Ishqbaaz 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivaansh and Aditi clash again

Ishqbaaz 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Khanna unveils the cutout. They get glad seeing Shivaansh’s big cutout. Shivaansh comes and looks at it. He asks what’s this. Khanna says maybe any distributor has sent it. Avi says film is super duber hit. Dadi says we will keep it in hall so that everyone knows about the super duber hit film. They all take a selfie. Nani says I have some work. Nandini recalls Aditi’s words. He says how is this possible that Shivaansh’s call history didn’t have Honey’s call, it means someone has deleted the log. She calls the technical team to get Shivaansh’s call history for last month. Nani comes to meet her. She gives shagun sweets. Nandini says I will attend a call and come. The man says I got the call record. Nandini asks him to check for Honey’s call. The man says yes, its there. She says fine.

She says its good you have come here, I had to make your request, I want footage of Shivani’s engagement right now. Nani asks what happened.

Aditi stops Shivaansh. He asks you here, so you were missing me. She says you were saying right, I did a big mistake to mess up with you, I have no status in front of you, you can change truth into lies. She cries and says you can ruin my life, you have said this and turned it true, give me proof for my innocence so that I can save my job. He asks her to keep saying please, it looks good. She says please give me the proof. He asks which proof, are you saying about the proof of fake bribery case, you said you will bring my staged kidnapping truth out, I had to do this to get you suspended, whoever plays tricks with me, just I win always, won’t you congratulate me…. He holds her hand and checks the recording in her phone. He says you think I won’t understand this trick of 80s film, you have come to record my confession but couldn’t, so sorry Aditi. He deletes the audio recording and returns the phone. He asks her to go now. He goes. She plays the recording. He stops hearing this and gets shocked seeing another recorder. She walks to him and smiles. She says I think plan B wasn’t there in your 80s movies, but its there in police, I have send this charming cutout and installed a recorder behind this, you couldn’t catch this, anyway thanks for giving me my proof of innocence, now I will expose your truth. She leaves.

Aditi plays the recording and says Shivaansh has done this. Shivaansh comes shouting I will kill the commissioner. He gets two men there. Shivaansh says meet them, they do my mimicry well. He asks Raju to tell Nandini who paid him to say this in his voice. Raju says Aditi has called me and asked me to send this recording in Shivaansh’s voice. Nandini looks at Aditi and asks what’s this. Aditi says he is lying, I don’t even know him. Shivaansh says stop it please, its good, my source informed me, else you would have defamed me, there are many people to do my mimicry, Aditi is troubling, don’t know what’s her enmity with me, I have crazy fans, but Aditi is obsessed. He asks Aditi not to trouble her. Aditi says he is lying, this recording isn’t fake. Nandini asks do you have proof that its his voice, I explained you before, don’t blame any respectable man without any solid proof, its not right. She says sorry, maybe Aditi is in tension because of suspension orders. She asks Aditi to take a break, she really needs it, she won’t do any other stupidity now. Shivaansh smiles.

Aditi goes. Shivaansh stops her and says I didn’t learn losing, you said this, do you accept defeat now. Aditi says you want to get rid of me, sorry, we will meet again. He says you will meet me in your dreams, sweet dreams. He goes. Dadi and Nani are tired after dancing. Radhika, Dhruv take care of them. Shivani comes and tells about everyone talking about her engagement. Dadi talks of her times, how girls were shy. Nani says today’s generation is different, Shivani has worn bridal dress and roamed around. Shivani says it wasn’t me, even my friend didn’t wear any bridal dress. Nani says I have seen someone in a bridal dress. Dadi says we all didn’t see, just you have seen her. Khanna takes Shivaansh’s clothes and thinks Shivaansh has won this jacket in new years party, I will give this for dry cleaning too. He gets a watch and says maybe its of someone else. Dhruv calls him and asks him to hurry up. Khanna keeps watch safely. Shivaansh comes home. Nani asks where were you. He says I was at photoshoot. Radhika says she is waiting for you since long. He asks who. They see Aditi. He asks you… She says yes, its me. Nandini says I got her here. Aditi smiles. Shivaansh asks Nani why is she sad. Nani says there are many ads these days, why do we need to pay for channels. Radhika explains the cable packages. They promote the star value pack.

Nandini says Aditi will manage responsibility of Shivaansh’s protection, you will be staying in this house. Aditi says I told you Mr. Oberoi, we will have many meet-ups.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ib looks like a football match. team king shivansh11 scored 2 goals now. Team aditi11 going to score 1 goal on monday. Very interesting. Personal body guard? Dont know what’s going to happen. Let’s see.

