Ishqbaaz 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naintara says you are ashamed of me and does not want me to meet Anika right. Shivaye talks to Anika. Anika and Shivaye see the news. Anika asks is this true. Some time before, Naintara sees the antiques and smiles. Shivaye asks will you have something. She says when time comes, I will take for sure, I came to meet my daughter, where is she. He says she is not at home. She says I would have kept Anika with me always, if I knew she will become such a big house’s bahu. He thinks she has such a cheap thinking, I can’t believe she is Anika’s mum.

Naintara says I have to admit, you are very rich, what happened, what are you seeing, are you seeing me and Anika matching. She asks him to ask what he wants. He says I want to know about Anika’s father. She says even I want to know about him, I will

tell you when I know, my innocent son in law, I had many men in my life, I don’t know who fathered Anika. He gets shocked. Pinky asks is this Anika’s mum, is she saying true. Naintara asks who are you. Pinky says I m Shivaye’s mum. Naintara says it means we are Samdhan, and hugs Pinky. Shivaye recalls Naintara’s words.

Om comes to chawl and sees Anika. She wipes her tears. He asks what are you doing here. She thinks I m not able to say when its so imp. She says nothing, its too hot here. I had headache and called you, so that if I faint, you should know I m here. Om says fine, come we will go home. She thinks to think well and do anything, one small mistake can shake the world. Shivaye says mom Anika should not know this, send this woman out of here. Pinky says what, she is Anika’s mum. Shivaye says don’t know how will Anika react knowing this. She says you can’t separate them. He asks how can I believe she is Anika’s mum, I have to check her background and then I will get her to Anika. She says you gave your card to find Naintara, so she is here. He asks will you taunt me more. She says you can run away from truth, but can’t change it, Anika is this bar dancer’s daughter, even if she goes from here, she will come back again.

Shivaye goes to reporters. The reporter asks him did he know he is marrying a bar dancer’s daughter. Shivaye says this press conference is now over. He asks Khanna to throw cash on their faces and not the news from leaking. Shivaye leaves.

Pinky says Shivaye wants you to leave from here. Naintara says fine then. Pinky says you are going so easily, how come, I did not throw money on your face to send you so soon, you came as Anika’s mum, would you give so easily, you are fake mum, but have to act. Naintara says I m acting. Pinky taunts her and asks her to act and cry. Naintara says fine, I won’t go if you say, I will stay here. Pinky says very good, now listen to me, even if I tell him to get out, if I slap you, you won’t go, you just wait for Anika. Naintara and Pinky smile. Pinky thinks it will be fun when Anika meets her wrong mum.

Anika comes home and recalls Mahi’s words. Shivaye walks in corridor. Shivaye and Anika see each other. She thinks of Shivaye’s words. He thinks of Naintara. He sees Naintara coming. Naintara smiles seeing the house. He takes Anika to talk. He makes Anika sit in room. He asks Pinky what is that woman doing here till now. Pinky says I tried, she said she will meet Anika and go. He says that’s not possible, Anika is not ready for this, I will send Naintara. She smiles.

Anika asks how did you come here. Shivaye thinks whom is Anika talking to. Naintara says I m finding Pinky’s room, can you tell me. Anika says Pinky’s room is that way, did you come to meet Pinky. Naintara says no, I came to meet my daughter, but she is not at home. Anika asks your daughter, does she stay here. Naintara says yes, who are you. Shivaye worries and stops Anika. He takes Anika. She says I was talking to her. Naintara calls him out. He stops. She asks did my daughter come. He says not yet, she will come. He takes Anika and leaves.

He makes Anika sit and asks her to watch tv. He goes. Anika says what happened to Shivaye. Naintara asks Shivaye to call Anika. He says its late now, you go and meet her tomorrow. She asks are you joking, do you not want me to meet your daughter. She says you wanted to meet me, what’s the matter. He says its your mistake, you should have called and come. She says if I say Anika is here, then….. She says mum’s eyes can’t get cheated, the girl who left in room is my daughter right, you are ashamed of me, so you don’t want me to meet my daughter, you are doing wrong. He says its not like that, I don’t want to meet Anika today, I m afraid if Anika sees you this way, she does not know you, I will tell her and prepare her, she will be shocked, but I will talk to her and then call you.

