Ishqbaaz 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks why are you forcing this child on Shivaye, you are doing wrong with your baby, husband and yourself too. Tia says think anything, I don’t care. She slips and is about to fall about sharp thing. Anika holds her. Tia tells Pinky that Anika did this to make her fall. Pinky says if Anika did this, it will be her last day in this house. Some time before, Shivaye says it was private investigator’s call, none knows Shwetlana, as if she erased all her info, her info is there since she joined Tej as his secretary. She says it means she was swiped her past. He says yes, she is big threat, its not normal business rivalry, else I would have been target, if she took big risk to come and stay here, target is Oberoi family, she has come with some mission here, I will not let her fulfill her mission,

she has to face me before reaching my family, I will die but not let my family get hurt. Anika says you are not alone in this fight, I m with you, your two brothers are your two shoulders, Om and Rudra, don’t worry, we will face Shwetlana and make her bite the dust. He holds her hand and says thanks, you are standing with me in such situation, it really means a lot. Tia comes and calls him out.

She says I have to go to doctor for checkup, shall I take appointment. He asks her to go anytime. She says you will come along. He asks why. She says because its not just my baby, its our baby, can you show a little bit of emotion atleast, please tell me will you come along or not. She sees Pinky passing by and acts to cry more. She asks Shivaye to please come with her. Pinky asks what happened Tia, why are you crying. Tia says Shivaye does not want to come with me to meet doctor. Pinky asks why. Shivaye says I m busy. Pinky says I can see where you are busy, you are going to become father, its your child, you have time for useless people and not for child. You are going with Tia to meet doctor. Tia asks shall I take Friday appointment. Shivaye says fine, I will let you know. Pinky asks him to just say, he will go. Shivaye says I said I will let her know and leaves.

At college, Priyanka sees Ranveer. She asks driver to go, she will come herself. She asks Ranveer why did you come. He says I came to meet my would be wife, shall we sit in car. She says I know you are not a bad person, you saved me from goons, why are you doing this, you are just pretending to be bad. He says wrong, I did not save you that I worry for you. I saved you as I don’t want anyone else to torture you, as its just my right to torture you. She gets shocked.

Tia stops Anika and asks her not to fly much. Anika says you hatched the wings. Tia says you have no status of your own. Anika says Shivaye has showed your status just now. Tia says if you think Shivaye did not wish to go with me, let me tell me, it does not matter to me. Anika asks don’t you have mind, you say you don’t care and sometimes you want him around, none respects you, atleast you respect yourself. Tia asks really, you are talking of respect, Shivaye signed divorce papers, where did your self respect go, you are still here, till when will you have food for free, by what relation are you staying here. Anika says some relations are not dependent on papers, every relation doesn’t need name, our relation is based on trust, which you can’t understand, relation means giving, not taking, I don’t know what you want from Shivaye, I don’t want anything from him, I just want to see him happy, I know he has a caring heart, I can’t see bad happening with him, I m here to save him from you and bring your truth out. Tia says aw, you do anything, you will not get Shivaye, Shivaye will become mine, I m waiting for that day, I will enjoy to see you in pain.

Ranveer holds Priyanka and asks her to come. They sit in his jeep. She asks where are you taking me. He says my mood is good, I thought to take you for a film. She says I don’t want to watch any film. He says its good film, its story of a girl who gets married to a guy who tortures her all her life, who knows you will find this story like yours. She gets tensed.

Tia says I will show you your status. Anika says I think you should think of your child, you are fighting using is as shield, why are you doing wrong with baby, pregnant woman should stay happy, don’t you think you should be with your husband and spend time with him. Tia recalls Robin’s death and asks her to shut up. Anika asks her not to make child away from his father, as no one can love the child more than real father, you are not doing wrong with just Shivaye, you are doing wrong with your child, husband and yourself, think once Tia. Tia asks how dare you, who are you to give me suggestion, I don’t care. She walks ahead and slips. Tia is about to fall over the show piece, having a pointed stick. Anika holds Tia and asks are you fine. Anika gets hurt. Shivaye looks on. Tia goes. Anika sees her hand.

Soumya asks Rudra did you notice Priyanka, she stays worried, she does not mix up with everyone well, I think something is bothering her. Rudra calls out Priyanka. He asks are you fine. Priyanka says yes, why. Rudra says Sumo feels you are in some problem.

