Ishqbaaz 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika passes by Daksh. He holds her hand and stops her. She gets shocked. Tia talks to Shivaye on phone and says I strongly feel that someone is enter Anika’s life, I did reiki and I have this vision, Anika will get her life partner really soon. Anika asks what are you doing. Daksh says I could stop myself, I did not see such beautiful bracelet till now, and never seen such beautiful girl. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Daksh holding her hand.

Sometime before, Anika makes a floral Rangoli. Daksh comes talking over phone and steps on it. He stops seeing it. She gets shocked and says it spoiled. He ends call. He steps back and says I m so sorry, I was coming from there and did not see. She says its fine. He says I m feeling so bad, let me just help you. She says no, I will manage. He says I m feeling

bad to spoil your hardwork. She says its okay. They both fill colors in the rangoli. He smiles seeing her. Music plays. He touches his face and colors his forehead. She says rangoli has to be made on floor, not on face, colors got on your face. He asks where and applies more color. She says it got here too, this side. He asks where, you clean it. He holds her hand. She says it got clean. He leaves her hand. Shivaye looks at them and turns to leave.

Daksh asks Shivaye where are you going. Shivaye asks did you call me, I was just…. Daksh asks him to come and see the Rangoli made by Anika, its beautiful right. Shivaye sees Anika and says beautiful. Daksh says I like this rangoli, is this gift for me. He checks box and says Happy Diwali Anika…. this gift is for Anika. Anika asks for me? No, it can’t be for me. Daksh says see your name here. Shivaye says no, just like that. Daksh asks him to say, for whom is this gift. Shivaye says it can be read, happy diwali Anika from me, my family, brothers, everyone, its diwali gift. Daksh asks him to give her. Shivaye forwards the gift. Daksh says its for you Anika, take it. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Shivaye gives gift. She looks on. Daksh says don’t insult gift and giver, just take it. He gives the gift to Anika. Shivaye looks at Daksh. Daksh wishes her happy Diwali. He gets a call and goes. Anika stops Shivaye and says Billu ji, thanks for the gift. Daksh smiles seeing her. Shivaye sees Daksh smiling and staring at Anika.

Rudra stops Reyaan. He asks what are you doing here. Reyaan says I came to meet Soumya. Rudra asks why, I mean did you have any work. Reyaan says no, but where is she. Rudra says in her room. Reyaan thanks him. Rudra asks where are you going. Reyaan says you said she is in room., I m going to her. Rudra asks do you have some shame. Reyaan says you said she is in room. Rudra says as you asked, stay here, I will call her.

Jhanvi apologizes to Om and says I got to know how Tej tried to manipulate you, he did not do it right. Tej comes to them and says you are right Jhanvi. He says Om, I don’t want to make you away from Shivaye, but want to see you standing with him, i want to secure your future Om, maybe my way was wrong, but not my intention, sorry. Om says I told you many times that I have no interest in your business, so this matter ends here. Tej says matter will end, but a father’s worry will not.

Soumya propers her dress and just then Rudra enters the room. He turns away and says sorry. She asks is it not times to knock and come. He asks is it not times to lock door. She asks why are you saying Maine Pyaar Kiya dialogues. He says that’s what I m thinking where I heard this dialogue, if Reyaan came here then.. She asks why will he come. He says he was coming, I stopped him, I came to tell you he is waiting. She says okay. He asks are you not ashamed. He asks what. He says generally, this is said when wife is going to mete boyfriend infront of husband, but we are not normal, we are just…. She says just friends. He says ya kind of, go, Reyaan is waiting. She says yes.

Jhanvi asks Om to listen to his dad. Om says please mom, Tej won’t have anything to say new, I don’t have patience to say anything old. Riddhima comes and asks Om to listen to Tej, he has hurt you, but did not do a crime that you can’t forgive him, I mean you are behaving like he killed someone and hidden the crime. Om recalls the accident. Om says matter ended here. Riddhima says it means you have forgiven your dad. Om says just let it be. Tej says leave it Riddhima and gives file to Om. Om asks what is this now. Tej says I m trying to rectify my mistake, I was starting that NGO, these are the genuine papers. Riddhima asks can I see the papers if you don’t mind. Tej says sure. Riddhima checks the file and says papers are fine Om, sign on it. Om asks did you check well. She says ya. Om signs. Tej looks on.

