Ishqbaaz 10th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye covers up Anika with the blanket and turns to go. Anika talks in sleep. Shivaye sees her tensed and takes her to the room. She says please don’t beat me, Chutki…. He says Anika, its okay. She hugs him and says I m scared of darkness, please switch on lights. Sometime before, Shivaye throws Anika in the pool. She comes out. Shivaye too gets in the pool and goes to her. He twists her hand and holds her close. He asks will you apologize or not. She says you are not that Shivaye Singh Oberoi whom I knew. He says you are also not that Anika whom I knew. She says leave me, let me go. He says apologize to Tia, I will leave then. She says fine, I m ready to apologize to Tia. He leaves her.

They go to Tia. Tia starts acting of pain. She asks how did you two get drenched. He says that’s

not imp, Anika has come to apologize. She says I don’t think so. He asks Anika to apologize. Anika goes to Tia and sprays pepper on her eyes. Tia screams. Shivaye holds Tia. Anika says sorry Tia. He asks what’s wrong with you Anika. Anika says sorry is said when mistake is done, when mistake is not done, why would I say sorry, so I had to do mistake. She goes. Tia cries.

Shivaye gives her tissues. Tia says did you see that, she has attacked on me in front of you, think what can she do, its all because of you, you don’t do anything, you could not make her apologize, I wonder are you the same Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I feel you wanted to marry Anika. He says what nonsense, its not true. She asks why is Anika in this house, you don’t regard her wife, by what right is she sharing your room, being bahu, doing rituals, why don’t you just throw her out. He say this drama is getting long, give me time till tomorrow and then see what I do. He goes. Tia smiles.

Anika sneezes. Dadi says you caught cold, how did you get drenched. Shivaye comes and says Anika…. Dadi says even you, tell me what happened. Anika says Dadi he has…. Shivaye says I got her out of pool, she slipped. Dadi says be careful, you could get hurt. Anika says I got habitual to get hurt. Dadi asks her to change clothes. Anika says my clothes…. Dadi says its here, I asked Soumya to get it, its in Billu’s cupboard. He asks my wardrobe, who did this without asking me. Dadi says I did it, this room is also of Anika. He says I don’t care, I won’t share my wardrobe with anyone. Dadi says you have to share, Anika is your wife, she has right on your house, room, cupboard and even your life, change clothes before you get unwell, I will send hot soup for both of you. She goes.

Shivaye makes partition space between his and Anika’s clothes. She takes her dress. She takes his clothes. She asks why did you lie to Dadi. He asks can just you lie. She says I don’t lie. He says one more lie. She asks what did I lie. He says lets not get into this, change in room, I will go to Om’s room. He goes.

Tia calls her mum and says yes mum, the drama worked, I made Shivaye against Anika, he will make her leave, you said right, some pain will give much happiness, thanks. She ends call.

Anika takes the blanket and pillow. Shivaye asks where are you going. She says to sleep outside. He says you can just rest here. She says I can’t stay here. He asks why can’t you rest here. She says my health, mind and mood will get back if I stay here. She feels unwell. He stops her at the door and asks her to go and rest. She goes out by the window. He sees her and says this girl is a problem, she is totally mad.

Rudra says not one, both are mad, Shivaye and Anika are mad, they used to see each other before marriage, now they see each other angrily. Om says maybe they don’t want to see each other. Rudra says so I said they both are mad. Om says you are getting understanding, I m proud of you. Rudra says life teaches everyone. Om asks everyone? They say except SSO. Rudra says I can see love in Shivaye’s eyes for eyes, he will never admit. Om says Shivaye just sees blood, family line, not person. Rudra says I think person’s thinking should be high, we love person, not blood and family line, so we don’t like Tia, and like Anika. Om says don’t know when will Shivaye admit he loves Anika, he does not admit that he cares for Anika.

Shivaye gets medicines and says Daid said Anika had fever, Anika did not have anything, if fever gets high, blame will be on me, before problem increases, I will end it. Anika sleeps and talks in sleep, while dreaming of her sister Chutki. She visualizes a lady take her sister away. Shivaye comes to her and sees her sleeping. He keeps medicines. She shivers. He covers her with blanket. He turns to go. She says no Chutki….. don’t take her away. He sees her tensed in sleep and says Anika….. He holds her and checks her fever. He thinks of their old moments. He lifts her and takes her to room. Music plays…… He makes her lie on bed. She says don’t beat me.

Shivaye says Anika its okay and holds her. O jaana….plays…. He says its bad dream, its okay. Power goes. She hugs him and asks why did lights go. He says its power failure maybe. She says I m scared of darkness, please don’t leave me, switch on lights. He says okay, calm down, lights came, you are safe. He sees she slept and makes her sleep properly. She holds his hand. He sees her.

Its morning, Dadi says its Anika’s pagphere rasam. Pinky says their hearts are not meeting, Shivaye does not believe in this marriage, you are doing rasams. Dadi says its done to unite hearts, just do this and leave everything on Lord. Anika wakes up. She looks around. Shivaye talks on phone. She sees him. He ends call and sees she got up. She asks how did I come here. He asks don’t you know, you came, moved me off the bed and slept. She asks did I do this. He asks do you think I got you here. She asks are you saying true. He says you had fever, I asked you to sleep, you slept on bed, I slept on sofa. Dadi comes and greets.