Shivaye says this will burn, you gotta be brave, are you ready. Anika nods. Shivaye holds her hand. She says strange, I have to get medicine applied and you are scared. He says this ointment will burn the skin, focus. She says its fine, apply. He looks at her hand. She says you have to apply it today itself. He says yes, I m coming. She holds his hand and makes him apply medicine. He screams and asks her to move hand. He blows on her wound. She laughs. He calls her strange to laugh. She says what to do, I got the wound and you are feeling the pain. He says yes, so…. you are careless, you will get hurt, take care. She looks at him.

Rudra asks Priyanka to say if there is any problem. Priyanka says there is nothing, and goes. Rudra says Sumo, you did not eat your fav chips, you are taking stress and giving tension to others too. He goes. Soumya looks on. Pinky asks Tia to take care. Tia says I m afraid, if I fell and anything happened to baby. Pinky says stop crying now. Tia says big tragedy was happening with me, I was so upset and Shivaye is with Anika even now. Pinky says he has gone mad, wait I will call him. Tia says he will come if you call, but his mind and heart will be with Anika, since I told him about my pregnancy, he changed and stays away, its not his mistake, its Anika’s mistake, she makes him against me, I hope Anika’s plans don’t affect Shivaye and my abby. She smiles.

Anika says it was not about Tia, it was about Tia’s child, what’s that child’s mistake. Shivaye says you and Tia don’t like each other, even then you worry for her child. She says children are children, why should children bear punishment for parents’ mistakes. He says you are right. She says children should get both the parents, because its tough to grow up without parents’ shadow, there is nothing bad than being an orphan in the world. Pinky says this child is Oberoi’s heir, I will not let anything happen to this child. Tia says I m scared, Anika can do something to my child to take revenge from me. Pinky asks why are you saying this.

Anika says nothing hurts more than loneliness, when none is with you to bless you with love, when your presence and absence do not matter to anyone, it hurts a lot. Tia says it was not my mistake, I was walking carefully, I slipped suddenly, I was so tensed, Anika was there, I m sure Anika did something to make me fall, so that my baby…. Pinky says if Anika really did this, it will be her last day in this house today.

Mrs. Kapoor says I don’t have to do much to send Daima’s clip to Om, just one click. Shivaye worries. Om asks Shivaye why did you hide such big thing from me. Shivaye asks what. Om asks about this video, you knew everything and did not tell me anything.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Arpita

    WOW awesum episode yaar! I love shivika, and when shivaay was feeling pain when anika got hurt, it was too cute!

  2. Jaya


    |Registered Member

    Tnq amena for fastest update. Well…today’s epi was good. Rumya,priveer..loved them. Shivay was afraid of thought’oinment burns’ lol…he was looking so cute. He was listening anika’s painful lamentations…loved it. And…argh…tia is so cheapdi. Tinky’s(tia +pinky) convo spoiled mood. Precap: 1:argh…! 2: 😀 shivay…so afraid.

  3. Samm


    |Registered Member

    just when i begin liking ishqbaaz again, they have to do something stupid like this and make it like the other daily soaps! the most annoying parts for me were anika’s speech to tia and pinky getting easily manipulated as usual.
    well for anika’s speech, i know she’s too good and she couldn’t stop herself from trying the good way to make tia a better person, but it got to be a little tiring. especially when that time could have been utilized for more plot or character development. and as for pinky, well she acted a little- a lot- harebrained at times.
    as for the good parts, aren’t shivika and omru the perfect ones to take care of that? 🙂 😉 😀

  4. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    Shivay openly held anika hand an thanked her for being wit him.. now tats sme progress in showing emotions.. for a person like shivay who tries to hide it all the time.
    good move shwet ,wiped all the past … bt good tat atleast shivay realized tat the enmity is not wt him.. its wit his family.Whatever n however shivay is,, i love his love towards his family
    I liked anika-tia convo.. usually i get bored with heroine-villian dialogues.. bt i always njoyy Anika-Tia convo.. its always like throwing draggers at each other.. an i also lik the fact tat by the end of convo Tia is super nervous always
    Anika so rightly said tat shivay has shown Tia her value today,he is least interested in her or the baby.But today Tia shld have felt atleast somethin,the anika she hates so much saved her baby,did nt even fr a sec think abt herself
    Pinky is gettin so easily fooled by Tia, cant blame her though.. khoon khandan ki patti lagake baithi hai

