Ishqbaaz 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says we have to find out can Shwetlana walk or not. Anika adds chilli powder in food and says now after eating food, she will run to have water, I have kept water there. Nurse serves food to Shwetlana. Shwetlana eats food and calls nurse for water. She stands up on her feet. Shivaye, Om, Rudra and Anika hide and look on. Some time before, He says fine, you all don’t want Shwetlana to stay here, she is in this state because of me, I promise her I will not leave her till she gets fine, we will stay somewhere else. Shwetlana says please no Tej. Jhanvi says you can’t do this, Om will shatter. Om comes and says I have no problem. Tej stops and sees Om. Shivaye, Rudra and Anika come there. Om says she can stay here. They all get shocked. Dadi asks are you saying this Om. Shivaye says we are saying

this Dadi, we three brothers took this decision that Shwetlana will stay here.

Rudra says she has saved our Papa’s life. Shivaye says its our duty to serve her well. Tej looks at them. Dadi asks do you all really want this. Shivaye says yes, after whatever she did, how can we let her go off easily, right Om. Om says of course, now its our turn to pay back. Rudra says it means return favors. Shwetlana sees Tia.

Rumi asks really, they have no problem, that’s shocking. Tia asks how did those three brothers agree. Om says its because of Anika, else we would have not noticed Shwetlana is behind all this. Rudra says they would have got shock by our decision. Anika says big shock. Om says I was not convinced before. Shivaye says but I think we took right decision. FB shows… Shivaye asks what, Shwetlana is behind attacks. Anika says yes, think who manages the security, its easy for her to buy staff and use them, I think she has sent Gayatri and Ajay, chemical was in coffee and slipper, since she came here, attacks are happening, there is direct connection with her, Tej’s car collided with Shwetlana.

Shivaye says she has a point, maybe enemy is someone else and planted Shwetlana. Om says I will not leave her, she broke our house and now tried to kill my brother. Rudra says we will make her speak out truth and send her to jail. Shivaye says no Rudra, she will not say truth, she will make lie a truth, we have to do something to bring her truth out in front of Tej. Anika says for this, we have to keep an eye on her. Shivaye says its possible if she stays here.

Shwetlana says those brothers are not so good or foolish to keep me here, I think they doubt on me. Rumi says maybe, else its impossible that Om asks you to stay back. Shwetlana says they will try to catch us red handed, we have to be careful. Tia nods. Anika says we have to keep an eye on her every move. Rudra says you said her slipper is burnt, she has put chemical in coffee, but if she could not walk, who is doing attacks on Shivaye. Anika says it means she is clever, she can walk and acting that she can’t walk so that she can stay here. Shivaye says we have to find out can Shwetlana walk or not.

Its morning, Anika hides. Rudra stops the nurse. Nurse says I have to feed Shwetlana, do you have any work. Rudra says no, I m body builder, I got hurt while workout, my trainer gave me medicines, tell me which one to eat. Anika adds chilli in food and takes water. She signs Rudra. Rudra says oh this one, fine go Shwetlana would be waiting. Nurse goes and gives food to Shwetlana. Anika keeps the water glass on side table outside the room and goes. She says now Shwetlana will eat food and come running for water, I kept glass there. Rudra says she can call servant for water. She asks did you find food spicy before. He says many times, when Shivaye learnt cooking. She asks would you wait for servant to come and give you water. He says oh, it means you laid trap that she comes out for water. Anika says then our doubt will get confirmed. He says you have become smart being with me. She says see how our chilli takes her down. Shwetlana eats food and shouts out to nurse for water.

Shivaye and Om come. Om asks did she come. Rudra says no, she will come. He says Shwetlana uth/get up….. He jokes its daily soap version of DDLJ’s Palat palat…. Om says we all are waiting, just you are restless. Shwetlana asks for water. She says does anyone keep water there. Anika says initials of abusive words and says I m not bad bahu to say abusive words in inlaws. Rudra says wah bhabhi, see what a bahu. Shivaye says this is nonsense plan, this won’t work, Shwetlana is clever, she will not get trapped. Anika says you don’t know the power of red chilli. Rudra jokes. Shivaye leans to look out and holds Anika. She smiles. He signs at her smile. O jaana….plays…… Om says she did not come. Shivaye gets away. Anika says she will come for sure. Tia comes there and sees Anika. Shwetlana says I think I have to go myself.

