Ishqbaaz 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rudra hires Bhavya

Ishqbaaz 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says where did Tej and Shakti took the man. Dadi stops her. Tej and Shakti talk to the man. Anika sees Pinky and says there is something wrong. Some time before, Tanya sees the moon and Abhay’s face via the net. He asks her to open fast now. She says your dumb wife didn’t get anything. He says thank God your husband is not so dumb. He feeds her chocolate and breaks fast. She says I can’t wait now, we stay in same house, when will we stay together. He says you know this mission is imp for me, I have to ruin Oberois’ world before settling. She says they are not so bad. He says truth can be hidden from outsiders, not family, blood knows blood, I know them, as I m also an Oberoi, Abhay Singh Oberoi, my Papa, Tej and Shakti were cousins, he also worked day and night to make Oberoi empire, but

they kicked him out from business as my dad tried to support truth.

FB shows Vishal saying we should take responsibility of the fire. Tej says it was just an accident. Vishal says but we were also at fault. Tej and Shakti argue with him. Tej says Oberoi empire is ours, you are just ours. Vishal says I want you to take responsibility of the families who lost their family member. Tej says if anyone has a brother like you, he won’t need an enemy, you are fired, get out. FB ends. Abhay says my dad also had a share in that factory, it got burnt and everything ended, they made my dad leave business and house, Shivomru got raised with luxury, I also had right, they snatched everything, its my turn now, I will make them helpless to live a life which I had to live. She asks how will this happen. He says Shivaye will do anything, Oberoi family’s foundation will shake the family.

Anika says where is Shivaye, I have to talk to him once. She gets his call. She says people say right, heart has a way to heart. Shivaye asks her to listen well, I told everyone that a man is coming in memorial who will tell me what happened in Kalyani mills, we know there is no such man, I decided I won’t be in event, if family doesn’t find me and get worried, they will react, you have to handle everything, we will be connected on phone, promise you will take care and not put yourself in problem, you just have to keep an eye. She asks him to take care and ends call. She collides with Abhay. He says sorry I didn’t see you. She asks did anyone keep Karwachauth fast for you. He says nothing like that. She asks about tika. He says pandit applied tika when I went to temple. She asks what did you pray. He says this family happiness, especially yours and Shivaye’s, you both got separated on marriage day and now he doesn’t remember you, you couldn’t celebrate Karwachauth with him. She says I m glad my family is with me, when my Devars are great, I don’t have any worry. He says everything will get fine. She goes.

The man says your CV is impressive, congrats, you can join us, we will discuss salary. He gets a call. He apologizes and says I can’t give this job, my boss said he gave this job to someone else. She asks how can this happen, you are in HR. He says sorry, I can’t discuss this, there is no vacancy. She goes. Abhay tells Rudra that Bhavya’s ego and pride broke down, you have game in your hand, all the best, how many times will you thank, I can do anything for my brothers.

Bhavya gets a call from a fashion house HR manager. She says I didn’t send you my CV. He says we got to know you didn’t get a job in any agency. She says I will come. Tanya hugs Abhay. He scolds her. She says Shivaye is not at home since night. He asks how can you be careless, you should know where is he, if this was my plan, I would have told you. He angrily holds her and says we blackmailed him so that you can stay here. She says talk slowly, anyone will hear. He says you made me helpless to shout, go and find out where is he. She says he can lie to me on call. He says then go and ask Anika, use your mind sometimes. She goes. He says what’s Shivaye planning.

Bhavya comes to fashion house and meets manager. Tanya asks where is Shivaye. Anika says he is your husband and you are asking me. Tanya says I m not mad, don’t act smart, enough. Anika says I didn’t do anything. Tanya says you made him disappear. Anika asks what, since when. Tanya says he didn’t come home since yesterday, you think you will do this and he will come back to you, I m over smart and won’t let your plan succeed. Anika says ant got its wings, you were acting innocent, I don’t care for you and Shivaye, I don’t want him back, how will you know, even you were missing at night, Shivaye was waiting for you, did you go to meet someone.

Tanya says I was on terrace and then Shivaye and I were together, he broke my fast. Anika asks when did this happen, tell me what gift did he give you. Tanya says I don’t think I need to answer you. She goes. Anika sees a wound on her arm and says what’s that mark, why did she get tensed, I have to find out.

Manager asks Bhavya to join today itself. He says you have to sign a bond, you have to do this job for min. three months, else you have to pay huge compensation. She gets shocked. She says I didn’t learn to quit and signs bond. He asks her to meet director who will explain her duty.

Tej says Shivaye organized the memorial and disappeared. Shakti says he said someone is going to tell him about secret. Jhanvi says did that man tell secret to Shivaye. Tej says not possible, Shivaye would have not sat quiet, we all have to be alert, if we anyone is eager to talk to Shivaye, we have to stop him and find out. Anika says why are their faces pale, I will find out. Anika asks is everything fine.

Tej says yes, we were discussing arrangements. Jhanvi asks where is Shivaye. Anika says he doesn’t say anything to me. Pinky says yes, his new wife Tanya would know. Anika goes. Tej says if we stay here together, it will be problem, lets disperse. Anika says they look worried, I should keep an eye on them.

Abhay sees board and says Oberois will never change, they didn’t mention my dad in board of directors, I will remind them everything. He asks Anika is there any mistake. She says no, Shivaye got this made. He says I heard someone else was Tej and Shakti’s partner. She says I didn’t hear so, people say anything. She goes. He says Oberois don’t know anything than lies and cheat, very soon truth mask will get removed, Shivaye will do this himself. Khanna says Shivaye told you will address media. Anika says I never did this before. He says you have to do this. Anika addresses media. She welcomes them and says sorry, Shivaye is not here, you can ask me. Reporter asks why is this memorial organized. Anika says we kept this for those people who lost life in that fire incident, we want to help those people, Shivaye will come soon.

Tej says Anika is handling well in Shivaye’s absence. Pinky argues. Jhanvi asks them not to fight. Shakti says we have to reach that man, but how to find him. Abhay looks on. Anika asks servant to serve guests. She calls Shivaye and says I spoke to press, everything is fine, I will call if there is anything wrong. A man walks in. Anika says why are they looking worried. Abhay says I told you stay away from me. Tanya says no one here knows where is Shivaye. He asks her to keep an eye on Anika. Tej says why is he doing here, does he want to talk to Shivaye.