She asks what will happen then, I want to meet her. He asks her not to shout, its his house, not her…. its not a small thing, its a big thing, I have to prepare her. She says I will explain her, just call her. He says its enough now, I m behaving her as you are Anika’s mum, don’t force me to misbehave, shall I call police. She says what’s the need to call police, I understand. He says you may leave. She says fine, I will come tomorrow. She leaves. He says last time when Anika got to know I went orphanage, she left home, now when she knows I found her mum, and her mum is a ….. how will she react, I can’t tell and hide this truth, can Anika handle this situation or not, what shall I do.

Shivaye goes to Anika and says I need to say something. She asks is this true. Reporter says Shivaye tried to buy the media so that media does not leak about Anika’s background, she is rich businessman’s wife, she is a dancer’s daughter in reality. Anika asks him is this true.

Anika says so you did not let me meet Naintara, why, my name, blood and family matter to you. He says its nothing like that. She stops him saying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yesterday’s episode became drastic just becoz of this omm maa??? mean how could she destroy his own son’s life . She herself is a mother and playing with the feeling of a girl who didn’t see her mother since her childhood . Anika always tried her best to not to create a distance between her and her son but this omm maa is just opposite thinker from her . She tried to create a wall between her son and dil. I swear whenever shivaay find this brutal lie of her mother he will going to cut all the knots from her if anika leaves him becoz of her. Then she will realise that in getting his son back she ultimately loose him

    Then I will definitely tease her” LOOSER U LOOSE HIM”

  2. Guys I read somewhere that very soon there will be upcoming mahaepisoes of ib and dbo for a week . Hope this comes true and pinky will exposed in front of everyone. Gul said that after ipl show will run parallel to each other that is why mahaepisoes is on the way

    1. AnuluvsIB

      I totally hope so too Prerna.. if it happens ur muhn me Shakkar!!

      1. Archiya

        Sorry Anu, but i will pray for the opposite.. i dont watch like DBO.. if that happens i have to skip both IB an DBO 🙁

      2. AnuluvsIB

        Archu.. r u saying that U generally don watch DBO.. so if they sync up u might miss something? Is that what ur concern is? Or u think syncing might reduce IB to dbo standards..? Din quite get u there…

    2. really is it gonna happen ?? it good if they realized that the spinoff has actually spinned our head

    3. Ranilya

      Thats great Prerna….

  3. Gayathri.visu

    Good morning PKJ peeps….

    I don’t what to say about Shivaay! He tried his level best for stop Anikaji n nayanthara’s face off. He worried Anikaji only n he didn’t care about his NKK ideology.

    At the same he is dumb. He must ask the question to Stupid that how does she that he gives his card to that person? Then he must say the press that he don’t care about NKK, he only cares for wife!

    But today I like SSO n I feel pity on him when he asks his mother’s help…lol. And the few minutes SSO avatar, I liked it!

    Anikaji try to understand, all the time SSO is not wrong.

    Om! Why guest appearance? What is need of his guest appearance?

    NO MAHI!!!

    Nayanthara, she is doing her job perfectly which is that Stupid’s cheap job! So offence… Moreover I likes her acting.

    Stupid pinky ponky, no bad words today! I really hate her. I just want to give tight slaps on her face!

    Precap – hope no misunderstanding between them. Let’s see…..

    Reply for yesterday comments
    @Riddhi thank u dear.

    @Rani, Thanks n yes u can contact me, I will help u dear.

    @Lax, yeah we are weaving in our home. But we are just part of that Handloom. Like us many people r working in that handloom.
    And yes I m always crazy about my Swasan, Shivika n devakshi.

    1. Gayathri.visu

      *Very sorry for typical mistakes

    2. Riddhima

      Yes gayu … This time anika should allow shivay to speak ….
      Om appearance pathi sollurathuku onnumilla pa …. Already romba kadupula iruka om life pathu …

    3. Pushpa

      hi gayu…..SSO was great….anika was so worried…….pinky ponky donkey was evil….nayantara was 2rps cheapade…

    4. Ranilya

      Gayu similar choices here…. Swasan, Devakshi and Shivika… but Swaragini had too much of family drama n conspiracies, so i stopped watching it halfway. KRPKAB is better off without Eshwari….it revolves around only one concept….till now!

      IB is something i just cant skip, not a single epi…however bad the epi mayb the next night im eagerly waiting for the show to air!!