Tia sees Shwetlana coming out. Anika says come out. Rudra jokes and sings Aaj jumma hai….. Shivaye says guys, she won’t come. Rudra and Anika say she will come. Tia mocks to talk to doctor and signs Shwetlana to step back. Shwetlana lies in the bed. Tia leaves. Shivaye says enough, she won’t come, we are wasting our time. Nurse comes. Rudra says how did good plan fail. Shivaye says if plan was good, it would have not failed. Anika says maybe Shwetlana wanted to come out and got alert seeing Tia. Shivaye says Shwetlana is much smart, she will not get trapped in your plan. Om says even smart people make mistakes. Shivaye says we are wasting time, she won’t come. Rudra says she is coming. They see nurse taking Shwetlana. Rudra says this plan failed. Anika says so what, I have another plan. Shivaye asks what, you made new plan. Anika says not new, I made another plan in same plan, Shwetlana did not come out of room, so what, she would have roamed inside the room.

Nurse gives water to Shwetlana. Shwetlana asks who made food for me. Nurse says same cook. Shwetlana says so much chilli was added, water was not kept for me. Nurse says I kept water. Shwetlana says shut up, just leave. She says no one can add so much chilli by mistake, someone added it, and who has removed the water from the tray. Tia says Anika….

Anika, Shivaye, Om and Rudra enter Shwetlana’s room. Shivaye asks what are we finding. Anika says marks, see this…… this is the proof, our doubt was right, she is cheating all of us. Shwetlana asks how do you know. Tia says chilli was much in food, and water glass was kept in front of your room and Anika was keeping an eye on you, it was not coincidence, it was her plan, I think she wanted to confirm if you can walk or not. Shwetlana says I think she got doubt on me. Tia says its good I came on right time, we have to be extra careful of Anika.

Anika says this is the proof that Shwetlana can walk. Rudra asks haldi. Anika says yes, I have put haldi underneath her plate, so that when she holds plate to have food, haldi gets on her hand, it means she has come till the sofa, she did not come out as Tia came there. Shivaye says it means she can walk. Om says it means her injuries, her fall…. that accident was an accident. Shivaye says it was all planned. Shwetlana says Anika thinks she is very clever. Tia says I warned you before, but you and Rumi did not listen to me and took Anika light, she is biggest threat for us, so we have to kill her first. Shwetlana says no, its too late, if we make any changes in our plan, everything will get complicated, we can’t take risk.

Tia says Anika is biggest risk for us. Shwetlana says I understand, there are more ways to get rid of Anika, killing is last option, it won’t be needed if we make Anika out of this house and Shivaye’s life. Tia says you think its easy, its tougher to make her away from Shivaye than killing her, Shivaye does not hear a word against her. Shwetlana says but someone else will hear and listen too, Anika is bahu, and bahu’s enemy is saas Pinky…. and enemy’s enemy is our friend. Tia says got it and smiles.

Tia cries and says big tragedy was going to happen with me, Shivaye is with Anika, its Anika’s mistake, she makes him against me, I have to go to doctor for checkup and Shivaye does not want to go with me. Pinky asks why. Shivaye says I m busy. Pinky says I can see in which thing you are busy, you have time for useless people.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aarosh

    |Registered Member

    nice scenes btween obros and anika and vah they didn’t fail this time but i hope they will convince pinky some how nenu inko one month comment cheyanu and serial kuda choodanu gate exam ki prepare avutunna i miss this serial very muchhh byeeeeee

  2. Labiba

    cuuuteee anika nice episode nd just lv anika’s smartness💝 by the way I’m new here can I join IB family??

  3. Shanaya

    YAYY!! First 1 to comment… This epi was good and ruddy parts were freaking funny…
    Keep up the good work ib team

  4. Jaya

    |Registered Member

    I don’t understand om is lead actor or supporting. He was just given few dialogues..and lil expressions :-/ i know always it’s not possible to provide equality but…this show’s lead are shivomru na! Sorry if anyone got hurt from my words 🙁 , whole epi was lead by anika. Shivru were also active today liked that :-). Thank god!…finally…power rangers are confrm about svetlana that she’s not langdi ghodi. Precap: argh…suffocating!

