Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says this shyness on your face is called blush. Anika smiles. Shwetlana falls down the stairs. Tej says Shwetlana’s state is because of me, if you all don’t want her to be here, we will go somewhere else and stay. Some time before, Anika thinks why is Shwetlana’s slipper burnt. She drops it and goes. Tia gets relieved. Shwetlana asks who came. Tia says don’t know, I was nervous and did not come out of blanket. Shwetlana says even I did not see. Tia says Anika’s death sound did not come, did she not drink coffee.

Anika says why was Shwetlana’s slipper burnt, she stays in room and does not go anywhere, slipper was burnt as if someone has put chemical. She closes eyes and recalls attacks on Shivaye and Oberoi family. She says it means Shwetlana is Shivay’s life’s enemy, I

was doubting Tia, Shwetlana did all this.

Shwetlana talks to Tia on phone and asks are you sure. Tia says yes, Anika got saved, she did not drink coffee, maybe she got to know coffee had chemical. Shwetlana says maybe, leave from there, if anyone sees you in Shivaye’s room, they will doubt you. Tia says we have to think something big about Anika. Shwetlana says Anika is not a big threat, we should forget her and focus on our work, we did not decide how to get Rumi…. She gets shocked seeing Dadi and Jhanvi.

Anika goes to Shivaye and says I have to tell something, the attacks in the house… He says don’t worry, I already decided I m going to hire a private investigator, just relax, you take lots of tension. She asks how can you be so calm, there were many attacks on you, are you not scared. He says I m not scared of death. She asks him not to say about death. He recalls Anika’s state and says I felt scared once. She asks when. He says when I felt death was going to snatch something from me. He holds her and blows over her forehead, saying something was there. She says I will leave. He holds her hand and stops her. O jaana….plays………..They have an eyelock. She smiles.

Dadi says I have to talk to you, whatever you did before, I m very angry with you, but what you did this time, I m thankful, you did big favor on all of us by saving Tej’s life, you know people make news when its about this family I don’t want anyone to make any rumors, so I came to tell you… Jhanvi says please leave Oberoi mansion I m not saying this being Tej’s wife, but as Om’s mum, Om is hurt by your and Tej’s relation, he got stable after many years, I came to request you, please leave, Om’s life is in your hands, please save him, I will be thankful.

Shwetlana says I don’t want charity of favors, I live on my terms, I did not come here, I was brought in this house, I will not stay here if you want, I will leave today. Dadi says I had full hope that you will understand. Jhanvi thanks Shwetlana and leaves with Dadi. Tia asks what now, Rumi’s call is coming. Shwetlana asks her to talk. Rumi says Tej has reached Oberoi mansion. Shwetlana says great I m ready, go and see if she is ready or not. Tia goes.

Anika asks what happened, why are you seeing me like this. Shivaye smiles and says you are blushing again. She says no, blush is in my makeup box. He asks who is that talented person who told you blush meaning. She asks whoever told, its right. He holds her and says 100% wrong, there is difference in what I said and what you thought, I did not mean blush makeup. She asks is there any other type of blush. He says yes and walks to her. She walks away. He asks do you want to know. She says yes, so I m asking. He holds her. She asks him to say, fine if you don’t want to say, I m going. He holds her and takes her to the mirror. He asks her to see. She smiles. He says its this, this shyness on your face, this is called blush, anyway I don’t understand, why do you blush when I m around. She signs no. He signs and smiles. He goes.

Tia sees Jhanvi coming and signs Shwetlana. Jhanvi goes to help Shwetlana. Tia calls her out and says I think someone is calling you in kitchen. Shwetlana speeds up the wheelchair and falls down the stairs. Jhanvi gets shocked. Tej comes home and gets shocked seeing Shwetlana. He rushes to her and asks are you alright, what happened. She cries and says don’t know, I felt someone pushed me. Tej sees Jhanvi.