Dadi asks Anika are you fine, this is clothes for pagphere, wear this and come downstairs. They say okay. Shivaye attends call and goes. Dadi says Anika’s brother is young, he can’t come to take her, you will do this rasam instead her brother and drop her home. Rudra asks why to leave her, I will do phera and get her back. Dadi says Billu will get her up. Rudra jokes.

Anika gets ready and sees sindoor box. She recalls Shivaye filling sindoor in her maang. She applies sindoor. Shivaye comes and sees her. O jaana…..plays…………

Anika thanks Shivaye. He asks her to first see it. Anika opens the gift box and gets shocked. Om checks it and says divorce papers. Everyone get shocked. Anika looks at Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Christina

    Hi everyone dont know why they r dragging tias scene. They r even replacing vurshika ie ishaana she wad good for om dont know why wtiters r bringing sana ..though sana is good actress but ishaana was perfect for om.
    And whom do u like ishaana or san????
    Plz do reply

    • Sakshii


      |Registered Member

      ISHANA…but we can’t do anything na….but we should give SANA a chance she is nice actress..nd will definitely do justice as her character…but ya no one can take VRUSHIKA’S PLACE…

    • Chetna

      Of course vrushika but nothing in our hands so we cannot do only one thing just trust them and their skills they are more experienced than us. So just give theme a chance. But vrushika is bestest no doubt

    • Chetna

      Of course vrushika but nothing is in our hands so we can do just one thing just trust them and their skills they are more experienced than us. so just give them a chance.
      No one can match vrushika she is the best

    • Chetna

      Of course vrushika but nothing is in our hands so we can do just one thing just trust them and their skills they are more experienced than us. so just give them a chance.
      But ishana is bestest no doubt no one can match vrushika

    • Kalika

      Ishana is gone as a lesson to her fans who were harassing the producer and writers, Sana will play Anika’snger sister.

    • Abiha r u…?good morning…
      I love ishana….but we have to give a chance to sana ….lets see what happens …hope that their pair also look sooo adorable..

    • Trisha

      Offcourse ishana every want her to come back to isqhbaaz but it is not easy for any actor to come back any which they leave or any produrcer to bring back them back …… nd abut sana also good actor she should get chance….she have done many serials i am not her fan but i like her acting…..i think she will entry as anika sister i think om aur (chutki)ki noj _jok i think they will luv fight like shivika rumya like iske liya woh sayad bade gharki hona chahiya jo pasai ki rob dikhai hai yesha character hona chahiya jise dekhar om chiid jaaye par dil sa aachi ho aur shivaya aur chutki banti ho just like anika aur rudra om aur somya bhai bhahen ka rista

    • Labibakhan

      sabh ka eki baat hain..fb,twitter, insta –everyone say Vrushy as Ishaana. & every1 say , ek chance humlogo k sana k daina chahiya.. why we r all give a chance Sana as Omkara love ?? Jabh IB k ph ko fan koi parwa nahi hain— nah unki feelings k. why r u all say Sana chance. humari bol neh sai kuch nahi hotaaa..ITzzz clear. IB k ph ko sabhlogo neh kitna request kiya plzzz Ishaana back. but unlogo k passh story nahi hain so funny. I m angry– i don’t care who will come. but 1 thing alwauys remember– itz really unjustify Vrushy as Ishaana fan. Now i have a ques, now kaha sai story baan gaya — anika k sister k ??? Ishaana charater story nahi thaa— & tumlog bol raha hoo chance doo.

  2. Bebo

    I am still hating this SSO :/ I want anika to sign on those divorce papers and just leave from OM. When the tia’s truth will come out den nly sso will realize d worth of anika..!
    Anyways still waiting for daksh’s re-entry 🙁

  3. Sakshii


    |Registered Member

    Omg!!!…wht n episode.. well done my sherni anika…that Sautan deserves this…shivika scenes in today’s episode where just wow…nd rudra he is just awesome man nd om is ryt u r understanding…
    Don’t know whts wrng wd this shivaye…i mean seriously dumbo Singh oberio suits more on shivaye than rudra…he is just acting like emotional fool no actually pappet of tia…blindly believes her man..wht this😡😏…..nd dat universe ki dukkan just go to hell…universe plz usse apne paas bulalo aur meri bubbly anika ko shanti de do….
    Nd hw many r they gonna show same sindoor wala scene it’s every episode showing same..uff…
    Precap..not so shocking…dont whts gonna happen nxt…waiting for SANA entry….after today’s episode I m feeling that oms lead will b anika long lost sis…don know y but I m feeling this…

    • Archiya


      |Registered Member

      hey Sakshii,
      even i feel that that sana is gng to b anika long lost sis, as all of a sudden they started the nightmares again, they just showed in the startin episode, after tat today, an as we heard sana is gng to enter the show, so looks lik they r makin way fr her

    • Abiha

      M also sure that sana will b anika’s younger sister ….episode was good….but precap….😕😕😕😕

  4. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    Thks Amena,what a quick update.I saw the episode at 10, was waiting to comment.
    What a lovely episode, bt i felt the nite ended abruptly. Agreed shivay did nt want to show his caring nature to anika, bt it wld hve still ended on a better note.And moreover they spoiled it wit the precap.

