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Shot: 3
~Continuing Past~

Om “shivaay it isn’t the time to joke…are you listening me not the time to joke” though he said it in stern voice but it was cracking with the fear of the words of shivaay to be true…maybe!

Shivaay “Om why you think I’m joking I seriously don’t remember that I’m married or even you and rudra when did this happened…” he was looking astonished

Rudra “bhaiya today was your marriage and right after that you met with an accident” he sniffed

Shivaay “what?” he widened his eyes and looked in annika’s eyes

Pinky “shivaay…kaisa hai tu beta? {how’s you my son}”

Shivaay “maa I’m fine” he smiled weakly

This word ‘Maa’ was enough for them to believe whatever shivaay is saying is true as in joke even he’ll never call pinky his mother after whatever happened…

Om “Okay I think the hit on your head is the reason behind your memory loss…but she’s your wife and it’s true” he confidently told him

Pinky “stop lying! Shivaay they’re just lying she’s not your wife…” she wickedly smile

Shivaay “maa! Omru can never lie to me if they’re saying this maybe this is the truth only…why they’ll lie no they can’t” he nodded in no lost somewhere

Jhanvi “yes shivaay you’re right…Omru are saying truth only you and annika and then om gauri are married”

Tej “even rudra and soumaya”

Dadi “if you don’t trust them and will trust your mom only then I think you will not even trust me as my words are same as omru’s”

Pinky “but…” she was cut in mid

Shakti “it’s not the time to joke pinky he seriously need to know the truth now and what all are saying is truth pinky is just kidding shivaay…you know na how funny your mom is” he held pinky’s hand and twisted it behind without anyone’s knowledge and passed smile to shivaay

Shivaay “my head is so heavy I need rest please” he laid and closed his eyes…everyone’s words were ringing in his ears and the face of annika was flashing in-front of his eyes…

Shivaay “my wife? How can I forget my own wife? What they’re saying I’m not understanding even a bit of it…everyone is saying one thing and mom is saying opposite of it…I think mom is really kidding…” he thought closing his eyes…
Cabin of Doctor

Om “doctor, you said shivaay is fine just he is paralyzed that too down part only but now he doesn’t even remember his wife? What’s the matter?” he banged his hand on the table

Doctor “sorry mr. oberoi, I know what I said is not full truth I just got his brain reports…he was having a deep injury on his head we thought it isn’t serious to cause any memory loss but after reports it’s clear his brain is affected and he is going through a partial memory loss…”

Rudy “what does that even mean?” he sniffed

Soumaya “it means he just forgot the little part of his life it could be one-year span or maybe even 2 or 3 years and we all were part of his life since 1 year only…so maybe he forgot past one year of his life…” she explained with cracking voice

Doctor “she’s right…that’s called partial memory loss… I think you’re a doctor too?” he looked at soumaya

Soumaya “becoming one!” she smiled weakly

Gauri “mean he doesn’t remember us only…when he’ll get his memory back and when he can walk?” she looked at doctor

Doctor “I’m sorry there are not even a single percent chance of both the things…he is paralyzed for forever…and memory cannot be retrieved damage is deep…he need to be treated calmly and you need to be part of his new memory only…no recovery…” he dropped the pen and walked out

Annika “mean shivaay will never ever be able to remember me ever again…our love and all he just forgot all…how can he? And he can’t even walk…” she collapsed on floor
Riya rushed to her and hugged her

Soumaya “bhabhi…I will not give you any false hopes…sometimes memories can’t be retrieved no way…but we can live new life with him…we can be part of his new memory and can create new memories…and the way bhaiya behaved in ward I guess he will accept the truth only and will try to be part of us…and about paralyzed he can walk we will make him walk…desire of something can do anything…Positive vibes are more powerful than anything…we just need to not let the desire die and one day he’ll walk…” she cried hugging annika

Gauri “I’ve full faith on shankar ji…he’ll not disappoint us…” she too cried hugging annika

Rudy “O, we need to be strong to the great wall of Devar’s of our bhabhi…she need us a lot…Choti maa will not sit quietly…we need to be strong to protect our bhaiya and bhabhi” he looked at om trying hard not to cry

