    Don’t say TRP ke liye dekhna hoga.RuMya ke liye RuMya fans ke liye kuch karna chaatha karlena.
    I don’t want RuMya Married track se zyada TRP Rudy anda wedding track Ko mile.
    Aap Log Mujhe barosa karo ya na karo.anda ki re entry se pehle socha tha.ishqbaaz TV pe dekhunga TRP ke liye.ek episode main TV pe dekha tha.thab socha aage good episode TV pe dekhunga TRP high karayega.but Rudy anda Ko unite karne ki baath decision change Kiya.

    1. Mistakely main RuVya type kiya.rudy anda ki jagah unka Jodi name hua sorry.

      1. Nd no last reply.okkkkkk??????u r nt out of here.always welcome here dear……..

    2. Hi uf3355
      Hope u r fine.i can understand ur feelings…yeah u r right.agar unlok ne anika ka badle mai tia ko sso ka life partner banata toh hum shivika fans ko bhi tumhari tara bohot hurt toh tumhari tara ib dekhna cod deta.koi trp or mrp k bare mai soch ta nehi…..
      Bt hats off to ur patience….i will nt force u to watch dear….u r always be welcome in pkj family…..i dnt think that gul mam will change ruvya n unite rumya…..then why u r going from here yarrrr….dnt go.stay with us….u r right…..yeah fans frnd se jeyada frnds group hai.they all r so caring n freindly… whatever ur mind say force to u……bt ib ko vote jarur karna!!!!!!nd dnt go from here…….dear…….love u nd take care……?☺?☺?☺?☺

      1. Dear Shanaya
        Feeling very good to see your reply.IB dekhna stop kiya tho yaha pe comment kaise karunga yaar.main pkj family chodna nahi chaathi ye family friends mere liye special hai.
        But yaha pe sirf IB ki discuss hoga tho kya comment karunga.shanaya tum tu page ki registered member hotha tho hum chat kar sakthe the.
        Your comment give a smile on my face
        Thanks for the comment.
        main pkj nahi chodunga but Ishqbaaz kabhi nahi dekhunga sorry for karne ki baare main main sochunga.
        Take care and stay safe ?

    3. Banita

      Heyy UF diii…
      Apne sahi kaha hum fans se jayda frnd hain…
      Nd about not watching ib , main ib dekhna nahi chod sakti kun ki main Shivika , Rikara or Rumya se jayda IBan hun… Ib ki ek fan… Apne jo kaha wo apki ki pov hain toh hurt krne ki baat hi nahi hain…
      Hope Rumya couple ho…
      Take Care…

      1. Dear banita
        Main bhi yahi hope Karthi Hu RuMya ek ho jaaye.
        But RuNda final hogaya hai yahi lag raha hai ????
        Thanks for reply my comment
        T C A S S ?

    4. UF,
      First of all,how are you dear?I missed you so much.Welcome back to PKJ no GPKJ.I can understand your feelings.We fans are demanding for Rumya but makers are not bothered at all.And honestly speaking,I watch IB for its beautiful bonding among three brothers and all the beautiful relationships of siblings which I really miss in my life.More than any couple I Love IB and will always love it.As this is the second serial I am watching after IPKKND 1.You are a part of our family and you are always welcomed here no matter what.You can’t leave us namely PKJ for IB.We love you and would love to have you here all the time.And it’s absolutely your personal decision whether you will watch IB or not.But let’s hope that the end game would be Rumya.What’s bad in hoping?Just fight it out till the last second and be optimistic.Love you.God bless you?

      1. Hi UF dear,
        Hru. I can understand ur feelings dear. Becoz even im in same state. I can also nt c ruvya as jodi.n confused to watch it now r nt. Ur always welcome as frnds. I know u dont know me. But used to read ur comments. Was missing u. Tc

      2. Dear Luthfa
        Thanks for your reply.IB ko main good bye bol diya hai.ShiOmRu bond mujhe bhi bahuth pasand hai.but RuNda Ko ek second ke liye handle nahi kar saktha.GPKJ ko main nahi family mera special family hai.IB dekhna stop kiya tho yaha kya comment karunga.iss liye special day Ko wish karne aaunga.
        T C A S S ?

    5. Hii UF sis.. Missed you here in Tu comments.. Pls don’t leave Gpkj family.. It’s up to you to watching IB or not.. As an IB fan, I wont stop watching it.. I want rumya only sis.. I don’t want their marriage to break.. Hope cvs understand fans’ feelings and give us rumya.. Let’s hope for tht.. But if it doesn’t happen then let’s just remind ourselves tht this is just a fictional story and let us not take it to our heart.. Hope it is rumya at the end.. But pls don’t leave Gpkj family.. Take care sis..