Tej says I don’t believe this Jhanvi, you tried to kill Shwetlana. She asks do you think I can do this. He says you were standing there. She says you know me so well. He says I don’t know you, jealousies and insecurities can make a person do anything. Jhanvi asks really Tej, you are doubting 30 years of understanding by one misunderstanding. Dadi says Jhanvi can’t do this. Tej says I have seen her, Jhanvi is not Jhanvi when its about Shwetlana. Shwetlana says don’t spoil atmosphere because of me, I will not stay here, when Jhanvi told me to leave, I packed my bags, I was leaving then… Tej asks what…. She smiles. Tej asks Jhanvi did you ask Shwetlana to leave from here. Jhanvi says yes, there was a reason behind it. He says I know your reason. Dadi says don’t blame Jhanvi, it was my decision. Tej says don’t defend Jhanvi.

Pinky argues with Tej and asks what did Jhanvi do, she is good to request Shwetlana to leave, I have to kicked out this woman by pulling her by hair, this is our house, will we not have problem if any outsider comes, you have two sons, if any of your son gets full wife and half wife home, how will you feel, make Shwetlana leave. Tej asks her to mind her tongue. Pinky says you will not mind your doings. Dadi says stop it, find some solution.

Tej says their mentality is the problem, not Shwetlana, she will stay here. Jhanvi asks him to think of children. He asks her not to get her motives by keeping children as shield. Dadi says we all want this. He says fine, you all don’t want Shwetlana to stay here, she is in this state because of me, I promise her I will not leave her till she gets fine, we will stay somewhere else. Shwetlana says please no Tej. Jhanvi says you can’t do this, Om will shatter. Om comes and says I have no problem. Tej stops and sees Om. Shivaye, Rudra and Anika come there. Om says she can stay here. They all get shocked.

Shivaye says we have to find out can Shwetlana walk or not. Anika adds chilli powder in food and says now after eating food, she will run to have water, I have kept water there. Nurse serves food to Shwetlana. Shwetlana eats food and calls nurse for water. She stands up on her feet. Shivaye, Om, Rudra and Anika hide and look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amazing Episode Shivika Scences
    Hello I m a fan of ishqbaaz new to this page biggest silent reader
    Can i join u all

    1. Mouni

      welcome dear

    2. u r welcome dear 🙂

    3. U r most welcome…no no…more than most welcome…keep commenting…

    4. Richu

      Sure dear..welcome

    5. Welcome to our IB family keep commenting.

    6. Archiya

      wc Vanshree… keep commentin

    7. Sumi.SS

      Yeah sure..U r most wlcme dear.

  2. Jaya

    Luved the last part when obros appeard in style. Precap: power rangers on mission! 🙂 yea….svetlana ki oh my mata honewali hai.

  3. Nice episode

  4. Aarosh

    Vah precap is awesome and dadapu prati episode lo blush scene untundi chilli powder idea is great

  5. Superbbb…..

  6. Loved todays episode….shivika just nailed it….ohhhh this simple cute word give us lotz of shivika beautiful moments…..thanks to the word blush….finally anija gots to know about blush thats tooo by shivaye….
    And this swetlana she is a snake with two head….dntworry swet baby our ishqbaazians will teach a lesson to u…..then u will forgot all ur so called revange….

    Note: for omkara fans
    Guyz gk mam uploaded a vedio in insta with kunal…..and give a caption that omkaras fans are not even think that what tooo coming on their way….so now no doubt….omkaras story will start for sure… so exited….this is gk mams first insta story in this new year

    1. Mouni

      salam shahabana am hoping they will see swetlana walk so plz plz writers do that for us , atleast they will know that she is up to something , am afraid to be dissapointed tomorrow

    2. Thanks dear for the news….sooo happy to hear dat 🙂 🙂

    3. Shahabana, so glad that Gul has finally started with Ishqbaaz diaries. She started with Omkara. Hope to see more such on set videos.

    4. Tq dr it’s really good news

  7. But how can Anika knows about shivaye first attacks ? hahahaha

    1. iamsofianeak…..(Can I call you sofi?) Actually, it’s all Shivaye effect……Anika bhi Shivaye ki tarah antaryaami ban gayi…. 😀 😀 😀

  8. Fantastic ep love the shivika moment I think now Svetlana will expose from her sickness drama.
    Hello guys how are you all. I am bengali. Do anyone more is Bengali here.

