Ishqbaaz 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Farhan and Fiza arrive

Ishqbaaz 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mitali apologizes to her brother and says I will marry anyone you want, just let them go. Shivaye asks what are you doing, are you going to kill your sister. The man says don’t say in between, its about our family, you people are rich and have a lot, but we are poor, we just have respect, which they ruined. Shivaye asks what’s the use of this respect which compels you to kill dear ones, that compels a brother to turn his sister into a window. The man says this is our family matter. Shivaye says its my family matter too, Khanna is part of my family.

The man says he has broken the laws of our community. Shivaye asks is this your community, these handful of people, there is a greater community, that’s of humanity. The man says don’t anger me, else I will do the same with you. He asks his men

to take Shivaye away. He takes the firetorch. Om shouts Sonu, you are doing wrong, you are becoming a sinner. Bhavya says your sister is an adult, even law gives an adult a right to marry by own choice. Shivaye looks on. Anika says she just fell in love, if you understood her love, she would have not eloped. Rudra says marriage has happened, Khanna is a nice man, he will keep her happy. The man says our culture doesn’t give a right to the girl to choose her husband. Gauri asks who says this, when a woman could marry at will even 1000 years ago, why not now. Om says times have changed, change your thinking, your sister’s happiness is imp than community. Bhavya says what you are doing is a legal crime. The man Sonu asks them to just shut up. He pours kerosene on Mitali and Khanna. Shivaye and everyone struggle to get free. Mitali cries.

Two kids come. The girl asks what are you doing dad, tell me. Sonu asks who got them here, take them home, your Bua didn’t listen to me. She asks will you tie me this way if I don’t listen to you. Shivaye asks why are you quiet, don’t you have answers. She asks will you kill me, will you burn me alive. Anika shouts answer her. Sony says take them away. Shivaye gets free. He says you have no answers for her, you will never have it, but her question will be the same, she will grow up and curse you, what good is such honor which you will earn in front of the community, but you will fall in children’s eyes, Sonu, if you kill your sister today, your daughter won’t be saved, don’t kill her childhood, look into her eyes, she is scared of you, she fears you….. if you do this now, your son will do the same to your daughter, because he has seen that and learnt it, don’t do it, please stop. Sonu sees his children. Sonu throws the firetorch.

He hugs his children and cries. Khanna and Mitali get freed. Sonu folds hands and apologizes to Shivaye. He says I did all this in anger and turned into a devil, if you hadn’t stopped me today, I would have committed a big sin. Shivaye says you have set a new example today by throwing this firetorch, I just hope that this serves a lesson to us, no one will burn their daughters for the sake of honor, none will punish them for falling in love. He signs Sonu. Sonu says I have done wrong with you two, especially you, forgive me. He hugs Khanna. He says don’t punish my sister for my mistakes. Shivaye says Sonu, your sister won’t face any problem in her inlaws, its my promise. Khanna says I won’t forget your favor ever. He hugs Shivaye. Shivaye asks him not to be formal. Everyone smiles. Rudra says we haven’t eaten food because of you, get some food for us. Anika says yes, I m really hungry. Shivaye asks won’t you introduce us to your wife. Sonu gives Mitali’s hand to Khanna. Everyone claps.

Its morning, Shivaye asks why to send a driver, I will come to pick you, come soon. He says they are going to take off soon. Rudra says I used to feel you get a broad smile on seeing me, but… Om asks are you jealous, he is saying about Farhan. Shivaye says he is my childhood friend, I couldn’t attend his wedding, I couldn’t meet his wife Fiza, they are coming here, its Eid tomorrow, we have to make sure its memorable Eid for them. Gauri says don’t worry, we will do all arrangements. He asks where is Anika. Bhavya says she is in room. He says she won’t be ready till they come, I will go and check her. He goes. Rudra says I m so worried and Shivaye doesn’t care, Farhan always used to come between us. Om says keep crying and goes. Rudra asks him to listen. Shivaye asks Anika to get ready. He gets surprised seeing her. She asks how do I look, I just felt like enjoying the Eid. He says Eid is tomorrow, but my moon is out right now. She says whenever you praise me this way, I…. He coughs. She asks what happened. He asks what did you put on. She says just Ittar. He says strong smells trigger my allergy.

