Ishqbaaz 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika prepare for party

Ishqbaaz 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says I will get your files. He says you won’t know which file I want. He opens the cupboard. Clothes fall over him. He asks who has put clothes this way. She says I was in hurry today, I m folding the sarees. He says this is called murdering a saree, I will show you, open the saree completely first, hold its two ends together and then fold it, top side is always upper. She smiles. He says fold it till your last fold is of 13 inches. She claps. He says this way…. Omru look on. Rudra says businessman of the year Shivaye is folding sarees. Om says every man has to do this after marriage. Rudra says man loses his machoism. Om says just see what happens next. Anika gets the saree. Shivaye says I will need to give you classes of wardrobe management. Anika says I heard about hotel and business

management, what’s this wardrobe management. Shivaye says I will explain, keep it color wise, keep your blouses and petticoats in lower row, give it to me.

She says I understood, I will do. He says let me go. She says let me manage my blouses and petticoats. Rudra says I didn’t see anything. Om says I didn’t hear anything. Rudra says we are Gandhi ji’s monkey, come. Shivaye says salwar kameez on the right side and gowns under it. Anika says then that place will be empty. He asks did you say anything. She says no. He goes out to Omru. Omru sing kya se kya hogaya… Shivaye asks what. Om says classes were going on. Rudra says we thought to take some notes to become Patni vrata pati. Om says how to fold saree. Rudra says where to keep blacks. Om says and pastels. Rudra says its wrong, you didn’t teach us wardrobe management. Shivaye says you don’t wear clothes, wear clothes. He goes. Rudra says he had a point. Gauri shows earrings. Priyanka says no, this won’t match with gown. Anika comes and asks what are you wearing in the party Gauri. Gauri and Priyanka show their dresses. Anika says its beautiful, how did you get it. Gauri says we have bought it. Priyanka asks which color gown did you select. Anika says I didn’t decide. She turns and sees Shivaye. He asks her to check guest list once, its with Khanna. Priyanka asks will these heels match my dress. Anika says it looks good. She says I want heels too, one more problem. She goes.

Anika tries the heels and says I have no gown, I don’t know walking in heels, what to do. She walks and falls back. Shivaye holds her. She thanks him. He asks why, its my duty. She asks what, to save me from falling. He says whenever you stumble, I will be there to hold you, what were you doing. She says I m practicing to walk in heels. He says its okay if you can’t wear it. He goes on call. She says he doesn’t care what I wear and how I look. Jhanvi shows suits to Tej. He says choose anything you like. She says its a party, you are behaving like you have no interest. Tej says no one gave party for our coming, Shivaye is throwing a party for his friend. She says party idea was yours, Shivaye is keeping your word, we know he worries for us. He says stop this, I made this Oberoi empire. She says you and Shakti, you left everything after Shakti’s death, Shivaye managed business and took it to heights, he regards you idol, you should be happy.

Tej says I recall Shakti’s deeds on seeing him. Jhanvi asks how can you punish Shivaye for Shakti’s deeds. He says I know, but Shivaye is Shakti’s son, he will ruin the family name one day. Anika calls someone to rent a gown. She says how shall I arrange a gown so soon. She finds a note. She reads I understood without your saying, you will look very pretty when you wear this gown. She checks the gown. She says I didn’t tell anything to Shivaye, even then he understood, sweet singh Oberoi. Shivaye comes. He puts the gown in cupboard. She thinks I thought he will give it to me, but he kept it in cupboard, maybe he will give it to me later. He asks didn’t you get ready. She says how, that gown… He asks do you know, its okay, it should be between us, its a surprise. She says fine, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. He goes. She dances. Rudra comes and asks shall we check party arrangements. She goes.