Tanya comes in Anika’s way. She asks about Shivaye. Anika asks her to move. They argue. Tanya says this house is of my husband. Anika says this is my family and house, its my right and duty to do this, move away now. She sees Tej and Shakti talking to some man. Tej asks why are you scared. Shakti says we need to talk. They take Shukla. Anika says whom were they talking to, where did they take him. She follows. Dadi holds Anika and asks where is Billu, everyone is asking. Anika says he got stuck in work, he will come soon. Dadi asks is everything fine between you two. Anika says yes, dont worry. Shukla says I didn’t do anything. Tej says you thought we will not know. They confront Shukla for trying to leak secret, as he is only witness of fire incident. Tej says we trusted you and gave all tapes to you, you were going to blackmail us. Shakti asks what did you tell Shivaye. Shukla says I didn’t tell him, I m scared as I m your employee. Tej asks did you destroy tapes we gave you. Pinky asks Anika whom are you finding.

Anika says phone network, I have to make urgent call. Pinky asks her to attend guests. Anika sees Pinky and says there is something wrong. Tej asks what did you do of that tapes. Shukla says I didn’t destroy it. Tej asks are you mad. Shukla says I didn’t use tapes against you. Tej asks where are the tapes. Shukla says a man threatened me and took the tapes. Anika hides and sees Pinky. Tej asks who was that man. Shukla says I didn’t see his face, he came at night in darkness. Tej says you are lying, you are with them. Shukla swears on his family. Tej catches to beat him. Shakti stops Tej. Anika sees Shukla running away. She sees Shakti and Tej running after Shukla. She informs Shivaye that Tej and Shakti took a man to room, he was much scared and ran out. He says find out who is he, I m coming.

Bhavya greets Rudra. She talks and says your voice is….. Rudra turns and asks looks familiar…. She asks what’s this joke. He says I will tell you, you joined my company as my personal bodyguard, it means you have to stay with me all the time and listen to my order. She asks your company. He says you thought you will marry someone else, you will slap me and I will sit quiet, I m an oberoi and we never fail, I was proving I m not a kid, now I will show what I m, welcome to my company, I promise you will remember every day of this job.

Bhavya changes and comes. She throws a miniature. Rudra asks her to behave. She says sorry. He asks angry, irritated or immature, call me Sir, don’t forget I m your boss, what’s his name, Manav, he would be happy that you got a good job. She says Manav and you…. He says he would be keeping you happy, he would know your likes. She says I m happy in my life, you don’t need to worry. He says I left worrying. She says there is not much work, can I go. He asks why, newly weds, you would have to spend time with husband, you are going on an event with me, follow me.

A girl performs on Muskaan jhuti hai. Anika looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nila

    ??Hai pkj family??
    No Shivaay???????? today

    1.Abhay Singh oberoi what a twist ???man ?. So he want revenge mm let’s see how he do it ? by way Abhay looks good in black

    2.Annika looks awesome today in both black outfit?????????

    3.No Rikara?????????

    4.Rudy nahi nahi Rudra Singh oberoi is back whatever the change would be but for me he always the same rudy & for shivom too???? bhavya what a costume yaar ???? poor girl (nala mati kitta?????) but don’t like her again with Rudy.
    Rudy nu ore oru nala oberoi irunthan pa pavam avanai um mathitanga???

    5.abhay ko be kuch nahi pata haina?
    I mean full details of that secret.


    1. Aastha_Reddy


      1. Nila

        Tq aastha?

    2. Thamizhaaaaa????…hi….?…..ur comment is #trueeeeee …..

      1. Nila

        Ya lakshana?
        Thank u?

    3. No shivaay…. No Rikara…. maza nai aaya

      1. Nila

        Haan Nimi??

    4. Pushpa

      yeah no shivaye today……felt so empty…
      but anika looked gorgeous if tht outfit..
      abhay….yeah cant believe he’s also an oberoi??? and rudy new characher looks liking it

      1. Pinku

        Hi pushpa

    5. Pinku

      Go nila go…..

    6. Pinku

      Nice review nila….

    7. Pinku

      I also don’t like bhavya n Rudy yaar

    8. Piyuu

      yaa no shivaay….i missed him lottt
      yaa anika looks awesome in that outfit.i don’t like rudra singh oberoi…muje pehale wali rudy chahiye….

      1. Nila

        Hii piyuu

  2. VHM

    Missed Shivaay, Rikara…didn’t like Rudra…suspense and spying wala episode…felt a bit dragged today !!!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Haarika…I too missed Omkara and Gouri but missed Shivaay bhaiyya more.
      I loved Rudra’s attitude today…his taana is like Oberoi today..
      Precap- Hot!! seductive..⛽⛽⛽

      1. Pinku

        Hi astha… u know I was waiting y Rudy is diff from all oberois(loving towards wife wink wink) ab bangaya total oberoi hehehe

    2. Pushpa

      i missed shivaye a lottttttttttttt….

    3. Pinku

      Hi vhm glad to c u here…. yea these days I felt ishqbaaz is little dragging

  3. Riana


    ABHAY IS AN OBEROI !!! ???????????????????????????????????


    Btw Who was that person played the role of VSO…He acted so unwell ????…I mean he was not able to produce good dialogues…Like he was saying Hamesa…Aberai ?????…Anywayzz there should be a GOOD ACTOR !!…

    Shakti was looking FUNNY in the FB

    Lol it was like GIAN & SUNIO in DORAEMON…And Vishal was the NOBITA ??? ??????????


    Anika is very CLOSE to the TRUTH !!!…

    Best of luck to her…


    Rudra was AWESOME AWESOME TODAY…though i missed RUDYBOY but MR RUDRA SINGH OBEROI is equally BETTER…????????????????

    PRECAP: ??????…Yeh sab kya hain ?? ??…ANIKA’S BLUSHING was funny when that girl SEDUCED tej ???????


    1. Pinku

      Hahaha yes riana…. episode was boring for me yaar

  4. Misha_Mikul

    Today No Shivaay!!???
    But I’m kidkitod happy because Nakuul has taken my name in live video??Yahoooo..I was really dancing?????
    Mishalni Ravichandran..Aww??? I found my name so sweet after I heard it from his mouth!!!????
    Most Precious in my life!!?? For first time!! I won’t forget this date, that moment even I die!!??
    Thank You God!!??
    He said he is so happy that Ishqbaaaz is loved by Malaysians too!!
    Of course, such a Beautiful show is that! I love you Nakuul
    If astro didn’t show Ishqbaaaz promo, I would been unaware of you, a Best, Handsome, Talented, Gem Person!!??
    I would have missed being an Outstanding Actor’s fan!!?? Feeling proud now!!??

