Ishqbaaz 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Piya blackmails ShivOmRu

Ishqbaaz 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

ShivOmRu go to steal the video. They get shocked seeing Piya changing and cover eyes. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya see them hiding under the bed. Some time before, Piya calls out Dinky. ShivOmRu come there. She says oh, you three called me here, you guys got after me. Shivaye asks what do you want. Om says try to understand, we can get you arrested but we want to give you a chance, tell us, who are you, what do you want. Rudra says we are Oberois, fight with us is never right. She asks whom are you threatening, I m not scared of anyone, I scare others. Rudra says we are also scared. She asks not by your wives. Rudra asks Om to manage. She says that video was just a trailer, film is also there, your wives will divorce you just seeing the trailer, that scarf in Om’s hair, close dance with Rudra, and kiss

marks on Shivaye’s cheeks, remember, shall I remind, I will show, see this video, Oberoi brothers black deeds on that colorful night. Rudra tries to snatch phone. Anika and Gauri come. Anika asks what’s happening, why did you get shocked seeing us. Shivaye says its nothing like that. Gauri asks where is Dinky. Anika asks what’s in phone. Rudra takes phone and says choreography, battery got dead. Piya says practice this, I will tell you what to do next. She goes.

Anika asks what happened, is everything fine. They nod. Gauri asks what are you guys doing here. They dance. Shivaye says we were chilling, go we will come. Anika and Gauri leave. Rudra says you can thank me, I stopped your divorce, Bhabhis would have seen the video. Shivaye says we have to destroy the video. Om asks how, Piya has it. Rudra says its tough, but I will do this, you both have no option. Shivaye says we have to close Piya’s matter today, without anyone knowing it. Bhavya says there is something wrong, Rudy looks confident while ShivOm are tensed. Anika and Gauri come. Bhavya asks did you talk to Piya. They say no, everyone was there. Anika says we have to talk tonight. Gauri says we should be careful that the guys are not around when we talk to her. Om asks any updates. Shivaye says I m waiting for Rudra’s signal. Om says we know Rudra is useless, have to depend on him. Shivaye says make sure Gauri doesn’t doubt. Om says its not easy to hide from Anika, Gauri is coming, I will talk later. Gauri comes and asks him about his trip, did he miss her so much that he came back.

Om recalls what happened. He says sorry, I m getting sleep, we will talk tomorrow. He sleeps. Anika sees Shivaye and says he slept so early. She sits by his side and says maybe he got tired by the travel. ShivOm get Rura’s message. They keep pillows in their place and silently leave.

Rudra laughs and gives torches, asking Agents ShivOm are they ready. Om asks is he sure Piya is not in room. Rudra says yes, she went to do midnight yoga. Shivaye asks him to focus. They enter the room and look for the mobile. Rudra screams and says I got ready seeing me. Piya enters the room. They switch off the torches and hide. She drops her clothes. They cover up eyes, while she changes. Shivaye says I can’t believe, we are seeing such a day in our life. Rudra says don’t say much, you didn’t let me see, atleast we are not above the bed, which fool’s idea was it to go Goa. Shivaye says yours, thank God Gauri and Anika are not here. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya come to talk. Anika says we wanted to meet you, so we came at this time. Piya asks them to say. Anika says its Dadi’s happy birthday, we want to prepare a song, we kept a surprise, so we came secretly. Piya asks them to record her steps. Gauri says nice idea, I will record. Her phone falls. She picks the phone. She gets shocked. Anika asks what happened. They see ShivOmRu hiding under the bed.

Abhay walks on the lonely road. Even the street lights off. Abhay says how will I find the way in this darkness. He proceeds. Shwetlana stops her car. She recalls switching off the lights. She offers help. He agrees. She says you will drive, I don’t drive people around. She thinks I get what I want, even if you try, I will find out what I want to know. They leave.

Anika says you guys here. Bhavya says that too under the bed. Gauri says Om slept, how is he here. Bhavya says this shows they were doing something wrong here. Anika asks what were they doing. Piya says I will say, like you came to learn steps, they also came for that, its Dadi’s birthday, the family is sweet, everyone wants to give her a surprise. Anika says you also wanted to give surprise. Piya asks them to practice together. Shivaye says yes, its late, I think we should practice tomorrow. They all leave. Piya stops ShivOmRu and says surprise.. you wanted this phone. Rudra tries to take. She says how did you get mistaken that I will just have one copy, just imagine what will happen after game begins. She sings Sharara sharara and shuts the door. They worriedly leave.

