Ishqbaaz 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says there was a line between rich families and poor orphans, and that line is there and will always be….. I can bear misbehavior with me, but I can’t bear if anyone does wrong with my sister’s life or family respect, I fire you right now from this job. Anika says after seeing this side of yours, what will you fire me, I will leave this job myself.

Some time before, Shivaye thinks to get the cufflink fixed. He asks what now….. Anika says when you always know I have come, then you would know why did I come here. He says if you came thinking you will change my opinion about Dev, you are wrong. She asks did you think you can be wrong too. He says look I know where is this conversation going, I will say it, I will not change my ideals and principles for anyone. She says sorry, but

when the principles come in between loved ones’ happiness, its not called principles, but called firmness. He says you I m wrong according to you. She asks is blood, family and surname everything for me, if anyone is too good and true, if he does not have big family name, won’t you find him suitable to form a relation, if anyone not having big family name does not have right to dream and love, tell me.

He signs her to stop. He says all this is book matters, and it looks good in books only, not in world, I live in real work, where blood, family and lineage are important, in a race, the horse runs good whose breed is good…..the person is known by his upbringing, parents, and family…. Surname is not just a brand name or label, it shows a person’s character… Dev maybe good, but he is not from a good family, relation can’t be joined with him, Priyanka is my sister, I can’t get her married to such a guy, who is illegitimate, whose blood is bad. Anika gets shocked…..

She says atleast let Priyanka talk to him once, what if they could not get together, they should get chance to bid bye. Shivaye says no. She says but she wants to talk to him once. He says this is my family matter, you don’t have any right to talk. Anika says I have just come to talk by right of Priyanka’s friend. He says and I m talking as Priyanka’s brother. She leaves.

Soumya asks Rudra why did you get me here, you should be with Priyanka at home. Rudra says Priyanka has her best friend, Anika is trying to help her, i have come to help my best friend here. She asks best friend, me? We did not become good friends. He says there are no stages of friendship for me, once I regard someone friend, its done, once I trust someone, its certain then that person becomes my best friend, you know I learnt this from love angel. She says actually….. He sees Reyaan and greets him. Soumya gets upset seeing Reyaan. She asks what is he doing here. Reyaan says I thought you wanted to meet me. She asks what. Rudra says I wanted you to meet and talk, I could not help Priyanka, and thought to make you guys meet.

Anika comes to Priyanka and says I tried to talk…. She sees Dev and Priyanka and shuts the door quickly. She asks whats happening. Dev says Anika, I just came to talk to Priyanka. Soumya says this was not needed. Rudra says matter gets sorted by talk, just sort out the matter, please Soumya, if you don’t talk, I will talk. He asks Reyaan why did you behave badly with her, why did you disappear from her life, I don’t leave from classroom without asking and you left from her life. Soumya says let it be Rudra, lets go. Rudra says wait, I want to know. Reyaan says sorry Soumya, our vibes did not match, I felt we had no connection between us.

Dev says I know we have some connection, so I came to clear the matter, she deserved it. Anika says I know but you should have not come here like this, if Shivaye sees you, things will get spoiled. Dev says wait, I m going LA tomorrow, if I go today, I can never talk to Priyanka again. Priyanka says he took risk to meet me, he called me from outside and I got him inside. Anika asks what, you got him inside, Shivaye is annoyed and his mood is bad, when his mood gets fine, you take Shivaye’s permission and meet her, its not right to meet without informing. She tells Priyanka that I know you want to talk to him, but not without Shivaye’s permission, no new relation is made by cheating old ones, come Dev. Dev says I m sorry Priyanka, matter ended before starting. Anika says sorry Dev, there is no time, come.

Reyaan says it was happening too fast, we were going ahead without any real connection, you remember when we started dating, my cat was lost, the day we went for movie on valentines day, my car was lost, even wrong happened with you, remember when we went to zoo, you got asthma attack, when we had icecream first time, your phone was lost, now when we met, relation broke, we got insulted you know we together are a disaster, nothing else. Rudra asks Soumya is he your choice seriously…. When you went to zoo with him, you should have left him there. He greets Reyaan and leaves with Soumya.

Anika takes Dev with her. Priyanka and Anika look around. They see Dadi and stop. Anika hides them. Dadi turns and leaves. Anika signs them to come. They see Jhanvi and hide. Jhanvi is talking over phone and goes. Anika takes Dev and opens the door by her security card. She takes Dev, but he stops. Dev and Priyanka see each other. Shivaye shouts Anika. Anika’s phone drops in shock.

Shivaye says I told you they both can’t meet, how dare you get him inside. She says Billu ji, you are misunderstanding, there is nothing. He angrily throws his phone towards her. She gets shocked. Shivaye walks to her. He says if my family refused for this proposal, who are you to interfere, Priyanka is my sister, she is my family, I told you family comes first always. Priyanka says Bhaiya ….. Shivaye asks her to be quiet. He asks Dev to leave. Dev says Shivaye…. Shivaye shouts just leave. Dev leaves.