    Pinku is disturbed , can be seen by sumo.. bt nt by her bros,or her father or mother.. strange
    Ranveer looked so damm smart in the shot wen he ws sittin on the jeep.. poor guy he is also tryin to hide his feelings fr pinku.. in the last priveer scene it was so evident tat he was hurt tat pinku thght wrong abt him.. an u can b hurt only by the person u love

    Coming to my fav scene of today.. which i watched atleast 10 times till now.. SHIVIKA..u guys rock whatever the scene of urs… romantic,comedy ,emotional.. anytin n everythin..
    The scene was so cute .. “tum focus karo main bhi focus karta hoon” “shivay davai aaj hi lagani hai” “Jala? closin his eyes” ” wen shivay says aa raha hoon to the wound”.. lolzzzzz… epic
    “Chot mujhe lagi hai aur dard aapko ho raha hai” .. oh my.. seedha dil main utra dialogue
    So much of pain in anika, wen she explains abt being an orphan.. hope shivay feels it too…
    An i m hoping against hope tat today or tomo startin is nt the last shivika scene v see… as mrs.kapoor will start her blackmailing again

    • Abiha

      Totallly agree wth u….that bros can’t see priyanka in tension …but thanxx to her bhabhi’s they r here….they definately do something to save her….or they can help obros to realise the situation…

    • Lijince

      Archiya…..I also enjoy all Anika-Tia convos…..every time when Tia makes a remark Anika will make a double remark which will shut Tia for a while. But still Tia never stops to irritate Anika and Anika doesn’t get tired of lecturing Tia…..and we are also much entertained. 😀 😀
      And Shivaye’s dialogue “Focus karo…” he must not have focused this much even in his business…..Shivaye Singh Oberoi became Scared Singh Oberoi…..wo bhi davai ki jalan se…haha! And Anika “Shivaye aaj hi lagani hain….” and Shivaye’s reaction…..our SSO completely turned to a teenager with Anika….loved each moment of it!!
      And yes, lets hope that Shivaye doesn’t hurt Anika after Mrs. Kapoor blackmailing him….instead he can reveal the truth to Anika and let her find some way out of it!
      I think only Rudy is always this easygoing with everyone. If it was Shivaye or Om they would have easily found out that Prinku is in tension. Ranveer looked awesome today……but why is he trying to be another Shivaye. He should understand Prinku and treat her well!!

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Yeah dr..I am also hoping fr the same 2day scenes is not shivika last scenes…just look on upcmng epi romi blackmail,shivika sepratn,nafrathbaaz plots fr OF..omg I hope we won’t last our intrst..hopng fr the best frm ishqbaaaz team..

  5. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    shivika’s scene are too good , sso is so deeply in love that he really needs to admit it to himself
    its good that he saw her saving tia before his mother comes in tomorrow to make a scene to anika bcz of tia’s lies
    there is new videos about sahil and rudra with tia’s phone , l hope they can find something finally against her even if somya dropped it in the pool but it as said that was on purpose , why somya ?? maybe she has a plan to decieve tia hopefully
    also it seems that sso and anika are shooting outside in some jungle ?? maybe a goon’s attack sent by rotilana ??
    l think in the matter of prinku mms will be solved by rumya and ranveer maybe without shivika and om knowing

    • Lax

      I guess Tias phone had Prinkus MMS n that’s y Soumya did this. May b she got to know from Romi n she did not want even Rudr to see or know abt it. But in the IV Leenesh said it has something to do with her past. That’s confusing. Let’s see. Anyway I don’t want Soumya to b made negative.

      • Lax

        I think, it’s a wild guess, after the jungle scene Annika ll realize her love for Shivay. I feel it’s some rescue scene. Shivay rescuing Annika putting his life in danger which makes her feel for Shivay. Or may be Annika rescuing Shivay this time putting her life in danger that’s when she realizes it’s love. Am absolute clueless abt the scene. Just a wild guess.

      • Abiha

        Mee too….just hoping that its due to prinku’MMs …otherwise …its will b worse…sumo negative no way….
        But its possible na that something related to her past…but not so worse..bcz she is married to rudra..n now how could they show her negative….anyway..the thing which we can do …is just wait n watch…

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        hi lax , me too am confused , it seemed that leenesh said that anika’s doubts will become true or something ?? l dont understabd the language very good
        and what is in somya’s past in tia’s phone ?? maybe he meant tia’s past ?? or is rumi has something against somya ??
        am hoping when anika realises her love will not run to confess it to him and tbh its not like anika to do that , she is realistic and she thinks they are divorcing anyway also tia’s pregnancy so she holds herself and sso needs to be the confessing his love first and tell her that he is not divorcing her and does not care about that stupid KKN and only after that she may confess too

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Mouni dear..I thnk that may be some miscommuncatn..whatevr he said at last i thnk it’s abt tia..ishana char ruined becz of negative I hope they won’t ruin soumya char too..

