Ishqbaaz 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra proposes Bhavya

Ishqbaaz 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra asks Bhavya to listen, he loves her. He proposes her. Veer says marriage and celebration will happen, you will be the bride, I will be the groom, you will become a widow tomorrow. Shivay counts notes. Veer says this poison is amazing thing, a person gets killed and murderer remain a mystery, Shivaye is really rich, money will be the cause of his death. Some time before, Shivaye says its good you told me everything, I have called him. Shivaye holds Anika and asks what are you doing here. She holds her neck. She asks didn’t you go. He says I came back, come I need to talk to you.

Rudra comes home and calls him out. Shivaye pats his cheek. Rudra asks what’s this way to slap and welcome me. Shivaye hugs him. Rudra asks him why did he slap him. Shivaye takes him out and shows Bhavya. They

have lunch. Rudra joins them. He says I understood why Shivaye slapped me, don’t know what Bhavya told you, just listen to me. Anika says why don’t you have this rice, don’t waste my hardwork. He jokes on Soumya. Shivaye says Bhavya, Soumya told me about a duffer who misbehaved with you. Anika asks what did he do. Bhavya says he was younger to me, he had an issue about my age, he misunderstood me and doubted my character, he has broken my trust and heart, I thought he has feelings for me and is just doing stupidities, I was wrong to trust him. Soumya says she decided to settle abroad. Bhavya says I wanted to meet you two before leaving. Anika and Shivaye says its good, why should you care for such a person. Rudra interrupts. He asks them to listen, its not needed. Bhavya says we should leave. Rudra says I broke your heart, I m sorry.

Shivaye asks is it done. Anika says sorry doesn’t work like this. Shivaye says say whatever you have in heart, come on. Shivaye asks Bhavya to come. Rudra shouts listen to me, please stop, I love you. They all smile. Rudra says I accept I m an idiot, feelings are like maths, I understood it late, I m really immature, I know you are older than me, but it doesn’t matter to me, I love you and will always love you, please don’t leave me. He proposes her for marriage. He says don’t refuse, you know my suicide track history. She asks are you mad. Soumya asks her to answer Rudra. Bhavya gives her hand and says I will marry you. They clap. Bhavya and Rudra hug. Anika hugs Bhavya. Shivaye says it would have been better if Om and Gauri were here, they don’t know Rudra has become an Ishqbaaz too, I m so happy for you, I hope this brings much happiness. Anika says red color will be dress code in the marriage, three bahus will wear red outfits. Veer says marriage and celebration will happen, you will be the bride, I will be the groom, you will become a widow tomorrow, you will wear the red dress, but first you will wear the white dress tomorrow.

Shivaye receives a parcel and says its Veer’s parcel. The man asks him to collect the parcel on Veer’s behalf, its very imp. Shivaye calls Veer. Veer says its an imp parcel, you receive it on my behalf, I m very busy. Shivaye agrees. Veer says there is cash in the parcel, just count it for me. Shivaye says okay, I will do it. Shivaye asks the man to come in and wait, till he quickly counts the cash. Veer looks on. Shivaye counts the notes and asks why are the notes so sticky. The man says don’t know, I just came from the bank. Anika asks what’s this. Shivaye says Veer gave me this task to count the notes. She teaches him to count money by applying saliva on the finger. He says that’s disgusting, normal people count like this. She says fine.

Om says its good you are back Dadi, how was your trip. She says it was good. Tej asks Pandit to come. Dadi asks did you keep puja at home. Tej asks Pandit to start preparations. He says its Gauri’s Shraddh. They get shocked.

Dadi asks what are you saying. Om says I know she did a mistake but… Tej says mistakes don’t happen often. Om asks Jhanvi to explain. She denies. Dadi asks Tej did he lost his mind. Tej says Gauri is dead for me, Shraddh is done for dead people. Dadi asks Om to say something. Tej says either Gauri or my Shraddh will happen, choice is yours. Om says its my mistake that I couldn’t manage business, you do my Shraddh. Tej asks pandit to start. Pandit says sorry, I can’t do this sin to do Shraddh of a living person. Gauri cries.

Anika asks Shivaye to count notes quickly, its easy. Shivaye says okay, got it. He counts the notes. Veer smiles and recalls sprinkling poison over the notes. Veer says this poison is amazing thing, a person gets killed and murderer remain a mystery, Shivaye is really rich, money will be the cause of his death. Anika asks Shivaye to pull out his tongue. She smiles. Shivaye says I have counted it, I think its fine, you can go. The man leaves. Shivaye stumbles. Anika holds him. She says you didn’t had medicines, I will get it. He says I need to talk. He takes her.

Dadi asks Gauri not to worry, she will talk to Tej. Tej does the Shraddh rituals. Om shouts stop. Tej completes the rituals. Dadi and Gauri cry. Tej says from now on, Gauri is dead for me, she is no longer my bahu and your wife. Om gets angry. Dadi holds him. Tej and Jhanvi leave. Om hugs Gauri. Rudra sits to have a sandwich. Shivaye stops him. Rudra says I m in love, I know I shouldn’t eat carbs, I have applied organic peanut butter, its fine. Shivaye says I m not talking about toast, did you book Mumbai tickets or not, you are marrying, you have to inform family. Rudra says I will inform them. Shivaye says there will be much work. Rudra says I will do everything here, there won’t be any function in Oberoi mansion. Anika asks him to think about his mum and dad’s dreams. Rudra says my happiness lies in you. Shivaye says happiness is where the family is. Rudra says you are my family. Shivaye asks what about Om and Gauri. They get surprised seeing Om and Gauri. Gauri cries.

Shivaye asks Om what happened to Gauri. Om says Tej has done a bad thing. Gauri says Tej has done my Shraddh. Shivaye says no one can snatch your rights as long as I m alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    That was a delightful beautiful episode with oldy scents of the serial’s soul… Finally it’s about ishqbaaz… It’s about obros… It’s about Anika’s mimics and antics, shivaay’s so SSO avatar disgusted by the licking finger act… It’s about Omkara/Tej hate and Gauri’s status in OM… And last not least the Rudy’s turn in love…
    Rudvya proposal… Oye Rudy baby, this shaking crying voice when you get emotional always catches me and I gave up in happy tears for you??? it was as if he was my little brother turning ishqbaaz… Maturing and settling to marry a classical proposal so meaningful and he’s the first one in the three brothers doing things in right order , declaring love then propising then marrying (if he will ever reach marriage with bhavya, news are saying that Saumya will not accept it and will make everything to ruin their love story because she turns negative and still loves him )
    OK… Shivika… Funny turned angry moment counting money, shivaay looked like he never did that ,???? of course, he’s SSO … But brrrr…. Veer fridge guy tanga balli… He’s killing him … ??????
    The cursed mansion… Tej blo*dy Singh oberoi… How dare you ?????????????????????????? Om I would prefer you punch him hard in face, but OK… You at least took Gauri’s side and reassured her and ha… it can seem you’re so pacific toward that mr oberoi, but fact is that you didn’t leave home after Shivaay’s exclude but you did for you wife and love ???????? love us acts no words… Love you for that ????????
    Looking forward what coming next… Segments are showing Rudvya’s engagement party and shivaay scolding his mother for what happened with Gauri…
    TRP are decreasing but I’m all hopeful for the upcoming events, i feel Ishqbaaz is returning to its basis ?

