Ishqbaaz 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika dances in the party. Kamini says Shivaye has to die, people will think Mahi died, but Mahi will stay here in this house as Shivaye. She gives a gun to Mahi. Some time before, Dadi says how can this happen, Shivaye won’t be in sister’s sangeet. Pinky says even I m tensed thinking this, don’t worry, Shivaye will be close, he said when sangeet gets over, Ranveer and he will expose Mahi. Mahi stops Anika and says you are finding Shivaye, if you act smart, you will remember what I do. She asks him to stop threatening. He says I will kill that fatty, come with me. He takes her on stage and asks her to look down. She looks down. She sees Soumya in the chamber beneath via glass floor. He says we can see her, Soumya can’t see her, if you go to Shivaye, this stage will break, everyone will die and

Soumya too, you do what you find right now. She says leave Soumya please. He says I will leave her if you agree to me. Lights go. Ranveer and Priyanka come downstairs.

Kamini and Pinky take them. Rudra dances with girls on the stage. Cutie pie plays……….Shivaye says Ranveer informed his team, we will arrest Mahi once sangeet gets over. Tej says good, I m waiting for it. Everyone dance on the stage. Shivaye smiles seeing Anika. She thinks how to tell Shivaye that Mahi got to know everything, and danger got high now. He walks to Anika. She sees Mahi. Mahi turns to her. She signs Shivaye. Shivaye gets back. Shivaye signs to ask what. She signs nothing. He goes. She sees Mahi and stands quietly.

Kamini says I knew you can’t do this, its good Ranveer came on right time. Ranveer says bit we don’t have much time, Shivaye is just waiting for sangeet to get over. She says I have a solution, two swords can’t stay in one holder, one has to break. Mahi asks what do you mean. She says I mean, Shivaye has to die. They get shocked. She says people will feel Mahi died, but Mahi will become Shivaye and stay in this house forever. She gives him the gun. Mahi says I can’t do this, I can’t kill anyone. She says who asked your advice, I m giving you order. He says make me do something else, I can’t kill anyone. She holds his face angrily and says you have to do this. She hands him the gun and signs him to shut up. He sees the gun. Kamini and Ranveer leave.

Rudra says thanks, I love you too guys, next performance is by Anika. He asks Anika to come. Anika sees Shivaye. She thinks to inform Shivaye any way. She recalls the code word oye oye. She calls Rudra and tells him something. Rudra says Anika changed the song. Anika says yes, I have to tell something to everyone. Anika dances with the group on Gajar ne kiya hai ishara……Shivaye stands away and looks on. She dances and tries signing Shivaye. Shivaye hears oye oye and recalls her words. He turns to see her. Guest meets him. He gets distracted.

She thinks this is the chance to tell everything to Shivaye. Shivaye goes. She sees him gone. Mahi also gets busy. She thinks where did Shivaye go, he was here, before Mahi finds me, I have to talk to Shivaye and tell him everything. Mahi sees her gone and thinks to stop her before she fails his plan. He meets Ranveer and says everyone act so well here, I get confused. Ranveer says we have less time till sangeet ends. Mahi says we will leave from here with money. Kamini says no, we took big risk, just for 10 crores, I won’t go till I get 200 crores diamonds. He says they will give it in marriage, if we stay here till tomorrow, we will be gone. She asks are you mad, we got chance to ruin their respect, I have to get Priyanka’s pregnancy news out. Mahi says its not Priyanka’s mistake. She says you are just acting to be Shivaye, she is not your sister. She says why to ruin a girl’s life, we will leave. She asks did I ask your opinion, I will decide what to do, stop using your mind, just do as I say, understood or not.

Anika calls Shivaye. She says where did he go, he is not answering. She sees everyone. Pinky says sangeet got over, where did Shivaye go, Mahi is freely roaming. Anika recalls Soumya’s words and thinks to tell everyone about Ranveer and Kamini’s truth. She says I have to tell something to you all.