  5. Sanidhya

    Exactly…I totally agree with u…I don’t know why the writers are doing it…I want vrushika back…it’s not like we are judging sana before her being introduced…. All we know is that kunal couldn’t have got a better pair than vrushika…and we were waiting for their track…but it never happened…

  6. Roby wolverine

    God…..! *groan* I really can’t stop noticing how hot he is even if he’s behaving badly towards Anika.. perfect chemistry between them…. After Arshi… After so long…. i found a pair i adore and love.. *sigh* still admiring Shivaay’s look and attitude.. Love him to pieces…

  7. Sakshii


    |Registered Member

    @SHABU DI…sorry I could not reply I on previous page..i m fine hw r u???..hws it cold now better???..
    plz reply I m waiting…

  8. riya

    tia is so cheap,left her own husband and now she’s spoiling someone else’s married life,as usual loved daadi and OmRu………….plz put some brains to this shivaye,how can he forget what favors anika has done for their family respect???????

  9. riya

    and ya why is daksh needed??doesn’t sso have his own brains,anyone can manipulate him so easily??????really disappointing………….

  10. Ruchu

    Shivay u will reget when u come to know that Anika is victim in all this ….plz don’t fall soo much low that u can’t get up back….

  11. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    I want anika to sign those papers n throw it n the shivaays face n leave mansion but they are showing anika as a desperate helpless girl longing for husbands love !!ithough she doesn’t want so😡😨

  12. Ritac

    Shivay stops Anika & Sahil ask then not to leave the house. Anika learns one news regard shivay and deny’s to sign in the divorce papers. That leads Tina and shivay to shock.

  13. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Oh god….what a caring husband Shivaay is….I think if he didn’t had that misunderstanding he would have accepted her most of…… waiting for Sahil’s entry and daksh’s entry…..

  14. Rana

    Why is that if a girl gets married her clothes and style of dressing completely changes? I have seen in every drama it happens like this? But cmon in real life does this ever happen? Anika used to wear info-western outfits and now sarees? Can’t someone bring her luggage from her house? How come all the blouse fits Anika? Did the family know that Anika will be their D-I-L beforehand? 😂
    Hating SSO now. Anika pls leave this SSO. Such a cow.
    Don’t know what’s Anika’s past. Seems interesting.

  15. Sejal

    It was really easy for Shivaye to forget all d favours by Anika on him n his family. Bravo. That’s d blood n lineage he’s talking of daily? BTW.. My guess is anika won’t sign d papers so as to keep Tia away. Would be perfect for media to dig out info n marriage of tia .. N should hit headlines n shock d oberoi family. They need a deep kick socially now.

  16. Lax

    Shivay is at his best when he is all into the caring avatar. That pampering.. worry on his face when Annika sneezes.. So cute..!! Shivay never misses a chance to carry Annika. And Shivika hug, priceless. Both were looking so good in white.

    More than Tia’s pressure, I think Shivay is scared of getting close to Annika n thats why this immediate decision of divorce as shown in precap. Whenever Shivay n Annika gets close, the very next day Shivay ll do something uttpatang. Last time after they got close, he proposed Tia. And now this. Shivay tera kya hoga…!!

    Hmmm.. Chutki nightmare at this point… So Chutki is probably Om’s girl or is it just to confuse us? And the lady in white saree holding Chutki looks like a caretaker to me.

    P.S.- Background music used in the show really highlights the scene I feel. For instance, in the intense precap scene, BG music really helped to bring that drama effect.

  17. Chandini


    |Registered Member

    I loved today’s episode. Anika came back so strong against tia I loved the way she walked from there after giving explanation to shivaay for spraying pepper in tia’s eyes. After so many days got a glimpse of the anika we know . And one shocking news I don’t know whether it’s shocking for you all but for me it’s really is…..some of us are not happy with sana being chose to play kunal’s pair but the irony is that she is the first on-screen pair of kunal ya you heard it right she and kunal played a minor role in star plus serial pratigya (I don’t know the full name) kunal’s character name is gunga and her’s is ganga . I also want ishkara but I think it’s not gonna happen so we have to move on…I haven’t seen krishnadasi but I liked her in Disney’s show kya mast hai life as what I am trying to say is let’s hope for the best from this new pair on ishqbaaz.

  18. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    well , tia is becoming a cheap woman who uses tricks to get the sympathy of a man , but this shows that he really does not care for her and that’s why she needed those ways , deeply she knows he is not interested by her and have no feelings for her
    anika you are back guuuuuurl very good you showed them both who you are ; strong , brave and determend girl
    sso l think l lost hope in your character for now , l dont think you will show any nice emotion to anika before tia gets exposed or the ONS MU gets cleared and you poor guy will regret it badly when anika will refuse to give you a chance and probably leave your life for some time
    plz plz plz writers of IB try to end the tia track by next week cause the universe can’t take it anymore of this shitia
    l believe daksh will return maybe by the end of tia track or after she is gone so am hoping its gonna end soon so when daksh comes it will be a big challenge to sso as he will want to marry anika , hope tia will be gone by next week and daksh enters after

    • Vijji

      Mouni, once the ONS misunderstanding is clear, he won’t care for Tia. It just got so much in his head that he is not coming out of it. Even during the wedding, it was so difficult for him to forget Anika. Just because of ONS misunderstanding, he preponed his marriage. Even during the wedding, it was very difficult for him to get out of Anika’s thoughts and when he remembered ONS, he went ahead for marriage.