    1. Banita

      How r U dr???
      Yehh our old ib was back in many sence but still miss something like our old Obro moment nd Rumya’s cutee fight… I dont belive in spoilers nd hope this spoiler story also fake ho becz i dont want to see Soumya as negetive…

      1. MAHIRA

        Hi dear and thanks, feeling a bit better ?
        Yes we’re badly missing our Rumya and I’m a fervent rumya fan, and still believe that truth is other… I still hope bhavya is the 3rd kapood sister and in her pure negative avatar, saumya would just be protecting him just like Gauri and before her Annika did … Rudra would then follow his brothers path to be ishqbaazi, forced marriage first then hate and misunderstanding for finally love…
        I read a small anlyze on FB very “true”:
        Shivaay proposed tia, did they marry? No
        Om proposed ridhima, did they marry? No
        Om proposed swetlana, did they marry? No
        Daksh proposed Annika, did they marry? No
        Ayan proposed saumya, did they marry ? No
        So real ishkbaazi passed by unconventional way, why would Rudy’s love be different?

    2. Banita

      Mahira ,
      Ur replay make me a little happy… Hope it comes true nd we get our Rumya backkkk…

      1. MAHIRA

        let’s pray for this to be the actual track ^^

      2. Hi Mahira dear,
        Hru . U said correct . Obros never propose their better half nd know ther value before.nd wish wt said turns true. Hope so.

    3. Hi Mahira,
      Go Mahira Go.Congratulations on being first.That Tej is one kind of an inside villain for his family.Sometimes I don’t understand what he actually wants.I am expecting some horrible scientific experiments on Tej by Savetlana.Only she can bring him on track.Omkara is not going to do that for the time being.Anyway,hope you are fine and doing well.Take care?

      1. Me too read those in Twitter.Hoping that actually happens.Finger crossed….

      2. MAHIRA

        Actually Omkara’s behavior has changed a lot toward Mr. Oberoi aka his so behated father… I mean, even for Shivaay’s vanvas, Om was so calm compared to himself before… you know before what? before Gauri’s presence… Om has always been a very sensitive person but whenver it comes to his father he transforms to a sort of anthagonist of himself, no more calm and poetic Om but a ball of anger and hate about burning everything in its way, no one could handle this in him
        But I feel him changed, and I just hoped that Gul could give enough space for his life, his couple on screen because I’m sure this change is due to Gauri’s presence, just like she was able to bring the artist in him back, she actually succeeded absorbing his anger and hate, he treats problems much more maturely avoiding useless confrontations with his father
        Still I would prefered it’s more shown on screen, like in yesterday episode, why don’t they show how he decided to let Oberoi Mansion, why make him directly reach Goa as if they just run away without any confrontation and most of all, why don’t they give Jhanvi the deserved treat from the son who kept protecting and supporting her, I don’t need a confrontation with Tej as much as a confrontation between Om and Jhanvi… why can we see Shivaay blame his mother (segments) but nothing between Om and Jhanvi… this so unrealistic!
        Ok Shivaay is the great wall SSO, he’s protecting everyone and all and we love this side in the story, but just … why cvs are unable to handle a character to the end, just like the “damzel in distress” unexpected avatar for Anika, the “spineless Om” face to his parents deeds… both are so alien … really hoped cvs were able to handle all the characters together … the story would not be just good, it would be perfect!

      3. Mahira,
        Om and his relationship with Tej would require so little to understand and we know why.Om has taken the behaviour of Tej for granted towards their family and its members,be it anyone.The artist inside him needed inspiration and his inspiration was his brothers.Now Gauri is also included in it.Now it seems that he is thinking,to talk with Tej is fruitless and a waste of energy.But he has some duty as husband also those he can’t ignore for anything.Son and husband have totall different view.Son can’t overshadow the husband where there is no reason to be.Yeah Om and Jhanvi should confront and if it happens then many more intense stuff is waiting for us.

    4. Go mahira go!! Yeah real ishqbaaz have always been in the unconventional way.. I just hope rudra recognizes somu’s efforts..

      1. MAHIRA

        thanks dear 🙂
        and I just hope so too *cross fingers*

  2. Tantalizing Tuesday Evening to all my Khidkitod GPKJs !

    Today’s was enchanting episode except Tej’s disgusting part.

    Aaj dhin all the three Obros were perfect Ishhhhhhhqbaaz & supportbaaz to their made for each other better halves. Love my Ishqbaazis and their Ishq. ????????

    Lovely episode esp. today’s first part. Shivaye bhaiya’s cute pat & hug of Rudy and their avoidance of Rudy while dining and atlast THE MOST AWAITED RUDY BHAIYA’S LOVE CONFESSION & MARRIAGE PROPOSAL TO BHAVYA & HER ACCEPTANCE & THEIR HUG was my breathtaking part of today’s episode.???????

    SOWMYA’s character is still an ungraspable & unpredictable one whether she the protagonist or antagonist (Kapoor’s 3rd sister) of present Ishqbaaz?
    VEER & TEJ still irritating & disgusting with their day by day new plans & deeds. Today Tej & Veer completely annoyed us with their act by performing last rituals and chemical murder attempt.(We don’t spare this against you both. Mind it.)

    Dadi’s return was good to see. Rudy bhaiya so adamant for his marriage to be held on Goa and also Rikara came to Goa’s Shivika mansion, soooooooo excited to watch their shaadi masti track in Goa. ????

    Precap -Let’s hope Shivaye bhaiya not only protect Gauri but also his whole family as always as the great wall SSO and also to protect & care for himself.

    Good night to all my Grand PKJ walas with luscious dreams! ?????

    1. Hi Shivya,how are you?Missed you a lot.I hope all your exams were very good.Episode was very intriguing.Something big is definitely going to happen.Too much tension.Let’s see where the story is going further.

  3. Hi…..????? meri khidkitod Grand Pkj walas!
    First of all my belated birthday wishes to my dear Dhwani Naidu. Let my almighty bless you with all your wishes. Sorry for my late wishes.

    Shanaya thank you so much as you said you will be there for me till last. Love you a lot. ❤❤❤❤❤ Waise how is Suhana?