Shivaye gets ready. He asks didn’t you get ready. Anika says you solved my problem, I won’t take long to get ready. He asks did I? He gets a call. He asks her to get ready and come fast. She checks cupboard and doesn’t see the gown. She says maybe he got shy and hidden it, but what shall I wear now. Jhanvi comes and says here is your gown, wear it fast. Anika asks how do you know that I have no gown. Jhanvi says I know you don’t wear such clothes, get ready fast. She goes. Anika says I wanted to wear the gown brought by Shivaye, but I have to wear this gown now. Rudra, Priyanka and others check arrangements. Shivaye asks Khanna is there any problem with security. Khanna says no. Tej looks on. Jhanvi says Shivaye, I did your work. He thanks her. She says when you got the gift for Anika, why didn’t you give it to her, you are so shy. He says you know me, I don’t like taking credit. She says some some courage at least for your wife. She goes.

Omru come. Rudra says you are brave, your height is less, but you have more courage, if you can jump from 30th floor for wife, if you can bear electric shock, why are you shy. Shivaye asks Om to make him quiet. Om says congrats, Rudra is right, you can give life for Anika, you are not able to give her a gift. Rudra says we know your feelings. Om says tell her, this party will change your life. Rudra says just tell your feelings to Anika. Om says do something that changes Shivaye’s life forever. They get their masks and wear. Tej welcomes guests and introduces Jhanvi. Shivaye meets guests. He sees Anika coming downstairs. Music plays….They have an eyelock. She stumbles. He rushes to her. Rudra comes and gives her the mask. Shivaye helps her. She says I have to ask you something. He goes on someone’s call.

Shivaye and Anika dance. Nancy comes to dance with Shivaye. Anika looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Appy

    HiHi hi mere khidkitod pagals
    @Riana.hi hi hi chalo tumhari assumption sahi nikli.get well soon.
    @Bunny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣yeh yeh I am living my zindegi fully.
    @Mona darling( can I call you that)??? Hi hi thnx.
    MUJHE bhi pyara laga jhatka dekar……
    😂@Omi.welcome back to pkj With lots of love….hi hi thanx
    @Fatmi dear.welcome back.
    @Astma dear..welcome to pkj with lots of love….

    Ok I ranned. And now I am back.
    WEEKEND is now really hectic for me.
    Too busy.
    Ok Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi.plz ..I am unable to understand you
    You can direct ask your wife.oops sry….dost ….oops ..sry….Acchi dost……oops again sorry…YOUR ANNIKA…….
    ( too confusing…leave it).
    You can directly ask her to give her blouse and petticoat ( ok I am embarrassed 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈)
    But you can’t gift her a gown by your self ( facepalm)🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄…
    And Annika.plz
    Don’t let your self know.. even I can’t wear neither Heels or gown.i tripped when I wear heels and leave gown…
    And PLZ don’t expect so will hurt you

    Now jhol of gown I knew it.some dhamaka hoga..
    Not some a big dhamaka.

    Tejjjjj arghhhh.dub mar kahi

    But but but leave all thing.
    Annika was looking so beautiful and gorgeous……
    I mean totally a fairy princess..
    So beautiful

    Precap- nice song but Annika’s sad face.😭😭…
    Waiting for upcoming……

    1. Hii Arpu urf Appy …….
      I like ur redux name …

    2. abd ya…..Go Arpu Go
      congo on being first dear .
      party to banti hai to batao kb aau tumhare ghae par ….


      1. Sindhudi

        Hello Ishita how are you my dear?

    3. Agga4102

      Congrats for being first😀😀😀😀

    4. NSK

      Finally the dialogue of April di is at first officially!😂
      Love ur “hi mere khidkitod pagals”
      Hope u had a greaaat weekend di.💜

  2. Appy

    NSK dear
    Thank you so much for your heartwarming and unconditional love
    Why should I will angry on you dear….
    Arpu is not angry type at all …she is pagal type
    I didn’t visited that page so couldn’t replied you.
    I am cool…I am not angry.
    Love you spool much
    And your Di will always love you
    My cutepie.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Sindhudi

      Oh goodness Arpu are you now appy? I’ didn’t realise you changed your name. Congrats for being number 1. I like the name Arpu though

    2. NSK

      Its okk di.💜 how sweet of u to separately comment something for me.😊
      Omg why am i given so much importance😂😂😂
      Anyway Arpu di isn’t angry!yay!😄
      And pa gal ones are always my favouritea haha.😂💖