Its morning, Piya sees ShivOmRu in her room and asks what are you doing here, will you understand after seeing video on tv, shall I show it to your wives. Shivaye says show them, we decided we will not hide anything, if we did a mistake that night, we won’t do a mistake by hiding it. She asks did you get mad. Om says if truth is madness, we are mad. Rudra says no lies now. She says you are lying so that I don’t show the video to your wives. Shivaye says we are going to tell them truth. She asks why do you think I will believe this. Om says we are going to tell them everything we remember. Shivaye says one more thing, we are sorry. They apologize. Om says whatever happened, it was under drunken state. They leave. She asks how can this happen, they are really good people, I thought they are lying, I have to find out.

Shivaye says its tough to walk on path of truth, but there is no regret. Rudra says I was your tadi fan and Om’s hairs’ fan, but now I m fan of your honesty, all the best. They hug.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nila

    ??Hai pkj family??
    Back to headquarters (TU)???i think after a week…… How r u all paagals???

    Piya oh noo she is not irritating but doing something to my eyes ??
    Una Kenji kekurean yenna vena panu plz expressions mattum katatha paaaaaa mudila da???
    (I am pleasing u?? do whatever u want but don’t do any expressions ? can’t able to digest)

    This annika & gauri yeduku yeduthalum doubt panuvanga but ippo Romba casual ah irukanga (what happen to anniri both behaving normal can’t smell ur Hubby’s issues????…

    Yentha nerathula serial ah start panungalo( patha nahi kis samay per ye serial shuroo kar diya )only blackmail dramas can’t come out that….??

    But one thing is good abt actors they r doing very job Nowdays?? as usual rocking??….

    Shwetlana now only she looking hot for my eyes this is all bcoz of piya ( I think ye baath CVS ko be patha chalgaye that’s y they equalising the scenes )…athaan ungaluku theriyuthula da aprm yenn intha kodumai??..

    I think Om did some layer hair cut ??….
    Shivaay slays me in black ??????????
    Rudy expressions king ….??? their expressions after knowing the girl’s surprise?????

    Precap: ipathan pa oru nala decision yeduthu irukinga???come on ShivoOm

    Tamil IB:
    Karwa Chawth episode is going on?????

    1. Hiii nilu missed u soo much thank god u came????take care as u said swet is looking hot becos of moti pia ????? aniri jassoss we they gone yaar
      Tamil ib semmaya karwachuth track fav??oh Jaana full song they played in Tamil after many days so long and first comment go Nila go
      I try to register telly some errors shows soon I will get rid of tht u reminding me in every comment?

      1. I am just waiting for this track to finish .Just wondering how Om has started lying very easily and shivay’s harmones have gone O my matha and sleeps before annika could come .One thing I am happy is no Ruvya moments.Waiting for some romantic moments of shivika.

      2. Nila

        Hiii Meena I miss u too ?
        Ha ha moti piya ya??
        Mm full song at first time semma episode la???? my fav episode??
        Soon register karo yaar
        change the browser it will helps u?

    2. Hi Nila di,how are you?You have returned after a short break right?Go Nila di Go.Congratulation on being first…..

      1. Nila

        Hiii luthfa?
        I am khidkithod fine ?how r u ?
        Yaa short break?
        Thank u ?

    3. Hii nilu long back no see missed u so much in tu??? yeah swet looked hot becos of pia??? wr the jassoss anri gone same to same thoughtsss Tamil ib semmaya errundhu hi karwachauth fav ??
      I try to register tu but error shows I take rid of tht whenever u come tu reminded me???

      1. Sry I think send it two times tu is playing with me shit

    4. Arpita6

      Hiii Nila.. it is more than one week..welcome back..and congrats…?

      1. Nila

        Hello arpu?
        yaa i took a long leave?
        Thank u ?
        How is ur health now ? Tc dear?

