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Ishqbaaz 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says there was a line between rich families and poor orphans, and that line is there and will always be….. I can bear misbehavior with me, but I can’t bear if anyone does wrong with my sister’s life or family respect, I fire you right now from this job. Anika says after seeing this side of yours, what will you fire me, I will leave this job myself.

Some time before, Shivaye thinks to get the cufflink fixed. He asks what now….. Anika says when you always know I have come, then you would know why did I come here. He says if you came thinking you will change my opinion about Dev, you are wrong. She asks did you think you can be wrong too. He says look I know where is this conversation going, I will say it, I will not change my ideals and principles for anyone. She says sorry, but

when the principles come in between loved ones’ happiness, its not called principles, but called firmness. He says you I m wrong according to you. She asks is blood, family and surname everything for me, if anyone is too good and true, if he does not have big family name, won’t you find him suitable to form a relation, if anyone not having big family name does not have right to dream and love, tell me.

He signs her to stop. He says all this is book matters, and it looks good in books only, not in world, I live in real work, where blood, family and lineage are important, in a race, the horse runs good whose breed is good…..the person is known by his upbringing, parents, and family…. Surname is not just a brand name or label, it shows a person’s character… Dev maybe good, but he is not from a good family, relation can’t be joined with him, Priyanka is my sister, I can’t get her married to such a guy, who is illegitimate, whose blood is bad. Anika gets shocked…..

She says atleast let Priyanka talk to him once, what if they could not get together, they should get chance to bid bye. Shivaye says no. She says but she wants to talk to him once. He says this is my family matter, you don’t have any right to talk. Anika says I have just come to talk by right of Priyanka’s friend. He says and I m talking as Priyanka’s brother. She leaves.

Soumya asks Rudra why did you get me here, you should be with Priyanka at home. Rudra says Priyanka has her best friend, Anika is trying to help her, i have come to help my best friend here. She asks best friend, me? We did not become good friends. He says there are no stages of friendship for me, once I regard someone friend, its done, once I trust someone, its certain then that person becomes my best friend, you know I learnt this from love angel. She says actually….. He sees Reyaan and greets him. Soumya gets upset seeing Reyaan. She asks what is he doing here. Reyaan says I thought you wanted to meet me. She asks what. Rudra says I wanted you to meet and talk, I could not help Priyanka, and thought to make you guys meet.

Anika comes to Priyanka and says I tried to talk…. She sees Dev and Priyanka and shuts the door quickly. She asks whats happening. Dev says Anika, I just came to talk to Priyanka. Soumya says this was not needed. Rudra says matter gets sorted by talk, just sort out the matter, please Soumya, if you don’t talk, I will talk. He asks Reyaan why did you behave badly with her, why did you disappear from her life, I don’t leave from classroom without asking and you left from her life. Soumya says let it be Rudra, lets go. Rudra says wait, I want to know. Reyaan says sorry Soumya, our vibes did not match, I felt we had no connection between us.

Dev says I know we have some connection, so I came to clear the matter, she deserved it. Anika says I know but you should have not come here like this, if Shivaye sees you, things will get spoiled. Dev says wait, I m going LA tomorrow, if I go today, I can never talk to Priyanka again. Priyanka says he took risk to meet me, he called me from outside and I got him inside. Anika asks what, you got him inside, Shivaye is annoyed and his mood is bad, when his mood gets fine, you take Shivaye’s permission and meet her, its not right to meet without informing. She tells Priyanka that I know you want to talk to him, but not without Shivaye’s permission, no new relation is made by cheating old ones, come Dev. Dev says I m sorry Priyanka, matter ended before starting. Anika says sorry Dev, there is no time, come.

Reyaan says it was happening too fast, we were going ahead without any real connection, you remember when we started dating, my cat was lost, the day we went for movie on valentines day, my car was lost, even wrong happened with you, remember when we went to zoo, you got asthma attack, when we had icecream first time, your phone was lost, now when we met, relation broke, we got insulted you know we together are a disaster, nothing else. Rudra asks Soumya is he your choice seriously…. When you went to zoo with him, you should have left him there. He greets Reyaan and leaves with Soumya.

Anika takes Dev with her. Priyanka and Anika look around. They see Dadi and stop. Anika hides them. Dadi turns and leaves. Anika signs them to come. They see Jhanvi and hide. Jhanvi is talking over phone and goes. Anika takes Dev and opens the door by her security card. She takes Dev, but he stops. Dev and Priyanka see each other. Shivaye shouts Anika. Anika’s phone drops in shock.