    1. even i am bengali. 🙂

      1. I am also Bengali and a regular viewer of this show but I never comment…. guys I am writing an ff named as when love and friendship clashes… plzzz read it and do comment….

    2. Hi rimjhim I have read your ff it’s awesome waiting for Anika’past. Post asap

  9. Mouni

    sso and anika seem to have no expérience when it comes to the matters of the heart , both of them are so innocent that they can’t interpret their feelings , sso is openly flirting with her without really understanding what is he doing and anika is blushing without knowing why but the new promo shows anika realising she is in love but sso seems distant ?? anyway it should’ve been sso who realises his feelings since he is the one who fallen in love first since the start of the show
    the precap can be decieving and that what bothers me , swetlana could eazly figured out the plan or someone else comes in the last min and gives her water like tia or the plan goes perfectly and they expose her but it seems that anika ruled out tia as suspect wich is not good , the obros could take swetlana down but tia and rumi will be there to continue the mission that what bothers me , the makers may let tia stay and shivika will never have a life with her in the OM even rumia will have trouble when rumi enters the house
    also some news saying that om’s lead to enter soon so am hoping the rotilanatrack will end soon , atleast they leave the OM

    1. Salam mauni dr
      Even i too want shivaye to realize hus feelings for anika first….but what to do our sso is very complicated person….he already fallen in love with anika… But he is not realising….he is very innocent when its about love….but all his behavior shows he has clean bowld for anika….he is become so flirty like teenagers infront of anika….anyways im loving this flirty singh oberoi…
      And i tooo hope all this rotilana mess will end soon…they just irritates us…u are right shivika story will progress only if this tia drama ends….i want tia and swet drama end soon…its k rumi will stay for little days bcz she is necessary to bring rumya close
      Anyways gk mam uploaded her insta diories with kunal….so im hoping for best about omkara story

    2. Archiya

      ur rite… anika has ruled out tia which is not good.. but i did nt understand why the prev promo is nt yet shown.. anika has still not put Tia out of OM.

      1. Archu..!! Promo was shown as Annika throwing Tia out of the mansion and she only managed to throw her out of the bedroom. ?? But that’s what, the promos are sometimes misleading, even this time I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal, it might be just that Annika found that she is blushing coz she is in love. And hopefully she does not make a fool of herself revealing those feelings to SSO.

  10. Razna

    Awsome episode…..loved shivika moments to the core… shahabana said..just a word blush make sweet shivika moments….and now a dayswhat happened to our shivayyy..the great emotionless stone wall started to melting due to love….but i saw a new promo that it will be anika who realise her Love towards shivay……dont know when will sso realise it…and iam really fed up wit tia and swetlana….but from the precap i think that shivomru and anika will find the truth….any way now a days iam really addicted to IB due to shivikaaa…

    1. Helloooo Razna……kure aayallo kandittu?? alla njanum long leaveil aayirunnu…athukondavum….sugam thanne?? Exams okke kazhinjo??

  11. aiaiai i love Anika and Shivaay ! Im a huge fan from the UK and everyone loves them here. And the blush part is so cute. Keep up the good work especially Billu Ji, i love you

  12. Gayathri.visu

    OMG……..OMG…………SHIVIKA’s scenes are awesome.. Today they are nailed it!!!! Last minute O’bros stand is amazing. Wow!!!!! precap…………….. please CVs , please make that our ishqbaazians are comes to know the svetlana’s drama…please……………….!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Blush lessons are so nice it’s shivikaicious???

  14. wow episode…
    Yuck I feel to slap on seeing swetlana..
    The way she talks, behaves.. Cheiiiiii..
    Can tolerate them but I can’t even stand rumi dog… Wish soumya take rumi and throw her over dustbin but before giving her two or three or four lung blowing slaps… I want svetlana to die like dog in front of tia and rumi..