  3. Appy

    Its love you soooooo much…ufff typing..arghhh

    1. NSK

      Haha,😂 lysm too💞

  4. Hello PKJ family, my dear Banita, Arpu Luthfa dear Jeevi dear Pushpa Kadhambari Tania Sneha, Ishita Shiny dear Shivya Jessie NSK and many others.
    I hope all had a good weekend.
    Coming to today’s episode, it was pleasant to watch. I loved how Shivaay gave saree folding lessons to Anika. Wardrobe management course. Yes Anika needs that. Omru were so funny hiding and watching the entire scene. I liked the way Rudra mentioned that a businessman is teaching how to fold sarees. He is such a busy businessman and has time for such. Omru just lit up Ishqbaaz set once they are in frame.

    Shivika moments were so Aww……I loved the way Shivaay gifted Anika the saree without even wanting any praises for himself. He did things very secretly. That was so nice of him and he was awestruck admiring her beauty. That was so beautiful to watch.

    1. hello Sindhu di ……
      how are you ?
      actually di i missed today’s episode so can’t say any thing about it but i am sure there was much fun in Shivaye’s wardrobe management classes to Annika ….

    2. NSK

      Yes di.agreeing to u.😊
      Liked ur comment svm.😊

  5. Shivaay does not any credit for himself but Shivaay Anika wanted to wear the gown you wanted to gift by your hands and she thinks it is Jhanvi’s now. Oh Shivaay don’t be shy. Please just express your feeling to her. I don’t like the precap. Shivaay just refused to dance with Nancy and I hope Anika will not try to insist that Shivaay dance with Nancy. Please Anika, don’t do anything crazy.

    I hated Friday’s episode. It was a disaster. I can’t believe the family just accepted nancy’s mistake and let them continue to stay which is a big mistake. Jhanvi telling Shivaay that Nancy is very liberal and because of her culture. If Nancy had done it with Om and forcefully let him lie on him, do you think Jhanvi would want Nancy to stay at the mansion. Of course not!!! So double standards.

    In today’s episode Tej is even worse. He never treated Shivaay as his son at all. He is only ultimate jealous that Shivaay brought the business to heights. I am sure murder is going to transpire soon. But I think Taj will be dancing very close to Anika to distract her.

    @Banita I read that Ishqbaaz is going off air in Nov. Is it true dear? I hope it is not. I don’t want to read rumours but this seems to be like real as trp has gone down. In the first place the cvs made a big mistake. They should never had DBO. Due to that fans got divided. So now Rikara fans are not watching the show and of course trp goes down.

    @Luthfa finally I saw your wall on your member account. Nice picture. I am not able to get into other peoples’ wall. Jeevi Arpu NSK I have not been able to see all of yours yet.,

    Have a good night dears

    1. yes Sindhu di …
      I too don’t want this rumour to be true and for me too it seems to be real ….
      hoping for the best ……

    2. Banita

      Hlo diiii…
      No diii this is a rumore only becz any cast / Gul / or someone related to IB doesn’t confrom about this news till now… So u can say it’s a as usual rumor like others came before by our gr8 twit nd insta fandom…
      So relax diii…
      It’s being a long time that Rikara fans stopped watching IB after offair of DBO…
      So relax…
      Nd enjoy d ongoing plot…

      1. Sindhudi

        Thanks my dear banita. I am finally relaxed. No I don’t want to get influenced these kinds of rumours but I suddenly felt insecure that it was going to end. Even if that happens I hope it ends with wonderful note and just suddenly go off air. Of course I don’t want it to go off air. I always feel so happy watching IB and honestly this is the only serial I watch over and over again.

    3. Banita

      Yup diii i can understand ur situation… Sometime i also feel like that becz of these stupid rumors…
      But just relax nd don’t belive these type of rumors…
      BTW diii still ur account is not opening…

      1. NSK

        Y didnt u comment diii?😐

    4. NSK

      Yes di.SSO is shy where he shouldn’t be.i think tej will have some connection with the murder.
      About off air news,its not i know.i heard that and soon it was assured by one cast member (don’t know who he was) that ib isn’t going anywhere.😊
      Gm di.😂 have a great day.

