Ishqbaaz 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks don’t you remember anything, now you will remember. He lifts her. He throws her in pool and gets inside the water. Anika and everyone get shocked seeing the buffalo. Some time before, Shivaye on call, asks lawyer to do as he says, its important to teach a lesson to Shwetlana. Anika hears this and says why teaching lesson to Shwetlana, she is very nice. I have to do something. She imagines Shivaye stabbing Shwetlana. She recalls Dadi’s words. She says no, I won’t let my husband do sin, Shwetlana did a lot for me, its my duty to do something for her, I have to tell her.

Khanna says they have come. Lawyer and inspector meet Shivaye. Shivaye says I hope you mentioned that Shwetlana has no rights to stay here legally, did you file blackmailing charges. He asks inspector to find

Shwetlana, make sure she does not stay here. Police staff goes ahead. Shakti asks Shivaye what are you doing. Shivaye says I m rectifying wrong, I m sure Shwetlana will stay in jail for some days, she will get bail, but get a shock. Shakti says Tej will be angry, and Om got engaged to her. Shivaye says I don’t want her to be in Om’s life, once she goes jail, she will think 100 times before doing anything.

Police looks for Shwetlana. Om says I need to talk something imp. Shivaye says you need 100 crores, right, I know why you want it, you are doing a lot to keep Tej and Jhanvi’s relation alive, Shwetlana is dangerous. Om says I know it very well, so I m doing this. Shivaye says you don’t need to do this alone. Om says its needed, I don’t want to fall weak, taking help from anyone means falling weak. Shivaye says I m your brother. Om says its not about 100 crores, its matter of how I manage myself, I have to make my identity, I will earn this 100 crores and show right place to Tej, I will throw Shwetlana out of Jhanvi’s life.

Shivaye says alright, I have a project, I want to build a five star hotel in Bareilly, I m not getting the land, there are two reasons, there is a famous temple nearby, and the land is on Kaali Thakur’s name, he is a big goon, I m not getting time to strike this deal, if you want, you can try, its 500 crores deal, will you do this. Om says I can do anything to prove Tej wrong, I will go Bareilly and return after cracking this deal. Shivaye says I will do all arrangements, prepare to leave. Rudra comes and asks who is going where.

Shivaye says Om is going Bareilly for business work. Rudra says why do I feel everything is changing, is Obros breaking. Shivaye says you said it today, don’t say again, world can end, but Shivaye, Om and Rudra’s togetherness can’t, we were together, are and will always be, one for all and all for one. They join hands. Hum saath ek duje ke……plays………… Shivaye hugs them.

Inspector says Shwetlana is not anywhere in Oberoi mansion, maybe she went out. Shivaye says security would be informed me, check well. Rudra says I will see, come with me. Rudra checks further. Inspector says we did not get her, we will keep trying. Police leaves. Shivaye asks Rudra did you check well. Rudra says yes. Shivaye says where can she go. He goes to room and says where can Shwetlana go. Anika asks what are you doing. He says I want something from cupboard. She asks why, I mean what, I will help you. He says I can do my work, why is this wardrobe locked, did you do this, give me keys. She says I don’t remember where I kept keys. He asks her to find keys. He looks for keys and finds it.

He opens the wardrobe and finds Shwetlana inside. He gets shocked. Shwetlana smiles and says thank you Shivaye. He asks Anika what’s this. Anika says you were sending her to jail, I was helping her. Shivaye gets angry. Shwetlana says come on, you can send me out for some time, you really thing any court orders can make me leave forever, don’t forget, I m Om’s fiancee, if I go jail, this Oberoi family will get defamed. He says don’t worry for us, I will make you away from Om’s life. She asks are you challenging me, I have bad habit to win challenges. He says I have bad habit to not lose any challenge. She says you can’t win, because your queen is on my side in this game. He says game has just begun, you won’t know who will make you lose and when, be ready to lose, I did not learn to lose, get out of my room. She goes.

He asks Anika about doing this. Anika says Shwetlana is really nice. He asks how can you say she is nice, you don’t remember anything. She says Dadi said when mind does not work, we should listen heart. He says you are total mad. She runs out. He says its enough, I have to do something to get her memory back. Anika makes aarti plate ready. Shivaye asks her to come. She asks where. He holds her hand and takes her.