  15. I really donno what’s with Shivay? Why is he so flirty?? Million dollar question. But love every moment when Shivika is together ? Only after the sequence finished I was convinced that it was not a dream sequence.

    Btw loved the closing shot of the episode. So I guess Annika revealed her doubt to the boys. Hope the Kapoor sisters are not doubtful abt the gangs plan, if so they may act accordingly. Let’s wait n watch. For the first time in weeks, I loved Pinky today.

    P.S.- After the new promo and Guls Insta video with Om , I think nafratbaaz gang is already dealt with. Also I guess they ve locked somebody for Om. Let’s hope for the best. And from the promo we know Annika started to ve feelings for Shivay but does Shivay love Annika?? Or is it going to be another heartbreak for Annika??? God knows n of course Gul..!!

    1. Mouni

      lol lax l think sso does not even know that he flirting with his panika , he is so innocent when it comes to emotion and has no expérience in love and anika is emotionnaly ready to accept her feelings than him , sso is emotionnaly challenged and even thou he fell in love with anika looong ago as omru teased him in the past but still he can’t come forword and accept it yet but its ok , every look , word , gesture of him says that he is deeply in love
      oh lax am hoping strongly that the kapoor chapter will be closed soon or atleast swetlana and tia , we need frech tracks with om’s lead and anika’s past , priveer wedding etc …
      also l would love to see anika go to work again and build herself alone but what l really want is a pregnancy track , just imagine anika pregnant in the future woooow , l was dissapointed in IPKKND as they end it without pregnancy for kushi so am hoping for diffrent thing for anika

      1. Mouni..!!
        After seeing the promo I was a bit disappointed. I wanted Shivay to realize first. Hope Annika does not confess first n make herself pappu another time. May be the promo is not a big deal, it’s just that she realizes that she is blushing coz she is in love.

        And you are right they are first timers when it comes to matters of heart. And their innocent gestures are just one reason we love them.

        Also the CV said in her Twitter account that Annika ll go for job soon. But I rather wish she goes to college n get a degree. That can be altogether a different world for Annika.

      2. Sumi.SS

        Hi mouni..same Dr..highly dissapnted in IPKKND show..suddly they ended the show becz of barun exit..I am also eagerly waitng Anika pregnancy track to watch caring side of bagad billa.
        Always I thnk Anika is a loneliest person frm her one is thr fr her to love care and even fr teach so much of things to her..I hope shivaay is the All roundr to give all the love she missed in her loneliness..

      3. Hi Lax, Mouni, Sumi and Archiya…..we share the same views yaar. Seeing SSO’s new avatar am confused if I should be more happy or confused. In the past he has proved that we cannot completely rely on him!! Just like Anika said earlier its hard to make out why SSO is the way he is……but that’s what makes SSO special I think. What I don’t understand is why is he hesitating so much to hug Anika?? one brief hug….even for a few seconds is ok…..lekin hug toh banta hai! Friends correct me if I am wrong….but Shivaye has not hugged Anika after that divorce paper episode right?? That cannot be counted as hug….but chalega. 😀
        And Lax, don’t be disappointed……Shivaye had partly realized his love when he found Anika in that near-to-death situation with Daksh. But I think he is himself in a confused state of mind. I think he is expressing all his feelings to Anika without hesitation because he knows however complicated their relationship is, Anika is not to be blamed. It was he who started all this….so it is his responsibility to show love to Anika and keep her happy! He is not sure of the future life with Anika, but he wants Anika to be happy as long as she is with him and he is ready to do anything for her happiness! That’s how I feel about the Shivaye’s change…
        But as you said let’s hope for more Shivika moments and that Shivaye won’t make Anika a pappu and he won’t break her heart…..can’t bear another heartbreak yaar!! If that happens I swear I will stop watching IB!
        Sumi and Mouni… also excited to see Anika’s pregnancy track….but not so soon….let their love blossom first!!

