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Hey guys this is annie signing in with an TS (Three-Shots) on Ishqbaaaz…❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
I don’t what it is I’m just gonna pen it down as it just came in my mind…?
*Ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes, and typos too…* ?
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Shot:1 ❣️
National hospital
7:00 AM
Annika “I don’t know what will happen today doctor has told us nothing wrong will happen and I know nothing will go wrong but the thing I don’t know is that, will he ever be mine again? After today he’ll not need me much… after all he’ll start walking on his own feet’s after a year…I’m happy about it but the fear of us getting apart is scaring me and breaking my heart again…I just hope GOD give me strength to face the situation…rest I have full trust on shivaay. Yes! I can face it!” he thoughts got disturbed as om patted on her shoulder and she opened her eyes which were reflecting many emotions…fear, hope, love, hurt etc…

Om “bhabhi, I don’t know what you’re going through now and I can never even know as you’re only one suffering but I know one thing and that is love never dies and true love can never ever die though he doesn’t remember you but I have a gut feeling he doesn’t even hate you and will not be so heartless to leave you…please have faith on him” he smiled weakly though he tried boosting her strength but somewhere in the corner of his heart he too had a fear that shivaay will not accept annika…

Rudy “stop being so emotional I trust my bhai and he can never leave his love lady and you know love angel said bhaiya will get fine and something good will happen Kyun soumaya?” he passed a confident smile to his wife soumaya

Pinky “Soumaya stop giving him fake hope’s I know my sons very well after getting fine he’ll throw this roadside trash out of our house” she as usual gazed annika with hatred

Gauri “you know? Your, that son died on the day of your ugly revelation only…the one inside the ward is Shivaay only my brother and her husband her shivaay not your…though he doesn’t remember anything but he changed on that day and no memory loss can make him your shivaay again…”
Soumaya “never ever…Pinky aunty you can never change…You’ve no heart, you just know how to mix poison in everyone’s life and hate Bahu’s” she walked away with her hand intertwined with rudy’s hand

Om “I had a hope shivaay’s hatred will make you realize your mistake which his love didn’t but I was wrong women like you can never change…soumaya was right…” he left the place with his hand intertwined with gauri’s

Pinky “it’s all because of you witch I don’t know when you’ll leave us and let us stay in peace when that day will come when I’ll get my family back free from your black magic” pinky twisted annika’s hand

Annika “I can say a lot but I don’t want to show you your place yet I’ve faith in shivaay, one day or other he’ll definitely make you pay for the things you did with me in this one year” she freed her hand and walked away

Shakti “have some shame… she doesn’t even consider to have a word with you…look how much low you’ve stoop…she has more faith than you…I’m warning you to leave them alone because the day her faith wins you’ll regret being so cheap…” he walked away while she made faces…

After sometime they all were standing outside a ward some were sitting and some were standing all were praying and one was making faces…

Dadi “I don’t know why I’m feeling something wrong is going to happen…I never felt anything like this before…” she showed her wariness

Pinky “I know why you’re feeling like this… when this Unauspicious girl is standing here how can we even get good vibes…” she pointed toward annika

Jhanvi “stop your drama pinky can’t you pass a day without blaming her…” she shrieked at pinky

Tej “leave it Jhanvi…People like her can never change who knows what new she is planning…it’s all about shivaay otherwise by now I would’ve throw her behind bars” he glared her and turned away

Pinky “OMM! Shakti ji look how he is insulting your wife and you’re standing like a statue?”

Shakti walked away from the area to avoid the taunting games…

Pinky “I don’t understand why you people aren’t understanding, she’s Unauspicious because of her my son was in this state for a year she is so unlucky her husband met with an accident on the day of marriage only! What else the proof should I give you?” she said faking care for shivaay…

Annika stumbled hearing about this again…she tried moving away from the past but it can never leave her so easily till her shivaay erase it… “bhabhi please sit” her caring Brother-in-laws made her sit on the bench “please don’t think about that again it wasn’t your mistake…It can never be your mistake…you know whose mistake it was…” wife’s of her brother-in-laws tried reminding her the truth but it was late…taking two three heavy breaths her eyes started shutting down… “I’ll come just a single call pannika” scenes were flashing in-front of her blurry gaze…

Jhanvi “Doctor…” she shouted as her dear daughter like Daughter-in-law fainted again due to panic attack

Tej “if anything happens to my daughter mrs. Pinky shakti singh oberoi I’ll forget you’re the mother of our shivaay and will not think twice before cuffing your hand by myself…” tej warned pinky

Annika was taken to a ward where she was treated

Doctor “she’s fine…we’ve given her injection she’ll get conscious in an hour…”

~After an Hour…
Annika got conscious but none was in ward as per the rules of that ward…
“Shivaay, you never listen to me why you went to attend the call? Why?” she silently yelled crying vigorously laying on the bed she closed her eyes and scenes started flashing…
This is it ishquies…Shot 1 it’ll be finished in coming 2 days’ regular updates… *Hope So*
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    Awesome….waiting for next
    Happy Diwali ?


    1. Dear Annie
      Starting Is Very Interesting? This Ponky??????????????? I Want Give A Tight Slap That Ponky Monkey? TejVi Care Anika? Tej Warns Pinky?? I Want To See All OFM Make Ponky Life Like Hell? Waiting For Next Update?
      Take Care And Stay Safe?

  4. Nice….

  5. Deepu

    Ur writings are always fresh and overwhelming..it is really nice i hope shivaay hosh mein aane ke baadh pinky ki OMM kare

  6. Awesome…waiting for it…post soon…. Pinky will never change….enough of her drama…waiting for shivaay…love rikara and rumya…..

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear…

  8. It was superb ??.. Post the next asap

  9. Amazing

  10. OMG.. It is awesome.. you are soo talented.. quite curious to know what happens next.. pls post ASAP

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    Awesome update

  12. Maryam_ishq

    Mind blowing episode ! Wht a fresh new stry… such a wonderful concept ?. I srsly wonder frm where u get all these new ideas ?… each and every ff of urs gas a different stry line altogether… fresh concepts each time…. i am in awe of this stry. Sry for the late comment ?.
    Anika worried abt shivay’s operation… whether he’ll be with her or not… but she had trust in her shivay, her billu. Omru giving her hope tht everything will be alright now… their brother would soon make everythin fine. Her support system rikara and rumya are with her always and they’d stand for her and give her the strength she needs. Pinky had to come and spoil their moment ?… all she does is spit venom whenever she talks. Gauri and soumya answered her back for always taunting anika. Anika didn’t bother to say anythin to her as it’s a waste to talk to her… it’s better to talk to a wall thn to her.
    Tejvi askin pinky to stop all her nonsense and not say a word against their daughter… i am loving tej in this… atleast he answers pinky well… shakti is just a silent spectator like always… all he does is just say chup raho pinky and nthn else…. if he shut her up prply and showed her her real place thn she wouldn’t have been flying so high till now.
    Gauri and soumya tried to relax anika aftr pinky’s blaming session… but anika got a panic attack remembering the incident tht happened a year ago. She cried remeberin their wedding night when shivay’s accident happened and her world became upside down.
    It was amazing ! Anika’s emotions were written so well ??. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

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