Soumya meets Reyaan. He compliments her and gifts her for Diwali. She says sorry, I did not get a gift for you. He says no problem, you are biggest gift for me. Rudra asks Soumya to make a note, biggest….. Reyaan and Soumya wish each other happy diwali and hug. Reyaan says I want to say something imp. Rudra says this is my house, say it here. Soumya says its okay, you can talk infront of Rudra, he is my friend. Reyaan says Soumya, I had to ask you about marriage. Rudra and Soumya get shocked and ask marriage, whose marriage. Reyaan asks why did you get scared by marriage name. Rudra says even biggies get scared of marriage, right Soumya.

She says yes. Reyaan says but I m scared, I want to marry Soumya, that too soon, I came to ask this to Soumya, mom said Dev’s marriage has still time, so I can marry first. Rudra says you came here as salesman goes to sell product. Reyaan asks whats your problem, Soumya tell me will you marry me. Rudra throws the basketball and injures his nose. Reyaan screams. Soumya says you are bleeding, wash your face, I will get bandaid. Reyaan goes. Soumya asks Rudra you did this purposely right. He says yes, why, did you feel bad, like its about your marriage. She looks at him. Reyaan calls her. Rudra says go, your Reyaan is calling you, and leaves her. She goes.

Anika passes by Daksh. He holds her hand and stops her. She gets shocked. Tia talks to Shivaye on phone and says I had to tell you something imp. Shivaye says go ahead. I strongly feel that someone is enter Anika’s life. He asks who someone. She says someone special, I did reiki and I have this vision, Anika will get her life partner really soon. Anika asks what are you doing. Daksh says I could stop myself, I mean this bracelet is gorgeous, its unique. Anika says thanks. He looks at the bracelet and says so you like moon. She says yes. He says me too.

Shivaye says come on Tia, it does not happen like that. She says it will happen, don’t know, when, where and how, but Anika will get her life partner, mark my words. He says listen, just stop it, Anika was after you before and now you are after her, I don’t have time for it. He ends call. Daksh says I did not see such beautiful bracelet till now, and never seen such beautiful girl. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Daksh holding her hand. Anika says look…. Daksh says I know Im making you feel awkward, sorry, but my life philosophy is simple, I don’t like things to be complicated, so what I think and feel, I just say it, I don’t think what will other person think, you would be thinking I m flirt type of guy, but I have to say what I want, Anika you are so special. Shivaye looks on. Daksh says you are so different, and I like…. your bindaas attitude. She says look I have work, and takes her hand away. She goes. Shivaye sees Daksh smiling.

Shivaye goes to the pool side and recalls Tia’s words and Daksh. He says Tia tells anything, and this Daksh does anything, what happened to me, why am I thinking anything, I should stop and have coffee. Daksh comes smiling. Shivaye says so you got time for your friend. Daksh says don’t ask what I got. Shivaye says you look happy, what happened. Daksh says Anika. Shivaye coughs. Daksh asks are you alright. Shivaye says yes. Daksh hugs him. Shivaye asks why. Daksh says thanks, if you did not call me here for Diwali celebration, if I did not come here to meet you, I could have not met Anika, so thank you for making me meet Anika. He hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says you just met Anika, I mean so soon…. how. Daksh says I can’t believe it, its really happening. Shivaye asks what. Daksh says magic is happening, Anika did magic on me. Shivaye gets shocked.

Shivaye shouts to Anika and stops her. He goes to her and asks will you marry……. She gets shocked…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Vaishali BBZ

    What an episode.. I loved till.. Shivaye getting jealous..😍😍
    Although i know that Tia and Daksh r partners and are trying to separate Shivaye and Anika but still my cute Shivaye and Anika wont separate and will soon become one..❤❤

  2. priya

    Wat a precap…Is it a dream or true,Jealousy singh oberai now burn oberai mansion wit full jealous wich was made by daksh and Anika…Not only SSO jealous even Rudra is also in jealous mode wit Reyaan and soumya…i am eagerly waiting for Om-Riddhima breakup…

    • Bshama1239


      |Registered Member

      Guys stop dreaming I guess precap me he said will you marry n he didn’t finish as whole that will u marry me anika n yaa remember he holded the ring walked to anika but suddenly went to tia n made her wear the ring I am guessing ki ab bhi SSO koi raita phelyega … What if he went there and proposed her for daksh if daksh requested so but Anshi hug would be real one in the upcoming episodes