    Abhay is an Oberoi…after ShivOmRuAbhay…Oh God!!!?????
    Why?????? Pls don’t, CVs!! I can’t agree a new brother to be a part of Oberoi Moment!!???

    Annika looked stunning in that black outfit..Gorgeous Surbhi???
    Kalyani mill raaz is going to be unfolded very soon!!
    Bring it up!

    Due to my bad network I couldn’t watch the second half, since senior Oberois were shocked seeing a man!!???
    Tomorrow should watch the missed parts!!??

    by reading this written update…what happened to Rudy????
    CVs are gonna ruin his character too as ruined Om’s!!??

    Nitez Guysss.. Tc ??

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Hey misha…congrats…i understand ur feeling…Nakul is a gem??? handsum n equally talentd…he took ur name in live video chat ryttt????

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Ayushi… Hehexx yeah he is!!??
        He was in FB live chat dear!!

      2. Misha_Mikul

        Woops! sorry dear..I wrongly sent the second line to you!!??
        *Yeah he took! that was precious moment??

    2. Aniru

      Congrat Misha..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Aww tq dear??

    3. Fatmi

      Hi Misha, hw r u?? Congrates dear??? Nakul vaiya took ur name .. . where was he in live insta or twtr??

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Fatmi..I’m good, How are u dear?? and tq?
        He was in FB live chat dear?

    4. Pushpa

      yes gal ist tht true…congratulations happy 4u…..yeah saya tumpang gembira…boleh tak…..rudy boy transformed to taunt bhavya…he looks great…bhvaya shld leave…

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah dear??Tq!!?
        Hehexx tumpang!! You’re most welcome dear!! 100% boleh!! ? ?

    5. Nila

      Hey mishu Congo yaar
      Loads of love from malasiya ? i missed their live chat &(romba late panitanga pa) I saw the chat later semma happy ya?.
      Exact ah yenna timing ku vanthanga?

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Tq Nila ?
        Yes rombe late pannitanga!! exact ah enna time start pannangunu terile!! acc to M’sia time correcta 7.30pm(5pm) lirinthu fbya naanum open panni panni moodukittu irunthe..8.15pm(5.45pm) aachi but there was no Live chat naan konja neram fb open pannala..then after few min toranthe!! paatha paathi live mudinjiruchu yaa..maybe acc to IST around 5.50pm start pannirupaanga!! Thank God !! ??

    6. Pinku

      Hey misha am pinku…. old ishqbaaz fan…. when n where did nakul take it name I am so excited to know… n I can imagine how u aur hv felt… Exactly they r ruining Rudy character…

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hi Pinku!! its at 7:17 dear!! Yeah!! I’m still happy??
        I want my cute Rudy back!!

    7. Piyuu

      congrats dear….nakuul took ur name….wow thum khidkithod khush hongi.

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Tq Piyuu ??
        Yeah I’m so happyyy dear!!! khidktod kush???

    8. Fatmi

      i’m fine dear :* :* so u have fb id? wow! In which name? I also have insta and fb….

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah fb id is Mishalni Ravichandran
        and my insta id is misha_mikul ?

    9. Logesh.M

      Are you tamil sister???me too..Enaku romba surprise aa iruku..For the first time i am seeing many tamil fans for hindi serial..Really proud to be an Ishqbaaz fan??????????

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah I’m tamil girl?? Vanakam Logesh?
        enaku romba proud ah iruku!!tamil people hindi serials paarkaruthu surprise illa but though IB ku thaa niraya tamil fans irukaanga,that’s the matter!!?? coz IB is the best show?

  5. Medha

    No Rikara scene…….

    1. Pinku

      Hiiiiii medha wooow glad to c u here. …

      1. Medha

        Only for my Rabba Ve Friends……

  6. Pushpa

    No shivaye today????
    Wht the hell abhay singh oberoi????…his father cousin of fej shaktj w is this another twist…
    And abhay married w tanya…
    I simply head this line….i’ll do anything 4 my brothers….urggggg
    And Mmm tht night black dress of anika reminds me of shivaye 1st nite wala explanation2anika.?????

    Anika looked stunning in tht outfit…no shivaye but nice to hear thm keeping in touch and at least hearing his voice is like he is there…after all business man’s wife sure she can handle the press….bravo anika shivaye will b proud of u….????

    Tej singh its true tht u guys planned tht fire and swindle tht insurance money…OMG biggest culprit u sure dadi dun know abt this and shivaye will nvr leave u guys in piece pakka..u hv to answer2 those families suffered for their lost in tht fire…punishment must b given..and those tapes its wth abhay?? …oh god whts gona happen? Anika b careful spying the oberoi na dangerous …keep shivaye in the loop…

    Ha ha ha whn did he came out of jail…wah now owner if a company!! jail k khatarnak qaidi bana u guys remember urz thin berry day bahar hai khoi anthar song wala time shivika got locked in tht hse..the same guy…
    Rudy boy is tht u…. u looking ek tham handsome& different…no more cry babi but serious ..and why u hired bhavya yaar…

    Precap…..i hope shivaye will arrive just in time to catch hold of shukla & to know the truth of abhay…
    Dil Hua detectivebaaz…..
    Gd nite gals

    1. Pinku

      Hahaha nice phrase dil Hua detectivebaaz hahaha

  7. Oberois speciality:To deceit and cheat on your own people for your personal gainings.Abhaay Singh Oberoi is here to level the score with this old technique.
    The greed of wealth and reputation kills the inner morality and conscience. The glaring truth of rich and power monger people..
    And yeah,
    Abhaay is truly an Oberoi in handling the life partner!Every girl who is related to an Oberoi will suffer this way or that way.
    This is the Destiny…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      This is correct…handle girl in harsh way..bit for me That Dhania deserve that..DNA is screaming Oberoi family name in Abhay’s behaviour…

  8. O god cvs has now ruind rudy’s character & made him sso 3
    O poor us didn’t get to see Sso today
    But lovd shivika convo yaar dat was good n anika is luking really good 2day
    Know wat i really felt lyk killing psycho abhay n dat luchi tuchi tanya aaaaahhhhh hate dat duo
    Wats gul’s problm, y is she giving so much bhaav to bhavya n moreovr ruvya is worst couple as m not able 2 get ovr cute couple rumya ( my fav )
    No rikara today o ggggoooooooooddddd
    N yeah got all clarified regarding senior oberois n abhay