Shivaye says I told you they both can’t meet, how dare you get him inside. She says Billu ji, you are misunderstanding, there is nothing. He angrily throws his phone towards her. She gets shocked. Shivaye walks to her. He says if my family refused for this proposal, who are you to interfere, Priyanka is my sister, she is my family, I told you family comes first always. Priyanka says Bhaiya ….. Shivaye asks her to be quiet. He asks Dev to leave. Dev says Shivaye…. Shivaye shouts just leave. Dev leaves.

Shivaye holds Anika against the wall and says you knew I did not want Priyanka to meet that guy, even then why did you let him come inside. Priyanka says its not Anika’s mistake, I have…. Shivaye says stop it, you always defend Anika and she does something new. Om and Dadi come. Om asks what happened. Shivaye says she has sworn to do the thing for which I stop her. Anika says I did not do anything intentionally. Shivaye asks her to answer, did you get Dev inside house, yes or no, I want to hear you, answer me. Anika looks at Priyanka. He says Priyanka won’t call Dev, as she knows if she does so, there will be none worse than me, Anika answer me. Anika says I have got Dev here, he just wanted to talk to Priyanka. Shivaye says leave about talking, he has no status to see my sister, who is he, a big family man’s mistake, a illegitimate child…… he is a blo*dy cheat, he is a liar. Dadi and Om look on. Anika says but why are you annoyed with him so much…. S

hivaye says because…. There is no use to explain you, as you can never understand what is a rich family, their standards, you will never get it. Dadi says Billu, listen to her once. He says not today Dadi, you all always defended her, when this family gave her so much respect, she has to understand to respect this family’s rules, if we took the decision as a family, by what right did she let Dev meet Priyanka. Om says Shivaye, Dev is gone, there is no use to argue now, just leave it. Shivaye says no Om, she has to understand that everyone’s blood color is same, but it does not make blood’s value same, a difference was, is and will always be there between a rich family guy and a roadside man, a line was, is and will always be there before a rich families and poor orphans. Anika cries.

Shivaye says but Anika won’t understand this, as she is standing at the other side of this line. He says I will not let anyone cross this line, not even Anika, I called you family, it does not mean you are really part of my family, its our goodness that we have given respect to a girl like you, we gave you permission to come and meet us, it does not mean you will become one of us if you stay with us, you are not us, and you proved today, your class, status and thinking have much difference, you crossed all limits today, I can bear misbehaviour with myself, but if anyone plays with my sister’s life and family respect, I will not bear it, I fire you from this job right away, you are fired…… Everyone get shocked. Anika says I will advice you without your asking, look down and walk, you will find your fallen thinking somewhere, I knew you are from rich family, but I did not know your mentality is so fallen, I got to know it today, I called you stone singh Oberoi, I was wrong, you are not stone, even stone can melt once, but you can never melt, what respect are you talking about, respect is given to one who knows to give respect to others…… She cries and goes to him. She says today, after seeing this side of yours, what will you fire me from job, I will myself quit this job….. She turns to leave. She walks out.

Bua asks Anika what will we eat if you leave job, you go and beg them to get job back, listen to me. Anika gets up to leave and Om comes her home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG !! Shivaay what have u done?? I hope u realise how important anika is in your life and u feel regretful for what u have said . I think Anika is the daughter of a very rich family.

  2. OMG what a emotional episode..Shivaye was rude but I think HE personally felt betrayed by Anika when he asked her to answer Yes or No and when Anika said Yes he lost it cos he felt she betrayed him but yaar thats no excuse for other crap like road side people, orphan, blood …etc that he talks about. I wish Anika turns out to be from a super rich and higher family status then Oberoi but I want Shivika to build a strong love and trust bond that will never break from that day matter what comes in their way, once they admit their love..then marriage nothing can come btw them..I hope Anika is like a most sought after defence attorney and fights for shivaye to get him free…her family are all law background n her dad a magistrate…OH HOW I WISH..
    As for OM and Anika, thay make a sweet bhabhi dewar RL, plz dont spoil that.
    BTW…what happened to TIa, if Gayatri is killed, how will Tia be shown as her daughter?
    A bit confusing..what about ROOP…when will Oberoi family realize that Roop is the traitor..remember in begining it was shown Anika seeing the burnt hand of a lady going from Oberoi mansion n her hand was burnt..wasnt that Roop?
    Plz someone clarify if u can.
    Love Roumya…cant wait for Romis secret to be revealed.
    Sad for Shivika but I know their love is too strong to keep away from each other…PLz dont separate them for long:(

  3. Luna dr u told in previous page that prinku is very week character and she doesn’t deserves to be in this world. I agree prinku is week and she is not enough strong to take a stand for herself but we cnt say she doesn’t deserves to be in this world thats tooo rudeyar because in this world there are so many type charecters peaple are living and everyone cnt be same and everyone cnt be strong enough and look at ur 5 fingers sweety they are different with each one like peaple also different with each other. I just told what i felt bcz im like this if u are hurted with my words really sorryyy

    1. No need to say sorry dear, I did’nt got hurt by ur words. I just wanted to say that people should’nt be so weak and should atleast know to take their stand otherwise this mean world will always use them and it will be very difficult for them to live.