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        Shama di ..even I’m not able to trace you …when I wrote the two names u gave b4 says ..none exists with that user name ..,u try to search “Angel Shaaz” ..and my dp just changed it is the same do ,which I’m having here , b4 I had of Demi lovati ..but now my dp is of Taylor swift ..same dp which i have here on Telly updates …Taylor swift in white gown …check again pls pls pls..
        Your username is Shama Shama ryt ..I’m not able to find anyone named Shama Shama with ishkara dp ,..u try to find me again send me request I’ll accept 😊

  3. Tina

    I think Daksh is actually Tia’s bf, as the locket she had was T&D. And he is here to keep Anika out of Tia’s way for her to marry her for whatever interest they have

  4. Lovely

    Wt a precap🤔🤔🤔🤔wt can I understand from that precap😏😏😏and I love u soooo much shivika part 😘😘😍😍and rudy&somuya part😘😘😍😍
    Daksh u bad boy😡😡😡 universe tumko kabhi mafi nahi karogi😝😝😝😝😝

  5. Fama


    |Registered Member

    Oh my mata! Rudra’s typical husband behaviour towards Reyaan and his Somu make my go wow
    Shivaay aka billu ji is going crazy day by day due to his jealousy towards Anika, and becoming sweet sigh Oberoi “gift for Anika”
    Dumbbell Oberoi – jealous Oberoi
    Stone sigh Oberoi – sweet jealous Oberoi.

  6. Shriya

    Yr daksh ki entry to superb h ……and precap is also much interesting h………rudra and soumya ka part bhi majedar tha…

  7. arshi

    Its great to see MR.JSO!!!!Daksh looks completely like a villain… His eyes speak a lot about him although he appears to be sweet… Finally On will come 2 know that whatever Ishana had told him about his gf was true… But sadly they won’t show him remembering her words… Rudy becoming a typical hubby!!! Eagerly waiting 2 witness the turning points in the lives of all the 3 ishqbaaz!!!! #love_ishqbaaz#love_shivika#love_omkara#love_rumya#miss_vrushika#miss_ishkara…



    |Registered Member

    Full of jealousy episode…
    Shivaye is jealous due to Daksh and Rudra is jealous due to Reeyan… but all are hiding feelings.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    And feeling bad for Om who is going to be cheated by his own love Riddhima…😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
    Precap is just heart 💔💔💔breaking as Shivaye will Ask Anika (due to influence of Tia & Daksh) to marry Daksh..

  9. Archiya

    Jealously is raining in IB today for rudy n shivay
    Shivay gt gift fr anika,. So sweet
    I think its tat skirt which I saw in of the spoilers video..
    Rudy tild soumya to stay away frm him, bt he hismelf cant stay frm her, an he hit reyan with ball, bad bt cute
    Finally Ridhima has cheated om wit those papers…waiting fr their breakup epi
    Daksh clearly makes anika uncomfortable, his flirting is nt healthy.
    In the spoiler video which I saw, it looked lik daksh was scaring anika, bt gud he scared her, wil get to see shivika first real hug.
    Precap looks lik shivay is gonna ask anika if she will marry daksh…bt hw can he, he is so much in love wit her, hw can his heart just let her go

      • Archiya

        S dear.. he will ask anika if she will marry daksh.. he is a fool
        M hoping anika to say yes, the marriage wnt happen, tats a diff thing, bt atleat fr shivay to understand

  10. Sahanaa


    |Registered Member

    I loved the epi soooo much…. diwali gift by sso to anika… look at their faces😍😍😍
    Daksh’s entry has spiced up evrythng😊
    Ridhima lied to om about the papers n nw there will be break up….
    Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes..
    Its gonna b very interesting..
    Guys… please do watch the original telecast..
    Trp is very low.. 1.5😭😭😭
    Online trp – its no.1😊

  11. simmy😘

    daksh is the d guy and tia’s bf and he gonna take revenge on anika and scare jer which she will hug shivaye and tells him to never leave his side which he will respond by saying hes always there for her😘😘😘😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕👫💏


    Both RUMYA and SHIVIKA are now on JEALOUSY track, one is full of FIRE and 2nd one full of FUN! One is yet to get married while 2nd one is married but SOCIALLY unmarried!

    One more coincidency i found today! MALLIKA, a good wisher of SHIVIKA, is an ARCHITECT, and here 2nd one DAKSH is also an ARCHITECT! If it is only a coincident, then I would like to say, GK mam is fond of providing such much more COINCIDENTS!
    I am feeling, some one from OMRU, DADI ya MALLIKA might have planted this DAKSH in OM to put on SHIVAAY on JEALOUSY track, I may be wrong, but such many more coincidents always create doubts in viewers.