      • Lax

        Leenesh said Annika’s doubts are to be proved. They are trying to do that.
        And yes even if Annika realizes her love let her not confess it to Shivay.
        New spoiler video shows Annika hanging from a tree n Shivay saving her. Surbhi in her IV says SSOs health issue ll b revealed. May b this sequence is included for that.

  6. shahabana

    Ohhhhh tjus cheapdi tia……shivaye cares about anika a lotz…anika got hurt but shivaye feeling pain….plsss end this tia preg track….its just irritating a lotz….rumya scenes good…i liked priveer scenes today…. I likes ranveers attitude…
    And precape ohhh again mis understanding… Helloo sso…what an idiot he is.. That mrs.kapoor is making shivaye as pappu….and he is beleiving that dayan…stupid…. I just wish this rotilana track should end soon
    And guyz ishqbaaz trp is 2.3
    Kasam trp 2.7
    Some fc’s are posting whole episode before telecast in insta… This is effecting trp badly….plsss guyz try to watch ishqbaaz on 10pm itself bcz trp is very important to run a show…
    Anyways good ngt…sleep well guyz

    • Lax

      I donno y the makers or channel are not doing anything to prevent such uploads. If they want to upload let them do it after the repeat telecasts. Highlights are still fine but entire episode being uploaded is not acceptable. High time they do something abt it.

      • Abiha

        Shahabana d n lax d….right…they should do something ….otherwise our trps…will b badly affected…noo we cant bear this…we want ishqbaaz to b on air for looooooooong time…with intersting traks…hope so they will do something..

  7. Sharmi

    Omg such a lovely episode. Rumya scene shivika scene priveer scene were awesome.. 😍 thank god they didn’t show Svetlana today. I hate her.
    Tia’s acting was getting good day by day. But in today’s episode I don’t like her acting. Missed om today 💔

  8. Gayathri.visu

    Very fast update. Thanks Amena di. Awww….Shivaay’s care for Anika. So gooood………This tia I just hate her….and Pinky also. I am really worred for Priyanka. Precap!!!!!!!! does Om knows everything?????????

  9. chithra

    First of all our anika z soo innocent……nd she knows hw difficult to live without a parental care ,love concern😢😢 ….my poor baby girl 😢😢😢..she really needs lot of love she deserves….. now a days sso is showing lot of emotions love ,care, concern to her which she didn’t got befr but iam feeling scared bcz already anika loves SSO nd she feels it but I don’t believe this SSO 😢😢😢😢😢😢…he vl change anytime …ven it comes about his family he wont care anika for sure😢😢😢😢😢😢😢….he is playing vid her emotions …she started to feel fr him..first of all anika alone nd nobody is der to care ..I hope anika won’t get heart attack ….after all I believe anika more then SSO ….iam sure Mrs kapoor nd pinky vl force sso to become rude vid anika 😢😢😢😢….coming to
    Precap iam having little hope that om vl get to knw abt video nd I hope he may gv solution to SSO …any precap indicates there is tough tym fr anika 😢😢😢😢…I hope shivika separation vl not be der …I hope soooo ..finger crossed

  10. Abhishek

    Today was a day where shivay needs to thinkwhat om said to shivay om said that there will someone special in shivay life that shivay will be happy when that person laugh and shivay will feel the pain when that person gets hurt so anika will be the special person for shivay ishqbazz is famous for not dragging story then why are dragging tia chapter let shivay know tia and kick her and her mother out of his house let cvs cotinue with shwetalna and rumi drama but now dont drag tia chapter because we need shivika love story to start without any complication so please put end to tia character

  11. meghna

    loved the episode ……specially shivika scenes .hey guys i need help

    can u tell me the name of the fanfiction where tia kidnaps a pregnant anika .? to take revenge ……

    actually i know the story but somehow i forgot the name….

    please guys help me as i want to know the next part of the story

    in wait for your response..

