Ishqbaaz 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye gets sick

Ishqbaaz 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says your brother is still alive, I promise I will make everything fine Gauri. She cries. Shivaye and others dance on Ainvayi song. He gets dizzy and holds his chest. Some time before, Shivaye, Anika and Rudra see Om and Gauri. Gauri cries and hugs Anika. Shivaye asks Om what happened to Gauri. Om says Tej has done such a thing that I m ashamed to say. Shivaye asks what did he do. Gauri says Tej has done my Shraddh. They get shocked. Anika hugs Gauri.

Om says how could we stay there after that. Shivaye says you did right, I can’t believe Tej can do such a thing. Anika says poor Dadi, she would have broken down. Shivaye says I will talk to Dadi. He gets dizzy and says I will just make a call and come. Pinky tells Dadi that her phone is ringing. She sees Shivaye’s call and answers.

She asks are you fine, don’t you miss your mum, how is Anika, is she taking care of you. Shivaye says everything is fine, how are you and dad. She says how would be parents without children, how long will you stay away from us, come back. He asks where shall I come back, to that house where bahu’s Shraddh is performed, I left my brothers there but you all didn’t let them live in peace, they have come here. She asks are Omru and Gauri there at your place. He says what would they do, how would they stay there after Tej’s did that, did you and dad stop Tej. She says we couldn’t do anything when he had ousted you from this house, why shall we get in his family matters. He says no, its our family matter. She says this has ruined everything, you can break all relations, you can stay alive for your brothers, forget even your mum. She cries and ends call.

Anika asks Shivaye what happened. He says I m trying to understand, we left the house so that everything gets fine, but everything has fallen apart, Rudra is going to get married, its a joyous occasion, but I m happy but I m unable to feel it, its not right. She says please handle yourself, you have to handle everything now, Rudra, Om, Gauri, they need their elder brother, if you fall weak, can you imagine what would happen to then, you are their support, you can’t fall weak. He says you are saying right, for the sake of my brothers, their happiness and family, we have to be strong, I m sure to end the problems going on in our family, during this wedding, everything will get fine. She says Rudra is stubborn, he wants everything to happen here. He says don’t worry, I will talk to him, we will do pre-wedding functions here and marriage in Oberoi mansion, till then I will get some time to make everything fine. He comes to Gauri. She wipes her tears.

He asks are you crying, you know the one who doesn’t have anyone cries, you have your brother who will make everything fine. Anika and Om come. Anika asks Gauri to see shagun. Shivaye says its a suhaagan’s shagun, you are Om’s wife, till I m alive, no one can snatch your rights of being an Oberoi family bahu. Anika says Dadi always says, forget it, consider elders as immature and forgive them, they can also make mistakes. Shivaye asks Om to fill sindoor in his wife’s maang. Om fills Gauri’s maang. Saathiya…..plays…. Om hugs Gauri. She cries. Shivaye says no more crying now, we need to prepare for Rudy’s pre-wedding functions, Gauri has to do double work, she has to rectify someone’s wrong doings too. Anika asks are you telling about me. Anika asks Om to see their bhai-bahen bonding. Om says its fine, we are also Devar-Bhabhi, I m on your side. Shivaye gets dizzy again. Gauri holds her. Anika asks him did he not take his medicines. He asks them to get to work.

Rudra comes to Soumya. She says I m going to meet my friend. He gives her a paratha roll. He says I have made this with pure ghee, I had to thank you, we are best friends. She says I m very happy that you got your love, keep Bhavya happy. He asks do you have a doubt on me. She says yes, that’s why I m saying. Bhavya dances. Gauri says listen to me, bride has to act shy. Bhavya says I just know shooting. Gauri says I will teach him and keep reminding too, just look at me. She acts shy. They laugh. Rudra says you would be happy for my marriage happening. Om says we know what will happen post marriage. Rudra says I also know, helpless jokes will be cracked, that torture also has its own fun. Anika asks what torture. Rudra says I will tell you, Shivaye said marriage is like a torture. Om says no, we were talking about marriage. Shivaye asks did I say that. Rudra says yes. Shivaye asks Gauri to say Anika. Gauri says Shivaye can never say this. Anika says you are taking your brother’s side. Gauri says I m saying true. Rudra asks am I lying. Shivaye and Om say yes. Shivaye asks Bhavya why is she crying. Bhavya says I was thinking if my family was here today, they would have…. Om signs Rudra. Shivaye says go and hug her.