    And meri Arpita, Banita, Luthfa, Prabha di, Pushpa di, Nikita, Mahira, Zara, Janu, Chaithu, Chavi, Omaira, Aastha, Janu, Jeni, Riya, Ss ,Sneha, Misha mikul, yaars, (sorry if I have left anyone) with lots of love and loads of hug to all.

    Hi Billuji and Abhishek bhaiya!

    How are you all? I missed you all to the most extent for a week. Hope you guys had a good time & good start in this new year.

    And thanks to all my good hearts & well wishers those who all wished and blessed me for my exams. I have really done well with all your wishes & God’s blessings.
    And I read all your analysis esp. Arpu di’s chapter analysis & Banita dear’s analysis. Loved it yaar. I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Luthfa di- Loved your daily analysis on different themes with the cast’s inner voice. Keep enlightening and enhancing us with your analysis and writings. Love you from the core of my heart. ❤❤❤❤❤ Take care. ☺☺☺????

    And Best of luck to all my Pkj walas those who are preparing for your exams.

    Good night all my Pkj walas with my hope to see all your comments on Ishqbaaz page in TU. ???☺☺☺

    1. Thanks a lot yaar shivya ??

    2. Banita

      Heyyy Shivu…
      How r U yr???
      Awww!!! Thank U dr… Miss U nd ur comments also…

    3. MAHIRA

      Thanks dear ??

    4. Thank u so much shivya… u too dr.nd yes she is fine?????

    5. Awwww…You are very sweet like honey.Thank you so much.Love you.God bless you?

    6. Hii shivya……
      I am fime what about uuu I miss ur comments toooo

    7. Hiii shivya ?
      I’m okay and you ❤

    8. ItsmePrabha

      hi are you..?hope your exams went good..good to see you back..

  4. Banita

    Heyy PKJ….
    First week trp of this year.. Again IB lost it’s trp… TRP is just 1.6 , rating decreased more 0.2 compair to last week…
    Nd we can find many reason behind this dropping trp of ib….
    One of them is very less Rikara sence which is nothing compaire to all Shivika sence… Nd noo Ruvya sence… Many Rikara nd Ruvya fans r dissapointed becz of this nd i can understand their pov also… Becz as a Shivika fan we got upset when we got less Shivika sence which is very rare…
    IB starts with 3 brothers love story , but we never got it becz CVS failed to show 3 brothers love life parellaly… Whatever it is , i just want to say to all fans , all means Shivika , Rikara nd Ruvya all becz at d end of d day we all r Ibian… Plzzz WATCH IB ON TV… Already IB is on scanner list ND if lossing trp is danger for show… If IB go off air then there will be no Shivika , Rikara or Ruvya… Rikara story is now proceding slowly nd Ruvya’s track also start now… So keep paitence nd KEEP WATCHING IB ON TV… If U watch it on hotstar then also try to watch it on TV at 10pm…

    1. MAHIRA

      Wanted to say that Arabic fans installed the channel via a special application so watching will be counted on trp , lot of did it from today on, let’s see if it will help
      And hopefully CVS will carry on with the current track with the 3 couples… Ricara’s kiss was a big deal and most of the other couples fans were so angry that was predicable that trp will suffer from it

      1. Banita

        Is it…!!!????
        Becz i think trp rating is count on d basis of Indian viewers only… But i m not sure about it…

    2. You are absolutely correct Bani.Cvs and their partiality are ruining the show but they are not caring at all.Don’t know what they are thinking about the drop of trp.Seems like we fans are only have concern for it.

      1. Banita

        Yeh Luthfa , same.. Only we fans r concern for dropping trp… It doesnt matter to cvs…

    3. Bani!! Hi!! How r u?? How was your exams?? Yeah, few rikara and ruvya fans are tired of not seeing their fav couple story.. Now that aniri are together in Goa, CVS cud bring their past revelation.. Am sure that wud increase trp as we all are waiting for it..

      1. Banita

        Hii Dhwani ,
        I m good yr… How about U???
        My exam postpon to 29 jan dr…
        How about ur exams???
        Yeh just hope cvs bring Aniri track in a better way…

  5. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    CHAPTER 29.
    So today is all about 2 things with planning plotting.
    1 realisation of love and confession
    2 surrounded by Misunderstanding and Breaking of true realation…
    With some 2rupee planning plotting.
    Mr Rudra Singh Oberoi now realise his love..and confees it credit goes to soumya and shivika…and he confessed it.No offence to Rubhya fans..but stil if soumya was there in bhabya’s position. ……???????? ??.after shivika Rumya are my fev couplebut no rumya so now rikara in 2nd list..
    If they don’t want to show Rumya then what was need of bring her.just to break our heart.GULNEET i will never forgive plz don’t ruin her character making her negative. Plz plzplz..
    Veer’s kill Shivaay..can i get my old anniback..pretty plz.
    And In MH Tejvi are gone mad..i don’t want to say anything about them….i just want to do antim sanskar of tejvi.. specially Janvi….
    Thank God Rikara are here….now plzdadi ko le aao
    .bhi sab khush raho..baki ko chod do wahan chilane ke liye ..andha kanoon ki kanoon dekhne ke liye..insane people.
    Precap- TGW of Sso….
    I think i will not care about trp…i know we can’t think.about show offair..but still this trp is doing our gangaram..
    I don’t our Show like other i mean jab log bole ki iss show ko off air ho jana chahiye.
    Yaa toh interesting track chalaye rakhe..jaise both trp aunties and online viewers dono khush rahe… ( likePARI TRACK)..
    But show ki chopsi na kare..koi track nahi mila toh show ko ek good note ke saath end karde..but hamari show ki izzat ka faluda mat kare… ( I didn’t want to write this..but i saw one tweet and this thing came to my i wrote it….i have no intention to hurt anyone) don’t take it seriously. ..
    Ok byy.

    1. Banita

      Heyyy Arpu…
      I just hope Ruvya vi hume impres kr paye… Becz i dont think in future hume Rumya milne wale hain…

    2. Hi Arpita,
      Yeah you are right.All is in planning and plotting mood.Tejvi have gone nuts of high quality.Because of them Rikara are suffering unnecessarily along with Dadi.Heartless people!I agree with you.Makers should have taken this matter seriously.We are worrying for trp but it’s their job.Our BP get shoot up but they are so relaxed.Don’t know what SP and makers are thinking.

    3. Hii arpu!! How are you?? You are right.. If saumya’s role was just to play Cupid they shudnt have brought her back.. We can’t see her negative.. It wud hv been better if she hadn’t come back coz it’s tough to see Rudy proposing bhavya in front of saumya.. Let saumya be his past.. Why bring her back and change her character..

