Ishqbaaz 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Anika where are you going. She says home. He says I m the owner of the house, I have sold that house. She gets shocked. Sometime before, Tia greets everyone and hugs Pinky. Rudra says she has come again and talks like Dadi. Om jokes. Shivaye and Anika come downstairs. Dadi says you look lovely. Jhanvi says husband gives gift to wife before pagphere right. Dadi says yes, Billu I told you about gift, did you get it. Tia says Shivaye you were going to give me surprise, so where is my gift. He says Anika’s gift is ready. A servant gets the gift box. Shivaye gives it to Anika. Dadi asks Anika to take it. Anika takes it. Rudra says see the gift Om, he did packing and all. Anika says thanks. Shivaye says first see it. Anika opens the gift box. She gets shocked. Dadi asks what is it. Om takes

papers and gets shocked. He says divorce papers. Everyone get shocked.

Tia smiles and hugs Shivaye. She says I m so happy, I love it, you seriously made my day. She takes papers and come on give it to me Om. She says you will go forever now Anika, perfect right, come on sign the papers, mom do you have a pen. Soumya comes and calls out Anika to see who came for her pagphere ritual. Sahil comes. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Sahil walking with support stick. Sahil walks to Anika and falls. Shivaye looks on shocked. Anika rushes and hugs Sahil. Shivaye recalls his meetings and arguments with Sahil.

Anika says I told you many times to walk properly, did you get hurt. Sahil says no, I m fine, what are you doing and sign everyone is there. He says I have become big boy, hello Omru. Om says hi Sahil, how did you know we are Omru. Sahil says by your long hair and Rudra’s biceps. Rudra says I knew it, Anika told you. Sahil looks at Shivaye and says I know everything about everyone. Shivaye goes to his room and recalls Sahil. He says Sahil…….. He calls Khanna and asks when you got Anika’s brother, did you hurt him. Khanna says Anika’s brother, who that handicapped one. Shivaye says mind your language Khanna, his name is Sahil, call him by his name. Khanna says sorry. Shivaye asks did you hurt him. Khanna says no, we made him sit in car, gave chocolates and dropped him back. Shivaye asks sure. Khanna says yes. Shivaye ends call and says its my mistake, that kid is already such, I told him so much, how could I say that, how will I face Sahil and Anika, what happened to me. He hits hand on wall angrily.

Priyanka comes to Ranveer’s house. He says you here. She says yes, I got some herbal medicines for your sister. He says thanks, please come, I was going to make tea for myself, will you have it. She says thanks, your sister….. He says she is in that room. She asks can I meet her. He says sure and goes. She sees Ranveer and Nisha’s childhood pics. She goes to room and sees Nisha lying unconscious on bed, with many medical machines around her. She recalls the girl Ranveer has shown her. She gets tensed and sees the mark on hand, which she has seen in pic just now. She turns to go and collides with Ranveer. He asks what happened. She asks your sister, that day she was fine, this is someone else. He says you are correct, she was someone else, this is my sister, who is in coma since 2 years, you are responsible for her state Priyanka. She gets shocked and goes.

Dadi comes to Shivaye and says Anika is going, if she goes, she will never come back, stop her Billu. Om and Rudra come. Om says you forcefully made relation with Anika, but before that you both had a connection, that will not break by these papers, just once become that Shivaye and see, who used to get affected by Anika’s words. Rudra says stop Anika, I love you a lot, you did wrong with her, please give me this thing, just stop her please. Om asks Shivaye to agree.

Ranveer catches Priyanka and says can’t you face truth, you are not able to see my sister’s state, I see her like this always. She says you said she got fine. He says I lied, it was my plan, I wanted you to come close, trust me, love me, so that we can get married. Anika says you all gave me much love and respect, I can also say that I had a family, even if for just few days, you are like my family, so I m sorry if you are hurt by me. Pinky and Jhanvi feel sad. Anika cries. Tia says her farewell speech is not ending. She gets Robin’s call and goes. Anika hugs Soumya. She asks Sahil to come.

Ranveer says what you did with my sister, I will punish you, not laws, I will trouble you, by marrying you, relations are not linked by love, its connected by hatred too. She says let me go. He says I will marry you to keep you my hatred. Dadi calls out Anika. She says don’t go like this. Anika says any way, I have to go some day, thanks for giving me love. She takes Dadi’s blessings and hugs.

Shivaye comes and calls out Anika. She stops. He asks where are you going. She says home. He asks whose home. She says my home. He says but you don’t have any home. She asks what do you mean. He says I mean the house where you stay is mine, I m the owner of that house, why are you shocked, you know I bought that house. Anika says but I have given money. He asks how did you get money, from Dadi, it means its my money, so its my house. She says but I took loan from Dadi, I promised I will return her money, ask Dadi, I will repay. He asks when, next birth, you know you can’t repay 30 lakhs, as business, I want investment recovery and profit too. Sahil looks angrily.