Kamini and Ranveer come. She asks did you say or not. Pinky asks what is it, tell us. Kamini says I will say, this marriage can’t happen. They all get shocked. Tej asks what do you mean. Kamini says I mean this marriage can’t happen tomorrow, my family pandit said if marriage does not happen within 20minutes, there is no mahurat till 2 years, we have to do this marriage now. Tej asks how is that possible. She says its not big thing to make it possible for children’s happiness. Reporter asks Tej is there any special reason behind the marriage happening today. Tej asks who gave you this news. Kamini smiles and recalls informing media and inviting them. Reporter says we got a call from your house to cover this marriage. Shakti says its marriage, how will all rasams happen. Pinky says 20mins will be taken to dress up bride. Kamini says Shivaye agreed, why are you refusing, where is he. Mahi comes. Kamini says Shivaye you said yes, but your family is refusing. He asks what’s the problem, bride and groom are here, there is no mahurat till 2 years.

Shakti asks are you saying this, you know its marriage house, there are many rasams, mandap has to be made, pandit is coming. Mahi goes on stage and says yes, mandap will be fixed here and taps on floor asking Anika to say Kamini is saying right. Anika recalls his words. He asks Anika do you remember, you are house’s bahu, you can do arrangements quickly, tell them. She says I think Shivaye is saying right, Priyanka’s marriage happens today or tomorrow, it does not matter, we can do this for her happiness. Kamini says good, then go and make Priyanka ready, we will meet in marriage mandap. She asks Ranveer to come. They leave. Anika looks at Mahi angrily.

Kamini asks are you my son or of those Oberois. Mahi says I m your son, but you are doing wrong. Priyanka says whatever happening is right. Mahi says I m bad, but not fallen. Pinky says I don’t understand what’s happening. Mahi says I told Ranveer before, nothing should happen to Shivaye. Anika asks Priyanka to give bridal dress to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Akrti dear, your story iis too funny??????? and your dp is killing me. ?????? I really love it.and mera bhi maan kar raha he ki kammini ko mardu .
    Hiii puspa dear, I am fine.
    @rajjo @anu dear, I am totally agree with you guys .
    Lekin meri didi ko na best intelligent bahu ki award milni chahiye .agar kisine nahi di toh main deti hun hamare saare ishqbaazo ki tarsf se.
    BEST INTELLIGENT BAHU AWARD GOES TO ANNIKA SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Mouni dear, feeling realax after reading your comment.
    And maahi your lines are awesome.

    Are aaj archiya dear, and my asthababy , pinku dear Sab kaha chalegaye
    Koi missing complent likhwao. ( asthababy style)

    1. Akriti

      thanx @arpu for liking my story
      Is it ok to call you arpu……

    2. Mouni

      arpita dear thank you , am glad l made you relaxed

  2. Where is archu.. Liji… aastha.. shahabana..
    did I miss their comments.. did they say they wudn be here or something? Shabs I understand is probably busy in her shaadi preps.. what abt others..

    1. Liji- in laws Ko khush kar Rahi hogi.
      Astha- Donno, Virat ka match tha kal kya??
      Shabs- I guess must be busy…Hmmm..!!

  3. Gayathri.visu

    What is this?? Dragging epi… What is the costumes yaar….yuckk….! Anika’s dance is amazing…. Rudy go buddy save ur wife…. Where is Shivaay… I hope Khannaji is fine n give some info to SSO… Maahi…dont hear that cheapdi’s words. Oh bete ki!! Marriage in 20min…shut ur mouth 2rs cheapdi… Now I dont want Priveer’s pair.. Prinku dont deserves him! Precap…interesting!!
    @MAAHI I agree with Amayaa u r really female version of old Om…amazing lines dear..
    @AKRITI u r right.. This Oberois never do normal marriage… And the story…I cant control my laughing…
    @ARPITA perfect analysis dear…. Hope Shivaay plans something to expose trio gang….

    1. Thnx Gayathri.visu….. keep loving….

    2. Akriti

      ThNx @ Gayathri.visu

    3. Gayu relax.. today was better than yesterday.. tom will be even better.. looking at precap looks like ther some plan to be set into action..