    5. Pushpa

      Welcone back venilla???????
      Nice comment tht piya makes me 2puke……

      1. Nila

        Thank u na na love u pushpa?? for ur warm welcome with song?????

    6. Fatmi

      Hii Nila hw r u? U came after a long that too with 1st comment ! Great ???? good to see u dear ☺☺
      I really miss u a lot and also asked for u in a comment….

      Ya I also can’t tolerate Piya ?? ??

      1. Nila

        Hiiiiiiiiiiiii fatmi I am fine dear how r u? Thank u ?? I too miss u fatmi
        Awwww I am so happy ?? hearing some one is missing me?

    7. Dear Nila
      You come back in pkj family? your comment is very good??????
      Take care and stay safe?

      1. Nila

        Hiii uff
        Thank u dear ?

  2. Arpita6

    Hii mere khidkitod i will say….i am feeling michmichi. …even precap is not attracted me…just one line for today episode – i can’t believe hamein aisa din bhi dekhna pad raha he..full on Sso style.if i lloved today some thing then annika was caressing Sso hair that was only good thing…for me..but i laughed bcoz of shivomru expression. .??

    Ok byyy…??….

    1. Pushpa

      Hi arpi…..episodes dun know where its going….but i enjoyed my shivaye…looking gd great handsome and in black he just slays…tht bedroom scn brought me back to shivaye desperation to hv his 1st nite……

      1. Arpita6

        Yaa i was also remembering their forst failed SR attempt. ??.actually they both look soo hot in black.

    2. Fatmi

      Hi Arpita ? may I address as Arpu? Hw r u? Yesterday Anika was looking so pretty in black ??

      1. Arpita6

        Of course fatmi dear, you can call me whatever you want need to ask


    3. Fatmi

      Okk Arpu ?? I’m from Bangladesh…tell me abt u ….good night….sweet dreams ? ? ?❤❤

      1. Arpita6

        Are dear, apne baare main kya batau…i am a college student. .living in odisha..and ishqbaaaz is the first which i loved sooo much…a die hard fan of shivika..??…

    4. Dear arpita
      Ithna small comment about friday episode? aap hamesha episode ki baare main long comment dethe hai now Ithna small comment ? aapki comment se I feel episode it’s not good.
      Main aapka thank you comment read kiya.i know hamara pkj family pe comment numbers law hai,Iss liye sabko comments karke number high kar rahi hu.agar aap mujhe apna friend accept karthi hu tho don’t say me thank you?
      Take care and stay safe?

      1. Arpita6

        Yarr i used to write long comment but i also feel now a days my comment is became shorter .busy schedule is the reason..and also friday episode i was hell angry on pia so my comment was short…but i was missing you…

    5. Fatmi

      Oh great…I’ve completed my graduation this yr and nw preparing myself for job war ??? Ya I also love Shivika from the core of my hear????….good night…hope Will see u and ur lovely comment tomorrow after watching IB..till then stay happy ??

  3. Shabana

    Shivom did a good decision by deciding to tell the truth I didn’t like this MMS black mail at all and mainly yesterday episode ?? bakwas tha every one mesmerized by her dance something like kaala jadhu arhh what ever today’s was ok ok Friday filler crap though
    Why is IB falling so low I couldn’t get there is no fun In this track and in between Abhay and Svetlana !! Something fishy Oberois and their never ending enemies

    Good night pkj ??

    1. Arpita6

      Hii shabu..after soo many days… are you dear,??

    2. Pushpa

      Shab …..hw r u
      Its been sometime ist? Well gd to c u back here….

    3. Dear shabana
      Good to see your comment in pkj family? your comment is very good??????
      Take care and stay safe?

  4. Hiii everyone..?
    I am looking forward to watching today’s episode
    I have like 2 hours and 45 minutes left till ishqbaaz airs ?
    Take care ?

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Omaira…where are you living?????

    2. Fatmi

      Hi Omaira dear..hw r u?

