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*Flashback in annika’s Mind*
India, Mumbai
Oberoi Mansion
Annika “shivaay, Today’s night is so special for us and you’re after a call…why?” she held his arm

Shivaay “annika I know. Please last time let me attend this call it’s so important…please!” he turned to her and cupped her face

Annika “No please and all…OMRU has handled all the things of business they’ll handle this call too leave the mobile shivaay” she looked away

Shivaay “dear wifey, it’s important call not for omru and I’ll be back in a minute…” he smiled

Annika “why you’ve to go out of the room to attend it?” she whined

Shivaay “awww…please!” he made puppy face and she freed his arm

Annika “come fast…I’m waiting…”

He smiled and walked out to attend the call…

*After Sometime*
She heard everyone shouting and being restless for shivaay she ran out of mansion where everyone was standing and seeing the scenario her heart skipped a beat shivaay in pool of blood “Shivaay” she ran to him but fainted in way…
National Hospital
In ward
8:00 AM
Annika opened her eyes screaming his name “Shivaay” doctors rushed in hearing her along with omru… she was crying vigorously…

Om “why you keep on thinking about the past bhabhi, don’t you love shivaay can’t you even do this much for him?” om scolded her

Annika “om it isn’t easy to forget it…I love him and I don’t need to prove it in this way…” she cried

Rudy “O stop scolding her what’s her fault? Whatever happened that day was just because of choti maa…and today too… why you’re scolding my bhabhi” he cried hugging his bhabhi

Gauri “he’s right omkara ji, it’s not in her control to forget it easily” she entered with soumaya

Soumaya “I don’t understand why none of you is taking action against Pinky aunty…” she asked dejected

Om “soumaya as if you don’t know that shivaay doesn’t remember anything and loves his mother…if we will do anything like this it may affect his brain…and we can’t do that” he replied dejected

Rudy “she’s taking advantage of our helplessness only…” he cried caressing the burnt wrist of annika

Annika “ssshhhh… stop crying rudy… don’t you’ve faith on your bhaiya? He’ll make everything alright today…

Dadi “Annika nurse informed OT will be opening anytime soon” she entered smiling…

Annika “let’s Go” she wiped off her tears and walked out with rest…

Om “I wish today some miracle happen…Instead of Pinky oberoi shivaay walks to annika…she deserves it…” he thought

Rudy “I really hate choti maa…because of her bhaiya is in this state” he closed his eyes thinking this “yeah I did it, I hired that person so that they can never get close to eachother…I hate her…I can’t see my son with her never” pinky’s voice echoed in his ears and he opened his eyes…

They stood outside the OT waiting for shivaay to come-out walking on his own feet’s…

Pinky “OMM! I’m so excited to see him walking on his feet’s again…my happiness has no boundaries…he’ll walk to me only…” she was jumping

Jhanvi “I don’t think he’ll come to you first. So stop it now and behave” she rolled her eyes and looked away

Pinky “you’re so jealous of me jethani ji, I know your sons aren’t like my shivaay” she taunted but Jhanvi was covering her ears…

Tej “DREAMS AND DREAMS” he laughed and looked at shakti

Shakti “why they haven’t opened it yet?” he ignored them all

Suddenly the door opened and doctor walked out…

Annika “doctor where is shivaay? How’s he?” she stopped him

Doctor “your shivaay is okay! He’s unconscious…we used heavy dose of anesthesia so he’ll be conscious in few hours…”

Jhanvi “see pinky everyone knows he is annika’s Shivaay” she whispered in her ear smirking and walked away leaving fuming pinky behind…

Pinky “OMM! Doctor” she walked to him

Annika “can I meet him?”