Shivaye says its foolishness to expect it from you, so I have sold that house. They get shocked. Shivaye says investment and profit came back. Anika asks did you sell our house, how can you do this, where will we go, will we stay on road. He says I did not say that. She says you got us on road. He says you can stay here if you want. Om and Rudra look on. Shivaye says I mean its your right to stay here till divorce, its fair. She says its about my brother too. He says Sahil can stay here, I don’t care. She says but it matters to him. He says ask him. She says he is my brother, I know he will not agree. He says if he agrees then. She says it won’t happen. He says we will see, Sahil….. Sahil says yes Mr SSO. Shivaye says I have to do imp discussion with you, man to man. Sahil asks him to say.

Shivaye asks what do you want. Sahil says you have to make desi ghee chow mein every sunday. Shivaye asks what else do you want. Sahil says you will never trouble Anika, because I can’t see Anika crying. Shivaye says even I can’t see that. Shivaye asks Anika to shut up, you won’t say anything to Omru. Om and Rudra come. Om asks what will she not say.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aarosh

    I think priveer will also have forced marriage we don’t know how will om’ s marriage will happen the melting phase of SSO has begin waiting for exposure of Tia and Anika kidnapping and maybe priveer marriage

  2. Akky

    wow!what an episode guys i love the twist.shivaay did well,i think the old anika will be back to pay the amount to shivaay with super,what do u think so guys.Reply

    • Trisha

      I m miss old anika who never Loss ,super girl, full on confident, her self-respect ,nd seriously guys i miss her new words tadibaaz, kanjiaakha, michmichi, chipde, bagadbilla, pinky promise, chant, chantomind, soo oon nd that i missed shivika nok-jok😤 thats make so much fun now they both bcome serious now she call him bybhis naam but missing billuji if u know some other anika words u can write yarr realy guys i want to recall that words 😊😊

  3. Sanchi


    |Registered Member

    I cant stop admiring Sahil.. He sure is perfect sala for SSO.. finally the makers brought a fresh track in the serial.. the ongoing track was becoming bit boring

  4. Trisha

    shivaya ki aaj dekh kar muje ek gana yaad aaya srk ki flim chenai express ka song
    Chahu main kitna bhi kamina lakin inshan toh hu anika (gana mai meena tha) aab hamlog ko sahil aur shivaya ki bonding dekhna ko milage
    Ish ranveer pa muje itna bharosa toh nahi how easily he change aab toh priveer ki bhi lov-hated story dekhna ko milage
    Om ki life ma toh anika ki sis hi aayege unlog ki story bhi lov -hated hi hogi ……agar om life ma ayshi ladki aayee toh uska character kasa ho na chahiya
    Ya toh baat baat pa juut bolti ho, ya phir amer bap bigdi huii ho jo blood fmly, background ko first priority dati ho,chutki dekhkar lagta hai ki aase kissi ya toh orfanage, ya phir child take care,ya phir jailer ki lady pakadke la jarahi hai what u think guys??? Muje itna pata hai ki om ki life patner hogi shivaya ka saath toh uske sure banagi what u think guys??
    Ok byee✋gud night😴😴😴😴

  5. Sejal

    Forced marriage season’s? Anyway.. Hope this Tia crap ends soon. Should be a shattering revelation for oberoi family…not within d house but socially affect them. Sahil scene was beautiful. Hope anika keeps her individuality n not become a typical baju. Her outfit today was yuck.

    • Mona146


      |Registered Member

      the outfit was horrible. true. Were seeing it in promos, ads everywhere and it is so horrible. I love jhanvi more than pinky.

  6. Shrusvri

    Sahil is soooooo cute, shivaay is so unpredictable and anika is such a ‘abla nari’ i dont know where is her self respect. I loved the scene of omru dadi and shivaay

  7. Ruchu

    Shivikha ki takkar ki ishqbaazi ab shuru hui h…mja aaega ishqbaaz m…I love to see the fight between shivay n anika…Somya n rudra…ranveer n priyanka…but love to see understanding of om…god plz allow someone special to visit in Om’s life….

  8. Ruchu

    Love to see the fight between shivay n anika…Somya n rudra…ranveer n priyanka…but love to see understanding of om…god plz allow someone special to visit in Om’s life….

  9. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    Sahil with sso shivhil refreshed IB !! Luv to watch them together !!thank god they are moving IB away from tia for our peace of mind soul n heart!!!!🙏😂

  10. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    well , its the first time l see a crack in the great wall of shivaye , and all thanks to sahil
    l think sahil will have a big role in bringing shivika together and exposing tia too
    so robin is still in the picture and calls tia , am hoping he will make a mistake and expose her or maybe he will be hurt by the kapoor’s treatment and go to the OM and make a scene to tia
    ( l would love that )
    the precap was awsome , sso talking serioucly with sahil is super cute and l believe that anika will not expose sso in front of his bros so that he want fall down in their eyes and he will feel more guilty and start changing his behaviour
    poor prinkou , acp looks cruel and will force her to marry him by blackmailing her probably , the same way her brother did with anika , the irony … atleast anika is 100% innocent

    from the direction of the events and the new promo it seems shitia relationship is fading and shivaye will lose interest in tia while living with anika and sahil the next episodes and am sensing he will find the truth about robin maybe sooner than later and maybe then will start another phase in IB

    • Shekhar

      SSO will lose interest in TIA while leaving with ANNIKA & SAHIL!