    1. Ibfan
      I think both football nd cricket between two’s…. interesting…. waiting for Monday.. come soon…
      Dono k tarshn dekhk ne ko mile g……

      Red shadi joda ladki kon h???
      Kon dushman aake beta h

  2. Today episode was just ROCking…
    Both are smart
    Aditi rocks shivansh shock
    Shivansh rock aditi shock….i love it😍
    Aditi looking good nd jsso also….

    Now she’s bodyguard of his😎.. always stay together nd also moment…

    Commissioner .. mujhe yeh smj nhi ate always shivansh ko support karti h andha ki tarah.. it’s irritating me..
    Aditi pr bi to believe karna chiye ab bodyguard bnna di😑…
    Waiting for Monday.. tarshn start ll Monday………

    1. Tashan**

  3. I really like aditi’s attitude. She is fighting back. Liked her tashan.

    1. Jeena
      I also like her attitude… ek dam mast…
      First I’m shocked than smiling….
      Rocking both……
      Now personal bodyguard

  4. Two days without ib. Guys atleast coments post karo na.

    1. Nithu
      Yeah two days no ib…
      Mein bi soch rhi rooz comments karo iss page pr….
      Kl meri exam khtm hogi toh free…
      Aap bi karo comments mein bi..okr
      Now gd night

  5. Dont know who is Shadi wala ladki? But only his assistants handle shivaansh’s phone. Without their knowledge call history kaun delete karega ? I think someones trapping sso

    1. Ibfan
      I agree with you..som1 trapping jsso…then suddenly a watch come out his jeakts… what going on i really don’t understand it….but interesting more
      Today i like aditi make-up…
      Pk toh nhi sso ko trapping kr rhi h??

  6. Hi arish nessa i dont think its pk. Because he came only one epi. I think this is someone related to shivika murder. I am sorry. When i type shivika murder i feel a emptyness. Because no one can fill their place. What to do life ko age badna hai.good night. Finish your exam first. Then come back with a new energy. All the best

    1. Ibfan
      Gd morning nd thank you

      I think, jsso ko koi pesnd aagye ho or shadi karne chah rhi h or dhulhan dress m kaise lggta h try kar rhi wild imaginations😋😋😊…..
      Let’s see what store story for us…
      Have a great day

  7. Hhhhh very interesting now the show will begin between sso and acp

    1. Jonna
      Yeah… quite interesting story..cop vs super star……..

  8. I never watched ib but now when I’ve started really loving it. I’m so happy that acp will now live with oberoi’s…
    Mzaaa aaega😋😋

    1. RV
      Welcome our newly dib…. keep watching… enjoying track….
      Take care

      Finally romantic moments arriving near.. I’m so excited

  9. Good morning everyone
    Have a great day…nd me also😎😊

  10. Ishqbaaz was a my fav. show till mid- 2017. And I really loved watching it. Then I became quite busy with my work so I didn’t see and serial or didn’t get hooked up by any news but now when I see it… I can say that it looks the present series is a type of repeat telecaste of the previous script. I guess it would have been more interesting if shivaay and Annika would have a dedicated daughter and a fun loving guy would save her.

    1. Sally
      There is no shivika story anymore this one is shivaay s son who play shivansh…new story..
      Generation leap hui h ishqbaaz m …
      Or new story dikha rhi Hain

  11. Sodo

    Firstly Shivaansh is PURE EVIL!
    And Aditi shown so stupid! She has the video of Shivaansh talking to her, so what more proof does she want of her innocence.
    The writers may be dumb, but audience is not so dumb… Please make the story more plausible!!

    1. Sodo
      Ib writer alwyes dum….

      But early decide nhi kar sakti aage kiya hoga…so wait karna hoga

  12. Hi sodo welcome. I think its too early to judge anyone. I dont think shivaansh is evil. An evil person cant love anyone selflessly and unconditionally like shivaansh loves his family. But he surely got attitude . For every action there is an equal reaction. So wait his turn will come to pay the price.