Shivaye holds Anika against the wall and says you knew I did not want Priyanka to meet that guy, even then why did you let him come inside. Priyanka says its not Anika’s mistake, I have…. Shivaye says stop it, you always defend Anika and she does something new. Om and Dadi come. Om asks what happened. Shivaye says she has sworn to do the thing for which I stop her. Anika says I did not do anything intentionally. Shivaye asks her to answer, did you get Dev inside house, yes or no, I want to hear you, answer me. Anika looks at Priyanka. He says Priyanka won’t call Dev, as she knows if she does so, there will be none worse than me, Anika answer me. Anika says I have got Dev here, he just wanted to talk to Priyanka. Shivaye says leave about talking, he has no status to see my sister, who is he, a big family man’s mistake, a illegitimate child…… he is a blo*dy cheat, he is a liar. Dadi and Om look on. Anika says but why are you annoyed with him so much…. S

hivaye says because…. There is no use to explain you, as you can never understand what is a rich family, their standards, you will never get it. Dadi says Billu, listen to her once. He says not today Dadi, you all always defended her, when this family gave her so much respect, she has to understand to respect this family’s rules, if we took the decision as a family, by what right did she let Dev meet Priyanka. Om says Shivaye, Dev is gone, there is no use to argue now, just leave it. Shivaye says no Om, she has to understand that everyone’s blood color is same, but it does not make blood’s value same, a difference was, is and will always be there between a rich family guy and a roadside man, a line was, is and will always be there before a rich families and poor orphans. Anika cries.

Shivaye says but Anika won’t understand this, as she is standing at the other side of this line. He says I will not let anyone cross this line, not even Anika, I called you family, it does not mean you are really part of my family, its our goodness that we have given respect to a girl like you, we gave you permission to come and meet us, it does not mean you will become one of us if you stay with us, you are not us, and you proved today, your class, status and thinking have much difference, you crossed all limits today, I can bear misbehaviour with myself, but if anyone plays with my sister’s life and family respect, I will not bear it, I fire you from this job right away, you are fired…… Everyone get shocked. Anika says I will advice you without your asking, look down and walk, you will find your fallen thinking somewhere, I knew you are from rich family, but I did not know your mentality is so fallen, I got to know it today, I called you stone singh Oberoi, I was wrong, you are not stone, even stone can melt once, but you can never melt, what respect are you talking about, respect is given to one who knows to give respect to others…… She cries and goes to him. She says today, after seeing this side of yours, what will you fire me from job, I will myself quit this job….. She turns to leave. She walks out.

Bua asks Anika what will we eat if you leave job, you go and beg them to get job back, listen to me. Anika gets up to leave and Om comes her home.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Tarini

    Nice episode.. now shivay will miss anika and realise his luv for her.. but why om at a nikas place may be priynka told him every thing and he came to opologice.. can’t wait

    • SenuThilini


      |Registered Member

      Shivay’s angry avatar 😠😬😈. I missed omru moments today. I think all episodes had atleast one omru moment. But rudra was so cute. Shivay will realise his mistake very soon if one of his family is not coming from blood line….

  2. Diya

    Boo hoo hoo😭😭😭😢😢😔🤕🤕🤒🤒😖waiting for Shivaay to know that Anika did not let Dev in…sob sob 😢

  3. Goms


    |Registered Member

    No words to say… Feeling bad..
    Shivaay so rude, ill mannered..
    In today’s epi I hate prinku.. Anika always supported prinku but today prinku can’t defend anika from shivaay.. When she (prinku) have the guts to make dev enter oberoi mansion.. Then she should have the guts to tell shivaay that she made dev enter oberoi mansion. can you be so rude to someone without knowing the truth..!

  4. Naika


    |Registered Member

    Tday shivaye has crossed all limits, at least he shouldn’t said this much to anika really feel sorry for her.. Chehta Happy birthday to you may God bless you always!!!❤😊👏

  5. Diya

    Now done crying. Now anger mode on. 👿 Shivaay ke andar Raavan’s pride is sitting. Time for Anika (devi Durga) to kill that pride.Can Dadi please slap him hard for his behavior. When kids misbehave terribly, parents got to do sthg. I didn’t realize from yesterday’s precap that Anika was not the one who let Dev in. And BTW that red one shoulder dress, beautiful. Was it on purpose to give her the Color of Goddess Durga.

  6. akann

    Shivay was on fire today. Nakul’s acting was just exceptional as an angry man. I am glad Anika said something before she left.



    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode was nothing less than making everyone sad.. i mean how can shivaye neglect his sister leave rest of world.. one side he say he is always there for her and on other side he decide his choice.
    Today’s dialogue literally made my eyes filled with water😢😢😢😢😢..
    But after seeing today’s such heavy dialogue by shivaye I have a doubt that may be shivaye may be turn out illegal child of pinky or shakti… becoz today’s dialogue about a line b/w poor and rich and his justification all the tym about family name make me think and doubtful about this… rest we need to wait…
    But for today’s episode I hate shivaye thinking…😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  8. Luna

    Plz someone throw water on the face of SSO. He keeps on chanting about khoon khandaan but he forgots that his own family is’nt Khandani. He has problem with Dev being illegitimate but what about Tej’s extra marital affair with Shwetlana????? It is not something what classy people do. What about Omkara’s past as a drug addict???? What about Rudra being a casanova and breaking hearts of so many girls everyday???? There is even a criminal named Roop in Oberoi family who has even been to prison. Who will like to have a relation with such a family???? Or does SSO thinks that these rules are not for Oberois as they are nothing less than Gods!!!!!!! Right??????? If everyone starts thinking like SSO then none of the Obros will ever get married. If blood, lineage and family background matters then character of the family members also matters equally.

  9. saira

    Anika talks so sensibly. She is sooo sweet. Priyanka is excess mein nervous that she can’t even speak out her point. Aise log real life me in kaise survive karate honge. God knows. Shivaye ki ego purity tarah tutne wali h. Spoilers pehle nahi aane chahiye episodes se interest chala jaata h. Om is so sensible. Even rudra is behaving sensibly nowadays. Anika should not join job anytime soon. Shivaye should realize his mistake and her value. Omkara at anika’s house. Wow!!! Hope he meets sahil too. Future episodes emotional hone wale h. Still wish that ishana wapis aa jaye vrushi of course. Hope so overall luv ishqbaaz

  10. Mukta

    A new year is approaching……. may it brings a lots of happiness, joy, laughter and success in your life!!!!!! May all your wishes get fulfilled in this upcoming year!!!!!!! Let’s light the candles, welcome this beautiful year and celebrate this special day of your life. Happy birthday.