  5. arshi

    This ia a not so good type of episode… Y the power rangers are doing everything so openly!!! I think they should listen to shivaay & make an unexpected plan… Otherwise they wont succeed… May be anika’s plans are good… But not enough to fail the nafratbaaz sisters… They need to put together shivaay’s thoughts,anika’s tactics,omkara’s patience & rudra’s support to make a perfect plot instead of throwing stones in darkness… Pinky is the best example to show how a mother can spoil her own child’s life…make it miserable… Just fed up of her… Plzzz give her some brains… God knows how can the son of this dumb lady have so much brains & be so perfect!!! Even while doing jaasoosi, our shivika didn’t fail to amuse us with their cute moments… Wish soumya was also a part of this plan…

  6. Jaya

    |Registered Member

    I don’t understand om is lead actor or supporting. He was just given few dialogues..and lil expressions :-/ i know always it’s not possible to provide equality but…this show’s lead are shivomru na! Sorry if anyone got hurt from my words 🙁 , whole epi was lead by anika because she is confident about tilana. Shivru were also active today liked that :-). Thank god!…finally…power rangers are confrm about svetlana that she’s not langdi ghodi. Precap: argh…suffocating!

  7. Chinni

    Hii ishquies,i am commenting after a long time due my unhealthy.Today’s episode is mind-blowing.Rudra’s comedy is just the cute scenes of shivika

  8. sanaya

    Superb episode finally shivay is trusting anika of her every word these power rangers are superb detectives……anika was looking very pretty……shivika romance rocks……

  9. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    thank god they found that swetlana is planing against them but they have the third of the pic , the other 2 thirds are hard to put together , no one will think that rumi has any relation with tia or swetlana so our power rangers need to be extra vigilant against tia and rumi
    its good that they know about swetlana without her having doubts , she does not know that they know about her truth lol
    probably next ep is when anika hurts her hand saving sso in the kitchen as said in spoiler so maybe he will not go with tia to the doctor ?? he does not have the smallest feeling for her pregnancy and her too , it became obvious she became a burden to him and the moment he starts doubting her its gonna be the end for her in the OM that’s why she is using pinky as last option to grab his attention

  10. Salo

    |Registered Member

    I really really really hate this pair of vamps to the core…but guys if we view it from a different angle villians are meant to be hated and the more they are being hated the more are they are said to be sucessfull…i really want to highlight that Navina Bole seriously owns a very good and positive personality and her acting is just fab but i seriously hate her character in the show…but honestly the track would go somewhat boring if these characters would be out of the show but but but i really want them to be out of the track but i seriously love navina bole as she is a superb actress but i still hope this nafratbazz track to end soon

    After reading the comment u must have thought that she is nuts but let me clear the consfusion actually I am not bad just mind is lost somewhere
    P.S-Hope omkara’s love life would start soon…fingers crossed

    • Samm

      |Registered Member

      actually i agree with you salo. i think the bonding between the nafratbaaz sisters is stronger than the oberoi family’s dynamic. if anything, the elders of the family should learn from them! as for their acting, i liked it in the beginning but now, it’s getting kinda tiring…. right?

  11. Nafisa

    Amazing ep Anika’s plan was awesome and a lil bit romance between critical situations really spice up things.
    Guys I have a news for you I donno whether it is true or false but I am sharing. I have come to know that Daksh will come back in Shivika’s life. He will escape from jail and this time he will also join hand with the Nafratbaaz to take revenge.

  12. Lax

    .It was AniRus day. They are so cute. I ve not seen such a cute devar bhabhi pair in any other serial. In fact Leenesh in his Insta has shared a cute pic of the Devar Bhabhi.

    The episode reminded me of that episode where all 4 were looking for Phukat Raja’s poster. How much I love that episode.
    And Annika double crossed, haldiwala plate, smart👍👍

    Shivay during that sneak peek was holding Annika on purpose right?? Just to see her blush. Shivay Chance pe Dance.. Aahaa..!! Shivay is like that teenager lover these days. Annika why does she melt everytime, why can’t she take it casually? Please don’t fall for it Annika.

    P.S.- Wish Om was also wearing something blue, that way the team would ve been colour coded. Team in cool blue.

