Ishqbaaz 10th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia tells Shivaye that universe can’t give anyone such a good BF. He asks what did I do. She says you wrote a beautiful letter for me. He reads letter and looks at everyone. Some time before, Rudra tells Chubby that punch is fine, but punch is little less. Chubby asks what. Rudra adds wine and says we have to take wine’s support to do Shivaye and Tia’s patch up. Roop is on the way and says we have to use this phone to get all info. She connects and transfers data to her laptop, saying this is the key to treasure. Tej says I will make a call and checks phone. He says this is not my phone and recalls Roop. He says my phone has all security passwords and details. He asks security to stop that car.

Rudra tells Chubby about his great cool punch, it can end any war, Romi did not reply to my

message. Chubby says she has gone for Darshan. Rudra says she is new and old combo, she is perfect for me. Soumya comes and says I have to talk something about Romi. Chubby asks her about decoration at that corner, come with me. Rudra adds more wine in the punch.

Tej and his men stop Roop’s car. Anika says its all looking good. Mallika and Anika compliment each other. Anika says Priyanka gave me this dress. Mallika says Shivaye will be coming, I hope Tia also comes. Shivaye comes. Mallika says Shivaye has come…. Anika looks at him.

Roop gets tensed seeing Tej coming. The transfer gets more than 50%. Mallika and everyone ask each other to behave normally. Rudra passes message to Shivaye. Shivaye asks what do you mean, am I abnormal. Mallika says look, its so jhilmil. They make reasons and go. Shivaye sees Om in red jacket and says I left you some time back and you became red flag from human. Om says Riddhima is making video calls to check did I remove this jacket. Shivaye says I m proud of you. Mallika says we should do something to get Tia soon.

Gayatri says if Tej sees us together, our game will be over. Roop hides the laptop. Tej walks to her car. Roop gets down the car. Tej asks for his phone. He gives her phone and asks for his phone. She says no, this would be yours. He says don’t waste my time, give me my phone. She sees the data transfer completed and smiles. She returns the phone and says sorry, its similar phone. Tej takes his phone and looks at her.

Anika and Soumya ask Shivaye to have snacks. Shivaye asks who decided this menu. Anika signs. Shivaye says obviously, why are you asking me to have food, I will have food when I want, after all this is my house. Anika says so what, does anyone not eat starters if its his house, you have something. Shivaye says get water. Anika says you will get it from my hands. Rudra says no water today, just Rudra’s handmade fruit punch, Shivaye will drink first. They all drink the punch. Tej goes to Roop’s car and looks inside. Roop says she is my friend, she is sleeping. Tej goes. Gayatri moves the cloth over her face. Roop smiles.

Rudra says now Shivaye will know my punch effect. He drinks and likes the punch. He feels light and kisses his hand. Anika and Mallika ask him about Tia. Rudra asks did I give her time. Mallika and Anika look at him and scold him, now if Tia does not come on time, who will stop Shivaye. They ask him to call Tia. Shivaye and Om like the punch. Rudra calls Tia. Tia comes. Shivaye sees her. Rudra says you guys have beaten me and I m hearing the ring. Mallika and Anika say even we can hear the ring. They turn and see Tia.

Tia says Shivaye baby…. and hugs him. They all get surprised. Rudra says I have drunk a lot, I m seeing Tia hugging Shivaye. Mallika says no, she is really hugging. Tia says I m sorry, I did not send Reiki in anger, after what you did, I got to know universe can’t give such a good BF to anyone. Shivaye asks what did I do. Tia says aw, you are acting innocent, I did not know you can do this, you expressed feeling so beautiful. Shivaye asks me, what did I do. Tia says you are modest, well you wrote world’s beautiful letter to me. Anika says pigeon has taken our letter to Tia. Tia says what emotions, writing, and the word love underlined 12 times, beautiful, the best part, you joined our names and write couple name. Shivaye asks did I write couple name. Tia says ya, Shivaye and Tia, Shitia. Shivaye asks what Shitia…They all look on.

Tia says I really like the name, I got to know from whom did you get this poetry. Anika and Mallika worry that Shivaye won’t leave them if he knows they wrote that letter. Tia asks Shivaye from whom did he learn beautiful words. Om says I don’t know. Shivaye looks at him. Tia says I want you all to know, Shivaye read this letter, I want everyone to know how much Shivaye loves me.

Shivaye takes the letter. They all say oh no Shivaye baby. Shivaye gets shocked seeing the letter. Pinky hears Pravachan, that interfering in other’s lives is bad. Pinky agrees with him, and then thinks is Mallika trapping Shivaye, she has come to party, I will check her. Everyone ask Shivaye not to read it. Tia says you all should know real romance. Shivaye reads…. My dear Tia….. He looks at Tia. She smiles. He reads… You have seen my eyes’ Kanjapan till now, not the love …. He looks at Anika. Tia says I love this Desi touch. Shivaye reads shayari and looks at Om.

Shivaye reads… I know I m ill mannered, rude, stubborn and arrogant, but I m loyal boyfriend, I did not cheat ever in life, by cheat’s name, I feel…. Anika says michmichi…. Shivaye looks at her. Tia asks what’s michmichi. Anika says bad feeling. Tia says oh. Shivaye says yuck, and reads…… I did mistake, but everyone does that, and looks at Soumya by her research on boy’s IQ. He reads that when you went London, I was sad and used to sing Meri Tia gayi Rangoon….. He looks at Rudra. Tia says wow, you made London as Rangoon. Shivaye reads….. we are life partners, our names will be taken together, Shitiya….. He looks at Mallika. He reads…. I will not show Tadi without anything, my love’s helicopter will never get down. Tia says so cute to make chopper as helicopter. He reads…. forget the fights, and then 16 hearts are made, Love is written at four places and decorated, and then its written With love, Shivaye….. He looks at Anika.

Next Episode (On MONDAY): Precap:

Om drinks and asks did I try to change Riddhima, I accepted her the way she us, but she wants to change me. Shivaye says Tia did not tell me about changing things ever. Tia comes and says I will paint the house purple after marriage. Shivaye shockingly spits the drink on Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mukta

    Ohh God!!!!!!! Most hilarious episode!!!!!!! That letter part was awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    “My dear Tia”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that Kanjapan!!!!!!!!!! And after that Shayari!!!!!!! And moreover Shivaay’s stare!!!!!!!!! God……fantastic episode!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mukta

    I literally can’t stop laughing!!!!!! #ShiTia
    The name just couldn’t get any better!!!!! Plus Nakuul’s reaction to it😂

  3. Liya


    |Registered Member

    Really shitia it sounds like shit yaar😝😝😝 rudra baby you have done the most intelligent thing for the first time by mixing drink….spcl fruit punch Huh….

    • Liya


      |Registered Member

      👆This is what I have to say after reading the written update but I wanna tell something serious …we all are ishqbaazians we are like a family now .we all share very special bond.even though we are unable to talk to all ishquiss we love and respect each other and our views….Some people have hurted reinma and now she is going to quit .. Someone who knows her,or her mail I d or have any way to contact her plzz make her understand…we love her as she is and wants her to stay with us …we are a family stay together …plzz no one should quit…family means unity and togetherness in love and pain…

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Same ya ..feeling very hurt that she is quitting because of some stupid peaple who spread negativity ..feel like killing those ppl 😡😡😡.. Will miss her awesome poetry and her awesome jokes and her 😞..her poetry always refresh my mood ..renima di if ur reading Thai than plssss don’t leave I request you ..ur the leader of all ishqies here how can you leave ? …pls show those dumb peaple that ur not affected by them plss Reni di don’t quit TU ..we all are incomplete without you ..

    • Nithu


      |Registered Member

      im otally wid u n its a kind request that ppl who dnt like to comment just read the update..dats its y the hell they shd see the comment section…

  4. Mukta

    The way Shivaay, after reading everyone’s line was giving a death stare look to them out there was DHINCHAK!!!!!!!

  5. Luna

    Shivaye and Tia=Shitia, rofl….ok, first let me laugh….hahahahaha, i burst into laughter hearing that word, and that letter part, maine tumhari aankhon ka kanjapan dekha hai,lol. Anika and Soumya part in the letter was the most funny.

  6. Mukta

    Why Monday???? It’s difficult to wait even for 24 hours and now we’ve to wait for 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohh God……how???

  7. Sammy


    |Registered Member

    lol ..2nd time i am commenting on this page …that was hillarious shitia …lol and the letter …after the humsafars ,Arzoo’s letter …i am finding any letter soo funny …..and then at the last word love …our billu looks at our paanika…..and the precap …tit for tat ..spitting on her dress ….rudra’s line rangoon …rofl….and kanjapan…Anika rocks …and her tadi is epic …shayari ..part shivaaye was like OM You Too……..hehe …Dil bole …oberai ….this serial is awesome

  8. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode …..loved yeh letter and the way Shia ye was staring at the ppl who wrote the lines 😂 ishqbaaz tomorrow 😭😭😭..and wow their couple and their couple name shitia 😂…anyway..sona di ..did u really a top writing r we all wil the list ..just cuz of those peaple ? ..Mukta di ..pls can you give me ur email or become a registered member i wanna ask you something?

