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Actually  guys I wrote Rumaya os before in which I mentioned  that Shivika is happily Married so now I’m writing an Os On shivika marriage that how it happened… so guys this is same as in serial lil same just…  not all
So shivika marriage  is done and Now mudikhai rasam… Om is having doubt so he planned To do surprise  munhdikhai rasam …and when Shivaay is going to drop anika home Around 2:45Am
They all surprised  him With  their sudden presence…

Now my Os started…
Dadi ::Tia beta this is our Khandani Kangan…and make her wear it So I’m giving This to u as munh dikhai…
Anika thinking  I can’t  wear it as I’m not their real Bahu… I can’t  lie more To dadi…  why shivaay isn’t  saying anything  at all..  She’s  going to remove my veil… how they all will react after seeing Me instead  of tia…  if he again didn’t  say anything  I’ll speak than…

Dadi removes her veil… And they all are shocked seeing anika In place of tia .. Dadi is shocked And Stands like A statue …

U anika why u are here in place of tia…says jhanvi..

Oh my mata… anika where is my bahu tia
So I was Thinking  right That.. This is anika not tia..!!  Says Om

So it means billu u married anika… it means I was sensing right that anika is hugging me not tia…. Says dadi

But billu why u married  her and not tia…

Dadi Because she ranned away just before  Marriage  and  I was left with no option so I had to marry anika..  Replies shivaay

No way I can’t  accept  this tia can’t  do this..  This Is just done by this cheap Anika..  These middle  class people’s  are Cheap like this I know she did something….we Behaved  well with U we make u part of our family and u did this?  … she holds anika by her shoulder  and Jerks her …anija why u did this..  I know u did this For money…  u could have Asked me if u wanted Money but did u trapped  my hira beta whyy.. And cries still holding Her Shoulder..

Anika puttar I didn’t  Expected  this from u…  u hide this from Me…  how could u says dadi and looks away

Yes anika We thought  you are good and don’t  lie but what u just did u proved us wrong We were mistaken  That we thought  u r good…  says jhanvi

I’ll not say that this is wrong Ik shivaay did this for Our family son I’m proud of u… says tej..
Shivaay  how could u do this With us and anika U why u betrayed us… says Shakti

I don’t  Think its anika did’s fault  as shivaay  bhaiya married  her not she Married him It was done by bhaiya… says rudra..

Me too agree with Rudra shivaay u r so mean U just married Her for ur so called name huh Says om

Guys ok stop it I don’t  want this To be discussed  …any more  Guys Don’t  freak  I just married  her…  for my family’s reputation..  And monm if u don’t  Like It just relax I’m going To divorce  Her Tomorrow  so nothing to worry says Shivaay  in his so called bagad billa avtar..

No Shivaay no…  Ik u are lying  That tia ranned  away Ik theses middle  class pplz tactics  she did something  To tia to marry U says pinky Again While jerking  her And cursing  her

Anika who was staring  at shivaay  while all this With hope that he will speak…  but When he doesn’t  explained anything..

Jerks away pinky (not Very forcefully Just freed herself  from her clutches)
Stop it aunty Ji…  what is my fault why u all are cursing  me…  and dadi ap Why u think that I betrayed  u.. How could u even think that I betrayed  u No dadi no I didn’t  betrayed  u… jhanvi  aunti nothing is my fault…  I’m not as bad as u thinking  …I was quite because I thought  Shivaaayyy  will tell u everything  But noooo he was quite  all the while… she goes towards  dadi amd holds her hands in her hands And says dadi trust me I wanted to tell u all this but Shivaaayyy  stopped me from telling  but  Still I wanted But he said I’ll tell and explain u don’t  need to do so…  I agreed  but dadi what I can do He forced  me to do Marriage …for me marriage  isn’t  game of childrens dadi I respect  this relation More than Everything …But I was Helpless  he made me helpless.. He forced me He threatened  me…everyone  is shocked..
Beta what u are saying says dadi…  dadi I’m saying truth Only… 
But anika what he did That U agreed to marry him…asks jhanvi…
Aunty he Kidnapped  my brother  And Threatened me to kill him If I didn’t  agreed  to marry him… tej uncle u said right That he did this for family and I’m happy That u r proud of him for that but are u proud of him now that he forced.. Blackmailed a girl to do Marriage..  Say…  he looks down…
Shakti uncle now u understand that I didn’t  betrayed u But ur son did betrayed u ur teachings  and all…  he too looks down with shame.. With guilt
Omru im proud of u that u understand  me And thought that I’m right thanks fr trusting  me… they smiles..