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      Haha..lax..u know na..our Anika is a homely girl..when shivaay touches her large amount of current wl pass to her body..poor girl what she can do..btw always she tried her best to move away frm him..All went to vain…but this type of attraction keep them clse in a good and bad times..

      • Sumi.SS

        Haha..I just try to explain u abt Anika situtatn why she is losng herself when shivaay clse to her..I can explain this wth harmonics nervousness etc etc..being a die hard fan of Anika she usally say this as ektham current lagayi…:-));-))..

    • Archiya

      |Registered Member

      Lax dear
      True shivay is behaving lik teenager who likes to c his gf blush:) n v r also behavin same seein anika blush 🙂

      Sumi dear,
      Agreed Current flows 🙂

    • Samm

      |Registered Member

      it’s true lax, anika is so cool!
      btw, blue is my fav colour. so i agree with you that the team have been colour coordinated. 🙂

  13. Archiya

    |Registered Member

    The first 5 mins where the bross allow shwet to stay in OM was really gud, their dialogues n the camera focus on each person was superb..
    Shivay does agree with anika points but he shld agree that our anika is super smart.. he always tells tht her plans r stupid an it wont succeed… but usually her plans always succeed…
    ek plan fail hua toh kya hua.. she had a plan in a plan.. applause for anika.. i really liked it.
    I must say Shivay knows shwet much better, he knws that she is a player, bt wht he does nt knw tat r anika is a much better player.

    Anika called shwet KK… lolzz.. an shivay was so surprised wit that.. i reallly enjoyed the scenes wherein all the power rangers were waitin for shwet to come out..dialogues cool.. an as usual rudy rocked
    When shiavy came closer to anika…ufff..they were so near.. i got goosebumps.. an that too wit his bros just behind… Shivay is least bothered abt anyone now or wen he sees anika he does nt see anyone else present.. . Lax u were so rite.. its 10 pm watching effect:) they r making sure to add a little shivika in every episode.. which will keep us glued to IB

    One question i have though : If the 3 obros had nt allowed shwet to stay in OM, then Shwet wld taken Tej away an attacked OM from outside .. was that their plan???

    P.S : my today comment dedicated to dear Lax:) with P.S in style

    • Archiya

      |Registered Member

      Also this is the only serial in which in first attempt itself the power rangers came to knw wht they wnted to knw. Truth came out quite quickly n the plan did nt fail.. n shwet does nt even knw that the PR knw abt it..
      An yes I agree wht few ppl here r saying.. Om had very less dailogues.. bt I feel tat om need nt say anything most of the times.. his expression speak a lot

    • Lax

      See I told u 10 pm wala effect.

      I think right now Svets plan is to make Tej against his family, so that gradually the business may split or something in that line. And may b eventually getting married to Tej also. All this is possible even when they are together out of the mansion. To execute things inside mansion, there is Tia n Rumi ll join soon. This is just a guess.

      P.S.- And thanx for that special dedication Ha Ha 😘😘

      • Archiya

        |Registered Member

        Shivay does hve serious feelings fr anika, infact he always had, proof is his jealously towards Daksh n also his emotions wen anika was dying… its just tat ita gng to b tough fr him to accept it taking his khoon khandaan stuff into consideration. But ur rite he shld nt b playin around wit her,it will b easily mistaken fr love 🙁

      • Archiya

        |Registered Member

        It sure is 10pm effect, I think c automatically go into a dream type mode by 10, an sso getting close to anika makes us blush. N yes truly mar daaala

      • Archiya

        |Registered Member

        Also Lax, u may n rite abt shvet.. bt I feel she is the only one who is so totally focussed on her aim,tia is always busy wit jealously fr anika n rumi has nt yet entered shvt is needed in sumi said may b she wld entered one way or another

    • shahabana

      U are right guyz its 10pm watching effect.. Its gives us goosebumps….when sso gets close to anika….oh what to say just mardala

      • Lax

        Archu, Shahabana
        I don’t want Annika to misunderstand this for love. Love calls for respect first. And let Shivay develop respect towards her first n then do all this. Having said that, when Shivay touches Annika, I blush more than Annika😆😆 It’s just that I want Shivay to ve some serious feelings for Annika n not just playing around.