He gets her near the pool. He asks who am I. She says Pati Parmeshwar. He says Lord is one whose puja you were doing. She says yes that’s Lord, but you are Pati Parmeshwar. Shivaye asks don’t you remember anything, now you will remember. He lifts her. He throws her in pool and gets inside the pool. Anika gets shocked and looks at him. He walks to her. Old moment is shown. Music plays…… He holds her hand at her back. He says just say it, you remember everything. She says I remember. He says thank God. She says I forgot to add kumkum in aarti plate. She pushes him and runs. He says she failed my plan, I guess I have to do that which I don’t want to.

Anika rushes to her room. Tia and Shwetlana see her and smile. Shwetlana says everything is going on smoothly, Anika was biggest threat for us and now she is our biggest weapon. Tia says right, now she is on our side and none can stop our plan from getting successful, don’t worry, she regards me her best friend, she has to agree to me. Shwetlana says right.

Shivaye asks Khanna did you get it. Khanna says yes, but think again, are you sure. Shivaye says just do what’s told to you. Khanna says but you will do this, how. Shivaye says that’s my problem. Khanna asks will you do it inside house. Shivaye says yes, don’t argue, go.

Anika says I don’t know what he likes in food, so I made aloo puri, everyone eats it right. Dadi smiles. Anika says I don’t know whether he will like it or not. Dadi says you made it by love, he will like it. Anika says I will take it, he has to go office, he can call me. She hears the buffalo sound and asks does he make such sound when he is hungry. Dadi asks what. Shivaye calls out Anika. Anika and everyone go and get shocked seeing Shivaye with a buffalo.

Anika says none thinks for Tia, Tia is restless to meet her love. Shivaye asks what is she saying Tia. Tia says I don’t know. Anika says this is the phone, this has his number, I will call him and say you are missing him. Shivaye asks who. Anika says Dushyant. She calls on the number by Tia’s phone. Someone answers and says Tia….. Tia and Shwetlana get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lax, Sumi, Neha, priya, SSlachu, Renima… Archi is out of station and not commenting did you guys also decide to give her company or what??

    Lachuve…..HM aayittu ingane mungunnathu moshanu tto!! Ithoru mathiri Law collegeile principalinte cheythayippoyi…. 😛 😛 😀 😀

    1. Hey Lij sweetu..!!
      Caught up yaar.. ll comment as soon as am free.
      Pinne HMinum leave edukande vallapozhum.Ha Ha..!! HM onnum aavende, njan ingane okke jeevich pokolame. No HM this is Masti k padshaala.

    2. Renimarenju

      Oh My God!!!! Not @ all……Lijince…..MON 2 SAT…..AM WORKING CONTINUOUSLY 4 13 HRS…..yaar…..That’s why am not getting time 2 comment here…..Its 2 hard…..dear…..whole day and night i have 2 sit before the laptop and have 2 remain as workaholic……And yeah,…..some time i will get breaks….that time i will try 2 comment here…..And how can i leave among from my big family……..Another thing am not getting time 4 watching ib…..because when i will reach my room….it will almost be 9.30 or 10 pm…..and mostly i will be in bed as a sleep baby only……..And in sundays……i will wake up late by……9 am or 10 am only……..Then i will clean my room…..etc…..etc….and u know…..what sun….i will be out of hostel……i mean i love shopping a lot……So….upto after noon…..i am busy with shopping…….And i will have my lunvh by 2.30 or 3.00 pm only……So now only i opened the page…..and see ur comment…….Sorry 4 commenting late…..Dear……And… collegele cheytaipoi…what is the meaning of “cheythaipoi”….. I Didn’t get it ……cheitu means done…..isn’t it ? Actually eniku….kurach malayalam matrame ariyulu…..Veetil mummy use 2 talk in malayalam…….. anagane…….ariyam…..and ente mummy malayali aanu…..kasargode…..neeleswaramthanu mummyde veedu…….In childhood…mummy …….Enne ezhuthan padipikan nokiyathanu….But….malayalam letters are like…….Oh My God……they are so artistic…..and mostly round…….I got scared…….and i cried…..Then my akka and pappa scolded my mummy…..But i love malayalam movies a lot…..Lalettan is my all time favorite actor…….And now i like dulqar and prithviraj a lot…..Ente malayalam valare horrible aano……dear…..

      1. Renima… worries dear!! I can totally understand the situation of a working lady!! I am also like you…..I mostly put in my comments during my teabreaks….and my teammates are pissed off with me for that!! Though am having a leisure time while chatting here my boss and other superiors get the impression that am working in my breaks also…. 😛 😛 😀 Obviously my friends will get irritated na?? 😀 😀 😀

        Renima neenga Tamizha?? Your malayalam is fine dear….some words you don’t understand is quite natural. Coming to the word “Cheythayyippoyi “… means doing something incorrect or something that we didn’t expect from the person who does it!!
        For e.g. what Modi did with demonetisation policy….cheythathu shariyanenkilum athoru vallatha cheythayyi poyi…..understood??