      Coming to any conclusion, please check what might have pushed SHIVAAY to stop ANNIKA from OM?

      and please, please took a keen look at what he said when SAHIL put a condition” you will not trouble ANNIKA DIDI because I can’t see her crying”
      What he said in response is important , and how he could have been able to say is most important particularly when he keep continue hurting badly since beginning to the last moment?

      And lastly, why he behaved rudely with ANNIKA to stop her from,leaving OM untill he said” you can stay here , and it is your right untill divorced get finalised?

      These are all very minute point to observe!
      Few one are saying, it is his guilt. For few It is his pity!!! Someone say it is his love!. BEHIND SSO FORCED TO ANNIKA TO LIVE IN OM !

      But actually what it is? , is still a mystery for me. I would like to wait for
      few epis!


      • shahabana

        Hellooo SHEKHAR
        Yesterday u wished for eid milad…thanks for the wishes…
        And about sso…dntknw why he wants anika and sahil to saty at OM…i think may be he was guilty thats why….im so glad that sso is not sooo bad….actually this sso is devil..but there is a angel behind this devil mind….and sso loves his family a lotz…so he is not that much bad person….who loves his family a lotz he cnt be a bad person

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        l think sso behaviour with anika is more influencend by the ONS MU , every time he keeps remembering it and he becomes cruel , we have to remember his state before the daksh lie , he looked very much in love with her , he was worried when she was attacked and even cried when she got engaged , but after the lie he bacame worse that the 1st episodes with her as he thinks that she cheated on him and betrayed his love , that’s why he is angry
        so l think if this MU gets cleared he will have a mojor change in him and even if tia dont get exposed he will lose total interest in her and only look at anika

      • SHEKHAR

        SHAHABANA mam,

        One may call it the result of his guilt, but I will wait for few eps! From the depth of my mind, as of now, I tend to think, It was his last move as SSO to step in that magic land where from that little boy is getting everything that SSO simply does not have! He was made visited to that magic land very oftenly, but he denied to a long sail in that magic land. After what he did at last, was a last kill over that coffin of untold, unfold story. He knew, he had lost every access to that magic land from where only SAHIL will keep getting which he has not yet. She will not buy her any guilt , any pity, and any soft talk! That CRUTCH made him mad to step again in that magic land, and was wishing to have feet long space to stand and then to get enter in that magic land again!

        For SHIVAAY , it was not possible to make a feet long space, because at very moment for her SHIVAAY was dead when SSO brought SAHIL between SHIVAAY and ANNIKA ,and probably after being SSO last time, he tried to first realise and then to enjoy her right as DIL to stay in OM!

        In my POV, it is neither a pity nor a guilt, but a struggling effort with himelf to get back what he keep losing since long back, even since before ANNIKA got entered in his life!

      • SHEKHAR

        MOUNI MAM,

        After getting shocked to see that SAHIL with CRUTCH, as of now, ONS MU becomes secondary. And mind well, he himself is not confirmed about that ONS. He consciously believe, she just can’t do it, but his subconscious mind is not ready to accept his conscious mind’s thought process, which made him COMPLEX for ONS. But that CRUTCH is a reality, over which both his mind have to get agree. For SAHIL, there is no complex thought in SSO . SSO knows, and can weigh her attitude not to use SAHIL factor as SYMPATHY factor so far, and only that made of shocked, which becomes unbearable for SSO. She helped his family in all the possible way she can do, but she ever denied any help from him. He got shocked knowing that, how much less he know about ANNIKA, her struggling life, her pain, and eventhough she keep continue with her life amid of all pain!!!

        SO as of now, ONS MU is no important for him, not a issue now, issue is how he can make him around him for his good self. He is now wishing to fight himself, he want to have different perspective of the life being with both !

        ONS is there since long, and as it is baseless, it has to removed later or sooner, and surely it will not be hurdle of SSO journey to SHIVAAY!

  11. Lax

    Bahuth hi emotional episode tha aaj tho. It was really good. Any episode that shows Shivay’s guilt is bringing me joy. Shivay was saying Galthi tho mujhse hui, wo bhi bahuth badi…!! No Shivay.. Picture abhi baaki hain, your guilt trip has just started.
    Now he ll start liking Sahil which is appreciated. But actually he should admire Annika, who never used her brother’s condition as a tool anywhere. Leave using it for sympathy, she did not mention it once. Also even when she did not do a thing, she apologized to Pinky. Now that’s what I call dignity. Learn something from her, Shivay baby. Each day I fall in love with Annika more n more.
    Loved OmRu as usual. They are real gems. Special Mention- SAHIL..!!

    But, I have two questions
    1. Shivaay was lying about disposing the house. Right? Just to make Annika n Sahil stay back.
    2. Was Pinky feeling sad for Annika? I Don’t think so.
    What do you think guys?

