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Ishqbaaz 10th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia tells Shivaye that universe can’t give anyone such a good BF. He asks what did I do. She says you wrote a beautiful letter for me. He reads letter and looks at everyone. Some time before, Rudra tells Chubby that punch is fine, but punch is little less. Chubby asks what. Rudra adds wine and says we have to take wine’s support to do Shivaye and Tia’s patch up. Roop is on the way and says we have to use this phone to get all info. She connects and transfers data to her laptop, saying this is the key to treasure. Tej says I will make a call and checks phone. He says this is not my phone and recalls Roop. He says my phone has all security passwords and details. He asks security to stop that car.

Rudra tells Chubby about his great cool punch, it can end any war, Romi did not reply to my

message. Chubby says she has gone for Darshan. Rudra says she is new and old combo, she is perfect for me. Soumya comes and says I have to talk something about Romi. Chubby asks her about decoration at that corner, come with me. Rudra adds more wine in the punch.

Tej and his men stop Roop’s car. Anika says its all looking good. Mallika and Anika compliment each other. Anika says Priyanka gave me this dress. Mallika says Shivaye will be coming, I hope Tia also comes. Shivaye comes. Mallika says Shivaye has come…. Anika looks at him.

Roop gets tensed seeing Tej coming. The transfer gets more than 50%. Mallika and everyone ask each other to behave normally. Rudra passes message to Shivaye. Shivaye asks what do you mean, am I abnormal. Mallika says look, its so jhilmil. They make reasons and go. Shivaye sees Om in red jacket and says I left you some time back and you became red flag from human. Om says Riddhima is making video calls to check did I remove this jacket. Shivaye says I m proud of you. Mallika says we should do something to get Tia soon.

Gayatri says if Tej sees us together, our game will be over. Roop hides the laptop. Tej walks to her car. Roop gets down the car. Tej asks for his phone. He gives her phone and asks for his phone. She says no, this would be yours. He says don’t waste my time, give me my phone. She sees the data transfer completed and smiles. She returns the phone and says sorry, its similar phone. Tej takes his phone and looks at her.

Anika and Soumya ask Shivaye to have snacks. Shivaye asks who decided this menu. Anika signs. Shivaye says obviously, why are you asking me to have food, I will have food when I want, after all this is my house. Anika says so what, does anyone not eat starters if its his house, you have something. Shivaye says get water. Anika says you will get it from my hands. Rudra says no water today, just Rudra’s handmade fruit punch, Shivaye will drink first. They all drink the punch. Tej goes to Roop’s car and looks inside. Roop says she is my friend, she is sleeping. Tej goes. Gayatri moves the cloth over her face. Roop smiles.

Rudra says now Shivaye will know my punch effect. He drinks and likes the punch. He feels light and kisses his hand. Anika and Mallika ask him about Tia. Rudra asks did I give her time. Mallika and Anika look at him and scold him, now if Tia does not come on time, who will stop Shivaye. They ask him to call Tia. Shivaye and Om like the punch. Rudra calls Tia. Tia comes. Shivaye sees her. Rudra says you guys have beaten me and I m hearing the ring. Mallika and Anika say even we can hear the ring. They turn and see Tia.

Tia says Shivaye baby…. and hugs him. They all get surprised. Rudra says I have drunk a lot, I m seeing Tia hugging Shivaye. Mallika says no, she is really hugging. Tia says I m sorry, I did not send Reiki in anger, after what you did, I got to know universe can’t give such a good BF to anyone. Shivaye asks what did I do. Tia says aw, you are acting innocent, I did not know you can do this, you expressed feeling so beautiful. Shivaye asks me, what did I do. Tia says you are modest, well you wrote world’s beautiful letter to me. Anika says pigeon has taken our letter to Tia. Tia says what emotions, writing, and the word love underlined 12 times, beautiful, the best part, you joined our names and write couple name. Shivaye asks did I write couple name. Tia says ya, Shivaye and Tia, Shitia. Shivaye asks what Shitia…They all look on.

Tia says I really like the name, I got to know from whom did you get this poetry. Anika and Mallika worry that Shivaye won’t leave them if he knows they wrote that letter. Tia asks Shivaye from whom did he learn beautiful words. Om says I don’t know. Shivaye looks at him. Tia says I want you all to know, Shivaye read this letter, I want everyone to know how much Shivaye loves me.