  6. Luthfa

    Let’s do some analysis-
    1.I need to learn how to fold Saree in 13.5 inches.But I am doubting from where Shivaay has learnt this skill or it just came to him like that?One of a mysteries.Anyway,being an all time Saree lover,that scene just stole my heart.And the mentioning of petticoat and blouse was….Hota hain kabhi kabhi!
    2.Wardrobe management is the new sensation.Tip-top Singh Oberoi was teaching his wife like a serious teacher.Dear OmRu,your brother is already a Pro in handling wife’s accessories.Better you two also learn.Gandhi ji ki Monkeys baad main banna.
    3.Golmal of Gown!Wifey got little upset.Few husbands are like that.Their silent actions lead to a lot more reactions-Jhagra.
    4.Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife wanted to hire gown to wear at the party!Like husband like wife.Watching gowns and other preparations,felt like reading novel’s of 18th century and Victorian era.Nice.
    5.TSO the jalkukda of Oberoi khandan.No matter what you can never change and I am not surprised.Shivaay doesn’t need your character certificate.Keep it to yourself.
    a)The way Shivaay was staring at Anika while she was coming down the stairs and later,was soooo..beautiful.Some stares are only meant for someone very special,not for everyone.
    b)Shivaay’s way of adjusting Anika’s mask was looking like he was making Anika wear gajra with much love.So cute.
    c)Om’s words were sounding like upcoming danger which is true.By the way you are right Om.Shivika’s life will change especially of Shivaay.You too will share a part.Get ready.
    Precap:All the best Shivaay.

    1. Hello Luthfa di …….
      kese ho aap ?

      very true di , Shivaye does not need any character certificate specially from Tej Singh Oberoi.
      and u know di, jb Annika stairs pr stumble ho gyi thi that moment reminded me of that scene during DBO and Ishqbaaz mahasangam episodes jb Annika girne wali hoti hai aur Shivaye sambhal leta hai aur haath nhi chodta tb Annika kehti hai “chodiye Shivaye sb dekh rahe hai ”
      phir Shivaye kehta hai “Shivaye Singh Oberoi n ye haath chodne k liye nhi thamaa tha ”

      take care di

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Ishita,
        I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.
        Yes you are absolutely right.Be it AU or RU,Shivaay was and is here for Anika.TSO is self-blind and we can only pity him,nothing much.Anyway,you too take care.Lots of love,
        P.S.IB is not going anywhere.So relax and enjoy the upcoming episodes.

    2. Sindhudi

      Hey Luthfa missed communicating with you my dear. I didn’t come on Friday after watching the episode cos I was disappointed but I miss you all so I have to come and at least say hello and leave comments.

      Luthfa my hindi is not that good so what does this mean on Gandhi ji ki monkeys main baad maana.

      Anika is so sweet Luthfa. Since Shivaay did not treat her as his Wife but only dost so she feels that she does not have the right to ask for a saree. She was making her own arrangements. She is not working now and how down to earth Anika is. It was so cute that Shivaay understood she does not have any gown. But lu did you realise the one that she unzipped the gown holder and it was dark pink but what she was wearing was black. I don’t know whether I missed the colour.

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Sindhu di.
        You were not alone di but me too got disappointed at the episode of Friday.It’s very sweet that you have come to exchange words.And Gandhi ji is the father of the nation of India.He has famous saying and it goes like this-“Don’t speak bad,Don’t listen to bad words,Don’t see the bad things”.Nowadays those words of Gandhi are being used through certain emojis of Monkeys.You will find here in PKJ as well.When Shivaay was talking about keeping Anika’s blouses and petticoats,OmRu covered their eyes,ears and mouth respectively.Their those expressions signified Gandhi ji’s above mentioned saying though in fun.And monkeys are used to emphasize the fun actually.That’s why I told them indirectly that they could make fun out of Shivaay later first they had to learn from Shivaay how to arrange the accessories.I hope you will be able to understand now.