  9. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode …..loved yeh letter and the way Shia ye was staring at the ppl who wrote the lines 😂 ishqbaaz tomorrow 😭😭😭..and wow their couple and their couple name shitia 😂…anyway..sona di ..did u really a top writing r we all wil the list ..just cuz of those peaple ? ..Mukta di ..pls can you give me ur email or become a registered member i wanna ask you something? …

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        I’m really sorry pls forgive me ,, actually ..u remember yesterday some peaple yesterday ..idk the name SSO,etching shakti and all were saying that we should not keep list and ur comment were u write the lwhole list was on moderation maybe and I thought that ur scared of them and dint write that ..I’m really sorry

  10. ishika

    No sunday😒….😓
    Still th funniest LOVE LETTER..evr heard….god shivays exprsns😂….his stare on evrybdy😂
    Omkatas shyri rudra s song mallikas cmplains soumyas survey report…
    The way shivay askd Tia to read out aww cute😂
    ND SHITIA????? fhat th wuck???😂😂
    Shivay b like wat shit…shitia??😂

    Okie party epsdes gonna b stretched fr two three dys whole lot of scenes r coming bcz in utube thre is dnce romance cnfession segment
    Gyz their ws behind th scenes whre nakul surbhi r laughing n pushng ech othr…so they do talk offscreen also😂…as their were rumours…n nakul n evrybdy celebrated anikas prebday whch Is tmrrw…thru India forum…surbhi I so sweet in real life she actually is funny!!!😁😍

  11. mira

    So funny…… The best love letter I have ever seen…. Kanjapan, shayri, survey, michmichi, tadi, Rangoon, and finally Shitia!!!!!!!!!
    Ishqbaaz rockssss……..

  12. Goms


    |Registered Member

    Rofl…. I can’t control my laugh “shitia”…
    Shivaay s expression and om+rumya+anika+mallika s reaction…
    Omg I loved..
    Prinku looks very beautiful when she smile..
    And precap 😂😍 want to see shivika s fight and dance..
    Can’t wait till Monday..

  13. Mukta

    HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Renima di, Nelka di, Rose di, Roz di, Kat di, Aqua di, Mukti, Mukti, Aliya, Shai di, Disha, Mishri, Sumo, Naina, Khushi, Priya, Ishita, Ishika, Ishita di, Sriranjani di, Neha di, Asmita, Shivani di, Roo,Pragya, Dil di, Prishu, Isha, Nida, Zuha, Luna di, Devga, Yashal, Maanvi, Srini, Hashi, Rifa, Nivu, Smriti, Ritika, Yesha, Trisha, Rishti, Enansanjida di, Shaza, Gauthmi, Mary, Sruthy, Sujina, Ooshi di, Diya, Shahabana di, Chirag, Abhi, Muskaan, Shit, Sushree, Nevermind, Niyati, Monique di, Krishna, Dharhu, Sreekutty, Rani, Maleesha, Jaz, Pradishma, Haya di, Belle, Guman, Erica, Muzammil, Sat, Nisha, Pankh, Bharathi, Fatima, Kitty, dr, Priyanka, Nabanita, Salsa, Manya, Anju, Dhara, Manu, Komal, Sahana, Rimjhim, Laya, Shanya, Twinkle, Athiraappu, Himagiri, Admin, Nivvu, Yashna, Zohya, Jeshna, Nivedha, Naaginfanforever, Sooryapriya, Liya di, Kiki di, Ananya, Apeksha, Malu, Nithu, Harshi, Sri, Preet, Anjali, Adityakiran, Riyadcruz, Mukul, Sunanda, Nikki, Tharu di, Arya, Arya, MP, Fatarajo, Rosu, Fiddu, Ishkara, Riddhima, Hahaha, Lijitha, Swadheenta, Amy, Clincy, Pragati, Asfa, Baishali, Prathi, Asma di, Yrkkh fan, Adithi, Tarini, Parvathy, Lamsofianeak, Poooh, Heena, Piyali, Samyukta, Richu, Cheryl, Elsa, Sharmi, Devi, Nit, Nishi, Nihaarika di, Saumya, Apps, Pritha, Shreya, Shama, Shraddha, Shraddha, Anu, Anu di, Anu di, Raina, Pearl, Siddhi, Vismaya, Falhi, Viv4444, Baby Leemoh, Pari, Nazneen di, Sonali, Sanju, Chikky, Prink, Saima, Shivika fan, Kristen, Aayesha, Chetna, Yazhu, Ro, Anusha, Abiha, Anaaya, Maahiswt, Anita, Dhruvv, Lisa!!!!!!!


    @LISA dear Welcome to our group!!!!! And thanks for supporting us!!!!!! I must appreciate u!!!!!!!!! Welcome once again!!!!!!!!

    • Shaza


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      Ok I sorry.. the comment was on moderation maybe ..I thought because of those people u will stop making lost ..but thank god u didn’t ..but Im scared what will happen when they all wil report on TU ? ..pls can u give me ur email id ?

    • nikki

      iam fine and enjoyed a loy what about u andthere is no such rufe ype of comment who r saying this is not personal chat

    • Abiha

      The episode was hilarious ..can’t wait for the next..i m laughing even now..the letter part was out of words …shitia 😃😃😂😂😆😆

    • Piyali

      Hey mukta….
      There is no change in you….and I am glad to see that. …
      I am very sad yrr…
      I want to ask you something…can you plzz give your mail?
      If you want to…..I am not forcing you mukta

  14. Mukta

    @PIYALI dear can u give me ur Email Id????? If u r comfortable with it!!!!!!!!!! I wanna send u a mail!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Piyali

      Mukta I want to give you my mail but I can’t there is a reason behind that….which I can’t tell you here…
      Please if you can give me your mail…..It will be better as….If I will give you my mail…It can become serious hope you can understand or I will give you it….If you also have any problem…just tell….Please don’t feel bad but seriously there is great reason that I am not giving you my mail…

  15. Shreya Shandilya

    Ab tak tumne meri aankho ka kanjapan dekha hai pyaar nai ..!!!! Next part…meri Tia gayi Rangoon…!!! Michimichi..!!! Main ab taxi nahi dikhaunga…hmare pyar ka helicopter kbhi niche nahi aayega…!!! OMG man thus gang is hilarious… Wat a letter..!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    My fav. Part was tmne ab tk meri aankho ka kanjapan dekha hai pyar nai…!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Piyali

    I am commenting only for renima di…..
    Di please don’t quit…you said on previous TU that you will quit…
    Di if you regard me as your sister and specially an isqhie don’t do that…
    Di my birthday is coming so please di don’t quit…
    We respect you and your love di…
    And specially the thing is why to get hurt by these people…..We didn’t came to this earth to please everyone….so just ignore yrrr…
    Di you are very sweet…We love your comments. ….and we can not compromise with your lovely comments you have to come here….and about those which have problem just go hell!!!
    We don’t need you and also I think you don’t need us…..
    How can you say about anybody’s love…
    Stay in your limits yrr…..
    Renima di please don’t go….For all of us….Please

  17. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Awwwww…Such a sweet episode! And the letter nailed it 😜 So amazing 😂😂 And I must say that the way Shivaye identifying the writer of particular essence of writing 😊 Awwww…Shivaay Baby 😘😘 Nakul nailed it! And differences are creating between Om and Ridhima, good! Whereas loving Anika and Malika 😊 Over all Ishqbaaz is rocking! Good going!

    Hello Ishqies👋👋 How are u all? Mukta di, Nadiya Api, Roz, Rose, Aliya, Shivani, Priya di, Fatarajo-Fattu..and all how are u all? I hope all are doing well!

    Love u guys!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  18. Trisha

    The letter is awsome everyone write there own word it easily to undertand for shivaya and us who have written these word ……. anika new desi words like khanji aahkha , taddi,michmichi, chooper ko( helicopter) ,om shyari his word very difficult to understand for us also ,somya ka IQ , Malika ka couple ka naam join kareka lekhna, rudra ka gana….. i like everyone chaters nd their words sab sa jada toh anika ka hoga ….sometime everyone copy her langague Malika- tadi , kanjiaakha ,chand ladkiya , somya pani wala ,om- taddi,shivaya -rahata fahel gaya,rudra -pinky promise….everyone like nd sometime speak also nd i also like her lagauge she always invent new word …i cant wait for tomorrow so excited

  19. tamanna

    Letter part hilarious !!! Shivaye exactly knew who would have written which line, he saw that person after reading the line 😂😂😂😂

  20. Nishu....

    Hii..i am Nisbat 😄i live in mumbai studying in 12th….. how r u all i am new here actually i read all of your comments its really fun to read them the way u people express your feelings i just love that…😘😍and i love the show…. today’s episode was nice…
    And about the show its just amazing😂its really fun….

  21. saurav

    Hillarious.. Letters part was suprb.. I hvnt seen today’s episode bt after reading this I imagined hw the episode was.. Suprb.. Ishqbaaz rocks

  22. Jazz

    Really loved today’s episode.
    Rudy rocks he adds wine. Everyone will have hangover
    When shivaay was reading the letter oh myy godd😄😂😂😂😄
    It will be fun to watch their romance and dance 😘😘
    I think they should air housefull3 in the noon time so we can watch our favorite show at night

  23. Yazhu

    Meri tia gayi rangoon…. Rudra is amazing…only he can think like this…. Really loved the letter part…it’s hilarious…. Hope to see Shivika’s dance soon….and Shivika sounds much much better than ShiTia…

  24. Mukta

    @PIYALI dear can u give me ur Email Id????? If u r comfortable with it!!!!!!!!!! I wanna send u a mail!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @PRAGYA and PIYA Thankew!!!!!!!!

    @RIDDHIMA It’ll not be airing tomorrow coz of Houseful 3!!!!!!!!

  25. nikki

    lisa dear welcome to our family
    renema plz dont quit that i beg uplz
    todays eoi was awesome and when shivay is readng the letter all 4no unite ti say!no shivay babt!!!! was really the bes part
    hai abuha renima hata muktha mukthi sat lisa shahabana piyaali priya richu and all ishquies hope u enjoyed the epi how r u!!!!

  26. Mukta

    Guys tomorrow there will be no episode of Ishqbaaz……which means we will comment on this page for 2 days!!!!!!!!! So guess what would be the no. of comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    |Registered Member

    Only this i can say for today’s episode….

