Ishqbaaz 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks Tia are you fine. Tia says yes. Anika sees T&D locket and asks about D…. Tia says Dushyant….. Anika gets shocked. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Anika. She says you are my husband and Lord, so its my duty to get tea for you. Some time before, Shivaye asks what’s your phone doing here, you should have it. He turns and sees Anika with sindoor and mangalsutra in hand. He asks what’s this. She says sindoor, mangalsutra, Dadi said husband is Lord. He says so? She says Dadi did puja, she wanted you to fill this sindoor in my hairline and make me wear this mangalsutra. He asks did Dadi say this. He takes the fruit knife and asks her to come. She gets scared. He says you started listening to me and throws knife. She says you said I have to do what you say, I m doing that. He says good,

I have to fill sindoor in your maang and make you wear mangalsutra, okay. He takes mangalsutra from her. He recalls Dadi’s words and recalls the marriage. O jaana…..plays………. He makes her wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her hairline. They see each other. He asks don’t you remember anything. She signs no. He holds her close and asks now. She signs no. He holds her face and asks now….?

She nods no. He gets close and asks now? She says no. He says its fine, you will remember everything slowly. She runs out. Tia gets sad seeing T and D pendant and says I miss you Robin, I can’t say how much lonely I fell without you. Anika comes and asks Tia Kumari can I sit. Tia nods.

Anika says that kanji eyed man is saying my name is Anika and I m married to him. Tia says I told you they will say stories. Anika says yes, he is scaring me with a knife, don’t know what shall I do, with whom shall I share my problem, when you are there, I feel someone dear is with me. She asks Tia is she fine. Tia nods. She says I m fine, I m missing someone dear. Anika asks is that locket yours. Tia nods and says you don’t have memory and I just have memories, I m not able to forget few things, leave it you won’t understand. Anika says T for Tia, who by D. Tia says D for Dushyant. Anika gets shocked.

She says its nice name. Tia says even he is nice. Anika says now I understand you are missing Dushyant. Its night, Anika sits at pool side. Shivaye gets water. He sees her and goes to her. He asks what are you doing here, don’t you have to sleep, come to room. She goes with him. He goes to her and keeps knife near her head, asking her not to think. She asks what did I do now. He says you are thinking to run our of window. She says no. He asks her to sleep. She asks where. He says on bed….. She asks on bed? He says yes. She asks did I used to sleep on bed. He says no, you used to sleep on mango tree branch in garden. She asks really. He says sleep here, did you recall anything. She says no, I feel I m not that type of girl. He asks what do you mean and shows knife. She says nothing, I will sleep. He says good and lies beside her. She gets up and asks what are you doing.

He says people sleep at night, I m also sleeping. She says we together on same bed…. He scares her with knife and asks will you sleep. She says I m sleeping, how to sleep on same bed. He says I m hearing everything and covers her with blanket, sleep now, I know you talk embarrassing things in sleep, you speak all secrets in sleep, I know everything, also what you think about me, don’t think bad, sleep. She asks am I such type of girl. He says yes, sleep now. They sleep.

After some time, he wakes up and does not find her. He says where did she go. He sees her sleeping on the ground. He lifts her and makes her sleep on bed again. He sees her sleeping with her dupatta in mouth. She gets up and gets shocked seeing her. He asks why were you sleeping down. She says I was scared. He removes the cloth from her mouth. She says I was scared. He asks by whom. She says I thought if I talk in sleep, your sleep will be disturbed. He asks do you care for me so much. She says you are my Pati parmeshwar, I know everything, Dadi told me, I tied all teachings to my pallu. He checks her dupatta. She says you sleep, I will fan air with my dupatta. He says stop this nonsense, sleep.

She gets up. He holds her hand and shows knife. She gets scared and lies back.

