Ishqbaaz 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says its auspicious time, why to delay Roka, we will do the rasam, Anika get the plate. Shivaye stops Anika. They all look at him. Shivaye asks why did you not tell us that Dev is not your son, is Dev your illegitimate child. Everyone get shocked. Dev says dad, I want to talk to Shivaye and explain him everything. Mr. Chabbra says Reyaan and Dev, lets go now. They leave. Some time before, Shivaye checks Chabbras family details on internet. He thinks of Shakti and Rudra’s words. He thinks its strange, why is Dev not in any of the photographs. Dadi says its limit, Mrs. Chabbra called, she said she does not know Dev’s birth time, what to do, what to say pandit ji, how will he make kundli without time. Jhanvi says I m also shocked, a mother does not know son’s birth time, how is this possible.

Shivaye hears them and says something is wrong.

Rudra sees Soumya in the hall and stops her. He says there is one shocking thing, you skipped lunch. She says I was completing college’s pending assignments. He says good, forward it to me. She says fine. He says one more thing I have to say, Chabbras are coming home tomorrow for roka, I thought to keep Reyaan and your meeting so that you can talk, you are affected by him. She says why are you doing this, let it be. He says I m your friend, who will help you then. She says I don’t need help, let it be. He says even if anyone is strong, they need help, Rumi is coming Mumbai tomorrow and called me on date, if one friend is happy in personal life, other friend should also be happy, my love angel taught this to me. She says actually Rudra, I have to tell you about love angel and Rumi. He says we will talk, but not today, I have to go. He leaves.

Its morning… Shivaye gets ready and recalls Shakti and Rudra’s words, the internet search. He says how did this cufflink get so loose. He gets a call and answers. He asks are you sure, okay…. He ends the call. Rudra comes and says Chabbras have come.

Dadi says its auspicious time, why to delay Roka, we will do the rasam, Anika get the plate. Everyone smile. Shivaye walks down the stairs. Anika gets the plate. Shivaye stops Anika. They all look at him. Tej asks what happened Shivaye, whats the matter. Shivaye says before we go ahead, I want to clear one thing, why did you both not tell us that Dev is not your son. Everyone get shocked. Mr. Chabbra asks whats this joke Shivaye, Dev is my son. Shivaye says I think you did not hear my question right, let me rephrase it, why did you not tell us that Dev is not son of you both, if I m not wrong, you had affair with Geeta Chopra, Dev is your and Geeta’s son. Everyone look on shocked. Shivaye says I can’t hear you, answer me Mr. Chabbra, is Dev your illegitimate child…… Anika and everyone get shocked…..

Shivaye says Mr. Chabbra you should have not hidden this, if you told this before, I would have not let the matter go ahead. Mr. Chabbra says come on Shivaye, I did not tell this thinking this won’t matter in today’s times. Shivaye says if time changes, importance of family and blood does not change, these two things are checked before joining relations, you thought we will not care if Dev is your illegitimate child.

Dev talks to Priyanka and others. He says I agree with your brother, in fact anyone would have asked this being in his place, I don’t blame me, but trust me Priyanka, I was going to tell this truth to her. Mr. Chabbra talks to elders and says I m not ashamed to say truth, I admit Dev is not my and Chaya’s son, but Dev is my son from other relationship, you can call my relationship illegitimate, but not Dev, Dev used to stay with his mum, his mum died a year ago, Chaya and I decided that Dev will stay with us, Reyaan and Dev are same for us. Shivaye says but their blood is not same. Mrs. Chabbra says Shivaye, Dev is a very nice guy, judge him by his present, not his past. Dev says I did not wish my past to disturb my and your future, so I was going to tell you truth after our Roka.

Mr. Chabbra says tells Tej that Priyanka will get respect and love at our house which a bahu should get, Dev will become a good husband and son in law. Tej says Mr. Chabbra, I agree with Shivaye, whatever is his present, his past can’t be separated from him, I m sorry, this relation can’t happen. Tej, Shakti and everyone walk off. Dadi says person can’t control his birth, but saying truth is in own hands, if you said truth, this would have not spoiled. Shivaye says because things would have not reached till here, sorry your time got wasted, and ours too, you can leave…..