Om “someone became so mature? And smart too? You’re right every time bhaiya and bhabhi protected us it’s time for us to protect them…and we will do it no matter what” he hugged rudra and cried for the last time…
Outside the ward

Pinky “OMM I’m so happy…I mean he really forgot that inauspicious girl…I can’t believe…now her chapter will be over…he’ll not accept that low class girl as her wife never ever” she was literally jumping in happiness…

Jhanvi “shut-up pinky… stop your nonsense talks…I really don’t want to hear them and it’s good you’re not believing it as that’s not the truth…” she glared her

Tej “For God-sake…stop your drama you both…you can start anywhere…I’m really fed-up with these devrani jethani fights…” he walked away

Shakti “whatever will happen pinky, remember one thing…I’ll never let you separate them again…” he warned and walked away

Dadi “Billu will never ever behave like shivaay singh oberoi again the one you sowed I trust their love more than your so called love for your son pinky…” she sat down…
Oberoi Mansion
8:00 Am
Shivaay was discharged and was brought back to home on wheel-chair…
Pinky came forward and did his arti and annika brought him in followed by rumaya and rikara…
Shivaay “I’m so happy to be back in home…I’m feeling as if I’m returning here after years” he smiled weakly

Om “shivaay, I know why it feels like years after as you lost your one-year memory…” he smiled weakly

Shivaay “what is in breakfast?” he tried ignoring it

Rudy “aloo-puri made in olive oil your favorite” he winked

Shivaay “Really? My favorite? Well if you’re saying it could be…I need to change will be back in a minute” he smiled and was about to stand up but realizing the truth his smile vanished…and he weakly smiling looked at all and then at his room way and slowly dragged his hands downward to the wheels of chair to roll it to reach his rooms when a soft hands stopped his hands

Annika “Mere hoty huye aap aisa nahi Karenge {in my presence you’ll not do this}” she smiled and tucked his hands in his lap and holding the wheel chairs handles rolled it to the room while he just kept on looking straightly…

Pinky fumed seeing this and glared them angrily

Soumaya “something is burning rudy a strong smell of burning is coming” she giggled and looked at rudy

Pinky “omm! You’re making fun of me? btw what you’re doing here? Go back to your house…your work is over” she smirked while her eyes filled up

Rudy “choti maa…mind your words…she’s my wife and she’s not going anywhere she’ll stay here only if you’ve problem you’re free to leave anytime…” he glaring pinky held somya’s hand and walked to his room…

Gauri “btw she never mentioned your name…I think you very welly knows that only you can burn seeing bhabhi and bhaiya togather” she chuckled taunting her

Pinky “Omkara handles your wife she has got wings…flying a lot now a day…I’ll cut off her wings and she’ll fall down on her face” she shrieked

Om “by shouting the truth will not change and whatever she said is 1000% right and I’m happy she got wings and flying high it’s her right being the bahu of this house and being Mrs. Omkara sing oberoi…she is doing her duty only…and why should I handle her? I think your husband should handle you…if he would’ve handled you in good way nothing of this sort would’ve happened…you need to be handled not My wife…” he walked away holding gauri’s hand…
Tej “First time I’m so proud on my both son’s Maza Aagya” he chuckled and walked to his room

Pinky “let my shivaay get fine…then I’ll see what you say against me” she stomped and walked to her room

Dadi “I don’t know what GOD wants from us…not a single day full of happiness…”

Shakti “Om was right…it’s all my fault…I couldn’t handle my wife…I’m sorry maa literally everything happened because of me only…” he folded his hands and walked away…

Jhanvi “mummy ji, I trust Shivomru and their wife’s please don’t break down so easily it’s over exam by GOD!” she rubbed her back and took her to her room…
Shivaay’s room
Shivaay “I can change…” he said looking down

Annika “yeah, I know how much you can change by yourself shivaay…let me do it and please sit quietly” she smiled and un-buttoned his shirt

Shivaay “you’re really my wife?” he looked at her

Annika “what do you think?” she smiled cleaning his body with sponge

Shivaay “I think so…I mean why my family will lie to me…” he looked at her expressions

Annika “then why you’re asking me?” she smiled looking into his eyes

Shivaay “just to make sure…I mean I’m not that type of man to be half naked in-front of any girl” he weakly smiled to change the topic seeing her eyes filling up…