    4. Hi Arpi dear,
      Hru. the ques from u n ll the rumya fans. Y didthey bring somiya back. Wen nt rumya. Ya gul is beaking our heart. Which is too bad. Tc

  6. Aashika

    What an episode. Don’t know what will happen to shivaay. Little scared??. Love Rudy’s confession for bhavya but it will be more interesting if he confess to saumya. What the hell is happened to tej he did the shraadh of gauri…. How much to tolerate this psycho and modern raavn. Just finish this vanwaas soon.plZ a humble request

    1. Hello Aashika,
      Yeah me too is fearing the same thing.That Veer is very dangerous.But our Shivaay is SHIVAAY.Nothing will happen I am sure.Let’s see.

      1. Aashika

        Yes u r right nothing will happen to him becz he is SSO

    2. Hii Aashika, I just hope this vanvaas doesn’t get similar to Lord Ram’s vanvaas.. I don’t want shivika to separate.. Me too want this track to end soon yaar.. How many months have CVS planned to extend this track??!! God only knows…

  7. Innocennt love is the most pure and beautiful emotion of this world.A baby and his or her innocent love provoke much more emotion inside one’s heart.What they want to say or convey no-one can understand.We just get mesmerized by their cute and lovely gestures.Their feelings are very much vocal and visible,be it anything we love to assume it as their emotional confession for us especially parents.As parents are mature,they can decern anything out of their babies ambiguous emotional expression.They don’t need any assurance.Rudra is going to marry Bhavya perhaps.He is claiming he loves her.Is he hundred percent sure regarding his feeling?He is showing the most deeply felt emotion of his heart but there is much ambiguity in that special feeling.Looked like he forced his heart to accept those feelings.Love doesn’t happen like that between two grown up person.It’s a natural flow of heart to heart.If there is any force which makes it happen then it will take little time vanishing from one’s life.But seems like Rudra is too innocent to understand this……..

    1. Hii dost!! Missed you so much yaar.. Thanks a lot for your wish dr.. Yeah we will surely meet in this lifetime?? and am praying for it..
      Rudy proposing bhavya but with ambiguity! Rudy accepted his love only after MU with her got cleared.. He didn’t love her with all her imperfections.. He was attracted to bhavya just becoz she seemed to look like a weak timid girl and he cud show off his “strength”.. But she was way ahead of him in strength, maturity, age as well.. And this hurt his male ego.. And now when MUs got cleared he has this guilt and suddenly accepts his love for her.. Did you mean these things??

      You analyse things very differently from what I could think.. When I write this comment, am so much confused myself tht I am not sure with what words to use to express my thoughts.. You are such a gifted writer.. No confusion and the flow doesn’t stop.. Love you soooo very much dost ???

      1. Hi Dost,how are you?I missed you too soooo….much.Love you a lot.Hope you have enjoyed your birthday with all the happiness and satisfaction?☺?☺?☺?☺
        What you write are actually reconing my comment.Perhaps I have made it difficult this time.Rudra and his love for Bhavya is like a child’s love for anything.It doesn’t bother anything or think about consequences at all.It’s love is pure but not logical.Rudra and his love are suffering from maturation.It will affect him latter which he is not understanding for the time being.Bhavya is some kind of lollipop to him at this moment that he wants to possess like a baby.That’s it I wanted to mean.You have explained it very well with their concept of love.Thank you so much….Awww….That’s the spirit dost.We will compell God to make it possible for us.As love is more powerful and we are going to utilize it.Love you dost.Waiting for that day?

      2. Yeah me too waiting for that day dost… God pls God.. Make me meet my dost..

    2. Banita

      Luthfa dr,
      Ur imagination is always unpredictable for me… I m very poor in english nd ur comments always inspiring me… Superbb wording yr…

      1. Awww…I am your inspiration?So kind of you.I am honoured.Thank you so very much for the compliment.Love you.God bless you?

    3. Luthfa,
      You are amazing your writing skills. Oh wow!!! What poetic style and in-depth feelings of analysis. Wished I had more time to pen such words but time is a factor as it is working time.

      What great penmanship you have!!! Kee it up.

      1. Hi Sindhu,
        Time will never permit anyone to do anything.We have to manipulate it for our betterment.Just give it a try and I am sure you will be successful.Thank you so much for the compliment.Love you.God bless you?

    4. ?????? this is superbly amazing ?
      This is really deep … How do you manage to write soo well
      It’s beautiful ❤

      1. Awww….Thank you so much Omu baby.Love you a lot.God bless you?

  8. Hello everyone
    Nice episode. Finaly all 3 bros are there. ………. ?????Rudy propose bhavya okkkkkk but soumya? ??????? Is she one of kapoor’s sister lots of confusion ????????????
    Nice precap shivaye supports gauri ????????
    Please stop this vanavas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l can’t see this anymore #####And veer too much irritating to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee 100%
    Luftha………. thanks for for ur caring.?? I feel better now and but l feel so sad that because of this fever this l miss past 2 days episodes ?????

    1. Banita

      Heyy Jeni….
      Hope now u r fine… U missed 2 days episodes… But Why fear when Hot star is here….
      Yeh hope this Vanwas track will end soon…

      1. Hii Banita
        l am fine now .Yaa sure l will watch it on hotstar……..Thank uuuuu for ur caring.

    2. Hi Jeni,
      Yeah so many things are going around.Don’t know whom to trust.But story is looking very intriguing.Let’s wait to see what happens.You are most welcome dear.And take care.God bless you?

    3. Hii jeni!! How r u yaar.. Belated welcome to our family.. Am sorry dr.. I know am very late.. Get well soon.. Take care.

      1. Hii Dhwani_ Naidu
        l am feeling better than before and thank u for welcoming

  9. Seriously!!!
    I think CVS are doing injustice with Rikara and Ruvya.
    I mean shraadh is of Gauri so it should be Om and Gauri should solve and not Shivaay.
    I mean he is also nice but CVS should do equal justice to all three couples with Shivaay a little upper hand.
    I really want that Gauri should expose fake blindness of Tia.
    And that’s all for Ruvya Love story??? I smell something fishy here. Is saumya third Kapoor sister?? Maybe.
    Shivaay, Om, Rural are name of God shiv.
    Gauri is name of Goddess Parvati. Is Anika and Bhaiya are also other names of Goddess Parvati??
    And coming to veer. Bro evil can’t defeat love.
    You are just human.
    Let earth sink into darkness. Let all evil starts running on earth. Let all evil souls become loosen and starts terrifying humans with terrible sounds. Let the evil soul starts giving bad feelings to heart of humans and laughing in weird ways. Then also a single ray of light is enough to terrify those evil souls. Just like you are terrified. Nothing will happen to Shivaay.

    Where is Svetlana, Abhay, Prinku, Randhawa, Sahil??

