Ishqbaaz 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daksh asks Shivaye will you talk to Anika or shall I jump. , look she is going, go and talk to her, I will count till three. Shivaye says I know her, she will not agree, don’t be stupid. Daksh counts to 3. Shivaye says okay, and shouts to Anika. He asks will you marry….. Daksh….. She gets shocked.

Sometime before, Daksh says I can’t believe it, its really happening, magic is happening, Anika did magic on me, since I saw her, I m just seeing her. He walks back towards the pool. He says there is something, she entered my heart, I mean she is beauty with brains, perfect combination, her eyes, attitude, I m going crazy. Shivaye says be careful and holds him, saying you could have fallen, relax. Daksh says if I have fallen in love, why to be afraid to fall in pool. He gets away and

falls back in the pool waters. Shivaye looks at him.

Daksh says I m in love with Anika, I love Anika. He shouts I m in love with you Anika. Shivaye gets shocked. Daksh smiles and swims. Rudra talks to Chubby and asks what, Rumi did not come college even today, it means she is making plan against me, but I will not let her succeed. He ends call seeing Soumya. She says I think someone is missing Devi ji. He says I think someone is jealous. She laughs off. He asks where are you going. She says to meet Reyaan. He says Reyaan got glued to her. He says Diwali is coming and its celebrated with family. She says if family is in same city then… He asks am I standing in Uganda, I m in same city. She says you and your stupid Pjs, I have to meet Reyaan. He says you can’t go without husband’s permission.

Shivaye thinks of Daksh’s words. He throws his phone and breaks. Daksh comes and says fire is ignited her and my friend is burning. He hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says you are drinking. Daksh says there should be some way to pass time, if not Jaan, not Jaam. Shivaye says you are drunk, we will talk later. Daksh says this is love effect, it will not get down, you know what, I m going to propose to Anika. Shivaye gets shocked.

Soumya asks are you mad Rudra, if anyone hears this, you will be caught and even I. Rudra says fine, I won’t say, you go. She says better and leaves. Shivaye says Anika will slap you, you don’t know her, I know her. Daksh says even then you did not fall in love with her. Shivaye asks him to listen to mind, will you go in this state, what impression will she get. Daksh says ya, your words are bitter, but logical. Shivaye says it means you wont propose her now, fine, good, sit here. Daksh says yes, I won’t propose her, you will propose Anika, as you are not drink. Shivaye says me, no…. Daksh hugs him and says you are my dear friend, will you not help me, tell her I really love her, she is so cute, i just want to marry her. Shivaye gets shocked.

Riddhima says I will see you tomorrow. Om hugs her and says I m gonna miss you. She says its matter of one night, I m going to come tomorrow to stay with you, I m s excited to move in on Diwali day. Om says I m very happy, thanks. Shivaye asks Daksh not to blackmail him, this is not fair. Daksh stands on the railing and asks will you talk to Anika, or shall I jump. Shivaye says you are drunk, we will talk tomorrow, relax. Daksh says then I will jump, look she is going, go and talk to her, stop Anika else I will jump. Shivaye says no, hold yourself. Daksh says I swear I will count till 3, then I will jump and go up. Shivaye says relax, I know she won’t agree, come down. Daksh counts to 3. Shivaye shouts okay, Anika…. Anika stops. Shivaye goes to her. He pauses. He asks will you marry……She gets shocked…… Music plays……….. She looks at him. They have an eyelock. Daksh comes. Shivaye sees Daksh and says with Daksh…… Anika gets shocked. Shivaye says he likes you and he wants to marry you, will you marry ….. him…… ? She looks at Shivaye and leaves. Shivaye looks on.

Anika comes home. She recalls Shivaye’s words. She says Billu ji has got mad, what does he think of himself, who is he to get me married. She throws the gift and says I will not see his gift, not even his face. Shivaye says what did I think to do this, Daksh….. I shouldn’t have…. Anika drinks water and calms her anger. She says he is not focusing on his marriage, Tia has affair with D name guy and he does not see it, as he is after my marriage and matchmaking. She sees the diya and thinks oil ended. She goes to pour oi. Bua comes and shouts Anika. She throws the bottle. Anika sees the chemicals. Bua asks are you fine, if it got on you, what would have happened, its chemicals see. She says I came running and got ache. Anika says come, I will apply balm. Bua cries and says family is family.