    Baar baar dil ye gaye…
    Baar baar din ye aaye….
    Aap jiyo hazaro saal…….
    Yahi hai meri aarazoo…..
    Happy Birthday to you…..
    Happy Birthday to you……
    Happy Birthday to you…….
    Happy Happy Birthday to you!

    Wish you a very very very happy birthday Chetna di!!!!!!

  11. Mukta

    Hello friends…… Good Morning….. soory for not commenting from last 2 days… but my browser was not working well….. hope u all missed me….. I missed uh all very much…..
    I’m reading update coz if I read it the live dekhne ka mazaa kharab ho jayega…. so will watch it tmrw on hot star n comment here!!!!!!

      • Mukta

        Aww…. so sweet of uh….. thankew!!!!!!! Anyways howz ear now??? And ya I’ve read ur ff right now, it’s just fabulous….. awesome as always…. all the scenes were just perfectly picturized!!!!!!

      • Mukta

        Yar… ab rulaoge kya!!!!! I too missed u all very much but kya karu the page was not opening…… I never thought that I’ll get such cute lil sisters n end didis here….. all thanks to Ishqbaaz….. Love uh Naika and love uh all…….. BTW how are u Naika???

  12. Luna

    SSO seems like a very confused man, first he said that he does’nt believes in bookish things and then he himself is saying one. Why the hell is he even comparing horses with humans??? Is’nt that something written in books too. So according to bagad billa surname shows a person’s character. So Tej being a so called ‘Oberoi’ showed a very great character while sleeping with his mistress Shwetlana???? Does this idiot even knows the meaning of character.


    Om need not any breifing from PRIYANKa , his sister to apolize to ANIKA, If one marked his anger fill expression during SHIYAY-ANIKA confrontation he will have been agreed that OM is totally against the SHIYAAYS thoughts for LINEAGE, BLOOD. OM vist to ANIKA is nothing but his reflectiopn of his thoughts for a human being. His visit to ANIKA is MIRROR of his thoughts whatever he expressed this way or that way so far in this serial.

    • Kalika

      OM is visiting Anika to tell her Shivaye is in love with her and to ask her to help them make Shivaye realise his love…. I hope Anika doesn’t agree….

  14. Sat


    |Registered Member

    This time annika did not interfere in their family matters, it is prinku’s and Dev’s mistake, annika took the blame to protect her friend.
    And this shivaay Na, he will never realise a true heart, value of a human, strength of a soul, his dialogs really irritated me today, how dare he talks like that. Shivaay you will learn a lesson, see now you will miss her to the core, you will beg your heart to stop chanting her name, you will die to control the moments flashing in your mind with her, this is your greatest mistake shivaay Singh oberoi.
    And annika, the poor soul, really has to always bear what is said by sso as well as his force. He really tortures her both physically as well as mentally, when will that billu understand. But our annika is a self respectful person, she never let go her name nor her name, annika, you will always win over shivaay, don’t worry,😂😂😂( but I am a fan of sso)
    And I think Om will know the truth and come to annika’s house to apologize her and take her back, they share a good friendship bond really.
    This is my review guys😀😀😀😀😀

  15. Diya

    I think Om will support Anika in these tough times and they will become close friends but just friends. Shivaay may mistake it for something else ( since he is master of misunderstanding) and may get jealous. That might lead to some intense Shivika scenes. I hope no love triangle is in the works where Om falls for Anika or something. I love Om and Anika chemistry but I don’t want that angle in the show. More like affectionate best friends .

  16. diya

    Anika should not join the job in svys place… she should searching another job,if svy’s marriage is happen then afte that day anika has to find another job…. don’t know what happen in show but in real life no one should join again that job if someone insulting this way..

  17. Luna

    Class has nothing to do with money or status as some spoilt brats like Shivaye think. The real meaning of a classy person is someone who is sophisticated, stylish and elegant. Someone who is calm and composed and punctual, who is an intellectual and who has knowledge about various fields, who talks with an attitude and by attitude I don’t mean arrogance. Attitude means way of thinking. Also who has a great dressing sense. Shivaye is in no way classy bcoz he’s ill mannered and has anger issues. Doing manhandling shit does’nt makes u classy.

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Well yh luna..anika told sumthn lyk dat!!did u c the WAY hd spk???these type of girls!!u r not us!!and all rude words😠😠😠😠😠😠

  18. Luna

    Priyanku is such a useless girl. Anika is taking all the blame on herself to save her and she is’nt even taking a stand for Anika. She could have said that she brought Dev to Oberoi mansion. If she was afraid of Shivaye then she could have even told Om or Dadi the whole matter as they were also standing there, but no, she was standing like a mannequin. Priyanku has always used Anika for her friendship. She can’t even handle problems of her own life, seriously there is no place for such weak people in real world.

    • SenuThilini


      |Registered Member

      Agree with u luna. Priyanka is so week and she just crying after all happens. Atleast when anika leaving the house she had to tell this. This kind of immatured girls cant handle the difficult situations. Even rudy shows his maturity sometimes 😜. But priyanka always behave very childish way. And she met dev only onetime. Within oneday everything fixed.she just like dev’s look. She doesnt know about him. I agree the way shivay speak is bad. Bt dev’s family also not correct. Why priyanka act like she had a crush with this guy since years?