Now she turned Towards Pinky…  and Makes her sit On the nearby Sofa and She too Bends down and sits Just On her foot on floor.   Holds her hands In her hand
Anunty ji I know u are hurt Because U wanted Tia As ur bahu ..but trust me I haven’t  done anything  she Holds anika’s  face In her hand and Wipes her tears I’m sorry anika  I never  thought  shivaay will stoop so low That He will do all this And hugs her..

Pinky and anika both stands Up
Pinky::: so Its not ur fault neither  Shivaay’s  its just tia because of whom all this Happened  …

Anika …no aunty ji its not only tia’s fault But shivaay’s fault too because I told him before that tia is betraying  him but he didn’t  believed  me..and she moves twrds Shivaay  holds his collar I’m right na shivaay… I told u b4 that she is married  and She’s  hiding  something frm u..  But u was the one who called me gold digger…  u was the one who said That I’m Obsessed  with u… u was the One whk said that The attack on me was fake as I’m just trying to get ur sympathy and attraction.. now what should I call u Badtameez?  U tortured  me so much U always insulted me But I always helped u But u still don’t  trust me…  Shivaay U brought My brother inbetween  us Why u did This why U could have talked with Me without bringing  My Brother inbetween  us but no U u… u where is my brother shivaay And jerking Him by holding his collar and crying Tell Me where Is my brother…. U. .u… U and she faints
Shivaay Who was Standing like a statue  Holds Her and Tries To wake her up
Shivaay::: anikaa..  Hey open ur eyes…  Anika….

He was about To pick Her Up Just Then Omkara Comes And Picks Her Up saying Shivaay Don’t  u dare to touch her until u apologize  my Bestfriend +bhabi

They all goes from there without  talking to Shivaay as From their Point of view He did everything  wrong With anika…  so they just left him just there…  he was  standing  there in shock thinking  what the hell just happened  and whatt happened  to anika I need to know He Goes to Her….  She Is lying  unconscious  on his bed…  he was looking At her From outside hiding  behind room door…  comes and checks her
Om asks Doctor how’s  she I mean what happened  to her…  Doctor said that she was hungry For so long Like 2 days She didn’t  Eat properly  And from Morning I think She was hungry Not even Drank Water and is weak like she lost Lot amount of water In her body…  and is stressed  Let her relax..  don’t  distrub Her Nor give stress to her If u want her To Recover quickly And make sure To feed her on time.. 

He complies  doctor leaves…

Shivaay who was Still Standing  behind door Comes inside the room But dadi stops him
Dadi says don’t  come inside  Billuu…  he replies but dadi I just want to see how’s  she..  Om says With which right Shivaaayyy  she isn’t ur employee Anymore as Ur shaddi is finished  and u don’t  consider her as ur wife. … Because this Marriage  has no meaning  for u… so u have no right  on her and not even To ask How’s  she just leave…
Shivaaayyy says But this is my room..  Dadi Cuts him We know  billu
Dadi Moves towards him and stands infront of him..  Dadi says Billu Whyyyyyyyy why u did this all with Anika Why… ,? U know she is in this Condition  just because  of u just u r the reason  …. Shivaay says dadi she forced Me to Force her Who asked Her to interfere  in my matters  when I was Going to Marry With Agarwals daughter  richa on one day contract  marriage than why did she manipulated her… 

Suddenly  slow trembling voice of anika Comes. . I.. I didn’t manipulated her she wasn’t happy that u was forcing her…. Everyone looks at her prianku somu made her sit and Gives juice  ..
She wasn’t happy dadi she asked me if she’s doing something wrong or right I just said her to listen to her heart and then she left she was forced too but I never thought that shivaay would forced me… .