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    The war between truth and family value younger Oberoi has set began openly here…The dream of Prithviraj Singh Oberoi for a complete Oberoi family and truth the other side which will shatter Oberoi family in to pieces..Abhay Singh Oberoi is not wrong when outside enemies took too much revenge, this boy have a right to take revenge on behalf of his father, truth and justice. When law is dominated by family name-blood lineage pressure. NKK is not completely destroyed still present in Elder Oberoi still…
    Nakul Mehta just voiceover…This dessert need rain drop.
    Pesh hai Oberoi egoistic family se SSO part-3 @Rudra Singh Oberoi…His attitude is justified but not his behaviour.
    “Main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon..kuch bhi..”- This Abhay is destroying tadi,attitude, charm and its style…Its SSO’s dialogue, his attitude, cvs stop ruining it with a psycho let him be Oberoi or damn any more powerful surname!!!
    Annika…Annika..Annika…nice slap to Dhania, but sometime give Annika the last dialogue while argument is going on between chudails and Smartnnika…That lacks today too during first argument which was later on equal situation with last dialogue from Annika…
    Plan…After all this secret plan also..Shivaay Singh Oberoi is running after truth which may break his family, still truth is truth so it should be out… Any way Abhay’s way is wrong too..taking law in his hands..Oberoi pig meat khayenge toh wo bhi khayega kya!!?? kuch bhi…just open the case file again man or use your psycho brain to kill every one in a single will lessen sound pollution in Mumbai due to sound of Pinky and Tej … Still if he wants to take over business he can do, but remember cvs Oberoi Mansion is in Annika’s name..Ek minute..why the hell Annika is tolerating that Dhania in her home!!??..Ask her to get lost from your house with her original and fake husband too…simple cvs..or are they in Kalavathi mode!!! Dhania’s new name- “Chintti!-par nikaknewali Chinti..!!”.
    When is Mr. Mehta and Shivaay bhaiyya coming back??!!Lax or Gul only knows.
    Annika’s interview was so nice to save situations…

    1. Riana

      @Astha….yaarr i want pinky to dance with that girl on MUSKANEIN JHOOTI HAIN…she is perfect for it ??????

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Riana..tum kyun bade papa ko deewali gift de rahi ho yaar..that dancer was more of seductress plus Pinky can be dangerous to both Papa and Bade papa…

      2. Pinku

        Hahhaha super riana… we shud actually suggest cvs

    2. Pushpa

      nice episode although i was missing shivaye ….
      anika was bold beautiful and smart….they way she handle the press was so great..she was slaying in tht outfit…
      abhay abhay…truth shld be out …but astha shivaye knows right his senior oberoi r involved he just praying thy dun bt they r already in i think whn the truth comes out shivaye will handle it his way..smartly…the puppet here tanya hs no expressions at all..and rudy became the new arrrogant singh oberoi…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pushpa…May be I am getting emotionally attached with them more…True yaar koi iss Dhania ko maar dalo yaar..But still I have a hope may be..Senior Oberoi are in an illusion…they didn’t commit any crime..Jo bhi hai..jaisa bhi hai..mere family members hain yaar…I know he is SSO and SSO can handle everything..that is my first ray of hope…

    3. Pinku

      Such a nice review…. yea I dunno y I didn’t like the changed Rudy yaar astha…. tum???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Oh Rudy…Pinku..wo jo bhi hai, jaisa bhi hai..Bhai hai yaar mera..Main kuch nehi kahungi against him..Don’t ask me to judge the character of Rudra Singh Oberoi…

      2. Logesh.M

        Are you a ishqbaaz fan too???I thought why shivani is not chosen for Tanya character????It would have been nice..Because only three days gone..I am really missing ipkknd3 and Barun,Shivani like hell???????????

  10. Aniru

    Good episode. Anika had the responsibility to handle OM in absence of Shivaay. To tell the truth, I did not miss Shivaay today. Even the Sr, Oberoi couples were good to watch.

    Abhay story is some what similar to what I thought. Tanya is his wife. I started liking Abhay. But he was rude with Tanya. She is doing all this for the love she has for him. Appreciating is not there. Moreover he is hurting her. He is engrossed in his revenge so much that he does not care anything. But I liked when he gave her chocolate

    Rudra Singh Oberoi is back. He looks arrogant. However not that convincing. He left Rudi somewhere. Hope we get to see Rudi sometimes. Also his dialogues are lame. I could feel only his jealousy.Lee’s voice and tone does not suit for Rudra Singh Oberoi. Angry young man mode suits for SSO.

    CVs just copy pasted Shivaay’s revengebaazi to Rudra. Just do not want to comment as there is no point. Writers does what they want.

    Today no Rikara. Shrenu is in London. It seems the bank episodes are stored for coming days.

    Hope Shivaay make use of CCTV images this time. One thing I did not understand, after having several CCTVs they are not utilizing them. Also they have a permanent video maker Khanna is with them. It seems Khannaji is shoots only Shivika private moments/Takkar.

    Shivaay has given responsibility to Anika to handle media & Tej Singh Oberoi complimented. Impressive.

    1. V r on same boat Aniru….Even I did not miss Shivay..But Abhay s not here 2 seek justice for people who died in fire but 2 take revenge that he did not get his rights….I feel VSO was Prithviraj Oberoi’s adoptive son so Tej and Shakti treated him like that….Coming to flashback scenes,It s clear that Oberois did not start fire but giving appropriate compensation 2 victims was their ethical responsibilty and they denied it…Having said this,not giving compensation 2 victims does not come under crime…..This practice s followed by many powerful people in our country……Till date ,Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims have not got any justice..

      Abhay s so revengeful that he illtreated Tanya……Anyways,Annika slayed in black……

      Tej complimented Annika and Ponky Donkey was jealous……His reply to Ponky was hilarious thou…

      My Rudra s lost……..Thank u Cvs for totally destroying the 3rd story

      1. Aniru

        Hi Neha, Your comments are nicely written, I was not surprised that Abhay came for only his revenge for his father. If they wanted to show the social responsibility towards the victims, CVs would have introduced a powerful character and actor. That person may like a heroic type. I am happy that atleast Shivaay & Anika are doing some fund gathering for victims.

        Rudra was my favorite after Anika. I feel, writers have memory loss. When Bhavya was introduced, makes told that it may be a reversal of SSO-Anika. Now back to square one. Angry young man & Takkar ki girl. Lets see how the makers will convince viewers about Bhavya.