Dev says I did not know matter will get spoiled, I had no idea, I thought Shivaye will understand that whatever happened, it was not my mistake. Mr. Chabbra says I did mistake by hiding truth, but Shivaye you are doing mistake by rejecting this proposal, your family will be high in status, but your mentality is so small, you did not see Dev’s qualification and humanity, honesty, you just saw his birth, I will say one thing, everyone gets hit by time, don’t make your mentality so fall that one day your neck bends down. Shivaye says I don’t want to argue with you, I said what I had to, you may please excuse us….. Mr and Mrs. Chabbra leave.

Rudra asks Dev to talk to Shivaye once, else who will explain his point of view to Shivaye. Mr. and Mrs. Chabbra come to them. Mr. Chabbra asks Reyaan and Dev to come. Dev says I want to talk to Shivaye and explain him everything. Mr. Chabbra says talks are over, lets go now. Dev says but dad…. Shivaye comes and asks Priyanka to go. Mr. Chabbra says Reyaan and Dev, lets go now. They leave. Anika looks at Shivaye.

Anika goes to Priyanka. Priyanks sits crying. Anika asks her to calm down. Priyanka says Dev is not a bad guy, what we did with him and his family was not right, Shivaye did not do right, Dev had no other way. Anika says way is not there, it has to be made, blood and family do not matter to me, truth matters to me, Dev should have not hidden truth. Priyanka says Dev was going to say truth, Shivaye should have heard him, he did not hear him. Anika says don’t worry, go washroom and wash your face, then we will sit and talk. Priyanka goes.

Jhanvi comes to talk to Priyanka. She asks where is Priyanka. Anika says she is in bathroom. Jhanvi asks is she crying. Anika says aunty, Priyanka likes Dev a lot, and Dev was going to say truth to Priyanka, do you think Billu ji will give another chance to Dev. Jhanvi says you know Shivaye, family matters a lot to him, he will not listen, to be true, Chabbras hiding this thing, even I did not like this.

Om asks Shivaye how will it look good, if a relation is founded on a lie, name and family do not matter to me, but lies…. Being with Tej, I understood that lie is like termites, which makes relations fake. He says Shivaye tell me one thing, if they did not lie, would you agree for this relations. Shivaye says you know what I think, even if they said truth, Dev’s truth won’t change, his birth, blood and lineage, nothing is equal to Oberoi family, what I did was for our family name. Om asks and for Priyanka, whatever we are deciding for Priyanka should be for her happiness, if she is unhappy, then family and name do not matter, is Priyanka’s happiness has no value, we have to think if she likes Dev.

Shivaye says we value her choice, but children’s choice is not right always. Om says you said decision will be of Priyanka, then why did we all decide, we are complicating our lives by being stubborn, by our morals and ideals, else everything is very simple, if Priyanka likes Dev, then yes, else its no. Shivaye says wish life was so simple, you don’t worry Om, I will explain Priyanka, I will make her fav dish, go to her and explain, I m sure she will understand, as I m doing this for her.

Anika asks Priyanka is she feeling fine now. Dev calls Priyanka. Priyanka tells Anika its Dev’s call and answers. Dev says I m really sorry for whatever happened, I want to meet you personally and clear the matter, I want to apologize for the misunderstandings. She says I m sorry Dev, this is not possible. He says but Priyanka… She ends call.

Anika asks what happened. Priyanka says Dev wants to meet me. Anika says no, I don’t think Billu ji will agree. Priyanka says I know, but you always convince him, try once, please, for my sake, once…. Anika says it looks impossible, but I will try for your sake.

Anika looks around and asks Dev and Priyanka to come. They see Jhanvi and hide under stairs. Anika takes them to the exit door. Before Anika could make Dev leave, Shivaye shouts Anika….. Shivaye sees the three of them…… and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. senro

    Asshole Shivaaye…Too much bhak bhak of khandhaan..
    I am very sure, later it will be shivaay who will not be an oberoi and obviously Annika will be of biggest lineage..
    Wait for karma Shivaaye…

    • jis

      so much bashing of shivaye..but in life all are much like shivaye an arranged marriage
      we all choose rich high class families…or doctor get high dowry..girls prefer foreigners over native boys..everyone look for wellsettled boys….to b truthful i wouldnt want my sister to marry a illegitimate son…i might b best friends with anyone without caring for their background…in real life i say idealistic views more than omkara…but choosing a relation for our beloved ones we look for equals …otherwise it should a love marriage…society works this way…..even if we say idealism…..we end up doing practical things….how many you will follow interreligious marriage?? or how many of you will marry a illegitimate boy?? think truthfully…we all are selfish as well as idealistic somewhere deep down in our minds…

  2. trisha

    In think शिवया pov shivaya is right bcoz shivaya born in respected fmly background ….. This is real world every people also think like that I think our fmly member also think that…..He always give first priority to fmly reputation ,blood,fmly background but om I like ur oponion u always thinks about ur fmly happiness nt fmly background u also born in fmly member but ur thinking is beown the world …I known tommrow anika will fired frm her job…..