  28. Luna

    Spoilers say that Shivaye and Anika will get romantic with each other in drunken state. Also Omkara will talk about Riddhima’s bossy behaviour and she will hear it. Another spoiler confirmed by Gul is that in upcoming episodes Rudra will hear Soumya’s conversation with someone on phone and will come to know that she is love angel.

    • Enasanjida

      If Om say anything Ridima & also she hear it, Ridima will don’t care. I think Ridima mot feel so bad. Mujha Ridimaa full pagal lagh rahi hain bcz shaadi sai pehla woh yeh sabh kya kar raha hain ( bed cover change, dress up, future wardrobe – room ) mujha lagh raha hain Shivay baby k nahi Omkara ka shadi hona wala hain. Tia is really nice & understanding girl. She can do only her family forces. But Tia say, after marriage she paint room purple.. No prblm already she say that but Ridima before marriage she….. Ishaana plzz come back missing u badly & also Ishaana dance.

  29. Luna

    What is the secret of Romi??? It cant be something bad about Romi as Soumya is a friend of her. Maybe Romi is a lesbian.

  30. Zara

    Me and my sis both are sitting on the couch in front of TV and laughing like jokers watching whole episode….😀😀😀love couple “shitia”….lol 😂the way tia called shivay baby.. again lol 😂😂 … anika and malika’s expression were awesome.Surbhi is looking like full Drama Queen in this show. Ishqbaaz really rocksss today.

  31. Luna

    Renima, plz dont leave TU bcoz of few idiots. They are just attention seekers who is actually a single person commenting with different names. These type of people are disgusting who enjoy by making others sad. But we shud’nt get effected. plz dont leave TU, I request u.

  32. lisa singh

    Wowwwww… Ishqbaaaz is getting better n interesting day by day!!! Today’s ep was epic! Thank u so much once again for the warm welcome mukta!! And u really have a sharpe memory for remembering sooooo many name.

  33. Piyali

    Can anyone tell me how to register….???
    Mukta please don’t feel bad I am just saying to give your mail….don’t take it personal. …Please. …and if you feel bad I am sry dear….
    Please just one query how to register….

    • Shaza


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      It’s easy …up of the logo “Telly updates” there is a section about contact us and all there it’s written… log in / register on it and u can write all ur details …..u can enter ur email id and apply it for the next 24 hours u will get a mail from Telly updates ( the mail will be sent to the email id u have entered for registration so it must be valid ) then u can continue ur registration and then ur a registered member ..ur welcome 😜

  34. sonu

    Rudra and anika acts like mindless very funny cute😍 …and sowmya is little bit serious and more serious about others as love angel..and shivay is very strict though the shivika,roumya pair
    Is very very nice…and ishana and om also good actor ..I hope they will make cute pair of ishana and om..

  35. Luna

    Renima, I’m requesting u again, plz dont leave this site, I’m really feeling sad now. u r the leader of us ishqies. Priya and Disha, i think u both have the email ID of Renima, plz mail her and tell her to not leave.

  36. Luna

    I’m really angry at the people bcoz of whom Renima is leaving TU. I was ignoring these trolls as they just want attention from us. But if again I saw these fools talking any shit I will use all the slangs and abuses against them that I know. I dont care even if I get banned from this site.

  37. Shaza


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    Hey freindz ..anyone know email id of renima di here ? ..actually she is not here so I can’t ask her ..but if anyone of u know ..I just wanna personally request her to not leave ..pls if any1 have !

  38. Diya

    Hahahaha😂😂The letter was so hilarious. Gandhi ji ko yaad karo!😁😁Good job writers. Monday episode will be awesome. I think Shivaay will dance to cheer up Anika. After he spits on her accidentally she might accuse him of taking revenge. He may yell at her and then will sorry for making her

  39. Alisha

    Oh my god this was an hilarious episode uptil now… and leter part was sooo funny i cant stop laughing tilll now and tht tooo badly ….. even i really imagined how shivaye had looked towards anika and how she said that word michmichi hahahha rofl …. super awsome episode

  40. Diya

    He will feel sorry for making her sad. So he he might dance to make her smile. Won’t that be cute😊 Rudy was awesome as usual. And I always forget to praise the actress playing Tia. She us very good too.
    Maine kabhi exam me farrra tak nahi banaya cheating kya karoonga hehehe.
    Good episode. One thing I would like to say about recent happenings here, some people wrote against personal comments very rudely. Disagreement is ok but it can be done respectfully. There is a respectful way to tell people one’s point of view. Peace out guys!

  41. Luna

    I just want to know who came up with this awesome word ShiTia. I think only duffer Oberoi can come up with such a word but from Mallika’s expressions it looked like its her.

    • Nishu....

      Good morning i am fine what about u can u plzz tell me your age….so that it wil be easy for mE 2 decide wether i should call u di or not…😃😃

    • Disha

      Good Morning
      I’m ok but very sad
      I think this is my last comment
      renima di comment nahi karegi to mai bhi nahi kar sakti hamari vajah se unka special day kharab hua

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        What yar ..if renima did left .instead of bringing her back ur also leaving ? …I guess u have her emailID na ? Pls send her mail and tell her that the ppl where not talking about her ..they just confessed it …

  42. Priya15


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    Guys I said na I m gng to give surprise to renima di.. And that is this… Lekin do logon ne surprise barbaat Kar diya… Ek these people and doosra tu page.. They said they can’t post it on ishkara bcoz of some reasons… Shivani di, devga di.. Sry read it on ragsan di pls…. I thought to make ur day good….

    Guys pls support me by cmnts and let’s show our love to that ishqie whom we love alot.. And ya I l try to get renima di back.. I l ask her through mail..

    • Abiha

      Yeah i was going to say this but u said that u’ll mail d..plz dear say d to come back..value thier family not to value those ppl who spread ngtvty..plz yr its request..
      Btw how’s ur exm..?

  43. Shivika fan

    Loved yesterday’s episode.It was hilarious.
    I just can’t stop laughing on letter’s part.
    Tia is actually knowing Shivaay has not written the letter as in last episode it was shown Tia said these is not Shivaay’s language.She has evil plans in her mind.
    What is Roop is upto? Waiting eagerly fpr tomorrow’s episode & also for romantic dance.

  44. Astha

    Hi all of you . How r u ? Today’s episode is just jhakkas . What the letter and words by Anika like tadi , mich Michi and shayari also was so good . I just love ishqbaaz . ishqbaaz really rocks.
    Oh sorry I haven’t give u my intro. my
    name is astha and I m in class 11th.
    Well I m just Waiting for Monday’s episode…….

  45. Revati Sydney

    Ya correct such a fool…..
    Are persnllife koi shre nhi karta….hame fake bol rahe hai….are yeh sab hi fake hai…..ek hi person alg acc se cmnt karta hai or real bahot kam hai bichare mukta jaise jo samjte hai sab real hai…..
    Naeto abtk enonhe register krke bola hoga na…yeh to register bhi karte nahi….kyuki yeh etne he hi nahi….bs kuch log hai jo alag accs se bat Karte hai nbakI ko ullu bante hai….
    Unke writing style or cmnts se smjta hai…..
    Sare log hamesha elkhi time pe gudmrng kaise karenge?????

  46. Shakaib


    |Registered Member

    IB you rocks. Wow such a amazing letter. Can’t wait for Monday’s episode. Shitia word ,I think malaika can . what you think ,mishre,hetal,shaza,sonu,piyali,Luna,SHARADA SHARMA,ABHIHA, AND ALL . this roop and gytari are now trying to destry family. Hope they cant.

  47. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Can anyone say me what happened????who is this Riya and what is she talking about?????
    Anyone can u please tell me what’s the problem..
    Mukta shivu shaza Luna diya muku dhruv Bhai sat priya haya abiha renima and anyone??

    • Mukta

      Actually na Riya and some others r bashing about our group!!!!! They r saying that we must not drop comments except for show!!!! And going to complaint TU about that!!!! But u just ignore them!!!!!!

  48. Shanitics


    |Registered Member

    Guyss can I b a part of ths family.. Actualy I usd 2 watch this serial often.. I just lvd the way of prsntng this serial and the camera of this serial… So I’m nt able to catch up wth the names hr on tu written update.. So could u hlp me..

  49. Revati Sydney

    Hahah calling us fake cz we commented against u but all ppl know who r fake here….u all are just fooled by some of ur frnds. ..
    N fir attention pane ke liye inka buday bhi September mai hiata hai…..n exms bhi sabki sath mai ati…..:-D:-D:-D
    N job karte hai to kya 10 10 minute mai breaks hote hai kya?????
    Sab bolte hai busy hai but comnt lgch karte hai….

    • Luna

      Hey listen, I’m not interested in talking to u as i dont entertain trolls but bcoz of u ppl are quitting this site, so i have to. First of all ppl here are mostly youngsters who are not that busy that they cant open this site for 5 min and drop comments. Those who get busy dont comment regularly. And if by that job thing u r pointing out at Renima then i remind u that she mostly comments at evenings. But why am I explaining these things to u???? It will definitely not go in ur dumb head.

    • Piyali

      Bas… karo yrr…apni bakwas. ….
      Todha common sense lagao aur paper padho tab pta chalega ki cbse schools ki exams ek saath hi start hoti h lagbhag….
      Jab acha bolna nhi aata na….tho ganda bhi nhi bolte…..
      And vo job vali baat…tho bolna hi nhi…..
      Renima di 10 10 min main comment nhi krti h….jab bhi unhe time milta h vo comment krti h….and agar vo krti bhi h tho tumhe kya problem h….unke comments kitne ache hote h….
      Actually tumhare comment se tho jyada hi ache hote h….
      So just think before you type…!