Rudra hugs Bhavya and says don’t cry, my family is your family too. Gauri says enough, go now, groom and bride should be away before marriage. Shivaye says yes, Dadi made two feet rule. Rudra says we are new generation. Gauri says firstly, where will we sleep. Rudra says you all make your arrangements, Bhavya and I will manage ourselves. Anika says you both aren’t married yet. Gauri says there is just one room here, so… Anika says girls will sleep in the room and guys will sleep in hall. They argue. Rudra says we are having a marriage here, not Dangal, there is no music and dance, it doesn’t look like a marriage house. Gauri agrees. Shivaye says we will do something then. Tej says why are Omru not answering my call. Pinky says they have gone to my son, you won’t let my son live in peace, you have ousted him and now when he wants to start afresh, your sons take their problems to him. Tej says Shivaye has made them against me. She says your deeds are responsible for this. Shivaye and Omru dance on Ainvayi…. along with their partners. Shivaye gets dizzy and holds his chest.

Shivaye falls down. Anika shouts Shivaye. They all run to Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello chavi diiii……..
    How could u manage it diiii……lots of name…..everyone’s name di!!!!!!
    Hats off to u……..
    My deep love to u nd ur loveable kids….
    May god bless u nd ur whole family………..
    Love u nd take care.???

    1. Chavi

      Thanku dear shanaya..
      My love for Di’s page..made me yaar..??..
      Love u too ?
      Take care☺..

  2. Hello everyone,
    Just saw Big Boss season 11 finale and the winner is one and only Shilpha Shinde!!! I am so happy for her and each and every other girl who wants to do something on her own and makes her own identity.Go Girls Go.Salute to Women Empowerment.We are progressing and achieving success.Many more to come.Love you all guys my lovely cute and crazy Girls of PKJ.Love you all.God bless you???☺☺☺

  3. Shekhar



    I am not aware of both festival and how do you all celebrate them , so please over look my little knowledge, but today it is KITE SAILING festival at my friend residing in western INDIA and enjoyed it lot.

    1. Chavi

      Hi bro..hope u enjoyed ur kite festival??..ah..
      See pongal festival is celebrated here for 4 days..n it is an important festival in Tamil nadu..n specially celebrated by d farmers grandly..thanking sun as god for making their harvest successfully..
      1st day called as bhogi..
      On Di’s day people wakes up at dawn n discards old thing into d fire n make a new start..
      Also clean n decorate their houses with banana n mango leaves n draw kolam with rice flour..
      2nd day called as pongal…d word indicate abundance n prosperity..of all in future..d area d pongal is made is fully decorated with mango leaves n sugarcane n diyas all is made facing d sun..
      On Di’s day dey made a sweet dish called pongal made in clay pot ..
      Once dey poured milk into d pot n when it boils dey add d freshly harvested rice grains it n dey blow conch..n shout as “pongal pongal”.. Thai piranthaal vazhi pirakkum”.. Which means Di’s month will give dem way for new opportunities… Dats dey hoped ..n after DAT dey serve us with sweets murrukku..vadai..etc..,
      3rd day called as maatu pongal..
      People those who r rearing cattle’s will celebrate Di’s day by decorating their cattle’s..n also dey have game called jallikattu..taming of bulls..will be held on Di’s day only..n KANU pidi also celebrated by girls n women were feed crow a bird..n pray for their brothers.. Hoping their ties with dem remain forever..
      4th day called as kannum pongal..
      Which means to visit..on Di’s day dey visit family n friends..n all get togethers..everything will happen yaar..