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Stupid pinky ponky, no bad words today!
      Gayu ma!! Apdilam don give up…
      Manasula edhuvum vechukkama.. pour out all that u think abt her!!

    6. Archiya

      Gayu.. even i like NT acting, i liked her before also in EJKV

  4. @liji dear a big tight hug to you too.hope you are fine…

    @akrti dear, enjoy wedding celebration. ….and sirf tum nahi main bhi confused hun. hope didi koi gadbad na kare…, i mean she will not misunderstood is very bad..

    @ammu dear, ha ha ha mere ko lagatha ki sirf mere ko moderation uncle se prblm nd..but yahsn toh sabko he…?????

    @Sekhar bhaiya. @astha baby, as usual khidkitod analysis. .

    Exactly. .why Sso is so dumb…koi kuch bhi keheta he aur woh maan lete he…very bad….

    I don’t know what Shivika will do now…
    Jo bhi drama karo PLZ DON’T SEPARATE SHIVIKA…

  5. Sejsmiles

    Blink… Om in ib .. Blink…om in dbo ….blink …om in Mumbai…..blink…om in baereli…

    1. Blink……om hs harry potter powers….harry potter flies with his broomstick n om with his car……cn cover bareily to mumbai distance within few minutes…….

  6. “Ab ye shivaye singh oberoi ki deewar na annika aur dukh k beech hmesha khadi rahegi” this line got written in golden letters in his heart……Nvr fails to keep his promise n when it comes to his wife……he becomes more active in keeping his promise…….d virtual shield b/w them gets charged which always desires to protect his annika……
    A mother is also capable of reducing her child’s miseries, lessen her pain….in fact she hs more power of sharing her child’s pains….her distress…… understand her emotions, wipe off d mark of sadness on her face… in this case sso can’t trust his MIL…..wat if she fails to make her understand d fact…..wat if this truth makes his annika completely broken……wat if she misunderstands him n leaves…..noo he can’t bear this…..he can’t bear her pain, her tears, can’t ser her broken, n d imp. thing can’t imagine himself without annika…..
    Time also played its dirty tricks on sso……here he begged fr some tym n there someone took this precious time frm him……..n his biggest fear of annika knowing d truth frm someone else n then misinterpret him came true……
    Precap – nvr thought tat I’ll say this bt today i m upset with my anni di… cn see jump into a conclusion…..jiju so concerned abt her……bt she jst misunderstood jiju…..n how cn she call tat NT her mom……i m upset with her bt i understand her in one day she got to know so many truths……already she was disturbed n now this one……she jst nt getting how to cope up with d situation……. I hv full faith on u didi……u r vry sensible…….. U’ll soon understand jiju’s intentions……he’s perfect fr u…..n plzz don’t refer tat woman as ur mom…..
    Bdw guys anni di shld remember her mom na????
    P.s. Someone plzz gv sso d best pati award yr……. he deserves it……in spa he shld get d award…..if nt spa then i m going to gv him d award ( in my dreams) 😉

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Time also played its dirty tricks on sso.. hmm that’s true too!
      Both of them are on the edge of sword kinda situations..
      Hope the wedge doesn’t get wider and they sort things among themselves..
      I so don wan a see annika being angry on sso and pinky rejoicing on that!
      Rather despite pinky’s efforts they said syand together and irritate Pinky.. she shud go crazy over her plans failing!

      1. Yesss shivika shld soon clear out their differences……Pinky will go crazy seeing them together even after her hard plannings…..n tat will be fun fr us

    2. Ranilya

      Shree very well written…
      Time also played its dirty tricks on sso… yes his bad luck is also karaab….What he tried his best to avoid, happened… Again he landed up hurting Anika…

      we don know when Anika actaually lost her parents. we only know that she was found by Mr Bajaj when she was about 7-8yrs old… we are not sure if the other girl was actually Anika’s sister or not… so anything is possible now, Anika may believe Nayantara to b her mom!
      but Ani darling atleast you use your brain unlike your husband!