Shivaay says..  Noooo anika noo that’s not the truth actually when u got to know that they are getting a lot money for this one day Marriage ao u thought why not me I’ll get ALL this amount  u are greedy nothing else u did this all for money… and all ur crying is dramma and ur dialogue’s about mangalsutar marriage else are just Filmy dialogue’s…. U r Just… blo*dy Middle…  just than thaaa got slapped from dadi… 

Dadi says billu enough not even a ssingle more word fr anika now otherwise I’ll not talk with u…

Shivaay got tears in his eyes that his dadi slapped him fr the first time..

Shivaay u r out of ur mind… nothing else how could U insult a girl like her…  billu if u want to talk with me justtt apologize anika if she forgive u than only I’ll talk with u otherwise I’ll not talk with u says dadi..

I’m too with mummy ji says pinky thn jhanvi thn tej thn shakti thn Hesitantly prianku and somya now Shivaay looks at omru..  With questioned  eyes weather they’ll support him or not as they are His life and if they’ll not support him how willhe manage this all.. He’ll  be broken-down
On the other hand anika who was watching that this all isHappening with his billu ji as she loved him from her heart but pretending that she hates him as he did bad with her but after all  he is her life fr her And she Can’t see him broken like that… 

Omru is about to say something anika cuts noooo noo please don’t do this dadi u all are Shivaaayyy’s life how could u do this without u ppl he’s nothing he will be broken PlEase don’t do anything like that… 
And shivaay u even don’t need to apologize to me I forgave u just please… and again feels dizzy And stops talking and closes her eyes And rests her head on cushions  and murmurs don’t do this with shivaay just don’t …

Dadi says look billu how pure hearted she is I just don’t understand why u called her greedy when she’s not just take care of her and lightly slaps Him and they all leaves Omru Says him to come to pool side After changing…
And pats on his shoulder
He smiles lightly they leaves..

He locks the door and goes to anika who’s sleeping and Caresses her hair with tears in his eyes he makes Her Sleep comfortably and sets her..  Goes to washroom changes and goes to pool side..

Pool side
Om says shivaay I know something  is disturbing u tell me what’s that.. He says no nothing like that…

Rudra ..bhaiya u have to share otherwise I’ll not talk with u..
Om Yeah he’s right shivaay  we’re  serious 
He gives them a painful look..

Om shivaay I can see how disturbed u are in ur eyes many questions and pain just share it with us.   Maybe we could help u.. Btw Shivaay fainting anika said that u called her gold digger and obsessing  all U just talked with me about that How she knows
Shivaay giving blank look speaks idk How but I’m  feeling guilty that  I didn’t believed  her on that day and tought that she’s obsessed with me… and bang his hand on floor..  I was wrong shw was right tia is married and  Robin is the guy…  he’snt her brother but he’s  husband Dhruv..
Omru are shocked 
Om says and u still call her greedu and did this all with her… . How could u shivaay even after knowing she’s innocent

Shivaay replies nooooo noo om noooo not fr that But she betrayed me how could she do this with me if she wanted some money she could have asked me but why sheee whyyyy she slept with daksh fr just 15 lac how could she do thia with me omm…  how could A a tear falls from his eye.

Om ..shivaay are u out of ur mind..  What the hell u are saying…. Who told u this all.  . Han??
Daksh.. Replied Shivaay
I Don’t believe in all this  and I don’t  understand  how could  u again Misunderstand her even After All this Tia matter.. 
Maybe this was true Just I saw all this with my own eyes ao I can’t deny the fact..