    • NadiyaShah32


      |Registered Member

      Poor Revati…GOD bless u n ur black hearted groupies…U r so pathetic that u r doubting even people’s b’days n examz…lmao!!!!!
      And for bursting ur bubble who r u to dictate terms…we will do snake dance…we will comment endlessly..we will discuss our problems like a family…Why r u so pissed, fr wat???…I doubt that u r butthurted fans of rival shows who have nothing else to do but to spread their insecurities by spitting venom everywhere…Get a life Losers!!!

  50. shivani

    epi is mind blowing.letter is so hilarious I can’t stop my laughter.tia and shivay =shitia it seems like sheet .shivay expressions were superb when he was reading dialogue tumne meri ankho ka kanajapan dekha pyar nai.
    hum dono sath hae
    jese tia aur bati hum

  51. Richu


    |Registered Member

    I’ve seen the ninth September pg… need to worry about such commenters…..its a new family and many will come being obstacles like them…….

    Either change their mindset…
    Or complian about them in tu……
    That’s simple…
    And renima !!! Sweetie u r a brave girl dude no need to leave tu….

    Sort of things happen…

    When I shivu muku dhruv Bhai were in sadda haq family we use to face this every other day…..but truth always wins….

    Sooo chilllllax……deareessss
    Luv u all
    Keep commenting

  52. shivani

    renima di I just want to say that please come back quitting is not a solution .they would be encouraged and start bashing someone else .come back and give them raita faila dene wala reply

  53. Mukta

    Today is the best day of my life!!!!!!! Thought to share my happiness with u!!!!! Surbhi Mam replied me today on Twitter!!!!! Ohh God……..what a morning gift I got!!!!!! Love u Surbhi Mam!!!!!!!!!

  54. Mukta

    Actually TU isn’t posting my email Id!!!!!! Sorry Piyali and Shaza!!!!! Shaza dear u can take it from Priya as u r a registered member so ask her personally!!!!!! I think that will help u out!!!!!!!

      • Mukta

        Actually na TU isn’t posting email id so I don’t think we can share it with each other!!!!!!! But u post it on yesterday’s page, I’ll check it out!!!!!!!

    • Liya


      |Registered Member

      Plzz disha tum bhi quit math karo…its like these bashers are getting what they wanted .stay together and some of you like priya knows reinma di mail I D we will contact her & will bring her back…

  55. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    gud mrng guys as my previous comments were removed what is happening I don’t know .renima di just come back.quitting is not a solution.they would be encouraged to bash more people .

  56. shahabana

    Gd morning to all my sweet ishqbaazians hv a nc day guyz. Coming to the episode wawwww what a letter guyz i really loved it precape is awsome im waiting for tommarrow and plssss dnt give attention to the bashers they are doing to get attention so plsss ignore them and dnt reply them and renima ishqui plssss comment dr im waiting for ur cute sweet poems and comments plzzzzzzz

  57. Abiha

    Hye all of u ..gud morning..
    @piyali’s ur exams ..

    @renima d …plz cm bck …don’t value those ppl just value us..n our cute family..

    @dhruvv..hey…first i thought to reply one by one so i replied u down to ur comment ..n thought to reply all of thm in one comment ..that’s why didn’t mentioned ur name in long comment..its doesn’t mean i forgot u..

    Hye..renima d,mukta,disha d,priya,nevidha d,piyali,shaza,sat,richu d,rosu d,nikki d, shabana,lisa singh,nishu,astha,dhruvv,shakaib,n our shivani d n all other ..sorry if i forgot any one ..
    Gud r u..

  58. salsa

    guys why are they not showing repeat telecast???? 🙁 🙁 I couldn’t watch it yesterday because of powercut and now no repeat telecast……I feel like crying 🙁 🙁

  59. Shakti

    Hey one minute guys….
    Now I am reading it….
    1st of all renima no one was talking about ur bf. I didnt even know tht it was like tht riya n all were talking….
    No no dear I thought thy are saying it in genral way abt this… Cz bf n all about someone is realy bad…
    I was talking geneealy about this but not targeting u specialy cz I hv not even read ur bf oranything…..I dnt even know…
    See I was talking about all mess but not about someone. Like this….
    If I hurt u then sry but I dnt even know u hav bf or anythng….so I think u interpreted me in wrong…
    I dnt knowabt riya shivani or ankita komal or those…I thought thy are talking general…hope u understand

  60. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    GD noon to all my sweet ishqiesss ..
    i really feel badddd and saddddd..
    Any waysss this epi was soooooo gooddd… i’m really appreciating those who wrote such a funny and cute LUV LETTER… 😛 ANika rockzzzz… wat a dialoguesss MICH michiiiii.. i luved ittttt nd Tadii also my fav… the way she say these words soo good… i’m a big fan of surbhiii, i’m wishing u wondrful b’day … with lots of luvv..

  61. mishri

    WATS UP GUYZ!!!!!DZ IS NOT FAAAAIIR!!!dd u c the way the spoke abt reni di??how rude..reni di dnt do dz…rnt v ur ishqies…ur long hindhi poems which is sooo awsum dat find hard to undrstand lyk oms shayari.???we will miss it diii…TU TEAM..plz dnt gt offnded…m sure dz is the only website which gts more than 200 commntz..we passed 500 remember????with SILENT READRS u wnt pass 100…sorry bt true we do go off topic sumtyms bt itz alwayz abt ishqbaaaz…..!!!thy cant chase a reader witht a reason..its sooo silly…

  62. mishri

    if thy want to be noticed thy cn do speakn rudely fighting nd causing issues is nt d solution….2 THE ISHQBAAZ FAMILY SINCE 27TH JUNE:ignore them okay???reni di will cum back..m sure..she cant hurt us ryt??letz not fyt..itz more lyk a DEBATE…TU will shut down if we😂😂 we r fytn lyk crazy…so lts not give thm attention..AVOID D HATERS…ITZ A CAUTION…LTS DISCUSS ABOUT D SPOILERS LYK B4..

  63. Liya


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    Sad news for quoobol hai fans as its not karanvir bohra but shaleen malhotra will play the role of groom of mallika.karanveer opted out as he is expecting his first child.he will be soon seen in naagin2😘😘😘 and coming to ishqbaaz malikas role will end this week when shaleen come to obroei mansion to take her back.malikka became a match maker between anikha and shivaay…….so much drama is waiting for us all…enjoy guyzz

    • NadiyaShah32


      |Registered Member

      Darling i am hea..Missed all of u so much but was very busy.. n had a tooth extraction too…Guess wat honey i posted a poem for our darling anika as it was her B’day..Hope she notices it n likes it too:))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  64. Prathi

    Hiii Renima, quitting won’t be a solution ya… Come back. As girls, v need more courage and problem solving mind!!! Don’t give up!!!!

  65. Manik

    Hiii renima mukta sat disha mishri girls comoeon be cool…
    U all wanna bring back ur frnd na….I have idea can I shareee??????

  66. Manik

    Hey guys u want ur frnd back right now just describe her in ur own words guys like
    Supz mukta u describe her why u like her wht u like abt her like!that
    It will cheer herup

  67. Roz


    |Registered Member

    RENIMA di plz don’t quit……We will miss you ,ur poems and stories………….these ppl was rude to her and see how politely she responed……..don’t get hurt di…….
    We all are commenting here coz we are connected by Ishqbaaz….I missed last few epis and nw came back and what’s all this mess…..we are posting long comments abt the show and some “hai”,”hello”s doesn’t matter….TU is posting all these cmnts after moderation….

  68. Piyali

    Hi guys. …today’s exam was very nice but….
    I am sad…..and I think all of you know the reason….
    This is so bad…TU is saying that my email is invalid….😠😠😠😡😡😡😡
    Kuch bhi bolta h…..ab mere email ko invalid bol ra h yr…
    MUKTA main tumhe email de rhi hu…pichle vale page par jao…..I mean kal k episode k page pr jao….tum comment karo main fir kal k page par email dal dungi….just see it and mujje email bej dena as soon as possible…kyuki main register nhi kr pa rhi hu….maine try kiya but ho nhi ra h

  69. lavu

    Guys i am silent reader..i cabt comment bcos i am busy vth my daily i really enjoy d ur all comments r a treat to read..i jst came here to comment as i heard tht one ishqiee left d page due to negative comments
    Guys u knw wht..i read many updates..thr too i see i see a bit of negative comment whch i gt to knw tht it is being commented by same person using different accounts
    Thy r ppl who dnt like jst ignore thm cos thy r also attention seekers..if v keep replyng thm thy vl b happy as thy think thy r gtng its better to jst ignore thm..if u do so within few days thy might stop baahing
    U all remain like a family nd support each othr..nd comment as much as u like..cos it d way u show love to ur fav show
    Uffo..sry guys i blabbered a lot..nd sry fr wastng ur precious time through my comment
    I won’t b able to comment again due to buay i love this show a is like a stress booster fr me..
    K bye guys…enjoy d show to d fullest nd keep commentng…love u all!!

  70. nikki

    hai haya good afternoon how r u abd whats up

    piyaali i know that u have written ur exams very nice na

    anyone ask renima to comment yaar aise thodina kerthe hai koi pls tell her to comment

  71. shahabana

    Plssssss plsssss renima come bach ishqui im really missing u alotz dr, im always toldna u are the star of this family then how will this family become complete without u dr plssss come back dr plsssss plssssss how much im fan of ishqbaaz show same way im a big fan of u also renima plsssss its my request dr,,today im fasting im really not feeling well dr but im really missing ur comments dr so im commenting here so that u should come back plssss dr tomarrow is eid plsss give me my eid gift with ur comments dr plsssss love u and miss u renima ishqui

  72. Mukta

    Renima di please please please come back!!!!!!!! We want u back di!!!!!!!!!! Missing u, ur comments and ur poems very badly!!!!!!!! Please di come back na!!!!!!! U r leaving this page for the people who r bashing, can’t u come back for ur lovely sisters and bros!!!!!!! Please di come back na…….I’m begging u……please come back!!!!!!!!!