She says you are allergic to dogs too, I have an idea, I have decided to talk to Farhan and Fiza in Urdu. He asks why. She says its my hobby since childhood. He asks how would I know. She says remember I had disguised myself on the plane and spoke great Urdu, you fainted. He says you said strange Urdu. He corrects her. They argue. He stops her and holds close. Music plays….. She asks what are you looking at. He says my moon. She asks how do you do it, you calm my anger like this. He says I don’t like seeing my wife upset. He kisses and hugs her. She says I had a dream since childhood to do Nikaah. He says we have done it a few times. She says it will be fun. He asks what’s this new madness. She says we shall do it, Qubool Hai. He says its not a dish in restaurant, its marriage. He gets a call. He says Farhan and Fiza are coming, come fast, we have to receive them. He goes. She says my Jauhar, I mean my Shauhar/husband is lazy.

Shivaye says Farhan won’t like any random chef’s cooking, I want an authentic Lucknowi Chef for Eid feast. Farhan comes and says you have spoiled my habit. Shivaye turns and smiles seeing them. Farhan says by cooking for me yourself. Shivaye asks how did you come so soon. Farhan says I thought to surprise you. Shivaye says you didn’t change. Farhan says I will never change, I m a man, not a shirt. Shivaye hugs him and says so lovely to see you, won’t you introduce me to her. Farhan says of course, meet my wife Fiza. Shivaye forwards hand and says so happy to meet you. Farhan asks her to greet him. She greets Shivaye saying Aadaab. Omru and everyone come. Shivaye introduces Anika, Omru and their wives. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya greet Fiza. Fiza sees Farhan.

Anika asks Fiza is there a problem, you may tell me anything. Fiza says I don’t know you well, but I feel I can tell you. Farhan comes and asks aren’t you done talking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hola,
    They r highlighting Shivay bhaiya a lot.
    So Khanna and his wife r safe.
    I think this track is on physical violence by husbands.
    Lets see what happens next.
    Take care everyone.

    1. Congrats Ritu for being number 1.

    2. Hiii Ritu …congrats GRG…
      Yeh right…
      Hope in this track others will get a chance to speak.
      I loved rudy today..

    3. Go Ritu Go !
      Congo on being first.
      Me too think that this track is about violence by husbands .
      Take care u too , my dear.

    4. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Congratulations on being first…?
      I think track is on conservative mentality of some people especially of husbands.Let’s see.Take care?

  2. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .

    Shortest comment of mine.
    1.yes the biggest truth is humanity.nothing bigger than it..
    @Bani.yeh you were right…..this is also like a soicial message.
    2.Anika you were looking super easy beautiful and cute today..i couldn’t take off my eyes from you.
    3.shivika Sso’s intense gaze is like always killing…..
    4.Shivika ka nikaah..ha ha ha.
    Hope her dreams will come true
    5 this is not fair. ..Why all vilians are taller than sso ???and why al new characters are coming as negative.only That stranger Bua and Malika were positive
    6 precap- i think farhan is a abusive husband..
    Waiting for tomorrow.

    Pool scene of shivika is coming..i can’t wait..
    And felt like killing editor shashankji.they cut so many things yarr..2 kisses..urghhh

    1. Arpu what you mean they cut scenes and 2 kisses? Was there a kissing scene?

      Arpu you are from Odissa and that is nice. So maybe you can speak Urdu as well??

    2. Yes I am waiting for the pool scene as well arpu

    3. ShinyTirupathi

      Hey Arpu… How are you missed you girl…. even I’m Angry on Shashank ji har baar Shivika scene cut by him…

    4. Hiiiiiiiii……
      Arpita di.
      Good to read ur comment after two days .
      No … di I don’t agree this is ur shortest comment ,bcoz for me ur 6 June comment was short .

      Ya….. Di Shivika always rock in such scenes
      All villains are taller then SSO ,this is not fair na….
      Mujhe bhi same waisa hi lagta hai jesa aapko lagta hai ki Farhan is abusive husband.

      Love u Di.

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Dear Darling,don’t say like that.You always write long comment and we love it.In case comment gets shortened,we will manage.I am looking forward to Shivika nikah.Let’s see what cvs are up to.Take care?
      P.S.Loved Anika yesterday?