Om unbelievable  shivaay and stand rudra too stand they both leave saying  you’ll regret 
He goes  to his Room And Again locks the Door… and sees anika Trying to leave the bed Shivaay says are u out of ur mind..  U need to rest just Tell me what u need..  She was kinda surprised  with her sudden Mood swings  but Replies  water…
He gives her glass of water…  and stand infront  of mirror..

Shivaay I want To know one thing  just tell me that I’ll leave.. Then
He says Ask..
She why u said that  I slept with someone  for Money..  Why?  U think  like that About me..
He was shocked how She still remembers..
And replies  coz u slept with daksh for just 15 lac anika..  If u needed  money  u could have asked me if not direct Money just Loan but why u slept with himmm… 
She was shocked with his Sayings.
In Trembling  Voice Wwho told u all this..

He replies daksh Himself..
She asked and u believed him
No he replies No I couldn’t  have believed  him if I haven’t  see. All this With my own Eyes. ..

Did u see Me sleeping  with him on his bed??? She asked..

No but He replies  when I saw u u was setting  his Bed sheet and there was his Clothes On floor And he was Wearing his shirt..  And that too early  morning  ..anika  why u Camed for him When I said u not to stay Here and I myself  Dropped  u till the car….

She was shocked. .and Was Tightining  her grip on glass..
Shivaay I camed back again Just for somu..  as She was scared  She was sacred  that someone  is in her Room so she called me from daksh’s mobile that she need me So I camed back To her And we Slept  in daksh’s room as soumya was scared And wasn’t  going to her room So daksh slept in her room…  And the scene  which u r talking About  I was just Setting sheet as it was Lil messed and daksh Changed His T-shirt as Coffee  fells on that. …

He was shocked  with her confession  and cursing himself  In his mind for believing  daksh ..
And which 15 lac?  She asks

Daksh Gave u in envelope  says shivaay
Ohhh that was just a loan papers Which Dadi gave him to give me Dadi helped  me In passing  The loan..
How could u billu Ji Why don’t  u just believe  me u could  have asked me directly  About all this why would I’ll betray u.    Why and voice came ((krak))) Glass breaked in he hands Her hand is bleeding  and she is just looking  at him saying whhhy whhhhhyy and crying

Shivaay runs towards her Holds her hand And cries I’m sorry anika…  i.. Ii m really  sorry While crying and talking he Takes First-aid  and starts dressing her hand.. Actually u r right I’m idiot that I didn’t believed u and believed those idiots … forgive me justtt looking down on her hand and crying Sorry anika…  actually  they made me Believe  I’m really sorry…  she Was broken And needs Support…  and so does he…  Shivaay suddenly hugs her and cries more she too reciprocates and cries and shivaay accepted his love by saying I’m sorry an.. Sorry mrs. Oberoi I love u..she was very happy because  she wanted to hear those 3 magical  words from hm for so long And she too Says I love u too mr.oberoi..and they tighten their hug their Tears turned Into A wide smile..

So guys this is the end I’m done writing  I’ll not say that it’s a Short os as this is quite long as this Is of 28 pages bruhhh…

And more About os I changed Something  in it that Tia Ranned Away bt b4 that when Shivaay  called her to inform That he’s  coming in 5 minutes He forget  to cut the call and His ph was on loud speaker  so does Tia Forgot to cut the call and shivaay heared tia /robin Conversation  Okay…. .
And she haven’t called sahil yet that’s why she is asking his whereabouts
Bye bye U can throw anything  except  tomato  I don’t really likee them…

Please drop ur Precious lovely  and U can even drop ugly?  (like seriously haha)  comments.

And Ppl who want rumays Os(old one wrote b4 this)  link Can Ask in comments I’ll give Sooo bubyeeeeeee

IF any confusion ask me


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