      1. Yra Rani….. anni shld use brain before believing NT……hope shivika gets together n strts finding abt d truth of NT n thus knowing d true colours of pinky

    3. Archiya

      liked ur comment.,, but just like shivay has NKK deeprooted, anika has that thought that “shivay will not leave NKK” deeprooted .. an tats why the reaction from anika

      1. Agree archii…’ll take tym fr annika to blv tat sso is now out of his nkk ideologies…same as sso needs tym to chng his ideologies…..frm d strting she was always d victim of his nkk….n now when once he said tat sso doesn’t care who she is jst he knows tat annika is annika shivaye singh oberoi….d vry nxt moment she heard him telling to his brothers tat nkk matters to him
        Nxt when he said tat her background doesn’t matters to him…bt soon after tat she learnt frm sahil tat he went to her orphanage to find her origin…..means again his actions contradicted his words……so now when he said tat he’s trying to chng….bt now it is hard fr her to blv him completely…….
        I think by today only they’ll sort out d MU….

  7. Only 57 comments. Because yesterday was 250+ . I love the new avatar of sso. So sweet BT though a sharp buiseness minder SSO failed to take decision about family and why anika didn’t tell om .nayantara was like spice. I hate this pinky yaar….. How can a woman be so cheap. Cheapde kahike. ..??????

  8. Yesterday I had commented but moderation guy didn’t post it.
    I am surprised at the number of comments​.
    Too less.
    So I thought to ask a question.

    A.shivika scene
    B.obro moment

    Ishqiis answer fast
    Waiting for your replies


    1. Ranilya

      soch rahi hoon….. but its so difficult to pin point on one scene….

    2. Archiya

      Alia.. being member of the blush club, its one an only shivika for me (wink)

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Very tough question… let me think..

  9. Hello ishquies r u all??? Sorry yaar kal mera mood kharab tha isliye comment nahi kar saki…actually maine comment kii thi ..ek baar nahi do baar lekin ye moderation uncle meri itni badi comment ko saara kacha khagaye..isliye mood kharab ho gaya
    ok..comming to the epi…
    Kaun hai ye cartoon network ..jabbhi main usse dekh thi hoon mujhe roll no :21 ki suparna yaad aathi hai …chikni chameli ko main jaan se maar doonghi meri bhabhi ki maa hai besharam kahin ki kyun ye log itna drag karte hai ye donkey ki chapter ko …plz is donkey ko itna importance math diyo …voh us chikni chameli ko meri bhabhi ki maa banake le aayi hai …kitni shameless fellow hai voh aurat …thoda se bhi sharam he nahi hai..this is the limit donkey i cant tolerate this any more ..comparing to dinky voh kamini he behatar hai kamse kam voh igni giri hui harkath toh nahi karti hai

    I saw a sppiler jisme voh dinky bohot neeche gir jaathi hai anika bhabhi makes OF know about the truth of maahi and asks them to accept maahi..pinky refuse to accept mahi …and also she gets more irritated by shivaay bhaiyaa’s love towards anikaa she mindwash bhaiyaa against bhabhi by telling that anikaa bhabhi has some false relation with maahi..i dont no its true or just lie…but i dont want it to be true..if it turns true also we no need to bother as bhaiyaa not gonna beleive this

    1. Ranilya

      Oh God! where did you get this spoiler anika??
      pinky is mad!! Mahi n Anika??!!

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Omg! Ani telling abt mahi and pinky not accepting is something that I am expecting!
      But eww poisoning sso with such thoughts! Sso wudn believe such things any more!

  10. Awesome analysis astha and sekhar bhaiyya

  11. Akriti

    aaj toh mai sachi me ye moderation uncle ko kidnap karke hi choroungi…..
    phir se mera reply kha gaye….
    mera cmment koi cake hai jo har baar khaa jate hai….

    as ammu dear said vo white maruti van me kidnap karoungi….
    mujhe 5-6 logo ko aur kidnap karna hai….

    sabse pehale shivika ko kidnap karke wo jungle waale ghar me lock kar doungi…..unki honeymoon bhi ho jaayega auy toh aur ki misunderstanding nhi….na ki chepdi unhe pareshaan karne ke liye …aur na koi aur…

    phir omkara aur gauri ko kidnap karke om ke room me lock kar doungi….
    phir rumyaa koi kahi dur ko bhi me kidnap karke room me band kardoungi…..

    phir mahi ko kidnap karke oberoi mantion le aayoungi…..

    swetlana kali thakur aur kamini ko uthawa ke sidha jail me dalwaaoungi…ho ske kali ko dono me se koi pasand aa jaajaye toh wo ussi se shaadi kar le….