Daksh comes and hugs Shivaye, saying you did a big thing for me. Shivaye asks him not to repeat that again, if you did not force me, I would have not told that to her, what would she think of me, how to face her, why did I do this. Daksh asks why are you worried, you proposed Anika on my behalf, I should be worried for her answer.

Shivaye asks you are waiting for her answer, are you mad, she went angrily, she did not say anything. Daksh says it does not mean no. Shivaye says it does not mean yes. Daks says yes, but world is on hope, it can happen that her mind changes. Shivaye says in your dreams. Daksh asks why do I feel you have problem with this relation, more than Anika.

Anika takes care of Bua. She asks how did chemical come. Bua says lane kids were playing, maybe its their mischief, I will go, we will meet at window. Anika says wait, you can stay here. Bua asks really, did you forgive me. Anika says I don’t know did I forgive or not, but you can stay. Bua thanks her. Anika asks her to do a favor. She says don’t force me to make you out of house. Bua says I will not do any mistake and remember the lesson. Bua thinks I knew Anika is innocent, but not that Anika is so foolish. Bua kept that chemical and thinks you made me leave the house, its my turn now, I will show you how it feels when there is no roof over head. He says I m joking, drink this. Shivaye says no, I will have water. Daksh says even this is water. Shivaye asks what, you were drinking water. Daksh says yes, I was just a drama to manipulate you. Shivaye says you are just impossible. Daksh says I know, but I m such, come on.

Its morning, Pinky says I m ready and excited seeing many Diwali gifts. She tells Dadi that she loved Diwali gifts in childhood, and her mum named her Gifty, I feel shy thinking of it now. Dadi says you know what I got for you today. Daksh comes. Rudra hugs him. Daksh wishes him happy Diwali. Rudra says you got the gift. Daksh says its from my side for someone special. Rudra says it means for me. Daksh says stupid, not for you, its secret. He gets a call and goes. Servant gets an courier and gives to Om. Rudra says its Diwali gift, take it. Om checks and finds papers. He gets shocked and looks at Tej. He recalls Riddhima’s words. Pinky asks Tej to have sweets, try one. Om shouts to Tej……. Everyone look on. Om says you have shown your nature today.

Om says I did not know you are with Tej. Riddhima says I did this for…. Om says I don’t want to know why you did this you broke my trust, our relation bunrt with these papers. She asks him to listen. He shouts get lost. Shivaye and Rudra hold Om.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Amy

      I am a silent reader and u all guys are amazing who comment in this section. I think daksh is one D that is with tia, just acting to live Anika. T and D are tia and daksh, they have plan against Anika to move out of the way of shivaye

  1. priya

    Finally,om-riddhma breakup is so happy,pls bring back ishana or anyother new girl in om life.Shivaya nd rudra r n ful jealousy mode wit daksh nd reyaan while seeing anika nd soumya.rudra typical husband…

  2. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    I don’t know but I m feeling like daksh is not Tia’s bf but instead he is actually friend who is making him realise his love for anika……hope so this is the reason….loving this jealousy track between shivika and rumya….want more of rumya scene…..

    • Shiv

      Yes yaar I also felt the same he is male version of Mallika do gooder!!! I guess I don’t wNt any negative image for daksh with that charming looks!!!nowadays enjoying rumya track more !!!

  3. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    This daksh is really a bad guy. How he was putting drama nd blackmailing shivay.
    bandari bua teri toh…. I think she will scare anika by doll. I m missing sahil badly.
    Ridhkara ka akhri romance. Yipeee…
    BTW om is very romantic. I wonder how much romantic he will be when he will get his real love…
    And om was looking soooooooo cute nd handsome.😍😘 And he looks hotter when he is angry and he looks most beautiful when he tells shayaries💕😗😙😻

  4. arshi


  5. Mona146


    |Registered Member

    this daksh is getting on my nerves. His performance is damn irritating. I got excited first that he may make shivay jeolous but his scenes are just horrible.