    2. Sumi.SS

      Hi lax..haha it’s not dream dr..weird one is we also want shivika togethr..whn they were togethr shivaay becme flirty Singh oberoi and Anika blushng..uffff…we can’t accpt this so easily rhyt..nw a days viewrs hv OmRu qustn..whts gng on???
      I thnk this tym also anika wl hurt..did u watched upcmng videos at India forums..shivaay said to Om at the startng,MMS is Mrs.Kapoor is again blackmailng SSO over Om matter.. it makes rifts in shivika compensate this if OmRu dinner date plan for shivika takes place it wl be treat to watch..:-);-)

      1. Sumi..!!
        Fingers crossed. Annika should not ve heartbreak. That’s all I want.

    3. Archiya

      Lax dear,
      even i fear its gonna b Hearbreakt for anika, as shivay will still be balckmailed by mrs.kappor.. an he wont show his support or love for anika

      1. Sumi.SS

        Woow Archiya nce dp..yeah dr..i wsh this tym Anika dnt get dissapnt mre..and undrstnds shivaay and try to findout the reason which he is hiding frm all..but it’s not easy..hope fr the best..

    4. Archu, Sumi
      Annika ll def. b disappointed, only thing to b seen is how deep is the wound. And Sumi as you said it’s not going to b easy this time to find wats in SSOs head.

      1. Lijince,
        There is definitely going to b a heartbreak. I sense one. Also I read a spoiler that Mrs. Kapoor ll again blackmail Shivay, and Shivay ll again show his stone Avatar to Annika out of majboori. Not coz I read the spoiler but I feel SSO cannot easily come out of his khoon khandaan thing. it won’t be easy for Shivay to accept Annika. But after this heartbreak I want Annika to b strong, don’t want her to blush when Shivay is around or when he touches her. May b to overcome this heartbreak she goes for a job.
        There was under stair hug?? Lijince, that was after the divorce hug.

  16. Hii guys howru all? Hope you all remember me?
    Actually I was busy so couldnt cmnt n also lost interest in show aftr ishana left. But nowds its on right track except tia n Svetlana..
    Btw anyone here Richu shabana shaza mukta abiha shivu luna Disha saku mishri sat?

    1. Heyy…dhruvv bhai…m perfectly fit n fine….even i was also not regular….from sooo many days ….but soo soo sooooo happy to see u back…few days back richu d came back n now u…hope so that each n every friend n sis bro will b back…anyway…i missed u sooo much my bro….
      How r u…?
      Now u ‘ll b regular na..??

    2. Hellooo Dhruvv….im fine dr
      Hope u also doing well…
      U are commenting after long time…..hey many of our old ishqees are not commenting bcz some are busy in their work and some are left like u after ishanas exit….
      Anyways omkaras story is going to start soon…so hope for best….anyways have a nc day

    3. Richu

      Dhruv Bhai…..huhhh back after soooooo long….aapko pata Bhai param ka new show aane wala Bhai…Ghulaam…from 16jan….life OK…plzzz plzzz do watch and comment…I guess Hume humari purani sh family wahi par milegi…
      And how r u yaar???missed u so muchhh…

  17. Krishnaa

    I didn’t know shivaay could be so romantic ; just loved shivika moments 🙂 pinky’s confrontation against tej was nice. awesome precap! but i feel somehow swetlana will see the brothers and anika and pretend to fall down. this is just my guess. anyway I love it the way it is. “Dil Bole Oberois” are back on track! 🙂

  18. Kiki

    OMG… Shivika ❤❤❤❤❤ They are killing me… They set fire on screen. …. I loved the way Shivaay explained the meaning of blush. SSO has turned into Naughty Singh Oberoi.
    I felt bad for Jhanvi. Really loved the entry of Obros in the last part. Now it’s time for ishqbaaz team to show their power against Nafratbaaz.

  19. Hey nafisa!!!!kemon achho???ami o bengali… & ofcourse ekjon puro ishqbaazian…

  20. Why doesn’t dadi strip Tej Singh of his surname and disown him.. Sud throw him out of oberoi mansion…


    Last DIALOGUE of epi will proved to be the TURNING POINT for NBians!