      He cannot bear if she is far, he takes care of her if she is not well, he will be there if she needs him but at the same time he hurts her. Anika is the only one who saw all the emotions from him.

      Even in yesterday’s episode, when those people asked where his wife is, he said without hesitation it is Anika. Of course later he tried to cover it up.

      As you said, he does not have any feelings for Tia. Even when she was seducing he was standing like a robot/statue without any emotions.

      • SHEKHAR

        I really sad that, GUL MAM renders all the SHADES to character TIA, even though she had an option to end that TIA track by giving it a beautiful turnout and lost an opportunity to give a height to a character!

  19. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    It was so funny when anika ran from the window sneezing when shivay blocked the door,somehow reminded me of Khushi.
    Anika is equally stubborn to shivay an i just love tat.
    Dont understand how can shivay be so soft and caring in nite, and turn to so rude/stone like in the morning,something lik this happens ppl wont frget fr days, and he has already forgotten by mornin




    This question is most important !

    Once it happened that both blackmailed OF to get marry in a one day, and would have been successed but ANNIKA failed that plan by fixing the fake CD!

    As KAPOORs (KAPOOT!!) are bankrupt and almost lost everything , they have only the source is to loot SSO by getting TIA married with SSO, most probably by blackmailing him or by ending SSO’s life.

    But now it comes divorce paper, which can be executed only after 6 month!!!

    And KAPOORs are not in a position to wait for 6 months!

    Then in which way they loot money from SSO and OF?

    I think, KAPOORs will start to black mail SSO by threatening him to put the fact in front of media that SSO was got married to a cheap girl , not with our daughter post effect of which harm the image of OF in society as well as in business world duue to which share price may crash !!!!

    And as TIA and MRS.KAPOOR are not OLYMPIAN to run for 6 month long marathon, they will walk on short cut!!

    So why, as TIA’s know that ANNIKA only knows her truth, and ANNIKA may fail KAPOOR’s plan , she poured poison in SSO mind and instigated him against ANNIKA only to make her away from OM.

    PLAN -A has already been failed, may be STAY of SAHIL in OM make PLAN-B fail again!!!

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      l see that tia is unware that she is making huge risks with her plan , the fact that someone
      ( anika ) knows her truth should make her trumble from the fact that sso may find it too and destroy her and her family but she is an arrogant woman thinking she is too smart even than sso but the arrival of sahil may change the game , he can expose her easly because he is a child and she would’nt doubt him , it would be interesting if this happends dont you think ??
      the univers will have an ironic jock on both tia and shivaye baby if a child is the one who will find the truth


    WHY SSO GOT DISSAPPOINTED for a little moment in POOL!

    Its a fraction of second that SSO got dissappointed with ANNIKA!

    This was happened for a little moment, but its very important!!

    He got angered, forced and atlast saying, you and your obdurcy, he throw her in POOL, and then he jumb back coming close to her twisted hands cruelly and making her hands back badly threated her to apolze tia looking deep in her eyes! He expected she will not get ready, but all of sudden his anger lost, his grip got loosened and with shock he got a little bit dissappointed getting her ready to apologise to TIA!!

    Its a very, very short moment of dissappointment!!

    Why he got dissapointed on getting her ready to apologise to TIA when he himself forcing her to do so??

    That is his conscious mind which was wishing ANNIKA should not be weak and get ready to apologise to TIA ,

    And that is his SUB CONSCIOUS MIND being SSO forcing her to make him apologise!

    Then, the way in which ANNIKA apologise TIA made him less angered but more mesmerised!!!

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      you are 100% right shekhar , he was dissapointed for a seconde in the pool but then the way she delt with tia he was surprised and a impressed with her move but there was no anger at all and no dissapointement and if he was not under the influence of the ONS MU he would find it amusing and even laugh at it

    • DaSha

      Hello, Shekhar, to my mind, it was not a disappointment on his face, but surprise she gave up so fast, and he was really mesmerized when she sprayed something in Tia’s face. That was Anika he used to know 🙂

    • Vijji

      Sekhar, very good analysis. You analyze SSO character very well. It feels as if you created the character. Good analysis and keep writing your analysis.



    They dreams big, let it be illicit, but dreams are very big. They are wishing to put their BOAT catched in sand along with OF in the ocean, and then want to own that SHIP by all means!! No doubts dream are big, and seems to them within their hand reach!! They have two life boat to save their boat from sinking in the ocean

    2-and added later is ONS MU!!

    These two are base of their DREAM EMPIRE

    SHITTING ideology itself is a weak base which can be shattered at anytime by their own deeds

    While second base itself has no any base exposure of which may surfaced at anytime!

    KAPOORs are standing on a very weak base which has no long future. It would have been more better if they have created some positive value around and in OM, it might have proved to be a strong base!

    More you get down, more have to suffer!

    SSO may be prove a BOOMERANG which is your strong weapon now!!