    phir ye naintara ko shakti aur tej ke saath waapas lovely dancebar bhej doungi……ye dono tej aur shakti ki harkat dekhke ye dono wahi thik hai….

    ab bachi PPD (PINKEY PONKEY DONKEY) isse to sidha nark me hi bhejna hoga aur isko nark me company dene ke liye one and only humare moderation uncle jaayenge…..

    ab bas bache dadi janvi aur buamaa….
    jaanvi ko kisi room me lock kar denge wo phir aaram se apne upar roo legi….jaani hi thori thik maa hai oberois me….par uske hi karan uska beta om ko kya kuch nhi karna padh raha…..usko thora strong hona hoga …..aise hi rono dhone se nhi hoga…..

    aur didi buamaa aur prinku mahi ka swagaat karennge…..

    chal @amayaa bahaut kaam hai itne logo ko kidnaap jo karna hai….
    dekh le kal tu itna bada comment type ki aaj mai bhi tere kiye itna bada comment type ki hi wo bhi ekdam dramebaaz style….sorry kal reply nhi kar pai…..

    @but kuch bhi ho ye moderation unkle ka kuch karna hi padega aaj kitne logo ne complain kiya….ye sabka comment khaa jaa rahe hai….issliye comments bhi kam ho rahe hai….

  12. Archiya

    Most of you commented pitying shivay for his condition, but the condition itself is brought upon by shivay.An the most important thing here is

    Is shivay actually worried that anika will feel get hurted to know that her mom is a bar dancer????
    Then he does not know anika at all. Anika does not look at people based on their status, she just looks for good in people, just like she did in Mahi.. she is ready to fight for his rights, wont this gal accept her mom.. whoever an whatever she is

    The real reason he did not want anika to know is that , once she meets NT, she will know shivay had gone to that area to find about her past.. An that NKK mattered to him..As he himself said last time she knew he went to orphanage she left the house.. this time what will she do

    An moreover if NKK has ceased to matter for shivay.. why did he ask who was anika father?? Surely not for anika to know, its for him to know.

    1. Ranilya

      Archu iv said the same thing about Anika accepting Nayantara as her mom in my comment…. Shivay should have known this by now!! its he who is bothered abt family and background not Anika…
      completely agree with you.

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Archu ranu.. I have mentioned this too..
      It is Shivaay to whom Nayantara and her profession makes a difference.. he has to prepare to face it.. he doesn’t have to prepare annika!!
      Like Shekar mentioned yesterday annikas lived with ppl like Sundari bus, so Nayantara wudn be a big deal..
      Of course if she is dancing and flirting in public, she wud feel embarrassed.. but she know how to face it..
      What she actually cannot face is Shivaay holding on to NKK!

    3. Shekhar

      I think there are many things meshed up with each other, and so why it is very difficuilt to get it in its right meaning. Let the few epis go on, mystery will be unfold itself.

      I told ago, two entity are living in a single body, SSO and SHIVAAYm and thats why this confusion is there . SSO is himself is a selfish , and what he is not, simply SHIVAAY wanted to be , and leave us in confusion.

      You know, when two people think opposite to each other, act opposite to each other, then matter goes no where, and it gets stand still, that is what almost going around SHIVIKA UNISON.

  13. Hi buddies……a very good “steaming” afternoon to all!!

    This Star Plus is bent on making OMM of my leisure time…..with great difficulty I have managed to watch IB repeats @ 2:30 pm….and again they are going to change the timing?? FTW……bachhon ka khel hai kya jo jab mann chaha tab badalthe jaayegi?? ??????????

    1. Surbhi Sharma

      Is it di ?? Again timing change. I am fed up of this timing change. Star plus whats ur problem ha ??

      Di , if u get to know the new timing, plzz do tell me ….

  14. Akriti

    here the replys….
    @ammu tujhe tera reply mil gaya na upar waale comment me toh naaraz mat hona…..
    and eyestar lol… pehale toh mai 10 min sochrahi thi ye eyestar kya hai…phir aaya dimaag me naintara….good name…aur maine hotstar ka premium nhi liya hotstar ka kuch samajh nhi aata kabhi premium maangta hai kabhi nhi…so maine dekh liya episode…
    aur ammu dear dekh lr sabse jayadaa aur sabse lambaa reply maine tujhe hi kiya hai…phir mat kehana ki mai tujhe reply nhi karti….