  3. Hello everyone .
    How was your weekend ?
    My weekend was good but, today is more special to me because today is my birthday.
    So bcoz of it , today I got a chance to talk with some of my old friends .
    It was quite intresting .

    OK bahut hogaya ……
    Now coming to the episode ……..
    It was good .
    It’s great that Sonu understood that his sister is more important ….

    Jab Shivaye ne khud ko chudaya tha wo sceen mujhe thoda funny laga .

    Then in next sceen ,
    Shivaye was looking stunning in that green shirt.
    Masha Allah ……….
    Kya lag raha tha.

    I think Shivaye should say ,Qubool hai to Annika’s Idea of Nikkah …

    And I think there is something fishy between Farhan and Fiza …..
    Let’s see what is it?

    Guys mujhe na yaad nhi aa raha Mene Jo Farhan ka character play Kar Raha hai na use phele bhi kabhi dekha hai.
    But I don’t remember….
    So ,if u know….
    Would u please tell me?

    OK bye
    Good night .
    Love u all .

    1. Banita

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY dr Ishu…
      May GOD BLESS U….
      Yeh mujhe vi wo chudaing wala part bahat hi funny laga…

      1. Thank you so much Banita di.

    2. Jo Farhan ka character play kar raha hai uska naam Ankit Siwach hai. Woh Star plus ke show Rishton ka chakravyuh mein Adhiraj bana tha. Usne web series Dulha Wanted mein bhi kaam kiya hai.

    3. Hope you have a goose ceebrated occasion Ishita and enjoy this day with your old friends. Nice that you still took time to come on Telly site.

      1. Thank you so much Sindhu di.
        How are u Di?

    4. Ishita jo Farhan ka character play kar raha hai uska naam Ankit Siwach hai. Woh Star Plus ke show Rishton ka Chakravyuh mein CBI officer Adhiraj bana tha. Usne Idiva ki web series Dulha Wanted mein bhi ek chota sa role kiya tha.

    5. Hiii little sis….
      Wish yiu a khidkitod hapiest birthday..
      Bhagwan teri sari murade puri kare…God bless you
      More power and success for you..
      Love you my doll……
      Kuch accha accha khanna bhi kha lena.
      Baar baar din ye aaye
      Tum jio hazaro saal………
      Yeh Farhan is not a good husband..

      1. Thank you ………..
        Arpita di …..
        Thank u so much….
        Bhagwan ji aapki bhi sabji manokamana puri karein
        Aap bhi hazaron saal healthy and safe jiyo ….

    6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHITA dear.with lots of love and warm wishes???

      1. Thank u Pooja .
        Thank u for ur wishes dear ????

    7. Ishita jo Farhan ka character play kar raha hai uska naam Ankit Siwach hai. Woh Star plus ke show Rishton ka Chakravyuh mein CBI officer Adhiraj bana tha aur woh iDiva ki web series Dulha Wanted mein bhi tha.

      1. Oh……
        Ya………ab mujhe yaad aaya Mene Farhan ko Rishton ka chakravyuh mein dekha tha
        Usme wo Adhiraj bana tha .
        Thank u Akanksha .
        Yaad dilaneck liye .

    8. ShinyTirupathi

      Happy Birthday darling have a good,healthy, full of Happiness year ahead

      1. Thank u shiny .
        Thank u so much .
        May u will get success in UPSC .
        And u will achieve ur goal ,your aim in ur life.

    9. Luthfa

      Wishing you all love,smiles,happiness on this very special occasion.Happy Birthday To You.May God fulfill all your wishes and bless you with everlasting success.Lots of love?????????☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    10. AAYUSH

      Happy belated bday ishu hope u had a
      Blast. Ishu what was your NEET Score. And congrats u r gonna be a doctor now.

  4. Hi ,guys ,,how are you all ,
    So yeh cvs bohot hi bara chantumai hai .,.yeh social massege abhi tak chal raha hai ,,
    1st scean is nice …thank god the kids came and save khali …..
    Mai to confuse ho gayi thi ki kaya hoga kon bachayega ,,finally khali ka milon ho hi gayi ,,,???
    Yeh dever or babhi kavi nehi change hogi ,,hamesa bukh lagti hai inko …
    Shivay and khanna ji’s talk is emotional..