    P.S.- No wonder, a leading website today referred SurbhiC/Annika as the strongest n most inspiring leading lady of hindi daily soaps for the year 2016.

  12. DaSha

    Come on, Tia, call Daksh! Tell him what is going on, you need help!

    Ok, I’m not a Tia fan, but just can not get why no one mentioned Anika’s fiance for several days! Don’t understand when people disappear like this…

  13. SSJ

    its very dissappointing to see Anika becoming so weak and became a cry babe. Its good to see her giving takkar to SSO. Man to man discussion is good with Sahil. Loved it. Let Anika be bit strong and face SSO rather crying all the time. Where did that brave and lively girl vanished…??? Her style and mannerisms are too good. Let it continue.

  14. Aqua

    guys, i am worried for prinku. She was always very nervous and now the way ACP was behaving, he will surely send her to some loony-bin 🙁 my poor poor prinku.

    SSO, your Fall has started. Sahil’s disability truth was just the beginning….
    Tia’s secret
    Om and prinku’s secret
    Daksh’s secret
    Prinku and ACP (future marriage)

    I wonder, how will SSO survive all those hits ?

    from today’s episode one thing is very evident, Sahil and SSO will have a very nice bond, SSO will be a over-protective jiju 🙂 I love the pre-cap hehehe it looked like SSO and Sahil was making a million dollar business deal hehehe “man to man talk” awwwwwwwww

    BTW, guys i dont think SSO actually sold the house. I think he lied to stop Anika from leaving OM, because he is the great wall of SSO, it will be too bellow him to say “Anika dont go”. SO, to keep his cool image of shrewd businessman, he said that.

    • |Registered Member

      same thought here …sso have to face all the truth…priveer marriage will be forced also…poor pinku…:-( but after all the show’s name is ishqbaaz everything will get fine…

    • Aqua

      One thing I’m bit confused is how can a simple police officer think to marry a billionaires’ only daughter with three over protective brother (which include the great Wall of SSO) and think he can teach her a lesson? ??????😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂

      Fhat the WUck!!!!!! ACP, I think you just made a suicide plan for uurself😄😄😄

      • Lax

        Aqua, Priyanka’s confession of crime is ACP’s Trump card. Imagine if somebody strong like Annika can be blackmailed for marriage, it’s a cakewalk for ACP in Priyanka’s case.

  15. Chetna

    The actor went ahead and thanked all the fans for making ‘Ishqbaaaz’ for making the show such a huge online hit, but also urged the fans to go ahead and watch the show on television too. He has requested the fans to shower a lot of love by watching it on TV and getting the show to feature in the Top 10 on TRP charts.

    So, will all the fans take Nakuul’s request into consideration? Only time will tell..

    Hello guys this is really a request from nakul. I just pasted it

    Good morning How are you all??????

    • Aqua

      Hi there. Aww thank u very much. I really love this show; n most importantly I love the ishqbaaazian bond that we have created here since the beginning of he show. ☺

  16. Br

    Sahil is the man of the match today. Walking with stick is not easy . But he is doing at this age . Hello oMrs and sso that pronunciation is too good . Ellarium thokki sapptanot… usual I love om’s justice and rud childishness. There is a small crack in shiva’s .heart. delivering his conversation is too .. I am the owner. Sahil face expression is nice. Why did prints go to a point house voluntarily. Poor girl soooo innocent.. sold anika’s house is drama this is another way of anika to stay with Sahil. Sso is realisingredients his mistakes. Before marriage both have connection u cannot read with these papers when om said no rejectetikno from shiva. Totally I enjoyed each and every bit of this episode especially conversation…

    • Aqua

      I love how ru calls Anika, bhabi☺
      I think SSO too likes it deep down. Lol

      Om is actually the moral voice of all the oberoys, that’s y I love his character so much. I desperately wants a lady love for him😎 he needs some love in his life hehe.
      Om doesn’t know but both his obros got hitched soooo it’s his time lol 😆

  17. Br

    There is some mistakes. Om ru..2.too good ..3 sappitan …. 4. Prinku5 sso is realising his mistakes. Sorry I typed in tap next time in laptop .. soooo sorry for in convinent for reading.

  18. |Registered Member

    for the first time …shivaye felt bad for sahil…but i am quite surprised that shivaye didnt knew sahil’s state…whatever today’s epi is rocking …anika is an superb actress…too shivaye and sahil…tia is also acting great in a negetive …expressions are so clear…now my old ishqbaaaz is back…love it to love….GOOD MORNING ishqies!!!!!

  19. Br

    Shiva”” Ullathil nalla Ullathil urangathenbathu vallavan vague tha thapa !”””to day this song is suitable for shiva……

  20. Amanda

    Is ACp sister is sana amin sheikh, who is going to be opposite to Om. Or its just me who thinks she is sana from krishnadasi.