Its morning, Shivaye wakes up and sees Anika standing with tea. He gets up and asks you got up so early. Anika smiles and greets him morning. She gives tea. He asks tea for me. She says you are my husband, Lord, its my duty to make tea for you, have tea, I will heat water for your bath, what will you wear, I will keep ready, what will you have in breakfast. He says stop it. She asks did I say anything, have tea. He says you know I like black coffee. She says no, milk tea should be taken in morning, not coffee, I will get milk from stable for you, have this. He takes the tray. She asks what will you wear. He says I will see. She says get ready and come fast, I will do your aarti, I will prepare for it. She goes. He says what happened to her, if her memory does not come, I will lose my memory.

Rudra comes and asks what happened. Shivaye says don’t know bad happened before or happening now, look there. Anika comes and asks Rudra to get tilak applied before going college. Rudra asks who is tilak. She says tika. He says I m going college, not temple. She asks him to get tilak applied. Shivaye says no, his forehead will get spoiled. She says applying tilak increase Ekagrata/concentration. Rudra asks what. She says Ekagrata, I decided to make my house a temple now. Shivaye and Rudra look at her. Anika goes. Shivaye rings the bell. Rudra says I think, what’s happening now is worse, we have to do something, we have to get Anika out of Ghajini girl, I want Tadibaaz Anika, not Ghar Ek Mandir one, this is much. Shivaye says this is too much, it would be better if I lose memory. Rudra makes him drink tea. Shivaye says I wanted coffee. Rudra says fine I will go.

Shwetlana says you said by attitude that I will get 100 crores, I don’t think you will fulfill promise, its not small amount, if you think you will earn and give me, that’s impossible. He says you will get your money. She says don’t try my patience, your father is owner of 5000 crores, Tej will come running to me on my one sign, don’t underestimate my power. He says I can’t, as I know you are such a cheap woman, you can do anything for money and power, you will get money soon. She says I hope you know meaning of soon, as I don’t like delays. She goes. Shivaye hears their conversation. Om throws the things angrily.

Anika asks what do you want. Shivaye says I want something from cupboard, why is this locked, give me keys. She says I don’t remember. He finds keys and opens the cupboard.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I never thought that we will get to see a episode like this in ib……mouni u are right its one of the best eposode till tge date…..totally its an darwasa thod kidki thod episode….
    In last episode when daadi is teaching anika that pati tho parameshwar hothi he…. I thought whats this daadi is saying…..but after yesterdays episode im so happyy with this pathi tho parameshwar hothi he…..anika aka kalavathi done faintastic job with this parameshwar thought….most funny is rudy is asking anika that who is tilak……hahaha.. Anika u rocked it again…
    And shivika mangalsoothr romance awsome one….i really like this about ib….they makes a very cute moments with all this small words like pati parameahwar ,blush etc…
    And the way shivaye is asking anika that ab kuch yaad aaya…..ohhhh how romantic this sso…..i wish anika should not get her memory soon….
    And for the first time shivika shared their bed….again cute moments of shivika…..shivayes chaku is very useful one….its giving much shivika close moments…..
    And sso listened om and swets conversations…what will happen now….curiosed…
    And tia revealed the secret that d means dushyanth….that to
    with anika…Really this tia is big bewakoof.. .now tias marriage secret with robin is going to come out….so now cheapdi will out of the frame…im sooo happyyy

    1. Kiki

      I don’t think that no one has used this Pati parameshwar concept in this cute manner. That’s our ishqbaaz right.
      I think Tia revealed about Dushyant because she was using alcohol at that time.

  2. Kiki

    Good morning friends ….
    Another khidhki tod episode. … SHIVIKA ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    They have planned to kill me…. SSO was busy in romancing with Anika. But I was busy looking at the door,table,floor, chair,remote because my appa,Amma also watched IB with me. Very bad shivika. .. You always made me awkward in front of my parents.
    Shivaay was toooooooo cute in yesterday episode. I loved shivru’s reaction for anika’s dharma Patni avatar.
    So finally they have shared same bed. But he didn’t take any advantage of her situation. That’s my Shivaay ?
    P.S : but he’s little naughty. Because there was a lot of space on that bed. But he slept closer to her ?