        Our likes are so much same to same dear!! East or West Lalettan is the Best!! Then our dearest Moideen Raju and Darling Dulquer….muaaah!!

      2. Renimarenju

        No am a kannadiga…..lijince….my mom is malayali and paapa is kannadiga……And am born and brought up in karnataka only…..But i know tamil…..Because……i did my postgraduation from coimbatore…..And there i stayed in college hostel and my roommates taught me tamil…..

      3. Even i like dulquer and prithvi prithvi wil bve seen in a new bollywood film naam shabana☺of akhi

    3. Sumi.SS

      Sry liji..some tym i am the world frst and worst lazy women..

    4. Liji renima is kannadiga like me….that to from same place mangalore…..
      And liji my favrets heros are also prithviraaj and dulqar salman….but i like mummutty more than mohanlal…..and i like all sauth indian movies including malayalam….
      And enikkum tamil konjam konjam therium…..neenga enna solrad enn nall therium….aana pesrdk nalla theriyad….
      And liji enikkum malayalam samsarikkan mathrame aryatthullu….ezudano vaikkano ariyathilla….even ende madrasil usthad tusion edthirunnu malayalam ezudan padikkan….njan 3 divasam poi…pinne poilla….karanam enikk malayalam aksharam valare kashtamanenn thongi….enikk nall desings poleya malayalam aksharangal kanunnad….
      Pine nammude malayalam korch different kerala malayalatthinekal….
      Valladum manassilaki ennu vijarikkunnu njan enda paranjadenn

      1. Liji
        What are you doing in an office, you should ve been a teacher. Explaining stuffs using examples. Not bad.

  2. Mouni

    guys what are your expectations and guesses for DBO ?? it seems that om will meet gauri in the temple and then she will be forced to marry that big goon ?? and she runs away
    what if om will marry her to save her from that man ?? and later brings her in the OM ?? it would be interesting as all of the obros will have difficult marriage start
    but hopefully before om returns the tia / swetlana track will be over , it become unbearable , we need new tracks and new villains

    1. Renimarenju

      Mouni….actually i expected a different story line 4 omkara…..But from promos….and from spoilers to be honest am not happy with the storyline or track……Gauri meeting omkara as a bride …and omakra saving from her a goon…..will be a usual one only….And i think from promos……And don’t know why…..but i felt…….gauri’s dance is like the coycat of anika’s dance when she saw sso near that chopper……And seriously if this is like the angry young man sso= bold diva anika track……then i must say this will be the repetetion of shivika only……I don’t want a repeating story….but i want a new story……only….And omkara’s change and anger is justified….And it makes me 2 watch the show ………because i certainly want 2 know how he will tackle situations……As from severe pain he has changed 2 stone hearted person…….And i want omkara’s love 2 be a matured girl….but seems gauri is not matured….But another wise it is good also….Because her innocence will make omkara 2 smile ……a lot……And it will certainly bring a new turn in life……So i am hoping that gauri’s role might be a sweet and innocent caring girl…..But there is a third option…….She might have some hidden motives…..Like she just pretends that she is fifth failed and a she is from a rural area…….not much educated…and planning 4 some thing else……Actually luna share this thing with me….But the third option will not work out……Because….seriously omkara fans can’t see a female lead having hidden motives….as around 4 months they have been waiting for omkara’s fl ….and every one want a girl who is good 4 omkara….only…….And already swethlana is attacking omie……so no more attacks….as it will make a heart attack only…… And gauri’s marriage with omkara….well i think its 2 early yaar….and if om will also marry her and will bring her 2 om, then mostly people will feel it as a repeating track of shivika….and it will make some viewers 2 stop watching the show……And @ least one marriage….they have 2 show in a proper way dear……And about new villans….am excited since rahuldev is on dbo……and i love his terrific eyes….and acting skills……
      Certainly it will be a worth watch……..And nb gang….on mon….i think tia’s game will be over…..