    Rudra and his jelousy ,,but the main thing is no one gave attention to his stupidity ,,???
    Gouri looks cute ,,in that yellow dress
    And our anika looks khidkitodh ,,but anika plz ek to tumhara hindi ki dictoinory hi humse samhalta nahi ,,ab yeh urdu mat suru karo ,,??

    Ek bat hai ,,shivay ne bola ki use anika ne jo use kiya tha usse alergy hai but kuchi second baad to woh alergy asar karna band hi kar diya tha ,,hota hai hota hai ..itni khubdorat biwi hai to alergy bhi gayab ho jata hai ….

    Shivika ki Nikah ,,wah sunne mai hi kitne ache lag rahi hai ,,anika tomhara khoaish o ka bhi jabab nahi ..kaya baat hai ???
    Precap–lets see yeh farhan aur fiza kaya twist lata hai ..
    Till then ,,bye ,good night ……..

    1. Tania nice analysis and I was like oh no he just sneezed the moment Anika wanted to say something romantic as well.

    2. Hiiii Tani.
      Yeh Cvs are such chantomai…..
      Annika’s hindi and urdu….ha ha ha.
      Jo bhi he she is sooo cute..wanna pull her cheeks.
      And haan yarr hota he hota he…aab biwi itni khidkitod lag rahi ho toh baki sub kuch… gayab hojata he.
      Lekin ye Sso kitna sensitive type ke he..
      Har baat se inko allergy he …..
      Keep voting for ishqbaaz in gold awards.

    3. Hello my dear Tania .
      Kese ho tum?
      Hmm …
      Bhabhi aur dear kabhi nhi change honge.
      And according to me Unhe change hona bhi nhi chahiye ,right ?

      Phir Hume maze kese aayenge….

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,how are you?
      Me too was thinking that who would come to rescue Mitanna as Oberois were captivated by the goons.Those innocent souls saved the day.And cvs are always chantomai.They never do anything directly.Hehehe…..Rudra is so possessive.Next is Shivika nikah.Let’s see.Take care?
      P.S.Fiza and Farhan are here for another social message so golmal will be there.Nice reading your analysis?

  5. Arpita6

    Listen.when SPA will come i don’t know.but we have the first award ceremony of 2018..
    Guys we all know we are ishqbaazians so keep voting for every category related to ishqbaaz.
    Nominations are.
    1 .Best Show- Ishqbaaz.
    2.Best actor-Nakuul meheta
    3 .Best actress-Surbhi Chandna
    4 Best supporting actor-Kunal Jaisingh
    5 Best supporting female actress- Shrenu Parikh.
    6.Style Diva – Surbhi Chandna
    7.Most fit actor-Lennesh matto
    8. Best actor in comic role -leenesh matto.
    I think these are total nominations for ishqbaaz.
    First you guys make real id as much as yiu can and vote then also you can make fake ids for voting.
    Link is –
    Guys..we have little time ceremony is on 19th june.
    So keep voting.
    Lets rock..
    All the best.

    1. Arpita6

      Sry sry..main baat toh bhul gayi…
      kaise bhulgayi..
      vote for best jodi shivika…

      1. Luthfa

        Keep voting PKJ and make IB and Shivika win.All the best everyone?

    2. Of course I will Arpu and please keep us informed Also when the voting of SPA awards too.

    3. Pushpa

      hi arpi.
      hw r u… voting done & done….

  6. Pushpa

    Hi gals.
    Hw is life…
    Well todays heroes of the episode are the 2 kids….
    Both started to question their father and with shivayes more awareness he broke down and accepted khanna….

    Gals tell me something….. does this ritual still takes place in our mother land….??
    In this generation wth full of tecnology education working womens amomg all these does this still happen????? If yes, im so sad & frustrated….this should hv been abolished but no…

    Anika how many times u want to marry Shivaye?????? and the cvs cropped chopped 3 kisses just to 1???? and too fast to capture tht moment i hd to play many times to capture tht forehead kiss……

    And so the new villain for for shivika have arfived in oberoi mansion in the form of shivaye’s buddy!!!!! And when shivaye wanted to shake hand to fiza tht music thtblook on farhaans face yaar i feel so michi michi ..

    Precap shows….. anika’s concern…..but thn i guess 2moro v will know farhaans plan to visit shivaye…….
    My Dhill didnt say much today….
    Gd nite gals..