    • Abiha

      Soorrry dear…nowadays…due to busy rotine of studies…m not in touch wth ff’s…so can’t help u….hope u never mind…may b some one other reply u…n help u…

  12. Lax

    Annika is such a sweetheart 😘 That moment when Shivay saw Annika saving Tia made my day (or night whatever). Shivays expressions while dressing the wound was funny. Shivika’s emotional scenes are also really good apart from their usual scenes. It’s the first time I saw Shivay showing empathy for Annika. Shivay helping her with the mangalsutra ll b in tomorrow’s episode I guess.

    For a split second I thot Tia had remorse listening to Annika n that’s when images of Robin conjured up in her mind. And later that complaining was quite expected from Tia. Cheap di kahin ki.

    Liked Priveer n Rumya scenes too

    P.S.- TRP of the serial is same as last week, but it’s not slot leader. May b other serial had better track last week. But it ll b really difficult to get the position back. Wish they end the nafratbaaz track with a dhamaka soon to get back in form n btw today I saw few posts which said Shivika is shooting in some jungle. What might that be?

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Hi lax dr..u r right..frm this only lot of nafrathbaaz drama is gng to start..upto this obros and shivika track only..thn y thr is no increase in trp..guyzz pls watch ishqbaaaz at 10pm..
      Yeah dr outdoor shoot..but we dnt hv any single anythng is psble..i just wondering u shared upcmng spoiler ryt OmRu planed dinner date fr shivika..I hope they dnt send them to jungle fr date..😂

      • Lax

        Jungle sequence spoiler is uploaded in Insta. It shows Shivay saving Annika who is hanging from a tree. But in the IV Surbhi says Shivays health issue ll come out in that track. May b this sequence is included for that.

  13. Aheli

    Hello friends I’m new in Ishqbaaz forum and I’m really loving Shivika, Rumya, Priveer and Om. 😀 But I started watching recently I don’t know much from the beginning. 🙁 Plzz can u tell me who’s the lady in the precap and what she’s telling to Shivay?? I mean regarding what?? And about what is Om confronting Shivay?? And I know the basic of Shivika and Rumya’s individual story (not much just the basic) but know nothing about Priveer plzz can any one say me about them too plzz. 🙂

    • iamsofianeak

      The lady in the precap is Tia, swhetlana, rumi ‘s mother she blackmail shivaye that she will send the video where an old lady whose name is Daime tells shivaye that One of his brothers is an illegitimate son ,but she didn’t say Rudra or Om but tia’s mom tell shivaye that it’s Omkara
      don’t worry about the precap om is talking about a video ( Shivaye wins best buissenesman ) …
      in the past priyanka and om did an accident , randhwa know about this and she blackmails prinko to marry him else he will expose her… he tells her that she’s her sister…and their story lovee will start now…

    • Abiha

      Heyyyyyy….most welcome….lady in precap …she is tia ‘s mom….n saying about video…video have recording of someone saying that on is illegmate child of tej…shivaye don’t want om to know about it….

      N ranveer’s sister is in coma …due to the accident which is by mistakenly done by priyanka….so he wants to take revenge…
      Hope so ur doubts r clear..if not then watcg it on hotstar…


    ” Yes, children should not be suffer for the wrong deeds of their parents!!”

    In whole EPI, this one sentence gave the indication that WHERE SSO character is now on his journey to SHIVAAY!

    And more important is WHY than to WHERE?

    We all remember,



    and now what happens all of sudden that we got SSO agreeing upon ANNIKA’s view that is

    “children should not be suffered for the wrong deeds of their parents!!”????????

    I left on all of you, get the answer yourself!!

    • Abiha

      Shekhar bhai good analysis…but we can’t make shivaye understand this….but anika is there na…n also om…so surely they will make him understand one day…hope so..btw bhai u analyse each n every thing soooo good …keep it up..

    • Lijince

      Yes Shekhar…..with those words SSO made clear that he is a changed man now…..I think the revelation of Omkara’s truth is a huge shock to Shivaye even though he has never expressed it. When he rejected Dev and insulted Anika several times, he never thought of the other side until it happened in his family. We can see how helpless he is in Om’s case…..maybe for the first time in life, he realized that his NKK ideology is not so ideal after all. This also can be one of the reasons for his feelings towards Anika.

      • SHEKHAR

        very rightly you answered this question above. Some situaton one can not be understand and then delt unless and untill that one find himself in that situation. Unfortunately, I found SHIVAAY selfish here for the reason that he got agree over ANNIKA’s view because he found a reason to copup with his matter of OM!!!!, about which ANNIKA is totally unaware!!!!! I am sure, if matter of OM did not arised, SSO would not ever agreed over ANNIKA’s views for for child suffering for his parents deeds!!!!