  13. Hey arish nessa what is dib?

    1. Ibfan
      Dinchak ISHQBAAZ shot from is dib😄😄😍😍

  14. Welcome to the family sally. I agree with u. Its looks like they are repeating the same story. But its too early to decide. But i really dont want a forced marriage again. Its full of tension and pain. I cant watch it anymore. Three sabardasthi shadi dekh chuki hu. Arnav khushi shivika do bar. Ek aur sehan nahi hoga. Makers kuch nayi sochiye

    1. Nithu
      Wait wait.. imagine k liye..abi bi tym h dekhkte h kia hota h…or mujhe lagta nhi iss baar bi force shadi hogi..hui toh I’m very very disappointed……

  15. Radika problem kiya h??
    Aj k sgs m dikhya h ki
    Angad k bua n radika se chosma utrr liya or sso ne bacchya h..or rishte tor di… I’m feeling bad for radika……

  16. Arish nessa I too feel bad for her. Such a sweet ladki hein. Dont know whats stored for us

    1. Ibfan
      Yeah.. I’m just angry this moti bua😣😣
      Mann ki sar podr do.muh torr do
      Or dadi kyu request kar rhi h uss moti bua ko.huh……

      Isse yeh dikha rhi h ladki wala h toh ladka wala k haath pair jodu thaki woh log man jyi😥😣😣😣😣

  17. I think something bad in her kundli? But oberois never believed in such things

    1. Nithu
      Why people were believe such things yr… I’m just angry with bua😣😣..jsso is supporting her
      And i want to a good bonding with aditi😍…….

  18. Are they repeating same ib story. In ib also bhavya was frame as a corrupt officer and she had to leave the job on the order of commissioner.she was framed by rudra and here it is shivash who framed aditi.
    Writers we are waiting for fresh and interesting story line no need to add salt and sugar to the previous one
    I think commissioner is very sideline towards shivassh always takes his side no matter what
    And Aditi it is accepted from you to be four steps further than sso.

    1. Ajabde
      Few things really repeated but i think few more days ll wait what store story us….
      Commissioner alwyes sideline of jsso I’m feeling bad it but kuch nhi kar sakte h..wo shivaans ko bachpan se jnnta h isslye… commissioner k baat isllye man rhi h aditi Usko family k liye paise chiye…
      And u r new than welcome our DIB family m

  19. Ajabde if you are new to this page welcome to DIB family…

  20. Commissioner ko poora sach nai pata isliye. Mujhe lagtha hein unhe shak hei ki koi sso ko attack karega isliye aditi ko appoint kar di like bodyguard. Waise unki asli bodyguard to nikamma hein…(khannaji jr)….ha ha

    1. Nithu
      Yeah correct
      Bhai ji k piche hi reheta h bodyguard khanna…ha ha ha ha
      Shivansh k whole family were wonderful….cute cute momnts hote h

  21. Exactly they are very cute.i wish no one will change into negative character.

    1. Nithu
      Ib m koi negative nhi hui h
      Dib m bi koi negative nhi hoga….
      Bss bahr Wala hi hota dushman

  22. I have a doubt. How old would be dadi and nani. 90 or 100. They dont look like that old.

    1. Serial m shb kuch hota h…..mar k bi zinda or zinda ho kr bi death…ha ha ha

  23. Good morning everyone
    Happy Sunday….

  24. Goodmorning and lovely sunday..

  25. Good morning DIBians

  26. Gm😊😊😊😊😊
    Only 1 day left
    Can’t wait
    Weekend mera K9 dekh kr nikl jata hai so ib ki yaad utni nhi aati

  27. One day left more
    Mujhe wait nhi ho raha hain

  28. Weekend is boring. 2 days without ib. Ib is the only serial i am watching. In starutsav they stopped telecasting ishqbaaz. Many sas bahu serials are there. Even ipkknd telecasting in starplus at 4pm. Starutsav please telecast ishqbaaz old episodes you will get trp.

  29. Ishqbaaz is very different from other serials. The grant set. Versatile actors. The dialogues are the best. They have to bring the old masti, unity and all again. And guys please keep watching ib on tv. Without trp starplus yeh banth karega… Cant imagine…

  30. Mein sirf itna janna chati hu ki pehlewale log jo ib ke time pe comment karte the vo kaha hai?? I’m missing them badly… Lutfa di, arpu di, lax di,, mujhe auron ke naam yaad nhi kyun ki mein bohot time baad comment kar rahi hu… Ap aajao na vapas… Apko yaad hai mein maansi ke naam mein kabhi kabhi comment karthi thi… Shivaay aur anika ke ishqbaazi ko koi replace nahi kar Sakta😭😭

  31. Hey mansi. Welcome back i too miss them badly. If you are reading this luthfa arpitha banitha and many more others mein ap log ki dard samachthi hu. Hum sab shivika ko miss karthe hein. No one can replace them. But look at the bright side. Ib khadam nai hui. Ab bhi chaltha hein. Ap log please vapas aajayiye. Ap ki bina yei pariwar adhoora hein. Pleaaaase. Pretty please?