    1. Hiiii Pu di.
      Not like previous society but in some villages ..this system is still there….
      Yiu can say it as honour killing..type.
      Ye Shivika ki shaddi main drama toh bahut baar ho chuki he.
      But Nikah idea is not bad …ha ha ha

      1. Pushpa

        damn this mens …… will they never learn im talking about burning ppl alive [email protected]#$%

    2. ShinyTirupathi

      Hey Pushpa how r you ? Its sad to say dear It still happens in India in some states.. kerala,Bihar,UP,Tamil Nadu are some states.. I have heard so many stories from my Mom.. Mostly Girls are the more affected one as they become widow so quickly even the next day of their Marriage… and has to feel the pain throughout their life…

      1. Pushpa

        thts really heartwrenching….. hw can v stop this act???????

    3. Hello Pushpa di.
      Yes di it still happens in our society .
      Ya…it is true we are educated enough to differentiate between wrong and right .
      Education teaches us to stand for right .

      But I think many of us get educated for sake of money .
      I mean many of us think education enables us to earn more money .
      But we forget education also enables us with wisdom.

      People are getting educated but most of them are not ready to change their mentality .

      1. Pushpa

        thts not right but i agree wt u sometime v r in a position cant say anything …… no one wants to listen or v r not loud enough to stop this……

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,how are you?
      Those two innocent kids made the impossible possible.Such type of thinking is there still.Not only uneducated but some sophisticated,modern well educated people also think like that.Hopeless situation totally….Yeah di see na,editor cut those beautiful moments.He has problems with Shivika perhaps.Always goes on chopping their cute scenes.Upcoming is Shivika nikah.Get ready to see your Shivaay as a groom again.Take care di?

      1. Pushpa

        i agree lufy … this society will continue doing this no end to this one……
        cvs dun like 2c us happy always edit the good scenes…damn……

    5. ShinyTirupathi

      Pus dear Its not men girls parent plays important role.. even if I love somebody My family does the same with me… they don’t try to change their thinking how mch ever we say.. the change should come from them there is no other way

  7. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Hope U all r doing well…
    That cute lilttle girl nd her innocent question….
    Shiv – Maat karo Sonu , ruk jao….
    Hahahahaha…. Dont take me wrong , but mujhe bahat hi jayda funny laga…
    Why there was no dialouge for Khannaji..???
    CVS U really dissapointed me again…
    But koi baat nahi humari newly couple “KhaLi” finally “puri” ho gaye…LOL…
    Last Shivaana hug was also nycc… Chahe newly couple hug hue na ho Shivanna ki hug toh honi hi hain….
    I want to edit that editor only…. Bahat kuch edit kr dia…
    Shiv – I dont like to see my wife upset…. Awwwww…!!!
    Shivika’s nikah…..
    Seriously how many of U want this..???
    Sach bolun toh sacchi mein i don’t want it… I know it will be different., but still………
    Yrr IB ke saare villian wale log itne lambu kun hote hain..??? I mean almost….
    Precap – Anika- Fida talk…. Nd may be pool scene also…
    I m super exciting 4 Shivika pool scene…. Hope they will not edit this at least….
    Gold Award is coming up… So everyone common vote for IB…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Banita

      Sry it’s Fiza not Fida… Actually fida word adat ho gayi hain meri that’s why i typed it mistakly…

    2. Hiii Bani…
      I am not against nikah..but i am scared after nikah drama..bcoz They are our Shivika who have nothing normal situation… ha ha ha.

      Want to punch that editor..stupid….
      Hope pool scene will not edited..warna hamari tie tie fiss hojayegi.

    3. Hi Banita di ..
      I am doing well….
      And what about you ????

      Di ,I think SSO ki height hi thodi choti hai ,but sorry mujhe uski height k baare mein nhi bolna chahiye ,because it is very sensitive topic ….
      Mujhe to shivika aur baaki sab ka Nikaah dekhna hai.

      Take care Di.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,I am good.How are you?
      Hehehehe……Yeah finally Khali became Puri.Cvs did not allow Khanna to say some romantic dialogue to his biwi,not fair.And Shivaay always takes the floor all by himself.Shivika Nikah is going to happen,most probably.But more than Nikah I am worried for the story and plot.It’s high time.Anyway,take care?