      1. Mouni

        HI RENIMA , for me l think the obros are falling in love with their opposit , look at shivika , sso is too serious and have much burden in his life and does not know how to enjoy life or do something for himself , he needs anika to bring balance and to help him relieve this stress and rudra is still immature and childich he needs someone serious and mature like somya to help him grow and take responsibility so am guessing the same should happend with om and gauri , its still a mystery so am hoping for something awesome and the spoilers saying that she could be anika’s sister so it will be more interesting

      2. U know what renima even i too not much happy with promo….i really wanted a highly educated and strong and little grey shaded girl for omkara….i really dnt want to see another copycat story of shivika….i hope gourikara story is different than shivika….and i know many are not happy if saumya turns grey shade…but im really happy…bcz it will spice up the story of rumya….hope cvs wont disappoint us

      3. I also wanted a attitude type of girl for om and a proper marriage atleast for om its lik he will com at OM with his bride ..kya pata per vaha bhi agar shivay khanna ko om ka sath bhejega toh khanna will be like shooting their marriage video and showing them live.lik shivikas case(if they cant see their bros marriage)??per aaisa nhi hona chaiye its shud be lik big fat royal punjabi wedding atleast?so many wishes ..and thers a news of new villain entering tha too a women yaaar itni kya dushmani he sab ladkiye ko OMs khanadan se

      4. Yeah guys! Even I expected some one like Mallika… Gauri is not the Om opposite.. Ishana was the actual Om’s opposite.. they din bring her in picture which is still ok.. a sophisticated gal would have been more a match.. but still let us see.. may be they have something good in store..!

    2. Mouni… heart am not at all happy with this new FL for Om….I kept hoping that Ishana would return to IB someday!! But our bad luck…..and now Shrenu Parikh…..I am not still able to accept her as Om’s pair!! Let the makers prove us wrong….
      And like most of the fans, I am also against this separation of OBROs……why can’t they just stay together and proceed with their lovestories?? The Obros are the charm of IB yaar….I am not sure how DBO is going to be, but I feel IB will be almost devastated without OmRu!!
      And coming to the 5th class educated runaway bride as FL for Om…..its stupid to think that a sensible person like Om will fall for that type of a girl!! I think GK ma’am is obsessed with uneducated FLs in her show… IPKKND Khushi also was less educated right??

      My doubt is if Om is going to Bareilly, will Swet also go with him or she will continue to stay in OM as Om’s mangetar?? Both will be too dangerous!!

      1. Yaar seriously shrenu would look better with attitude and modern look…if om is simple and sweet yhe girl shud be different and like krishna said mallika type girl would suit

  3. bhaiya ,are u a writer by profession or is this ur passion. got no words to praise ur writing skills. In my language I would like to tell “cheten oru vyakthi alla presthaanam aanu”. matlab u r not an individual but an institution. And have u written any ffs or any thing like that , if not u shall definitely think of writing one … we all would love to read ur written works.

  4. shekhar bhaiya ,are u a writer by profession or is this ur passion. got no words to praise ur writing skills. In my language I would like to tell “cheten oru vyakthi alla presthaanam aanu”. matlab u r not an individual but an institution. And have u written any ffs or any thing like that , if not u shall definitely think of writing one … we all would love to read ur written works.

    1. AKSA sis, MY study is different from my profession and my hobbies are different from both! There is no connection among all three!

      And there is nothing to say for my writing skill, there are many more skilled writer around us, I just dived here from among them !

    2. Seriously dr u r right Shekhar bhaiyya makes d analysis really vry well i became fan of his writings his narration about each characters…… After watching d epis i jst wait fr his explanation about d epi….

      1. yes guys , so together with IB we all became shekhar bhai’s fans also. He expresses his opinion in such a beautiful style . areee bhai u really became a celibrity now , as we all are ur fans .??.

    3. Hi! Aksa I had same question as you for shekher. I mean he is a good writer and explainer. I always love to read his comments. He does perfectly well.

  5. Guys..!! How r u all?? Hope you all enjoyed the episode. I missed though. Downloaded the episode from hotstar but did not get a good 30mins to watch it aaram se. Anyway am sure I ll ve something to comment when I see the episode.

    1. Lax dr… fine baby….i missed ur funny comments a lotz

    2. Sumi.SS

      Hi page badly missng all ur cmmnts..see it’s less than 100 only.

      1. Shabs, Sumi
        Missed TU as well.
        @Sumi 100 comments…lol??

    3. Lachu….busy with shopping for Valentine’s Day huh?? 😉 😉 😀 Just kidding chakkare!!
      Join us whenever you are free….but don’t forget to comment!!

      1. Liji
        Eniku Ella divsavum valentine alle?? Kaashu mudakaan alla kaashu mudakipikaan aanu eniku ishtam. ?? St. Valentine ennodu porukatte..!!

  6. I would lie to ask one simple question,

    Please answer as soon as possible at a glance !!!


    Its a serious question, so please answer it !!!!!