  19. Sat


    |Registered Member

    A very happy birthday to chetna di may di’s year during you all happiness and great surprises, 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🎆🎇✨🎈🎉🎊🎊🎉🎈✨🎇🎆🎀🎁🎀🎁

  20. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    So now shivika track si gonna side line huh …!? ..any news about Om’s track now !? Gul khan said she is gonna focus on Om and roumya now na ..if anyone get news about Omkara or Vrushika being back ( still hoping ) ..pls tell me ha ?

    • Mukta

      I’m not sure Shaza but I’ve read somewhere that Gul Khan has confirmed that Ishaana’s character is over!!!!!! May be there comes another girl for Om!!!!!!!!!!

    • Enasanjida

      Shaza dear — 2um vi Gul kabh sai bol rahi hain Omkara love story focus kar rahi hain.. Ishaana k track khatam hona sai pehla yeh silsila chalu hui hain.. & Ishqbaaz show ka ashli hero Shivay means Shivika ..Fan k liya Omkara. & yes, Gul say Ishaana character the end but why ? yeh ans nahi dai tah.. Omkara k laikar new girl Vrushy aiyaa.. Guyz joh spoiler news sunha hain woh share karti hoon .. 1. Omkara k past dikha sakhta hain 2. Gaytri murder hoga -only shivay hand & new ACP come. & also if gaytri murdered toh badla laiga kaun ??(itz my biggest ques) I think & guess what Gautri k daughtr may be. Ma be Omkara k love story begin .. I hate revengeful love story.. I want con girl love story start not revengeful love story. ( itz my opinion ) what do u think ??

  21. indera sanichara

    Anika don’t come back to work in that house no matter how much anyone begs you, find a new job where Shivaay see you working in a rich and powerful family more than him. Come on writers please do this and make Shivaay eat his heart out to know what he loss.

  22. Sweetu

    M glad that the end atleast anika gave back to shivay.. an walked out with her head held high..
    Shivay does nt deserve anika.. it will b nice to see om an anika together. They look perfect together

    • Mukta

      Although I’ve not read the update n watched the episode till now…. but you na Last word bhale hi Shivaay ka ho but full stop toh Annika ka hi hota hai na!!!!!!!

  23. Tarika

    Don’t know why inspite of repeated explanation some of you keep asking the same questions pertaining The Ishana Track.
    “Is Ishana ( Vrushika Mehta)gonna come back ? When will Ishana come back ?
    The answer is NO, Ishana track is over.

    *”Gul Khan herself has tweeted and answered your questions.

    Q- Did you end Ishana or the actress left?
    GK- Ended the character

    Q-Will any other girl be there for Om or Riddhima will be with him?
    GK- Wait, wait everything will start one by one.

    Q-Can you pls reveal the new girl who will be opposite kunal?
    GK- Not Finalised Yet”

    we have Om’s initial track without a girl.. Just him and his past and his secrets.. Girl will enter a bit later….”
    These are her latest tweets.

    In short there will be a whole new love track for Omkara. There will be a new girl who will enter Omkaras life and we will get to see him fall in Iove. In short Om will get to do his Ishqbaazi.
    We as fans should not loose hope. We should trust the makers and whole team of Ishqbaaz who gave us such a lovely series with such beautiful characters that they will bring a new girl for Omkara.
    So what if one track did not work it’s time to move on.

    • Enasanjida

      no i don’t think so move on.. i want Ishkara love story begin. & also Gul kya kar raha hain — do u think – Ishkara k love story nahi dikhaii kuch vi nahi dikhaii – few scene kaisa logh decission main aati hain track the end. & why the end ? thats my biggest question– agaar story thik nahi thaa ( confirmed nahi tha ) toh serial main dikhaii kiyu.. I want Ishkaraa.. Or new girl itz only Vrushy. I m not biggest fan Vrushy But I lyk Vrunal chemistry ..

  24. AP

    Friends… I love this serial a lot… I have searched and got this news that… Ishqbaaaz is soon coming up with shocking twist as Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) will get badly trapped as accused in Gayatri’s murder case.
    Shivaay feels pang of pain with Anika’s decision and once again he will start getting Gayatri’s calls. Irked with his Shivaay will go to meet Gayatri to find out her motive, however, Shivaay will be shocked to see Gayatri dead. Unfortunately, the blame of Gayatri’s murder will come on Shivaay. Actor Ayush Anand will be seen as ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa and he will handle Gayatri’s murder case. Ranveer Randhawa will be seen as angry young man and least bothered about Shivaay’s social status. Apparently, Ranveer will also be seen paired with Priyanka as the story progresses. Will Anika come to Shivaay’s help? Will Shivaay get proved as innocent?
    Let’s wait and watch… If you like to hear from me… comments are appreciated… Thanks

  25. shraddha

    guys! i agree shivaay is toooo rude to anika refering to blood,lineage,surname,family and all.they r unnecessary.but the primary reason of letting his sister to meet a person with whom he doesnt permit is not a correct anika did not make them meet ,so anika is not at fault but she accepted the allegation of making them meet so obviously he gets angry.his anger is justified to some extent
    if i’min his place i would have shouted like him but i would’ve not insulted the person.he is so ill mannered

  26. shraddha

    omkara keliye ek bhi ladki tik thi nahi,pehle twinkle patel ko liya,she even came to SPA 16 for the show launch but was replaced by vrushika,now she is also not there and as we know riddhim is temperory.iss chocolate boy keliye perfect doond ke laayiye pleeeeaaaaseeee!