  8. Pushpa

    And i missed to add i must say all husband must learn frm shivaye hw to calm wify anger in just 1sec….wt husky voice stroke her hair behing her ears… she just melt.. i will toooooooooooo

    1. Oooooooo pushpa you are right! Only shivaay can do that and Anika just melts in front of him. Remember once they were having game of wrestling in the room and he just looked at her and blew a kiss she lost because she was mesmerised by it and lost focus.

    2. Ha ha ha ha…yeh.

    3. Luthfa

      Oh di,only you can notice those nuances of husband Shivaay.I loved the way Shivaay removed Anika’s single hair which was stuck on her lips because of gloss?????????

  9. Annika look is awesome and her and RUDRA childish things will never change. From starting serial everything is changed but RUDRA and annika childlish things will not changed
    Someone wants rikara scenes but how would rikara scenes create because every time they will maintain silence only they didn’t fight like Shivika, they didn’t do childlish things like rudra so CVS want to create varietiness of rikara I think CVS can’t creating space for rikara and ruvya because there are Independent but dependent on shivaay from starting any problem will come straightly they will go to shivaay firstly make rikara and ruvya to face problems without shivaay help automatically scenes will create because we also want to see three jodis love story in different way not in same track they have unique track for three jodis.

    1. Aditi yes I agree surbi looked fabulous and stunning in the yellow dess. Oh when Shivaay the moon is already out. Wow how romantic!!!

    2. Aditi…different teack for three couples is awasome bit Cvs will not do that na.
      So jo mil rahi he usi ko enjoy karte he….
      And yeh Annika and Rudy are super cute…

  10. Luthfa

    “I love it when you stare me with all the love of the world.When you aim your blue eyes at me,I feel thousands butterflies are fluttering inside my heart.The emotions start flowing like an endless stream without knowing the destination.Every moment turns into a lifetime.In your Ocean like blue eyes,I see the reflection of my love,my whole existence.I can see every single second of love I have spent with you.Your eyes tell me tales of our twin heart.How those eyes captured all those feelings time to time when you were wordless but wanted to express so much.Only your blue eyes knew those secrets of your heart,hidden from everyone.When I look into those intoxicated eyes,I find my world,which seems like a dream.Like I am having the most beautiful dream of my life with my eyes open.Your eyes silently speak to me and tell me not to worry at all in any situation.In those eyes,I have seen unwritten,unexplained,untold countless incidents.You know what,your eyes are twin Rainbow.Those touch me with every colour,colour of love,care,respect,protection,promise….I can go on and on.Your eyes are my lighthouse.Through the support of it,I sail myself into the sea of life without fearing storms,winds,waves of pain,distress,and sorrow.Eyes speaks for heart and your eyes are very talkative.I can hear new story everyday”

    1. Oh Luftha my dear you rocked again with the edited script! This is what Anika would have said if Shivaay did not sneeze because of the allergy. Oh how wonderfully written. You should given this script to Gul and they use this in another episode. I juts feel in love with what you said.

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        What I write only for you and PKJ and I don’t care for Gul.I wanted to write on those beautiful moments both for Shivika but it turned out to be only Anika’s feelings.Anyway,thank you sooooooo….sooooo…much for your precious love.Love you di?

    2. Lu…plz stop it..
      Now I am tutning into a puddle mess…..
      Itni sweet words is diffcult to handle…

      1. Luthfa

        Puddle mess?I am sooooooooo…..sorry for making you a diabetic patient.Thora jhel lo mere liye??????????

    3. WOW!

      I don’t have words to say ………
      Ur khidkitod analysis always make me speechless , Luthfa di.

      I just want to say ,u and ur analysis are wonderful di….

      U are really blessed with good sense of writing.
      And through ur hard work,aap apne is talent ko tarash Rahe ho .
      Keep it up di….

      Love u .

      1. Luthfa

        Awwwwww….Thank you sooooooooo….very much for your love dear.And there is no hard work actually.All I need is good content then my thoughts start its work automatically.And I love writing and this is the secrete if to tell the truth.God bless you?