    What might have been lead OM getting agree over the stay of SWETLANA in OM!????

    ANNIKA marked the burnt SANDAL of SWETLANA, and while going to SSO, she was thinking and she fixed SWETLANA for COFFEE MISCHIEF and then recalling one bye one attacks made on SSO and OF so far, she got to know SWETLANA is culprit for all the attacks made so far, but by thinking TIA as innocent made a mistake. She just could not imagine in her most wild dream, there may be connection between both TIA and SWET.

    Though it was not shown, but then she might have discussed all her observations with SHIV-OM-RU and all ready OBROS now trusting ANNIKA, decided for SPYING on SWETLANA. And when after discussion they came down, they saw the DRAMA of SWETLANA.

    ENIMY is always better around than to away, and OM did exactly did this, and said


    That one dialogue SUCKED all the blood from over the faces of both VAMPS and pale down their faces and got scared. I thoughts, SWET will have more skill than TIA, but in vain.

    Anyhow, today TEJ stepped out of his character frame, and forgetting how SWETLANA had leaked and aired video clip of his bedroom scenes in media, got trapped in clutches of SWET .CVs should project him analysing the new born experience of SWET with her old deeds, then let him keep SWET in OM , and even let be with her out of OM, no matte . It is a loss of one’s understanding, how can be a head of the country’s richest family so dumb not even ready to give a second thought to his decission? To roll on the story by making a character dumb is the injustice to the actor playing that character, and it does not make any sense. Sometimes CV’s excess focus on SHIVIKA suck the charm of other character and actor playing that character.

    1. U are right shekhar that tej have forgot that how swetlana played gane with him…..but u know what when person is blind bcz of some matter they behaves like dumb thats exactly what happening with tej now….
      Now tej is blind because his jelousy feeling towords shivaye….thats why he is falling in swetlanas trap…swet knows very well that whats tejs weakness…she used that in a correct time…so because of tejs insecurity towords sso success is becoming tejs biggest enymy and he is behaving like a stupid….
      Its not only done with tej….remember daksh also manipulated sso against anika using his weakness that sso beleives that middle class peaple can do anything for money…that time sso trusted daksh blindly and mistrusted anika…
      When enymy knows our weaness they uses that on right time….

    2. Very true Shekhar…..Tej has said earlier that Shivaye is not as old as his experience in business. Such an experienced man believing Swetlana so easily without any second thoughts is illogical! Trying to figure out who is more dumb….the writers or GK ma’am?

  22. Shivika scenes r enough to forgot about swetlana n tia…..that blush OMG…according to promo anika will realise love….but plz don’t confess infront of shivaye …let him confess first…..missed priveer….but plz plz bring omkara lead yr…i missed rumya too….om ‘ anika bhabhi….was awsome….hoping for the best about precap…let them know about swetlana….plz …

  23. Heyy all my frnds…how r u..?
    Hope all r fine…
    Have a nice blessed day…
    Gud morning…

  24. Shivika rocks. Acc to promo anika will realise get feelings for shivay. I wanted shivay to realise it 1st. Anyways can’t wait for om’s love story to start

  25. Hello my sweet ishquies… Hv a good day..:)

  26. Richu

    Hey guyzz I’m very happy today….just bcoz on shivika and omru yaar….soooooo cute….
    Second surprise is dhruvvv Bhai….

    Saku dear I’m glad to know u saw sadda haq yaar…..and now I’ll watch this show just for param….
    Shahbana yaar I know sadda haq was better than 2..but still our love for sandhir or parish dosent change…
    Neha Sharma very well agreed about that…solo u r one of the sandhirians??
    Luna reni diii……know u r damn busy but do keep commenting….

    Mukta abiha Sat yazhu Mona mouni shiv razna sunehri niveditha Sindhi nadiya kiki nithu Veda saahana edsanjida aqua dhruvvv shivu muktiii shaza haya piyuuu mishri…missing u..