  6. Luna


    |Registered Member

    This is ridiculous…this is simply ridiculous. Daksh knows Anika only for few hours and he has fallen in love with her like crazy???? it’s both idiotic and stupid to watch. What crap CVs are actually showing???? It looks like CVs are rushing the Shivika marriage track bcoz of low TRPs but it’s ridiculous to watch. No sense or logic was there in today’s episode. Shivaye and Daksh being childhood friends is hard to digest bcoz both of their personalities are poles apart.

    And Why Rudra is acting like an orthodox husband??? It was fun to watch at first but Rudy repeating it makes it look disgusting now. Why CVs are promoting orthodox on national TV???? It’s not good and giving a very wrong message. And Soumya being a feminist not saying anything is weird.

    • Diyaa


      |Registered Member

      agree Luna. I do not like shows promoting aggression, control, ultra-posessiveness and other physically or mentally harassing activities as a form of passion. It sends a very wrong message. As far as Daksh is concerned, I think the writers are trying to get ShivIka married by November end for TRP so they are creating a situation that will justify their wedding. But I agree , to propose marriage to a girl the day you met her!!!!!????Yikes, that is height of being ridiculous and/or psycho. Writers could have conjured some other storyline.

    • Rosu 25

      Agree wid u Luna…..cvs are rushing to shivika marriage without logic…..uff…..what a stupid episode….

  7. Chandini

    Excited want to see rudy dancing on breakup song…..I am super happy that riddhima is gone .I wish they don’t get her back….but seriously it’s high time to bring a sweet girl for om😀

  8. Luna


    |Registered Member

    I can’t believe that Om doesn’t knows to read or write proper English despite him being from a such a rich family. He was also living with Riddhima in London, then also he doesn’t knows good English. And he can’t even read some official documents. I wonder that is he even educationally qualified???? There are so many loopholes. CVs should give a proper backstory of Om since childhood to justify all this otherwise it’s looking nonsense.

    • Aruna

      Ohh!come on hr just asked ridhima to read those papers as he trusts her and he doesn’t want look at those can someone from rich family n who studied in London doesn’t know how to read. Logic man.n if he read those papers their breakup would not happen.

      • Luna


        |Registered Member

        No dear, before also Om wasn’t able to read those official documents and needed Riddhima’s help to read it out for him.



    |Registered Member

    His love is asking her to marry to his friend.. yeh to vo hi baat ho gyi- ki tu mere naseeb hai ki nhi, main tere naseeb me hun ki nhi..
    Anika shivaye or tia ki shadi ki event manager hai ya unki hr event ki manager??? Samjg nhi aata🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Sara din oberio mannsion me rehti hai or bichara sahil akela ghr pr rehta hai..😔😔😔😔😔
    Om ke liye bhut bura lag raha hai😢😢😢😢😢

  10. Luna


    |Registered Member

    What Riddhima did was wrong. She broked the trust of Om which is the most important thing in a relationship. But what Om did with Riddhima is also not justified. He was taking Riddhima for granted, he was in a relationship with her for 3 years and still he’s not ready for commitment. What Riddhima did was for the welfare of Om, she didn’t wanted to hurt him. She always wished good for Om. But Om has treated Riddhima like a doormat even if it’s unintentional.