    @nivideta dear GNG…
    first to comment congrats…
    and yes shivaay should have be suspious about that eyestar….

    @shree yes i am from kolkata but its my home town ….i just ciome here only in vacations….
    and i am also a little upset with your di and as well as shivaay bhaiyaa also…..
    dono bina kuch clear kiye ekdam se conclusion me jump ho gaye….thats not good….

    @arpu dear yaha toh lagata hai ki sabhi confused hai….kon kiski maa hai kon kiska beta yaa beti kon kiska kya hai its total confusing….

    @gayatri.visi. i am also thinking what is the need of this guest apperiance of om…..jab usko kuch batana hi nhi tha toh bechare ko bariely se mumbai kyu bulaya….

    @ranilya dear you are right …today both the shivaay and anika act little like dumb…..first shivaay he directly believe in naintara and then anika she also jump into conclusion….donno aage kya hoga…
    and yess i am bengali…

    @surbhi ….your exams are over…yeee..i am waiting for your comment…

    @liji dear wlcm back….i am very happy to see you….khannaji aur mahi ke sath tum bhi aa gayi….mujhe pata tha…ye dono aayenge toh liji bhi aa jaayegi….and you favoured shivaay its impressivie…..yaa shivaay act little stupid yesterday….but liji dear is liking this new version of shivaay bhaiyaa….awww its unbelievablee……

    @lax dear….ib has mother crisis as well as father crisis also….infact all the parents some how couldnt become a good parents….and the about tv i aiso didnt konw that there is a tv in shivikas room…..
    and about your two prediction…mujhe ye bahut aacha laga kitumne dono me hi pinky ki o my mata kar di…very good ….

    @riddhimaa dear couldnt understand your comment totally….but same to same here lots of hate for this pinky and nayantara……

    @astha and @shekhar bhaiyaa loved your analysis….

    @mouni @sadhaiyaa or shab @pushpa thank you my dear ishiquies….

    @archu dear…kal mai tab free thi aur abhi bhi free hu iss liye comment kar rahi hu….

    @ammu tu jaldi aa abhi tak tu haawra bridge me hi hai…aaj raat shaadi hai yaar jaldi aa jaa….

    sorry if i forget anyone to reply….
    okk byee

    1. @akriti…. .true shivika r in a hurry to jump up over a conclusion….. sso first thought tat anni will nt be able to tolerate d truth n now Anni….bt don’t worry they r shivika will sort out their differences soon
      Bdw i m also Bengali tat’s why asked u

    2. Amayaa

      Are Waah akki
      ?????????? this all emogis r for u today
      Luvvvvv uuuuuu dr
      Aaj amayaa ke liye itni lambi reply ………. kya baat hai ………
      Shuru amayaa se khatam ammu pe
      Thank u to Bol nahi sakti to kya kiya jai
      Hmmmmmm my new way of saying thank u nd that too without saying thank u
      It’s confusing na
      So de new way is I DON’T LOVE U LOTS
      mil gaya mujhe mera reply
      Thank u yaar ( upppppssssss again thank u )
      Marriage rituals ke beech tune time nikala THANK YOU
      Aise Maine kisi ki full shaadi to attend nahi ki hai but t.v. me dekha hai bahut rituals hote hai
      Sach me hote hai kya itne rituals real life me
      Ghar me kisi ki shaadi hui nahi aur maximum 1 hour ke party me gai hu so no experience
      EYESTAR pasand aaya na
      Mere nishane pe bahut log hai akkki
      ISHQBAAZ moms ke alava
      PLUS ( Star ) dada
      HOT ( Star ) dadi
      MODERATION Chachu
      Puri ki puri TARGET FAMILY

      Agree is premium naam ke problem ko mai bhi kai baar jhel chuki hu
      I’m not in a mood to handle this more

      Aa rahi hu akkki mai aa rahi hu
      Bas ye nahi pata kab pahunchungi
      Agar shaam tak nahi pahuchi to complain file kar dena Calcutta police station me ( kidding )

      Chal enjoy wedding aur meri baat yaad hai na meri taraph se bhi dishes try kar lena
      Bye enjoy wedding
      Nd give wishes from my side to ur bhaiya bhabhi ???