    1. No one comes here bcoz they are surbhi fans nd also shivika fans ….dib m jo nakuul fans vo log dekhk rha h….iss km chla na hoga hume.
      Trp needs more please jo log dib dekhk h eo log tv pr dekhiye

  32. I love the acting of manjiri not only manjiri but all the other actors present in it in present situation. The problem is they took generation leap in a sudden.As a viewer, i wish the return of Kunalji. The bold and caring brother, loving husband and obedient grandson. Ishqbaaz was a delicious dish created visually and kunalji was one of the main ingredient which adds taste to that dish. It’s really hard to digest when came to know that Ishqbaaz taking a generation leap”Ishqbaaz pyar ki ek dhinchaak kahaani” in a sudden. As a viewer, Nakul was firstly seen as Shivay in Ishqbaaz and accepted him as the same.Shivay was a caring brother, caring son and a caring husband.The parental love and scoldings he provide to Om when he tries to kill himself and Om apologising to Shivay for what he did was really great. Wow! what a bromance that still left us teary eyed,SHIVOM combination really GREAT.OMRU combination equally good. SHIVOMRU combination “the best”. Dil bole oberoi was a good turn. It was not fair when the character soumya quitted because a very good chemistry was present between Rudra and Soumya and accepted them as a fixed couple since its shown that they are traditionally married and it’s shown that Oberoi’s gave importance to such traditions and still changed the pair of Rudra.The Om and Soumya bond really well as sister and brother. Really miss that too when she quitted. Even though Mansi did the role of Acp Bhavya very well the chemistry between Rudra and Bhavya doesn’t reach the level upto that of Rudra and Soumya. Now in the case of shivika and rikara, a very good chemistry was present between them. The dadi’s character was also soo good.The love and care between the brothers, the cast selection and the chemistry between the actors was the main plus point of the show. The costume selection for various functions was really great which was different from other shows. The second turn was not much good in which Anika and Shivaay meeting through a different situation.It make little bored but still accepted because by that time the actors and actresses took a place in our hearts due to their physique and acting talent. Don’t know whether it’s right to say or not,start from where you stopped, it’s a request as a viewer. Its shown that, a priest or some one like that separate Anika and Shivay to two ways, eventhough it seems like a fairytale we accept it since it’s done by the same talented actors who already took a place in our hearts. Now please make them meet at the same place and bring them back to old shivay and anika in such a way that priest got satisfied and happy and he failed in front of their love so he blessed them by bringing in them back to their old life as old Anika and Shivay itself. Let Ishqbaaz go through different circumstances without any ups and downs for a few years by giving a chance to the brothers to show their cute bromance and bonding,the romance they are having towards their wives and the love and care they gave to their dadi and parents.As a viewer i am sure it will have more rating than expected but if it’s going in the present situation don’t no how much rating will it get and it’s so sad to see when the Ishqbaaz serial which placed in our hearts faces such a bad situation,totally disappointed in the new generation leap turn.Dont know who all agree with me.Even though this suggestion it again seems like a fairy tale, I am sure all the viewers who love ishqbaaz will be happy because they will get back their old ishqbaaz and the magical feeling which they gained from the beginning of ishqbaaz.That’s not enough please bring back the same characters with the same cast . The 7 colours together make the rainbow beautiful,similarly make ishqbaaz beautiful through same bromance, same romance, same caste, variety costumes, same love and care, same Oberoi mansion, same title “ishqbaaz” and finally the last request telecast it at the the same time😜

  33. Yip yip
    50+ comments
    Congratulations everyone
    We r reached half century……

    Phele wala ib ko koi replace nhi kar sakte Hain
    Newly dib is something else….
    Don’t compare with old ib bcoz this one is new everything…new Face new character………..

    Just hope next week trp ll increase..

  34. Mein ap ki bath mein sehmath hai. Past is past.we cant swim against the current. As an ib fan yein hamari farz hein ki ib ko support karna. No matter what happens. So guys sub kuch nayi suroo karthe. So watch ib on tv and keep posting coments..

  35. I hope makers give some interesting story line.

  36. Hope so

  37. Hope yr..dib k kuch interesting ho..
    New girl is entering love tangle
    This gonaa excited…..

    Just looking forward….

  38. Hope so .ok guys 50+ coments… Good job… Gud n8.

  39. Don’t know i am imagining so far. Hope next week we get a pool wala scene… Good night..


    Hamari nandini
    Actually it’s exciting for some fans if ib but I’m lile😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵kya kahoooon

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