Doctor “yes ofcourse! Right after being shifted to his ward you can meet him…” he smiled

Pinky “I want to meet him now”

Doctor ignoring her walked away excusing himself…while rest too dispersed…

~In ward…
Shivaay was laying unconscious on bed with machines attached… and annika was sitting beside him while omru and somri were on either sides on bed…

Annika “shivaay. Now I want to see you walking so get up soon…you know how much I’ve missed seeing you walking around the house showing your tadi…after that night I lost you somewhere…now it’s time to get back the real shivaay so now wakeup soon” she caressed his face sobbing…

Rudy “it would’ve been so good na if bhaiya had thrown out choti maa on that day itself”

Soumaya “Nothing like this would’ve happened…”

Annika “no! it would’ve been better if he would’ve listened to me and didn’t go out to attend the call”

Gauri “we never thought choti maa ji could fall so low”

Om “Pinky oberoi can fall to any level…”

Rudy “yeah…we can see the example” he looked at shivika…

Soumaya “I just hope everything gets fine…”

Annika “I wish we could erase the past…”

Om “some bitter memories can also lead to a sweetest future”

Gauri “yeah!”
India, Mumbai
Oberoi mansion
10.05 PM
Shivaay walked out of the room picking up a call “hello? Who’s there? Just answer?” he was repeating it again and again
POC “Come out of OM I’m waiting for you there…”

Shivaay “what outside the mansion? Okay wait I’m coming”
He rushed out of mansion and walked to the road “hello, I’m outside…” he turned and a car hit him and going up in air he fell down on the road on his stomach and saw pinky standing near the door of mansion smiling… “MAA” he forwarded his hand asking for the help but she didn’t move and soon another car passed from his legs and he closed his eyes. While pinky screamed seeing it “Shivaaayyyyyyyy”
Everyone from mansion rushed out hearing it and hearing the shouting’s annika too ran out and seeing the scenario fainted…
City Hospital
Shivaay was taken into OT…while annika was in emergency ward…
Om “how the hell it happened khanna? Who hit shivaay? Where you were when he was walking out of mansion?” he yelled at khanna

Gauri “omkara ji leave him what’s his fault?” she held his hand

Om “leave me” he pushed away gauri and walked away…

Khanna “sorry because of me…I’m sorry” he walked out

Rudy “Dadi what happened see they were so happy na who did this” he cried in the embrace of his dadi who was also crying

Tej “I don’t know why Jhanvi but I feel as if someone deliberately hit him…otherwise that are was so lighted how can someone not see him”

Jhanvi “whatever it is tej…shivaay is critical…”

Shakti “who can do this?”

Tej “anyone” he glanced pinky…

Pinky “OMM you’re doubting on me? why will I do this and I was the one to see it”

Tej “that’s why I doubt on you…what you were doing there?”

Shakti “yes? You went to get water then why you were there?”

Pinky “it doesn’t matter why I was there; you should be thankful that I was there…”

Dadi “stop it all…always fights and all can’t you pray for them?”

Pinky “I’m praying for my shivaay”
Doctor “mrs. oberoi is fine now, she got panic attack with some huge shock…now be careful she may get it again…”

Om “what we will answer her about how shivaay is?”

Soumaya “hey bade baal wale bhaiya” she tapped on his shoulder

Om “soumaya you here?”

Soumaya “yeah I just came to meet my mom, but why you’re here? And why you’re so tensed and crying?”

Om “shivaay met with an accident…and bhabhi got panic attack” he sniffed

Soumaya “where is rudra?” she frightened

Om “he went to canteen to get water for bhabhi…”

Soumaya started moving

Om “soumaya do me a favor…” he stopped her

Soumaya “tell na bhaiya?” she turned back

Om “I want to know how shivaay is…he is in OT and your mom is nurse can you please?” he started folding his hands

Soumaya “what are you doing bhaiya, no need to do this just order me…I’ll ask mom” she hugged him

Om “thank-you”

She ran away to her mom and asked for help and she agreed and then she walked to rudra who was sitting on floor in a silent dark corridor…
Placing her hand on his shoulder she slid down by his side…
“bhavya” he turned to her and was shocked seeing her while she was hurt hearing him…
“somu” he immediately hugged her and she patted his back crying…
Soumaya “rudra stop crying bhaiya will be fine and bhabhi is fine too…”