  3. Sanchi


    |Registered Member

    Shivay will surely curse Anika to hell and back.. Interesting twist is on the way, Shivay’s ideals might suffer some change after this??? always a pleasure to watch bagad billa singh Oberoi

  4. trisha

    guys “Happy dhasera “for all of u isqhbaaZ family member In our country tommrow biggest festival but our fmly can’t celebrate bcoz someone our relative dead before 9month In our if someone dead frm our fmly member aur relative we can’t celebrate any festival for one year I just hate these culture in our country we called Happy dashain not dashera if u want to see how we celebrate u can see in youtube or find out frm google by the country ka naam hai Nepal

    • noor

      I m sory. I have no right but juz common.. if ur brother die nd ur family relatives will celebrate happiness how would I feel..
      it’s not juz customs yaar..
      a way to juz keep fAmily United..
      think positive in every customs I vl find it my frnd
      b happy.
      Nd sorry for. s last

      • trisha

        yah ur also right if someone dead frm my fmly we can’t celebrate but in our country if somone born in festival time before 11 days we can’t celebrate ..My mom also say if someone dead it fine we can’celebrate bcoz of sorrow but if someone bron yeh toh खुसी ki khabar hai why can’t we celebrate that’s why I forget to write that custom also

  5. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    Nice episode…prinku looks really pretty in today’s epi…ShivOm convo is nice…Om’s words are true and Shivaay should’ve thought about it once… Yeah he’s THE SSO…cares about name and blood line…but he should’ve asked prinku’s decision…even though loved him so much…and next Anika gonna help Dev and prinku…and Shivaay gonna fire her…waiting for next epi…I really wanna see how Shivaay’s gonna miss Anika badly…
    And what is Rumi’s secret??? maybe Luna was right…hehehe…it’ll be fun…

  6. asritha

    Anika is caught by shivay.if shivay remove anika from the job how they can love each other.thanks amena for the update

  7. Goms


    |Registered Member

    I think in future epi it will be shown shivaay will not be shakti-pinky s son.. May be he was adopted or something… Bcoz shivaay always talks about family-blood line…

    Shivaay ‘s attitude
    Words said by chabbra’s :
    “everyone gets hit by time, don’t make your mentality so fall that one day your neck bends down.”

    These words made me to think like.. It’s my guess.. Dono what’s going to happen in future epi’s

    Only director gul, script writter and god knows whats going to happen..

  8. saku

    Nice epi….but felt very bad for priyanka….yaar she is so innocent…the way she cried😦…shivaye hurted his beloved sis. ..and precap was intresting…shivaye in angry young man mood….oh my mata!!!ab anika ka kya hoga…I think that’s why shivaye fired anika as she tried to make pinku meet dev….rudra somu convo was nice…why rudy u always listen half u must hv listen to soumya…bcoz rumi suspence is getting delayed…eager to know about rumi…..Anika was lookin pretty..

    • Mayank Agrawal

      why you are all saying shivay hurted priyanka….no shivay ne kuch galat nhi kiya galat kiya hai to chhabras ne kiya hai agar chhabras ye baat pehle bta dete to shivay ne shi kaha tha ki ye baat itni badhne he nhi deta vo aage and priyanka ko pyar bhi nhi hota…..its all fault of chhabras…

  9. Mayank Agrawal

    Waah Yar Shivay singh Oberoi & Tej singh oberoi both are perfect and matched …kya attitude hai dono mei gajjab………and i think vo dono galat nhi hai sach ki demand kar rhe the and chhabras are faulted… doubt

  10. |Registered Member

    Thanks amena di for such a quick update .. Really you saved me actually tomorrow I am busy with my households because relatives are coming so I guess I am gonna miss the repeat telecast too so thanks … By the way hello to all ishqbaazians over here
    @ mukta,sunehri,sat ,priya,renima di,roz ,shaza ,jara ,nida,liya,shivani etc many more entertaining episode I guess dears…
    Anika ki toh vaat lagi… Jawal mukhi Singh oberoi😤😤 Nahi judega
    Rumya must be cute…
    Still intaaz me hai … Oh hello joh na kahe hum joh na kahe tum oh saathiya ishkara…. Please comeback soon …