      This is how I used to celebrate with d farmers of my nearby area when I’m in my schoolings.. Yaar..

  4. Dear Friends
    Main decide kiya PKJ pe comment karne ka.but IB tho main kabhi nahi dekhunga sorry for that.IB Ko chodke kuch aur baath karunga agar aap logo ko main IB ko chodke kuch aur baath karna pasndh nahi hai tho tell me.
    Main ab Sony channel ka ek show ‘YEH UN DINON KI BAATH HAI’ dekthi hu.iss show ka speciality ye hai ki.abi thak ye show mujhe disappoint nahi kiya nahi iss show ka maker’s kabhi disappoint Kiya ho.i hope ye show hamesha aisa rahe.second speciality ye hai ki.koi fans war nahi dikhtha YUDKBH fans iss very cool and positive like YUDKBH and over pkj.IB fans main se sirf pkj fans hoga jo koi fans war nahi kartha jo koi negativity nahi spread kartha.and i very proud of my pkj friends?
    Ab ek happy and special baath jo yudkbh serial se connect hai.main yudkbh twitter google karke fans tweets read kartha hu.mujhe thab patha chala IB ka fans bhi YUDKBH dekthi hai.infact abhi bhi kuch IB fans yudkbh dekhna start kiya hai yudkbh fans group main aatha hua dekh kar acha lag Raha hai.dusri show ka fans bhi hai.but IB fans Ko YUDKBH dekhna start kartha dekh kar bahuth acha lagta hai.
    Main chaatha hu ki aap pkj’s bhi YUDKBH ko ek chance dhe aur ye dekhna start kare.jaise IB ko support kartha hai waise YUDKBH Ko support kare.i know aap main se kuch logo Ko IB ki saath kuch aur dekhne main interest nahi hoga.IB aap ke liye special show hoga.but YUDKBH Jaise good show ko ek chance de sakthe haina.
    Yeh un dinon ki baath hai ka concept 90’s ki school love story and life hai.main ye starting pe dekha nahi tha.phir kuch logo ka good comment different story hai bola tho start kiya.because I really love to watch different types of serial story.abi thak ye show mujhe upset nahi kiya and I hope aage bhi na kare.mujhe agar kisi serial ki CVS pe trust hai tho wo sirf YUDKBH CVS pe hai.
    Main aap logo Ko ye serial dekhne Ko Iss liye suggest kar raha hu.because ye show very different and positive hai cool bhi hai.
    Main kaha na twitter ka IB fans YUDKBH dekhna start kiya tho main chaatha hu Pkj friends bhi ye show ko ek chance dhe dekhna start kare support kare.and ye friend ship and support yudkbh Ko mile unki fans ko mile.
    Don’t worry iska time nahi.10.30pm Ko hai.
    Ishqbaaz dekhne ki baath time hai tho Sony channel on karke 10.30 pm 11 pm yeh un dinon ki baath hai dekhne ki try karo
    Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baath Hai time . MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10.30PM TO 11PM ONLY ON SONY CHANNEL
    T C A S S ?

    1. Main yeh un dinon ki baath hai first episode se dekhna start kiya tha.agar aap main se koi interest hai dekhne Ko wo bhi 1st episode se dekhiye.
      Sony Liv aap download karke uss main dekhiye.agar TV pe dekhna mushkil hai tho.please try to watch in TV nahi tho Sony liv aap pe.sirf ye aap pe dekhna show ke liye best hai.

    2. Hi UF,
      Thank you so much for your decision to comment in PKJ.And I can’t watch YUDKBH at night because it’s too late in my country to watch it.But I will try watching repeat telecast.Can you plz tell me the time?About coming and joining YUDKBH page yeah off course I would love to.But I can’t comment regularly.If possible then I will come and comment over weekends.Anyway,take care and God bless you.Love you?
      P.S.I will catch up the story and after that I will start commenting.

      1. Repeat telecast only morning 9pm Ko hai.
        Regular comment main bhi nahi kartha time nahi Miltha that is reason.
        You are not a indian.
        T C A S S ?

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