Annika “now time to change your trouser…” she said hiding a smile
Shivaay “what? You’ll change my trouser? How can you do it?” he looked away

Annika “I promise I’ll not look I’ll just change…” she looked at his face with love clear in her eyes and innocence in his eyes

Shivaay “how’s that even possible…?” he looked at her

Annika “possible I’ll show you how…” she grabbed new trouser and looked into his eyes “now stay focused shivaay don’t look away okay?” he nodded and looked into her eyes and she looked into his…

Annika “it’s done shivaay” she cupped his face

Shivaay “magical…” he looked away “how I met with accident?” scratched his head

Annika “leave it… everyone will be waiting down” she diverted

Shivaay “I think you should change too…isn’t it heavy?” he touched the dress

Annika “yeah bridal dresses are meant to be heavy” she smiled walking toward cupboard

Shivaay “oh you are wearing bridal dress but why?” he rolled his eyes

Annika “because we got married yesterday only and then you met with accident” she lightly smiled and taking out a dress walked in washroom…

Shivaay “she looks nice…but my wife? GOD help me” he held his head
Omkara’s Room
Gauri “I need to do something for them…they both have done a lot for us…I can’t see them like this…isn’t there any way to make everything fine omkara ji?”
Om “gauri they haven’t done a lot for us…they did all for us…if he wouldn’t have forced you and she wouldn’t have forced me I think … we wouldn’t have been here togather like husband and wife…” he sides hug gauri…

Gauri “yeah…” she reciprocated

Om “Bhabhi I’m done with her…how could she ignore me like that? I’m trying to give our relation a chance and here she’s running away like a train runs away from passengers…” he squealed

Annika “om what you’re trying to say? Say it clearly… why you’re done? Because she is running away or she’s running away without telling you?” she raised her eye-brows

Om “both…I got to know she goes to meet Arjun…I don’t know who he is…but I know she is again betraying me…I just wanted to share it with you before telling her that I know her reality…now I’m gonna leave her soon!” he closed his eyes

Annika “how you got to know?”

Om “I hired a detective” he looked away

Annika “you’ve lost it…not every time what you see could be true…way of looking and time could affect the POV! Om I don’t want to be the reason of any false thing…I’ll just say go and talk with her calmly and give her a chance to explain before just putting allegations on her…Shivaay too did it along ago and later he regretted a lot… be wise Om” she patted his shoulder and walked away leaving thoughtful om behind


Gauri “bade bhaiya…what you’re saying? I can’t tell him about my English classes yet” she made puppy face

Shivaay “gauri…I know what you want is cool but I think it’s putting your relationship at risk…the idea of surprise is very good but for these kind of surprise you need to take your relation to that level before, and now you haven’t reached that level yet…” he looked at her

Gauri “mean?” she rolled her eyes

Shivaay “mean…you trust om completely…but I don’t think there’s same trust from his side…there could be some reasons for that trust not yet build from his side…and this surprise can cost you a lot…first make sure you both have same trust and then give some surprise but now go and clear the obstacle from the way of his trust and tell him about English classes too…and then you can plan some new surprise…” he patted her shoulder and walked away leaving her thoughtful…

After Sometime
Omkara’s room…
Om was sitting on recliner when gauri entered lost in thoughts…
Om “gauri…we need to talk…” he said calmly
Gauri “same here” she went to him and sat on stool in-front of him

Om “first you…?” he fidgets his fingers

Gauri “yeah…I wanted to know why you don’t trust me?” she directly asked crossing her fingers

Om “I trust you…” he stammered

Gauri “omkara ji…I know you don’t and it’s not a big deal sometime something needs time to build but it builds one or other day…but in our case it’s not build in many months too…I want to know the reason of not having trust…If you’ll not tell than how can it build?” she closed her eyes completing the sentence and then peeped through one opening it little…

Om “I don’t trust the one…who is greedy and can do anything for money…I hate house broker and heartless people’s…I hate liars…and never believes them…” he finally replied which shooked gauri but staying calm and not getting emotional she smiled