  4. Astha darling where r u ?

  5. Piyuu

    anu enjoy ur vacation

    1. Thanks piyu?

  6. Piyuu

    archu liji astha shabana where r u ?

  7. Piyuu

    @mouni nyz analysis

  8. Piyuu

    @akriti awesome story i loved it.

    1. Akriti

      thank I do much @ piyuu

    2. Akriti

      thank you so much @ piyuu

  9. Hi good morning dear ishquies..
    I agree with all ur points friends.. Let’s hope for d best…ah
    Anu dear njoy ur vacation happily with ur family yaar…well come back soon…take care☺..
    Still there is no comments from some ishquies ah…where u yaar?…waiting for ur comments n analysis dears…?☺..

    1. Thanks chavi!! ?

  10. Archiya

    kya baat hai.. the day the sangeet the same day marriage, but the epsiode was kinda OK for me, most of the time they wasted in showing the trio convo
    @Lax : now we know why prinku mariage outfit is simple, in few hours how will they get the bridal wear ready, jo hai woh pehen lo

    my Anika looked so beautiful(expect that fur blouse), dancing on that song, poor gal carrying everything on her slim shoulders, but she had so many opportunities to tell everyone abt acp an kamini, like when the trio were discussing their plans

    Mahi ur such a lovely soul, kaha phaas gaye ho tum in logon ke beech

    Felt like in the 2nd trio convo it was shivay an not mahi.. anyways dimag ka dahi karne se accha hai i just simply watch the episodes.. but i m sure shivika has some plan made..

    With the speed they are gng the trio drama an this track shld b over by this week

    1. asusual good dp archu anika with that tensed look its awsome dr

      1. Archiya

        Thanks Shab 🙂

    2. Shekhar


      Not same day, but we can say it
      SAME TIME almost!

      There remains some what WHEAT only in SHIVIKA, otherwise only KANKAR all around !!

      I can only hope, GK will not opt to murder SHIVIKA CHARM too, THE ONLY WHEAT now!

      It happens when you RUN after money only, you suck all the charm of life, and here of SERIAL!

      1. Archiya


        u did not ans my yest question..

        an comparison of shivika with WHEAT, why not any other grain??

      2. Shekhar

        In NORTH , an IDIOM is famous using WHEAT & KANKAR, that’s why WHEAT.

        Yesterday I might have slipped, if possible, repeat your question, but no guarantee for right answer!? ? ?

      3. Shekhar

        one of your question was over my DP being registered, i gave answer, no other question I found pl.

      4. Archiya

        I had only these questions.. Bth I have and.. Thanks

      5. Archiya

        I meant I have answered both

    3. Akriti

      NYC dp @archu

      1. Archiya

        Thanks Akriti 🙂

    4. Finally u r here.. I was looking for your comments all over.. I thought I missed it and scrolled up and down and up.. then realised u haven’t commented yet..

      2nd trio convo even I thought ki could it possibly be sso.. but we dunno yaar.. as u said just wait n watch.. and looks like am gonna miss few crucial epis..

      1. Archiya

        Hey Anu dear
        Yest day was very hectic, so slept early , did not watch the episode actually just read the WU.. tats why late comment.

        So sweet that u were missing my comment, yes some nice drama ur gonnna miss.. m seriously gonna miss u an ur comments on that, especially the bashing of CVS an love for mahi:)

        But ur gng on vacation, one which is really required to freshen r minds, an my suggestion dont even look for an WIFI .. just enjoyyy ur time with family 🙂

    5. hi dear..i was thinking where hw u been…..hw r u?
      nice epi…oye oye dance was good yeah i agree their costumes kindof not suitable…
      lets wait & watch what shivika’s plan….

      1. Archiya

        hi dear
        got late to comment today, yeah this week is gonna b interesting

    6. Archu dear
      Actually the wedding is supposed to happen the next day. They just preponded it by a day. So they were definitely ready with the bridal wear, for sure. So that’s not the reason for the bridal wear to be so simple.