Rudra “you know nothing soumaya…today was their marriage and right after marriage this accident happened…” he sobbed “what will get fine, GOD is always cruel to them only after ages of separation they were togather happily but then this happened…”

Soumaya “rudra! You’re talking as if something had happened more than accident? Can’t you be little positive…bhaiya will get fine and they’ll be togather again happily…”

Rudra “doctor said there are less chances of his survival…” he sniffed

Soumaya “doctor’s aren’t GOD! They aren’t sure that he can’t survive but we are sure he’ll survive and will be fine soon” she cupped his face and he smiled crying…

Rudy “thank-you soumaya” he held her hands

Soumaya “Bhavya” she was dejected and smiling weakly she stood up and walked away

Rudra “why the hell I took her name knowing she will not come to me leaving his husband manav” he mentally slapped himself and walked behind her…
Annika was sitting on the bench outside OT gauri was sitting on her one side with om and soumaya sat on other side rudra by her side…

Soumaya “Annika di” she placed her hand on her shoulder but she didn’t respond…

Gauri “She’s not responding any of us neither she’s crying…she’s just waiting for OT to open” she replied to somu…

Annika “I’m feeling as if something is sinking in my heart or maybe my heart is sinking only…I’m feeling as if shivaay is going very far from me…I can’t handle it gauri…my heart is sinking om…rudra bring me my shivaay I don’t want to stay away from him…Soumaya please” she started crying and they started consoling her…
Door of OT opened doctor’s walked out…

Rudra “how’s my brother?”

Doctor “we’re sorry but he’s paralyzed…”

All looked at him shocked…

Om “have you lost it? How can he be paralyzed?” he held his collar

Doctor “why can’t he? He is also human mr. oberoi…” he walked away…

Annika was crying vigorously while somri were consoling her…

Rudy stumbled and om held him while he himself was falling apart…their OBRO moments were flashing in-front of their eyes…

Pinky was shocked

Tejvi were crying consoling dadi while shakti was all num…
After sometime…
Shivaay was conscious and doctor allowed them to meet him…soon everyone entered the ward and surrounded him

Shivaay “Om rudra”

Omru moved near him and hugged him
Shivaay “why you were crying? Nothing has happened to me…”

Annika “shivaay”

Shivaay looked at her and then at rest…

Gauri “how are you bade bhaiya?”

Soumaya “are you fine?”

Shivaay looked at the trio “anisomri”

Shivaay “who are you? Do I know you?”

Om “shivaay what you’re saying? Don’t you remember them?”

Shivaay “No om”

Om walked to gauri and annika
“she’s gauri my Wife shivaay…and she’s annika bhabhi your wife”

Rudy than walked to soumaya and held her hand “soumaya my wife”

Shivaay “my yours when we got married om rudra?”

Pinky smirked while all went numb…
This is it ishquies…Shot 2 of “I love you”
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    Thank You For RuMya?I Hope You Make RuMya Couple? Jhanvi Taunt Ponky? Doctor Ignore Pinky? Shivay Forget Anika, Gauri,Soumya? Ya Only Anika? I Can’t Handle This Ponky Any Scene And Dialogue So That Why I Skip Her Dialogue??? But Iam Not Skip Your Stroy And I Try My Best To Comment? You Give RuMya And Iam Really Happy? She Is Boiling My Blood And High My BP Level?????????? It’s Good Shot??????
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      Hey dinuuu❤❤❤ good to c u back too on my Stories????????? I’m happy you loved it????? it’s completely fine don’t be sorry ???????yeah even i missed her in Show that’s why added her❤❤❤❤❤ And about your answers realted to Rikara I’ve wrote nealry who Part on them do read it ????? i posted it today only?????I’ve planned OMM of ponky royal wali ? Stay tuned Dude? and yeah i started already and i guess 4 chapters are posted too…
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  11. Maryam_ishq