    3. Surbhi Sharma

      Akriti di , yup my exams over today finally . Now I can comment , but if moderation uncle and administrative aunty doesn’t want , than that’s not my problem ha …?
      And u enjoy the wedding and bring laddoo and mast mast sweets for us ??????

  15. Ranilya

    hi. iv tried my best and replied to most comments here… but if ModMaamu eats up my msgs, im not at fault….

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Looks like all of us have to put this as a status going forward!!

  16. ey yaar aaj main ye moderation uncle ko zarroor marungi maine nivi di,lax di,anu di,archu arpu,liji di ,riddhi akka,maahi di ,aastha,di vishakha di di pushpa di,kanfi di ,aur shekar bhaiyaa (inko tho pehli baar reply ki thi) aap sabjh ko maine itni badi 100 kg words se ek saath reply ki thi aur saara ek mouth me utake bharle vo uncle ….ab phirse reply karna meri bas ki baath nahi hai …sorry drs…

    Lagta hai universe nahi chahta main aap sabko reply karun ….

    Ok bye friends …

    1. Archiya

      koi nahi.. but why is moderation uncle eatin ur comments.. now i know why
      why ur calling him/her uncle/aunty.. bhaiya/didi bulao … they will stop eating

    2. Amayaa

      Mai batauu Anikaa teri comment ka gangaram kyon hua
      Moderation uncle ko Maine hi kaha tha teri comment ko kha jaane ko
      Unhe teri replier comment bahut yummy bhi lagi
      Ab chal reason batati hu
      THAT’S WHY
      Aur karo miss mujhe reply nahi kiya na dekha kya ho gaya
      Ab aage se AMAYAA ko apne reply box me add nahi kiya na to aisa hi hoga


  17. Guyzrecently i saw a post in lnsta.IB is out of top20 serials of this weak and kasam is slot leader is that true?any one know the trp of this weak

    1. Waaat….. how is this even possible ib was on 6th or 7th lst week….yea trp was down bt it was due to ipl i guess bcz trp was down of all d shows….bt now nt even in top 20….really shocking news….lst week d episodes were so nice. ….guys plzzz watch ib on t.v at 10….

    2. Meenuu

      No no chicku that is wrong information
      Ib is in top 20 and ib is the slot reader

  18. Saidha……lotzzz of kisses from my laddoo also…..the one thing she gives without request is kisses….????

    Astha baby…..Mr & Mrs. Khanna back together….lolzz….??? meri Khannu ne aathe aathe aawaz diya aur mujhse raha nahin gaya…..???

    Pushpa…..if 9taara plays the cupid role like Daksh in Shivika relation then that is the best to happen….I mean not in bringing them more closer but making their relation more stronger!! And I really want 9taara to make OMM of Dinky’s plan…..maybe she actually knows about Anika’s past or something and that should be a shock to Dinky!!???

    Riddhi……sowkiyama kanna?? ??????????

    Maahi aka Mohini…….Tezaab nahin dekha ???? Ek do teen song nahin dekha ????? (In Gauri shtyle) I was referring you to Madhuri in Ek Do teen song……”Kahiye, kya sunenge aap?
    Arre pehle yeh kahiye kahan thi aap? Main! main kar rahi thi kisi ka intezar
    Kaun hai woh?” ab samajhe?? And Prabhas is not less than a Piranha in Baahubali…..I mean strength and power wise…..autospell bhi kabhi kabhar sach bolthe hai….???

    Mouni……..Pinky’s OMM is certain to happen very soon……I want her whole plan to backfire on her!! Maybe that’s the reason why 9taara is there…..I don’t think she is in there just for money….she might also have some secret plans against Dinkey…..but I just hope whatever happens will not affect Shivika relation!!

    Lachu……you one Brutus!! Treasurer ran away with money?? ????? Ingane Okke Paadundo…….Inganeyokke Parayamo…… ✊✊✊✊✊
    And the million dollar answer to your queshtion…….I voted for Shivika, Anika, Shivaye, and Om….wanted to vote for Gauri also…..but Anika and Gauri in the same category didn’t leave me any other choice!!

    Anu…..meri pyari sautaniya… is Singapore and ur li’l one?? Some of my colleagues have planned a trip to Singapore in last week of May…..I wanted to join….but leaving laddoo alone with amma is not that easy for me…..and amma doesn’t have passport and all….so probably next year I will try!! And yes dear…..I also voted for Shivaye for Best Pati….but only once…..for the rest I voted in Insta, FB, SMS and from 3 mail ids also……if it was best son ya best brother category I would have definitely voted many times!!