    • |Registered Member

      No no noo…ur not one from yesterday I was thinking same that she looks like SANA…but her face was not shown I m still confused…

    • Azurec

      Even I guess it was Sana. Don’t know why but I have this gut feeling that ACP’s sister is Sana, and somehow related to Annika. I anyway had a doubt always that ACP might be related to Annika, though I don’t know how. I might be wrong as well. Let’s see!
      P.S. have you seen the new promo where Annika throws Tia out of the Oberoi Mansion? Looking so forward to it!

  21. Uf

    Guys,please some one tell me acp ki sister ka character khon kar raha hai?sana ya koi aur actress?

      • Uf

        Hi sophie,
        Aapka mathlab acp ki sister sana hai,no yaar sana jaise dikh thi hai but wo sana nahi ho saktha.ab thakh uski entry ka correct news nahi aaya tho acp ki sister sana kaise hogi and ya anika ki sister ka role play karengi sana ye bola tha.and ya,main bhi wo scene dekha ek minute ke liye tho lagega sana hai but phir ghor se dekhongi tho sana jaise dikhne waali ladki lagthi hai.main 100% sure nahi wo sana hai ya koi aur hai.par meri samajh nahi aara ha hai agar acp ki sister sana hongi tho anika apni sister ka dream kyun dekhe aur ha sana ki entry ki news main ye bhi tha wo om ki love lady ki character and anika ki sister ki character karengi acp ki sister ka character ki baare main nahi bola tha.confusion ho gayi yaar acp ki sister ko dekh kar pakha nahi Keh paara hi hai wo sana hai and sana tho iss main lead role kar rahi hai tho uski entry aise hongi kya.let’s wait and watch.
        THANK YOU

  22. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    Nice episode.. loved the part when shivay came to knw sahil was disabled. . The screen wss shaking. . So finally shivay guilt journey has started.
    Sahil I just love u.. today dp dedication to u.
    So dadi wrds r gonna cme true
    .. wht if someone does same wit ur sister. . Shivay said he will burn the world. . Let’s see wht he does wen priveer gets married forcefully

    • Lax

      Archu..!! So Dadis prediction n Annikas words are coming true. Priveer ll also ve a wedding similar to Shivikas. That ll b a blow on Shivay’s head. CVs played smart there, I must say.

  23. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    Pehle toh sirf Anika takkar ki thi.. ab to saala bhi aagaya.. now SSO has to deal wit 2 takkars..lolzzz
    Infact sahil is more than SSO.. loved his attitude, they will make a rocking pair
    I m sure Anika will get back with full force now, so much pain in her eyes wen sso said he sold their house.. an the same pain reflected in SSO eyes tooo.. wen he saw her in pain.. so much love.. hw I wish they wld hve expressed. . Anyways tat will also come.. wil wait

  24. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    @Diya : wher r u.. we were waiting fr this episode wher shivay comes to knw abt sahil disability.. waiting to read ur comment

  25. shahabana

    Helloo gd morning guyz.
    Yesyerday episode is superb..finally sso get to know sahils handycap truth..this is the first jutka for great wall sso…in future many are coming…
    We can see beautiful bonding betwn sso and sahil…a perfect sala for baagad billa jeeju sso.
    Love sahil….keep rocking..
    And priveeer another forced marriage…anyways im not shocked about ranveers this move im already expected this….now what the great sso will do when his beloved sister priyanka will get married to acp forcefully….he said he will burn the whole world if anything wrong happen with his sister…now wait and see sso…it will be biggest jutka for u..

  26. ghosha

    Honestly I didn want it. I expected her to be bold unique and not so idealistic. But here it is d girl in distress. Om wil marry her out of sympathy n also to save prinku. So dat prinlu will not have to suffer in acp’s home. Yeah dat is goin to happen

  27. Sophie

    It’s show time, finally the real Ishqbaaz is coming back.
    YOU GO SAHIL!!!!!!!
    Shout out to ShivIka!!!
    I can’t wait for the ‘man to man’ talk.
    Desk ghee ke chawmein was halrious.

    • shahabana

      S im agree Sophie ishqbaaz is something different in indian television.
      I know many are upset with current track including me but then also ishqbaaz stands one step ahed all other shows in creativity and entertainment…

  28. Rosu 25

    I was waiting for this episode…superb….as expected sso felt guilty for what he did and said… aniomru bonding I would like to see sahil-sso bonding….but I don’t know before that will they sent him to boarding school???

  29. Nirmala

    Anika should go out of OM to work so that she clears the laon amount taken from Dadi. She should not do any work related to the OM people she should stay in one room with her brother and she should also pay rent for that room also.

  30. Aarosh

    Ab SSO tho Sahil ke bathe sunegi aur manegi dekhengi ki ye SSO,ASSO&SSO(Sahil Singh Oberoi) as he is also a Oberoi family member now will face all the Villains(Daksh.tia,roop,swetlana) aur un logon Ko khidki todnewala jawab dete hai

  31. Mona146


    |Registered Member

    I think they are showing the law of karma here. Remember dadi said you have a sister too and you should be careful of your doings to another. Shivaay is doing wrong here with someone and fate is getting repeated with priyanka there.

