“Tia please try to understand having the wedding now is quite risky, we have to postpone it” I tried to explain.

“But..” Tia tried to protest .

“No if’s and but’s Tia, our security is at..” The sound of a gun shot interrupted me.

I heard a shrill cry escape from the hall downstairs. My eyes widened as my mind swirled around a million possibilities of what may have conspired. I ran as fast as I could to breath a breath of relief to see none of the Obroi’s harmed. My eyes roamed around trying to detect any form of harm and that’s when my eyes landed on the reason all were crying.

“Anika” I rushed to her. She laid lifeless in the ground bathed in blood.

“O get the car” I commanded scooping Anika in my arms. We ran to the vehicle as fast as we could. The drive to the hospital was silent but loud in prayer. My eyes watered to see her like this. Even though my mind said that I didn’t care my heart beated otherwise. We finally arrived to the hospital.


I walked aimlessly around the hospital.

“Her chances of survival are very slim, we cannot promise anything” The doctors voice rang in my ears.

I was shocked to see myself so broken for Anika. She may have annoyed me with stupid comments, rude words and dumb conditions but what I failed to accept was those little things never failed to amuse me. It just dawned to me how besides my brothers the only person that made me feel child like was Anika. She had the power to undo the stiches which hid what I actually was , she awoke my playful child. I would be lying if I said that some of her comments didn’t make me want to laugh but I maintained my poker face because no matter what I was Shivaay Singh Obroi. It just made me realize how my tag, my name had always confined me from enjoying little pleasures.

I sighed as I slumped down on a hospital chair.

“Am I in love with her” My heart questioned.

“No” My mind debated.

I closed my eyes to escape from my dilemma but it rather added to it because the only thing I saw was Anika.

“I need her” My heart beated.

It may had come out late but I just realized that I was truley, madly and deeply in love with a crazy girl.

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