Gauri “Greedy? Money? Lie? I need detail omkara ji” she looked at him

Om “greedy: you’re greedy of money and can do anything for that…you can even marry a married man for money, you even robbed his house and ran away from marriage…Money: you stoop so low for money that you became heartless didn’t cared about a lady… Heartless: you’re heartless because of you thakurain died and you’re not even a cent percent guilty and again you returned to the man whom you robbed…Liar: you lied to me about being Chulbul…you cheated me and now again…” he stopped and breathed out…

Gauri “so much misunderstanding you’ve grown about me…Can I explain the reality?” she said holding her tears

“Give her a chance to explain” annika’s words ringed in his mind

Om “Yes…” he wiped away the sweat from his forehead

Gauri “the thing you said is totally wrong…I mean that’s your POV that’s what you saw and assumed…but reality is opposite…Greedy: I’m not greedy but my uncle aunt was their greed made me bow down in-front of kaali Thakur…I agreed to marry him because of their greed
Money: they needed money and captured my maa and made me helpless to marry Kaali Thakur…they were so money minded that they became heartless…
Heartless: they were so heartless that they tortured my mother to make me marry Kaali Thakur…they were so heartless that being my uncle aunt they sold me to Kaali Thakur…marriage is done by both side’s approvals but I was sold…I was sold for money and those heartless people sold me…
Liar: I never lied…you married me in Bareilly and said you don’t believe in this marriage…Bareilly people’s left me alive but they didn’t let me stay there…I came Mumbai unaware of the fact that you too are from Mumbai…this marriage meant a lot for me though you never accepted that I’m your wife but I accepted you as my husband… after arriving in Mumbai I was robed…I met a man who became my brother few days I stayed with him and he helped me in getting job I met sultana and she said she needs a boy for her work I wasn’t aware of anything at that time…I told this to my brother and he helped me in changing my avatar and I became a boy and joined as a worker of sultana…she transferred 3 months advance salary to my account and I handed them to my mom as she needed money for so many reasons…after joining I helped your mom if you remember then I got to know it’s your house and sultana is your fiancée…I told her I don’t want to do this job but she asked for money which I didn’t had…I helplessly stayed there and then she told me my work to keep an eye on you…we became friends…and all things happened…I tried telling you so many time but always failed and that’s what our fate was…I was accused as a liar…I never lied I just did all helplessly…” she paused

Om “why you ran away from marriage robbing them…why thakurain killed herself accusing you?” he curiously asked as the things were sounding real to him “Why you didn’t tell me that at that time in dance party?” he looked innocently in her eyes

Gauri “I was never in for the idea of marriage the day he bought me he chained my feet’s so I couldn’t run away and uncle aunt kept my Mom locked in a room…when he brought me to his house Thakurain was mistaken just like you was…she thought I’m forcing him to marry me but the thing was different that’s why she killed herself…I tried telling you but you was not ready to listen…asking for your mobile was to plan something with my friends to run away from your marriage and I couldn’t even tell you as I was chained…I planned to run away with my Baccha party as they will rescue my mom and then help me running and everything went according to my plan they somehow freed my mom from uncle and aunt and then at wedding day when the 3 brothers were going to marry me my friend added something in Havan fire and in advantage of smoke I ran away…and then we met…and the false allegations were made on me so people of Bareilly could catch me to punish me and then he can capture me again…Everything is opposite to what you assumed…” she sniffed as she was crying remembering all

Om “then why you lied to me that whatever you did was to save bua maa…not for money…what was the reason at that time” he wiped away his tears

Gauri “bua-maa lied…I said truth only…I got to know that when bua-maa’s reality came in-front of me that she wants rattan from us…she told me that if I’ll give her rattan she’ll clear the misunderstanding which she created by lying that she was never taken to Bareilly” she breathed out

Om “gauri…” he was cut in mid…

Gauri “wait there’s something else too…the day you was humiliated because of me in exhibition I promised to learn English…ignoring you for few days was to hide that from you so I can give surprise to you…I wanted to be good enough for you so you don’t get humiliated…Sir Arjun gave me special classes to help me learn fast and I ignored you…I thought not to hide this as this can create another misunderstanding…Omkara ji…I’m sorry for hiding it…” she smiled finishing and dropped her head down to let go of her held tears…