  32. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Wow man….what an episode…just loved this guilty sso….I mean he took such a big step in guilt of hurting Sahil….what would he do to himself when he would get to know about misunderstanding and Tia’s truth…. really looking forward for the episode…..this jiju- saala Jodi is gonna rock ishqbaaz…..

    • Lax

      Ya..!! Waiting for that day when all the misunderstandings ll get clear. I cannot imagine how Shivay ll react. Nakuul I know will nail that part.!!


    He freezed to see that little boy’s crutch stepping in! He feeled that crutch was going over his heart ! He did not understand , ‘YOU SHOULD NOT BRING SAHIL IN BETWEEN US!”, as of that time told by her in pain and full of tears in eyes, and never imagined he would have came to understand then at the door step of his house in such a panic way! How much was he rude calling him HANDICAP? For a fraction of second, he got it all is waste whatever he got in life . How he believd him BAD MANNERED when he went to her house after wedding with DADI, and make a face towards her, like he is ,as she is!, and how that small incident made him more FURIOUS towards ANNIKA ?

    He just could not made eye contact with that little boy, even to any one. He just moved away , walked down to hi room, and thrashed his hands on wall hard enough to cool his hate foe self, but in vain. He know, its a long way to walk, long journey to find the lost treasure , lost himself behind the dark clouds ! He knows, how much he wished to cry, but he can’t !, bcz he only knows, it is not the way to lose in lost himself.

    He recall , how he had allowed those goons to hit him for a long slot untill he found a glimpse of what he badly wanted to see in her eyes? He feeled, if it is win what he wanted, then what can be meaning of defeat to him ? He was standing AMID of OMRUDA, but he never found him so alone! Something was jumped out from his whole beings long back who knows, what is win?, what is defeat? , but that something is now now around!

    He deadly wished to change the defination of win! The world in which he is used to live, win has only a meaning, KEEP THEM HURTING ALL THE WAY, WIN IS YOURS! If its is so, then why today all this? Why he just can not glorify himself , why he just can not even feel a glimpse of joy?

    -to be continued

  34. Uf

    Vrushika jab ishqbaaz main entry kar rahi thi tho uski entry ka news zoom telly top up telly talkindia main tha.I think wo log ki news correct hothi hai.kya aap log batha yengi uski show main entry hone ki baath zoom telly top up telly talkindia wo news dikha ya tha.because ab thak sana ki entry ki news zoom telly top up telly talkindia nahi diya hai.agar uss main sana ki entry ka news aayengi tho 100% sure hai wo ishqbaaz main entry kar rahi hai and ya zoom telly top up telly talkindia hamesha hindi serial related up coming news dethi hai kuch news fake hothi hai but phir bhi unki zyaada news fake nahi hothi.ab thak wo log sana ki entry ka news nahi diya tho iam sure acp ki sister sana nahi and sana ishqbaaz main entry nahi liya hai

  35. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    l believe ACP will blackmail or threaten prinku and force her to accept him as husband in front of her family , its real irony , as dadi said to sso , someone will do the same thing to his sister and maybe worse because anika is much stronger than prinku and she is innocent and has nothing to worry about , prinku in the other hand is weak and shy girl who can not defend herself and is guilty of hitting the girl with her car and running away
    sso will truly feel the pain of anika when everything gets cleared and finds out what happend with prinku and om , his family will have a lot to deal with , am eager to see this , its would be a first to see the great wall of shivaye in his lowest so plz writers spare us another week of shitia and expose her already we need to move to other tracks now ; daksh , prinku … etc

  36. Geetu


    |Registered Member

    Hiii all… I am new viewer of Ishqbaaz and I am watching serial from shivika marriage episodes. I got a clear view about the previous story through weekly catchups in hotstar. But onething I didn’t understood is how did shivaay believed that tia is kidnapped even after he saw bridal clothes,jewellery and with a letter that she
    doesn’t want to marry… I think he didn’t even questioned tia anything about letter… Am I right or is there anything which I didn’t followed in previous episodes..
    Coming to yesterday’s episode… Sahil
    expressions are funny and cute too when shivaay is speaking with him.. May be Sahil is the new cupid between shivaay and anika after dadi..

    • Lax

      Well I had that bridal dress confusion. On a lighter note, I was thinking that the kidnapper is kind hearted to let her change the dress. But there is one thing, nobody except Tia’s mom n Annika has seen her in bridal dress. So if Shivay questions Tia can say she did not wear the bridal dress in the first place. Anyway even if Annika says the truth Shivay won’t believe. Secondly the note, Tia can say that it was kidnapper who wrote in her name. I am not sure if this is right. No discussions were made on the show in this light. So these are just assumptions.

  37. nithu

    SSO uses his power and money only to hurt anika for other things it is totally useless I guess. But wt about anika y they change her character, sso always made her helpless k but y she is silent, she even not told the truth of their marriage… And I have a doubt she worked as a wedding planner for a big family whether they not payed her any payment and after all it is shivaye singh marriage and she almost worked for 2 to 3months and I think she not only worked as a wedding planner, she arranged for every small things and celebrations in oberai’s mansion..