  15. susan

    I don’t think Om and Shivaay is talking about the same video. That would just be to easy. I hope I am wrong.

  16. Abiha

    In todays episode shivika n priveer….n lil bit of rumya was there….liked it….
    I really loved priveer scene….hope so ranveer falls in love soon….
    Shivika rocked…..shivaye feeling anika’s pain….soooo good ….n shivaye plz dont hurt our anika this time….
    Don’t want to say anything about tia…n pinky…

  17. Lijince

    Wondering who is more KK….Swet or Tia?? Tia is just not cheapdi….athukkum mele (Beyond that). Oh I wish Shivaye had heard her calling Anika sadakchap and seen his reaction. Anika saves her and instead of being grateful, she is playing games with her….she is proving the name given to her by her MIL…S**tia – full of S***
    Why is Anika not bothered to find out about Tia’s husband anymore….too busy with Swet I think.
    Oh…how much I hate this Mrs. Kapoor and Tia. Swetlana is ok to an extent…but not her mom and sis…..GK ma’am please get rid of them asap!!

  18. ishq

    todays shivika moments r fabulous..good thing is shivaay saw anika saving tia..n he feels Anika pain..first comedy n emotional scene ..really chandanakul cn make any scene nokjok r emotional any n everythng eyes get wetted when anika saying abt her pain..shivaay should shed a drop of tear atleast ..bantha hai

  19. Minion....


    |Registered Member

    Hii… 😃every one my name is Nisbat khatri i am new here…..i was a silent till now ab socha ke comment bhi kerlu…

    😜So i hope u all will enjoy my company…. thanks have a nice day.

  20. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Hi guyzz..Good mrng..epi was good..not day by day,week by week they r unfoldng Anika’s stry..felt vry bad fr her..Anika’s all dialogues made my eyes wth ful of tears..
    Heart touchng all tym wsh is shivaay must fulfil all her hurts and worries by his love..waitng fr that day..
    Priveer scenes r good..but all OF members hiding smthng frm eachothr…
    Rumya scenes r good..rudy part is always treat to watch..
    Fr our bad luck CVs givng lot of scenes to CC..cheapdi chudail tia had no idea what Anika did fr his.
    I hate CC and KK mom..her 2 min scenes wth shivaay,cmpletly changes his mind..
    Hope fr intrstng track..

  21. Tanvi

    Hlo guys ! I’m a silent reader..I started watching this show from nov …so I’m watching old episodes in hotstar and reading telly updates…..I was very shocked and surprised to see more than 300 comments… now only few….what happened for others ??? I really love this show 😙😘

    • Abiha

      Heyyy…welcome here …not 300 actually once we crossed 580 dear ….but nowadays…some left due to ishana’s exist…some r not happy wth ongoing track…some r busy wth work…some wth studies….so now numbers of commebts r sooo less…hope so that all old members come back…thn wth all new members…we will make another record…


    When one comes over his heart feelings, he has to get change! He start to think other side of his beliefs, and find the escape to mantain someone with him.

    He never make any deal with his family member, He , after being SHIVAAY, gave his all to family what he had, and still is giving, and will keep continue with it last long. All was going right along with his ages old beliefs, untill that crucial moment crashed down on the way of his life.

    At first instance it looked , he was being transfixed by ANNIKA, he was being mesmarised got on the way of ANNIKA , and new shade, GOOD ONE, is being added in his character. But, it was neither a smooth change nor at will, but it has the shade of his last choice to have it. If he was not vised between the two odd situations, he would not ever had that shade.

    Mrs.KAPOOR fixed him at the threshold of his own beliefs over NKK. At first instance he got shocked and scared of his own feelings. He had seen the his bro OM at the feet of Mrs. KAPOOR crushing between his beliefs and new born situation in which Mrs. KAPOOR had fixed him. Remembering all those moments , he feeled for OM, smiled for him, sacrifised for him , he just fumbled down to . Wave after wave of shock were about to fire his whole beings . He never imagined some one would make him to come across such situation where he has to select either his loved ones or to stick his beliefs.

    He looked deep in her eyes while she was informing, rathar alarming him. Being shrewd, keeping himself as cool as possible, he just left her behind having winning smile over her face, but at that moment, he knew,


    Remembering all this , he just ignored TIA completely infront of ANNIKA and denied to go along with her for a doctor visit.