    • shahabana

      Luna i respects ur thought but i really dnt think what ridhima did it was for oms betterment but what she did it for her own selfishness.
      When om hinself doesnt intrested in any buesiness then why they where forcing him why cnt they accept him as the way he is and om is successfull artist he build up his own carreir.everyone cnt become buesinessman doctor etc everyone has their own passion and likes and aims so we have to support in their decesion and om never interfered in ridhimas carreir so she have to suport him and when someone pressures us its really feels suffocating .
      And if ridhima wanted oms betterment she would discussed with him directly but she cheated him and broken his trust

    • shekhar

      In first confrontation with TEJ, OM cleared it out he SHIVAAY has more right over the business, saying, if TEJ make the base of empire, them SHIVAAY had rendered heights to that empire. RIDHDHIMA is a foolish and greedy what makes her to think otherwise. She was seeking her interest, and pretending she was caring OM’s happiness. Her selfish nature could not see the STRONG BOND between 3 cousines. She is witness that how much he trust SHIVAAY, and how much he distrust TEJ, and eventhougj that shortsighted girl opted to support DESTRUCTIVE act of TEJ.
      Anyway, she had done as instruction of makers to make place for someone else girl.In my opnion, that girl will come out from as the outcome of the solution of his dark past. I guess, OM track has been put on EMOTIONAL SOLUTION!

      • shahabana

        Yes shekhar im agree with ur points really u always try to give good explanation im impressed with ur comments its worth to read and in yesterdays episode u explained rudra and sso charecter verygood

      • Veda


        |Registered Member

        Yes..OM does nt seem to stick to his never miss a single chance to confront someone who does so…

    • Aarohi

      Hey Luna, I am Aarohi from Kolkata, I read these updates everyday but do not comment on any episode. But I would like to agree with u at this very point that riddhima was selfish for her basic needs. Is it too “selfish” for a girl to want her man to get a high esteem in society? Although it is not “love” in the true sense of the term, but selfishness n jealousy in love means u r really in love. Aren’t we girls are like riddhima too? N the most irritating part is that all of the three men are breaking their “year-old-relationships” for three new girls who came in their lives for few months, was it necessary to show tia became villain, riddhima became selfish n rumi was a psycho? It was just to bring anika, somya n ishana in the forefront…

      • shahabana

        Arohi its not to wronh if riddhima thinks about oms betterent but she cheated him and broken his trust.u can see om blindly trusted ridhima he even signed the paper without reading bcz he trusted ridhima .when trust is over then no meaning of relationship and u said correct ridhkara relationship is 3 yrs long relationship so ridhima knows whats om is then what is the need to take his sign using his trust .im not understanding whats the betterment u are talking about .om is not afterall intrested in buesiness so they where simply irritating him

    • Luna


      |Registered Member

      Guys, I’m not justifying Riddhima’s actions. Even her intentions were wrong as she tried to separate the Obros. I’m only saying that the way Om took Riddhima for granted is not justified.

      • Shekhar

        Luna mam,
        OM is idealistic, he just can not bear with LIE, and for that he got angered ON RIDHDHIMA once when she was found with ISHANA for donation instead she should be some where as as she told to OM, and OM on that her lie he almost took break up, but on Shivaay suggestion, he gave one chance and she again failed to keep his trust over her

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      guyz..I want to say dat wat LUNA s saying is partially rt….wat RIDHIMMA hs done is undoubtedly a selfish act..nd I dont blv dat its a logicl stp fr OM’s bettermnt..she smply hs overlooked OM’s happiness…bt it doesnt justify Om’s indifferencency towrds her…evry grl seeks commitment frm her man…bt OM s nevr ready to do so evn aftr 3yrs of relationship…wat type of IDEALISM is dis…!!!!!!!!!!!!…

      nd AROHI prsnly think dat our 1st choice doesnt always come out as da rt one too….a wrong choice nd wrong step always teaches us da best lesson..its nt a sin…nd sometimes v bcm abl to recognize da negatvty wen v r surrounded by smthng posatv…jst wat s happng wid OBROS…

      • SHEKHAR

        yes OM has missed something in his ideology, and in compulsation he played with his ideology as in we saw ACCIDENT CASE. It leaves an impression, HE WALKS ON WITH KEEPING IDEOLOGY so far he find himself comfirtable , otherwise he , let it be under compulsation, in very awkard situation, he is used to keep aside for comfirt. So why he found himself under tense.
        So far his stay with RIDHDHIMA in LONDON is a two way decission, and there is always eaxh one has a chance to step back. I do not think they might have any close relationship, it might have as the result of some monetary compromise.
        But no doubt, he does not seems a man who stick to his ideology die hard. His ideology have two shades, one in COMFIRT ZONE, 2nd one is extreme DISCOMFIRT ZONE.