    SHIVAAY is shocked to see DAKSH proposing ANIKA so fast, and that is on very next day after meeting ANIKA all of first time! SHIVAAY feeling jealousy as well as inferiarity complex seeing DAKSH’s daring to PROPOSE ANIKA without hesitation. I , if precap is not the part of a dream, am sure SHIVAAY is in hurry to catch the train before DAKSH catch it, that is what OMRU, DADI and MALLIKA want.

    I would like to say, what I said in previous TU too, If SHIVAAY propose ANIKA before TIA’s truth exposed, then it will be a PEAK of his love for ANIKA, whether she accept it or not. Such unconditional love is a charm of life, let it be have a jealousy shade. After EXPOSURE such PROPOSAL may have unwillingfull arrays.

    Whether DAKSH is BF of TIA or not ( in my POV, he is not), but his presence in OM is as good as CATALYST, who make SHIVAAY impulsive othervise SHIVAAY never can be CHILDISH so soon!

    It will be interesting to see, if precap is not a dream, whether SSO let TIA know his changed decission or not!? , and what will be her reaction?

    • Divya

      Shekhar,, I too feel the same …he May not be someone who can go against his friend,Shivay n take revenge..and that day wen Tia hugged Mr D his hair style was not of Daksh ..he was someone else …

      • SHEKHAR

        yaa, atleast we can say, that guy to whom TIA hugged in KC ritual in OM and this DAKSH are not same. Both are same. Over more, to be in OM of DAKSH is not the plan of DAKSH, he is there on invitation of SSO for DIWALI celebretion, look at convo on DAKSH arrival

      • SHEKHAR

        yaa, atleast we can say, GUY hugged by TIA in KC ceremony and this DAKSH are not same. Over more , if you take a look on CONVO between SSO and DAKSH, you will find, DAKSH is invited by SSO in OM for DIWALI celebration, not on his own plan.

    • Lijince

      Shekhar…I totally agree with you on the point that whether Daksh is Tia’s BF or not is not important now…..his existence in Oberoi house surely acts as a catalyst for Shivika lovestory!! In that way I like his character…..

      What if what we saw in the precap is Shivaaye asking Anika about getting married to Daksh maybe because Daksh forced him as his best friend to know Anika’s feeling towards Daksh….or might be Shivaaye is very curious to know if Anika will marry Daksh…I don’t know…but I feel it’s not part of a dream….

      And guys I saw some telly news where Anika is saved by Shivaaye during Diwali celebrations at Anika’s house…well. not saved to be exact….he was comforting her…but in a romantic way….waiting for that episode….<3 <3 <3

  13. Rajjo

    Hey guys… M silent reader of this show… Today i found the episode very interesting… Now two-two jealous singh oberois are coming… And one heart breaking oberoi(feeling sad for him) … But mainly i want to say u people are rocking just like the show.. the way u people converse with each other is very overwhelming… I think this is the most rocking show now a days n i also want to be with u all can i join?????

  14. keke

    I’m sorry but I found daksh kinda creepy,thou I’m happy he is making shivaay jealous!very happy abt tht!!!also loved rudra serious and jealous avatar!seems like both rudra and shivaay are in love !

  15. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys , how r u all ? …so many ishqies missing ..where ru all ?

    It’s awesome to see Roudra to act like a typical hubby 😁….daksh’s entry has spiced up everything happy that ridhkara breakup gonna happen 😊✌🏻️…now Om would realize that Ishana’s words came true ..,but sadly he would not be remembering her words ..but I wish Ishana would come back ..cuz now it’s high time and a girl for Om should be coming…can’t Beleive shivaye bought a Diwali gift for Anika 😀…and that excitement and shock on her face when she came to know ..shivaye bought a gift for her …I think this Daksh is the D of T&D..and they both are planning something big ….

    Precap just makes me sad and hits my mood …cuz I’m damn sure..he is gonna ask her to marry Daksh 🙁…idk but this thing that he is gonna ask her to marry Daksh makes me Super sad ….how can he ..!? He must , idk what , but still he must’ve tries to know her opinion abt Daksh also …

  16. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    A source and tweets of Gul khan and surbhi ( Anika) are hinting that shivika are gonna marry soon by next month probably ….and I have a feeling that it’s gonna be forced marraige type ….but I hope it doesn’t be a forced marriage…they should marry cuz they have realized their love but I don’t think the story will shape like that …lets hope for the best

    Did anyone notice…the top she is wearing today is the SA,e top she wore in the promo where she throw the roses ..this gave me so many thoughts ..possibilities why she must’ve thrown roses..3 things happend in the promo..roumya marraige ..accident by Om and roses thrown by Anika ..2 already happend recently just this thing is left and maybe it will be happening by this weak

    1) maybe Anika threw the roses cuz through the roses shivaye is proposing Anika for marrying daksh ..maybe …..