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      true shekhar , the Ks are playing a foolish game and risking a lot with their plans , if they told the truth about their finance from day 1 maybe sso would help them but they chose decieves and lies and used their married doughter to make her have a second husband and even forced robin to play with them , the results of this will be a desaster for them in the future , sso when he finds out will destry them slowly and painfuly for making a fool of him and the OF he will not tolerate any excuse they make and will turn their life to hell , am so ready to see him looking coldly and threatning tia while she is crying and begging , he will have no mercy but l hope it will be soon or atleast before jan 1st 2017
      as l said before sso biggest problem will not be tia and the Ks in the future but anika , he will have to go through a lot to gain her love , a hard and long road waiting him

    • DaSha

      Shekhar, this first position is super strong! Despite the second one can be cleared quite quick, there are no signs of it, but the first one… All his existence as a person, all his reality in relationships, business decisions and so on depend of it. It won’t go easily…

    • Abiha

      Shekhar bhai…i m sooo much impressed by ur analysis….u observe each n every thing n expressions…👏👏keep it up…each n every time i get amazed when i see ur analysis…

  23. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    I feel like I’m getting bored by this serial , means the shivika track that’s going on ryt now …it’s same like all other serials , misunderstanding-> forced marraige -> love -> misunderstanding cleared -> girl/boy as guilty ….I’m actually now feeling like shivika is not something so u unique like I used to feel b4 , it’s the same old Indian serial type story .maybe cuz I, watching Koreon serious these days I’m feeling Indian serials(including ishqbaaz ) are dramatic and stretching …..VERY SORRY if I hurt anyone , shivika fans in there , but I’m also a shivika fan and I’m disappointed by this track …..

    But I’m waiting for Sana’s entry now , I hope Om’s love story won’t disappoint us , and it will be something new that the Indian serial industry have not seen , 😊, but I hope to not hope so much …🙃
    For me when I say Ishana , when I feel I’m talking abt vrushika , I don’t want her to enter as Ishana’s charector as Ishana’s charector has been ended I hope she wil be a fresh charector

    • Abiha

      M i dreaming….who is commenting…??
      Shaza is it u…?
      How r u…?how’s ur studies… everything is fine na..?where was u..?
      N yeah i agree shivika marrige is of same seqvence in all dramas…but lets hope for the best in omkara’s life…

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        Hi abiha di ..I missed u sooo much 😊😍…actually u know my 10st is gonna start next year March …and I really seriously wanna concentrate on my studies …and score awesome marks , and u know how much I’m addicted to TU , and fb and serials I’m trying best to stop these things and just concentrate on studying ..and I don’t want any distractions …so I’m seriously trying to put much negetivety in my mind abt serials .,and as ishqbaaz is nit so awesome these days , I’m getting power to late it and never watch again ..maybe when Om’s girl enter I will hear the story my freinds ….
        But I’ll comment once in a while 😊😊😊 I can’t stay away from u guys 😊😘

        Wish me a luck for my future di ….and u know from now again annual exam for classes 10th are gonna start ..and only 1exam is gonna decode everything …I’m feeling very scared …from 2nd at , I’m very scared abt going to 10th ….like that board ex,as m papers going to Delhi for correction makes me shiver ..

        Hope u won’t forget me , my cute sweat di 😊😘😘😘💋💋

    • Abiha

      I’ll also miss u sweety…don’t stress yourself so much yrrr…
      I know studies r important more than anything for youngsters….so just chill n study as hard as u can….n as the matter of serials n fb so avoid them untill u transferred to 10th…n also if u studies allow u comment here even if it is after 3,4 days……n also don’t b scared of board exams n all….just relax n workhard bcz only hardwork makes us confidant….
      When u see my reply just reply me once..
      My allll best wishes r with u….may u get best results …
      Happy eid milad e Nabi….
      Reply me once..

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        Look who is asking me ? 😜…first u , where were u from so many decades Mishri di ??? ,u know I missed u and ur comments sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much 😭😭😭…..what happend to u , why u were not commenting di ?
        Actually I was not commenting cuz my FA-4 was going on ….

  24. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    About precap:

    If I were Dadi, and see Shivay sold Anika’s house already knowing how he threatened Sahil life to make Anika marry him, I would slap him as strong as I can! Almost none in Oberoi family remember how much she did for them, but Shivay first of all.

    There was a story I’ve read once about a poor man saving a baby of a rich person from drowning in the river. He jumped into cold water and saved the child, pulled him on the river bank. When baby was saved, rich man came to the poor man hut and gave him several copper coins thanking for saving his child, then left. Poor man’s wife asked her husband why rich person gave so little for his only baby, and a poor man answered that it was a price that rich person evaluated the life of his own baby.

    What I want to say, whatever it was/was not between Daksh and Anika, Shivay behavior is too harsh. He forgot everything good she made for the family, and treat her like if she was an enemy… That only shows how he ‘evaluates’ his own life, Rudra’s life, Pryanka’s reputation, his father and uncle reputation and so on… Even if he is super jealous about ONS MU screenwriters made him too ungrateful for all good things Anika did. And this humiliation is just started I think, he might even ask Anika after divorce to organize a little family ceremony for him and Tia. If screenwriters getting ideas about humiliation, they won’t stop till they use all ideas.

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Yup u have a point…but dz also shows how the real world works….how much ever good one person does..his one mistake will change the impression on him…dats stupid…now I think 4 shivay more than his reputation the thing daskh told only makes a ONLY daksh can clear it..I want him 2 Cum back nd help anika..