    1. Haha kiki….u are right….the bed is big one…but shivaye slept very near to anika even when there is much space….i thought only i have noticed this point….but u tooo did this….so same pinch dr…
      And u said right this is the first show in which they showed this pati parameshwar word in a very cute and humorous manner….thats our ib….everything is special… I know its very embaress to watch it with parents….so dnt worry dr… Watch it on hotstar if u can

      1. Kiki

        Thanks for your suggestion shahabana dear. But I have a habit of watching movie and shows with my family or friends. I really need people around me when I’m enjoying anything. But I always watch ishqbaaz again in insta after telecast.
        PS : my appa is a fan of ib. So obviously he won’t miss any episode. ? So no idea can’t help me ?

    2. O god kiki???????I was laughing after reading ur comments ..he he anyway u ppl also copying kalavathi ryt …all funny funny comments here ….ya rey even I noticed so much spaces over der still shivaay slept near to anika nd he slept by holding anika’s hand lol??????????????

      1. Kiki

        Maybe I too have affected by Kalavati fever…. ???

    3. Same situation with me at that time dekhne ka bahut man krta hy but kya kre..?????us time hm sare khirki darwaze pankha sab dekhte hy????????????????????????????????mai ho husna shuru kr deti hu (control nahi hota?.)chalo and by the way Mujhe kissi ne yaad nahi kia ?????????????????????????????but stuti Humesha yaad krta hy sabko???????????????????soo enjoy promise day……….. .

      1. Kiki

        I don’t know hindi. But I could understand little what were you telling. I hope I understand it correctly.

  3. Good morning Sweeties…..some network problem y’day….so my comment was not posted I think!! So as you all know the epi was EPIC….I loved the whole episode!!
    The episode must be dedicated to the Pati Parameshwar of Tia Kumari by Pati Parameshwar of Kumari Kalavati Takur!! Surbhi, Nakul, Navina……performances were superb!! I feel Surbhi and Nakul are giving a fresh look to the characters in the current situation…..never seen such performances before!!
    And the Shivika moments…..Awwwwww…..they were so cute and beautiful!! The old Anika came back somewhere in ‘panga’ moment and ‘dar ki baaghi’ one….and the chota devar ji!! As always Rudy’s part was the most hilarious!! Tilak kaun hain….LOL!! And ShiRu convo…..loved it!!

    Lachu, I also felt sorry for Tia yesterday…..I think as the spoilers say if Robin comes back, Tia might back out from this NBs team and be a good girl!! From yesterday’s epi I felt she is doing all this because of her mom and sisters….otherwise she is kind at heart!!

    Remember, in the good old days Anika’s dialogue to Shivaye while discussing about marriage….”your shaadi will be a big grand wedding organised by the one and only Anika….paani phek ke shaadi, gober phek ke shaadi, sheeshe tod ke shaadi….” According to the current situation it should be rewritten as “paani phek ke yaadash vapas lana…..gober phek ke yaadash vapas lana…..sheesha tod ke yaadash vaapas laana…..” 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Can’t wait for the pool episodes and gober epi…..
    Btw guys which country’s flag was hanging on Swet’s ears?? Uganda?? And what is she doing in Shivika’s cupboard?? I was imagining Anika would search for Shivaye and find him in the cupboard….kya se kya ho gaya??
    Shivaye’s “abhi…..abhi….” gave me that SRK feel of “aur pass aur pass…..”!! I think my craziness is getting worse day by day!! 😛 😛 😀 😀 😀

    Ok guys in office…..its break time!! Will see you in evening!! Happy weekend buddies!!

    1. Gd afternoon liji….
      Really dr always rudys diologues and expressions are epic….love all the cast of ib….they where very natural….
      Even i tooo felt bad for tia…u are right tia is doing all this bcz of her mothers pressure….u remember in very first episodes….tia is very hesitated to follow her moms orders….this mrs.kapoor always gave poison to her dughters instead of milk….then how will they can good….but in all three sisters tia is little good

      1. Renimarenju

        Lijince…….tiayude aduthu ninnu kurachu reiki vangikku……u are like spreading raita like anika…..yaar……ithu namude ib family aanu to……ivide non stop comments are allowed……..Pinne……ishqbaaz … like a magic…..we will just watch it again and again……because it spreads ishq in our hearts……..Hope my malayalam didn’t made u a cry baby …..
        By the way am a half malayali…….