    • Haya123


      |Registered Member

      Omgggg… is it true neha nd luna….. ?
      No… i thnk Romiii has blind faith in religion ritualzzz ..some thng like that… 🙂

  73. sujina

    hi ishqbaazians….
    i m shock frm ystdys cmnt…i don get it y d ppl feel so jealous…we all r like a family bt these bashers….hate them…
    mukta dear…i m good…
    loved d letter part…
    no show 2day…feeling sad…
    bt eager 4 2mrrow bcoz of tia sso ka toh band baz jaayagi…

  74. Dhruvv


    |Registered Member

    Hii abiha chil dear howru??
    Helo mukta shivu sat richuu baby haya piyali luna disha howr u?
    Hey manik bro wtsup

    Kya renima abhi tak u have not come??thisis not fair apke cute sis apko kitna miss kr rahi hai…

  75. mishri

    K done…2 our ddddeeeaaarst reni di…dnt quit 4 2 or 3 thm…wat will we do without ur cutie poems.nd u complains about field trips!!!!!???aftr all we r ur ishqies…we r thr na..

  76. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Anywayzzz.. today i’m really gonna b mizz my ishqbaazzzzzz at 10 pm…
    nd i really excited to watch the precap on mondayy woww…
    All credit goes to RUDYYYYYYY.. MY SUPR COOL BOY 😀
    That red jacket wasn’t suit to ommm.. it’z a bright colour for om,bcz he is so calm and kind :P:D
    One of hilariouzzz word in the epi was SHITIAAA.. 😛 😛

  77. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    today’s thought
    there will be haters there will be doubters
    there will be non believers and there will be you proving them wrong

  78. Maya

    Hi all hey tell me only this Sunday there will be no telecast of “Ishqbaaz” no but From next Sunday there will be Ishqbaaz right.

  79. Dhruvv


    |Registered Member

    Renima di apko ek bat kahu ap nahi arahe ho yeh prove krta hai ki ap weak ho….
    Agar ap a jao to ap sbko chup kardoge n life mai real situations bhi face kar paoge…
    But agar ap nahi ate to apko hamesha logo ke batose affect hoge….
    Self respct haI rit hai but aise logo ke liye nahi jo etne 3 rd class ho…smj hao aur a jao apni dosto ke liye…..
    Whts say mukta piyali nishu shivu richu devga disha haya sat abiha mishri

    • Piyali

      Yes dhruvv…I am with you…
      Renima di…You are proving that you are weak and why are you quitting… should say them such words that they should feel guilty that what they are speaking…so di just come back…
      Unhe bata do ki aap kya kar sakte ho….mujhe agar aisa lage ki main right hu tho main last tak fight krti hu….Aap bhi karo and chupp krva do….
      Kya hmari bonding bas itni hi thi ki koi aaya and hmari family toot gayi….kya aisi hoti h family vo bhi isqhies ki family….
      Di plzzz comment

    • Abiha

      Right ..renima d quited seems that those ppl were right n succeeded..renima should come back n to show them that they can’t
      Seperate us..
      We hv no effect of their stupid comment ..we only lv our family..
      D missing u so much plz come back..plz day after tmrw is mine eid..want to see u d plz..

  80. Dhruvv


    |Registered Member

    Apka ponint of view right hai but yeh jo bashers he they dont deserve this….by not coming u prove them right which is wrong….so renima di a jao logo ke batose etna affect mat ho

  81. nikki

    hai all ishqies yaar i cant wait for 2marrows epi i just want to see now it elself but have to wait.

    hai haya abiha asthq shaibik shahabana shivani piyaali priya and all ishquies have a sweet dreams everyone

    muje lagtha hai ki shivay anika pe split karne ke baad woh naraaz honge aur usse manane ke liye shivay uske saath dnce karenge but tia bhi tho hogi what she will feel what do u say guys reply

  82. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ABIHA di.. And haya.. She is hurt alot.. She said me that.. It’s her own decision.. And asked me to understand her situation… Guys I l try my best.. But I can’t force bcoz by seeing in her position it l really pain for every girl hearing the word bf…. So let us give her time…. Hope u people understand and oopar se those idiots NE uski job ki baare Mei baat ki. She is upset bcoz of that too.. But ek Khushi ki baat yeh hai ki….

    She said she is reading all ur cmnts…

    • Abiha

      I knew that she can quit but can’t stop reading our comments bcz she loves this family alot..i also think that we should give her some renima d take ur time but plz come back soon..plzzz missing u so much..

  83. NadiyaShah32


    |Registered Member

    Such hatred in just week….Why wat is happening guyz???…My heart broke…We all r peace loving people n whoever wants to show their stupidity….Plz back off!!!! U won’t b entertained hea in ny manner except the way u choose…And I am warning all these silent reader aka haters…Don’t mess wid me or all my awesome buddies hea…u gona have it frm me then
    Renima…Gal where r u..plz cme back..u r the heart n soul of this section..plzz come back..i am already missing u!!!

  84. Abiha

    Renima d,mukta ,priya,piyali,shaza,sat,nishu,mukti d,haya,nikki d,nevidha d,shabana,our shivani d,astha,lisa singh,disha d,richu d,rosu d,dhruvv,shakaib,manik,…n all ishqbazians …4give if i forgot any one..good night hv sweat dreams..

    N m wishing that my dream of seeing renima d back come true ..

  85. NadiyaShah32


    |Registered Member

    Renima, plz come back honey…u r nt alone..we all r thea wid u..wateve it is thaz troubling u..we will sort it out together like Mahi’s case..Do come back buddy!!!

  86. Abiha

    @piyali dear…a very very happy birthday ..may u live long..all ur dreams come year of ur life give u all the happiness…n years of past give some experience for future..
    Happy birthday..🎂🎂🍰🍰

  87. Mukta

    Wish u a very very very Happieee Birthday Piyali sis!!!!!!!! Hope this year brings a lot of happiness, joy and success in ur life!!!!!!! Lots of luv from ur Mukta sis!!!!!!! Love u dear!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Mukta

    @PRIYA dear, wish uncle a very Happy Birthday from my side!!!!!! Ask him to bless me!!!!!! I really need blessings!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. sinzo

    I am new here….i dunno knw wats going on…but reading previous episode i came to knw abt the mess and Renime took a decision to quit from here……as i dnt knw her but seeing the love for her from other members …..i think she is sweet, caring and lovely person……Sooo, Its a new member request to Cutey(Renime) to not to quit …..plzzzzzz……accha leave me…..m new here juz leave it…..but come back for ur family which u have made here …..see they love u sooo much ….Comeback……

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Hi sinzo di …Welcome here 😄…yep ur ryt renima di is an awesome person but be cuz of some bashers who’ve hurt her a lot shelve left 😢

  90. Piyali

    I am very glad that I have got such nice friends. …
    I am very happy today….
    PRIYA plzzz wish uncle from my side also….😀😁😁😁
    MUKTA plzz post on yesterday’s page so I can read it…..
    And thanks again….
    You know that is the first time that none of my friend have called me or send me messages…so I am sad but I know they will call…Tommorow….😁😁😁😁

  91. Luna

    RENIMA, PLZ READ THIS COMPLETELY, I want to say u something. U left this site bcoz someone degraded ur love for Mahi. What if someone wud have said that infront of u??? Will u again run from there??? I’m really sorry if u got hurt by my words but I tell u that love is not a bed of roses. U got hurt by a small comment which was not even directed at u. How will u handle those problems??? Ur love may face many tough problems in future. U r giving an impression that u r weak and u r also encouraging those bashers to continue their game. If u will return it will be a tight slap on their faces. I know that I dont know anything about u but still felt like I have a relation with u and I knew that after u left. All call u di here except me but now even i am calling u. RENI DI, PLZ COME BACK AND PROVE THAT U R NOT WEAK NEITHER UR LOVE. Well, if u still dont want to come then its completely ur decision and I respect that. MAY U GET ALL THE HAPPINESS IN UR LIFE. GOD BLESS U AND MAHI.

  92. ash

    Hey u guyzz!!!am a huuggee fan of ishqbaaz and I come here on TU to read the updates on the days I miss the actual telecast..and once I finish reading I just surf through ur comments n I love the way u converse with one’s like u guys know one another personally and are all part of one big family..I personally don’t comment coz I don’t want to get too attached to the site coz I already have enough crap to deal with in life…the reason as to why I am commenting today is to give u guys a small piece of advice…u know when these jobless bashers say something it is better if u guys ignore them completely..and by completely I mean “COMPLETELY”…just pretend nothing is even written there..what happens is when u guys go to reply to them they get excited about the fact that their good-for-nothing comments are being noticed nd they just try to act way too smart…so yup..just STAY TOGETHER,STAY STRONG…Love u all…💗💗

    P.S:This will probably be my first and last comment..😊😊😁

    • Mukta

      Thankew di, for ur positive support!!!!! I totally agree with u… no more replies or comments for those bashers!!!!

  93. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys,,,as per the latest spoilers (confirmed by gul khan ) a
    We all know ryt that Anika and shivaye will dance like mad in the upcoming ep…Pinky wanna see the video of the party ..and shivaye and Anika try their best to stop but in vain …later to stop her trp from seeing the video Anika acts to faint …I think it’s gonna be really fun 😁…

  94. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Happy birthday piya di 😊😊..abot registration ..go for contact us and tell the problem theyll surely help you out..for me also for registration tgey were saying its invalid later when i contacted them..they helped me out 😊😊😊…do tell us how you celebrated ur special love to know 😊

  95. Aditi

    Loved the episode. Shivaay’s expressions while reading the letter were awesome. Omkara’s shayari… as usual..fabulous…
    16 hrs to go for the next episode..Waitin for it

  96. Aditi

    Loved the episode. Shivaay’s expressions while reading the letter were awesome. Omkara’s shayari… as usual..fabulous…
    16 hrs to go for the next episode..Waitin for it..