    • Aarohi

      Yeah Veda, I m a bengali girl.
      N yeah, I agree with all of u that wat riddhima did was wrong, but then y we people want to see ishana with om?
      Her logic to put a mask on face to survive on this world was equally wrong.

  11. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Really intrestng epi..rumya part was nce..they r nevr gng to frgot their mrge fr 1s also..
    Poor ridima it’s her last romance wth om..done her work vrywel..
    SHIVIKA part realy superb..their eyelock rmnce is cute..Daksh today is urs day..weldne..hw it’s psble to fal in love fr anika within one day..u played an intelgent game with shivay.. billu ji apk ko tho farak pattha hey na..shivay face and expresn says that howmuch he cares about Anika..

    Excellent part is Anika dnt reply anythng fr his qustns and Daksh is not drunk…I thnk it’s look lyk daksh knows about shivay’s intense secret love fr anika..I thnk he is a great frnd of shivay only..
    Bua nvr gng to chnge..misng sahil..thre is a chance fr one who sacarng anika may be its bua plan..not’s also psble..
    Finaly Oberoi fmly started Diwali celbratn..all the upcmng lovely epi gng to happen lyk crackers starts wth ridikara break up then rudy lovely break up dance with dadi and pinky and shivay upset jealousy track.shivika swmngpool scenes finaly ends on shivika romance..
    eagerly waiting…………..

  12. Archiya

    The jealousy track is movin super fast, proposal in the 3rd epi itself. Shivay expression were so superb throughout.
    Daksh seems like a physco. He is surelt on some mission, bt if he was tia bf, why propose Anika fr marriage, he wls hve just continued flirting. Also he keeps getting calls continously, wondering who calls him tis often.

    Rumya scene shot was so beautiful

    Om is so passionate, even wen he is wit ridhima I feel it romantic,he throws his feelings completely in one hug, just waiting fr his love story. . Whicg shld start by next week as ridima will b out tomorrow

  13. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    I am very confused now. Daksh’s action seem targetted more at Shivaay rather than Anika. No more guesses. 😑
    What an episode though. It was explosive, unexpected, and full of excitement. Writers are building up the situation for some dhamakedaar event. Ready, set, boom🎇


    So now, every nine of 10 might have thinking, DAKSH =D!!!!!!
    But i still believe DAKSH is not D in duo “T & D”.
    Let’s see what may happen ahead!

    Today SSO was suffering from both feelings,” JEALOUSY and FEAR!”!!!!
    His unauthorised possessiveness made him JEALOUS! He just not get agreed his both MIND and HEART upon ANIKA as his LOVE, and opted for TIA!, but he is not ready for ANIKA to be with anyone. He just want her always around him. He think, he has a power to make ANIKA untouchable, unreachable by anyone, and if some one touch her, reach to her, his feelings pushed him to protect her. ANIKA knows this, rathar feel it, so why ,she was keeping some what distance from DAKSH after knowing his feeling for her too.

    While proposing ANIKA for DAKSH, and said ” will you marry……….’ and waited for long. He just could not complete it, for the fear of her ‘YES”! Physically he was doing his duty towards for his friend, mentally he was tangled, heartly he is eager, anxiet to hear her “NO’ for DAKSH, and for that big “NO” he might be ready to get scolded and slapped badly! For long moment his blood in veins were freezed, and I am sure against her “YES” he might have been crashed down there and then. After getting close DAKSH, he get complete proposal ‘ ………..DAKSH!”

    And then we all see, what ANIKA did!