    As gul and makers hinted in social media, ALL CHARACTERS ARE INTER CONNECTED, one shold not get shocked after having a grey shade in SOUMYA.

    EVEERY CHARACTER out of OF if present are having a definate past connected with the past of atleast one member of OF.

    MAKERS has many choice to wear any shade to SOUMYA, and many reasons and clues there of had been left behind in many epis which may be used to wear her grey or any shade.

    When GAYATRY entered into OM hiding in DRUM, SHE and ANNIKA were at the door step of OM to clear it out from security check, and when drum in which GAYATRY was hided rolled down in under the eyes of both, at that time SOUMYA was nearrer to rolling drum than ANNIKA. And when ANNIKA reached to that room where that drum was rolled down then she was SOUMYA who called on ANNIKA and ANNIKA went back to herv work.

    So, GUL mam has all the option open to enhence any shade to SOUMYA . She me opt that DRUM incident as the indication of SOUMYA’s grey shade or let it be as a coincident. But, in my POV, possibility is, SOUMYA IS IN Oberoy Mansion WITH SOME MOTIVE , apart from good or bad!

      • Esther


        |Registered Member

        maybe she is forced to do all these….someone might be using her/threatening her,,,maybe her brother is murdered by that person,,,,,bt chances are less for her to be negative….stillll….there might be some twist

    • shahabana

      Im agree they can turn the charecter in any angle… really wont get any surprise if they will turn saumya as a grey shade….i dntknow how all fans will take the change if they will turn saumya as a grey shade… But i will be really happy… .bcz i dnt think if a person is grey shade then he is wrong…..most of the peaple are grey in our society…we can see very less amount of balck or white shaded peaple….if saumya turns out a grey shade then it will be really intresting to watch rumya story….it will be a turning point in their story

    • shahabana

      Shekhar u put a very good question that why should children suffers for their parents wrong deeds?
      Its an million dollor question….its very cruel to say but truth is most of the times childrens gets punishments for their parents wrong deeds…
      U are right sso regected devs alliance for priyanka bcz he iscan illigimate child of chaddas and many times sso insulted anika bcz she is an orphon….but u know what shekhar in our most peaples thinking are same
      like sso….there are very less whos thinking are like anika and omkara…
      Now sso agreed to anikas word bcz he thinks that his own bro omkara is illigimate(we dnt know if its true not)
      But its true that always childrens gets punishments for their parents wrong deeds… need to give example of any others….good example for this situation is non other than oberoise….look how shivomru and even priyanka also suffering fir their parents deeds… Whats wrong this obros are done with kapoors.. Nothing but they where suffering bcz of their parents….childrens gets their parents whelth and gets punishment for their patents deeds also….
      Sorryy its too long comment and i wrote reply for ur question now bcz i got busy today

  24. Esther


    |Registered Member

    I missed watching the serial for few days and within that Shivaaye improved aloooot…..he changed alot,,,,,Anika-Shivaaye’s relation also changed alot…!….bt Pinky will never change….she was thankful to Anika before bt soon forgot wat Shivaaye did….
    Tia is disgusting,,,…Universe punished u for ur bad deeds,that’s why your husband is dead….

  25. Bibhuti

    Hey my name is bibhuti and I am new here although its my first comment I am following ishqbaaz from very early also I read your comments daily so can I join this ishqbaaz family I am huge fan of ishqbaaz nakul sir surbhi mam kunal sir leenesh sir but shivika is my fav

    • Abiha

      Sure u can join …why to ask…most welcome here….
      If we not allow u…than also u ‘ll comment na …if u want …or we say no u ‘ll not comment… 😂😂😂😂 ….so why r u asking..

      by the way m just kidding u dear …dont get it serious …plz han…
      Welcome n keep commenting…

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      next week is full action it seems ; jungle , old hunted house style and hanging and poisoning wow , IB is unique

    • Lijince

      I don’t think Leenesh was serious when he said Soumya kya tha kya hai you will know soon….I feel he is trying to mislead the viewers or to create a mystery.
      But, as you said Shekhar, there are so many characters in this serial which can become negative anytime the makers want to….characters of Janvi, Tej, Shakti, Soumya have all the potential to become negative at any point. At the beginning of the serial we had seen Tej and Shakti arguing over their past. Being successful businessmen both Shakti and Tej cannot be perfect gentlemen. Similarly, Janvi was a alcoholic in the beginning….even though they have reasoned it with Tej-Swetlana relationship, there is still more mystery to it! And now Soumya who is Dadi’s friends’ granddaughter…..other than her brother’s death none knows anything about her past. So that is another mystery. Somehow, when I see the proximity between Om and Soumya I feel Om must be responsible for her bro’s death.
      But, won’t the serial look better if we had to worry about one mystery at a time…..why these many unsolved mysteries and then new ones at the same time?? Why can’t GK ma’am understand that IB will lose its charm if she continues this way? Arrrrggghhh….