    2. Hey dr u know wat while watching d epi even my mom asked me wat is she hanging in her ears n i replied d same ” d flag of uganda” haha 😀 😀

      1. Hi-five Shree…. 😀 😀 😀

    3. Liji
      I ve a message for you in my post.

      1. Lachu…..kandu kandu!! Athe thazhe Shekharnte commentil vayichille “pathivratha” aanennu vcharicha Dadiyude secret!!

        Namukku ithrayum pathivruthyam mathi chakkare!! Kettiyathine sahikkunnathu thanne valiya karyam…..Anika ippo thudangittalle ullu…..kurachu kaalam kazhiyumbo kaanam……”thante chaaya, thante dress, thante life…..thaan enthenkilum cheyyu” ennu parayum…. 😛 😛 😛
        Lachu…..thanikku kalyanaprayamayo ennariyilla…..aayalum aayillenkilum nalloru “pathivrutha aaya barya” aayi theeratte ennu hridayapoorvam aashamsikkunnu!! 😉 😉 😉 :D:D

        Pnne kazhinja pageil paranjille full formil aanallonnu…..kazhinja one month aayi workil bayankara tension aayirunnu…..innale athokke onnu theerthu, bossum pondattiyum enne bayankaramayi prakeerthichu!! Athinte santhosha prakadanamayirunnu!! Njan kurachu over aavunnundu alle?? Aadyam silent reader aayirunnu….ippo comment cheyyathe irikkaporuthi illa!! 😡 😡 😡 Control cheyyan pattunnilla….ntha cheyyua??

    4. He he he

  4. Hey guys i hv a doubt… tia ke pati ka naam robin hai na usney dushant kyun bola

    1. Pinku actually tia and her mother introduced tias hubby has her brother and said his name is robin….but actually this robin his tias hubby and his real name is dushyanth….

  5. By guy I am from Pakistan can I join ur group

  6. By guy I am from Pakistan can I join ur group I am biggest fan of ib

    1. Sure dea….welcome ????

      1. Thanku dear

  7. Is any one there online?

  8. So now, she is playing with TWO EDGED SWORD named MEMORY LOSS. With one edge she is tearing down the curtain from over both TIA-SWET and with other edge she is shearin out the EGO, ATTITUDE in all respect in tiny pieces. She is swaying SWORD around like a KNIFE moving in BUTTER pain of which never can be experienced. She made SSO totally helpless and made him to do all those things which he never liked to exert at any cost. Her antics made him to speak all those words, phrases which he hated most , to execute all those acts which he never even imagined to do.

    Eventhough there is no logic behind all these ( I had left hope for any logic now even), that SC herself knows, but she played and PORTYAYED KALAVATI in a decent way only to unmask TIALANA and how amazingly she managed to SSO keep away from her as before. KALAVATI made him literally bow down to her knees with all his weapon at her knees without exerting any her ATTITUDE is just a individual ANTICS OF SURBHI CHANDANA.

    Anyway, NAKULs expressed his all embrasments and helplessness in his own style. The way he used a KNIFE with behind all his so far LOVE, is just a unique way of confession of ONE’s love, and for that CVs are appreciable for their sense of humour along with equally BASHING for LOGIC.

    The way he expressed his confused state while finding KALAVATI with TEA in hands at earlly in the morning is just a moment to enjoy. The mdinight drama between duo was hillarious! On seeing the knife in his hand, when she changed her side facing him to ensure him about her escape while sleeping is just EPIC of her ANTICS.

    Looking at the speed of exerting the twist after twist, it seems the END of VAMP TRACK is coming soon. New track of OM along with RUDY in DBO is just on the verge of AIRING, and so why i feel, makers are seeking less drama in OM due to VAMPS as OM story line may have many drama. And as It would be difficuilt to manage much more drama efficiently in both IB and DBO, it would be better for makers to make IB nuisance free , because now all the nuisance will be required in DBO.