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      But Archu I felt 10pm effect whenevr I saw ur dp grll..soo cute..
      Yeah dr..but at that time Svetlana also nver expect tej decision..if they leave again she wl make some drama and surely she wl come back to OM…becz we knw so many time she put her lyf in danger and nw also actng lyk she get paralysed all this plans r only to stay in OM..then only she can makes her move easily to get her revenge.. her falng frm stairs drama is only to get more attention frm tej..and create rifts amid tej and janvi..

      • Archiya

        |Registered Member

        Sumi dear,
        Hw r u dng?
        Thks fr the dp appreciation. .. to keep the 10pm blush wala effect throughout,have kept the dp:)it seriously is cuteeeee..
        May b ur rite shwet wld hve cme bck to om one way or other.

        Have replied to ur comment on yest page nt sure u saw it..

      • Lax

        I saw the repeat episode also now. U are right abt the shots in the first 5 mins, it’s really good. Didn’t notice it yesterday.

        Abt Om, his dialogues were less coz at heart he is not fully convinced of letting Svetlana stay in the mansion. So that tug of war is happening between his head n heart. That’s seen in his expressions to an extent.
        Unlike others his character is well written I feel. Others are sometimes not in character. Shivay suddenly getting flirty and Annika’s self respect compromised for story sake. But Om’s character from the very beginning is kept steady without butchering much.

  14. Ananya

    Hello ishqbaaz family!…i used to be a silent reader till now..but after. Feeling that u all r really very sweet so i thought that even i should try to talk to u all…i would love to be a part of the Ib party & be friends with all of u…today’s episode was quite good…loved the nok jhok between anika and the oberos…waiting for more fun in the future episodes….

  15. jeni

    Hiii ..I’m a silent reader…can i join u ppl…today’s epi was just rocking ….anika ki raapchik dimaag…😆😂

  16. Aqua

    |Registered Member

    i am loving the shivikaomruoumya team-up.

    Guys, i am worried as GK have made a insta post saying something new is will happen to Om.

    I hope nothing happens to Om 🙁

  17. lara

    Wondered in this cat & mouse act, does Shivaye or anyone go to work, do Rudra go to college, or he is done. We see all are at home.

  18. Abiha

    Thank God that they got to know ….what they want to know….n now tia will b in their doubt also …i mean anika can think that may b she is wth swethlana bcz she knows tia’s truth.. if she doubt then obros definitally doubt…..happy for that…devar bhabhi rocked..

  19. Abiha

    Alll new commers welcome….lack of time not replying or mentioning everyone’s name….just keep commenting…
    Heyyyy alll my friends….sis…n bro…
    Hope all r fine…
    Gud morning…
    Have a nice day…
    N guys plz pray for my friend…she’s going for checkup…out of city…bcz city’s doctor said she is having blood cancer …plz pray…i know this site is not for this…but plz..

  20. Lijince

    Rudra was the star of yesterday’s epi…..haan…..Anika is always a star. But yesterday so much of Rudy charm right? But he forgot to call Sumo….why?? During that tyre puncture and glass breaking incidents they were partners throughout the investigation. Iss baar bhool gaya kya?? Not fair Rudy! And Power Rangers has to be in five… CVs should include Soumya in every plan hereafter.
    KK Swetlana…..Cheapdi Tia…..only in Anika’s dictionary…. 😀 😀 😀 And haldi plan was khidkithod…..I hope in today’s episode Shivaye will appreciate her for that plan!!
    Precap: Is it just another plan by NBs to harm Shivaye or Anika? I am sure Anika will soon find out that Tia is helping Swetlana.


      “I hope in today’s episode Shivay will appretiate her for that plan !”

      In yesterday epi, among three OBRO, he was only predicting her plan will get fail!!!

      When it found her plan got failed at first instance, he was first to react making his face funny in a very awkardly decent way!

      He never consider her talent!

      And that is the TASHAN between duo since first met!!]

      He loves her, care for her but can mever accept her talent !! It his manly proud which prevent him to do that most awaited APPRECIATION!!

      I hope, you will prove right, but I see a very less chance, rathar RARE!