    ANIKA is different, an unique, and she does not require care of any one, and all these facts better known by SSO since he break her windscreen. He know, he can help her, but never can oblige her. You can make her to do anything for you, but just can’t force her. THats why he told DAKSH’ HE SLAP YOU”

    Anyway, there are many clues to observe in last five minuites,

  15. malar

    Some odd dialogues from daksh to shivaay were ter as well @shekhar.
    1.U r burning here shivaay
    2. Words r bitter but ter is logic
    3. U hav more problem woth this relationship

  16. malar

    Some odd dialogues from daksh to shivaay were ter as well @shekhar.
    1.U r burning here shivaay
    2. Words r bitter but ter is logic
    3. U hav more problem with this relationship than anika

    I too think he is planted by daadi/om. 2 reasons
    1.the masked guy’s eyes who stalks anika seriously resembles omkara’ s
    2.dàadi sent anika to station

    But then guys, I also think Gul is messing with with us

    • Veda


      |Registered Member

      Heyy..evn I found da same dat da eyes resmbls OM’s…I tried to zoom da pic to b Kunal has a cut mark near his left eyebrow bt couldn’t notce it properly…
      Bt I dont thk it is him.. 😶

  17. Priyali


    |Registered Member

    Daksh is a completely stupid character…. he is getting under my skin. …. proposal the third episode? Crap. I’m really waiting for the part where Anika gets scared and shivaay goes to her house. …

  18. akann

    This Daksh is possibly the worst friend ever. How annoying is he? If I were Shivay and he was manipulating me like that, I would have given him a nice slap and kicked his ass out!! Like for real. Stupid guy. He definitely has an ulterior motive. That Bua won’t learn her lesson no matter what. i feel like she is the one who is gonna scare Annika. Crazy woman!!

  19. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Just want to say Daksh behavior is ridiculous unless he is really a good friend of Shivay who tries to help Shivay realize his love to Anika by making him jealous. Moreover, as soon as Daksh is an architect as well as Malika they might have known each other, so Malika could tell Daksh about Shivay hidden feelings and Anika, that’s why Daksh was staring her when he found out who was she, that’s why he feels he likes Anika and her attitude because he heard about her before.

  20. shahabana

    Gd morning guyz hw are u all.
    Episode is superb im really liking shivaye and rudys jelousy track.
    I know some of u guyz are not liking rudyz typical hubby behavior towords saumya but im really loving it bcz rudy already started to falling for saumya but he was not admitting it and his behavoir is natural towords saumya reyan closeness really nowadays rumya track is going really well.
    And about shivika hahaa poor shivaye its really worth to watch him like this he is stucked between his mind and heart .heart says anika mind tia and now daksh also making shivaye more crazy .i dntknw in future what will be daksha charecter but im really enjoying it because its really working very well on shivika.
    And i dntknw why but i think daksh is not tias bf may be im wrong to
    Finally much awaited breakup of ridhkara will happen in todays episode im exited to watch it and really omkara is very romantic guy
    Love the charecters shivomru and ishqbaaz badly

  21. Saku

    Yipeeeeee🤗🤗🤗🤗…..finally most awaited thing is gonna happen OmRidh break up…cant wait for today’s epi…..

  22. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys I won’t comment in the next 10-15 days. I m gonna miss u very badly…
    I m eagerly waiting for om’s break up party nd his lady love..
    And then shivay’s sangeet ceremony where three bross r gonna wear same dress nd omru is gonna take shivay on their shoulders
    I will miss u my lovely sistersssss. Bye☺😑

  23. Saku

    Episode was nice……daksh knows anika from few hrs nd directly marriage proposal..seriously it’s unbeliveable…
    Rudra looks cute in jealously avatar..
    Now eagerly waiting for today’s epi nd rudras dance sequence…

    Hw r u all guys??? Gud mrng everyone….take care..

  24. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Gud morning everyone!!!!!!!
    Mukta abiha sat Luna shahbana disha shaza saku samyukta tridha kiki reniiii diii niveditha diyaa Manik Mary sunehri piyuuuuu haya sumo razna rufina roz rosu dhruv Bhai muktiii Shivani sharddha edsanjida nadiya saahana yazhu Mona mishri mayank……………
    I know many of u r missing…
    Don’t worry guyzzzzz we will report this missing news soon!!!
    How r u all?????