      1. Archiya

        the wedding was next day is it..oh..sorry looks like i got confused 🙁

    7. Amayaa

      What 2 say about ur dp
      Rocking as always. …………….

      1. Archiya

        Thanks Amayaa

    8. Ranilya

      Hi archu.
      The who’s who in the trio convo is really confusing…for once I too felt it must b Shivay…. but then….oh…leave it….im still confused!
      I would b happy if the kamini drama ends this week…and rumya story progresses

      1. Archiya

        Hey Rani
        Nice dp gal.. Registered Ha.. Tats really good..

  11. Akriti , hilarious biography of Acp randawa. Keep it up beta. Actualy i always used to think mera pass dimag hain ya nahi when i’m watching some crap episodes of IB bt today by ur MORAL POINT i got to knw meri pass tho dimag ka chese tho haiyi nai.What hapend to TU page yaar whenever i open TU page nd when i’m posting a msg it always shows error . TU bi fake hogaya kya.

    1. Akriti

      thank you @liba dear…..
      yes liba after watching such episodes I really think that ki mere pass dimag he nhi hai

  12. Shekhar

    We just can not confirm, at last was he SSO or FSSO, and no way any one can say it with


    But one thing is final, when KAAMINI came down to propose marriage within 20 minuites,

    matter of between KAAMINI and SSO was over. Either KAAMINI jailed SSO at some where, or

    SSO jailed FSSO somewhere and replace FSSO with SSO.

    Message in filmy style was received by SSO from ANNIKA and he understood it, that is

    enough to guess the future of kAAMINI track.

    For the FSSO with SSO as the member of OF, it is necessary to highlight the good side of

    FSSO, which we had seen in this epi.

    In my POV,

    Either MAAHI will be with SSO in OM at last


    MAAHI will be killed by someone with leaving a GOOD BYE NOTE for SSO.

    Other option is there, but it is very difficuilt to handle TWO REPLICA at a time, most

    probably, FSSO track may get a SADISTIC END, otherwise CVS has two manage another FL

    for MAAHI to go on with MAAHI.

    Whatever it may be, at last OF supposed to be SAFE with end of KAAMINI track.

    1. Shekhar.. I want mahi to part with a good note like how tia did… they don have to keep him forever in the show… but I don want him to die… ? But given that most of us might want this.. CVs wil not give it! ??
      As u said, sadistic they are!

  13. Akriti

    ThNx every body
    And I write that story according to what i notice…….
    actually yaar ye CVS bhi shayad khud hi cofuse ho gaye honge ki aakhir humne ye kaisa relationship bana diya hai……

    And @shab dear for your advice and
    I will think about it……

    1. u can akri see u got such an awsome skills good keep it up

  14. Hi….little bit late when I waked up …….all where ready in new dresses and my cousin bro varun was joking on me for seeing serials……..I said u see IB for one day then u will also be a fan of it…….but guys tomorrow onwards I will be busy and cannot comment like all days but I will try to find time……..archiya ur dp is great yaar……shab u missed ur days with cousins then come to my house all are here and my sweet 3grandma’s will hug u……and my bro will love u as his own sis……..and my sweet cousins all will say jokes and play with u……and my mom will make sweets for u…….and aunties and uncles will give u gifts……u are welcome……but because of the marriage all arrangements are going on here……and let u say a wish for my vishakh bro who is going to marry anjali
    ?☺??didi I………

    1. i wish i could come to yr home for sure thanks fr inviting me and i wish vishakh bhaiyaa and anjali bhabhi a happy married life
      i hope u r busy with arrangements happy joint familt dr ofcourse mine was a joint family but due to my dads transfer we became a small family in hyd i miss all the fun that we had together i miss u my bro and siss i m free for 2 monthvisit but still cant visit them due to my parents busy schedule so im bored all alone bro plays with toys sister goes to school im bored at home and im happy that i could share my feelings with my second familyib family

      1. Ranilya

        Hi all the new comers….welcome to pkj…..

        If you don’t mind, I would like to b just Ranilya …..