    Superb… mind blowing… amazing ! It was just wonderful… am not gettin the right words.
    Shivika’s convo flashback ?… shivay was adoring his wife who wanted him to be there but he had to attend tht imp call… anika let him go finally but was not feeling good. She fainted seeing shivay in a pool of blood ?.
    Om angry on his bhabhi for riskin her health by rememberin tht incident every now and then… his anger reflected his care for her. Rudy and RiYa took anika’s side… aftr all bad memories don’t leave a person tht easily… it haunts thm for a long time. All of them left towards the OT waiting for shivay… omru prayin tht shivay remembers anika bhabhi and gives her all the love and rights she didn’t get in this one year… and tht shivay does pinky’s oh my maata. Jhanvi telling pinky tht everyone knws shivay is anika’s ?… pinky fumes. Everyone is happy tht shivay will be alright now. Even the doctor ignored pinky ??…. tht was the best part… gharwale ignore karte hai ab baharwale bhi ignore kar rahe hai ??… i can’t stop laughin at her.
    Anika asking unconscious shivay to get up soon… she’s tired of fighting all alone and she needs him now… she misses all his antics, esp his trademark tadi. Omru and RiYa wishing evereythin gets fine now and tht pinky gets punished for her evil deeds.
    Shivay’s why the hell did u have to attend tht call… if tht guy threatened u abt ur family make him show proofs first. His accident ??????…. it just broke my heart… i wonder wht he must have gone through when he asked his mother for help but she just stood there smiling seeing her son in such a state… the physical pain wasn’t enough tht pinky’s smiling face and she didn’t even go to help him, mental torture for him… the most heartbreakin thing for a person. Nobody deserves such a mother ever… hires people to do her son’s accident just caz she couldn’t bear a middle class bahu when she herself is middle class and frm a small town atleast anika’s frm mumbai only…. blames anika for all the bad things tht happen… has tht fake belief tht shivay still loves her. She wasn’t satisfied with just one car hitting shivay… she got her own son paralyzed. Worst mother of the year award goes to pinky ??.
    Om angry on khanna for his irresponsibility and didn’t even listen to gauri as well… it’s not entirely khanna’s fault as well… who does shivay listen to anyways. He was glad to see somu caz he could get her help to meet shivay. Rudy callin soumya as bhavya… she was disheartened but didn’t show it… she calmed down rudy and gave him the strength… rudy cursed himself for callin her as bhavya. Anika finally cried out to rikara and rumya ?. All were shocked knwin tht shivay’s paralysed… anika’s world turned upside down… rudy was shocked tht his brother who was like a father for him is paralyzed now… om was angry on the doctor for sayin such a thing, he couldn’t believe tht the great wall of shivay singh oberoi was paralyzed. He gave support rudy while he himself was falling apart. Shivay didn’t recognise anisouri when he got conscious… everyone were shocked and omru introduced RiYa as their wives and told him tht anika was his wife… now shivay got a shock.
    In this one year om took the place of shivay… he tried to manage everyone in the household… gave support to everyone… made himself mentally and emotionally strong… in all this he became anthr great wall.
    I am actually happy tht it’s gonna be more thn three shots ?. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Barbieannie

      Hahah i loved your Comment❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?? i mean mixture?
      I laughed and got emotional too… well i too don’t get enough words to reply you???????
      You literally guess the whole ??? seee I’m giving you this write now?????? iMy twin mind Girl❤❤❤❤❤ Never fails to guess and Exact!
      Duh!❤ Yeah i was sure to write them in 3 shots only but while writing new ideas popped up and boom TS to Fs????
      Take Care too love you too dhair saraaaaaa❤?❤?❤❤❤?❤?❤?❤?❤??❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤??❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤❤❤❤❤❤??❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤??❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?

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    Awesome plzzzzz continue this ff

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      Yeah buddy continuing? next is posted do check ? thanks though ❤

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