  5. Pushpa

    Wow wow….wht a 2rps cheapde episode…
    And oberois brothers hv brought the oberoi family izzat down under the bed of the cheapde gal…..nehi nehi nehi…….this is not done..hey v talking about Shivaye Singh oberoi…well tht ws agood escape dance practise tha????
    And cvs hw cm u ran the we episode 2day just wt tht 2rps cheapde gals… more our Ishqbaaz…
    Well i too suggest tht ShivOm pls tell yr wives wht happens in goa…they will sure forgive u dudes…believe me….
    And this gal blackmailing shivaye& his brothers…

    Precap – v r wt u guys.. tell the truth.
    Dil bole ishqbaaz…

    1. Arpita6

      Pusi..dear, i enjoyed whole week.still i saw so many disappointed views on twitter and insta.
      But today i pissed off….rudy ko chofo.Shivom ki baat karo.they are also like this.And both shivika black outfit main kitni hot lag rahe the…..oi accha sa moment de dete..obut nahi..kaise hoga…Cvs are always do this..

      1. Pushpa

        Cvs gona bonkers & crazy….

    2. Fatmi

      Hi Pushpa ?????
      Hw r u? In Bengali Pushpa means flower so I put some flowers for u ☺☺??
      Pushpa In 8th November epi I asked u something abt PKJ pages or u didn’t reply..may be u didn’t read that comment…tell me whenever u get time….

      1. Pushpa

        Oops sorry darling…maybe inmussed it…u csn ask now….wht is it?

      2. Fatmi

        Actually Nila told me abt PKJlovesIB page on insta…from then I’m following the page and also see ur post there….nw I’m enjoying 1st insta ffs… just dcoz of my study I can’t comment. And read ff regularly ☹☹

        I wanted to know that if u guys are connected in any other PKJ group or pages in TU or Fb?? If yes,then plz help me to join there as I also want to be part of Pagals ?? ?????

        Good Night flower and sweet dreams ? ?❤❤

    3. Dear pushpa
      your comment is very good??????
      Take care and stay safe?

  6. The only thing I liked about today’s episode was that lovely looooong Shivika moment when Anika caressed Shivaye’s hair. I am especially happy that they even cut that 2r cheapster’s never ending dialogue to treat us to this looooooong and beautiful Shivika moment.

    1. Yes Susan I agree. That caressing of Shivaay’s hair was really pleasant to watch. A wife lovingly caresses her husband when he is asleep. I wished Shivaay could have felt that cos I don’t think he was pretending to sleep.

    2. Arpita6

      Even i loved only that part….

    3. Pushpa

      Me too loved only tht scn……

  7. Obahus(excluding Bhavya)want to learn dance steps from Piya who is making Obros dancing in her tunes! Great!
    This Piya is a gundi?Can’t believe it!Doesn’t match the standard of IB at all.
    I was wondering how come Obros can be so powerless that they can’t handle a single girl?Their experience about as to outside women is vast like Oberoi Mansion!They are famous Oberois and can change the world within a second!Bechara Obros!I can understand,Oberois are like iron made weapon never to be bent but blackmailing can make the impossible, absolutely possible.
    Finally,Obros got their precious brain back and decided to face the truth.Good going …….
    P.S.Was it necessary to give that gundi Piya such dresses to make her hot? This is an insult to the name of hotness!(Sorry, compelled to write)
    Precap:Just do it for God’s sake………

    1. Arpita6

      Luthfa, OM name should be changed to Blackmail anyone can blackmail obesity and some oberois can blackmail the oberois ( i think proves are not needed to say) just you said yesterday oberois trouble making subject. …perpfect..and yes that looking so bad….???michmichi ho rahi he mujhe..and her voice is irritating me so much…ye Oberois ki hormones ko na thik karni log apni betterhalves ki jagah kisi aur ko tadne lag gaye he….???

      1. You are absolutely right Arpita.OM is another name of Blackmailing house.Everyone feels free to blackmail anyone.Such a blackmail prone family is OF!Yes,this OSTMS will never let Oberois live in peace.Thanks to cvs.About their hormones,it’s like sleeping volcano.Can erupt anytime.Just give it some time……

  8. Tdys episode is like daily routine episode not tht much good cvss doesn’t care us by upcoming Tuesday Wednesday will be interesting i think so because of dadi bday and grlss dance I’m waiting for that track pia dinky enga errundhu dhaan cvss character yoskirangalo therila pa?? shivom character totally damaged in my pov I can’t tolerate that ever as I’m really feeling becos of I’m watching Tamil ib sooo itss very affected nee maybe tht tadi sso honesty oberiosss where gon I think precap gave hope pia hate her swehay good looking ??the most enjoyable thing in tdys epi is Anika shivaays SR costume(june9) loved tht and amiss dialogue dead tht carve on his hair awwwww even Omri scence loved tht part only gn pagalssss missed three days I think may have good weekend love too alllll?????????????????????????