  97. Aditi

    Loved the episode. Shivaay’s expressions while reading the letter were awesome. Omkara’s shayari… as usual…fabulous.
    15 hrs to go for the next episode….Waiting for u ishqbaaz

  98. Rosu 25

    @piyali…..wish u a very very happy birthday dear🎉🎇🎆🎊🎉🎇🎉….. May all of ur birthday wishes come true.😍

  99. Ada ishqbzz

    Hahaha yeh ishqbz ke site hai ya renima ke sad storyyy…..
    Sbko pgl kr rahe hai
    uska nam tak liya nahi tha but uska man hi usko khatay isley khod chle gayi
    Aur abhi ayi tobhi 4 din bad naya drama leke….
    Koi bf n job nhi krte sirf deama hai ..
    Agar job krte to utni to mature hote ke aise affect na ho….
    Are majay ishqbaz site pai koina koi drama silent readers ko rj treat mlty :-D:-D:-D:-D;-):-P

    • Disha

      just enough ye tellyupdates ki site hi thi hamesha happy wale comments hi aate the sab sad hue tum bashers ki vajah se.Renima di ka bf nahi and wo job karti hai full day stuggle ke baad evening me comment karti hai because wo hamse pyaar karti hai. bt tum bashers ko love and stuggle ka matlab to pata hoga sirf ek hi work aata hai bura bolna
      and all ishquies SORRY mane bola tha ye mere last comment hai bt ye dekhne ke baad khud ko rok nahi payi

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        wt r u saying disha????
        and u mr..ada ishqbzz..pehle ishqbaaz ka spelling seekho..baat mei meri di ke baare me bolo..dont u have any sense..kitne baar tum bashers ko kahenge…dont u people know eng..foolish idiots…..stupid fools…

        tu page dont post these cmnts it really hurts…

    • Piyali

      Tho enjoy kr treat fir!!!!
      Thoda soch samjh k bola karo….Tumhare baare main agar koi aisa bole tho tumhe kaisa lagega….
      Are nhi nhi….tumhe tho tab bhi treat milegi…..tho manao party roz….jo tum jaiso ki vajah se hi hoti h….

  100. Yazhu

    @Reni sis what happened to you???why r u not commenting???? I don’t comment frequently but I always enjoyed being with u guys…. U gave me a warm welcome when I first commented on this page… Now u r gone… Don’t do that di plss….come back….plss thirumba vaanga….

  101. Mukta

    @PIYALI dear…..enjoy the day and party hard!!!!!!!!! Actually na I’ve posted but TU isn’t allowing the sharing of email ids!!!!!

  102. Ishana fann

    Ya right ada:-D:-D:-D:-D
    Bf wagra kuch nahi hai tp kar rahi hai…but realy guys tum Logne ishqbZ ke site ko kya samaj ke rakha hai yr…..
    Ada look on 25 july site renima mahi….
    Oh gosh!!!!!
    Filmy love hai lier ka…..

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      execuse me why are you so much interested???do you have any problem.can’t you mind your own buisness.I don’t know why you people are so much interested in other’s are not compelled to comment here.if you don’t like just read serial.updates

      • MANOJ sahu

        Hello mam…can you provide story in hindi…..english me emotions and feelings samjh me ni aata….hindi me story hoti to jaan aa jati…if you don’t mind…please……… thankyou

    • Mukta

      Don’t u dare talk nonsense abt our Renima di!!!!!!! Mind ur own business!!!!! Don’t poke ur nose in our’s or our Reni di’s matter!!!!!!

    • Piyali

      Sharam aati h kya kuch…..
      I think tumhare andar koi feelings nhi h….
      It’s my birthday j don’t want to talk to anyone like this but you all are forcing me…..
      And tum kya renima di ko janti ho…ki vo lier h ki nhi….
      Vo jaisi bhi h na…tum jaise tho se achi hi h…
      Tho mind your own business…..and do your own work…..don’t poke your nose in between….

  103. Sandy

    Hey I am silent reader n this is my 1st and last comment but wanna tellsomething….
    1st of all renima dnt be upset for these things but I wanna tell u tht dnt share persnl info here as ppl use it against u…..
    See bf n all I saw 25 july n was surprised to see wht u have sharrd!!!!!
    This site is for ishqbaz right so u all commemt like frnds no prblm but plz dnt share suchthings on public site…..there are many ppl on other updtes also who sre best frnds without sharing any info…..
    So dnt share n plz keep this site positive and only for ishqbz lovr stories…..
    Cz many ppl read this n yes can even take advantage of it….

  104. nikki

    many more happy returns of thr day piyaali may god bless u my dear its ur day and enjoy ur day dear

    good morning to all ishquies and renima i jope u soon see bqck

  105. Riya

    See I have told Na these ppl share things which are far frm ishqbz…..thanx ishana…look now who is right????
    Who tells there lv stry we or u ppl??????
    N blaming us…aRey ishaqbaz iki site hai persnl chat nahi!!!!!
    I was right!!!!!

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      hllo then why are you commenting you are doing chatting only .I have read your comments it is not related to you have any explanation for that???

    • Piyali

      See…We don’t want your opinions….what we do is better than what you are doing now!
      We don’t hurt each other…..
      But you can not understand yrr…..just because of you this drama started….here….

  106. MANOJ sahu

    When i search isqbazz episode….like at 10th September to get 9th sep video in 3gp i don’t get any site who Provide video… if anyone have information about please provide me……..Thank you

  107. MANOJ sahu

    If anyone have good knowledge of hindi language then please post isqbazz serial in hindi language…. no one place i found isqbazz serial in hindi …everywhere present story in english language……. in hindi feelings and emotions are more understanding……. so…please… please…..

  108. Luna

    To all those morons who r saying that we have made TU a personal chat site, well if TU team has no problem with our personal chat then why the hell u all are having??? If we dont own this site then u also dont. Dont read our comments if u dont like it and btw most of the time we only talked about the show, its bcoz of u fools we have to go off topic as renima has left the site.

  109. Nithu

    Feel bad for Tia, eventhough she got the world best love letter yet which is not written by her lover… and I don’t like that name Shitia, which sounds bad…

  110. Dhruvv


    |Registered Member

    Hey riya why are you doing this???
    See mam I know ppl like u like to tease others but there is limit to everything….
    Now forget others and just see urself in renima position….if someone was teasing u like this how would u feel????

    Look sister we all are human beings.each everyone of us has emotions…. By behaving like this u look so inhuman n insane..

    You know dear that we all including you work hard everyday then it may be job or clg but we are so tired and our brain needs refreshment….
    So many ppl like renima di come here to get away frm this hectic life….
    Here we feel refresh cz we can talk with our frnds share things….
    But when ppl like u tease them how it feels????
    Real life ke problems ke ssth apki hatred bhi dekhna yaha????
    Just see urself in her position….n kya hoty agar apne kuch share kiya to???
    Ap bhi human ho apke prblms kisna kisike sath share krte hoge….khushiya bhi shate krte hoge. .agar apke frnds n ye kisine apka aisa majak udya to how will u feel????

    Just think about thus….u dnt even know her still u are bashing herto have fun….
    But if renima was in ur plc n u in hers hsf it been fun?????
    No right so plz understand others feelings n be a human

  111. Bshama1239


    |Registered Member

    Manoj I am shama I have a suggestion download an app vidmate open it write hotstar in the search engine the website will open of hotstar than write an episode number and name it will provide u when the video will open vidmate app will show you an arrow in red click it select format and download I hope this will help u

  112. Luna

    Guys, I request all ishqies to dont reply to the fools who are talking shit about Renima. Renima will not come back here until and unless these fools dont leave and they will only leave when we stop replying to them. So friends, plz dont reply or mention them in ur comments. Once we stop giving heed to their comments they will get bored and ultimately leave from here. If u all want Renima to be back plz dont reply them.

  113. Riya

    Oh gosh I created a blundur. . .dhruv u r right many ppl come here frm their hectic life n I have destroyed everyone’s mood n renima s most….
    Wht the hell….I am sry renima sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry sry,sry sry sry sry sry I kno my sorys are not enough I wanna apologize u all…..I will nvr come here again
    Renima di I amsry I nvr thought how u would hv felt…I am sorry dii plz forgive me…
    When your friend dhruvv said that take yourself in her position I was,literly like yea he is right what I would have felt….

    Mukta luna rosu abiha sat mukti shivani disha yuzu mishri piyali nishu shabana haya nikki dhruv manik I am sry for hurting you all….
    I never thought that.. ..realy ur frnd opened my eyes. ….
    Renima it’s my request plz come for your friends here….they lvu so much I never thought that…. I am realy very sry for this yar…….
    Renima di sry I will never tease anyone again u r right see urself in their position life becomes simple….thankyou dhruv for telling me this.. ..thnkyou….
    Sry everyone I wil never come here again. …

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      look we don’t have any personal grudges with you dear.I am glad you realized your mistake .you can also join if you thing you should remember never make fun of anyone personal life or their situation because you may never know when you get stuck in that situation.

    • Mukta

      See Riya dear…… need to say sorry to me!!!!!! It’s enough that u realized ur mistake!!!!!!!! U only need an apology from Reni di!!!!!!!!!
      And I’m happy that u realized ur mistake… need to leave this site or stop commenting…….u can join us as our friend!!!!!!!!! We will welcome u by open heart!!!!!!!
      And thanks to Dhruvv bhai, u really did a great job!!!!!! Now just waiting for Renima di to see this comment and come back to TU page!!!!!!!!! Please di, come back if u feel like so……I’ll not force u!!!!!!!! But just requesting u……we all r missing u very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love u di………..