      1. Dear Dhwani
        Main GPKJ chodna nahi chaathi.main ye pooch rahi thi.IB dekhna stop karne ki baath GPKJ ka member rahega ya nahi.
        RuMya milne ka chance kam hai.upar se makers soumya ko vilan bana raha baath mujhe zyada gussa dilaya?
        Hope soumya negative hone ka news fake ho jaaye
        T C A S S ?

    6. ItsmePrabha

      Hello UF dear.. Who said that you are not our family member … Ha .. You know that i always miss you and your commenting..and about ruvya you know that we sail in same boat..

      1. Dear prabha
        Are you a new member.thank you for the comment.IB Ko bye bola tho comment karne kuch bhi nahi hai.phir bhi special day wish karne aaunga.
        T C A S S ?

      2. Its me the same prabha who used to comment..Now a registered member..

  37. Awww…Thank you so much Bani.Love you.God bless you?

  38. Hiiii UF I completely agree with u cuz am in a same state as u…our thoughts match a lot cuz I still don’t like ruvya (ohk u gave a really nice name Rudy anda hehe nice)BTW I got really emotional when I saw rumya scene on Friday episode they both were looking so cute bd I wished if by any miracle they get together but don’t know really….I don’t understand why gul mata can’t understand that many people only want rumya nd whenever I watch oberoi family with bhavya I always wonder if somu was here it would have been so nice but gul can’t understand she just stick onto her decision… but I will really miss u UF ur every comment nd everything is so nice nd u will always be a pkj member u knw…we’ll miss u dear…Take care…

    1. Dear Ayesha
      GK se mujhe bilkul umeed nahi tha wo RuMya Ko final karengi ya nahi.wo fans ki happy se zyada apni fav apni creativity Ko zyada imp dega.anda uska idea jo hai.
      Ab tho ye bhi suna hai ki soumya negative hogi.aur ye news true hai bol raha hai.RuMya nahi de saktha okay.but Soumya ko vilan bana ke.uss kameeni anda ko accept karwane ka soch raha tho.main usse aur zyada hate karunga.
      GPKJ Ko main nahi chodna chaatha.but IB Ko bye bola tho yaha comment karne kuch nahi hoga na.special day Ko wish karne hi hello bolne aaunga
      T C A S S ?

  39. Chavi

    Hi my dear pkj..???
    Aashika..auntyz..aliana..Ann..angel..anjali30..amulu..arshi..abhijaychandratre..anshabya..AAHANA..aria..ansh_iyer..Aisha Fathima..aarosh..abina..abbi..amena..aashirya..AJ Johnson..anahi..anshi..asmitha..athirappu..akshu..aditya kiran..aishwariya..aaru..arnab..arshi..anuluvsib..anu..abiha..aiha..aahana..attia..akriti..arpita..abinaya..aksa..anju..AB..ABC..ahana..anisha..anam..arjsisback..archiya..aastha reddy..aastha..aaliya..annika..aqua..ahsana..alkanandha..abhishek..akansha..anila..Ayesha..ayath..aarya..aaryaraju..amaaya..ammu..antara..akshita..akshaya..anitaaa3..anany Bangalore.. Anagne..aniru..aaratrika..arfa..alia..Aryan..ananya..ankita..aayushi..


    Chira..chaithu..chutki..christiene James..chetha..chandini..chinni..cute princess..chathu..chithra..Cathy..clincy..Christie..chicku..cheequ..chinu..

    Drew..diptiroy..dawan..deewani..debdutta..deepika..dhwani naidu..dikshe..dil..disha..dbo fans..devga..divyaa..dangerous devil..dasha..dhruvv..diyas..diya..


    Fahiiazeez..fenil..fatma..fatmi..farina hossain..Fathima..fatarajo..firdose..fooky..fama..



    Ishaa..IB fan girl..ishqfan..ishqkum..ishika..ishana..ishaanshaa..ishara..


    Krish6868..khushi..kritika..Karina..krits..kiki..kehkasla..kajol..kanika.khushagra..Krishna..krishnaa..kanfi..kiya..kat..khadambari..keziaaaaaaaaa..khushi Reddy..

    Lakshmi Siva..Lara..lve.surbhi..lakshana.S..lavanya..lily..lamaheli..lachu..liba..Luna..liya..leela..lax..liji..lukz..Lakshmi devarasetty..lakshmi suresh..lids..luthfa..logesh.M..labiba..

    Nishuu..niyati..nafi_nahi..nirupama..Nikki..natty..niriha..nitha..nabanita..nevermind..navi..nelka..nagin forever..nadhiya..nisha..Natasha..naz..nila..naanshivika..nazneem..Nikki..niharika..nilash..Nadya..Noah..nikhat..naijagal..neha17..neha..nithu..nimisha…nivedita..navz..nandhana..nails..Nikita jai..Nita..


    Poiuty..pavani..pui..prabha( itsprabha)..Prasanna..parvati..poorvi..park chayhin..pari..prithvi..pragati..pixie..prerna..priya07..priya29..pragya..pradhima..piyalli..pooja..pawan..poonguzhali..priya..prinku..pinku..preethi..piyuu..pavi..pushpa..