    2. Pinku

      Hi aniru am pinku…. very nice review yaar

  11. Aayushi_kul

    Hey every1…. First of all 3 cheers fr CVs fr making SSO version 3…. Now rudy will be in revenge mode????????? uffff kya kya dkhna pdega ib m ab…

    Abhay singh oberoi???? kitne oberois or aaenge i donno….
    Mystry is unfolding slowly slowly of kalyani mills…these senior oberois….ta nhi kya kya chupaya h

    Anika was the show stealer today….bt where is shivaay…is he not well????

    Ib is going to be of half an hour frm 23 oct…. Donno whether to be happy or sad??? hope trp incrse ho jaye ab
    Gud nytttt guyzzzzz????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aayushi…Rudra turned SSO-3… But was looking hot with that black dress…

      1. Aayushi_kul

        Yeah no doubt in this…he was luking hot?? by why that heavy jacket…use dekhkr mjhe garmi lg rhi thi??

    2. Pinku

      Aayushi…. sach me yaar pata nahi aur Kya Kya sehna padega

  12. Very nice and apt analysis Aastha di…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Oh thank you Luthfa…Want to fry Dhania in oil with her facial expressions.

      1. Pinku

        Exactly I don’t like her too astha

  13. Yes i am worried for IB because from 23 oct it will be half hour how will cvs manage to show shivika, rikara and ruvya love track in half hour how will they unfold abhay motive and kalyani mills secret how will they manage everything in half hour let see but cvs should be careful niw because they shouldnt forget from now there responsiblity will be more because we fans want to see ishqbazzi more and villanbazzi less in half hour duration but i am happy for one thing if this time duration helps to increase trp then i am ok for this half hour duration anyhow hope for the best

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Right..Cvs have to be careful. Half an hour back!!Is it??

  14. Hi pkj Family member’s
    Go Nila go
    Oh no abhay also oberoi
    Annika so gorgeous in Black dressing
    No shivay no rikara
    Full of elder’s secret mission
    Miss u shivay

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Chaithu…Good morning. No Shivaay bhaiyya…My condition was ?????

    2. Pinku

      Hey chaitu hiii hru

  15. TRP is so low not in top 20, it seems no one is interested in seeing plastic show, hope not one day we will see its going off air bcos of low trp, they just make stupid story and putting everybody love story in one show, showing idiotic things esp of Sweatlana, they just spending their money on weird clothes, that’s other reason aam aadmi not buying that and not getting related to it, whereas tarak mehta is on top 5, reason strong story base where people can relate with it.

    1. But trp s out on Thursday right??

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Fashion is a trend…new styles will come, old will be renewed it has nothing to do with trp..
      Story with Shwetlana..cvs started that with a good turning point but then fakelana-realana and all that crap,truth is audience want a stilt story for that Shwetlana aunty like her identity, mission and all things related to her in place of her illogical scientific stunt with affairs list.
      Don’t say its plastic…because all show are plastic that way…These peoples are acting as someone else’s husband, wife, relative, hugging other peoples, kissing, when Shivaay and Nakuul, Surbhi and Annika, Kunal and Omkara, Gouri and Shrenu, Rudra and Leenesh, Bhavya and Mansi, like wise are two different set of peoples..just doing all this for money…Its all fake and magic is we fells it reality…Its the magic of Ishqbaaz…
      Any way I feel beauty lies in eyes of the beholder…Plastic seems diamond.
      I wish I could develop some new and real unit to measure goodness of serials prominent then that damn BARC rating…trp is just a number not standard of any show…
      Himmat hai toh IB ko 9PM or 8PM time slot dekar dekhsakte hain star plus wale…
      Good morning dear…

      1. Logesh.M

        Aastha you are right..If starplus would have Telecasted ishqbaaz in 09:00pm or 08:00 pm slot ishqbaaz would have been hit show..Surely ishqbaaz will fetch 2+ or 2.5+TRP..???It will also become famous in foreign like ipkknd,ipkknd3,yrkkh,etc..Starplus is doing stupidity???Wasting the potential of one Khidhkithod SHOW!!!!!!!

    3. Pinku

      Is it Lara???

  16. Hey lara…… don’t know about India but where I am living am sure that the trps are not high here because of how late ishqbaaz lasts….. and as it’s mainly watched by young adults who are either going to uni or college wouldn’t stay up for an hour to watch it……. so the low trps has got nothing to do with the storylines the cvs introduced otherwise serials like kumkum bhagya won’t be anywhere near top 10 (as per my point of view). Ishqbaaz is much watched and loved online then o ther shows I’ve ever watched and the writers keeping that in mind will hopefully not end it any time soon!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      True Fama..Its time slot is a big problem for students like me who are fan of Ishqbaaz..And these days KBC ks its soutan also..kyun ki mere baap jaise baaki logon ke baap bhi jaroor kbc ke peechhe deewane honge due to Amitabh Bachchanji.

      1. Aayushi_kul

        Not only my dad…my mom is also a big fan of amit sir nd kbc…they dont even let me change the channel fr 2 mins…bt frm 23rd oct…that new show ek deewana tha is going on air at 10 pm…a big thanku to that show?

  17. Hi Lara, it seems u do watch IB therefore the comments otherwise why waste ur time. Dont know who Tarak Mehta is but definitely love IB , and Shivika are the best jodi along with Rikara and Ruvya:)

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Zuhi or Zara!!?? Changing name girl… Yeah East to west…Shivaay bhaiyya is the best..

  18. Missed Shivay but Anika definitely filled his spot nicely. Love the fact that they are so attuned to each other…good wotk, great couple. Wish Tanya would just
    Its amazing that Tanya is complaining that she can’t spend time with her husband Abhay while being in the same house, well luucchi tucchi Shivika are in the same boat becos of you n your psycho husband.
    While I fully sympathise with the families who lost loved ones in the
    fire, I feel that Abhay is just doing this for his own revenge and selfish greed, all he cares for is why he did not grow up in luxury, not concern for his family’s health, wellbeing and safety.
    Plz CVS let Shivika protect their Dada n Dadis legacy. I feel that senior Oberois were duped into thinking they were responsible when someone else was behind the fire.

  19. I don’t thing trp ki waja Se ishqbaaz will go in danger .because online trp is always no 1. and narbhi is one of the most loveable international Jodi.they have invited in guest role for example lip sing battle ,Amazon advertisement. Even ishqbaaz won maximum awards in other channels to.boroblus awards zee ristey awards and Indian telly awards mein nakul bhaiyya has selected for nomination list.all ishqbaaz fans please vote for nakul bhaiyya…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Mr. Mehta is the best actor…he is the first and single telly hero I am a big fan of..trp chart par sirf rubber band hi hote hain…Not drumsticks like Ishqbaaz…(This is what Bunny said not me..)