      • SHEKHAR

        He got shocked and equally amazed to over hear her 2nd plan embedded with first plan! , and what it was?, was his anxiety and when he got the result of 2nd plan , he convinced over her doubts, but kept himself away from to give a appreciative look over her. He is shrewed, and expert to hide his any feelings boiling out of his heart and mind! So in my POV, utmost he may toss a appreciative smile at her, but no one will get it except ANNIKA!

      • Lijince

        Hmmmm…..true Shekhar…..probability of SSO appreciating ASSO is least likely to happen. But our Stone Singh Oberoi has changed so much yaar…..he gave gift to Anika, made her favorite breakfast, and most important doesn’t miss a chance to flirt with her. So I think our Sweet Singh Oberoi will surely appreciate Anika for her smart plan and that too very soon. And remember earlier when Anika saved Tej and Shakti from the CD scandal, Shivaye had indirectly praised Anika…..this was not that big, but definitely a crucial point in their investigation….so I have a strong feeling that Shivaye will appreciate it…..anyways let’s wait and watch!!

    • shahabana

      I agree Ligence they should add saumya too in gang power rangers….then it will become superb….
      And Shekhar also right he wont appreciate anika thats sooo easily….his male ego will wont allow him to do so…but hope ur wish come true ligence

    • Sumi.SS’s just their frst plan..lot of plots r remaing fr rotilana gang..surely sumo wl join wth them in a next plan..
      Sry fr the late reply..we r also wsh the same..if pregnancy track come true..we have to wait fr soo longgg time..

      • Lax

        I think Soumya ll join the gang when Romi is in picture. Let’s see.
        Guys, but see this spoiler video where Rudr is snatching Tia’s phone, to prevent Tia from taking the phone, he is passing the phone to Soumya, but she misses it n it falls in the pool. But in the video it says Soumya does it in purpose. I thot it’s coz it had Priyanka’s MMS. But in the IV Leenesh says it has something to do with her past. Oh God, what’s this now. Hope they don’t play with Soumyas character. Check the link.

      • Lijince

        Lax….what Leenesh said in the video, I think he’s just misleading the viewers…..he always gives such funny comments when asked about the show. Or it might be that it was their plan to throw the phone in water so that none of them will see the MMS. Let’s wait dear….

  21. shahabana

    I enjoyed the episode a lotz…..oerformance of the day goest to aniru…. Anika and rudra dever bhabi jodi kamalki…and shivaye baby he never leaves any chance to flirt with anika baby…. And ofcoourse shivaye swet is smart….but ur wife also no less….anika is super smart….and loved all 4 power rangers….do aby big plans guyz and teach a lesson to nafratbaazians…
    And precape ohhh no that stupid drama queen tia and double standard idiot pinky….whats wrong with this pinky…she gives valuable advises to tej then why she is not applying same formulas to shivaye…..why u are behind our cutipies shivika….plsss understood ur son pinky….

  22. Sumi.SS

    |Registered Member

    Hi guyzzz..good mrng all..when rudra said my life is full of same exprsn happiness in mine..woww nw a days I am also very excited to watch ishqbaaaz.I was really enjoyed ShivOmRu staring and amazng dialogues towards Svetlana..

    Episde was dedicated to best DEVAR and BHABHI..AniRu rocckkzz..both of them only can make any serious situation wth ful of fun..laughed lot..hw is that psble in serious moment we had a shivika romance..omg.
    Haha guyz did u noticed shivika exprsn aftr hearing Om voice..when they clse to eachothr forgetng circumstamces they r livngvin a rmantic wrld..Luring each other and the viewers too..
    I nvr expect yestrday itself power rangers /special squads /detective giri wr complete their mission successfully..I thought that at last Rotilana gang wl ruin all our cuties plan by their smart moves..but Anika what a plan really suprised..enjoyed their gang wrk aftr so long tym….wndrful episode..
    Creaters r always keeping tia char in safe line..what the hell..
    I must say frm the start to til nw yestrday precap was the worst one..but guyzz today we can see caring sso who is cmpltly worried fr his Wife..