    1. Daadi…!!

    2. May be daadi would have given her imforamation about family members….or she herself would have come to conclusion about her devers bcz she has seen them atleast….
      Or she is just pretending like she lost her memory….and anika knows very well about her devers..
      I should imform cvs to note all this points carefully….bcz there is a jaassosi analyser like SHEKHAR…..who finds out all the small small mistakes very easily….dnt take it seriosely man….im just kidding

  7. I still have a doubt that Anika’smemory loss is a plan .otherwise why is thinking or imagining things in her mind….like she thought SSO is trying to kill Swetlana…

    Plz anybody clear my doubts ?i m getting confused day by day …….is it a plan or she has genuinely lost her memory???????????

  8. Guys..!! Meanwhile I read the TU of the episode n found that Tia is shocked when somebody answers the phone. Now I ve a doubt, about Tia Annikas convo from Friday’s episode. When Annika says Dushyant acha Naam hain, Tia says woh khud bhi acha hain whereas she should ve said woh khud bhi acha tha, past tense. So is it some coincidence or is it poetic (referring that his soul is still around) or is it a general usage or is it a mistake from the CVs or or or Am I overthinking???????

    1. LAX, ANNIKA yet just can not connect ROBIN with DUSHYANT, and thats why when she shows a comman man in many of photoes, she might have concluded that man as her husband. Asper my presumption, again a wrong man will be catch by ANNIKA, except one truth, A MAN NAMED DUSHYANT is loved one of TIA, and as ANNIKA is considered as suffering from ML, her this saying will be believed as TRUTH by SSO and all.

      Provided, CVS might have thought otherwise !!!

    2. Sumi.SS

      Dr now days it’s vry tough fr me to undrstnd the track…i thnk til nw tia thinkng Robin is no more..aftr hearing his voice only they wl open robin dead track..we hv to wait fr smetym..

  9. Guys if you think Anika has lost her memory than that’s not the case they’re just acting to find out Tia’s and swetlanas relationship

    1. O my God….this episode is going to be interesting….can’t wait!! Anika thinks she is ‘Baanjh” and that’s why Shivaye married or brought Tia home!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 Ye KKT bhi imagination ke maamle mein SSO se kuch kam nahin hain!! Loved Shivaye’s reaction to that….taping her mouth…..LOL!! And this black dress is one of my favorite…..whenever she wears this dress, we get to see some beautiful Shivika scenes!!

  10. Sumi.SS

    Hiii guyzzz..hw was ur Sunday??yeatrday epi was mixed one..emotional,fun,
    romantic….but y r cnfusng us??hopefully we r thnk that memryloss drama was AniRu plan..Then y they include Annikas drmz abt Svetlana and shivaay..quite cnfusng..
    Now only watchd upcmng segment..yeyyy for Valentine spl shivika 2nd forehead kiss..???..wth lot of fun also..kalavathi thinks she can’t give baby to shivaay so thats only shivaay living wth tia in OM..he tries to console her..but kalavathi not listen to him..holdng shivay hand in her cheeks she says smthng abt their child wish too..fnally both get emotional..shivay giving forehead kiss to Annika..shivaay deserved this..but for a min i felt very bad for’s very tough to cntl,care,manage his kalavathi takur..
    Cmng to ishqbaaaz writers,I thnk they r so attached to yes epi whatevr rudy said it’s our words only..we hope becz of this DBO we r dnt want to mis a single obro moments..nw a days we r seeing very less time..Obros r unique and charm of ishqbaaaz and I hope cvs nvr forgot this..
    Btw eagerly waitng for Dilboleoberoi…

    1. Sumi.SS

      At last reporter said it’s all r Annika plan only…..tia wl expose vry soon may be end of this week..
      Lee and Neha also started their shootng for DBO..rudras frnd chubby also back..frm nw we wl see our fav for 1hr..
      Very excited…….

    2. Fat the wack…..whats this sumi…..i think bcz of this kalavathi….our sso will get mad one day….anyways im waiting for shivika kiss….hope this time cvs wont disappoint us….
      And u said right what rudy said about obro moments is question of viewers and i think what sso replied to rudys question is answer from cvs for viewers question….

      1. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dr previous tym excecution of showng their frst kiss was very poor..I hope this tym they would show properly..but that was sooo cute moment…

  11. Mouni

    wow guys there is new spoiler showing anika crying in the room and sso consoling her , she seems upset bcz she can’t have babies that’s why sso made tia pregnant looooool and there will be another forhead kiss yaay
    anika is really making sso go insane , l guess its another plan or just drama to make sso admit she is his wife and he is not tia’s baby

    1. Mouni..
      Saw that video, it’s super cute. shivika in black if u see..!! I loved that version of Shivay. But it confuses me, ll Annika go for a drama to this extent. So Kalavathi is for real n Annika really lost her memory??