    2) maybe a misunderstanding ( anything is possible , can’t guess anything ) and Shivaye will blame Anika for it but Anika didn’t do anything and for sorry he will be giving roses

    Many more things are going inside head but I’m not able to frame them !

  17. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    So here is my what if guess:
    What if This called Daksh to distract Anika and fake love with her. However, going by precap today, Shivaay tris to do best by Anika, tries to convince her to marry Daksh as in his twisted mind that will make sure that Anika is settled with a “good” guy before Shivaay himself becomes Dhaniyaa Paraaye. After much convincing , Anika agrees, Shivaay again us shocked that she actually agreed (whaatt!!??🤔🤔), the wedding proceedings start and by OmRus help and Anita’s suspicions, at the last minute the truth of T and D is revealed. What is left? Tia out if Shivaay’s life and Anika a ditched and betrayed bride. SSO feeling guilty of putting her in this position , marries Anika, in the world’s eyes Cos he blames himself, but in reality(unknown even to Shivaay) because he would do anything for this girl Cos he in love with her.

    2nd what if: ( this came to my mind after reading Shekhar’s astute observation above)

    Storyline of movie Mujhse Shaadi Maroge

    Shivaay in Salman Khan’s role

    Daksh in Akshay Kumar’s role

    So in this case Daksh is there to help his best friend get over his pride and prejudice and get the girl who Shivaay’s real soulmate :Anika.

    Just wanted to get my thoughts out. Both are probably wrong.

    • Diyaa


      |Registered Member

      Okay serious auto correct issues above:

      Tia ( not this)

      Anika ( not Anita)

      Mujhse Shaadi Karogi ( not Mujhse Shaadi Maroge 😂)

    • Archiya

      Diya.. I hve exactly the same thghts abt ur first what if. Daksh wld hv himself proposed to anika,bt he involves shivay.Acc to spoilers I heard shivika will mrry.. n it has to b tis way. I m sure it wnt b tat marriage wher bth will confess their love n get married.
      An it will b gud tat shivay will marry her n nt the other way around(meanin anika takin someone place as bride)

      • Diyaa


        |Registered Member

        Thanks for inviting me Shama. I am not active on social media. This is
        the closest I have come to interacting online😀 I’ll ask you if I decide to join fb. Thanks again for welcoming me. 🙂

    • Rajjo

      May be becoz every time daksh comes to shivaay only to tell about anika like he actually wants to makeka shivaay jealous…

    • Razna


      |Registered Member

      Hi divyaaaaa i think ur first guess will happen… is matching to the current situation…and iam sure that dhaksh is tias byfrnd….bcoz in spoilers i read that dhaksh is the one who is making anika scared….
      And….hw r uuu

    • Sanaurifa

      I totally agree with you
      Daksh is here to help his best friend

      In precap what if Shivaay’s says shaadi karogi and stared staring Anika
      Then Daksh came and say what you are asking her like “you want to marry her” you should have to ask like” shaadi karogi Daksh se”

  18. akann

    Two Oberoi brothers totally ignorant with their true feelings and be rather jealous. I felt like Rudra is mad jealous and Shivay is sad jealous. lol.. Felt kinda bad for Shivay today but at the same time I kind of want him to feel some hurt for what he pulled on that proposal day and how much he hurt Annika’s feelings by proposing to Tia. This Daksh character is kind of a creep and totally not Annika’s type. Can’t wait for the Shivika hug!!

  19. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Rajjo welcome dear…
    I agree with u saahana original trp is going very low day by day…….

    Guys mrng ishques…..
    How r u all????