    RYA_THE IBHOLIC..RIKARA?..raazi..Ruby_MarNy..rajnandini..Ravi..rajjo..Rebecca..rufina..raijo..roz..rosu..rose..razna..Roby..Rita..Riya..rahul96..razia..rosemill..rishbala..ritika..Rekha..riana..rumya..rumana Patel..ria..renima..riddhima..richu..rhythal..rswa..Radhika..ranilya..ros..ruksy..

    Ss..Sam..sneha..shanaya khan..shivya..sukirti..suseela..su_16..shr..sheedah..srujana..sharmin..sa_ra1..Sabrina..shameera..sravya..Sony karki..shrita.T..shivay..sanda..shivika89..ssd..stranger..sally..sowji..sukash..simrat..stef..sushrudha..shine..shiny..shurbi..salma..sunidhi..sumayyah..sonakshi..secret..shivaanika..sits..saru..Susan..swetha..sejal..shreya..sumai..saira..shitiya..Sara.sana..sumi..shit..shakaiab..shabnam.Shari..Sindhu..shahla..shagun..shanaa..shruti..sat..shaa..shilpa..shanaaya..sakshi..shivi..shi..shivikaa..shivikjam..surbhi sharma…shivika forever..sunandha..sujina..sunehri..samm..sri..shree..sreeranjini..stutti..shabhana..shab..sejsmiles..shekhar..soniya..shrafda sharma…shradda dbo..saku..shivani..swati..soumya..sanyukktha..shaks..Shana..shruthika..sash..sulekha..

    Tu friends forever..twinkle..tar..the dreamsoul..Trisha..Trisha..the..tufani..tish..tharu..tiny..tejaswini..TV fan1..their baby..tulip..






    How r u dears?..?
    Wishing u all happy pongal../makar sankranti..dears???☺
    May god bless u all with gud health ..happiness ..n peaceful life..☺

    Sorry for wishing late pkj’s….coz of my network ..issues yaar..I don’t know past 4 days I’m not getting any notifications from tu ..?yaar..hope it will sort out soon..mmh finally tried n typing..?Di’s time n hope it will updated.. now I’m spending precious time with lil busy with dem ah so due to my scheduled life I can’t further proceed with rest comments but sure after 2 r 3 days I will be ..come up with replies of ur beautiful analysis..comments..healthy arguments..of these days..ah..??☺

    Mmh belated birthday wishes for dhwani naidu..??sorry dear..for wishing u late..may god bless u with all u??..

    N dear UF..ur always a member of pkj..only yaar..wht we said here in Di’s tu page we all r one for all n all for one okay..?☺each having thier freedom to deliver his/her thought regarding d no worries..dear..yes most of all here likes rumya pair including me.. but CVS let’s see what’s there for us….

    N all d best for ur exams dear arpita..banita..luthfa..shivya..n rest pkj’s who r going for exams OK…?god bless u..

    OK dears…keep writing with ur beautiful comments…take u all..????☺be happy n be positive..n live ur each moment of life beautifully..with ur parents n friends..??..

    1. Thanks a lot sis.. Makar Sankranti/Pongal wishes to you and your family sis.. How are you and your cutie angels?? Hoping to see you soon here commenting.. Take care.. Love you sis..

      1. Chavi

        Thanku dear?..
        Me n my angels r good☺..
        U too take care dear..??
        Love u too..

    2. Shekhar

      Its really nice of you! I heard, every person like his / her name most to hear or see anywhere!, and you are doing the great job by referring almost all name , head to head!, then how you can not be the most adorable person! One another is there, RENIMARENJU, doing the same task!

      Anyway, HAPPY MAKARSANKRANTI, HAPPY PONGAL to you, your sweet and cute angels and my respect to your elders!

      1. Chavi

        Thanku dear baai..

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Hello Chavi.. How are you??? Happy makar sankranti to you and your family dear..

      1. Chavi

        I’m r u prabha..
        Thanku dear?..

    4. Zaveesha

      Hi Chavi di…
      So glad to see u here…
      Nd so sweet of u to mention each nd every name…
      Happy Pongal to u too…
      Lots of best wishes to ur angels… nd for u too…

  40. Hello Chavi di,
    How are you?Happy Makar Sankranti to you too di.Awww…That’s really very sweet di.Lots of love and affection from my side to your little angels.Hope they are fit and fine and doing very well.Take care of them di,this time Winter is really very bad and effecting everyone.I myself is suffering from it.Cold is my old enemy.Anyway,so sweet of you di.Hope you will back soon.Love you and God bless you and your cuties?☺?☺?

    1. Chavi

      Hello luthfa n my angels good ….how r u now?..ah..
      Thanku so much yaar..
      U r right winter Di’s time affecting everyone..same pinch too have d same trouble..ah?..
      U too take care of ur health dear..
      God bless u …love u too??..

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