    • trisha

      I think nikita sharma (Do dil ek jaan) feet for ishana role I feel so whats ur opponent about ur whom u think who can do ishana role I don’t think vrusika come back in ishqbaaz

  27. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Finally we got some real tension 🙂

    For me for now it was always looking too “candy”: Anika never leave, everyone listen to her, chemistry between them…

    That is not how it works in real life. I’m totally agree, she is strong, self-respecting, deserves a real love and appreciation… Deal! Let’s find her another hero! Shivay once told she is the part of the family and couple times mentioned she is smart, and we all melting… Why? I mean she stands up to the end to take care about Oberoi family, finds some proves of innocence, save lives and he just takes it for granted. He did nothing to care about her or Sahil, save her life, show support or friendship…

    I believe we all were thinking about putting Anika (originally) as a part of a rich, respectful family (minister, perhaps or police general), but don’t you think it would be better if she turns to be a daughter of criminal? I mean Shivay never ever had real problem to deal with, no fights to do for his love, just sometimes for his family. Really he deserves kind of ‘ emotional rebirth’ to start to care about people and if Anika is from respectful family it’s OK for him, but real struggle could just happen if she is not.

    I wish Om became a good friend to her and had come to support her with his friendship, money or anything she needs. They can do a nice duet for some adventures, and, I hope, it will cheer up SSO and his feelings.

    Really, Shivay mast have his part of problems

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Ok ok..i agree..u r ryt…bt no nthng lyk new hero!!nd maybe not a criminals daughter…she should remain a noone!!!thn we will c wat makes shivaay fall 4 her!!!he just caaant use her!!the words he used today 2 make her feel an outsider was cheeeeaaap!!!nd d way he threw d 4n was shockng!diz guy disgusted me!!

  28. DaSha

    is it too much to think Anika could have a twin sister (criminal for sure) and Om fall in love with her?

  29. Mishri


    |Registered Member

    GUYZ!m cumn India!!well not actually!!!i feel lyk slapping shivaay!!!!(not nakul!)how dare he!!!anika was sooo hurt!!HOW DARE HE!!didnt i guess dat anika wuldnt hav done anythng???diz guy is rude!!!just rude!!!
    I undrstand d respect thingy and all but he has no rights to hurt pplz feelings not anikas!!!!yyy did om cum home???m aa bit afrqid..ppl moght start dreamn abt omika!! i doont waant it 2 happen!!

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Rudra is sooo cute with sumo…😂😂nd hes gng 2 be shattered wen he learns th truth😢😢😢😢..shivvay just 4gt all wat she did..JUST 4 HIM!!!he hurt evry1!!bt sum points were ok..lyk she cant interfere in all diz..sum of us thought d same ryt???bt the way he put it was WROOONG ND DISSSGUSTING!!!!

  30. Rosu 25

    For the first time I hate this shivay Sing oberoi… rude is he??? The way he throwed mobile phone towards her…. I was just scared of his behaviour….. Once I thought he had slapped her when he hitted to the wall…….is this the way to talking to a girl??????…..he definitely need a treatment to control his anger…… This time anika didn’t do any mistakes….but she agreed that she did it ….so shivay has the right to scold at her….but he insulted her….try to harm her by throwing phone and pushing her to the wall……..he has crossed all the limits…..I really felt bad for anika……It’s good that she quit the job…..bcoz only distance can make them closer….

  31. Rosu 25

    Wish you a very happy birthday dear chetna……🎁🎂🎇🎉 I hope this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings…

  32. Vismaya

    After seeing yesterdays episode I just wanted to throw pani on Shivaay. Every time chanting blood lineage khoon khandan surname, shame on you Shivaay, well, if you remember it was this middle class girl who saved Tej and Shakti because of which your business is still on the running. And Prinku can’t she just speak out the truth.Om should be meeting Anika after knowing truth from Prinku. And guy’s like most of you I also don’t want Anika to work with Oberois. Shivaay should understand Anikas importance on his life.

  33. Samyukta

    Shivaye is super rude as anika is one who saved priyanka how can shivaye talk like this to anika aur precap mai bua anika ko na vapis jaane ko kha rahi hain pagal bua.reyaan scene was seriously funny hum mile toh phone chori ho gaya so funny and I am just waiting for today’s episode

  34. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Very happY b’dy … ChEtNA..
    Brings U All That,Ur Heart Desirez
    Here’z Wishing U A Day
    Full Of Pleasant Surprisez
    HAPPY B’dy.. dear.. Keep smiling.. 😀 🙂

  35. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    gD Mrngzzz… all IshqieZzzzzzzzz….
    Hav A roCkinG dAY ..
    Mere liYe It was a ROCKING episode… 😛
    Shivay Crossed all LImitz.. It’z a simple,that Dev wants to meet Pinku.. It’z not a Big deal.. then shivay made that as a big Thing.. !!@#$@%.. Shivay is soo realistic..
    i totally agree wit Om nd Anika… if a person is good in character ..then it’z not a matter ,he belongs to high class family or not ..!
    Anika is a girl wit self respect..SO ,it’z a good decision made by Anika.. AnIKA roCkZZz.. 😀
    i’M eagerly waiting 4 the precap..wowwwwwww.. Om nd Anika’z convo.. both looking cool in BLACK.. 😛

  36. Mukti


    |Registered Member

    U know what guys even if shivay is very egoistic n everything but we see such ppl more in real life n om like idealistic ppl are just counted on fingers..
    Gul khan is realy reflecting the attitude of this so called rich and educated ppl to society… lile shivay thinks he is the best n proud of his name but he is most illiterate person in his thinking

  37. trisha

    one day he(Shivaya)feel guilty for his word whatever he said about anika even I feel so bad she has done many thing for his fmly she prove tej nd shakti inocent ,she save rudra ,she save sso by indirectly but she him also when sso say about blood relation fmly background upper nd lower class people I feel he is not frm this fmly nd anika fmly relation with higer class people then oberio……
    I have read frm spolier that shiavaya will areast for gyatri muder case nd inspecter rathod entry as new character nd opposite of priankya nd he hate sso bcoz of he always talk about higer class

  38. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Happy bday chetna di… May u have a great year ahead…. I hope u get all happiness in ur life.. Stay blessed..luv u di..