      2. NSK

        That pink gown was for Nancy by mohit n maybemaybe it was kept there to create misunderstanding between shivika 😐

      3. Luthfa

        About Anika’s gown selection,there were gowns in Oberoi Mansion for Oberoi ladies even for Gauri to get ready for the party.But Anika did not choose any among those and opted to take help from her own sources.So when she did that it looked a little out of place(because of cvs)for me.And we know it very well that she is very conscious regarding the power she has over Shivaay for anything while exercising it.She thought that Shivaay would arrange one for her and same happened.Neither Shivaay told anything nor Anika and because of that there will be misunderstanding in today’s episode,perhaps.And the gown that Anika unzipped to see,it was for Nancy(will reveal today).That Jhanvi gave to Anika was from Shivaay and it was a personal gift.Anyway,waiting for today’s episode.Love you di.

    3. NSK

      So nice analysis Apu.😄 tysm for the bday wishes.💞
      And ur comment is pointing things so clearly.lovely.😊

  7. Hii everyone
    how are u all ?
    I was Ohk……nut after reading this news in today’s news paper I am not so good guys ……
    “As we know all good things comes to an end
    and thus as per the latest reports and if
    rumours are to be believed Ishqbaaz actors
    have received ultimatum of the show being
    pulled out by channel in November first week.”
    is this true …….

    I don’t want it to be true………

    love you all a lot .
    and god night .

    1. sorry it is but not nut and similarly good night
      typing errors.

    2. NSK

      As i know,ishqbaaz is not going off air.even if its going,let’s enjoy the last phase of the show.😢

  8. Shajessie

    Hi guy…. 2day epi.. Hahaha great… Thank to SSO.. Bcos I also need to attend wardrobe management class.. 😂😂😂
    Wow.. Superb.. His sudden hold when anni falling back.. Its really something great na.. N whenever she stumble he will b there to hold… So cute..
    Anni looking gorgeous 2day.. N both eye lock mesmerised… Especially shivaay..
    Eagerly to watch nxt epi… Ok dear sindhu, arpu luthfa, nsk, n all my frens .. C u all soon… Gd nite…

    1. Sindhudi

      Hey shajessie nice to hear from you. Hope you as good. Yes now we all know how to fold sarees😂

    2. NSK

      Hello dear 😀
      Hope ur fine.ur comment is a small sumary of the epi to me.😄

  9. Rajvi_shah

    Shivika scene was so cute😍. Shivaay the business man of the year giving saree lessons to his dear wife😍. The last fold should be of 13.5 inches seriously Shivaay 😂. No offense but I love omru more than shivika. I think some thamaka is going to happen in the party . Do u guys remember in the Nancy’ murder promo Shivaay was remembering stuff from party. I think Nancy will not die but it would be taj’s trick to frame Shivaay.

    1. NSK

      I am quite sure its gonna be Taj’s trick or he will kill Nancy and SSO will be blamed.😀

      1. Rajvi_shah

        I think they are planted by svetlana.

  10. Agga4102

    I think Shivaay understood his feelings!!!!!

    1. NSK

      Could be or couldn’t be 😝

      1. Agga4102

        I wish it Is!!!!

  11. Hi everyone, i also think so, when omru told him about sso’s fellings, i really very miss om’s shayari

    1. NSK

      Same here dear

  12. NSK

    Hello my dear very own pkj family!
    Hope all had a great weekend !😊
    I honestly had a best birthday of my life today because of your warm wishes.I can’t express how much those cute little wishes mean to me.It’s so lovely to have you guys.💞
    Jeevi di,Luthfa di much special thanks to u two!💖
    Arpu Di,Banita di,Sindhudi,Agga di,Mona,Shajessiedi many others – wishes for u guys tooooo!💜
    Well anyway hoping everyone had a great weekend.😂
    Episode was fine.Annika will MU shivaay maybe.Finally the main part of mystery track is gonna start.Hoping for the best.let’s see what CVS has for us ! 😊
    Ps.Everyone looked so pretty.

  13. Nice episode

  14. Nikita_jai29

    The episode is good.. The wardrobe management is lovely

  15. Today ‘s episode was very nice..
    AND shivaye bhaiya
    Even I didn’t know this type of wardrobe management
    ( generally I don’t keep my clothes so tidely that’s why)
    Ok take care everyone …
    Bye bye…

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