  11. Vaishali BBZ

    Oh Gosh what a precap.. Now Shivaye will fire Anika from work and I think when she will leave he will start missing her and may be then he will realise his love for her..❤
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode.. The serial day by day is becoming very interesting.
    Love Nakul, Surbhi, Leenesh and Kunal..❤♥

  12. Aparna bhadra

    I also think that shivay is nt an oberoi nd anika is from a big family… may be she would hv left her family bcz of sahil..shivay will be breaking completely if he knows dat he is nt an oberoi..



    |Registered Member

    Tooooo much strubonness of shivaye… he is really immature… he is not thinking about her sister but about family name… i hope he realise his mistake soon..
    And best part is Om supporting Priyanka.. i think in oberoi mansion only Om (though he always end up taking shivaye side; but he atleast listen to his heart) is sensible as tej and shivaye are always behind business and family reputation; pinki is impossible to understnd, shakti is behind god; janvi behind liqure, dadi behind family unity; rudra is dumb and more immature (though he tries to solve prblm but end up with taking shivaye side); soumya confused for telling any truth, Anika being only wedding planner too much involved in oberio prblms and priyanka is shown too much shy…

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Totally agree with you ….even I feel like Anika should not be too much involved in the matters , after all she is just a organizer of them ….priyanka is not shy , she is having glossophobia and anxiety disorder ….

    • Isha

      U r r8,.. but I feel serial lost their track.. cameo bolaa but 2 din k lai ana k matlabh kya hain. & serial ko khech koi story nahi milaa.. Sometym they r see us , Shivay is nyc person , Omkara is practical (but i feel doubt ) story ish tara sai kiyu laa araha hain– kuch samaz nahi araha hain. I know its serial. but ek limit hoti hain serial k track k.. Where is Tia , Where is Ridima ( Roka main jinh loghoko rehna jarori hain-woh logh nahi hain ) Ishaana track vi the end. Honestly speaking – Malaika ka entry ka baad serial lost their track, Serial dekhna meh utna maja nahi ataa. I feel that each day new episode. aur yeh serial kya dikha raha hain- wedding planer itni involve kaisa hoti hai family matter peh. ( Ishaana track the end bcz con girl ) aur yeh anika wedding planer k track. kisina saach kaha hain… serial name “Sasural Anika ka ” . I know priyanka s 4nd so what, { pehla 3 month jish tara sai serial chal raha tha — now this serial say normal sai vi nicha hain . No any interesting part

  14. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Shivaye is so stubborn….but it was Chabbra’s mistake too that they hid the truth na !! …but in the Precap Anika must’ve not interfered in their matter maybe shivaye gonna fire Anika 😕……..

  15. Diya

    I think Om is the idealism inside us, Shivaay, the hard reality, and Rudra and Priyanka the innocence we all possess at some level. They all go hand in hand and we learn to balance whichever gets to an extreme. So the ultra idealistic must learn practicality, ultra realistic must soften to get some feeling, the ultra innocent must acquire some wisdom and all must respect and be in harmony with one another. I don’t know if the writers meant that when writing these characters but that’s how I see it. I like what I am seeing right now though. You rejected a boy for your sister because his birth turned out to be illegitimate by the society’s standards. Then, at night you saw someone sneaking that boy in your house to make your innocent sister meet with him. How will you react? No right or wrong way, just several possible and natural ways. Some parents scold for a mistake, some yell and punish, some decide to have a serious discussion. Ok. Enough of my boring talk. It’s just that the precap got me thinking and philosophical 😁 it’s just a show so let’s enjoy 😊

  16. Chandu

    Hi. I don’t think as……. Shivaye is not from oberoi family. Otherwise whenever question raises about next business legal heir tej would have objected it saying he is not really from oberoi family. it’s purely my guess frnds

  17. Diya

    It’s sure that Shivaay is not an Oberoi. Could be an orphan as Pinky’s child died at birth so to save her from trauma a child was replaced and only Shakti , Dadi, and Tej know. Or , considering how alike he is to Tej, he might be Tej’s illegitimate son , adopted by Shakti and Pinky. In all of
    today’s episode I am thinking what a fine
    woman Mrs. Chhabra must be to accept Dev so lovingly. Needs a lot of strength of character. Now the very mention of Rumi makes me go crazy, arrey bhai what is her secret??😴She is not a girl pukka. The way they are hinting about Om, surely his love story is coming up. Waiting eagerly for it.