  39. Mayank Agrawal

    Abh agar shivay anika ko ghar bhi lene jaye to anika ko nhi aana chiye job pe phir matlabh he kya hua itni baato ka jabh vapis se job pe he aana hai to…but i think aisa hoga nhi anika abh khud he nhi jayegi oberoi mansion mei chahe koi kitna he force kyu na kare…

  40. shan

    Vrushi will be there… as of now the story doesn’t need her but b4 leaving she told om that one day u ll definitely remember me when u realize people have to put mask on them to survive … so when he do that he ll remember her .. from there their journey ll start .. I hope so … I started watching this just for vrushi…I don’t want her to leave this show…

  41. Tas

    I think story me thoda twist hona chahiye. I thought shiway ko apne ander ki feelings jo anika k liye he use baher laane k liye story me twist hona zaruri he at this point kisi or character ko like anika ka childhood freind ho. Or anika or us character ko sath me dekh kar definitely shiway ko apni feeling ka pata chalega k he loves poor anika.

  42. Ketan

    Somwhere i compare myself wid shivaaye…
    My anger is just like him..but i m not like him as stone…
    Poor Anika..give him a tight slap to improve his ill mentality…
    Anyways its a serial…i luv both of them..

  43. shahabana

    Wish u very very haappyyy birthday chethana dr stay blessed and happy always and enjoy ur day baby….

  44. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Good Morning
    Have a awesome day
    Happy Birthday chetna
    Episode was heart breaking
    Shivaye so rude with anika
    Really stone singh oberoy
    Roumya scenes nice

  45. |Registered Member

    after watching yesterday episode I wish I could slap sso.why he is bothered about blood,family lineage etc in modern era.what if his own brother is illegitimate ,would he reacted same??prinku should defend anika because she took blame on herself.poor anika has to bear so much insult without any fault .those words have pricked her heart like an arrow.idiot bagad billa.

  46. Mukta

    Episode was very emotional….. I hate Shivaay for what he did today….. I mean seriously yar how can any1 be so rude and insensitive…… he shouldn’t do this to Annika…… and Priyanka….. I hate her…. can’t she speak the truth….. y she remains silent whenever she needs to speak…… sorry yar but Prinku u should have stopped Shivaay n tell him the truth….. but anyways it’ll be good also as Shivaay will realise Annika’s importance in his life!!!!!!!!!

  47. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Why om in the precap???? There should have been dadi or shivay. I hope the spoiler ( anika will marry om) isn’t true. OMG it is scaring me.
    Happy birthday chetna. Live a long life. Always stay happy

    • Sat


      |Registered Member

      Hey tridha dear, do you think that rude,adamant and the man who only bothers about surname, status, bloodline and lineage will come to her house for asking what Rea had happened or an apology.😠😠😠
      Om is a good friend of annika , thats why I think he wants to know the truth, moreover he can never be paired up with annika, that is all fake, she becomes his bhabi, a mother and a sister sort of relationship. 😀😀😀
      Don’t be worried dear?
      And how are you dear?😎😎😎

  48. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Why om in the precap???? There should have been dadi or shivay. I hope the spoiler ( anika will marry om) isn’t true. OMG it is scaring me.
    Happy birthday chetna di. Live a long life. Always stay happy

  49. Sunanda

    Happy brd chetna. All happiness in u r life
    Finally anika is out of obreoid mansion.
    Anika is soft heartful person that for the sack of priyanka she blamed herself that she bring dev 2 house

  50. Liya


    |Registered Member

    Hai guys! Hope you all remember me😅😅 ! Chetna dear happy birthday😍😍 May god bless you😄. After seeing yesturdays precap I thought anika arranged pridevs meeting but she is innocent!!Billu as always climax dekhar anika par ghoosa kiya😈😈😈 How can he talk about class unless he know to behave well with women! Ommi ka ishanna kab vapas ayeghii😂😂

  51. Asritha

    Many more happy returns of the day long life.anika is very kind hearted girl. Anika had resigned from her job. Why that sso can’t understand anika. Why is he shouting like that on anika. Priyanka nd Dev love each other but why sso can’t understand their love . In fact every brother does like that.

    Thanks amena for the update

  52. Samyukta

    Happy birthday chetna have a wonderful and cheerful life dear😘😘👑👑🎆🎆🎆🎆🎂🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎀🎀🎀🎀🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎐🎐🎐🎐

  53. shahabana

    Ohhh no watching yesterday’s episode i just felt what kind of man this sso really unbearable charecter. I always liked shivayes charecter bcz he loves his family verymuch and he can do anything for them thts why i connected very much with sso charecter but what yesterday he did it was just disgusting and daadi should slapped him i think no one slpped him when he was child thts why he behaves like a spoiled and seriously he talks about family upbringing then also he behaves such rudely with grls and orphan peaple this shows his charecter and i just want he should beg for anikas love then also she should reject him that will be a big slap on his face truely sso doesn’t deserves anika at all