  38. nithu

    Even though I felt bad for priyanka, i didn’t get any angry with Ranveer when he talked about forced relation like I got so much angry on shivaye…
    Like dadi said itz happening but I felt ranveer is not so bad, I hope he will change soon..

    • shahabana

      S neethu even i too not find ranveer so cruel bcz he is hurt seeing his sis condition…and right sso did wrong with anika now same is happening with his sister…its result of karma

    • Lax

      Shivay is asking her about the one night stand with Daksh n insults her. So like last time she was about to slap but Shivay holds her hand. Shivay is not believing when she tries to clarify. She is sad that he thinks so low of her.

  39. aarosh

    that video says that shivay blames anika of sleepingwith daksh may be writers are trying to clear out their MU

  40. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hello Ishqies…..please comment on my ff…..

    {And there is a sad news for old ishqies………Sunehri’s brother is no more….Before one month her brother dead in an accident…..actually it has been a long time i interacted with her…just today only when i msgd she said me….and ishqies…..that’s why she was not commenting here……}

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      And a request…..please when she will again….i mean it will take….please don’t ask…….anything……i hope you all get me…..seriously…..she is upset and without knowing this i messaged her…..

  41. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    And a request…..please when she will again….i mean it will take time….….please don’t ask…….anything……i hope you all get me…..seriously…..she is upset and without knowing this i messaged her…..

  42. messi

    13 Dec Update
    credits :- Crazy4Mayur

    Episode starts with whole family gathered in hall and OmRu discuss about how Shivay would talk to Sahil since he doesn’t know how to talk to kidsLOL
    Rudra says, he will talk about business as he used to show me news in Childhood instead of cartoons!LOL

    Shivay and Sahil in meeting room and Shivay asks him if he liked the deal in his tashan looks!

    Sahil gives equal tashan and and asks him, wat does he think, he will agree with a few chocolates, toys and shakes? His work would be done just in this much?

    Sahil says, more than this we give to our class monitor to save themselves from teacher’s wrathLOL

    Shivay asks him wat does he want?

    Sahil asks, wat all can u give me?

    Shivay says, there are many facilities in my house!

    Sahil says, I have heard aap khana achcha bana lete hain,…Shivay says, cooking is the word!LOL

    Sahil says, okay fine, u wil make Desi Ghee ke Chowmein for me every Sunday!LOL

    Shivay gets amused and asks him, if both the brother sister are mad as he doesn’t unerstand this Desi Ghee stuff!

    Sahil says, okay fine if u cannot do wat a Chandu Halwai in our street can do then fine and he starts to leave but Shivay agrees and stops himLOL

    Shivay says, this deal is done and starts to get up wen Sahil says, one minute…Shivay asks wat else do u want?

    Sahil says, aap tadi kam maroge!

    Shivay asks wat and Sahil gestures through his hand to lower down and says,…tadi kammmLOL
    Shivay says okay wat next?
    Sahil: U will not scare me with ur Kanji eyes and most importantly…u will not annoy my Anika Didi and make her cry…u will not do anything that hurts my Anika Didi as I cannot see my Anika Didi crying and Shivay immediately, unconsciously blurts out, Main bhi nahi!

    Shivay says, u r a kid, talk like a kid okay!

    Sahil: bachcha hu isiliye to aap bache hue ho LOL Warna koi meri Anika didi ko rulaye aur main dekhta rahu, ho hi nahi sakta!
    Jo hua wo hua, dobara aapki wajah se meri Anika Didi ki aankhon mein itna sa bhi aansu aya to main bhool jaunga ke main bachcha hu!LOL

    Shivay bends forward and says, dikhne mein bachche ho but baaton mein sabke Baap ho tum LOL

    Sahil says, u r also big in age, in ur harkatein, u r younger than a kid LOL

    Shivay says pointing a finger, Mind ur language, I am elder to u Sahil!

    Sahil says, bada hone se kya hota hai, bada ban ke dikhao and he shows the action with his hand and repeats…bada LOL
    Outside everyone worries why these 2 are taking so much time and a nervous Anika asks Dadi that she will go and check inside…just wen she turns she finds them both walking inside and she tells Shivay, I told u Sahil won’t agree and she asks Sahil to come with her!
    Shivay announces, Sahil won’t go anywhere and Rudra opens his wide arms and says, finally there is someone younger to me in this house, now I feel bada bada…Sahil aaja…mere gang mein and Shivay mumbles…chota nahi hai ye sabka baap hai yeLOL

    Sahil walks up to Rudra and Anika looks confused!

    She looks angrily towards Shivay and he leaves!

    Rudra asks Sahil to stay in his room but he realizes, his room has been taken by Soumya and Om says, no worries, until ur room gets ready, u both can stay in my room and Sahil agrees !

    He flirts with Soumya and Rudra asks, why will u only talk to Sumo?