      1. Mouni

        l must say anika’s acting was really good and if we didn’t saw the spoilers on how rudra helped her l will believe her really but l think its new drama to force sso to expose tia or atleast reject her baby

      2. Sumi.SS

        Yeah lax..smetym I am also thnk kalavathi is real r not..becz of creating meangless scenes(lyk in yestrday Anika thinks shivaay killng svetlana using knife) Anika memory loss was plan or not??

    2. Sumi.SS

      I think it’s not plan fr shivay to realising his love fr annika..she is vry wel know that what he thnks abt her and knew all his NKK all his idealogy..stil now she is always step back herself when point comes to their love.I thnk she nver expect love frm shivaay so easily..if its a plan then its start of their love stry..but frm this scenes as like always we wl knw abt shivaay’s feelng fe Annika..
      I thnk frm this plan she is arising questions in SSO mind to take some step abt tia and her child..he knew it’s not his child..TOI spoilers also says that shivaay knw abt tia and robin while trying to brings Anikas loss memory I thnk it’s the beginning of tia exposure track..

      1. Mouni

        yes sumi l hope these spoilers are true , l want him to know about robin marriage and death , it will help him stop her mom’s blackmailing and am sure it will be huge drama in front of OF , it will restore anika’s dignity in front of them but am worried about sso’s reaction when it turns out her ML is fake , he will be super mad and angry but l must say he deserves this emotional pain bcz of all the things he did before , he needs to learn his lesson

      2. Sumi
        Yes you are right. This memory loss is a headache for Shivay n things like this only can make Shivay think in a different angle. Now Shivay would not ve done this for Annika coz of his ego but he is ready to do it for Kalavathi. However bad Shivay is coz of his khoon khandaan thinking, look at how he takes care of his wife when she is in a trauma which is one of the most important things needed in a partner.

    3. Sumi.SS

      Sure Mouni..saurb as robin also posted a pic in Anika plan wrked this tym..Tia and robin truth wl expose very soon..navina (tia) Mam also has month her I thnk fr sme tym we dnt hav tia in OM..
      Yeah dr come to Annika truth reveals on ML drama..I hope CVs shld move the track smoothly..i wsh Anika pacifies shivaay in a cute way..whatevr she did only fr shivaays was high time to progress shivika stry to next level..once gul mam said aftr knowng abt Annika fmly also shivaay nevr accept her as his wyf(may be infrnt of society)..Annika shld go fr her wrk and more than 200 epi til nw they r kissing scenes takes place on mothly basis..when shivay wl realise his feelngs for Annika..

      1. Mouni
        There is one more possibility, when the spoiler videos of Rudr n Annikas plan was out, may b the CVs changed there plot n thot of going for real ML. In one IV I heard SurbhiC saying it’s a genuine Memory loss, so I donno what to believe. Also seeing this Avatar of Annika, Rudr tells Shivay that we ve to do something abt it. So I donno, just a possibility.

  12. @liji busy aayirunnu pne net work pblm kure aayi try cheyane guys ningalkum undo net work pblm

  13. Mouni

    it seems the new spoiler says that it was tia who brainwashed kalavati and told her that she is infertil and sso made tia live in the house to make her pregnant so anika will be crying and tells sso about it and he will tell her its untrue and even apologise and kiss her
    am guessing its a way of anika to make him see who is the real tia and her real character and if we believe the spoilers her will investigate about robin and find his truth

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah mouni..I hope very soon shivaay wl expose tia infrnt of evryone..he may knw abt tia and her baby truth..til nw Annika also dnt knw anthng abt Rotilana ther is lot of chnce of tia reentry..Cvs keep this nafrathbaaz track in a safe line to create more drama in future..

    2. Yes, your all guess work is right. The benefit of ML of KALAVATI is that, what ever she said about is to be believed by SSO as truth which can not be believed truth in absent of ML as ANNIKA!

      1. OK Mouni, now that makes sense. That’s why Annika was behaving all dramatic otherwise I was thinking If Annika ll go to this extent.