      2. Ranilya

        Oh shab….some prb with TU .. . My comment got posted here…sorry

      3. Ur bro is younger than u but mine is an elder one…..may be I said u he is younger than me……sry yaar…… that I said I want to get his marriage soon…….how is ur younger bro??????and ur sis ☺☺☺☺☺☺??????

  15. DBO and IB team have the awesome mind blowing costumes for every occasions. They are so royal :* <3 loved it.

  16. I think the who was standing on the stage in last part was also becoz he repeatedly tapping his feet on stage as he wants to confirm somthing

  17. I think the person who was standing on the stage in last part was also becoz he repeatedly tapping his feet on stage as he wants to confirm somthing

  18. By the way I am new here

    1. Welcome yarrrr…..??

  19. Can anyone please tell me how to register my name here

  20. Hi everyone, me akriti se bilkul agree karti ho”Yeh kya ho raha hai”. Makers ne mere IB ka “barha garak” (panjabi proverb) kar diya. Koi logic hi nai banta

  21. Log shaddi ka mahurat phele nikalwate hai, na ki ek dam se, aur yeh kon se pandit ji hai jinka mahurat ek dam se change ho gaya aur witin 20 mts ka ho gaya. Yeh IB walon ka special pandit hoga jiske pass makers jase gayan hoga. Sry agar kisi ko bura laga ho.

  22. Mouni

    there is videos on insta showing the shooting outside and prinku wearing anika’s dress and anika is the one with the red dress , also sso seems in the groom outfit too , l wonder what’s happening here and some ppl are saying anika will get shot there , nooo poor anika

    1. mouni dr if u r really very excited to know what happens today then chillax upto 7;30or 7;45pm
      becoz at that time if u browse tv serial news of ib then u will surely get the todays epi sachi then frm tomorrow u wont miss media on sets

      1. i can say brief written epi

  23. Hai friends. Thank you Amayaa,akriti,ayeshashk,anu,shab Khan for welcoming me in your family. shab Khan I don’t know about my dp. . I can’t comment regularly. I try to keep commenting. please understand me. My exam start June 2 .so I’m busy. I can’t watch ISHQBAAZ in 10pm,because my father not allow me to watch IB So, I’m only reading written updates. Thank you Amena di for fast update.

    1. its ok ahsana u r from kerala my grnnys place very good location dr
      and write exams welll

  24. Shekhar

    It is quite obvious, ACP is going on with hiding his real intentions and his parents for marrying OF daughter PRIYANKA, and he is simply using KAAMINI & MAAHI as front. I had never good opnion for RANBEER as an ACTOR, and still it is same. His smartness get evaporated as soon as he start to speak and again proved, GOOD FACE IS NOT THE GAURANTEE OF A GOOD ACTOR. So far, his acting, his expression is well below the standard level of either ML or VILLAIN. When MAAHI compared him with HAWALDAAR, I thought that is also more than his capability.

    Sorry, PRIVEER fan, it is just my opinion, but I just can not have better opinion for him. May be, CVs could not have projected him in the way he should be, but even though he failed to show the glimpse of his talent even.

    Anyway, its a matter of opinion, few one would be like him, no offence please.

    On other side, CVS are also failed to project a character bearing the designation of ACP who foolishly suggested to wind up KHANNA MURDER just by hiding his dead body ! Such immature winding up the murder can not be expected even from a HAWALDAAR, because, being a HAWALDAAR even he does know what types of consequences take place when a person get eloped from around all of sudden without giving any hint even!!! SUCH MISTAKES OF CVS SHOULD NOT BE RATED MORE THAN THE FREE FUND COMEDY!

    1. Absolutely right.CVs take audience for granted.

  25. Ranilya

    Hi all the new comers….welcome to pkj…..

    If you don’t mind, I would like to b just Ranilya …..

  26. Nice episode. The teist iss increasing day by day. Kamini is such a 2rs cheap ladki . How can she ruin a girls life.

    Eagerly waitimg fr next pisode.

  27. Hi Amena

    Your updates are awesome its always a pleasure to read it. Wished the writer of Ghulaam updates would be like you…?

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