  25. Rosu 25

    Shivay proposed anika….but on behalf of Daksh….How could he???? We could see a restless shivay bcoz of Daksh….but I am very sorry to say that today Daksh character was really irritating…..
    Precap is really interesting…..Tomorrow ridhkara breakup is gonna happen ….. The moment ishkara fans waited for a long….

  26. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    One thing I noticed was that although Daksh forced Shivaay to propose to Anika , when they showed his face after Shivaay actually did the act, Daksh looked upset. Could it be that he was hoping that Shivaay would refuse to propose her for Daksh and admit that he wanted her for himself?? I promised no more guesses but dil hai ki maanta nahi 😋

  27. Razna


    |Registered Member

    Hai frndssss….how are u all….

    And how handsome was our om today .. . I cant take my eyes from him😙😙😙And finally…..ridhkaara breakup….and some times i also feeling that dhaksh is not tias d…..he is really shivays frnd and he is trying to make shivay understand his feelings toward anika…….any way i am eagerly waiting for that episode in which anika hug shivayyyy…….

  28. Swara

    i dnt think that daksh is tia’s boyfrnd c,i think he is here to unite shivika by om or dadi’s saying coz when daksh said that the gift is for someone special then are u guys noticed.. that om was smiling looking at shivay’s expressions 😉 😉

  29. Vijji

    Episode was really good. I think Daksh has come to make a Shivaay realize his love. I like his bind as attitude. OMG, Shivaay looks super cute. His expressions are awesome. His love is becoming stronger and stronger day by day. So cute he got a gift for Anika. I just love to watch Shivika even if they are staring at each other. I like shivika part and when the OmRu tease Shivaay. I also like Rumya’s part.

  30. nidha

    Dhaksh fall in love with Anika in one day ..really weird…episode was good especially rudra’s jealousy part..when will rudra-soumya’s marriage truth get exposed,am eagerly waiting for that moment,plss make re-entry of ishana or bring a new character in om ‘s life ….in the previous episode the file given by tej was read by ridhima for om, but in the yesterday’s episode om was able to read without any help😲

  31. ArShi

    Guys…I think some of u taking Rudy in wrong way. He is not a typical husband. Obviously he is jealous and wants to keep Soumya away from Reyaan. So he uses “Pati ki Permission” just as an excuse.
    And I think not only Rudra but any person wants to keep his Lady Love away from others.It shows Rudra’s loving side, not his orthodox mentality.
    I watch this show only for Rudy…and I’m liking his jealousy.

  32. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member



    HOW R U ALL ??….Mukta. luna. enasanjida.haya,disha,priya,shaza,kikki,nikki,nithu,shahabana.
    shakaib,kushagra,neha,nikki,fatarajo,sunehri,sujina,sunanda,mukthi,devga……and other ishqies….HAVE A GUD DAY GUYS…

    Life will reflect changes and destiny will make distance to us

    Missing of each and every ishqie makes our family incomplete

    But ishqies…we are ishqbaazians and miles can’t seperate our hearts

    Keep a smile in your faces as our family needs all ishqies to be happy and cool

    Feel proud to be an Ishqie always and ishqbaaz will always unite ishqies inspite of fate

    Sorry…ishqies…….and trust me…when i will get time will try to comment here….

    • Razna


      |Registered Member

      hi renima diiiiii…how are uuuu . iam fine.. and how cuteeee i really loved your lines….
      yess i always feel proud to be an ishquieee… u said we all are ishqbaazians,no one cant seperate usss….i really miss u very very very very muchhh….plzz keep commenting….and also dont take over stress and be healthyyy………

    • shahabana

      Good afternoon renima u are back glad to see u dr
      And so much working load ohhh take care of ur health and be happy u too renima

    • Liya


      |Registered Member

      Reinima dii😍😍 take care of your self dear!! You are doing this much of work ,find time for yourself too and I am sooo happy to see your comment😍😍

    • Diyaa


      |Registered Member

      Hi Renima. I hope you are coping well with your heavy workload and that you will get some rest from it. Nice to see your comment again.