  20. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Some ghost drama is gonna happend ….Anika will get scared if some idiot doll ..if I’d be instead of her I’d be taking selfies with the doll and must’ve on the light ..simple …but here they have to show everything super dramatic , can’t she just on the lights and call back on the number and find who is it …I would be like ..when the person on the phone would be telling where I’m and what I’m doing and all that stuff just speak back and be like
    Me – I know where u are ..I know ur in my House …keeping an eye on me u know This much abt me ..pls tell me na where di I keep my earplugs as u keep an eye on me …I lost them 😁😜😂
    I alway make out these kind of things in horror movies ….
    Btw who all here got scared wheel watching Conjuring !? Anyone out there ..
    Me – no , infact out of that also I’ve made out some sense 😜✌🏻️

    But the best part here is shiavye will come ,,and Anika will be damn scare and will be crying so she will big shivaye and shiavye will hug back 👍🏻

  21. shahabana

    Ohhhh what a episode its like double dhamaka with rumya and shivika jealousy while sso is jealousy with daksh and rudra with reyan really rudra hurted reyan intentionally like typical husband and what to say about he is behaving like sweet singh oberoi ohhh it’s soo cool sso gifted anika.
    Really loved today’s shivika and rumya part.
    Tia and daksh will make sso mad surely.
    Waiting to see ridhkara breakup and Rudy’s dance on womens costume
    Love u ishqbaaz

  22. SEV

    I’m also a big fan of Ishqbaaz . Today’s episode was awesome. Do you really think Daksh is Tia’s bf? I hope not

  23. shahabana

    Gd morning guyz.
    Jummah Mubarak my muslim sissys add me in ur dua.
    Guyz plssss try to watch ib on tv 10pm itself bcz trp is low its 1.5 only.
    Most of all watching it on social sites that’s why online trp of ib is no. 1
    Plsss guyz watch ib on tv itself.
    What to say ordience starplus is selling their shows money

  24. Jashi

    First, oh my God Rudra!!!!! I don’t like his attitude. He was so mean to Soumya and now he wants to be possessive. I don’t like it. I hope she makes him shape up soon.
    Second, Shivay jealous is so cute. Imagine if he threw a basketball too? Daksh and Tia are creeps and they are really stupid. When Shivay finds out what’s happening, imagine what he’ll do to both of them.
    Third, Om was my favorite of them all, but I can’t forgive what he’s done.

    • Deeps

      Thank uuuuuuuu very very very much. Both shivay and anika looked superb. However I m thinking gk mam is dragging the episodes. As they r showing every episode very long I think unnecessarily bcz they have recorded most of the episodes earlier of the same day. They have recorded the videos for so many episodes. Is anyone going for a vacation in the serial. Thinking so. However how can dhruv do so. Scare anika! And the hug was superb want it to see again and again. Can u tell me how can we upload a link on this site?

      • Diyaa


        |Registered Member

        Hi Deeps. When you see any video on YouTube, you fill find a sort of curved arrow under the video in the same line as the like and dislike icon. Click on the curved arrow. It will give you many options one of which will be “copy link”. Click on copy link(it’s like a rectangle with another line on top).
        Then in the comment box on TU
        right click then paste (on a computer) or in a smartphone, press for a couple of seconds in the comment box and you will see the option to paste(it may take a few trials to get this). Once you see the paste option, click/tap on it. Whatever you copied just before, will get pasted in the comment box. I hope this instruction will work out for you. 🙂

  25. nidha

    I hate dhaksh’s character😉…i didn’t like his character when he played negative role in my favourite favourite serial manmarziyaan

  26. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Good mrng..yestrday epi was so nice.not only single jealousy’s double track.rudra always said shivay to hear his man ki bath.rudy bachey nw u also not ready to follow ur says soumya.

    Finly ridima lied to om abt papers.nice move in om per his char ending ridima realationship is betr to intrduce New lead fr om..nw he must feel and accept his lady love.

    Gift part was so nice.dnt knw what his gift fr anika..daksh pls dnt discmfrt anika..if shivay knows that again he blames anika for she have felngs fr him.go ahead It’s not enough for shivay to overcome his super ego.
    I think Daksh is not tia’s karvachawth the back look is 100% matched wth robin.its so diff cmpred to daksh look.aftr knwng T&D only it’s confusing..he may be scaring anika fr anyothr reason not as tia’s bf. I hope Daksh is good frnd of shivay he nver cheat him as lyk lady baba.

    Yeah Trp is low.pls guyz watch at 10pm.
    I dnt knw how many days they r gng to celbrate danderas..can’t wait for upcoming epi..

    • Deeps

      Yes a few days ago rudra was instructing shivay for accepting that his heart says anika then now why he is rejecting his heart’s say which says soumya. And yes daksh is already cheating shivay and his family by scaring anika(I think she is her family).