      2. Mouni

        true shekhar , everyone believes kalavati easly

      3. Mouni

        true lax its hard to believe its fake but l guess anika must do it to make the sisters fall

    3. Mauni dr….i tooo agree that which work anika cnt do thats happening by this kalavathi….if its all anikas drama then icluding sso all are clean bould in her plan….
      But now sometimes i feels that is anika really lost her memory…..even i too thought same like lax dr…..i too thinks is cvs changed their plan in last moment….first tgey decided this NL track as anirus plan… i sometimes thinks that is cvs changed this ML track to real…..dnt know anything can happen…
      But guyz i wish all this dramaz ends soon….otherwise i think i will lose my memory bcz of so much comfusion….
      And im agree sso deserves all this punishments…..then also i feels bad for him seeing his state….

      1. Sumi.SS

        No end of 2day segment reporter also said that it as Anika’s plan..

    4. Sumi.SS

      Yeah lax..
      In upcmng also Anika holding shivaay hand and sayng her desires abt their babies..lyk she want girl baby and named as shivika…yeah I agree all the fandom was waitng for such moments in shivika lyf..but not’s cmpletly irrelevant to Anika..but In lookng this in another view cnsidrng as kalavathi Annika put her complete effort towards shivaay to take step in tia last they did pinky promise also..why he expose tia..In shivaay pov he nver want to hurt anika and see her sad..but Annika as kalavathi cmpletly shattered aftr know abt tia’s baby..behind tias truth reveal shivaay want proves to Anika that he is not the father of her takes Anika place in shivaay lyf..I hope so..guyzz really I dnt knw what happened to me..why i am overthnkng abt this segment..

      1. Mouni

        sumi did the reporter said its a plan ?? GOOD but l didn’t read that in the written spoiler

      2. Sumi.SS

        Yes mouni..they said in hindi..sach bathayen tho hamko tho laktha hai apki short tym memory loss tho plan oga..
        New shivika promo aired guys for Valentine’s day spl..saw some pics in insta..shivika lookng so cute..

      3. Sumi.SS’s not a Valentine’s day promo…shivika promoting some new program on starplus…thats not realated to ishqbaaaz..but l wsh one day(hopefully aftr 6 months) we wl see that in our ishqbaaaz.

    5. Sumi dear
      I saw that video, whats it all about?? It is not Shivika I think some other characters played by NarBhi. I felt the magical spark of Shivika was missing. Last hug n ll did not ve that Shivika magic. May be it’s a different writer. I donno if it’s a problem with video, but Shivays voice seemed a lil different. Anyway let us know when u know what video it is.

  14. Hlo guys yesterday episode was so funny “bhook lagti hatho aysi abbaz nikalta hai kay??”
    New entry in #dob guys sara khan(Airhostage) As cameo she also want revenge frm oberios everyone want revenge yarr
    Some shocking news ??abut somya
    She will turn into negative bcoz she also come to take revenge frm oberios for her father dead who was seen in 1st episode who has done suscide this spoiler make me shocked i hope this news will not true i really don’t want this track somya turn into negative i have read frm instagram was it true or not??guy’s, but i don’t want this track but i want she will decided to marry with rehan nd make rudy jelous i want tgis track but this will not happen in serial…jo hum sochta hai uska ulta jota hain serial mai …..

  15. Hey guys, just watched the last episode. Like most of you said it was not as good as the previous few ones but story was moving forward I felt.

    Noting a few things I could not help thinking.
    Annika saying Svetlana di ne meri bahut madad ki he.. What help is she taking about?? Teaching her naagin dance steps or giving company to dance. I cannot think of any other help she did to Kalavathi.

    About Obro moment , I too am worried, if there ll b any in future. And when Rudr asked are Obros going to split I felt he was asking on viewers behalf and Shivay was fiercely reassuring on CVs behalf. May b in future, it ll b shown as Om thinking abt some good old Obro moments.
    Like some of you here, even am not happy with Oms transformation from an artist to a businessman. One reason why I loved him was coz he was an artist jo Dil ki sunte hain not dimag ki. Rudr also has started shooting for DBO, may b I guess he ll shift to hostel or may b his college ll b shown fulltime, Just a wild guess I donno. About Oms story in DBO, why am I getting Pratigya/Udaan feel, I mean not story wise but as in characters like a dictator landlord, helpless chulbuli ladki n all of that. Anyway let’s wait one more day for the answer.

    Annika helping Svetlana must b Annikas plan to find more abt her. And these Tilana are hard as nail breeds. If not for Annika, they should at least feel bad for Kalavathi who is selflessly helping them. And about Robin’s re entry, the actor who plays the character has posted a pic in Insta captioning ‘resurrected from ashes’ ?? What does it mean?? Pls CVs, no blunders this time.