    1. Banita already posted it..
      Check it..and keep voting.

  12. What an episode thank God shivaya saved khanna Omru scene was nice precap is something else I don’t understand this new couple

    1. Hey Priya how are you? I remember you asked for the receipt for the lemon cheese cake. The recipe is the same exactly as how you woud bake any cheesecake. But for lemon cheese cake it is non baked. Just freeze it. You get the lemon jelly crystals which should be in a liquid form and pour it inside the cream cheese and mix them. Of course you should have your ready made crust. Freeze them and your lemon cheese cake is ready

    2. Priya dear I think Farhaan is an abusive kind of .husband….

    3. Luthfa

      Let’s wait and watch?

  13. Banita

    As I said still social issue track is going on…. CVS just make us pappu again by not giving head line….
    Now about Gold award ,
    @Arpu teri link open nahi ho raha hain…
    I hope yeh wala link open ho…
    Byee PKJ…

      1. Banita

        This 2nd wala open ho raha hain… So everyone VOTE FOR IB NOW as said by @Arpu…

      2. Hmmm this link is opening..
        Guys…plz keep voting.
        We have to make ishqbaaz win.

    1. Oh banita they did it a bit subtely so people did not realise it was a social message. I don’t thing there will be any social message in Farhaan’s story. I think Farhaan has different agenda and maybe going to try to break brotherhood but he will not succeed.

  14. Pls vote for ishqbaaz in gold awards
    Link is

    1. Yes guys.keep voting..

  15. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am 100% sure that all ishqbazz fans will hate me for my comment, and even say bad words… But truth is that show ended long time back, when kalyani mill truth out and ishqbazz got their ishq and not bua and shewtlana and her gang… Actually show’s motive ended long back and now its just socialbazzi with shivaye overpowering all time others just help…. Its that due to channel closed many shows all sudden, channel can’t lose its viwers as others shows like yrrkh, yhm, mkrl, kcl, kkbw are least interest people and hspubh is little commedy and khichdi is weekend show, so team show socialbazzi… And i think its better to end, as show was all about ishqbazz not socialbazz

    1. Shradhha dear only one thing I can say.. yes main base of ishqbaaz is over……with end of KM track.
      But Cvs are trying something new..
      Kuch jyada ho rahi he..but still hoping for good.
      Plz don’t say about show going off air…
      No hate.bcoz it is pkj…
      No place for hate ..hi hi

    2. Luthfa

      Dear Shraddha,
      I agree with you but on this point and that is-There is no story right now and cvs are offering small social tracks.BUT I am happy with those though messages are overdosing because continuous Villanbazi and Hatred game are over for the time being.And I am expecting a major track in future not the same repeating Story of most of the serials very much ongoing successfully in every other Channels for years.IB is better than those serial in its own way and I am glad with my choice.Thank you so much for your valuable view.

  16. Mimi ? Rikara wallpaper again ?

    Now u blame me when I wish the show to go off air ?…. I wished I did not see the Episode I mean see how Rikara just clipping ..Like old days when they were wallpaper ?…Am done no Rikara IB …Bye PKJ since they are showing ur favorite u stay happy with it am not… just tearing and wishing I never knew Rikara ??

  17. Hello everyone, nice episode again!!! Another social message but done subtly. Shivaay is right. The Son will do the same to his younger Sister. In the end it was his children who questioned him and knocked sense in his head.

    Rudra as usual the comic guy who is worried about food.

    Now I don’t feel too good about Farhaan and even Fiza. To me both seems to be putting on an act for some reason especially when Farhaan was looking at the mansion. There must an hidden agenda and only the couple knows. Hope Anika does not go crazy over Urdu language. Shivika was very great especially the few mins of romance. That was very nice. It was for awhile already since shivika romance. The eye lock moment. I don’t know but shivika’s eyelock always works wonder. What a chemistry!!!

    Again Rudra solved the mystery! He always does it but in a funny way but actually he is right. Rudra said Farhaan always comes in between the bros and shivaay gives importance to Farhaan and I think Farhaan will try to break the brotherhood of obros. That is why Rudra said he is not comfortable with him.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Those children compelled their father to change his decision and story got a happy ending.But problem like this need big banner and strong continuous voice.Rudra becomes always insecure whenever someone tries to come in between his brothers especially Shivaay.Now don’t know what this Farhan is up to.Let’s see.Take care?