  23. Renimarenju

    |Registered Member

    What’s going on ishqbaaz…..yesterday’s episode …..i just felt doubt that whether am watching ishqbbaz or CID……agent rudy-anika scenes offered the worth watch….but coming 2 whole episode….they didn’t show rumya and priveer …….and omkara……don’t know when they will start the track properly……and this nafrat baaz…….this psycho romi, reiki tia and crooked swethlana…….again and again they are playing evil games on oberois……and thank god …@ least yesterday…..anika’s plan worked……and they have doubted swethlana……..but this tia…omg!!!! that precap…….so pinky will behave like typical saas…….can’t believe it…… this the same pinky who expressed her pov @ women empowerment episode…that……she will argue…..she will tell without a rethinking… nothing sticks on her tongue….earlier she compared shivaay with om and rudy…….but that can be justified as she is shivay’s mother and she is more and more conscious and caring for shivaay……The same pinky is not able 2 find her son’s view……I can understand…..pinky mind will soon be deviated….if tia will shatter two drops of tears….and don’t know but i think it may….. lead to a big conflict among sso and his mother pinky……and she won’t listen anika also……..but if dadi will handle the situation….then too much dramas will not enter to show….and i really can’t see dramebaazi…….. And shivika moments were also too less in yesterday’s episode…..if they just want 2 show glance of all pairs….then cv’s should be able 2 show @ least 2 pairs….in per episode…….it’s just my view only……..Any ways…….hope all are doing good and think that am ok……so please don’t ask me the same question “how are you “….please…..
    Richu….i have commented and i have sent u pm…..its really difficult for me 2 comment……hope u are able to understand my situation…..
    Bye all Ishqies…..

    • Abiha

      Heyy d ….dont worry …just relax…its ok d …if u r not comfortable in commenting here…at this time….d plz…dont stress urself…comeback when ur heart allows u…take care…

      • Renimarenju

        |Registered Member

        Abiha……don’t worry……yaar…….pray well…….and ur friend will be alright…… and don’t bother for me….ishqie…….just because all are asking why am not commenting……as inspite of busy schedule……i always…..used 2 comment here……but this is my family also………..may be……apart from show related views……something will come……from……heart……and right now situations are worse 4 me,…..and i don’t want that ……..since i want all ishqies should be happy……..i am trying…..and will return soon……abiha……

  24. neha sharma

    Lax , just loved your comment. Sahi pehchana we r really sweet… 🙂 Hahahaha…Yess you guys r really sweet especially ur frndship with abiha, richu, shahbana, aqua, archiya , mouni n toooo many to list.
    And guys what d hell ..I don’t want anika to confess her feelings first …grrrrrrrrr….I just hope ..I just wish ki previous promos ki tarah ye promo bhi awain he ho …aisa kuch ho he naa except realization.

  25. Sejal

    Come on oberoi brothers.. Haven’t u got ur CCTV fixed again? If u did it wld be easy to see tia n shwetlana together. Time u ppl get s little smarter. Get a detective at home under the guise of a friend ..also get that CCTV fixed 1st.

  26. ishq

    hi lax di ..u r right shivaay should learn to respect her..he is simply playing with her feeling..he is showing love on her soon he wil become stone singh oberi n give heartbreak to her ..y is he doing this..poor anika.from first epi onwards he hv been hurting n making her cry..still he is nt realized his mistake for marrying anika against her wish n annoucing tia as his wife..nt even proper apology..nt fair..fist shivaay shd realise his mistakes n respect her..then comes love n confession

    • Lax

      That’s what. In the effort to portray Shivay as Stone Singh Oberoi, they are compromising Annika’s character which is my fav character on the show. Feeling bad abt it. But what to do??

  27. shahabana

    I dntknow when this kapoor sisters irritating track will end…..its good they end its soon otherwise it will become boring track…
    Whatca plan this nafrathbaazians done….swet wants to trap tej and wants to get jhanvis place in his life….if it happens then automatically omkara will also fall along with jhanvi….and tia wants to trap shivaye….rumi is behind rudra….
    Mrs.kapoor is genius thats why she trapped all tge mens in oberoi mansion using her three daughters…i think if oberoise had another brother mrs.kapoor would have given birth to another baby girl to trap him also….
    Im glad they where not showed that ridhima also this nafrathbbazians sister….they should end this track soon and shouod focous on omkara rumya priveer story….and also progress shivika story to

    • Lax

      I donno if it’s correct but the TRP is shown as 2.3 this time in some websites. Same as last time. Donno if it’s slot leader. I really thot TRP ll come down considering the nafratbaaz track . And also coz the episode is uploaded in Insta even before the telecast time.😬😬 next week, Zee is launching a new serial in the 10pm slot. So we ve to show our full support to IB. Star Plus is planning to launch some new serials also this year. If TRP goes down it’s going to b a problem.