    1. Heyyy ….d m here …b u r missing me…but m happy that u r missing me…how r u d ..,,??
      D where was u for somedays..
      N i was not there bcz i was sooooo tensed…n much worried …
      My one friend is having blood cancer …tmrw again she is going for check up…just pray for her d …n all guys plz pray for her ….that all reports should b cleared …hope so that its just misunderstanding…or sonewhat…but i shouldn’t true…plz pray…

  27. Hi …. all gud mng

  28. Check this spoiler I donno how true is it. If it’s true, then it’s a definite treat for Shivikans.

    P.S.- Archu where r u ?? Missing your comments.

    1. Archiya

      Hey Lax dear…
      i just commented on ur comment… cld nt watch the episode at 10 yest.. an was busy since mornin.. so just now watched n then commented… so sweet that u were missin me.. oops my comments (wink wink)
      An waitin for a proper shivika date 🙂

      1. Archu, Oh ya. When the regulars are absent, they are supposed to come with a leave letter. Ha Ha ??

  29. hi ishqies..wt an dialogue is sharam ki laali wow..they r soo adorable n om’s ye yahaa reh sakti with full tashan ..loved it..a word BLUSH make many people blush for these days..shivika ne aisa blush kiya hai shayad blush word bhi blush aisa tha ki shivika ne one word question ki 12 marks long notes explaination lika gaya hai..obessed with narbhi..precap is very interesting n exciting..its time to cheer up for omkara as we r going to c oms love track very soon..

  30. When HEART start to rule over person, his attitude start to get change. His mind almost gets in sleeping mode, and deny to awake. Heart forced the man to forget all those thoughts which are against his/ her hearts and forced to do all those things which he/her never done and sometimes forced person to condemn mind for keeping away from such things so far.That is what all is happening with SSO. He fought with teeth and nails with his heart right from the threshhold of that temple at which he met her first of all. He keep continue with his all cruelity, rudeness to over come his own boiling feelings of heart, but at last innocency of that gal put his mind at freezing point and awaked his heart to rule over his own entity. IRONY man has started to melt and icey feelings are getting heat more and more and carving walls of stones to flow from his river of heart to the valley of love . Though all is happening against his old ages beliefs resing in mind, he likes the soft touches of these feeling emerging out of his now awakened heart and wishes to kept it with care.

    He poured out all his feelings for ANNIKA in a very classic and decent way, forgetting all differences still stand between them, and does all those things which either he never done ago or no one else expected from him to do so far and under the influence of this his very incredible attitude forced OM to call out her as ANNIKA BHABHI first time .

    That is her high respect and extremes trust over him which she explicitly expressed by sleeping in his bed room, leaving to sleep outside of bedroom. She does know, she is safe with him in all the way even after getting worstly treated by him so far, and SSO does exerted all decency as she expected from him.

    This phase of understanding , trust over each other are very crucial for their journey of duo life.Both do not know, what might have been written in their fortune, but they will never lose these tiny feelings which both are now experiencing , and will never lose what ever they got decency from each other . Future may put them apart, but both knew them have something to remain in contact, to feel each other!

  31. Guys full length promo as uploaded by Gul

    1. Archiya

      Oh no… so shivay even though he loves her is gng to ignore her.. 🙁 just cox of tia mom blackmail

  32. Sumi.SS

    Hi guyzzz..hw r u al??hope u r all fne..
    Nw a days thr is no’s beyond the expected level..
    Aftr watchng precap i just laughed lot fr 2 is our detective giri gang is back..yaaayyy.. that is a very serious scenes accrdng to wl be fun fr viewers..
    Secnd one is nw only our cutieesss took frst step to figurd out svetlana can walk or not..haha seriously..when they r gng to knw abt ROTILANA truth..
    In one IV OmRu talk abt MMS may be priyanka MMS..thnkgod Om is thr to help rudra..
    Omg!!nika realized her love..but I am also want shivaay to confess his love frst..finger crsed..
    OMG !!!aftr watchng gul mam video..I am over excited fr Om track..what way mam wl brng his lady love if it’s a new track or existing track..waitng..:-))