      • Lijince

        And this jungle video is so much of tension man…..Shivaye is getting sick, Anika getting hanged and Om kidnapped…what is happening yaar? What have these Kapoor sisters and mom done to Oberois?? Let’s hope ShivikaOm come out safe after this jungle epi…

      • shekhar

        I thought to much, and one theory I find fit.
        We had seen, due to stalking of TIA by ANNIKA, how ROBIN met his death by his own wife, and TIA believing ANNIKA responsible for death of ROBIN and now TIA is seeking revenge from ANNIA.
        Samely, Mr. KAPOOR might have been dead in a accident due to one member of OF ( TEJ/ SHAKTI) about which that oberoy was unknown as ANNIKA is.
        And since then , seeking revenge, Mrs.Kapoor might have been behind OF!
        THIS IS WHAT I BLV .

        Anyhow, many story may be described.
        Actually I was one believing that TIA has some reason to marry SSO , specifically revenge type, over and above looting money ;
        It is also to be noted, basically TIA is kind to her husband and never ever I found her serious in her attempts to marry SSO. So why he run away with ROBIN on wedding day, but getting torchered badly by her mother , and after losing ROBIN in an accidental death, and to take revenge on ANNIKA, she becomes vamp.
        I blv, TIA will be first to break down out of three sisters in which ANNIKA’s kindness in saving her and her baby from poking will play a major role.

  26. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    the new videos …. anika hanging from a tree next to an abandond house in the jungle , and sso come running from that house but he seems sick and puts his hand in chest like he has some heart problems but he saw anika and saved her , it seems they were searching for om ??
    but l think its a trap from rotilana to kill them both in that house , they must have drugged sso or put some poison in him like the first ep and probably took anika and hanged her over a tree , its really sad sequance , l was shocked seeing anika like that and poor sso can’t even walk correctly and suffring pain
    the kapoors are gone too far this time , they became insane and psychos they are obsessed with killing sso and anika , that’s not revenge that’s a sick mentality , l hope their end will be bad , they are a tool in the hands of the main anonymous villain and am sure he will get rid of them the minute they will become useless like gayatri

  27. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Omg..!!!!!really worried fr upcmng track.hoping fr the best..but its really beyond the expected level..why shivika followng om??poor shivaay and Anika sufferng lotttt..ishqbaaaz team wrkng really hard..eagerly waiting fr upcmng tracks..

    • Lax

      Yes but y are they following Om.??
      Anyway team is working really hard.. Poor things..!! Did u see the party pics in Insta?? They had to party to come out of the exhaustion 😁😁

  28. 09tanki

    Shivaye and Anika don’t believe that Tia is pregnant but they are still talking about taking care of a non-existant child???? What a joke!!!!!!! blo*dy fools!!!!!!!!

    • shahabana

      Ohhh common u are misunderstanding…..shivika know that tia is pregnent but shivika are not ready to beleive that its shivayes child….so they where caring for tias child….beacause its not babys fault at all…so now think who is fool exactly…

      • 09tanki

        They don’t want to believe that Shivaay is the father of Tia’s child, it means they think that the medical reports are fake and Tia is lying,…. so why on earth they are believing that Tia is pregnant??? That can be a lie too. They believe Tia aadha- adhura??? Lol

    • Abiha

      They know that she is pregnant….but shivaye n anika don’t beleive this that the child is of shivye…N definately anika knows that the child is of tia’s husband…first confirm ur doubts then say anything about them…its request…

  29. Shanitics


    |Registered Member

    Ohh my god… Today’s epi was damn good.. Dialogues of Anika are nailing IB.. Just lvng it.. Looking frward fr ths serial..


  30. wow

    my god i just loved shivika scenes today they were really extravagant and added a life to the episode what think about precap will om know the truth

    • shahabana

      Non of them are illigimate… Truth is something else.. Its someone else who is illigimate i think…. Just wait and watch it will be a suspence for viewers

    • Bibhuti

      I think non of them are illegimete it is just the plan of Mrs kapoor to trap the oberios by using daimaa…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.