    1. Dear meena
      Your comment is very good??????
      Take care and stay safe?

      1. Hii uf3355 love u toooo love Ur way of commenting to everybody lots of love???

  9. Hi all my friends! I am here after so many days.
    From which side this bade piya looks hot!!!swetlana is very hot then.The only good thing today is they decided to tell the truth.
    But under the bed shivomru expression was superb.And gauri is too cute……rudy boy is always awsome.
    But sad thing is Om try to tell Gauri but she don’t pay attention.So. don’t know this stupid moty piya aunty leave the show.

    1. Dear aria
      You like om tie hair.i like om open hair.your Comment is very good??????
      Take care and stay safe?

  10. And I don’t like Om hair now bcz he makes his hair silky.I like his high pontail with some loose hair.I like first look of dbo and ishkbazz of Omkara.And Shiv and Ru are always cool.

  11. hello everyone how r u all?
    episode was ok…waiting for upcoming…
    hey arpita I saw ur comment on yesterday’s page even I can see the number of comments are so less this days anyways can I also join in to ur pkj club?
    hey pinku dear am the same Ayesha ok haha…

    1. Arpita6

      Ayesha..yaa pkj is so low in these days.hope it will increase soon..and yaa i remembered already join in our pkj club so.keep commenting and enjoy the fun…

    2. Dear ayesha
      Welcome to our pkj family?????? keep comment on pkj family? keep watch IB on TV?
      Take care and stay safe?

  12. Guys i want to ask you somnething there ate a rumeurs wjo says ishqubaaz will go off air if the show will not make a high trp and be in top ten show please respond me

    1. Arpita6

      Sabruna.dear, there us nothing like that..remember one thing..just like chandu said KHYALI PALAO. Khud pakao ..khud khao..don’t worry hamari ishqbaaaz kahi nahi jaha is just 2 rupees false rumour

  13. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Today episode is like a filler to move to the story… Waiting for the results of truth path of shiomru….

    1. Dear nik
      Your comment is very good??????
      Take care and stay safe ?

    2. Arpita6

      Nikita dear,after sooo many days…you are here yaa Episode was not soo good bcoz of that buti face wali pia…..but i was laughing seeing shivomru condition

  14. Hi pkj Family
    GOOD morning to all
    Happy weekend everyone

    1. Dear chaithu
      Happy weekend to you
      Take care and stay safe?

  15. nothing to tell about the only thing i liked in this episode is short and sweet shivika scene.. and obros deciding to tell the truth.. go obros go.. we are always with you..

    1. Dear prabha
      Your comment is very good??????
      Take care and stay safe?

  16. Hi friends sweet morning all of u, today episode was nice .. 2 minutes of shivika scene really quenched thirsty of my heart. Anika caressed shivaay bhaiyya it was so so beautiful to watch?????????….today episode shivika scene mein anika was like as lovely mother and shivaay bhaiyya was like as cute baby .shivaaybhaiyya was so cute that scene????… Obro brothers was so handsome in black dresses but our shivaay bhaiyya was most handsome and dashing lagraha tha??????….obros golmaal part was nice…. Finally shivom decided to tell the truth their betterhalves. We are also proud of u bhaiyyas, go and tell them truth we are all with u…all the best

    1. Dear Janu
      Your comment is very nice??????
      Take care and stay safe?

  17. Heyyy guys
    Shivika moment was soooooo short but it was really sweet??
    Hope to see more shivika scenes this following week
    I just hope they don’t drag this pia – dinky track .
    I really wonder if shivaay and omkara are really gonna confess

    @arpita6 I stay in South Africa

    1. hi Omaira…”I really wonder if shivaay and omkara are really gonna confess” even i feel the same dear..

    2. Arpita6

      Ok Omaira but i am really happy that ishqbaaz is popular in outside india…

    3. Dear omaira
      I also hope the don’t drag dinky piya track too much.your comment is very nice??????
      Take care and stay safe?