    1. Ohhhh shekhar thanks a lotz….finally u come out of logic and appreciated actirs hardwork….abd u know what shekhar robin is entering again…he is not died….look at anus cooment….she is thinking what will be ur reaction on cvs’s this move….i know u will bash then surely

  9. Hi pinku..robin’s realname is dushaynt…

  10. [email protected]……me too….its was a michmichi situaton for me….

  11. O god …iam died laughing ??????..ya I know there is no logic but it is going to entertaining us ?????????…this is why I like ib…this is what I need?????????…I stopped almost all serials in TV only ib iam watching …that also when pinky drama was der that tym I left ib but now no pinky’s drama so continuously watching ib ….memory lose drama is so cute nd I Jus’s loving it
    ????????I hope cv ‘ s vl get good trp this time that they can reduce sas- bhahu drama??

    Guys yesterday surabhi looked cute nd pretty .??????..those dresses suit’s well …how beautiful she
    ?????????????????????? by day my love increases towards surabi??????
    …now iam thinking ven ib aired on TV on initial days I didn’t like surabhi as anika …but now she is my favorite Indian TV actress ?????????..I don’t have words to praise her ….I think this called successful journey from hatred to love ….
    I hope her the best ????????????????????my love one can play anika better then surabhi I guys ???????????



    1. Chithra….i liked surabhi before ib too….but i really dnt wanted to see her opposite nakul bcz i thought surabhi wont match nakul….but now l everything changed….shivika are best pair of tv now…..if i lijed any female lead verymuch thats divyanka tripati only….now surabhi chandana also is in my best favret list

    2. Chithra
      Same pinch. Right now SurbhiC is my favourite actress on Indian TV too

    3. Chitra same here anika pehle achi nahi lagte this Mujhe but now anika is my favourite Mujhe koi bollywood actress bhi nahi pasand coz mera dil surbhi ne le Liya hy love her…love shivika more than rumya and our future couple omri…?????

    4. Kiki

      Chithra. … Surbhi is a born actress. She is flawless performer

    5. Even me too chithra luv SC a lot actually at first it was said tat again disha will be there opp to nakul soi i was xpectng her at d vry first epi ( although i m nt a fan of disha also) bt watching surbhi tat tym i neither hated her bt i was lyk who is this girl is she d FL how come she be d main lead n after watching her in 5-6 epis i strted liking her n now i fell in luv with her (girl’s luv :-P) generally i don’t become so crazy fan of any actor or actress bt fr surbhi i m jst mad d way she defines all her emotions……. no one cn justify d character annika lyk she does…. Luv shivika….. she shld be awarded in star parivar awards or any other award function (this jst came to my mind) wat u all think guys??

    6. the same happened with me too. first I couldn’t imagine surbi with nakuul . but now God I just went crazy about their chemistry. such a beautiful pair. my all time favourite .SHIVIKA & ARSHI wow …..???.she’s getting more and more gorgeous and cute day by day ….. no other actresses can portrait anika in the way how surbi di does…. just love her……

    7. When I watched Qubool Hai, I was initially fan of Surbhi Jyoti and I watched it for quite a long time until I couldn’t tolerate the villains anymore!! Then I started watching the 2nd season where Subhi Chandna had made her entry. I didn’t like her initially, but because I loved Rahat and their chemistry, I started liking Surbhi gradually. Now, after watching her in Ishqbaaz, my liking has grown up to admiration and currently its more than that!! I am so crazy for her that if I get a chance to see her in real, I would just crush her in a tight hug!!
      I know what you are thinking, don’t get me wrong!! If I was a boy, my craziness would have been justified. 😛 😛 😀 😀

  12. *??????????

    1. ???????my name changed to chithra to Chaithra ???????.how funny type mistake ?????