    1. Banita

      Heyy Rahul bhaiya…
      I also want that Rikara should unfold Tia’s truth… I always want that Shivika will solve PLR , Rikara will solve Tia nd at d end all d couples together will solve Kalyani mill’s mystery , but…..
      Yeh Anika nd Bhavya also different name of godess Parvati…

    2. Hi Rahul bhaiya,
      Makers themselves are in confused mood and are doing dimag ki dahi of fans.I think they are responsible for dropping of trp to a great extent.They should have understand that for whom they are running serials.But they always take our emotions for granted and have their own way to deal anything.By the way,nice lines on love vs evil.Nice thoughts.

    3. Hi bhaiya.. Now that rikara have also left OM, I don’t think there cud be anyone who wud expose Tia.. She will continue with her deeds.. And let tejvi suffer for what they had done by trusting her..

  10. Hiiioi everyone
    How you’ll doing??

    Can’t wait for the episode after sooo long we get to see obros together
    I can’t really comment about the episode coz I haven’t watched it but hopefully its ??
    What’s with the poison part ??????????? omg I hope ntg happens to shivaay ???

    Take care

    1. Banita

      Heyy Omu…
      I m gud… How about U yr??
      Nd when u watch ib??
      Yaa just hope Shivaay ko kuch nahi hoga…

    2. Hi Omu,
      Episode was in the planning and plotting mood.Poisoning is scaring me too.But I am hopeful that nothing will happen to Shivaay?☺??

  11. I don’t know why they brought soumya back in ib and why they married rudra and soumya
    Hate this episode
    When rudra proposed I felt very bad about soumya …
    Hating ib now a days…

    1. Makers are ignoring both the feelings of the fans and characters.Sigh…

    2. Same feelings yaar.. Anyone cud have played cupid in ruvya story like how shivika helped rikara.. Why was it to bring saumya back and show her negative..

  12. Banita

    Now coming to epi ,
    Soumya nd Bhavya both r backkk… But soumya as Rudy’s friend nd Bhavya as Rudy’s love interest… Truly say I m a little upset with it… I have no problem with Bhavya but Ruvya as a couple always give me michmichi wala feeling… But we can’t do anything becz now it’s 200% sure that Ruvya is our 3rd lead couple nd we have to accept this fate… Nd I m ok ok with it… BTW it’s just a fiction story to which we all r attach a little more and will proceed as writer’s mind set Nd i hope we will love it also like our other two couple Shivika nd Rikara…

    Shivru sence was Cute… Shivaay first slapped Rudy then hug him…. Aww!!!!!
    Wow!!!! Today Anika made food..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say now Anika is perfact GL… Khaana bana dia yr , which is biggest task acc to me….
    Finaaly Rudra proposed Bhavya… Nd everyone happy with his decision including Soumya… Bhavya nd SOumya both r looking Gorgeous….
    PLR’s next move… Chemical in notes… But why nothing happened to Shivaay…!!!!!!?????????????
    Anika looks Beautiful with her green nd black out fit…
    Ani – India mein sb ase hi ginte hain… LOL… Sahi baat hain…
    Dadi is back from Haridwar..
    Tejivi disgusing… He did Gouri’s sradh… Shame on U both…. Just waiting when they both repentance for their ugly dids….
    Feeling bad for Dadi nd more for Gouri.. But happy that his Jatadhari hippy Omakaji is with her… Stand beside her nd support her…
    Now Riakra also in Goa… I think dadi will be also there soon.. Then it will be perfact family… I have no problem if there will be no Tejvi becz always Shivaay take care of Rudy as a father nd mother both , he is his super man , his O also there , his lovly , cute dadi also there including his 2 caring Bhabhis…
    Precap – Again NO PRECAP on TV…
    Gd Nt PKJ…

    1. Hi Bani,
      To be honest Soumya was looking like a cute daughter of Shivika while hugging three of them.For a change Bhavya was looking so pretty in yesterday’s episode.Om and his feelins should surface in the right time for right person.Cvs are and their character butchering program is going on and on.Everyone should join Shivika except some Senior Oberois.I hope that PLR don’t create any big problem for Shivika.But as whole family is together I am sure they will find some meaningful way to tackle him.
      P.S.Thank you so much for the compliment of previous episode.Love you?

      1. Banita

        Haan yr Luthfa… Om didnt say anything to Tej when he did his wife’s shaard… Me also dont like that part… He should take a stand for his wife…

    2. Bani dr that chemical is a slow poison.. May be it will show its effects tomo.. Seems like our Dr.VPC has got help from his scientist sister swety ???

      1. Banita

        Yeh may be… I think both brother nd sister r result of some wrong chemical explosion… Lol…

  13. I have really written a long comments. I just wish that moderation uncle don’t reject my comment.
    @ Arpita . No I don’t watch naamkaran and Ishqubaaz on TV. Actually I don’t watch TV. Sometimes I watch Ishqubaaz, Yrrkh, Yhm on hotstar. Actually my hostel don’t have TV. And i think that it is vasudeva kutumbh ( we are one family ) and athithi devo bhav ( Guest are like God ) . Sadly these days sanskrit is dying. ??.
    And emotions are not more than my height I am tallest in my family. ???
    @ Luthfa so sorry and no hard feelings. Conversation is closed. And seriously bhaiya?? All these days I was thinking that your age is 25???. I know Girls don’t disclose there age. This I will never understand that why they don’t!! ?? Scientists are doing research on this topic. ??. OK cute little sister. Your comments are always awesome.
    @Banita. You also?? I was thinking your age to be a married girl. Seriously ????. OK my little sister. ?? I got little shocked when you and Luthfa told me that I am up bhaiya. ???.
    @Shanaya and all those having exams all the best everyone!! Rock ur xams!!
    @ Omaira well thanks for Bangladesh but I am from India.

    1. Rahul bhaiya,
      Thank you so much for understanding me.Perhaps you have invested so much time to analyse my comment that you ended up concluding my age as 25! I have just completed my 20th birthday two and half months ago.See,it’s not a big deal that you are involving scientists in it.Anyway,I will address you as bhaiya as I don’t know your real age even your name.You are also like us girls when it concerns age or real identity.Hehehehe…….

    2. Banita

      How can U think like this….!!!!!!!!!! Seriously…!!!! From which angle my comment looks U a mairred aged girls comment…
      I m telling U bhaiya , agar galti se vi ap kabhi mere samne aagaye na toh pakka main apko maar dene wali hun….
      Now dont talk with me , ur little sis is angry with U #gussa wala cute pout#
      Nd I m not possesive about my age also, I think almost everyone know my age here…

    3. Hii bhaiya, its perfectly fine to say basudhaiba kutumbhakam like how you said vasudeva kutumbh.. She had added her language touch to it similar to the hindicised way of spelling “vasudhaiva kutumbhakam”..