      1. Pinku

        Yes astha he is the best

  20. MAHIRA

    I’m not having sympathy with Abhay and somehow I doubt his version of the story…
    What I mean is, he’s not the first one to come shouting that he wants revenge from Oberois for injustice done to his family, Tia’s mom did the same about her husband, Gayathri and most of all, Roop.
    I think that the serial shows the greed money can create in human being’s hearts even from the closests and Oberoi Family success is giving hateful and envy sentiments to so many people who would prefer being at their places so every time someone will come and claim rights he never deserved playing the victim wala because all he wants is their money, pride and success!
    I’m not saying that this Abhay is liying but a revengeful rightful person would do it with morals not by stabbing in back which he’s doing repeating while day “for my brothers”
    he came to their mansion as a cousin and he’s actually a cousin, if Tej and Shakti did anything bad against his father why aren’t they scared from him instead of fearing some unknown person having proofs against them!?!?
    In the FB, it’s said that the fire was an accident and their cousin wanted them to accepst their responsability about victim’s families, it doesn’t mean they set the fire themselves, maybe it means that they didn’t help those families which was their duty being owners!
    why they’re afraid, circumstances could give the umpression that they’re culprits by their presence at the time of fire and as we know since the beginning of the serial, Oberois are always afraid for their imagein front of media which would ruin their affairs too!
    About Rudy/Rudra… why not, he must turn adult some day, na? he’ll not stay the crying baby forever but it’s sad that he’s becoming rude and revengeful. He’s much touched by Bhavya’s marriage and the kiss’ pic he has been sent by Abhay, this shows how deep are his feelings for her. I’ll always miss Soumya and mourn the fact that cvs didn’t respect the main rules of any familia drama (marriage is sacred) but maybe now theur story will become interesting…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      May be there are many sides of the same story..a third party must have caught

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      May be there are many sides of the same story..a third party must have hands in that day fire incident..if that also…how come Abhay know all that or he is believing what he heard from people…any way agar sach hai toh bho Shivaay Singh Oberoi will not back up from his duty towards Abhay. But still truthful truth is covered by layers and layers of lie illusion…you think 100 logical ways…cvs will beat you with 101 illogical way…

      1. MAHIRA

        lol you’re so right… who thought in the mahi / Poncky track that all this pain for shivika was absolutely useless as there was no secret to be hidden!?!? it was all Pinky’s saas/bahu drama!!!
        One thing I never digested, if Tia turned good person, why didn’t she tell Shivay about Shwetlana being her sister?
        Oberois elders are just like shivay, maybe very smart in business but so soon fooled by bad intentionned poeple (if a man like Tej Oberoi could never expose his own mistress real face for years and years then we can imagine how eady they’re dupped by their surroundings)

  21. HI ASTHA how r u
    nice to see u back with full of comments and counters. we want this from u .
    ya good challenge to star plus about time slot
    we are IB fans that’s why we are watching up to 11:00 pm this is not so easy for every day but we all did for IB sake.
    if time slot changes 8:30 to 9:30 or 9 to 10 it will be create wonders in trp chart.
    any ways we r not bother of stupid TRP
    we love IB .
    if it is one hour or half an hour we will watch .

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      What else..this trp beggar channel know nothing more then trp and is with #Nayi soch!!! There is no stability of its shows and leave it yaar..I am also angry on BARC system coz these days I am unable to contribute towards trp and watching repeat telecast time all thanks to kbc. Yesterday I watched IB in prime time after almost one month.

      1. Krish6868

        ASTHA, don’t worry about your contribution to the trp.
        We are switching on both the set-top boxes for IB.
        Both are in the BARC recording area.
        So enjoy your repeat telecast!

      2. Logesh.M

        Aastha i think chandra Nandni is going to Off-air..Maybe naamkaran can go to 08:30,yrkkh to 09:00 and ishqbaaz from 09:30 to 10:30..If my guess becomes true it will be nice???But i am damn sure the new show Dil sambhal Jaa Zara cannot get 1+TRP..The concept is worst???Starplus must soon change the timing of that serial or shut it..???

  22. I requested all of u don’t say Rudy has changed like shivaay bhaiyya version 3 .he hasnt changed like shivaay bhaiya .his attitute replicates only abhay mindvoices thoughts and doings .shivaay bhaiyya wouldnt hurt and embarresed anika bhabhi infront of whole society even in dreams.I agree in past shivaay bhaiyya hurt anika a lot but he didnt strike a sword in backside and he hurt a lot anika only for his family… He deals with only straight forward …. But rudy strikes bhavya in backside.I don’t like this Rudy avatar.. He has snatched her patriotic job and respect in front of society because of he assumed bhavya doesnt love him and take revenging for his selfish motive…yeh sso v3 definetly nahi .. I don’t agree that….. Anyways I always love shivomru .sry ruvya fans.I couldn’t digest this ….pls forgive me so sad for bhavya ….pata nahi yeh abhay sach mein bhavya ke baar mein Rudy Se baat karta hai ya nahi ..mujhe nahi pata . I always loving Rudy fun character

  23. Navz

    Missed rikarA and shivay today.but Anika is more like Mrs.ASSO ..truly her prescence filled shivays abscence.
    New couple ..abhay and tanya are looking good.
    I liked rudys attitude today…..RUDRA SINGH OBEROI….completely a new man. actually his looks are scary….looking like an oberoi.
    Bhavya…again not alteast in a single shot she is looking good with Rudy…ppchh.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Navya…we all are still glued to Soumya and unable to accept bhavya and this is why cvs are shoeing hwr as a poor fellow..Warna logic ki oh my maatha..Think Rudra think..If Bhavya is married to Manav, she would never be this desperate for any security job this soon..I mean she could have take a break and then wait for her cop service back soon..but no cvs are God and God are too gracious…Any way poor Bhavya…