  54. Veda

    nt necesrly a hero is da flaw ls one,one who can ovrcm his flaws is also a hero….our SSO blngs to da secnd grp…one day he l defntly fl his flaws…
    nd donno y a posblty of OMIKA startd hautng me frm past fw days… (nooooooooooooo… 🙁 🙁 :(…. fingr crs)


  55. shahabana

    And about rumya part i loved rudyyy called saumya has his best frnd thas really cute and rehaan he is another stupid charecter and im just thinking what will be rudyys reaction when he will knw about saumyas love angel truth

  56. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Ishqies….How are you all ? Actually leg pain is irritating me and guys tomorrow i have decided to do work from home since dr said me to take rest. And ishqies i couldn’t stop myself from
    commenting here as just now I watched the episode on hotstar. SSO…..I don’t understand his
    so called talk about status, class and all. @ What point he fired Anika so rudely??? And priyanka…sorry to say she should have speak….i mean when she want to meet dev she just helped him to enter house without asking anybody @ least Anika….who is her wellwisher…
    And prinku….you should at least have asked omkara…or rudra….as may be they can understand ur feelings and should have tried 2 convince SSO…..since you know already your brother will not tolerate this……And SSO’S atitude reminded me that open challenge episode…..The way Anika replied him @ that day ” Meri zindagi ne mujhe aaj tak hara nahi paayi toh aap kya mujhe harayenge mr.sso?” as in yesterday’s episode also she replied a
    strong answer 2 him”aap kya mujhe naukri se nikalenge? mein khud yeh naukri chodke jaa rahi hoon”…I salue you anika for that answer.

    Ishqies…..these much dramas happened in all of a sudden and when dadi asked sso to hear anika’s pov….sso just waved his hand… the way…it was dadi , the person whom appointed anika …and when sso first blamed her for that chip leaking matter dadi conviced anika and agreed all the conditions of anika and she joined again 4 work…But sso didn’t care these things….He just burst out Anika and the statement which he said about blood….ridiculous…….
    And about orphans….as once anika said sso’s surname, status are like lottery only…….
    And the one who always wins the race will speak and will raise head……
    But when lottery is lost he will regret ….

    I can understand sso’s concern about prinku ….but he should not behave in a narrow minded way also……

    • Tridha


      |Registered Member

      Hope u will get well soon renima di.
      Yeh u r right concern for prinku is okay but he behaved in as a narrow minded person

    • shahabana

      Hellooo renima dr take rest and get well soon and u explained every point of yesterday episode very good and definitely one day sso will regret for his attitude ego and his bitter words that day his so called blood money etc will cnt help him im waiting eagerly to that day. he will beg for anikas love

  57. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    My pyaari Ishqie, Chetna… are you ?
    Many more happy returns of the day…..
    Dear….ishqie…..for you….
    A night when full moon is @ sky
    A day when you get full of rain
    A day which will make you to feel ‘am lucky’
    A day which you can’t miss @ any cost

    Celebrate the moment….Rock it!!

    • Chetna

      Thank you so much renima di for wish me and also forgot beautiful lines and two lines are already complete today I feel like am luckiest girl and luna can’t miss this day at any cost so thanks allows of u.
      You all made my day

  58. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hai ishqies…Mukta,mukti,shaza,nadiya,aqua,disha,priya,kiki,nikki,nithu,shahabana,luna,liya
    samyuktha,ishika,shivika,niharika,arya,fatarajo,veda,vismaya,pawan,Kushagra… r u all ?







  59. saku

    A very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY chetna di🎉🎊🎁🎁🎁🎂🎂🎂🎂…stay blessed….enjoy the day & hv a blast🎉🎊…..

  60. nithu

    I hate shivaye for what he said today… I wish for a twist that shivaye is not a son of oberai’s family and Anika is from some big family higher than oberai’s..

  61. nithu

    Reasons Reyaan told to Soumya was ridiculous… I agree to Rudra seriously is he the choice of Soumya..
    And I liked what rudra said once I regard someone as friend, its done, there is no stage…

  62. chithra shetty

    Happy brdy chetna…have a day fulled vid warmth of joy& lead a better life in future dea..I wish you the best dea

  63. Nivedha

    Happy birthday Chetna
    Missed you all a lot
    How are u all ishqbaaazians????
    I recharged net pack today only..
    Renima di Shivani piyali mukta tridha priya abiha Enasanjida di shama akka roz Shahabana sat shaza disha and all ishqbaaazians..

  64. |Registered Member

    Uff,,,,Anika ,,,,what was the need to say Yes,,,,,and Shivaaye is unbelievable,,when will he change,,,,I thought he changed,bt na….Hope Anika won’t go back to Oberoi mansion for work again,,.,,,


    one should think, why attention of enimy(gayatry) only on SHIVAAY? It is clear cut that, if anything wrong done to gayatry or to anyone else is the bad deed of either TAJ or SHAKTI, then why focus only on SHIVAAY? I think Gayatry is only a front, and if it is true then who may be that person standing behind the GAYATRY?

    Answer of this question may lead to many facts and truths!

  66. |Registered Member

    What kinda guy is this Reyaan,,,,,LOL seriously,,agree with Rudy,,,sirf dhekhne mein cute he

  67. |Registered Member

    Can’t blame Prinku,,,coz she z lyk that,,,,She tried to tell him,bt instead of listening to her he shouted back and she got afraid,,,,,we all know that she is nt a brave girl,,,It’s all Shivaaye’s fault,….Hope Prinku will say the truth to anyone else in the family,,,,why did Anika take the blame over her,,,,and coming to the precap,,I never know that Anika is paid employee of Oberois,,coz Shivaaye’s mrg is nt fixed

  68. Janvi

    OMG !! Shivaay what have u done?? I hope u realise how important anika is in your life and u feel regretful for what u have said . I think Anika is the daughter of a very rich family.