Shivaye takes the letter. They all say oh no Shivaye baby. Shivaye gets shocked seeing the letter. Pinky hears Pravachan, that interfering in other’s lives is bad. Pinky agrees with him, and then thinks is Mallika trapping Shivaye, she has come to party, I will check her. Everyone ask Shivaye not to read it. Tia says you all should know real romance. Shivaye reads…. My dear Tia….. He looks at Tia. She smiles. He reads… You have seen my eyes’ Kanjapan till now, not the love …. He looks at Anika. Tia says I love this Desi touch. Shivaye reads shayari and looks at Om.

Shivaye reads… I know I m ill mannered, rude, stubborn and arrogant, but I m loyal boyfriend, I did not cheat ever in life, by cheat’s name, I feel…. Anika says michmichi…. Shivaye looks at her. Tia asks what’s michmichi. Anika says bad feeling. Tia says oh. Shivaye says yuck, and reads…… I did mistake, but everyone does that, and looks at Soumya by her research on boy’s IQ. He reads that when you went London, I was sad and used to sing Meri Tia gayi Rangoon….. He looks at Rudra. Tia says wow, you made London as Rangoon. Shivaye reads….. we are life partners, our names will be taken together, Shitiya….. He looks at Mallika. He reads…. I will not show Tadi without anything, my love’s helicopter will never get down. Tia says so cute to make chopper as helicopter. He reads…. forget the fights, and then 16 hearts are made, Love is written at four places and decorated, and then its written With love, Shivaye….. He looks at Anika.

Next Episode (On MONDAY): Precap:

Om drinks and asks did I try to change Riddhima, I accepted her the way she us, but she wants to change me. Shivaye says Tia did not tell me about changing things ever. Tia comes and says I will paint the house purple after marriage. Shivaye shockingly spits the drink on Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nithu

    i literally waiting for today’s episode….!!!!!!

  2. Priya15

    @ALL… Renima di asked us not to request her to come back as it hurts her… And she is a silent reader guys.. Be happy with it.. Di is with us but she is not cmntng… And DHURV BHAI and LUNA di.. She said that she is strong.. And she asked u both not to worry for her… And I don’t know what happen today she said today also somebody spoke bad abt her and Mahi bhai?? Did anybody know?? ? Can u pls say Me?? So she don’t want to cmnt.. Hope that we should understand guys..

    I won’t request her as I don’t want to hurt her by requesting hope u people l understand me..

    1. Okay Priya, i respect renima’s decision. We shud not force her. Plz say sorry to her from me, i think i went overboard. What can i do??? I dont know how to sugarcoat words.

  3. Ha mai bhi wahi soch rahi thi yeh renima hi riya hai naeto dhruv ke bat manti nahi….
    Yeh dhruv renima ka bf haI…n isley uske liye usne etna bola but this renima is only riya n trying to impress her if there were ppl having prblm with renima thy must hv said bfr dhruv had came…n riya who was so arrogant listened to Dhruv immediately????
    Riya n renima are same persn I bet it….bichara dhruv aka mahi!!!

    1. Priya15

      How could u speak like this???? ? How dare u say like that abt my di?? Idiot.. Don’t u dare to post cmnts like this again..

    2. why you are interested so much????

  4. Piyuuuuuuuuu happiesttt bdayyy dear!!!!!!
    Dry I’m just lil late….
    N sat Congo sweetie…..
    How’s u all………………..,??????

    1. Thank you richu…

  5. finally with in 2hours we can see ishqbaaz and war between shivika yaar

    and druvv yaar kya kaha kuch samajme nahi aya ninja is ur frend i think am i right

    good evening haya ashvarya shivani riya druvv piyu priya shahabana abiha renima rose richu nivedha isquies and all other ishquies and finally to me also

    hey guys who is ur favourit jodi not only in ishqbaaz all over plz reply

    1. Sandhir forever……..luv them

      I luv shivika ishkara to
      I’ll be glad to know urs

      1. hai i am so sad kisi ne bhi rithwik aur asha ki naam nahi liye mer favourite jodi for ever who r real qnd reel bhi rithwik dhanjani and asha negi

    2. Richu

      Sandhir forever…parish I luv them yaar..