  24. Renimarenju

    What the cv’s are showing, my brain is getting high voltage shock with these unending mysteries ,IB THE “MYSTERYBAAZ “……I was not following this show for a while and today i watched yesterday’s episode i didn’t understand anything……What’s happening in IB ?? Can anyone tell me in total how many mysteries are hidden in IB which is been unsolved now…… And another doubt, Who are the real villains and who are the real heroes??? Except shivika , nothing is been properly executed now, i find myself rechecking twice if this is IB or any other show ??? Rikara track is getting nice, but they are not focusing much on them….About ruvya, the story line is very dragging and i find the cutiepie rudy as rude yesterday which is not @ all digesting in any way……I badly missed shivomru bond . this is the show for them and why we are not getting quality shivomru moments 2 watch ?? Earlier this show was was the unique one which depicted relationships, love, family in a new way without making any thing as boring….. The story and twists in initial episodes were thrilling and it often made myself 2 be regular here….. They don’t know how 2 manage storyline now , instead of it they are making unnecessary entries and relating themselves with certain past secrets of oberois…….I am just fed up with this mystery baaz and i want 2 see my ishqbaaz with these things ….Missing anri bond, saahil-sowmya suteness , om-sowmya sisbromance, shivay-prinku’s care and concern, shivay-gauri’s emotional sisbromance, sso-rudy entertaining moments, omru moments, shivkara’s inspiring convos, dadi-rudy’s fun time, pinky-jhanvi englishvinglish, shivaay-saahil’s sweet moments. saahil-anika’s bindaas convos, and much more…….Missing prinku badly…., shivaay, om and rudra do u guys remember u have a sister ?? This show is not giving a relief from my stress , it is just making my brain’s bhejafry now….But still I love Ib and can’t stop watching IB…..

    How are u my ishqies and pkjians….Having breakfast now and just came here 2 see u all…. Bye….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Renny Di..Ib with breakfast haan..nice combination.

      1. Renimarenju

        Haan…Aastha.I use 2 watch Ib whenever i gets a break..Waise bhi khaane mein maza nahi toh chalo ib ki maza le , yahi sochkar hotstar pe dekhi toh mere dimaag kaa gangaraam ko ho gaya……oh my maata yeh ib hein yaa koi bhool-bhulaiya ??? nazar utarne ke liye kisi acche se tantrik, ojha yaa baaba ko bulao bhai……nahi mile toh sasural simar ka ke set mein hoge….wahan se udaa lo…….

    2. Despite all the ranting you gave just now, you still love IB?? This is what encourages CVs to continue their crap thinking & stories.

      1. Renimarenju

        Yeah, I still love Ib just for shivomru and even after skipping so many episodes and pointing out certain unfold mysteries i still keep my eye on IB believing in a blind hope [even when there is no hope we keeps a blind hope, lol] that IB will recreate that initial charm, of course very few episodes we will find them, lastly i felt it in IB-DBO Mahasangam episode…So i am just expecting may be in any of the upcoming episode miracle can happen…. And not only me, but every one who critically evaluvate IB may some how lovIng Ib and yeah cv’s are utilizing our love 2 serve any kind of stuffs without considering what we actually wants 2 see in IB…..

    3. Aniru

      True Renima. Before going to sleep I watch one or two initial episodes just for de-stress. However, the way story going, I do not have any expectation. I thnk Gul khan has a habit of destroying the story half way. . Be it Geet, Qubbol hai, IPPKND 1 etc.
      I was attracted to fantastic combo meals in IB outlet : ShivOmRu kitchen convo, Om’s Shayari, Ani-Sahil, AniOmRu, Rumya, AniRi, RuRi, Ru-Dadi & last but not least Shivika. Some days, they used to give nadan Onam Sadya (Feast) with kheer etc. Now they are trying new recipes which are either more spicy or salty.
      The family used to give relationship goals. Hoping that they will bring charming IB back

    4. Logesh.M

      I am a newbie here..But had completed two months of my journey in TU and Pkj??Yeah i am too missing Shivkara’s convo,Prinku,Priveer,Shivri bonding,Anirivya bonding,obrosmoments,Pinky-Jhanvi’s English Vinglish?????Missing all this Badly..Only Mysterybaaz????But i cant able to hate My Ishqbaaz??????

  25. Archiya

    it gets interesting, and going at a good pace, even though shivika or rikara was not there, the unfolding of mystery seems good.. did not see the episode, but the WU looks good

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Really Archu! WU looks good!!! why not hot!! I feel like Annika bhabz. is female version of Ethen Mathew Hunt..on impossible Mission force. Pakka…

      1. Archiya

        something is better than nothing … atleast they r not showing crap

    2. Renimarenju

      Really archiya, seems i am the one and only person who is not capable of liking yesterday’s episode…..may be because of skipping so many episodes or my own priority of seeing shivomru moment in every episode, i was not able 2 enjoy it from heart…..

      1. Archiya

        we have seen so much crap sometimes.. that i feel this was good..

      2. Renimarenju

        Hmm……Crappy’s are obsessions of cv’s….

  26. Krish6868


    This is the 21st century,where there is physical,emotional
    and financial equality of both s*xes.Gul Khan appears to
    be living in the medieval period!She is bent on depicting
    her Female leads as sub-servient to the Male leads and
    always at their mercy!

    ANIKA- Faced all SSO’s attrocities.
    After 1st marriage CVS created such a situation
    where she was forced to remain in OM where
    she was shown so dispirited and helpless.
    After separation,her return to OM was so base-
    less and her position was like the proverbial
    “Dhobhi ka kutta”

    GAURI-Withstood all types of indignities
    Who puts chains on women nowadays? Put up with
    all types of dis-honourable situations
    She still sticks to OM and Om. Forced to stay in OM,
    Because her mother is a traditional small town woman
    and a womans place is beside her husband and her
    in-laws house.
    I felt that prison in mates are treated better by their
    jailers. They can demand their Fundamental Rights
    there but Gauri has to bear Pinky’s verbal abuse and
    OM’s cold shouldering in silence. When Om suddenly
    remembers her, it only to insult and hurt her cruelly.

    Bhavya- The prototype of a Modern Indian Woman who is Physically,
    mentally and financially strong. CVS created such bizarre
    situations where she was shown physically and mentally
    broken. Her financial position was shown to be so weak so that
    she had to stoop to work as a slave to Rudra and agree to all his

    GK- Seems to have forgotten the actual working of the law while enjoying
    having her pound of flesh from woman-‘ kind. Once a Government
    servant is suspended on corruption charges and enquiry is not
    completed till then the person accused can avail half of his monthly
    salary. Bhavya’s financial condition was so wrongly shown!

    Rudra stooped so low! If RU wanted revenge let him fight like equals!
    Why should he have all the advantages and Bhavya be on the
    receiving end?

    SHEKHAR, this is the affirmative reply to your observations yesterday!
    Where is the NAYA SOCH?
    Such a mockery of that slogan! yesterday’s episode showed that even
    even if educated,it is the lot of women to be humiliated!
    In IB this trend is sickening! If the CVS humiliate Bhavya further, I may
    stop watching IB altogether!