  14. Zaveesha

    Hi pkj peoples…..
    Hello to everyone here…
    I’m here again after soo many days…
    Welcome to all the new members….
    Nd best wishes to everyone who has their exams…

    Today’s episode was good…I like the shivru moments…nd Ruvya part was also nice..waiting for some fun moments amid Ruvya marriage…
    Take care peoples…
    Nd watch Ishqbaaz on TV…

    1. Hi Zaveesha,
      How are you?Missing you a lot.Be regular yaar.If cvs are willing to pay attention then we can expect some high level drama along with family moments in this marriage track for Ruvya.Let’s hope for the best.Take care.God bless you?

      1. Zaveesha

        Hi Luthfa…
        I’m fine…I’m also missing u all…I’m unable to be regular due to some reasons…will try to comment here often…
        Yeah I’m hoping for the best for IB…
        Nd yess I’m loving your opinions nd comments…
        You too take care of yourself…best wishes..

      2. It’s absolutely fine dear.But do comment if you can.Love you.God bless you always?

    2. Hii zaveesha!! How r u?? Welcome back.. If you could, then keep commenting regular yaar..

      1. Zaveesha

        Hi Dhwani…I’m doing good…
        Belated happy birthday to you dear..
        I’ll try to be regular..

  15. Don’t know what has gotten inside Omkara.Seriously,your father was doing final ritual of your wife and you were shouting like a helpless statue?Gauri and her respect even her existence got ruined and you completed your duty through shouting.When you said whatever Tej told to Gauri in anger and he didn’t mean those words.Really?He said so many things for Shivaay and you defended him infront of your father’s ceaseless attacks.Is not Gauri anything to you?What about her emotion and rights?Tej would not change for anyone and would not back off to harm any person who is a threat to his personal interests.You know his nature very well.Yet you thought he will change his mind?How wonderful! And why should it always Shivaay who will shoulder your part of responsibilities?What about you as you are her husband?Before it’s too late show that you are not spineless.Change is diffcult to accept but ultimately it brings something good for us.Change your silent treatment towards Gauri’s emotions.It will only benifit you in return…….

    1. ….benefit you in return.Oh this special problem!When you will stop following me?

    2. You are right about Omkara silence. Even I also don’t liked his this attitude. I forget to write about this. And about his responsibilities I have written in different way.

      1. Rahul bhaiya,
        Omkara is not only Tej’s son,he is Gauri’s husband also.He has some obligation towards her.He should take those seriously and not for granted.And I have read your version.

    3. Luthfa I also agree with Om’s silence. When Tej transferred some shares to Om without Shivaay’s knowledge in the past, he shouted and gave a piece of his mind.

      Now his backbone is not working or what? Why he didn’t throw the pot and tell him not to interfere with gauri’s affairs? It is Om who is supposed to get furious with Gauri cos Gauri is Om’s responsibility and not Tej. He has his own life. Tia is an irritating fool. The more I see her the more I feel to throw the whole pot at het.

      1. Hi Sindhu,
        Absolutely and completely agree with you.All point is in perfect place.Tia is nothing but an eyesore.Cvs and their typical problem.

    4. Omg dost!! I didn’t read this comment of yours before posting mine!! Omg!!! Same thoughts yaar.. But the way you have written what you felt with rikara yesterday is faaaaaarrrr far better than mine.. Just like i said No confusions and the writing flow doesnt stop..Love you so very much dost.. You inspire me to observe and analyse well..

      1. Awwwww…..Dost,see we have telepathic connection.I am so happy.Najar na lage(to our friendship).Thank you so so so so much dost.Love you?

  16. Nikita_jai29

    Good comments dear luthfa…
    Agree with you arpu dear..
    Hii ishqies…. Episode is mixed with all the emotions…. And I’m in very sad mood to see tej foolishness and soumya sidelined by cvs… Cvs are the main cause of dropping trp of Ib.. First of all they introduced rumya… And then from nowhere they changed and make ruvya… Now this creates a lot of confusion and fighting for loving pair by fans… And at the end some of devotional fan of their admiring pair just quite the show to show their power and willingness… To see their favourite pair…
    Keep commenting and keep watching ishqbaaz dearies…

    1. Banita

      Heyy Nikita…
      Fully agree with U about fan fight… Cvs is d main reason behind all these things…

    2. Hi Nikita,
      Agree with you totally.Makers are responsible for the inter fandom war.Exploiting our emotions mercilessly.This Tej and his actions always confirm his insanity.Don’t know what they are going to show through Soumya this time.And thank you so much for the compliment.Love you?

    3. Hii Nikita!! Yeah a few fans aren’t seeing IB coz they aren’t seeing their fav pair together.. It’s so saddening tht this will cost their fav pair and the serial.. If Ib ends none will be able to see their fav pairs.. So why cause its end?

  17. Heyyy guys ??

    Okay so the episode was FAB???????????
    Felt really bad for gauri ? can’t imagine what she went through …
    Rudra proposed to bhavya ?? okay but what about Soumya like has he forgotten her or smtg can he not remember that he got married to her and performed that ring ritual where they both took the ring out at the same time how can he just move on what about the feelings he had for Soumya??? Wheb they brought rehaan he was affected didn’t he think about Soumya when he proposed to bhavya however I’m not giving up I still believe that rumyas story will be taken forward coz no one really knows he’s married sumo so having a little bit of hope …?

    DAMN ANNIKA LOOKED GORGEOUS IN THAT GREEN OUTFIT , ????????? I loved her overcoat it really complemented her I loved it ????? i seriously want smtg like that but fully covered but there’s a great chance of not finding the exact same thing ?? but I will look for it ?

    Don’t wanna talk about tej

    Can’t wait for upcoming episodes just a little scared about the poisoning part ?

    Take care , sweet dreams ?

    1. Hi Omu,
      Rudra is an Oberoi and as a true Oberoi his marriage will be in question always with or without being married.Applicable for all the male Oberois except Dadaji perhaps.I am hoping cvs give us some worth watching scenes and family moment along with couple romance especially Shivika.Let’s wait for it.Take care?

    2. Hi omaira!! True that rumya had all those ishqbaazi symptoms.. And I don’t remember ruvya having one… A part of my heart wants somu to move on as she deserves better and another part wants some bride swapping drama to happen at ruvya mrg and I want rumya to get married..

  18. Banita

    Omu dr ,
    Everyone in OF know about Rumya’s wedding becz their marraige vedio was discolsed in front of everyone when Rudy was ready to marry with Tej’s some business partner….

    1. Wait whhhhaaaaaatttttt ..??? when was this so all this time I kept thinking that no one knows he got married to Soumya ?
      then why is shivaay supporting him being an elder brother it is his duty to make him understand and bhavya also has the right to know that he’s married ??

      1. Becoz CVS have asked him to be so ? Woww.. What if bhavya comes to know that rumya were married before.. Will she sacrifice her love?? That wud be great right?? Am waiting for rumya marriage..