  33. Mini

    Shivay anger and my anger was same when shivay get angry he will break the phone and me if I get angry I will always break anything in my hand except my phone because if I break the phone my father will not buy another phone😂😂😂😂😂

  34. nidha

    That’s so sweet of u renimarenju …hope everything get fine .. 😊 best of luck 4 ur work ..Insha’Allah come back soon

  35. Shekhar

    Charector has been framed in a different way. He confused every one, tensed SHIVAAY, embrassed ANIKA, and acted in such a way, no body get what up to he is? His entry time, his name both were dived down with mystery! Yes, he is on screen only to make us confused? Mostly can’t decide, either to love or to hate?, and thats the GULKHAN mam she might have wished for. D is also stand for DILEMMA, that exactly what GULKHAN MAM IS WISHING!!!!!!!!

  36. chithra

    Renima di..
    😍😘😘u said u miss mangalore?????? Hw come?? Whtr u shifted to other place hai kya????… Anyways take care of u di.. Miss you

    @renima di
    Ha ha he he 😁😁😂😂so funny even I won’t get new phone if I thrw phone like SSO . he he.

    Ur most welcome @ashna

  37. chithra

    [email protected]

  38. Veda


    |Registered Member

    “YEH HO KYA RAHA HEY”…???!!!????…all my logics,views,perspectives hv stopped working….either DAKSH is dat D num k pranee or is planted by someone fr sure… he cn b soo ridiculous nd irritating….!!!!!???!!!!!…. seems like someone hs put him on fst forwrd mode… :/ :/

    I badly wantd RIDHIMA to act like a villain fr atleast once before brk up… y she is like BECHAAAARII in precap…??!!??…I startd to fl bad for her, by mistake…

    was it mandatory fr KUNAL to b soooooooooooooo DASHING…????!!!!????… the guy is driving me crazy….. 😍😍😍😍

  39. Rufina


    |Registered Member

    Omg shiv omru dancing it’s awesome to see it..u three guys r good dancers..n the costumes r nice..eagerly waiting to see the full dance..n waiting for shivika’s hug….hope these two things happens next week..I am soo excited to watch..n also on n riddhima break up too…Ishqbaaz rockss….dil bole Oberoi..

  40. Dhar

    I think this Daksh is tia’s guy
    Daksh and Tia are planning this against Anika, ad Anika had been spying over Tia.

    Daksh is actually Tia’s boyfriend who Anika is trying to catch red handed, Daksh has thus entered to trouble Anika.

    Daksh will torture Anika using ghost terror and stocks over her to threaten her.

  41. Mona146


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys how many of you think that bua character is necessary for serial. I cant tolerate that fattie getting importance in this soap(even in qubool hai) unnecessarily.

    • Shekhar

      BUA is only one charector who may have, sure she had in my POV, the complete information of her past life. ANIKA’s past is yet to revealed, and no body knows, what and how is her past? Untill revealation of her past, she will keep irritating us! In serial, every charector has its importance, and for that they are keep paying!

  42. ayat

    hii guyzz,hows u all?? i dont think dt daksh is tia’s bf…… if u guyzz notice d daksh reaction when shivaye propoae to anika…. nd his dialogue… its lyf he knws abt shivaye’s feeling nd may b its a plan of om dadi nd daksh…..look at d om reaction when daksh says d gift is 4 someone special nd shivaye not feels gud……om smilling at dt tym…. dats my guess, may b wrong…….

  43. heena

    wow!!! what a comment guys but i felt like laughing for all the comment all of ur comments are so sweet to read yar some loveable comments are also there anyway ystrdys episode is so awesome cant wait for todays episode and i am new to this page wont u guys wlcm me!!!!!!!!!!

  44. shahabana

    Arohi im agree with this point i never supported ishana but actress vrushka mehtha is really good actress they should have doned some changes in her role because vrushika will be best pair opposite kunal

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.