    2. No need to say sorry dear, I did’nt got hurt by ur words. I just wanted to say that people should’nt be so weak and should atleast know to take their stand otherwise this mean world will always use them and it will be very difficult for them to live. Maybe the words I choose was wrong,sorry for that.

      1. K luna i understood ur point of view u are right the words u used thats wrong its a missunderstanding no need to say sorry

  4. And guyz when some days before there is a talk about equality btwn men and women that time i told this equality only in books not in reality but most of all told no there is a equality in our society now i think u all got the answer in yesterday episode bcz priyanka doesn’t allowed to talk with dev bcz her brother is not allowing her this is partiality is sso omkara rudra doesn’t need to ask permission for anything but prinku needs permission to talk with someone now i think u all got ur answer

    1. yea,,,,,U r sooo true

  5. Renimarenju

    @ Chetna….just ignore those comments….as tu will handle it
    @ Devga….i wrote in rush….really sorry ishqie….and don’t be so rude 2 say that i forgot u…..
    @ Shahabana …….prinku is not getting permission…..well the point u noted makes sense…..
    usually it happens when a girl is younger than her brother ….they will try 2 show more care….
    but their care may some time can be a barrier to expression of freedom…..
    Thats why i said prinku should have at least try to say anika before helping dev 2 enter……

  6. Hi frds….I was a silent reader till now….bt now I want to share my thoughts….most of u guys want anika to be frm rich family bg…if it is happen shivaay ll definitely accept her…bt shivaay ve to overcome his mentality lyk bloodline,surname,family for Anika….he ve to accept Anika the way she is….nd one more thing I don’t want any obros illegitimate …..bcoz shivaay should known frm Anika itself tat family,surname is not great than persons heart and doings nd love… I hope u guys don’t mind me if I was wrong

  7. good evening mukta,disha,aliya,misri,renima di,shaza,shahbana,chetna,dhruv,mukti,richu,abiha,fatarjo,piyali,nikki,sunheri,roz,rosu,dhruv bhai,manik,samyukta,aishwarya,yazhu,priya,tharu,zuha,rufina,nithu,nazneen,sat,haya,pradishma,tridha,nivedita,sri,juhi,jhanvi,shama,luna,and all new member I hope everyone are good .have a nice day keep smiling .I am busy so I would comment as I would get time

    1. I have written everyone name but it is not shown .sorry if I forgot anyone

    2. Mayank Agrawal

      you forget me shivani..

    3. Sat

      Shivani do, you forgot me.
      Anyways how are you?

      1. I have written it is not shown dear

  8. @Chetna, Happy birthday to u ishqie!!!!!!!!!!! Birthdays are actually just normal days but it’s us who make it special by celebrating it. God bless u and ur whole family and u get a happy and prosperous life ahead!!!!!!! Sorry for wishing late as I was busy.

  9. Mayank Agrawal

    todays episode update – om and dadi try to understand shivay that anika is good , but shivay refuses their advice amid anika decides to not go oberoi mension anymore and decides to find out new job, meanwhile om goes to anika house and thanks to her contributions for everything she does for oberois and left. dadi says that i will go to anikas house and then she returns but tej comes and said that no body goes no where shivay decision is right and tej supports shivay and said that it is done no body argues now in this matter…all are quit. suddenly shivay gets the phonecall and shivay lefts from the house by saying that today i will complete gayatri’s case and then left and om hears this..shivay goes by car at some lonely place where gayatri is already killed but shivay doesnot see her and then shivay is searching for gayatri ..episode ends
    precap- shivay enters the oberoi mansion where om rudra dadi discussing about anika then shivay says that there are many other important things to discuss rather anika..suddenly an new entry comes and said yes mr shivay singh oberoi —-(-ACP rathodd i think _)———-

    1. Thanks for the update mayank

  10. Is Priyanka tej’s daughter or shakti’s.. Someone clarify this

    1. Mayank Agrawal

      tej shivay is single and unique piece ( hahaha )

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