    @Liji- the pool scene was not supposed to b Romantic I guess. It’s us fans who want everything between Shivika to b Romantic. And if Shivay was not wearing that kurta, they should ve made Annika also wear something else not the same one.

    Also a doubt, the last navy blue outfit Annika was wearing, is a new one right?? I feel I ve seen it somewhere may b coz the pattern is similar to the ones she is always wearing.

    Best frame for me was Shivay with the bhains. Kya din aaye Shivay k

    P.S.- For all the true blue Shivikans out there, check out this beautiful article on Shivika’s hugs. I could not agree more with the writer. My fav. Shivika hug is the pre-wedding signature hug with the beautiful song in the bg ‘jo bheji thi dua’.
    What’s yours? Do share it here.

    1. Oh yes dr I too already came to know about this hug day special article for our shivika and also checked it and felt that awww feeling…
      And yes my favorite hug of shivika till date that happened when our hero saved his queen from his mad friend and I happy that was also included in this article..

  16. liji chechi even I want ishana back as om’s lady love , as her character is best match for om’s character. I want all the 3 bros to get girls with opposite qualities and povs. like shivaay got anika . Shivaay – die hard fan of NKK ideology & and believe money can buy any thing . but on the other side anika who doesn’t bother about her NKK & and knows that there are thing which could never be bought by money…… and she will definitely cure shivaay’s disease of NKK .

    next rudra – who believes in looks & fitness rather than beauty of mindset. and soumya who doesn’t bother about her looks but believe in good causes…… and here also definitely soumu will prove rudra wrong about his LFH (looks fitness hotness,) ideology.

    and in same way I want om also to realize that even lies have its own truth, not all lies are painful. TRUTH was his ideology and to cure that and to realize the pain behind lies a strong character like ishana was needed. even though that character have that much scope I wonder y the cvs just rejected that…….

  17. Mouni

    so there is a new spoiler guys , kalavati is ” sleep walking ” and tia and swetlana are holding her and wants her to throw herself but it seems she will be rescued by sso
    so the good thing is this is hopefully a plan of anika and now she has the proof that tia and swetlana are working together and if l heard it correct tia called swetlana ” di ” in front of anika so am hoping she will know they are sisters

    1. Mouni
      I donno how true is it but there are spoilers (not video) which says Shivay is planning to get married to Tia n asks Annika to organise the wedding. But then Annika realizes her love for Shivay n confesses her love. Not so happy abt it, may b it’s Shivay’s technique to bring back Annikas memory or to see how possessive she is abt him. Donno yaar.
      One happy news but, In an IV given by SurbhiC she says Tia’s truth ll come out soon.

      1. Mouni

        yes lax l’ve read about them too but l am not trusting the part where she realises her love bcz she already has and she is on mission to expose tilana
        today spoilers are soo confusing , it seemssso is leaving for trip and taking anika with him ?? next she is trying to sleep on sofa ?? am not getting this and how anika will leave OM and what about her plan ?? if she leaves now tilana may cover robin issue even sso must not leave now so am bit annoyed with these spoilers

  18. guys I just rememberd a song it’s “ore oru INDIA , orotta janatha , athannu nammude jeevana manthram.” which means only one India , only one people , that is our life long manthra. I just thought to change it as ” ore oru ISHQBAAZ, orotta ISHQIESSS, ISHQ aanu nammude jeevana manthram…….. just kidding okay ….?? I went crazy that’s it………..

    ippala oru karyam oorthe MICHMICHI yee malayalikarichal enth vilikum enn chodichille. nammak veenel ICHEECHI / CHEECHAL ennakam…. TADI kku veenal THAND ennakam …..thandum thadiyum enn parayaarille… tadibaaz – thandan ennum. …..

  19. Guys


    Shivay khoon kandhan ko important dene wala.anika uska opposite


    Rudra fit aur slim rehna beauty hai belive karne wala.soumya uska opposite

    Aap logo ko patha hoga anika aur soumya kaise opposite hai.shivay aur rudra ki belive se.

    Aaj ka omkara jo belive kartha hai.ishq ek sauda hai.aur gauri belive kartha hai ishq iss duniya ka sabse badi Pooja hai.

    Tho kya shivay anika,rudra soumya ki tarah ye dhono bhi opposit hai.

    So GUYS,
    Omkara,gauri shivika,rumya ki tarah opposite lagthe hai tho PLEASE REPLY ME.

    DBO ko bhi alag written update hogi na jaise IB ko hai.

  20. Waiting madly for DBO, just to see the new avatar of my beloved omkara..

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