  18. Luna

    Whatever Shivaye did is wrong but anyone will have done the same thing in his place. But I don’t understand why Shivaye and Tej have to take decisions of Priyanka’s life???? Shivaye can think whatever he wants but it should be Priyanka who should decide whether she wants to marry Dev or not. She has to spend his entire life with Dev, not Shivaye. Of course now Shivaye will say that Priyanka is irrational and can’t take right decisions of her life but if that’s the case then why u r getting her married so soon. Classic case of preaching women empowerment but not following it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Luna

    Now I’m damn sure that one of the Obros is an illegitimate child and I think it’s someone between Shivaye and Rudra. It will be better if Rudra turns out to be illegitimate bcoz then Shivaye will understand that blood, family background and lineage is’nt important to love someone. Om will also learn that saying lies sometimes is’nt bad as he will have to hide this truth from the society.

      • Isha

        serial meh itna twist hain– wohi thik sai open nahi hoo raha hain. yeh konsa twist hain & also yeh logh twist ko vi maja sai aur suspend sai nahi dikha raha hain. 3 month itna twist aiyaa hain– wohi open nahi hua. Agar hoga vi – 5 min ka andaar khatam . I want 2 say something , Serial lost their track. Itna khichai karaigii… ” Humko tumsai pyaar ho gaya ” serial ka tara off hoo jaiga, do u feel , kuch dhamaka hoo raha hain ? abh ACP aiygaa– so , isma kya dhamaka hain. I feel lyk “YHM ” k track hoo jaha raha kya- Abhisekh ACP thii then…….. priyanka ka love story itna imp tha.. dheera dhera sabhka track open karti accha hoti. just banglaii bolbo “Gozakhicuri ” means “messy “

  20. iamsofianeak

    Shivaye will be blamed for gayetri’s murder after firing Anika from the job goodd hope anila saves him ! one day shivaye will get his shock

    • |Registered Member

      Is it a spolier or just a guess dear and if it comes true so shivaay will get nice lesson and will understand that khoon khandar Maine Nahi rakha aacha insan or niyat rakhti hai

  21. Nana

    Hi ishqbaaz family am soo damn tired of shivaye’s attitude if he throw Anika out of the house then how will there love story begin now I really hope shivaye is not a real Oberoi

  22. Nana

    Hi ishqbaaz family am soo damn tired of shivaye’s attitude I hope he turns out to be the illegitimate member of Oberoi family so that he learns his lesson

  23. mishri

    Shivaaye is shivaaye!!!he just dsnt get it..the way he tld “can u plz exuse us”i was lyk OMG!!!hes becum i love him yh😊😊 now do v need a reason for anikas firing!!
    -a mistake cn make u forget all d help one does–
    I cant tel u shivaay is right bt anika dd wrong!!she knws maybe she didnt cal dev bt he came or sumthn…nd she sent him advicin…who knws…damn shivaay nd his khoon and khaandhan!!😬😬😬😬

    • saku

      Ya u r right mishri di anika dd wrng…I mean she is just a wedding planer…y she always interfare in there family matters??…though she always save oberois frm problem but it’s not necessary that whatever she does is always right….and every time cant b just shivayes mistake right???….this tm anika too is equally responsible…..

      • Trishita

        But blood and family name always don’t matter and anika has the right to say because she is priyanku’s frnd and should assist her if she is in trouble

      • Mayank Agrawal

        ya you are right anika ko kya matlabh hai vo ek wedding plannr hai bus and shivay and uski family bhot bade hasiyat ke log hai unhe sabh chij dekhni padti hai but y anika had a problem,,, now its right to fire anika

  24. Mayank Agrawal

    Guyz Shivaye sabse main lead hai iss serial mei ,,,,vo oberoi he rhega may be uske koi family member ya bhai mei se koi ho sakta hai najayaz…lekin shivay nhi hoga..

  25. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Good Morning
    Happy Dussehra to all
    Episode was boring to much khandan and all
    What about prinku’s happiness

  26. MP

    episode was okk okk. N i also don’t think that shivaye is not from oberoi family. I think it’s rudra.

  27. shahabana

    Gd morning to all my sweet ishqbaazians have a great day guyz.
    HAPPY DUSSERA to all my ishquees enjoy ur festival guyz.
    MOHARRAM Mubarak to all my Muslim ishquees.
    Enjoy the festivals and pray for good health and wealth and stay happy and strong guyz.