    • nikki

      hey riya dont say it khabi khabi galathi ho jathi ensan ko samjane me infact me ne bhi kuch jyaada bol diya tha per dosthi me no sorry no thanku and if u want u can join us

      eud mubark to evrry ishques and good after noon

  114. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    here some of the fools think that we are not talking about show .first of all why are they paying attention to our comments .just read serial update and you don’t need to interfere in other’s life .stop behaving like gossiping aunties and do your own work

  115. Mukta

    To kill a *Deer* you need…….Guns, swords, knives & many people’s help
    To kill a *Dear* you need…….Just SILENCE & that’s it!

    So always keep in touch with ur Dear ones!!!!!!

  116. Enasanjida

    Guys Spoiler & true news – Siddharth will be play Shaleen not karanvir. Bcz Real lyf Karanvir – Papa hona wala haii. .( Shallen which. We have seen him Arjun. ) & also Sid Mom is non other than… “Pyaar ka dard hain serial “..Pankuri mom -in -law.
    But Guys i m really badly missing Ishaana means Vrushy. CV’s ko request vi nahi kar sakhta hain.. If we request then they will say bla bla bla 😐😕.
    Suna hain colors Kasam sai lead actress wapas aaraha hain… Fan neh kaha cv’s request rakha & hum kuch bolaga toh hoga… 😳😠

  117. Nivedha

    Just now saw that Ishana fann comments
    What the hell😠😡
    How can you say like that..this is a kind of arrogance 😏😏
    R u people ..came here to tease us ..mind ur job ..
    Riya how can you say sorry..after everything..and u people are spoiling our family of ishqbaaazians

  118. Mukta


    Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Renima di, Nelka di, Rose di, Roz di, Kat di, Aqua di, Mukti, Mukti, Aliya, Shai di, Disha, Mishri, Sumo, Naina, Khushi, Priya, Ishita, Ishika, Ishita di, Sriranjani di, Neha di, Asmita, Shivani di, Roo,Pragya, Dil di, Prishu, Isha, Nida, Zuha, Luna di, Devga, Yashal, Maanvi, Srini, Hashi, Rifa, Nivu, Smriti, Ritika, Yesha, Trisha, Rishti, Enansanjida di, Shaza, Gauthmi, Mary, Sruthy, Sujina, Ooshi di, Diya, Shahabana di, Chirag, Abhi, Muskaan, Shit, Sushree, Nevermind, Niyati, Monique di, Krishna, Dharhu, Sreekutty, Rani, Maleesha, Jaz, Pradishma, Haya di, Belle, Guman, Erica, Muzammil, Sat, Nisha, Pankh, Bharathi, Fatima, Kitty, dr, Priyanka, Nabanita, Salsa, Manya, Anju, Dhara, Manu, Komal, Sahana, Rimjhim, Laya, Shanya, Twinkle, Athiraappu, Himagiri, Admin, Nivvu, Yashna, Zohya, Jeshna, Nivedha, Naaginfanforever, Sooryapriya, Liya di, Kiki di, Ananya, Apeksha, Malu, Nithu, Harshi, Sri, Preet, Anjali, Adityakiran, Riyadcruz, Mukul, Sunanda, Nikki, Tharu di, Arya, Arya, MP, Fatarajo, Rosu, Fiddu, Ishkara, Riddhima, Hahaha, Lijitha, Swadheenta, Amy, Clincy, Pragati, Asfa, Baishali, Prathi, Asma di, Yrkkh fan, Adithi, Tarini, Parvathy, Lamsofianeak, Poooh, Heena, Piyali, Samyukta, Richu, Cheryl, Elsa, Sharmi, Devi, Nit, Nishi, Nihaarika di, Saumya, Apps, Pritha, Shreya, Shama, Shraddha, Shraddha, Anu, Anu di, Anu di, Raina, Pearl, Siddhi, Vismaya, Falhi, Viv4444, Baby Leemoh, Pari, Nazneen di, Sonali, Sanju, Chikky, Prink, Saima, Shivika fan, Kristen, Aayesha, Chetna, Yazhu, Ro, Anusha, Abiha, Anaaya, Maahiswt, Anita, Dhruvv, Lisa, Nishu, Goms, Astha, Sunheri, Manik, Sinzo!!!!!!!

    HOW R U ALL???? HOPE U ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!

  119. Riya

    Thnkyou mukta shivani shabana thnx dhruv ur like big bro…
    Can I call u bhai.
    I realy wanna join u all and become part of this group plz….
    So I am riya 16 yrs 11 pcm….
    I will call u all dis and dhruv can call u bhai if u dnt mind???
    N cann I talk with u once renima di plzzz plzzz

  120. mishri

    FINALLY WORLD WAR 3 IS OVER!!!😂😂😂😂thnxx dhruv luna shivaani muktand all d 1ns who made peace…now reni di gotta cum back….riya di..sorry we all spoke against u..our intention was not to hurt u…u cn alwayz cum back nd chat the way u want…itz our family aftrall..mukta add her in ur register toooo😁😁😁

  121. Rose

    Hii everyone. Do u all remember me?I am commenting here after a long tym.was a little busy with my studies and college.How r u all? And where is renima di , plzz let me know.And someone plzz tell me , where ishaana is? I missed last few episodes.

  122. nikki

    to all ishqiues eid mubarak per abiha thume tho me kal bathaungi by theway where is piyaali celebrating her birthday i think

    guys abimene repeat telecqst dekha hai phrse and shitia was awesome ab jeldhi se 10 hojagi tho acha hoga
    and druvv thu kaha se ho

    haya whats up and abiha what ur doing dear.muktha good afternoon dear

  123. Dobhsh


    |Registered Member

    Hey you guys. I dont get much time to read comments and stuff but I would like to know what is going on here? Pls update me someone.
    And just wanna say I had an exam today and it was the most horrible paper of my life. I know this is a bit off topic but hope you guys dont mind.
    And all the fan fiction writers, pls update soon coz im dying out here.

  124. sinzo

    Hello guys ….thank you all for your warm welcome……And Piyali i knw m late but many many Happy Returns of the Day….keep smiling and stay blessed……😊

  125. Disha

    piyali ishqie ko meri taraf se bahut saari wishes…..happy birthday dear ishqie……mein sach mein mood mein nahi hoon…..warna kuch lines likhti…..thats all…….aur saare ishqies ko eid-mubarak..
    from renima di

  126. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Good afternoon everyone. mukta di Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Renima di, Nelka di, Rose di, Roz di, Kat di, Aqua di, Mukti, Mukti, Aliya, Shai di, Disha, Mishri, Sumo, Naina, Khushi, Priya, Ishita, Ishika, Ishita di, Sriranjani di, Neha di, Asmita, Shivani di, Roo,Pragya, Dil di, Prishu, Isha, Nida, Zuha, Luna di, Devga, Yashal, Maanvi, Srini, Hashi, Rifa, Nivu, Smriti, Ritika, Yesha, Trisha, Rishti, Enansanjida di, Shaza, Gauthmi, Mary, Sruthy, Sujina, Ooshi di, Diya, Shahabana di, Chirag, Abhi, Muskaan, Shit, Sushree, Nevermind, Niyati, Monique di, Krishna, Dharhu, Sreekutty, Rani, Maleesha, Jaz, Pradishma, Haya di, Belle, Guman, Erica, Muzammil,Nisha, Pankh, Bharathi, Fatima, Kitty, dr, Priyanka, Nabanita, Salsa, Manya, Anju, Dhara, Manu, Komal, Sahana, Rimjhim, Laya, Shanya, Twinkle, Athiraappu, Himagiri, Admin, Nivvu, Yashna, Zohya, Jeshna, Nivedha, Naaginfanforever, Sooryapriya, Liya di, Kiki di, Ananya, Apeksha, Malu, Nithu, Harshi, Sri, Preet, Anjali, Adityakiran, Riyadcruz, Mukul, Sunanda, Nikki, Tharu di, Arya, Arya, MP, Fatarajo, Rosu, Fiddu, Ishkara, Riddhima, Hahaha, Lijitha, Swadheenta, Amy, Clincy, Pragati, Asfa, Baishali, Prathi, Asma di, Yrkkh fan, Adithi, Tarini, Parvathy, Lamsofianeak, Poooh, Heena, Piyali, Samyukta, Richu, Cheryl, Elsa, Sharmi, Devi, Nit, Nishi, Nihaarika di, Saumya, Apps, Pritha, Shreya, Shama, Shraddha, Shraddha, Anu, Anu di, Anu di, Raina, Pearl, Siddhi, Vismaya, Falhi, Viv4444, Baby Leemoh, Pari, Nazneen di, Sonali, Sanju, Chikky, Prink, Saima, Shivika fan, Kristen, Aayesha, Chetna, Yazhu, Ro, Anusha, Abiha, Anaaya, Maahiswt, Anita, Dhruvv, Lisa, Nishu, Goms, Astha, Sunheri, Manik, Sinzo!!!!!!!
    Hey guys, I couldn’t comment as I went out of town for a quiz.
    Now time to share the news, I got 2nd position in the final.

  127. nikki

    hai sinzo ashwarya i know iam late couse i didt see it welcome to family ishqies

    who is siddanth in this i mean what is his real name can any one tell

    finally war was completed welcome riya bhool jao sab log ki ase kuch comments ailyi bhi hai

  128. Nivedha

    Mallika will soon patch up with Sidharth !!
    And mallika will leave Oberoi mansion
    Sidharth(shaleen) Wil enter soon in ishqbaaaz in upcoming episodes

  129. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Renima di, I am missing you a lot. I never thought you will leave this family. I never thought you will leave your sister. I am hurt and very sad. Please come again. Please comment again. I miss all your shayaris . Plz plz, we can’t leave you, and we can’t forget you

  130. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode. Have to see annika’s reaction. And guys yesterday it is surbhi Chandra birthday. The ishqbaaz team had real fun.