      2. Banita

        Omu only cvs can give U answer of ur this question…

    2. Hiii ?

      I’m doing great❤

      I watch ishqbaaz at 22:00
      In India it’s most probably 01:30am whereas here it’s 22:00

  19. Hello everyone, I liked Shivika and Rikara part. Anika teasing him on licking the notes and Om is standing by Gauri and willing to leave with her since Tej declared she dead.

    I thought today’s episode was both a little scary and emotional. Scary cos the licking of the glue is going to kill Shivaay slowly. It is actually slow poisoning and very slowly takes effect. They imitated this licking poison from an old Englsh movie.

    Emotional is cos Tej just did the last rites without caring for anyone’s feeling not even giving thought to Dadi the elder. Poor poor Gauri…

    Apart from this veer really needs to go to mental asylum. He is super super scary. He is worse than Dhaksh.

    I hope nothing happens to Shivaay which I know nothing will but it is still scary to think what will happen in Friday’s episode.

    Rudra proposing to Bhavya does seen a bit rushed and jumping into marriage. Tej will not agree as Bhavya is connected with Shivaay as well. He would not like Shivaay to make decisions for his son. I am not so sure whether the marriage will take place.

    1. Hi Sindhu,
      Those are similar thoughts on my part also.Tej is Tej and he is not going to change for any damn reason.But Om should have taken some serious actions against his father as he is troubling and hurting Gauri for his ego.Yeah Ruvya marriage decision is taken in haste and I also think so.

  20. One thing does not add up. Why did Shivaay even count money for Veer? Ok he wants to be helpful. It is so much of money and you would not want to do it for someone else. Collecting on behalf is fine but Veer has to do the counting. Shivaay really trusts veer so much. I expected cvs to write in a manner where he is sharp and careful about trusting veer. All have let their guards down.

    As for Rudra, he is still immatured and I feel there will be definitely problems in Ruvya marriage. Bhavya I thought was matured. They already separated for awhile and I expected Bhavya to tell him to get to know each other better before my jumping into marriage. I Don’t what know what is going to take place thereafter

    1. Hii sindhu.. Shivaay has so much trust in this veer tht he listens to whatever veer says.. And either Shivika are super detective or completely clueless..

  21. Hii pkj!! I have this very serious doubt. How could shivaay be in Goa mansion without a single servant. He was used to having many servants to do work for him. Shouldn’t shivika be having tough time doing all the work on their own? And I see shivaay doing everything but concentrating on his business. For any startup the initial phases are very important. But all I see is shivaay doing drama to trick villain, chase komal, romance anika.. Now there is an engagement.. Where does he get money for all this?? Shouldn’t he be devoid of money after all his shares where transferred to omru? So if he has so much money to arrange a carnival, why not hire one trusted servant?? He is a businessmagnet.. Doesn’t he have one money damper sponge?? Seriously, counting money like that is disgusting. How many times wud hv tht ₹2000 fallen? All tht dirt goes to the mouth.. ??
    Omkara?? How can you think just shouting at your father will stop him? Who knew him better than you? Were you waiting for him to complete the ritual? Why didnt you stand up against your father like you always did for shivaay and your mom? The only thing you did was comfort gauri and leave the house. I just wished you would spoil all those arrangements. Now to me my rikara looks like an impuissant couple.
    And Rudy totally forgot saumya? She had done so many things for Rudy and to OF. Remember flight hijack, kamini torturing her, and now playing Cupid for ruvya.. She was taunted by rudra lot many times from being called moti to accusing her of cheating their frndship. Now when she does him a very big favour he doesnt even thank her.. Saumya you deserve better..

    1. Hi dhwani dear,
      Hru. hope u hv enjoyed ur b’day v.well. think u hv rocked ur exam. I agree with u on rudra case. Tc

      1. Hii Jeevi!! Am fine dr.. How r u?? Thank you for wishes dr.. Yeah enjoyed very well dr… Exams two more to go after pongal holidays.. Take care yaar.. And yeah, Happy pongal in advance..

    2. Banita

      Agree with ur pov about Omru… But about Shivaay , SSO can do anything that he want… Cvs Shivaay ki super man part ko thoda jyada hi serious le liya nd all these r fruit of that thing…

      1. Hii Bani.. Yeah dr.. Sso is being portrayed like a Superman and just to make him look normal they show us him being clueless at times.. And you are right.. Swety and VPC are the result of some wrong chemical explosion.. Lol.. Thts why they are still connected to chemicals and experiments.. Hehehe..

    3. Hi Dost,Serials don’t follow the rules of real life no matter what.They can arrange anything anytime anywhere.How Shivaay is managing all those things is another mystery like KMF.Wow,you and me having same thought on Rikara.Awww…It’s really great.Yes Soumya deserves better but I am sad thinking about her.Let’s are what happens.

      1. KMF?? What is that dost? Yeah I think I hv gotten too far in comparing real life and serial life. And my brain, time and again, forgets tht IB doesnt follow logic.. Yeah dost, telepathy of course.. Nazar na lage to our friendship???.. Love you so so much meri dost.. Ohh dost don’t get sad thinking abt saumya.. CVS may have surprises for us.. Only God knows.. Let’s wait patiently..

  22. Sindhu,
    In IB and in every serial cvs always follow the rules of reverse current whole developing a story.They will go in their way if trp is concerned.Makers and channel are after trp and we viewrs are suffering because of that.Rudra and his courtship with Bhavya would be a great one.In that way we can see what is Rudra’s inner thinking about his marriage with Bhavya.But cvs have decided to make them married couple.Their story has potential as it is a serious issue like age difference in their case.This can be a changer of stereotype mentality of our society as to the age of marriage for girls.Let’s see what cvs are thinking but not in this way I am sure.

    1. while developing…

  23. Hi my khidkitod pagal ishqies sweet gud mrng all of u…..I am so so so happy because of today episode….shivomru ek saath dekhe bohuth Khushi mili hai….today episode was fabulous …it like our old ishqbaaz charm wapas aagay….I am so happy for our cutiepie sowmya back …but literally I cried when Rudra proposed Bhavya infront of sowmya…..I can’t bear this yaar…..I can’t still accept ruvya pair……forgive me if any offended guys………Omri was nice….my shivika…asusal khidkitod scenic????????……… Shivaay bhaiyya in red shirt so handse?????……❤????❤❤…..chaitaan ki bacha veer how dare u poisoned to my bhaiyya……don’t dare to harm my shivaay I will kill u……..shivomru saath hai ab tum kuch kar sakta mera shivaay Ko………I wish rumya pair hojaye and Bhavya is the third sister of Kapoor’s sis…..but this was ruvya mrg so I am not interested in it….. I have been only watching for my khidkitod shivika shivomru and aniri……….I am sure upcoming shivika scene will be fabulous………I don’t want to talk whats happening in oberai mansion…..all r such an irritating parents…poor dadi…I hope dadi bhi Goa mein aajaye shivomru ke saath…..