      • Sumi.SS


        |Registered Member

        Yeah deeps..Rudra has some same char of shivay..fighting wth somu sply at karwachauth and now a days jealousy and can’t accept his felngs for somu.

  27. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    In precap shivay ask mrge proposal for one intrvew surbhi said that shivay as match maker..waiting to see Anika’s reply..

  28. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Yestrday daksh spoiled rangoli if its done by shivay.guyz think anika reaction..starts fight wth funny.In precap shivay ask mrge proposal for one intrvew surbhi said that shivay as match maker..waiting to see Anika’s reply..

  29. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    the episode is superb I like the way shivay turning into jealousy singh oberoi.this riddhima is so cheap .she tried to create a misunderstanding between om and brothers,thank god she is leaving from om’s life.daksh is pretending to be a good guy so that he could win anika’s did tia get to know that someone is going to enter in anika’s life.she is very cunning ,she wants to fulfill her motive by hook or crook that’s why she called daksh here so that they could make her engross in other things.I hate tia to the core ,

  30. Rosu 25

    So Rudy’s jealous track is also started…..he is behaving like a typical hubby……
    like others me too have the feeling that Daksh is Tia’s bf………his name & Tia’s phone call everything hint toward it…..but still I have some confusion….first one is the tail in his hair …I haven’t seen any pony tail while Tia hug her bf on KC day… was just few days back….right…will hair grow so fast 😱
    Tia already mention that his bf was the one who entered oberoi mansion….if he was Daksh, why did he entered by hiding…..He is familiar to obero family…he could have come directly…..why did he take such risk??? Only to meet or hug Tia…..I don’t think so….Tia is not staying in obero mansion….so her bf can meet her any place other than o mansion….why o mansion???feel like they have some hidden motive….I think Daksh entry is not only for Shivay jealous track but something is gonna happen( if Daksh is her bf)….otherwise its just like mallikas entry…..

  31. Aqua

    awww SSO is feeling very hott now lolzzzz universe has gotten Anika a chipku Daksh lolz

    BTW Rudra is so adorable, typical desi hubby hehe

  32. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Guys shivay marriage is gonna to happen after diwali drama. I m thinking how he will marry anika???
    Poor shivay. Good move in their love story that he bought a gift for his panika.
    Jealous rudy was behaving like a typical husband. And I noticed that he throw the ball on reyaan’s head then how it hurt his nose.
    And this is absolutely perfect reason for ridhkara break up. Ridhima cheated om.
    I m guessing shivay is gonna say will u marry daksh’?? In the precap

  33. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    In spoilers it’s written as tia bf is dash and they are gonna take revenge against anika….but during dat process daksh would fall for anika which would make shivaay jealous……hope so shivaay realises his love for anika soon….I like jealousy track between rumya and shivika……

  34. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Hi friends… Episode was good. I felt bad for Billu ji. But enjoying the jealous part. Waiting for Shivika’s first hug.. Rudy is behaving like a typical husband. It was little funny.. I’m waiting for Ridhkara breakup. I’m happy that they are giving a genuine reason for the break up.I’m sure that he is going to ask marriage proposal for Daksh. I watched an upcoming video about Shivaay’s sangeet function.

  35. Razna


    |Registered Member

    Hiiii ishquieeass…hw ru allll…..and jumamubark for all muslimssss
    Yesturdays episode was awsome……shivay gave gift to anikaa!!!!! How cutenaa…and rudyyyy…he is really behaving like a jelousy hubby… like sso…rudy also going throw this jelousy track..hmmm.
    And in spoiler, it said that dhaksh is the one who scaring anikaaa….and its sure that he is tias boyfrnd…..

  36. Naika


    |Registered Member

    Hello ishqies how r you all, i was busy in my exams so couldn’t find time to read the update guys do u remember that T and D that D is Daksh he is tia’s bf and both tia and daksh will be taking revenge on anika i have read that in spoilers…

  37. Shekhar

    In the way ANIKA charector framed, and if it will not get deformed, ANIKA will take her own decission with whom she should get marry. She will not allow anyone including SSO to interfer in his life. When upto today she does not let any one to know about her BRO SAHIL, then how she can let anyone even to think over her life partner? No way, Tia is lucky enough that she talked about this with SHIVAAY instead with ANIKA, otherwise she might have faced the havoc, forgeting who and what is TIA! ANIKA had build a IRONIC wall around her being, and she will not allow anyone to enter into it without her permission. OM has faced her this ironic strenght in her words whn he reached her home to apolize after BLOOD , LINEAGE, FAMILY havoc, and stepped back hearing from her “NO, NOW NOTHING ELSE LEFT WITH ME OF OBEROY MANSION” and feeling the hardness lying behind these few words, he confronted SSO and it is a convo which can be enjoyed by seeing only!