  28. shahabana

    And coming to the episode this sso wont change always family respect blood linage etc ohhh no i dntknw what will happen when he will knw about his feelings for anika and guyz i dnt think shivaye will be a non oberoi and i think shivaye will realise when he will fall for anika bcz mr. Chabbra says he will bend down his head one day thats means he will bend down his head one day infront of anika for her love and he will definitely beg for her leaving all his ego and family blood etc but i dntknw why im feeling that anika will reject sso’s love and he will be feel helpless and shattered i think this will gonna happened and in precape now sso will fire anika definitely

  29. shahabana

    And i too dnt like when sso talks about family respect blood linage etc but u knw what guyz this is reality of our society and peaple can talk about idealism but they cnt accept when matter is about their own or about their family members, they will think about their respect in society. Im agree with sso because what chaddas done its wrong but im feeling bad for dev afterall he is the victim bcz of his parents he have to bear all this and poor prinku what to say about her and loved mrs. Chabbra she is really strong and accepted dev and omkara he is lovely he thinks about his sisters choice and happyness and in precape i dnt think shivaye is wrong i think this time anika is wrong she should be in her limit but im liked they are showing like anika also can do wrong she will not be always correct thats really superb

    • Mayank Agrawal

      Galti dev ki bhi hai usse bta dena chiye tha sabh ke saamne atleast shivay ko jabh shivay usse room mei le gaya tha …abh pachtane se kyaa hoga oberois bhot bade log hai unhe nhi pasand ye sabh najayaz rishte aur vo thodi bheekh maangne gaye the ki rishta karo he humse…so its not about proud its normal …..oberois ne kisi ka dil nhi toda hai unka huq tha ye jaan ne ka..

  30. shahabana

    And loved rumya scenes really waiting for their story and what will be rumis secret guyz any guess and what will be rudras reaction when he will knw about saumyas love angel truth

  31. Navi

    Why is shivay so stubborn and narrow minded. . What he did was unacceptable. His thoughts are just so low.

  32. Diya

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if Vrushika came back as Ishana and helped solve Gayatri murder case and get Shivaay free of blame. So many possible Ishkaara moments. If I had the skills I would have written an OS about it. 😌

    • |Registered Member

      Gayatri is murdered????????? Someone plz tell me plz I dnt know whts happening im ishqbz cz of exms…hey diya wht u were saying plz tel someome

      • Sat


        |Registered Member

        Hey actually Gayatri got bailed on the basis of health problems. And she escaped and blackmailed our sso,and in the future story in some spoilers, it is mentioned that Gayatri is seen murdered and blame is on shivaay😱😱😱

  33. Chetna

    Hello good morning guys
    Happy dussehra
    Remember tomorrow is my birthday
    I have a great news that in the upcoming episodes gayatri will call shivay and ask him to meet her and when shivay will go then she will kill herself then a murder case of gayatri file on shivay and some ACP Ranveer will handle the case and he is so honest and not care about shivay Singh oberoi and Ranveer will be paired with priyanka.
    Thats the news.

    • |Registered Member

      Happy buday in advance dear….I would be busy tomorrow ..have a great life ahead….n by the way wts ur age ??

    • Mayank Agrawal

      why he dont care about shivay as he is true na i mean he doesnt do murder crime then why he dont care of shivay ?

      • Chetna

        Mayank bhiya I mean to say that he doesn’t care about shivay’s big name and yes shivay is innocent.
        Thanks for advance wishes and I am going to be of 17

  34. Chetna

    Hello good morning guys
    Happy dussehra
    Remember tomorrow is my birthday
    I have a great news that in the upcoming episodes gayatri will call shivay and ask him to meet her and when shivay will go then she will kill herself then a murder case of gayatri file on shivay and some ACP Ranveer will handle the case and he is so honest and not care about shivay Singh oberoi and Ranveer will be paired with priyanka.
    Thats the news.

    • |Registered Member

      Chetna in advance happy wala birthday dear🎂🎂🎂🎁🎊🎉
      May you get all the happiness dear

  35. |Registered Member

    Hii guys abiha piyu priyu mishri muku shivu richu baby renima,di sat haya shabana mukta dhruv dishu diya rose shaza rozu howru all?????
    Hey mishri dear 1st of all soryy I didn’t knew it was ur buday so belated happy budag dear……
    Guys any news of ishana?????

  36. Luna

    Whatever Shivaye did was realistic whether it’s right or wrong. Majority of people will not like to marry an illegitimate child. No matter how much people preach about idealism but people do care about bloodline, lineage, money and status. Arranged marriages are just a deal though people never say it on face.