    2. 6th month of GUJARATI CALANDER is CHAITHRA !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Hello everybody attention plz ….Jus’s see who is that person above replied me?????????????????????????????????….my bro replied ?????????????how lucky iam …6 month Gujarati calander is Chaithra ???????
        Whatever may be iam happy today ???????????
        P.S: Neha plz see even I got a replay from my bro????????how cum other isqiees didn’t notice this???I know small thing he said but iam making this as big..iam crazy

  13. hai am new here i am a great fan of IB wt an act guys and this is the 1st serial i watching with lots of love i love there way of acting and waiting for DOB

    It will be revealed DAI MAA that TEJ and SHAKTI are the sons of DADI but not of OBEROY SAHEB.. Both are illegitimate son of MR.OBEROY, and TEJ and SHAKTI’s real father will be emerged out after airing of DBO which will be confirmed by DADI’s own sister in DBO.

    Great suspense and drama is ahead.

    wait and watch.

      1. Fhat the …..?? Tej and Shakti are illegitimate sons…..that means Dadi’s Pati and Parameshwar were different people!! That is going to be too much of mystery man!!

    1. shekhar bhai ????what a confusion ahead ….Dadi was giving lectures on ishqbaazi and that their love story was takkar wali and all that ….now how come tej & shakti be illegitimate. …… So we’ll have to suffer more illogical tracks …..oh my Mata. ….

    2. Bhai yeh kya hogya but tej ko about pata chalega ki kit name burn lagta hy jb koi tease krta hy?

    3. What a shoking news…..viewers will get heart attackby this news….
      Anyways one news is comfirmed that none is illigimate from shiomru….thats good….many told shiv will be illigimate….but i always told he is not bcz gk comfirmed a long ago that none from obros are illigimate….thats good

    4. Mouni

      wow that’s shocking but its confirmed ??
      sso will have the shock of his life about his oberoi’s pride plus how dadi had 2 illegitimate children ?? was it after or before marriage ??
      also the woman playing dadi’s sister will be negative character so maybe its a plan ??

  15. Sorry typing mistake samaj jana

  16. Ishqbaaz hi guys…. can i join your group… ;(

    1. Sumi.SS

      Wlcme feriha..keep commentin..

    2. Sumi.SS

      Wlcme feriha..keep commenting ..

    3. Yes u can

  17. Renimarenju

    Hello My Ishqies…….Too busy with work guys…..Its just making me workaholic only…….This place…..also……am missing my home town mangalore a lot……….Any ways…… How are u…….all……….mukta,aqua,nadiya,kat,sat,jazz,sreeranjini,anu,anulydiya,ammu,lachu,shivika, nelka,navi,kiki,nikki,nithu,shahabana,priya15,priya29,ridhima,disha,dil,luna,aarya,akshaya,sam, bshama,harshan,naina,vinnu,sumi,zuha,chitra,ishqkum,ishq,piyali,mishri,sunehri.dhruvv, fatarajo,devga,rose,rosu,roz,lijince,lijitha,lax,archiya,veda,razna.saku,shivani,shaza,haya,aliya, abiha,aahana,sekhar,pinku,shraddha,samyuktha,richu,nivedha,niharika,nazneen,mouni, krishna,ishika,naaginforever,kushagra and other ishqies……My 200+ sweeties………..

    Ban gayi panika urff kalavati urff anika shreemati shivaay singh oberoi………

    Odh li adarsh patni kaa ghunghat aur maan gayi apne pati ko parmeswar……

    Kanchi aankhon wale bagad billa ko lag gayi 440 volt ki zor ka jhatka…….

    Sreemati anika yaa panika yaa kumari kalavati ki jalwa bana di sabko deewane……

    Raita phaila do, .Khidki Thodo, Barf bhi Thodo, Helicopter dikha do, Paani daalo, Taddi maaro,

    Chameli bhejo, Gaana gawon {billu ki shaddi}, Paneer Banawon, SSO Banke Dikhado {signature

    step], Sorry bolo, Thank u bhi bolo, Pakadke deewar mein ladka do, Ganit ke hisab dikhado,

    Kaanch thodo, Pinky promise karo, Khoye huye takkar ke yaaddash ko waps laa do billu ji……

    Par sreemati anika shivaay singh oberoi humein khoob pasand hai aur intezar hai aap donon ke ishqbaazi ki…….


    1. Renimarenju


    2. Iam Fine sis ????????nd how r u……keep commenting whenever u get time

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