  38. Veera

    Guess that T&D – D is is Dhaksh, Lady baba’s boy friend and its all Tia’s conspiracy to make Anika away from Shivay and Tia’s truth.

  39. Veda


    |Registered Member

    SHIVOMRU,..gonna dance on AJ KI PARTY MERI TARAF SE..@Shivay’s bachelor party… dey vl wear same designed kurta on dat day….. jst saw one pic…da TRIO s lokknnngggg just wwooooowwww….. 😍😍😍

  40. Luna


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys… don’t know whether u all remember me or not as I’m not commenting frequently bcoz of workload…many old members who know me are not present here and many new members have joined who obviously don’t know me… so hi to all new members.

    As for the episode, I’ll say that Rudra acting like a typical husband was really cute…Shivaye being jealous was fun to watch…I’m confused about precap. Is Shivaye talking about Daksh???? But why will Shivaye keep a marriage proposal of Daksh in front of Anika???? It doesn’t makes sense….how can Shivaye do that when he can’t even see Daksh and Anika holding hands due to jealousy…maybe it’s a dream sequence.

    Tej as usual being a typical father…atleast respect the talent of ur son. Om is’nt a freeloader and sitting idle. And what to say about Riddhima????? Trust is most important in a relationship. If u break that trust, relationship is no more the same.



    Words are very simple, at a glance, they looks some types of scolds, but when it comes to stage of IB, its meaning get changed, and when it speeched out by RUDRA, it catch all types of FUN to enjoy! And when it get back ground of RUDRA recent past, it reflect the mentality of a ORTHODAX HUSBAND hiden inside of every man! RUDRA is shower of FUN, and he has enough capability to make we laugh on his own tragedy. He has his own phylosophy for life, not in depth, but very simple like, be happy and let them happy. As he is considered CHILD, no one takes him serious, but he makes everything good. He is very straight, and what ever he want , just speak out , and get it. He can deny SOUMYA, and as he is child , never hide his dislike from SOUMYA. After coming in the contact with RUMY, he realise the meaning of beauty, and that even he did not hide from soumya. He is simple, getting changed with time, ready to understand the real meaning of his false beliefs, and soon get ready to accept it.
    Yes, in the sense, what ever he think, what ever he like, just he speak out, and thats why he is CHILDISH and unconsciously keep himself away from any COMPLEXITY in his nature.
    So why, in eyes of SSO, both are CHILDISH, and overlooking them both, scolded only OM in TIA matter at hotel.

    Problem in SSO is complex in nature as he is not RUDRA. He can slap anyone, can fight with any one, can scold any one, he can speak anything what his mind say, but he never can speak out what ever in his heart. Mind stop him to praise, smile , to feel anything, but he gets in problem when his mind and heart get tangled over single matter, and thats why we are seeing this IB! He knows his own weakness, and hided succesfully from everyone till ANIKA get enter in his life.ANIKA, one by one, exposed his all weakness in her own way, and made him understandable enough to know about real strength. What you can’t get with money, other can get it by his soft talk, which she proved in SIDHDHARTH case. Your all resources can not make you laugh, but someones innocent act can do it!

  42. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Luna we of course remember u dear…how r u??????????

    Saahana razna soo sweet of u asking me……
    Well I had a minor accident..but I’m better now…..

    And shaza Shivani seeing u commenting after so many dayssss……

  43. Richu


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    Soooo how r u all???plzzz let me know guyzzzzz where r the old commenters???????
    Mukta,abiha,sat,dhruv Bhai,muktiii,piyuuu, haya,mary ,Manik,kiki,Trisha,tridhaa,saku,samyukta,disha,shahbana,edsanjida,fatarjao,sunehri,
    Veda,liya,laya,Nikki,nadiya,sugar,plzzzzz plzzzzzz plzz comment all……

    Though I’m hurt I’m just waiting for u..


      Hi richu di my exams are going to start and tuitions and homework are too much and di take care and get well soon as soon as possible

  44. Seher.f


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    Heya! I am Seher. I have been a ‘silent reader’ for a while now and finally got the chance to make an account ! Please do accept me into your Ishqbaaz family if possible. Cheers. :))

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