    1. I think u r absoltely right.. Women r really shown as weak in GK serials… Other than Ib we have many egs Qubool hai, Geet, IPKKND 1 n 3, all the female leads suffered verbal use from the rude arrogant male lead.. She should definitely improve this mindset..

      1. MAHIRA

        Lol Neha, I just think the same

      2. Krish6868

        NEHA, the women in IB are very strong The situations GK creates so that these
        strong independant women are at the mercy of the male leads is abhorent!
        Can the CVS not create situations where both the leads are equal in their
        relationship ? For RUVYA’s relationship to progress why should Bhavya lose her self-respect? I’m sure the CVS can come up with new ideas instead of re-cycling
        the same old ideas of SHIVIKA and RIKARA!

    2. MAHIRA

      Rich rude arrogant guy + silly uneducated without any diplomas but beauty face and mad but smart brain = meet,fight, be submissive to his power and money because of the terrible need of money and helplessness but don’t worry he’ll treat you like a slave at the beginning but you’ll finish by win if you’re patient , he’ll fall for you and make you queen of his empire so it’s OK if he manhandle you first, force you on fake marriage , bad mouth you , your character or family.. You need to suffer a bit then you’ll rule his world later.
      It’s the storyline of so many series IPKKND, MADHUBALA, GEET, IB and much more.
      If you have done studies and have a strong character and you want a relationship of equality you’ll win divorce and family disclosure like in KUCH RANG PYAAR… Or you’ll finish by ruining your marriage being too much stubborn like in Swaragini.
      Morales of story be stupid and have beauty face a rich guy will come to snatch you from misery and make you become a princess!

      1. Yes.. first torture, then forced marriage or contract marriage, then slow realization of love, followed by reunion.. typical of all Gul khan and other directors! Dont they get fed up?!

      2. Krish6868

        Mahira, story of SHIVIKA is as you said in the first para.
        But the story evolved so beautifully .The actors justified their roles completely.
        Loved most of the episodes till separation.

        Repeating the same story line with RIKARA and RUVYA is driving me mad!
        Atleast the CVS can give some respect to Bhavya’s identity and create some
        new themes!
        Enjoyed reading your inference of all serial(soaps) stereotypes! BYE!

    3. Aniru

      Good Evening Krish.. I agree all points regarding female characters in IB. Janvi was a business women. She had to compromise her dreams due to Tej. For Anika, Gauri, being coming from lower middle class family, they had Khuddari. They had to compromise their self respect, dignity for their men. I understand, one or two situations. But Anika’s case, every time. But makers show as she is doing out of love. I had a little hope on Bhavya. Being strongest of the characters, the makers failed to convince viewers. One due to actress and second due to the story.

      I am not sure, a civil servant is allowed work if they are on suspension. She is still civil servant.

      So many additions, so many unfinished stories, sudden wrap ups are hitting my nerves. This week, No.20 on the list due to poorly managed memory loss track.

      As Gul Khan is more tadibaaz than SSO, she is not gonna listen to any comments. I have made up my mind to see as long as I can bear.

      1. Aniru

        Hi Mahira, being a successful lady, entrepreneur, Gul Khan is showing the female leads are forever compromising, submissive, understanding and always suffering life partners. I think, they are just trying to show Mills & Boons stories. Pariyon ki kahani. Prince charming will marry the Cinderella. False hope to the young girls in the society.
        rather than giving confidence to stand up on their feet.

    4. Logesh.M

      You are right..At first i thought Chandni will be strong female lead (in ipkknd3),But she too was weak..Chandni,khushi,Gauri,Anika,now bhavya joined in that list????Gul is showing all her female leads as weak..

  27. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Missing shiomru bond… Missing old ib…. I am losing my interest in ib because of CVS stupid craps… Firstly ishkara break up…. Rumya wrap up… Ilogical mystery.. And ruvya misery….

  28. Hai guys I am new to this page but I am very fascinated by all your views. I am a die hard fan of shivika especially shivay love him so much.I enjoy all your comments lovely

  29. Pls brng Neha aka saumya back for rudra. I am still not able to c bhavya with rudra. I luv rumya jodi more.. ?? pls pls

  30. Hi everyone…
    I have a doubt…starplus is showing a new promo of a new serial which will telecast from 23rd oct at 10:30…

    My doubt is…is ishqbaaz going to end or change in serial timing??

    1. VHM

      the show is going to continue but instead of an hour it will be for half an hour from 10-10:30 PM IST

  31. Seeing the crap progressing week after week.. I am eagerly waiting for IB also to go off air just like IPKKND 3. Was sooo glad when I heard that IPKKND is going off air. Show was literally going down the drain.

    Its weird how they completely forget some situations, characters, mysteries etc as per their convenience. And revive them as per their convenience , wish , TRP , etc. Surely need to boycott these stupid shows.

    1. VHM

      Hey Dear… i completely respect your opinion !!!

      But, I can’t agree completely with you…plot is good but it’s dragging…can’t say it is crap, but it must increase the pace…logics IB has forgotten long back…solving the current mysteries involving old mysteries will increase the much needed interest…there are many who love this why wish to break all their hearts…we can’t always expect goody goody moments, as even they will bore us…it has to be right mix of romance, mystery, fun …and right now i am guessing the show people are working on that…

      IPKKND 3 was shut at that point of time when it was on the right track…it takes time for a show to stabilise …3 months was too short because the slot at which ot was getting aired had many competitors at the same time slot…felt sad for it……

      1. Logesh.M

        Didi i really cried for one day thinking about ipkknd3..????Last twenty episodes are very very precious..Shivani improved a lot in acting in last thirty episodes…She badly needs a chance????You are right..The show was returning on track..But SP ended it..Three months,70 episodes is very very short..But however it gained msny fans in turkey ,UK,Russia..I am feeling proud for that?????

  32. I really love this show and will never want to go off air but I guess many of us want some romance amoung the couples esp shivika and rikara ,ofcourse for Rudy I reckon someone who is really good or bring back Soumya who was so cute.Seriously nobody is interested in this suspense crap.

  33. Guys ….is it true that ib team is shooting in Goa ????… If it is true i wish to meet them…but i dont knw where exactly they are shooting….

    1. VHM

      It’s true that they are heading to Goa ..i think they are already in Goa..not sure though

  34. When ever Rudy and Bhavya scene comes I use to skip the scene.Pls bring back our charming sumo to Rudy life
    They r the best pair. Our crybaby and moti r the best ever pair

    1. Need sumo

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