  18. Dear CVS of ISHQBAAZ,

    You know,I fell in love with Ishqbaaz because of its beautiful bonding among the Oberoi brothers. Their bonding is something that I kept missing in my life as I have no elder brother or sister to share my experience,excitement,happiness,pains can name.Yes,I have cousins but they are either too elder or too young to deal with.I have spent a lonely childhood making myself busy in books and studies to fill the gap and voidness.When I saw their bonding especially Shivaay,who can do anything to protect his brothers from every possible danger,I envied OmRu to a great extent. Their bonding awoke the long lost emotion inside me.Though it’s a fiction it gives me much more happiness in actual sense and I can’t help it.Ok,enough of my personal chitchat and listen to me very carefully now:
    In yesterday’s episode you presented Obros helpless in such way that it cracked my heart.They were looking so pale and desperate to solve the problem as if their life were depending on it.They have handled villians like Mrs.Kapoor,Savetlana,Ragini who were more dangerous but not looked lifeless and dull which is happening in the case of Piya.They are Oberois and everything they do with tashan,tadi and style.These are missing and I am very anxious for it.Obros have different personality which is very strong but losing its effect on Piya.Why,can you plz explain?I know they are worried for their wives but that doesn’t mean that you will make them powerless infront of that Piya.I have calmed myself somehow with laughter provoking sentences against my nature but yesterday’s episode broke all my patience.What are you trying to prove I am am not getting it, sorry.You have made them lost their true self and imposed a fake identity on them like a mask.If they lose their genuine personality because of your whim I will not tolerate it at all.Like Shivaay Singh Oberoi who has the solution for every damn problem,became helpless infront of Piya,seriously?You better give their original personality back to them otherwise you don’t want to see the bad side of a ardent, diehard fan of Oberoi brothers…….

    1. Fatmi

      Hi Luthfa dear, hw r u ? I become emotional after read ur words…bt don’t worry we are here for u..u can share anything with us…u comment here regularly,so why don’t u register in TU ? Then we can chat with u beside IB page… ???

      Nw talk abt show…ya u r r8 CVS ruined the old ShivOmRu character….Do u remember how they solve Ishana problem? Then why they become so helpless to solve piya problem…actually cvs are trying to show some funny sequences by showing useless tracks…But they have many tracks to end…like Privir..don’t know why they stopped Priyanka track..Obros only daughter and sisterbt she has know news from long time..
      They didn’t solve Tania,Abhay ,that secrate track….nw showing meaningless donky and piya track… as we love IB and being loyal fan we r watching them…so I think cvs took us fans for granted…..we want the old IB, ShivOmRu bonding,,,progress between the 3 couple and most important track the revelation of Anika – Gauri’s past life,family, hw and why they separate…..

      Ahhh such a long reply…..ok dear bye for nw…..stay happy and smiling…
      ?? ?? ?

      1. I am good FATMI dear thank you very much.My comment made you emotional? Take it easy dear.Yeah I will be registered just give me some time.You are my friend and I am free to share anything with you and I will be,thank you.ShivOmRu bonding is my favourite and I can’t see them like that.That’s why perhaps I become emotional.Don’t mind long reply.It’s always welcomed. Take care and God bless you…….

    2. Arpita6

      Luthfa whatever you write is just perfect i also pissed off so i just can say only one line. ?” CALM DOWN..SAB THIK HO JAYEGA…???

      1. Hi Aayushi,how are you? Yeah we are actually sailing in the same boat. Our cousins do love us a lot but it really hurts when you have no one beside you when your parents are away from you for their respective jobs.I spend almost all my time lonely at home except for holidays.It hurts but we can’t show it to anyone(sigh)

    3. Arpita6

      I am also only one daughter of my parents and my state is just like you my cousins are so plder from me bcoz my father and mother are last child of my grand parents. …but don’t worry just enjoy ishqbaaaz as a daily soap.i know we have a emotional attachment with it but still…………….you know what i clam.down…ok..loads of love to you from whole pkj…

      1. Thank you so much ARPITA darling. See na,I preach and advise people not to mix fiction and reality but here I myself got trapped in it!Don’t know whom to blame!Ok I will try camling down.Thank you once again.
        You are also only one daughter of your parents? We are sailing in the same boat,awwwwwww!