    • shekhar

      Nicely described!
      Cosciously he is aware of all good deeds of ANNIKA for him and his family. He is also welaware of her talent.
      But problem with SSO is, deep in his subconscios there lies jealosy, ego, shitting ideology, and when ONS ADDED to these, his subconscious mind push him to react to ANNUKA’s adversely. His biased thoughts never allow him to be at right angle to see a matter.
      This SSO is biased by default, and any default value just can not be changed in a flash. It requires either a long time or a jerk after jerk to these default values to get it change!

  25. Abiha

    Way of anika going out…was soo funny…shivaye caring anika sooo cute…tia irritating tooooo much …someone make her out of OM …rude shivaye deserves some slapssss….rudra n om are sooo adorable…

  26. Abiha

    @priya 29..
    Sorry for late…but most welcome dears…just keep commenting….

    @saku…sorry yr i was busy yesterday due to didn’t commented…sorry…
    How r u..?was it u who said about exams..?

    @renima d….m fit n fine …how r u..??
    Sorry i was busy that’s why didn’t commented…soo happy that ur writing ff…

    @shahabana d…how r u ..?? How’s ur cold now…?take care d…

    @richu d…m here…i was busy yesterday so didn’t replied u…sorry for that…anyway how r u..? D m also missing all the old members soooo much…but what we can do except requesting them..plz d comment regularly na…n think saku n renima d told u about all the members that why they r not commenting…@shivani d…deleted her account..due to some reasons…but she was commenting here till friday…
    Plz comment regularly richu d…

    • Sakshii


      |Registered Member

      Hello Abiha di…
      A very Happy Eid milad e nabi…
      Nd yaa it was me who told about my exams…nd I finished my exams last Saturday i.e on 10 Dec.. .as it was just unit test…so I hdnt taken it seriously nd was commenting here😜😜…

  27. Abiha

    @Naz when i copied link to post here all the scenes were shown in the episode…haha…sorry yr…

    @hey…everyone how r u all…
    Mukta…renima d…disha…richu d…shivani d…chetna…shahabana d…tridha…saku…samyukta…Aahana…priya…piyuuu….nevidha d….dhruvv bhai…dhruvvv bhai…Naz….christina…swadheenta…n all the members how r u..??
    Good morning….
    Have sweet ,happy n wonderfull sunday…

  28. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Finally things will sort..
    Abiha im fine dear…nice to see u back..
    And howz u all???mukta saku samyukta shaza Luna shahbana sumi Shana kiki nithu Veda saahana yazhu priya disha piyuu razna chetna reni diii sunehri niveditha Sindhi nadiya shivu dhruv Bhai muktiii….missing u all!!!

  29. Akky

    ishanna is really good pair for om but i can’t understand why they wanted to replace her with sana. I knew that sana is also a good actress but they should not replace ishanna. Hope that ishanna should not replace

  30. Trisha

    Monday dono serials ma divorce ka scene hai kasam aur isqhbaaz kya hoga dono serial ma will thier wife them divorce or not intersting tract in both serial my mom nd grandmom used to see kasam nd i used to see isqhbaaz what will happen both serials same condition hero dosen’t trust her herions trust on other

    • Abiha

      Heyyy…Trisha…same with me yar….my younger sisters watch kasam n i ishqbaaz…so also i know track of kasam…waiting for monday to see what happens…

      N also i agree with u what u said about sana’s character n omkara….hoping that some unique things happens in between their story ..n also bonding of chutki n shivaye will mean a lot…lets see what happens…
      We never interacted…so don’t know ur age …sorry if u r older than me n m calling u by name…

      • Trisha

        I think im elder than u i m 20year old nothing will happen if u call me by name never feel bad i m bcom happy if u called by name …… as ur wish

  31. Rumya

    Hey Guys!

    It would be fun to watch Sahil & Rudy….. Cos they both like the same girl. 😉

    I really want to see Rudra & Saumya scenes….

  32. Lijince


    |Registered Member

    Hi IBians….Shivaye in yesterday’s episode again proves one thing…..that he loves Anika the way she is….he couldn’t believe when Anika said that she will apologise to Tia….or maybe he was expecting that Anika will not agree and he wanted to see the ‘tashan’ Anika….but Anika agreed so quickly….then after Anika sprayed pepper spray and justified her act…..Shivaye looked at Anika with a ‘wow’ in his eyes…..maybe at the corner of his ‘very-rarely-heard’ heart he was appreciating Anika for the bindass reaction…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And then his care towards Anika when she fell sick…..all the darker shades he shows is just because of the family reputation, stock prices, and the great family name…..I still don’t understand what twist will the writers bring in the story so that Shivaye will get out of these feelings for once and ever!! I don’t think exposing Tia’s truth or Daksh’s ONS MU will bring down Shivaye on his knees in front of Anika….not to reveal his feelings for her, but to tell her that he doesn’t care for blood, surname, lineage etc.,,,I am waiting for such a moment in IB which I think will not happen in the near future….:( 🙁 🙁

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      Tia’s truth or Daksh’s ONS MU sure will play a major role in changing sso views bcz both of tia and daksh are suposedly rich and good family ppl and both are close to sso and both betrayed him add to that the fact that anika may leave him after that or refuse to go back to him so he will find himself losing in many fronts





      • Lax

        Yes..!! Saw that promo today. Good that Annika is fighting back, but I don’t want CVs to show her as a desperate wife. Hope Shivay won’t misunderstand her again. I thot this Tia drama will end soon, once n for all. But does not seem so from the promo. I think it’s going to b a lengthy track. Hope I am wrong.