    3. Hehe ninja hatodi cartoon hai aur ab tumhara nickname bhi ninja hai:-):-):-D

    4. Good evening nikki di…
      My favourite jodi is shivaye and anika….????

    5. Finally..m in 4 a norm conversation..FIRST ARSHI…thn SHIVIKA ISHKAARA ND RUMYA 2GTHR..even vitharv is nyc…wbu??????

    6. Shivika and Zaya (Zain and Aliya of BEINTEHAA) forever!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Same mukta….mera favourite serial tha vo

    7. ishkara siam shivika sandhir

    8. Shaza

      Shivika ( shivaye Anika )
      Zaya ( Zain Aliya ) most fav
      Arshi ( asr khushi )
      Yep I even like asha and rithwik b4 I used to be mad abt them
      Abhigya ..I like the Jodi but not the serial cuz I have turned shit now

  6. Everyone exited fr today’s epiiiii!!!!!!!
    Mukta abiha Shaza haya Priya mishri manikk Luna dishu……
    Piyuuuuuuuuuuuuu happiestttt bday dear…….
    Fatarjao hiiiiii nice to meet u…..
    Sat Congo sweetie…………
    Shivu muku babes how r u….
    Dhruv bhai swayamvar Kä plan for se start ho raha he bachke rehna…yaha bhi bohoaut sari behene jai aapki…

    No flirting
    Hahahhhaaaaa sry…..
    Luv u all

  7. Hey guys it’s party time.We crossed 545 comments.
    @Mukta.Thank you isliye kyunki tumne Eid Mubarak bola na.

    1. ohk!!!!!! U r most welcome!!!!!

  8. Favourite Jodi Mein samjhi nahi Nikki di?

  9. Thank you……thank you…Thank you…sooooooooooo much guys….
    For wishing me… all are too good….In a very short time you all have became a part of my life..,???????
    you all know o thought my friends will first wish me….but they have not wished me yet!!!??????
    I am so sad….I wish them all at 12 and they haven’t wished me…..
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    1. Richu

      I think teyll gibe u a surprise dear…be ready

  10. @RIYA dear, Reni di told that she can’t comment but she loves u and she told me that from now on, u r Riya Ishqie!!!!!!!!

  11. Priya15

    Guys wts the prb of these bashers????

    First they taunt renima di and now they r saying that Riya is renima di… How could they??? And how can u say dhurv bhai is Mahi.. If u think like then I l just give u a slap.. Don’t u know abt anything.. Then y come u r speaking abt them together.. U know wt dhurv bhai is a old member but he is just now cmntng n ishqbaaz page.. I don’t remember when I have seen dhurv and renima interacting through cmnts… How dare they can say abt them like that????

    GUYS sari cheezo ko ek hadh hote hai…. They crossed all limits….. They don’t have any rights to speak abt di like that.. How Dare they speak in that way abt a girl like that.. It’s an public site thoda toh sharam Karo.. And u soniya I think u l be elder than me but posting that cmnt u have proved that DIL me tum ham sab se choti ho.. Idiot…. Ya if u r elder Than me I l not say sry bcoz I can’t give respect to that who don’t know how to speak abt others….. And ya don’t dare to post cmnts abt my sis…

    1. Dear ..i know its hurting..but want to say u only one thing yrr ..plz dont talk about those bashers n dont give attention to thm ..just leave thm…no need to take stress yr..we know our renima d so there’s no need to explain to those stupids..

  12. sorry I lost my temper I didn’t mean to use that word

  13. Priyaaaaa diii…IGNORE THOSE PPL!!!!!!thy r sooo uncool….u knw d ppl who wants public attntion nd want 2 make othrz life a joke!!!??????thy dnt knw dat we dnt caaaare!!!!!i feel sorry 4 thm!!????

  14. Ya right priya
    These bashers are irritating???

  15. I am not urs renima so sorry if I hurt u

  16. Actually TU isn’t allowing the sharing of email address so I’m sharing it in some different style…..I hope u can guess it……
    Sonam Meena 07 06 2000
    write it without space!!!!!!


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