    Sahil screams at him not to spoil her name, her name is Soumya not Sumo!
    Sahil calls her Soumya lovingly and she waves back!
    Rudra walks into his room laughing and says, Sahil is so funny, he told me I will check ur GK but I also told him…jab dil hi toot gaya to G K kya karenge and he laughs but Om doesn’t respond and is lost in his thoughts!

    Rudra asks him why is he so quiet and he says, I am looking for the answer to ur question to which Rudra says, I didn’t ask anything yet!

    Om says, u did…u asked Shivay a question that he hasn’t answered yet!

    Rudra asks which question and Om says, that why did Anika marry?
    Shivay was helpless, but wat was Anika’s helplessness?

    Om says, we need to find the answer, if Anika was really majboor or she was made one !

    Rudra suggests to ask Shivay Bhaiya directly but Om asks him, do u think he will tell us?

    Om gets thinking and says, why do I feel Rudra that the answer is somewhere around us but we are missing?

  43. messi

    Anika walks in Shivay’s room and bumps into Shivay…he tells her that he wants to talk to her!
    She looks not interested and he says, its about Sahil…he fumbles…and says…woh…Sahil…Sahil ke baare mein mujhe idea nahi tha!

    Anika asks, wat kind of idea?

    Shivay: About Sahil’s condition…he again fumbles and repeats…he says, he is physically challenged…I didn’t know…had I known…

    Anika asks…toh? pata hota toh aap Sahil ki life khatre mein daalke mujhe shadi ke liye majboor nahi karte?

    I kept telling u not to being Sahil between us and not to trouble him…but nahi,,…aapke sar pe toh bhoot sawar tha,…aur ab aap keh rahe hain mujhe pata hota toh? Kyon, aapke chele chapaaton ne aapko nahi bataya?

    Shivay feels sorry and says, Anika I really didn’t know about this, I am saying the truth and Anika says, kamaal hai, waise to Shivay Singh Oberoi ko sab kuch pata hota hai, wo bhi jo duniya ko pata na ho fir ye kaise nahi pata tha?

    Shivay screams asks her to stop the blame game as he is genuinely trying to talk to her !

    Anika says, Oh so u r trying to pity my brother? She says, remember one thing, neither me nor my brother needs ur sympathy n pity!

  44. messi

    Shivay asks Anika to stop assuming things and she says, I get it now, u r feeling bad right, not about wat u did, but cz u realize that u made someone who cannot even walk, a pawn in ur game?
    Shivay looks guilty and lowers his gaze!

    Anika says, that is why u allowed Sahil to stay in this house…Shivay looks down and she comes close to him and asks him to remember one thing that even if he convinced Sahil to stay in this house somehow, he is not a normal kid, he is very emotional, and regarding her, he is very much emotional…hai piddi sa lekin khud ko mera bada bhai samajhta hai!

    Shivay still looks down and she says, watever u did, I tolerated all that but if u do anything with him, trouble him or use him in any of ur games, By God ki Kasam! Itna Raita phailaungi ki aap samet-te samet-te apni ppori tadi bhool jayenge…she says all this looking into his eyes and he looks affected finally!LOL

    Prinku comes running in the house recalling watever ACP said and watever she saw…ACO made her sit on a swinging chair and she pleaded to him crying that he cannot do anything like this with her as she has 3 brothers and ACP told her that her brothers are elder to her…but they are not bigger than the law!

    He told her that if I reopen this case, anyone of u or ur brother Omkara, might go to jail I don’t care but I will file one such solid case (aisa case thokunga) that u will rot al ur life in jail!

    He asked her to decide, whether she would want to go to jail or send her brother or marry him?

  45. shahabana

    Hellooo Renima ishqee
    im sooo sad renima knowing about Sunheris brothers death…may all give peace to her brothers soul and give streangth to suneheri and her family….i know she will be feeling sad…i know my words wont heal her sorrow…i really wish may allah give streangth to her…thanks renima sharing this…
    And i tried to comment on ur reply box but its not responding thats why i commented
    And SHEKhar i know u doesnt comments out of subject

  46. Mayank Agrawal

    Guyz todays episode was just swesome so good nice story track very good excellent shivay bilkul tut chuka hai koi nhi rha hai uska abh …..

    and still abhi Tia ki sachai baaki hai aana shivay ke saamne OMG same condition will gonna happen like Anika even more stranger then Anika..

    Feeling Sad for Shivay

    • shahabana

      Helloo mayanka
      u are commenting after long time
      I tooo saw in insta that todays episode is just awsome and precape no words
      Im just waiting for todays episode
      guyz dnt miss todays episode its just worth to watch

      • Mayank Agrawal

        Ya iss page pe nhi aaya but episode lagataar dekh rha hu aaj he maja aaya to share karne ka man hua …tremendous working on story line and rehersals…

  47. Mayank Agrawal

    Guyz Now i think shivay ko phir se support mil jayega when he remembers about Anikas Past relations with daksh he started thinking that Anika is Also so cheap then Again instead of Regreting He again start being Angry man To anika….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.