    1. Heyyyy sumi u are right nowadays no disappointment from ib team…..they where giving rocking episodes everyday…. Yaaa precape is super funny and yesterdays that last scene where obros and anika are giving pose that was faintastic one….
      I tooo very eager for omkaras story and that promo scene…
      In all this recents episode my favret scene is that shiomrus kitchen scene….i watched that part no if times…..Love isgqbaaz for giving shiomru and ishqbaaz

      1. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dr..our ishqbaaaz is always by day it’s very intrstng to watch..eagerly waitng fr all upcmng tracks..

  33. Hai guys I am new in yourIB comment family
    I am regularly read comments and I am from kerala

    1. Mouni

      hi , welcome dear

    2. Welcome here….keep commenting….

    3. Archiya

      wc Ammu.. keep commentin

    4. Sumi.SS

      U r most wlcme dr..

  34. Archiya

    So i always knew what blush meant, but shivika gave a totally differnt an beautifull outlook to it,just loved their scene.. .Smehow i did nt feel the charm today though what i always feel for shivika,nt sure if it is bcoz i did nt watch it at 10 last nite or somethin else,
    Poor Janvi she is so sweet, how can Tej nt trust her over shvetlana.
    Pinky was rite in wht she said, bt same applies to shivay as well, he has his half wife n full wife in OM, even though he is nt married to Tia, bt he accepted her as his wife., she needs to reflect on tat first
    Loved the last scene.. Om expressions superb.. an the grand entry of all 4, i liked it tat screen covered the 3 bros first n then anika.
    Please cover some rumya n priveer also, if they shw continous shivika,.. it will lose its charm.
    Though I love shivika the most.
    PPll can go to what extent for rvenge.. this is the 2nd time Shvetlana put her life in danger

    1. Archiya

      i m totally disappointed wit the promo.. why anika.. shivay shld have felt his love first.. anika will surely have a heartbrek

      1. Sumi.SS

        Hi dear..hw r u??yeah dr..i am also thnkng the same..Anika won’t hurt more..undrstnds shivaay and fndout the reason which he is hiding frm all..dnt wry dr..she is realizng her love fr shivaay to herself only..I hope she dnt cnvey this wth anyone only to us..:-))

      2. Archiya

        Hi Sumi dear..
        M dng gud .. hw r u?
        An ya anika shld convey her feelings only to us(wink wink).. I just cant see her heart brk

    2. When the fandom is going all gaga over the blush, imagine the effect of a proper jappi n pappi. Archu, U didn’t feel the charm coz u did not see it at ten. That’s sure. My heart skipped a beat actually when Shivay came near her n said that yahan pe kuch tha. I really thot he was going to kiss her. But I think he was just reassuring that she is with him at that moment n he has not lost her. Hope Annika does not misunderstand all his gestures as love.

      1. Lax me too…..I expected Shivaye to kiss Anika’s forehead….but no…..SSO ko kiss ka matlab hi nahin pata….duffer!! That moment was so crucial I felt very disappointed when he said ‘yahan pe kuch tha’….grrrrrr……njan aayirunenkil avante thalakkittu oru kottu koduthene……veruthe kothippichu…..dushtavaanaran!!

    3. Lijince,
      SSO is now in vise position, he afraid under worst condition he has to execute divorce with ANNIKA and has to marry TIA to keep the secret of OM being he illegitimate son of TEJ and also both DNA reports proved SSO is father of child. Overmore, he himself declared TIA as his wfe to the world outside of OM throgh media. Under such circuimstances he just do not want to enjoy his rights as husband of ANNIKA and there by does not want to spoile her future life over and above whatever he had done to ANNIKA so far.
      I think this may make some sense to your queston!

  35. oh noo..nt again anika..i cnt c her anika’s heartbreak..shivaay shd confess his love he already realised it but not ready to accept infront of anika..very disappointed with new promo..makers plz dt make anika pappu again..shivaay shd b d first ..why anika

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