    • shahabana

      Hey luna im definitely agree with u in our society most of all like shivaye and to be honest i will say not onlymy parents but me also dnt choose a illegemate person as a my life partner and really im not ashamed to saying this but i will not insult them like shivaye did

  37. zara

    Guys I know Shivaye over reacted bout Dev being illegitimate child but they should have been honest about it from the end Tej said no to mariage so why is Pinku blaming Shivaye only….how can Pinku know Dev in one or two meeting only
    Also Shivaye is born in Oberoi family n thats what he is brought up in…
    Luv Anika but she should not have meddeled in family matter…now how will Shivika love story progress if she is fired or quits..dont know which one as theres so much stories going around..either way
    I WISH..Anika is from a family more prestigious than Oberois n she turns to be the most sought out defence lawyer n she represents Shivay in Gayatris murder trial n frees him…solve problem of family blood line n she saves Shivaye again but Shivaye has to woo and work veryyyy hard to win her back…
    Cant wait for Rudy n Soummya to start their love story…whats Romis secret?
    Wish for Om love interest to be Anikas sister. Love ShivikaOmRu.

  38. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Oh my god, eh shivaay Na ek dum impossible Hain. It is true in India girls marriage is always decided and dominated by his father’s or brother:s decision, till now ishqbaaz emphasized on women’s equality and the oberoi bros too accepted the fact that all are equal, then why is shivaay and tej again influencing priyanka’s decision. Prinku should pull tej’s ear. Of course a parent and a brother will be cautious about their daughter’s future, but it is found that they are not thinking about their culture in fact they are thinking about their blood line and lineage, wuck 😬.
    And our annika, I know she cares about her friend so much, but she is just a wedding planner to oberois, even though she had a good relationship with them, she has to not interfere in their personal matters, that’s how she falls into problems.😑😑😑

  39. Sat
  40. sunanda

    I read in spoilers that shivayy fires on anika nd removes her from job.
    Here gayatri got murdered nd that blame went 2 shivayy

  41. Luna

    @Jis, Everyone has different thinking and opinion. If I ever truly fell in love with a guy unconditionally who is illegitimate or of a different religion then also I will marry him. I really don’t care about family background or lineage. But yeah, he should have a secured job and be earning well enough if I’m not earning bcoz money matters but if I have a high paying job then I also don’t care if he’s unemployed. I don’t have any family pressure as I take my life decisions myself, not my parents. Okay fine, I’m not glorifying myself. Whatever I said I truly mean it, believe it or not, I don’t care. I know how this world works but I don’t care much about what this society thinks. I will face many problems but problems are in everyone’s life. U can’t run away from them.

    • shahabana

      Hey luna i really liked ur honesty and to be honest i will care about everything like charecter money family and ofcourse relegion and i knw im not 100% perfect but i will except this minimum qualities about my life partner

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Luna dear…sso did as a brother is right thing……And dear…..partially i agree with om also…..well it is about prinku’s life…..then it should be based on her priority…..and what om said like “agar prinku ko dev pasand hai toh haan nahi pasand hai toh naa”…….sso replied “kaash life itna simple hota”…..really what we think….what we see in reality….we should analyse both them….first of all prinku is too young and this is not the right time to think about her marriage,….and sso …..his marriage postponded….as now they have caught that shilpa…then its time 2 think about shitiya marriage….not off prinku……don’t know why prinku track all of a sudden entered…though rumya track has boosted up…….and dear… hide truth especially on case of marriage…is really offensive… it comes 2 arranged marriage it will hurt the whole family….and ilegitimate child….or whatever… omkara said if they have already said the truth then they are also right….but sad that the truth came out @ roka and which is something really bad…..but i think sso should give anotherchance to dev and prinku……
      omkara said “hum apne usool, ideologies uss pe thopna chahiye”……..prinku need some time….

  42. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    I didn’t understand one thing…

    Anika is wedding planner ryt???

    I don’t sense any wedding in oberoi house?? Then y she is there?

    N moreover y is she poking her nose into the matter… Wn shivay n tej said so..
    Bahut confusing hai..