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      its good to see anika confident but am not very happy about it , tia challange is real , she will probably come back with shivaye
      but l learned that promo usually dont reflect the hole image of the show , maybe dadi will send tia to her home or shivaye himself because anika will stay until divorce is final but the promo does not say tia is exposed and am very dissapointed , this means tia’s track will stay longer and if her truth is not revealed we will not have a propor shivika relationship

  34. shahabana

    Helloo ishqbaazians
    SAKU and ABIHA now im fit and fine guyz….
    And yesterday episode is very nc….finally bold anika is back who is equal to sso in thadeebaz
    Im not commented bcz toooo busy guyz
    Sorryyyyy i will be back in next episode update
    Tonarrow eid milad
    HAPPY EID MILAD to all my sweet ishquees

  35. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    hi guys was there a problem with the websit ?? l could not have it for 3 or 4h but am happy its back yaaaaay
    anyway , is there a new spoiler or video ?? l want to watch post divorce papers scenes

    • Lax

      Yes Mouni, there was some issue with the site.
      A new promo of IB is out, where Annikas is throwing Tia out of the mansion.

  36. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    well the new promo could have many interpretations :

    1 – anika stays till the divorce is final and that will force tia to leave the OM for now either by dadi or sso himself = more dragging
    2 – anika finds proof against tia and confronts her and make her leave the house or she will teel sso so tia leaves but try to make plans against anika to return = also more dragging
    3 – anika exposes tia to the OF but tia can threaten sso to ruin his name and buisness if he does not take her back or give her what she wants as everyone knows they are married and if this go out its the end for the OF , she knows he can do anything to save his family and will use it against him , so maybe that’s when anika’s prediction will come true when she was with him in the bed room crying ” you will know the pain when someone decides in your place and take you from your beloved ” IT COULD BE TIA AND HER FAMILY , a twist like that will make shivaye weak and helpless and feel trapped just like anika in the wedding


      I said before in few TU back, divorce paper is important!

      In this TU, i predicted, KAPOORs will not wait for 6 monts, means plan A faild, in plan B , that comes blackmail!

      KAPOORs have nothing to black mail except SSO’s declaration for his wife as TIA , that is in MEDIA!

      Now SSO has been FIXED in corner !

      What may be happen , that I can imagine, but just imagination.

      After SSO’s forcing ANNIKA to stay in OM alongwith SAHIL, and as divorce paper shall be executed only after 6 months of marriage, ANNIKA will stay in OM as SSO’s wife with the support of OMRUDA and SOMPRI. During her stay in OM , ANNIKA might have some solid proof against TIA, getting which ANNIKA might have come to knew some danger over SSO and OF.

      The way ANNIKA throw out TIA from OM, is no more can be hided from any member of OF, particularly from SSO, so this act of ANNIKA itself is a proof that she had have a solid proof, and mind well , ANNIKA knows SSO ‘s biased attitude, but this time proof may be such a strong against TIA that any member of OF including SSO has to agreed with ANNIKA.

      In my POV, now for TIA, ANNIKA’s exit from OM is more important than her divorce, bcz divorce can be executed only after 6 months, and KAPOORS just can not wait for 6 months, They are planning to blackmail OF , they may declare TIA is not married to SSO, but that girl is some one cheap orphan girl without NKK!!!, this plan -B!!!

      KAPOOR’s may black mail him or demand DIVORCE of TIA! In both case OF has to pay huge amount or they have to face great crisis in business, Share prices may crashed to ground zero!!!

      Now for ANNIKA divorce matter,as DIVORCE can be happen only mutual agreed terms and condition only, SSO just can not force ANNIKA. Looking at the DANGER over SSO and OF, she may deny to sign divorce paper only to save OF and SSO.

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        true shekhar, inthe promo anika looked confident so it means everyone in the Of has come to know about tia truth so as you said the plan b starts, blackmailing sso maybe for money and buisness or else they will expose him for marrying anika, when they are exopsed they will have nothing to lose but sso will have everything to lose and they know that he can do anything to save his name so they will trap him and tia said that she will come back, maybe they force shivaye to divorce anika and marry tia, either ways am feeling the 3rd option is probably the one that gonna happend and then sso will truly taste the pain that anika spoke about

      • SHEKHAR

        SSO is now VISED between two marriage, ONE IN EYE OF MEDIA and INE IN HOME!! Bothe can now black mail SSO!

        In this TU, as predicted, TIA is now blackmailing SSO and after threatening him, I may expose our marriage trueth if you will not do as I wish, being a ill wisher of SSO !!!

        ANNIKA will deny him to sign divorce paper, and after briefing DADI for the ill intention of TIA, and there by backside strong supoort of OMRUDA, will take action to safe SSO and OF!!!



        Some one righly said, SSO WILL FELL IN THAT PIT WHICH HE DIGGED FOR ANNIKA!!!!


  37. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member
    please comment on my ff ishqies….

    gud mrng ishqies…….Happy Eid Milad to all ishqies…..

    ….Happy Birthday to superstar Rajnikanth Sir……

    Finally today is a holiday…..for me….and i will be able 2 comment here…..