  18. Hello dear luftha Arpu banita my Little Sister jeevi Tania Ishita beauty Sneha kadhambari pushpa krishna shivya dhanu Sri Aayush Mimi dhawan Naidu and many many more wonderful family.

    Arpu dear thanks for explaining about the existence of caste system in India. I understood well and hopefully yesterday’s episode will draw some good lessons to the less known isolated villagers.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di.Have a great day ahead?

  19. I don’t know when these talks about no Rikara or ruvya scenes only shivika scenes end. I am not sure about others but for me regardless of whether they show Shivika, Rikara or Ruvya scenes only I watch happily. I don’t complain and say today there is no shivika. I understand that every couple should be given fair amount of equal space. If yesterday it was shivika romance, why can’t people be patient and wait? They will show Rikara scene in another episode and Ruvya scene in another.

    Shivaay by nature is a romantic man and it comes to him naturally. Om is not a romantic man. He is an artist. His love is developed slowly which is what cvs are trying to show the gradual development of his romantic love. He just came out of his comfort zone and made Gauri and himself and declared his love publicly in social media. He baked a cake for his beloved Wife. It is the start of all Rikar’s moments. When it was shivika’s three months separation there were a lot of Rikara’s moments. When there was a two week separation of shivika again there was Rikara and Ruvya moments and shivika fans never complained. I am sure they will utilise Rikara and Ruvya. Please be patient. In 23 minutes they only can develop this much. I agree there is less of Rikara and Ruvya. But they do show some scenes of them here and there and shivika’s fans don’t complain. I like all the three couples. Anyone’s romantic scene I am happy to watch. They showed the obros together and that was good. Why can’t we just look at some positive nature of IB instead of criticising that they are only showing one couple all the time? It is Ishqbaazi but at time too much of something can also irk people so they need to show other teams. Humankind are never satisfied on what is given to them. People will always have something to say whether they go right or wrong. Watch IB without any prejudice. My humble opinion. My apologies if I have upset any Rikara or Ruvya fans.

    1. ShinyTirupathi

      I agree on this

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Absolutely and completely agree with you.Makers and cvs have always focused on Shivika since starting and in it where is the fault of Shivika and Shivika fans?Some fans always have problem with Shivaay,Anika without thinking about makers who are doing everything in true sense.Here in PKJ we are happy with three respective couples and love them.I don’t want PKJ to get contaminated with the poison of fan war going on almost everywhere in social media.And I am missing my Dost,greatest Rikara lover and her opinion.People like my Dost exists but they are rare who don’t demean other intentionally.Just frustrating.And this is my opinion.

  20. ShinyTirupathi

    Hey guys long time back.. How are you doing.. Just wrote my UPSC prelims.. pls pray karo I should clear it… @Arpita6 ,@Banitha ,@Luthafa, @Puspha missed you so much guys…
    @Kadhambhari , @Sindhu you both are amazing….
    to be honest I’m enjoying this phase of Ishqbaaaz … I believe a show is just not about entertainment. most people follow what they show in shows or movies.. I’m glad My mom is appreciating this show… she says positive is much needed as every show is just destroying relations in every language just plotting to get other girls husband, lover etc… the list goes on… Its a welcome change.. the disadvantage is showing it continously but not too bad… Cvs give some space to other couples and character too.. please it makes me to cringe seeing all three couples doing the same thing in line better avoid it.. Bye guys love you all PKJ

    1. Hello shiny, welcome back and so well for your exams my dear

      1. I meant to say Shiny do well for your exams.

      2. ShinyTirupathi

        Thank you dear I hope so

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Shiny dear,how are you?Missed you so much.I am good.Thank you.
      I agree with your mother completely and wish to see people nurturing same thinking but that’s not going to happen.Makers should balance between three couples.SP got revamped so is IB.Now it’s about only 6 of them.And it’s up to cvs how they are going to present them.Anyway,all the very best for your exams.May God bless you with ultimate success.Take care.Lots of love?

      1. Oh luftha can I just ask you something? You said that IB now only has six couples so we will not see Tej and Jhanvi and Sakti anymore is it?

      2. ShinyTirupathi

        Thank you dear… yes Agree

  21. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good.. And shivika scenes are awesome… Happy birthday to you ishita dear..
    The main theme of Ib is long back finished.. But i love Ib because it gives good episode rather than the others terrible streching drama episodes…

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