    Shekhar…..I saw your comment condemning SSO and his NKK ideology!! And you wanted me to comment first as I always call you as SSO’s chamcha….???? Glad that you are a changed man now like SSO!!! ????? And one more thing Shekhar……in real life POV also it is hard for a person to get out of his/her ideologies no matter how stupid they are…..and no matter how rich he/she is, how high-educated he/she is, how high his/her social profile is…..the process of unlearning and relearning is quite impossible and difficult to him/her!! Specially when it gets linked to emotions!! So my pyari x-chamcha of SSO…..I have decided to stop bashing Shivaye for this NKK ideology……may his ideology rest in peace!!!???

    Archu…..missed you and missed your khidkithod dps more!! While watching the epis, I will be thinking “What will be Archu’s dp today?” Same goes for Akriti……..? ? ? ? I donno if anyone else in the page changes their dp on a regular basis like you two!! ???? And I was telling that you should be “beware of the newcomers in Milkha’s school”……Anu and you are the purane khiladis na?? issliye newcomers se sambhalke rahna….? ? ? ? ?

    Rano……how are you darling?? And how is DQ?? Is she still feeling homesick?? My laddu is all fit and fine…..she is the one who enjoyed the whole week…..Amma and me busy in kitchen and chatting….so she didn’t miss any chance to be naughty….and all the kids were elder than her… with all their attention and new things to learn from them she was in Extended-Hyper mode!! And don’t tell me about the guests…..since amma is here with me, her sissies, chacha, chachi, cousins and their families always visit us…..I wonder if it is out of the love for my amma or just for their entertainment…..some of them are abroad….so whenever they visit India, they will visit amma also……but mostly its for touring ok!! ? ? ? ?
    And yes dear, even though Kamini chachi had a negative side, it was a pleasure to watch her right?? Anjali Mukhi has a different way of performing any character given to her…..even as 9taara the way she walked, her flirting expressions and those adaayein were so cool na….totally loved it!!

    Amu……lagta hai ek aur club Nayantaara ki naam mei shuru karna padega….?????
    Btw who is Akki dr?? Any newcomer Akshay ya Akshaya??

    Akriti dr……attending bro’s marriage and commenting in PKJ also?? Not bad…..bhabhi ko bhi member bana dena….??? And yes, pata hai pata hai…..I am myself not prepared to believe that I have started to like Shivaye…..its kinda shock for my inner mind!! ????

    Anikaa…….yes the moderators are upto something…..kuch toh gadbad hai!!? ? ? ? Don’t worry…..we understand!!

    Haai Ram….itni lambi choudi comment de diya…..I need a juice!!
    Moderators please don’t make this comment vanish!! ?????

    1. Meenuu

      Hi liji di
      I am commenting to you for the first time
      But i read your comments before

      I think you are annika didi’s side

      Are you a tamilian????

    2. You are a mallu, aren’t you?

    3. Ranilya

      liji my DQ is better than last week… she is coming to terms…
      actually you what? my baby is missing all that you have mentioned above…relatives, cousins, friends and masti…. poor thing…

      so your laddo is having a good time… thats good… your amma must b really happy… and i can understand your helplessness….sply on getting time for IB n TU (wink wink)

    4. Shekhar

      I am not changed at all, I am to day as was on first day I entered in TU!

      Before going on, i would like to differentiate between two terms, that is

      PRAISE- If I describe all good quality of man which he possess in fact is called a PRAISE!

      BUTTERING-CHAMCHA-If I describe all those good quality which he / she does not possess at all , then it is called BUTTERING-CHAMCHA.

      I am not annoyed, I like your word CHAMCHA of SSO for me a lot, and just was trying to be a little funny in that comment. KEEP CONTINUE WITH CHAMCHA of SSO FOR ME. , and rest assure, there is no sarcasm at all.

      I can not be funny beyond a limit, but never stop any one to be funny beyond my limit.

  19. Akriti

    koi mujhe gaya sakata hai ki in ki rep kya hai….
    kahi pe 1.3 hai..
    kahi 1.5 toh mahi 1.7…
    kahi kahi 1.8 or 1.9 aur 2.0…
    total confusing…..

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