    1. Hii janu!! Yeah dr Rudy proposing bhavya before saumya was very saddening.. Rudy never recognized somu’s efforts and all that she had done for him.. Even yesterday he didn’t thank her for bringing back bhavya..

    2. Hi Janu,
      ShivOmRu are inseparable part of their life.They are always awesome.Yeah it’s really diffcult to see Rudra with Bhavya infront of Soumya.But what can we do.Shivika will definitely teach that Veer a tight lesson.Hope so.

  24. Hi guys . Dont know to feel happyr sad of somu di entry. Dont how other feel but i was feel v.sad n michmichi wen rudy was ws proposeing to bavya. Rudy come on ur love angle n lucky cham is somiya.
    Coming to OM happy dadi came back.
    Tej ur just disgusting n irritating.
    Hope rumya b the jodi.

    1. Yeah dr… Want rumya.. Let bhavya and abhay get married..

  25. hi guys
    trp is low this week…pl guys KEEP WATCHING IB ON TV…pl support
    Hi shivya how r u
    exams are over … miss u in tu page..
    waiting for wedding track with obro’s and o’bhus with fun filling track.
    happy pongal holidays for all.

    1. Hii chaithu!! Yeahhh pongal is coming!! But unfortunately its also my study holidays.. Need to study even during festivals ??

    2. Hi Chaithu,
      Happy Pongal to you too dear and to all GPKJ members.God bless you.And waiting for the wedding track to commence.

  26. Rudy is shown as insensitive towards Soumya which is very unfair and selfish.How can someone be so ruthless ?Even Shivay and Anika are least bothered about Soumya..Its really disgusting.

    1. Hii jane.. Completely agree with you yaar.. This Rudy is so selfish.. Never bothered abt somu..

    2. Jane
      It’s one’s personal decision whether he or she will stay with someone or not.Because it’s their life after all.So final decision would be obviously theirs.Others can’t influence them.It’s their call to decide and accept.This is happening in Rudra’s case also.

  27. ItsmePrabha

    hello PkJ are you all doing??..and a question guys do you people remember this chirayya??got super busy with pongal preparations that i hardly get some time for i am free of all chores so thought to comment matter what i took some time to read all your comments.. soo taking some inspiration from Chavi dear..
    Dear Luthfa-i read all your analysis and here is what i feel
    on 5-‘your tears are breaking my heart and tearing my soul’ this line just stuck in my mind..
    on 8-the analysis about the sharpness of annika is a master piece of yours..
    on 9-the analysis on girls and the blind emotions is just awesome.”Love is supposed to make us strong but here love is making us wrongly emotional which is self destructive.Emotions are necessary but not with any compromise” loved this line like anything..and your thought on shivika representing weakness and strength equally is commendable..
    on 10-your take on TSO is amazing..i am telling you yaar you can seriously write a biography for him..
    and coming to today’s one ,you are a phenomenal writer and tumhari taareef karthe karthe hum thakthe bhi you..and your ananlysis as always..
    dear Dhwani-
    on 5-glad that i can be able to make you smile through my comments
    on 7-i know i am super late..but you know that its better late than never so here ‘s wishing you a awesomely happy birthday a belated one though..may god bless you with everything that you wish for..stay happy and stay blessed..hope you enjoyed your birthday like anything..
    you know what even i got the same michmichi feeling when billu is counting money in that way..
    dear Arpu- hope you are preparing well for your exams..your vanvaas analysis is commendable..
    dear Bunny-so your exams are postponed ..your witty analysis about the epi can never fail to bring a smile on my face..
    dear Aashika-welcome to this family..keep commenting dear..
    dear Rahul(Billuji)-ladkiyon se umar nahi poochthe.. par FYI you can call me by my di and all..
    now coming to this epi..i am super sad for my somu munchkin ..i cant see this ruvya scene no offence to bhavya its just that i always admired and adored rumya alot after shivika still i am having a little hope that the end game will be rumya ????..but loved the three way hug of shivika and somu shared..and super se bhi upar gussa on can you let all that happen and you just consoled your wife took her to seriously man you know how your dad i mean Mr. oberoi is as a person and you thought that he is just blabbering in anger..huh joke of the year dude…and you Mr. oberoi get a job man why are you wasting your time on this shraad or something jao aur uss tia ki haath pakad kar uski baathe sunte raho and you Mrs.oberoi wait i dont even want to tell you anything…and Mr.VPC to hell with you..and the precap is i donno what to say..waiting for the epi to air..
    lastly jiss jiski exams chal rahe hai ya phir aane wali hai unn sab ko meri taraf se “all the best of good luck”
    buh bye..

    1. Banita

      Awwww… Thanks Prabha , It’s nycc to know that my comments make u smile…
      Hope ur pongal preparation is full on roket mode…
      Btw How r U dr???

    2. Awww… Thank you so much prabha sis.. Missed you sis.. Yeah!!! Pongal is coming.. Pongal subhakankshalu sis.. Om thinking tej is just blabbering is exactly the joke of the year sis.. Hehehe

    3. Hi Prabha,
      First of all,lots of love,hug and kisses from my side as you must be tired out of all the preparation for Pongal.Off course,we remembered you.Now what to say the way you have written about my comment.After Chavi di and Shivya you have made me just speechless.Thank you will be so small infront of your effort.Love you so much.I am literally touched.But I want to so,Thank you to the power of infinity….And your comment about today’s episode is as always entertaining to the fullest.Thank you for making me smile.God bless you?

  28. Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow ??????
    92 cmnts!!!!hope it will cross 100??
    Go pkj go???????

    1. Now 112 yaar..

    2. Hi Shanaya,
      Yes GPKJ has hit century today after so many days.Happy happy happy happy,happy days are here again…..?☺?☺?☺?☺

  29. Hi guys…if anyone is to be blamed for low trp, its the cvs.
    They hit stop/pause/ change storyline when things get interesting…they never follow thru on what fans want to see
    Shivika romance n masti, Rikara romance n masti, Obro masti

    I getting quite tired of veer track….plz cvs plz dont separate Shivika, dont create Mu, promote Rikara romance, show Aniri bond and relation.

    Dont want to watch Fridays episode becos i know it will leave me depressed over weekend.
    Hope next week shivika crack veer and win with their love n strength

    1. Saw spoilers yaar.. Next week is totally gonna be obro maari..

    2. Hi Zara,
      You are absolutely right.Cvs are the root cause for every problem.Now waiting for the story to move ahead.Let’s see what happens.

  30. Thanks Lutha…⚘

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