      2. Aayushi_kul

        U know what @arpita and @luthfa …..m also a single child of my parents…. My cousins luv me a lot bt still alone in my home…. We r really sailing in d same boat???

    4. Fatmi

      Aww u r so sweet ? so I’m not only a person who is shy, introvert and can’t mixed with people easily u and Omaira also like this…so hi5 gals ??✋✋ I was also a big fan of IPKKND 1..infact I watch some of my fav.epi on hotstar…even I also started watching IB to watch It’s unique promo and I was a silent reader from the very beginning of the show…but I never commented here….bt I started commenting from from two and a half month and nw I enjoy to chat with everyone and making new frnds like u here ☺☺☺???
      Anyway I’m from Bangladesh and obviously a Bengali…..tell me abt u Frnd ☺☺

      Ok good n8 and sweet dreams ?

      1. O MY GOD!You are a Bengali? Even me too.You and me have similarities in everything you have mentioned.Ok,as we are both Bengali,we will chat using Bengali language sometimes if you want.What say,deal?

    5. Fatmi

      Sotti? Tumio bangali! ?? Dekho Ami already banglay Kotha bola sure Kore diyechi ? TU Te Amar aro 2 ta frnd ache bangali …Muniya and Labiba….btw Tumi kothay thako? Happy Weekend dear….????

      1. Teen sotti! Labiba-o Bangali? Jantam na to.Age tumi bolo kothay thako tarpor ami bolbo.Happy weekend to you too…..

    6. Fatmi

      Hey Luthfa baby (like shivay baby ?) Ami ager comment e bolechi to j ,Ami Bangladeshi and Bangali…r ei bochor Ami graduation shesh korlam…tomar Kotha bolo….good night for nw…kal dekha Hobe Asha Kori,IB dekhar por…till then stay good ? ??

    7. Aayushi_kul

      M fyn luthfa….how r u???
      Yes u r ryt….its really difficlt to be alone in ur childhood..we cant share everythng wid our parents…u need sum1 to whom u can share everythng…nd thats why i luv this show??…the obro’s bonding…

  19. @luthfa
    After reading your comment , i just wanna say this to you
    You shouldn’t feel disheartened about the fact that you’ve never had to experience your childhood with siblings , i know in many instances you would’ve felt so but you should always remember everything happens for a reason , it leads or rather sets a path for you in life it teaches you smtg , bcoz of this missing factor you have , it makes you different . ppl can say it in a good and bad way but it is up to you to make it seem positive
    Have you ever thought that one missing void in your life would lead to you making such amazing friends on this page ( it’s what I’ve noticed so far) everyone is amazing and caring
    And if you ever need someone ( even tho i don’t really know you or vice versa ) you can always talk to me i hope i can help in some way ? I’m always looking forward to making friends even tho im really shy i hope we can become friends
    As you said in your comment you fell in love with ishqbaaz bcoz of the beautiful bonding of the Obros even i have my personal reason fir which having watched ishqbaaz brings immense happiness to me

    Plz do take this positively and if i hurt you in any way by like speaking about your life then i am really very sorry ?

    1. Oh Omaira,your words just touched my heart!So sweet of you.Yes,without siblings life becomes drab and dull to some extent but my parents never let that minus thing happen to me.In this way I am very lucky. I have cousins who are extremely lovable and love me a lot though they can’t bridge the gap of my childhood experience. Anyway, you are right. I have so many friends here now(including you)and I am very lucky to have you all in my life.This is an advantage that I have also discovered after coming to this page.And I too am shy to start any socializing.That’s why I have started commenting recently though I was a silent reader from the starting of IB.I have spent hours to read all the comments of IB TU page.It was and is an inseparable part of my life.And plz,don’t say sorry for anything. As in friendship -no sorry no thank you (can use it occasionally hahahaha…) I will also look forward to share and exchange words with you -My dear sweet OMAIRA………….