Om “Gauri, I wasn’t going to trust on whatever you said if you wouldn’t have told me about Arjun…I have gone through a lot in my life met lot liars only…I met ishaana who was con girl who was after my money… I was in relation with riddhima who was behind the cover of innocent and non-greedy while she was actually the fame lover and ditched me by helping my father in cheap tricks…I faced the money minded father since childhood…he never loved my mom and always sticked to money and Svethlana…Svethlana whom I was going to marry because of my mom…I came Bareilly to arrange money to give it to Svethlana only so she could leave my mom and dad…I never get a single real person in life except my Bro’s they never lied while everyone just even sometime mom too lied…but dadi and bros never…and meeting you after so many havocs I had no faith on anyone…that’s the reason I never trusted you and my Misunderstanding never let me to trust you…few days before I thought to give our relation a chance but then your ignorance shrugged it off…I got doubt on you again…I hired a detective to keep an eye on you I thought you’re cheating me and having an affair with Arjun but again once again I was wrong…I’m feeling guilty for all…but little happy too for still having you in my life…I’m happy gauri…I trust you now!” he squealed and she looked up at him

Gauri “Mean?” she smiled with tears

Om “mean you’re my wife and I’m your husband I mean it…we are married and marriage is real…and you need not to change yourself…you’re unique and that’s very good for us…I love the way you’re no change is needed…I accept you the way you’re…I apologize for everything Gauri” he went on his knees and she too reached the ground on her knees holding his folded hands in her she kissed them

Gauri “I got everything today…whatever I wished till now” she hugged him crying vigorously not able to control her long held emotions she broke down in his embrace and he just reciprocated with same emotions…letting go all the pains and bitter memories they cried hugging eachother…Not even aware of the surroundings…

Annika “Excuse me? It’s my mehndi Long Hair Creature” she shrieked

Shivaay “Yeah, mine too…come down harharieke otherwise ‘ek jhaap mein dewar pe sath jaibe” he laughed and they looked at them still in eachothers embrace

Om “we just met…give us more 2 minutes…” he whined
Gauri “what 2 minutes? No! bhabhi and bhaiya we need 5-10 minutes…” she smiled and they nodding left them and they again hugged eachother…

*Flashback Ends*
Gauri “I’m thankful to them…” she wiped her tears

Om “I’m sorry for pushing you…I never meant to” he held her face in his hands

Gauri “I can understand my jatadhari hippie” she cupped his mouth

Om “you’re so sweet…Mrs. omkara I love you” he kissed on her cheek

Gauri “yeah I know that even you’re little bit sweet…I love you too…Om” she chuckled and kissed on his cheeks…
And they hugged eachother…
To Be Continued…
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    Anika helping shivay to undress and shivay feeling awkward arnd her ?… anika sad tht shivay still has doubt on their wedding but smiled through her sorrow. Shivay was shocked when she was gonna change his trousers but anika made him look into her eyes and changed it. He was shocked to knw tht his accident happened on the day of their marriage only… though he has lost his memory he still cares for anika ?.
    Om apologising to gauri for his behaviour in the hospital but gauri said tht she understands his situation. They decide to bring shivay closer to anika… they wanna give them happiness as due to them they have finally understood each other and love each other a lot. Rikara’s patch up scene was superb ????. Om tells anika his thoughts abt gauri and anika asks him to talk it out once as he may regret his deed later on… loved this part a lot… bhabhi-devar scene was just ?. On the other hand shivay asks gauri to tell om abt the english classes and he explains her the reason… he tells her tht om doesn’t trust her.
    Om telling her truthfully the opinion he holds of her… greedy,liar, heartless. Though gauri felt really hurt tht he held such an image of her but she didn’t blame him as he wasn’t at fault entirely… she asks for a chance to give explanation. She tells him the situation in which she had to marry kaali thakur… how she met him… why she became chulbul. Omkara still didn’t believe her fully Nd gauri answered all the questions he had asked her. She told him abt the english classes and om asked her not to feel incapable of him or anything… as she’s way better thn him. He apologised for misunderstanding her and for blaming her and they forgave each other and wept in each other’s arms. They finally reunited all thanks to shivika ????.
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