    • shahabana

      Hii priya missed ur comments baby and happy dusshera and about anika being in oberoi mansion dnt axpect any logic from television shows dr and anyways ishqbaaz is better than other illogical shows

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        Ofc di… Illogical…. Meine dekhna chod di… Aaj koi aur option nahi Tha isliye dekhna pada 11:30 par…

        And I heard many people’s cmnt abt ms. Dhoni… The maximum people no all the people said that Priyanka Mahi part was lovely.. And me too I have fell in love with it.. But can’t get over that she is dead.. Mahi ke saath yeh nahi Hona chahiye Tha.. The destiny played it’s bad game with him…

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Well priya….shitiya marriage postponded…..naa……and she helps prinku …i think maybe Anika and prinku know each other very well as when ishqbaaz started we saw that naa…..

  43. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Happy Dushera to all ishqies….how r u all ?….Well am too busy guys with office work and home….and will be free only by day after tomorrow……mukta,luna,enasanjida,richu,piyali,mishri,nivedha,shivani,aliya,pragya mukti,shaza,kiki,nikki,nithu,shahabana,priya,disha,aqua,sat,kat,jazz,nelka,navi,tharu,himagiri,
    vinnu,naagin forever,aiswarya,nazneen,momique,admin,dhruvv,maanik,mayank,abiha,aahana
    niharika,samyuktha,chetna,MP,diya,liya,kushagra……hope all are fine……
    Advance Muharam Wishes…..
    @ Chetna Ishqie….Advance birthday wishes dear…..
    I will not be able 2 comment tomorrow….as am really very busy and ishqies….. swelling on my feet…..i fell down from the stairs as my leg slipped…..and it happened because di and me were running through the stairs as we were in full of masti time in home…..

    Chetna ishqie…..The day which make you as the shining star
    The day which makes you most beautiful girl
    The day which reward you happiness and joy
    The day which brightens your wishes and dreams
    The day which will make you enthusiastic and energetic
    The day which will reward you with blessings and love
    The day which will come only once in a year and will imprint memories
    I wish you your birthday will be full-fledged with all these……
    Happy birthday my gorgeous ishqie……From Renima Didi…….

    And ishqies….please comment on my ffs….tejvi and ishkara…..

    @ Luna …really need your view….on 4th and 5th part… u can critically examine it

  44. shekhar

    Chhabra should have been told the facts of DEV before fixing ROKA. On other hand, DEV had enough time to tell the truth to SHIVAY when they both met alone on first meet. But whole chhabra family prefer to hide the fact, and that’s blunder . Shivaay is right to scold chhabra for hiding the truth. Chhabra asked, he is not ashamed of his illegitimate SON DEV, and if he is really like that, he would have told the fact. Priyanka is reacting as DEV is her BF since long, that is not tangible. If chhabra would have told the truth early, Shivaay could not get support as much as he got now. Om is right, the relation which start on the FAKE BASE, does not reach any where. Shivay charector is being framed as dictator who never find it necessary to conslult his elders including his DADI FOR ANY ISSUE INCLUDING PRIYANKA’S ROKA , which is a bad part of DIRECTOR.

  45. Mayank Agrawal

    guyz please let me know if anyone seeing the episode on hotstar premium that kya shivay ne anika ko nikal diya hai job se is it true ?

  46. mishri

    @dhruvv bhai thnk u 4 wishing me..u went missng yh???y
    @chetna.advance wishes dear!!i will try 2 wish u with dz stupid technology
    @luna di-yh u r ryt!!ppl in this generation do thnk abt lineage,blood religion i agree with watever u say
    @saku-yep men i got alll my favourites bt not novels bt m sooo happy..
    @mayank bhai-shaza watches it..if m nt mistaken
    @RENI DI–miss u yaaar..cum back na..hope u get well nd free soon😚😚
    @kiyara-welcum welcum
    @mukta nd mukti di-whr r u guyz????
    ALLLL othr silly dudies..i knw u guyz r good..aftr all u r my frendz😂😂😂 commnting guyz..plzzz dnt leave TU!!!M WATCHING ALL OF U!!lol😂

  47. mishri

    @sat..i read d first 4 pgs of ur story on my bday…i was practically is my dream yaaar..the story..epic epic!!kp it up!!i will finish it inshaAllah with dz stupid technology!!not evn loading an inch!!!!!

  48. Mayank Agrawal

    bhai logo aaj ka episode dekhne ke baad pata lag gaya really its very bad shivay saaf saaf dikh rha hai shivay is so proudy and ye to bhot galat hai …..bhot shi kaha tha kisi ne ki apni soch ko itna mat gira lena shivay singh oberoi ki kabhi tumhe apni gardan nichi karni pad jaye….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.