    • Abiha

      Heyyy d…
      Good morning ….
      Happy eid milad to u too…
      N thankss for wishing…
      M soo happy that today u got leave ….so u can relax for sometime…but i’ll b busy today….due to eid milad …

  38. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Hello my pretty ishqies…mukta,abiha,aahana,aqua,nadiya,disha,priya15,priya29,shaza,haya,
    shivani,nivedha,samyuktha,nihaarika,meena,fatarajo, aliya and other ishqies………..
    HOW ARE U ISHQIES?????????

    And coming 2 episode….as we expected Anika show the boldness and SSO show his stubborn atitude very well…..And that pool scene reminded me the earlier pool scene also….And am glad that cv’s didn’t forget the “WATER CONNECTION”…..JUST KIDDING…..HA ….HA…HA…Am saying because always water plays a vital role in shivika track….naa…..And tia is just manipulating SSO only…with her pranks….with her emotional dramas she tries to grab his attention and sympathy…..which may create trouble for Anika…..But still as Anika is strong she will face the situations boldly……and tia is trying to make SSO again that STONE SINGH OBEROI who didn’t bothers what the whole world says…..But The Same SSO knowingly or unknowingly thinks from his heart when Anika is in front of him….Fraction of a Second or An Eyelock……But from his expressive eyes we can find his feelings towards Anika…but all of a sudden his brain works and he will become the great sso who is bothered about lineage,status,tia’s condition etc…and his
    misunderstanding about Anika with Daksh will arise as the ego and anger in his eyes…..And he will show his atitude towards her……He will not clear misunderstandings because for him explanations are unnecessary…..And it has created lot of questions in Anika’s mind and it will create confusions also since the SSO she knows is straight forward and stuborn …..but he has a good heart also which Anika witnessed through his concern and his feel of sense without seeing Anika’s face…That’s why whenever he insulted her …again and again she was the angel who saved sso and his family from troubles….But unfortunately SSO is not able to realize these things and even though he tries to realize it his brain will conquer his feelings and to make things worse Tia is with him and he feels she is perfect for him……
    *Divorce papers….i have a question….he arranged it so soon..but still his lawyer may have questioned it….why he want divorce ???…..except oberois and kapoors……the whole world knows sso is married to tia and he has no objection in marrying tia…….but i think they have added this divorce track to extend shivika romance only…..may be ….the court will ask them to stay together for some 6 months or 1year… live as hus and wife….after that they will get sanction for divorce….between these time..omru and dadi will try 2 unite shivika…but ….rift will always rise among shivika and @ the end…..tia will be exposed and shivaay will feel guilty…but that moment will come late and we can expect much dramatic sequences……..i think this will happen…

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      hello renima, have a nice day dear
      sso will sure will regretwhat he has done but am thinking it will be too late as anika will not accept him for a periode of time

      • Sakshii


        |Registered Member

        Hello reni di…
        I m fine…hw r u???…u forgot my name but it’s ok..
        Nd I will pray that shivaye will beg in front of anika for forgiveness but she will not forgive him…

      • Renimarenju


        |Registered Member

        Saku ishqie…sorry dear…..this is not the first time am missing name …..earlier devga and nithu also mentioned that i missed their names…..sorry ishqie….and dear am also fine

    • Liya


      |Registered Member

      Reinima dii😍😍 ….how are you? I am not at all fine😭😭university exams coming up😑on this wednesday.. Hope everything goes well! And you are having off today! Enjoy dear😉…I wish that daksh come and took away anikha with him ,then only sso will know her value..always SSO trust that reikhi ki dhukaan over anikha…

  39. Sriya


    |Registered Member

    What a lovely episode! Anika should sign the divorce papers that’s what I think right now! Hi IB fans! Some of you know me here as I write Devils love* a Shivika OS and AnShi a horror love story TS! 😍

  40. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member








  41. Abiha

    @saku….ohhhk …i was also having monthly exams before comming here ….n i got a very good result of monthly exams…

    @Mishri….u r asking shaza …that where was she….m asking u….where was u ..??why not commenting..?

    @Renima d….don’t feel bad d….that u r free n everyone busy…m fasting today…so just got lil break from work …bcz my ynger sister told me that u rest i’ll do the rest work…so m here for u…how r u..? N how’s ur holiday is going..?

    @mukta…i want to say something to u …shall i..??

    • Renimarenju


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      Abiha…..even though its a holiday……am doing some office work which i could do from my room….itself…… work load is heavy… am trying to reduce it……and between these…..i am lying down on bed and i feel 2 sleep well….because after a long time am getting a full day for sleeping…..ha…ha…ha….

  42. shahabana

    Mauni,REenima,SAku and Abiha…thank u sooo much guyz for eid milad wishes and i celebrated eid milad very well and now i just tired.
    Sorryyy REnima ishqee u got free today but im soo busy today thats why im not commented…anyways im happyyy u got holyday and took some rest thats reallyyy good.
    And gd nt all my ishqees… getting sleepy

  43. aarosh

    seeing that promo i think pinky also accepted anika because she will definitely stop anika if she doesn’t know the truth i think tia’s secret will be exposed infront of whole OF

  44. Sakshii


    |Registered Member

    Guys…plz don’t miss today’s episode in any condition it’s shocking…ranveer plan out…nd that girl was not ACP sister….SANA is his sis nd she is coma…her face was not shown properly…so u guys check nd reply me..plz..dint miss epi

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