  69. Juhi

    OMG what a emotional episode..Shivaye was rude but I think HE personally felt betrayed by Anika when he asked her to answer Yes or No and when Anika said Yes he lost it cos he felt she betrayed him but yaar thats no excuse for other crap like road side people, orphan, blood …etc that he talks about. I wish Anika turns out to be from a super rich and higher family status then Oberoi but I want Shivika to build a strong love and trust bond that will never break from that day matter what comes in their way, once they admit their love..then marriage nothing can come btw them..I hope Anika is like a most sought after defence attorney and fights for shivaye to get him free…her family are all law background n her dad a magistrate…OH HOW I WISH..
    As for OM and Anika, thay make a sweet bhabhi dewar RL, plz dont spoil that.
    BTW…what happened to TIa, if Gayatri is killed, how will Tia be shown as her daughter?
    A bit confusing..what about ROOP…when will Oberoi family realize that Roop is the traitor..remember in begining it was shown Anika seeing the burnt hand of a lady going from Oberoi mansion n her hand was burnt..wasnt that Roop?
    Plz someone clarify if u can.
    Love Roumya…cant wait for Romis secret to be revealed.
    Sad for Shivika but I know their love is too strong to keep away from each other…PLz dont separate them for long:(

  70. shahabana

    Luna dr u told in previous page that prinku is very week character and she doesn’t deserves to be in this world. I agree prinku is week and she is not enough strong to take a stand for herself but we cnt say she doesn’t deserves to be in this world thats tooo rudeyar because in this world there are so many type charecters peaple are living and everyone cnt be same and everyone cnt be strong enough and look at ur 5 fingers sweety they are different with each one like peaple also different with each other. I just told what i felt bcz im like this if u are hurted with my words really sorryyy

    • Luna

      No need to say sorry dear, I did’nt got hurt by ur words. I just wanted to say that people should’nt be so weak and should atleast know to take their stand otherwise this mean world will always use them and it will be very difficult for them to live.

    • Luna

      No need to say sorry dear, I did’nt got hurt by ur words. I just wanted to say that people should’nt be so weak and should atleast know to take their stand otherwise this mean world will always use them and it will be very difficult for them to live. Maybe the words I choose was wrong,sorry for that.

      • shahabana

        K luna i understood ur point of view u are right the words u used thats wrong its a missunderstanding no need to say sorry

  71. shahabana

    And guyz when some days before there is a talk about equality btwn men and women that time i told this equality only in books not in reality but most of all told no there is a equality in our society now i think u all got the answer in yesterday episode bcz priyanka doesn’t allowed to talk with dev bcz her brother is not allowing her this is partiality is sso omkara rudra doesn’t need to ask permission for anything but prinku needs permission to talk with someone now i think u all got ur answer

  72. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    @ Chetna….just ignore those comments….as tu will handle it
    @ Devga….i wrote in rush….really sorry ishqie….and don’t be so rude 2 say that i forgot u…..
    @ Shahabana …….prinku is not getting permission…..well the point u noted makes sense…..
    usually it happens when a girl is younger than her brother ….they will try 2 show more care….
    but their care may some time can be a barrier to expression of freedom…..
    Thats why i said prinku should have at least try to say anika before helping dev 2 enter……

  73. Vasi

    Hi frds….I was a silent reader till now….bt now I want to share my thoughts….most of u guys want anika to be frm rich family bg…if it is happen shivaay ll definitely accept her…bt shivaay ve to overcome his mentality lyk bloodline,surname,family for Anika….he ve to accept Anika the way she is….nd one more thing I don’t want any obros illegitimate …..bcoz shivaay should known frm Anika itself tat family,surname is not great than persons heart and doings nd love… I hope u guys don’t mind me if I was wrong

  74. |Registered Member

    good evening mukta,disha,aliya,misri,renima di,shaza,shahbana,chetna,dhruv,mukti,richu,abiha,fatarjo,piyali,nikki,sunheri,roz,rosu,dhruv bhai,manik,samyukta,aishwarya,yazhu,priya,tharu,zuha,rufina,nithu,nazneen,sat,haya,pradishma,tridha,nivedita,sri,juhi,jhanvi,shama,luna,and all new member I hope everyone are good .have a nice day keep smiling .I am busy so I would comment as I would get time

  75. Luna

    @Chetna, Happy birthday to u ishqie!!!!!!!!!!! Birthdays are actually just normal days but it’s us who make it special by celebrating it. God bless u and ur whole family and u get a happy and prosperous life ahead!!!!!!! Sorry for wishing late as I was busy.

  76. Mayank Agrawal

    todays episode update – om and dadi try to understand shivay that anika is good , but shivay refuses their advice amid anika decides to not go oberoi mension anymore and decides to find out new job, meanwhile om goes to anika house and thanks to her contributions for everything she does for oberois and left. dadi says that i will go to anikas house and then she returns but tej comes and said that no body goes no where shivay decision is right and tej supports shivay and said that it is done no body argues now in this matter…all are quit. suddenly shivay gets the phonecall and shivay lefts from the house by saying that today i will complete gayatri’s case and then left and om hears this..shivay goes by car at some lonely place where gayatri is already killed but shivay doesnot see her and then shivay is searching for gayatri ..episode ends
    precap- shivay enters the oberoi mansion where om rudra dadi discussing about anika then shivay says that there are many other important things to discuss rather anika..suddenly an new entry comes and said yes mr shivay singh oberoi —-(-ACP rathodd i think _)———-

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