  20. hii Omaira wow I also live in south Africa so happy to see u…same pinch

  21. aww @luthfa ur comment made me so so emotional well that’s the same thing with me even I love the brotherly bond between ShivOmRu it was and it is amazing I never loved any show more than ishqbaaz even though they r many which r also very good but my mind always says ishqbaaz is a very different show as from the first episode they showed ShivOmRu’s bonding which I admire even now and that song lafzon ka ye rishta….it made me emotional even now…
    agree with u omaira u explained very well dear!!

  22. @ayesha omggg that’s awesome
    Where in south africa do you stay ?

  23. Hello Ayesha how are you?I hope you are fine.Yeah that was bit emotional and I think we are exchanging words for the first time.You also like Obros bonding?Me too(you already know).I was a die heard fan of IPKKND 1 and it was the first serial I have watched without missing one single episode.After its sudden wrap up I was so upset that I did not watch any serial for a long time.Later after a long gap I happened to watch the promo of IB and it attracted me alot.To be honest the different viewpoint of three brothers and I became a fan of it gradually.
    Yes OMAIRA has talent in explaining. I liked it too…….

  24. @Omaira I stay in port Elizabeth in South Africa and U?

    @hey Luthfa am fine dear nd u?yes we r exchanging words for the first time…
    I really like obros bonding its just so amazing,Real and fun to watch them…the great SSO whom I love in his Attitude the most and OSO in his deep emotional shayaris of course and RSO who is a playboy character I love the most(which I think they ruined after bhavya’s entry seriously)
    I also watched ipkknd 1 that was the first show I ever started to watch on TV and ipkknd 3 I love the jodi of ShivRun…
    ya the 3 Bros have different point of view and that was more fun to watch….!!!

  25. hey Arpita yes I joined before in pkj but the track that was going with taniya and abhay and what not just made me a little annoyed so I didn’t visited the page often….

    1. Arpita6

      Ayesha dear,ok but this week is going be khidkitod ishqbaaz and keep commenting here ok…TC.

  26. @luthfa that is also really sweet of you
    So from today i can say I made a new friend / friends with everyone on this page
    Thanks a lot ?

    1. Pinky Promise OMAIRA,you are my dear??est friend from now and I am sooooooo happy that you have consoled me with such sweetness and lessened my inner pain.Thank you once again and God bless you……..????????

  27. Ayesha I stay in Ermelo , Idk if you’ve heard of it but if you’re on your way from KZN then its 2 hours before johannesburg

  28. ohh wow Omaira I’ve come to Ermelo once… first I used to stay in Swaziland which is not so far from ermelo right

  29. it maybe 2 hours cuz it takes me 4 hours to reach Johannesburg from Swaziland..

  30. yes @Arpita I’ll surely comment here ok

  31. @luthfa ❤

    @Ayesha I’ve also been to Swaziland a couple of times but seriously it’s awesome seeing you here ❤
    I also think it might be 2 hours otherwise

  32. yes @Omaira its really awesome to me too…
    my father was in ermelo 3 days back cuz his job is such…
    well its surprising right…

  33. Arpita6

    Sry shrenu ki birthday pe main toh bhul hi gayi unhe wish karne ke liye…….koi nahi.a belated happy birthday to you..?????

    Ok So today is birthday of my buddy and our super coold due rudy boy akka Leneesh Matoo….So o BIG WALA HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU LEENESH aise hi hasate raho and haste raho….????????????????????

  34. Asian viewer television awards (avta) pathi yaaravuthu solla mudiyuma pls

    1. Nila

      Hii janu I donno abt avta awards but recently narbhi (shivika ) got best jodi award in third row yesterday ng(I donno exact)?

    2. A happy news is nakuulmehta is selected to come for avta that means he is winning hopefully Surbhi too should come ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. Hi nila dear…. thank u so so much u gave me such an amazing news …they are nominated in another biggest award(AVTA). ishqbaaz nominated in three catagory. 1) best male lead of the year 2) best female catagory 3) best daily soap. I saw the promo via youtube but I don’t know how to vote for them…it was the biggest award

    1. We should change our location to vote for tht dr

  36. HI GUYS,
    Once again big congratulations to narbhi for best Jodi award…. THIS IS 3RD one for this year
    big big big congratulations …….
    Lee happy Birthday yaar keep smiling

  37. This track is so boring.. and what is so hot about this piya except for her very short dresses which doesn’t even suit her.. more of Om and Gauri’s track would be nice too..

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