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Anika says I got Soumya’s call, Mahi kidnapped her, Kamini and Ranveer are with him, we have to stop this marriage, else Priyanka’s life will be ruined. Mahi shuts the door and says you got to know a lot. He removes his lens. She gets shocked. Some time before, Shivaye says I can’t come in front of Mahi, none can corner him, just you can do this, because you are a policeman, you can start investigation, I want all details, who is he, why did he come, who is mastermind, you have to find out. Ranveer sees Kamini coming, He thinks oh God, if Mausi thinks he is Mahi and takes his name, the plan will flop. Kamini says Mahi…. I will talk to him. She walks to them. Ranveer says its a nice plan, its risky to talk here, we will go out and talk. He takes Shivaye with him. Kamini says I will talk to him


Anika says Shivaye, I know its Khanna’s mistake. Mahi says don’t take his name. She says fine, I will get water for you. She goes and signs Shivaye. Shivaye asks Khanna to come, we will start the game. Mahi says he called me illegitimate. He steps on tab and checks the broken tab. Shivaye asks Rudra did you get knife, did you check CCTV cameras. Rudra gives him knife and says recording is on. Shivaye says go out of frame. Rudra goes. Shivaye asks Khanna are you ready. Khanna shouts no. Shivaye stabs him. Mahi hears Khanna. Shivaye goees.

Soumya says phone is locked by password, I can make an emergency call, I don’t remember anyone’s number. Mahi sees Khanna and asks him to wake up. Priyanka comes and shouts. Pinky and Shakti come and ask him what did you do, you took his life for a small fight. Mahi says I did not do anything, ask Anika. Shakti asks why are you lying to us, where is Anika. Mahi says she went to get water. Shakti says it means she was not with you. Pinky says Shivaye will be taken to court, then he will be punished and hanged. Rudra comes. Mahi says Rudra explain them, I did not do this. Rudra says Shivaye can’t do this murder, murderer will come in CCTV footage. Mahi asks him to check. Rudra shows footage on his phone. Mahi gets shocked seeing Shivaye. He says its not me.

Rudra asks who is it then. Anika says Mahi’s face should be seen. She gets a call. Shakti says there is no need to hide now. Mahi asks why will I kill him. Rudra says you said you will kill him. Mahi recalls his words. Ranveer comes. Priyanka asks Ranveer to come and see what Shivaye did. She acts to cry and says you know what to do with duplicate. He says ya right. He thinks they are trying to trap Mahi, save him anyway. He goes to Mahi and asks how did this happen Shivaye.

Shivaye looks on from far and says when Ranveer arrests him, Mahi will admit truth. Rudra shows CCTV footage and asks Ranveer to save Shivaye anyway. Pinky says you are inspector, you can do anything, save him. Rudra says I wish this could happen, but he is Shivaye, no lawyer will take case, Ranveer would have taken care of case if it was someone else, there is no AC, how will Shivaye stay there, I wish he was not Shivaye, he would have got saved. Mahi says Main Shivaye…. Ranveer says wait a min and signs him. Mahi stops. Ranveer says one min, we all know Shivaye murdered Khanna, there won’t be a case if this news do not go out, I will take care of Khanna’s dead body, problem solved. Shivaye says what’s Ranveer doing, why is he not arresting him. Ranveer says Shivaye go to your room, I will handle this. He signs Mahi. Mahi thinks of the camera feeds and says Shivaye has fooled us, so he was seen doing same things again and again, it means Shivaye is not there, he played old footage, we thought he is there, ourplan failed, Shivaye is here, it means entire family is fooling me. He sees Ranveer. Ranveer nods to him. He goes.

Shivaye says what’s wrong with you Ranveer. Anika asks what, you got to know he is not Shivaye, he is his duplicate. Soumya says yes, Ranveer and Kamini are with him. Anika says its Priyanka’s sangeet today, we have to tell Ranveer and Kamini’s truth, where are you, tell me quickly. Soumya says I m in basement. Anika can’t hear it. The call ends as phone gets dead. Anika says don’t worry Soumya, we won’t let anything happen to you, but first I have to tell Shivaye that Kamini, Ranveer and Mahi are together.

Shivaye asks what’s happening. Rudra says plan was something and something else is executed. Shakti asks why did he change plan. Shivaye says just Ranveer can say this. Ranveer takes Khanna to some room. Khanna gets up and says it tough to do death acting. Ranveer hits a bottle on his head. Khanna fails. Mahi comes and says I knew something is going on, they were fooling me, you did not know Shivaye has run away, are you ACP, you are a constable. Ranveer says you are smart right, you did not know Shivaye is here and everyone is fooling you, you would have got trapped like idiot if I did not say, better concentrate on plan, Kamini wants money, she got 10 crores and want 200 crores diamonds, make sure this happens. Mahi says that’s mum’s motive, not mine, I won’t let Shivaye fail me, no. He goes.

Anika stops him and says Shivaye I have to tell something. He asks her to say. She says everything is spoiled. She thinks to confirm he is Shivaye or not. She asks him to say code work, which they decided, say fast. He asks what’s wrong with you, there is much tension, you know Ranveer changed plan at final time, I m trying to understand why he changed plan, duplicate is roaming freely, and you are asking for code. She says I wanted to know you are not that 2rs cheap man. He asks her to say what happened. She says Soumya called me, duplicate kidnapped her, Ranveer and Kamini are with him. He gets shocked. She says maybe that’s why Ranveer did not arrest Mahi, we have to stop this marriage else Priyanka’s life will be ruined. She says those three are together, Kamini, Ranveer and Mahi, we have to do something. He says not here, we should discuss inside. He takes her. Shivaye says where did Anika go and looks for her.

Anika says Shivaye we have less time, we have to tell Ranveer and Kamini’s truth to everyone before sangeet. Shivaye asks Rudra about Anika. Rudra says don’t know. Mahi shuts the door. She asks why are you shutting the door. He says everyone knows about me in this 100 crores house, but you got to know a lot. He removes the eye lens. She gets shocked and asks what. He says yes, its me, 2rs cheap man, you are strange chapter, you can’t identify your husband. He stops her and says you can’t go without my permission, you have to do as I say. She says if I don’t do then. He says we have Soumya, if you do mistake, she will die there. She says what did Soumya do. He says nothing, so she is alive, we will have to kill her if you don’t agree. She asks what do you want. He says cooperation, you won’t tell Ranveer and Kamini’s truth, when you leave from here, you will act as if I m Shivaye, understood.

Shivaye holds Ranveer’s collar and asks why did you not arrest Mahi. Ranveer says relax, I thought well. Shivaye says I also thought well and made plan, why did you not take me in confidence before changing plan, he is roaming free. Ranveer says Priyanka is imp to me, and even her family, you have to trust me, if I can arrest Daksh, can’t I arrest duplicate. Shivaye asks why did you not arrest him. Ranveer says that would be risky, if we arrested him, we would not know what his people would do, there are many guests, when sangeet ends, we will arrest him, I will instruct my team, don’t worry, I m with you. Shivaye says we have to wait till sangeet, make sure there is nothing wrong, you have to keep an eye on him. Ranveer says sure. Shivaye goes. Ranveer thinks Mausi, me and Mahi will fool everyone and leave.

Anika dances in the sangeet. Shivaye looks on. Kamini says Shivaye has to die, people will think Mahi died, Mahi will stay in this house as Shivaye. She hands over the gun to Mahi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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