    • Lijince

      Very true Shahabana…..this Rotilana and their mom are too irritating…..I think Roop and Gayatri were even better. And seeing this conspiracies of Rotilana, I keep thinking what would have happened if Robin aka Dushyant had not died? Tia would not have revenge against Anika….and she would not have made Shivaye responsible for her pregnancy. So would this Rotilana track happen in that scenario?? Because till then there was no hatred towards Oberois.
      I feel that this nafratbaazi track was not part of the story decided earlier… we have seen all enemies of Oberois are women…..Swetlana, Roop, Gayatri, Romi and Tia and her mom…why?? Because men are not available?? Maybe women villains create high TRP….

      • Lijince

        But if they don’t progress with Om’s story and Rumya-Priveer stories, then Ishqbaaz fans will really turn to Nafratbaazis….

  28. Abiha

    @Lax ,sumi SS n shahabana d…thnxx for reply …n surely d …at this time we just can pray for her…she’ll come back on monday or tuesday…so i have to wait for that day…but just praying …every thing should b fine…

  29. Ammu

    Abiha I will pray for your friend.I know what was the condition of blood cancer illness bcz my sister also had blood cancer now she is all right. And be positive your friend will be fine soon

    • Abiha

      Thnxx …Ammu…n yeah surely she’ll b allright due to prayers of parents family n frndss…the thing which makes me worry is that she uses ””m going to die soon “” in response of each n everything…which makes us disheart…m just having hope in God that she should b alright…

    • Lijince

      Lax….this article is 200% true yaar…..they have penned down the exact feelings of Shivika fans….so accurate! Loved it….

  30. Mini

    I’m really disappointed about trp because of premium and instagram uploading before the telecast because of this we are seeing this trp low
    And I hope next week will increase

    • Lax

      I really donno why the makers n channel are so careless abt the fact that entire episode is uploaded in Insta before telecast. Aaaagh😬😬 am so upset.

      • shahabana

        Lax and Mini u guyz are right….in insta and in some other websites they uploads whole episodes….thats why trp is decresing….im really disappointed….why this fc members are not understanding that they where doing absolutely wrong with actors hardworking….i wish insta should delete all their uploads

  31. ishq

    haa lax di and hi shahabana di..makers ne anika character ko almost giradiya..enough is enough nt more..ek bindaas attitude daring n dashing n self respect girl ko kya haal kardiya..oh my god..i want anika to build her life ..wo ek badi naam kamana chahiye..sso ki equal hona..kule aam se takkar dena..ab bass no more humilation..if thry want to comprise n humiliate anika character..then why they r saying nayi soch n women empowerment..sry guys if i hurt anyone..but jabi mein aise humiliation dekhti tho meri khoon garam hojaati hai..aakir mein ek tadibaaz ladki hu

  32. shahabana

    Ishqbaaz trp 2.3
    Kasam trp 2.7
    Ishqbaaz lost slot leadership
    Watch ishqbaaz in online more then online trp will increase more brac trp will decrease….then no doubt ishqbaaz will go off air….plsss guyz watch ishqbaaz on tv itself….its a request

    • Sumi.SS

      |Registered Member

      Oh my God…Yeah dr it’s becz of some ishqbaaaz fc dr…they r upladed the video befre 10pm..nw a days all episdes r too good..then why thr is no increase in trp..

  33. neha sharma

    I don’t knw what’s going on …just watched this telly chakkars segment on YouTube. Where rudra is stating that ab Aage pta chalega wo kya thi aur kya hai … Jab saumya Tia ka phone pool mai gira deti hai no no ..don’t tell me ki saumya bhi one of the nafratbaaz hai ……grrrrr ..

  34. Ammu

    Abiha tell your friend think positive it may give 50% recovery for illness there are many examples for the person who defeat cancer tell your friend she will get fine soon.
    Don’t worry abiha. Where you are from

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..