  131. Sat


    |Registered Member

    And piyali, Happy birthday to you. I am really sorry for wishing late. And Also wishing a very happy birthday to Priya di’s uncle.

  132. Mukta

    Guys Renima di asked all of us to not request her to come back!!!!!! She is really hurt!!!!! She told me that she’ll read all our comments but will not reply or drop comments here!!!!!!! @Dhruvv and @Luna di, she told that she is strong and can give them answer but then what will be the difference between them and our di???? And also someone again said something about her love!!!!!! She is very hurt becoz of this!!!!!!!! So it’s her decision, and now I don’t think we should request her more!!!!! We should respect her decision and support her!!!!!!!!! So it’s my request that don’t post the comments like come back Renima di!!!!!!!! I think we should not hurt her more by any such comments!!!!!!!! Lots of love for all ishqies from Renima di!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Mukta

    @Piyali ishqie ko very happy birthday from Renima di!!!!!!!!! She is really not in the otherwise must have written some lines!!!!!!!!!!
    And Eid Mubarak to all Ishqies!!!!!!!!!

  134. NazneenSyed

    Happy birthday 🎂 Piyali.Sorry for wishing late.
    @Sat.Good evening.

    Mukta where were you??last week you didn’t comment.

  135. NazneenSyed

    Mukta tum to batao aakhir Hua kya??
    Renima di kyun nahi comment kar rahi hain.
    Agar Renima di comment nahi karengi toh Mein bhi comment nahi karungi.

    Eid Mubarak ishkies.
    Good bye.

    • Mukta

      I’ve mentioned the reason above!!!!! Di she is not commenting coz some ppl here hurt her by saying some bad words!!!!!!

  136. Dhruvv


    |Registered Member

    Ok renima as ur wish…do whatever uwant….but its good tht riya has got sense….atleast…..
    Hey riya dear bhai bolna to I have lots of sisters n thy are damn possesive so need to ask them wht say shivu richuuu muku???:-):-):-);-)

  137. Dhruvv


    |Registered Member

    Hey nikii u remind me of ninja:-D
    I am frm mumbai dear 3rd yr engineering…..n ya thnx for eid wishes I am hindu but still religion dosnt matter:-):-)
    Same2 uuu ninjaa:-)

  138. MP

    May this…Eid bring Fun, Eid bring Happiness,Eid bring God Endless Blessings,Eid bring fresh love…EID MUBARAK to You with all best wishes

    • Haya123


      |Registered Member

      shivaniii.. its really good .. I thnk it’z the 2nd time ,we got this 500+ commentzz .. really commentable.. 🙂 bt without renni dii.. it’z 1st time.. 🙁

  139. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    gDD EVEzzzz to all my swt ishqiezzz.. keep commenting… it’z really good to see u all in this wonderful occasion of Eid ul Adha.. 😀
    Eid mubarak to all..

  140. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Any wayzz really excited to watch ishqbaazzz aftr one day.. it’ was really hard.. without watching ishqbaazz yestrday.. 🙁 eagerly waiting for dhin chik dance of SHIVIKA..

  141. Manik

    Helo everyone haya mukta sat renima dhruv shivani nikki luna disha piyali howru…
    Hey dhruv bro cool ha ladki ko line pe laya:-P I am from kolkata 20yrs old bba…

    Piyali hapy budayyyyyyyy sry late kiyaaaaa

    Hey sat Congo girl!!!!!!!

    Hii mukta thnx for including my name!!!!!!!

    Renima u rrealy very weak yr. …
    Etne se batse etna hurt!!!!!!!!!!!
    1st time aise ladki Dekhi but chilaxxx ur life ur prblm ur solution!!!!!!!!!

    Hey riya cool yrrr good to see u apologized welcm;-)
    Ishana fan hahah I think ur not ishana fan but some old mbember n frnd of renima thts why u know abt 25 July……but shame!!!!!!

    Anyways guys see u soon tccc….
    Renima hats of 2 u….just joking!!!!!!!!

    Hey shivani ishana will come,after redhima om breakup and thn ishkara will strt aisa I think behna:-)
    Lerts seee

  142. Mukta

    @SINZO I’m also good!!!!!!! U know ur name remind me of Shinzo of Ninja Hattori!!!!!!!!!! Although I don’t like to watch cartoons but I know coz my bro watch it!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Just like Ishana even me watching ishqbaaz disappeared 😂😂 and also i m so busy but i loved the precap 👍😂 and i didn’t watch ishqbaaz this week because whenever they show repeats my cousins always watch their fav shows 😡 And i hate them 😂😂😂 well will try to watch today’s epi 😂 And wow Ishana played a Cupid in Riddima and om’s story and now Riddhima herself is the villain in their love story 😂😂😂
    And wow tit for tat Shivaye 😂😂😂

  144. mishri

    500 commnts 4 d second tym ryt!!!! no nadi di 2 celebrate with a poem…..😑😑😑..m gud dhruvv bhai..WHR Z NADI DI??????????

  145. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ALL… Renima di asked us not to request her to come back as it hurts her… And she is a silent reader guys.. Be happy with it.. Di is with us but she is not cmntng… And DHURV BHAI and LUNA di.. She said that she is strong.. And she asked u both not to worry for her… And I don’t know what happen today she said today also somebody spoke bad abt her and Mahi bhai?? Did anybody know?? ? Can u pls say Me?? So she don’t want to cmnt.. Hope that we should understand guys..

    I won’t request her as I don’t want to hurt her by requesting hope u people l understand me..

    • Luna

      Okay Priya, i respect renima’s decision. We shud not force her. Plz say sorry to her from me, i think i went overboard. What can i do??? I dont know how to sugarcoat words.

  146. Soniya

    Ha mai bhi wahi soch rahi thi yeh renima hi riya hai naeto dhruv ke bat manti nahi….
    Yeh dhruv renima ka bf haI…n isley uske liye usne etna bola but this renima is only riya n trying to impress her if there were ppl having prblm with renima thy must hv said bfr dhruv had came…n riya who was so arrogant listened to Dhruv immediately????
    Riya n renima are same persn I bet it….bichara dhruv aka mahi!!!

  147. Richu

    Piyuuuuuuuuu happiesttt bdayyy dear!!!!!!
    Dry I’m just lil late….
    N sat Congo sweetie…..
    How’s u all………………..,😴😁😁😁😄😄

  148. nikki

    finally with in 2hours we can see ishqbaaz and war between shivika yaar

    and druvv yaar kya kaha kuch samajme nahi aya ninja is ur frend i think am i right

    good evening haya ashvarya shivani riya druvv piyu priya shahabana abiha renima rose richu nivedha isquies and all other ishquies and finally to me also

    hey guys who is ur favourit jodi not only in ishqbaaz all over plz reply

  149. Richu

    Everyone exited fr today’s epiiiii!!!!!!!
    Mukta abiha Shaza haya Priya mishri manikk Luna dishu……
    Piyuuuuuuuuuuuuu happiestttt bday dear…….
    Fatarjao hiiiiii nice to meet u…..
    Sat Congo sweetie…………
    Shivu muku babes how r u….
    Dhruv bhai swayamvar Kä plan for se start ho raha he bachke rehna…yaha bhi bohoaut sari behene jai aapki…

    No flirting
    Hahahhhaaaaa sry…..
    Luv u all

  150. NazneenSyed

    Hey guys it’s party time.We crossed 545 comments.
    @Mukta.Thank you isliye kyunki tumne Eid Mubarak bola na.

  151. Piyali

    Thank you……thank you…Thank you…sooooooooooo much guys….
    For wishing me… all are too good….In a very short time you all have became a part of my life..,😁😁😁😀😀😀😊
    you all know o thought my friends will first wish me….but they have not wished me yet!!!😐😐😐😒😒😔
    I am so sad….I wish them all at 12 and they haven’t wished me…..
    But just because of you all…you made my day yrr…..
    Thank you once again…For celebrating my birthday…..
    I wish I could give you a party here…🍧🍦🍨🍬🍫
    But it’s ok….I have enjoyed my day….😃😃😃😁😀

  152. Mukta

    @RIYA dear, Reni di told that she can’t comment but she loves u and she told me that from now on, u r Riya Ishqie!!!!!!!!

  153. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Guys wts the prb of these bashers????

    First they taunt renima di and now they r saying that Riya is renima di… How could they??? And how can u say dhurv bhai is Mahi.. If u think like then I l just give u a slap.. Don’t u know abt anything.. Then y come u r speaking abt them together.. U know wt dhurv bhai is a old member but he is just now cmntng n ishqbaaz page.. I don’t remember when I have seen dhurv and renima interacting through cmnts… How dare they can say abt them like that????

    GUYS sari cheezo ko ek hadh hote hai…. They crossed all limits….. They don’t have any rights to speak abt di like that.. How Dare they speak in that way abt a girl like that.. It’s an public site thoda toh sharam Karo.. And u soniya I think u l be elder than me but posting that cmnt u have proved that DIL me tum ham sab se choti ho.. Idiot…. Ya if u r elder Than me I l not say sry bcoz I can’t give respect to that who don’t know how to speak abt others….. And ya don’t dare to post cmnts abt my sis…

    • Abiha

      Dear ..i know its hurting..but want to say u only one thing yrr ..plz dont talk about those bashers n dont give attention to thm ..just leave thm…no need to take stress yr..we know our renima d so there’s no need to explain to those stupids..

  154. mishri

    Priyaaaaa diii…IGNORE THOSE PPL!!!!!!thy r sooo uncool….u knw d ppl who wants public attntion nd want 2 make othrz life a joke!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂thy dnt knw dat we dnt caaaare!!!!!i feel sorry 4 thm!!😂😂😂😂

  155. Mukta

    Actually TU isn’t allowing the sharing of email address so I’m sharing it in some different style…..I hope u can guess it……
    Sonam Meena 07 06 2000
    write it without space!!!!!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.