ISHQBAAAZ REDUX – my hopes and dreams

Hi guys, I am Kalzart . I have been an avid fan of Ishqbaaz since the beginning until they came up with the whole Vanavaas track.For me, That was one track that exposed Nakul’s drawbacks as an actor especially when it comes to emotional scenes.( the “yeh meri maa nahi hei ” from the all yellow pinky Shivaay drama too was terribly overdone ( ugh).But needless to say Nakul aces romance and carries it out with so much elan that some of the older episodes are just evergreen.When it comes down to acting i have always felt that Omkara was the best in the house even though he seems a bit shy when it comes to romancing on screen. whatever the emotion maybe one can find it reflecting in Kunal’s eyes and his voice too.He carries off the sensitive om memorably. Rudy would always be the x factor of the show because he is the one character that has done it all comedy – all time, romance-He truly had better chemistry with Soumya and yes when he played the bad boy ( terribly hurt and broken abusive Rudra ) ,he did it just right i.e he was able to portray that conflict between love and anger.His voice modulations are just spot on!!. But when Kunal did the same thing with Gauri, It almost always looked like he just truly totally hated her that there was no scope for love at all untill one fine night which happens to be the third- last day of DBO and everything happening seemed to be so ‘poetic’ that all the anger melted away for half an hour.Anyways I did rather not go into all the assessment because it would be so long and  lets get to the point.

First of all Ishqbaaz started out as the story of three brothers and it was all about that initially but then the girls were introduced and slowly it changed into any other soap save the chemistry between  Anika and Shivaay. So it would have been all the way better if there was more focus on Om’s and Rudy’s lives too.Of all that we have seen now the only thing Om and Ru does is walk around and be mute listeners and hug and cry and complement their Bhayya .Its the same when it comes to the girls too. Shrenu is an amazing actress, Mansi may not be as good as Neha and Surbhi is simply brilliant.

Secondly , I noticed that everyone seemed so silent and strange in the redux version it was like they were being extra careful not to be the character they were before.i just hope that they get over that soon.I mean the uneasiness  Third, the Gauri and Omkara track was just too unplanned that it seemed like they would never unite.Till date , there was no powerful emotional reconciliation between  Gauri and Omkara .What I feel is that there were many points in the DBO track where Om could have had the realization but where never utilized.Even when they tried to give each other a second chance it didnt work out well.So, it would be great if they could make it better this time.Same applies to Rudra and Bhavya’s track and fourth, Oberoi mansion looks so empty without all the family members I hope it gets all chirpy and lively soon.Another thing is that we have all got lost somewhere atleast once keeping track of the number of weddings Shivika had,so i just cross my fingers and hope they keep it to one this time if the track extends to the wedding.

Finally the best redux that I have seen is the What/if episode of Grey’s Anatomy in which they change the background story of every character to make them entirely different people but at the end of the day all former pairs show sparks for each other.I dont think thats possible for IB since this redux is portrayed as a test of love or re-incarnation or something.I just dont agree with those concepts and their importance in Indian soaps however I am just trying to ignore that hoping the redux would keep up to the expectations.I personally believe that its high time that Indian series change their core concept from the saas- bahu idea and move on.Ishqbaaaz is not much of a deviation from the well trodden path but it offers something better than the cliché. I really love this show and hope that it works out the way i wanted it to at some point of time.

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  1. The four lion drama has caught attention immediately due to new promise and bond of brotherhood then makers spiced it with normal saas bahu drama and still IB managed it flavour as I think if it were other production house story then ShivOmRu must have fought and splits, the good thing about ishqbaaz is that never happend.
    Anyway talking about the new beginning or IB redux as we are talking about that…I didn’t find its variation from IPKKND-1, the star crossed love story from the same production house…with large starcast ans masla tadka with Nakuul-Surbhi-Kunal-Shrenu-Rudra-Mansi-Nabina-Karan and many more.
    Priyanka resembles more to Anjali And Daksh in bad boy character is also same to Shyam Manohar Jha except for the parents Daksh have.
    Kunal is as his sensitive Omkara self with no change of behaviour except for his profession.
    Rudra is changed a little but no scope to show his acting skill in a different type of character.
    Dadi is a little more attached to the old NKK this time it seems…Her idea that only NKK-less girl traps rich men hurts badly.
    Thinking about Shivaay Singh Oberoi, he have to be different then Arnav was if we were watching the new version of the same 2011-12 story of IPKKND as the story promises nothing new. His mother was betrayed by father, they were murdered/ commit suicide and this Shivaay will affect Annika more as some where there is a vibe that Annika’s mother is related to Oberoi’s past mainly Shakti perhaps(my wild assumption as I am unable to watch IB these days).
    and Annika is a poor peaceful girl now and Surbhi is working hard on it is visible where Nakuul is taking his old bhagad Billa gracefully with no change of character at all…Surbhi is impressive even if we hate to see a bechari Annika and miss the khidlitod one. SSO have to behave a little more emotional like Om when he is deep in pain, he acts great but fails emotional scene.
    In all these Shivika are sharing the old spark…they seems emotional with each other and SSO ki duniya bhi palat raha hai…he is not himself around the new typhoon in his life as Annika and to not let it loose he is being harsh.
    sometimes the characters in Oberoi mansion seems like nothing changed at all and behaving their old self and not new character(I know its difficult to change that sudden from their usual character but that is the skill of an actor…)
    Their bond beyond love need catalyst it seems as very soon their past will emerge from corpse to haunt them down.
    Among all this who got opportunity is Shrenu from a sanskari Gauri to a Gundi Gauri…360° change in character means enough chance to show her acting skill and she is going great ,like me others must be waiting for a Rikara meeting.
    There are enough opportunity to show their talent Mrs. Producer and Mrs. Director and hope the script writer will manage to present us a different type of story without copying their old stories and of course I will pray for the long life of logic maata and hope they will not murder logic brutally!!
    So Its a new chance for the production team to present audience a new story from old Ishqbaaz…Grab it guys.

    This new thing is now beautiful however I will be waiting for a dialogue when Shivaay Singh Oberoi will say-” Hum badle, Humari halaad bhi badle,duniya bhi badal gaya phir bhi hamari Ishqbaazi waisa hi hai…hamesha rahega…” looking straight at the old man, holding Annika’s hand,whose book he went to launch(I forgot his name so!!)

    1. Kalzart

      Thanks for commenting bro and yeah fingers crossed for Rikara and yeah its entirely about lack of new story lines and i hope that it changes. In fact i advocate dividing serials into seasons, so that you dont have to go hunting for new concepts everyday and that way serials will remain fresh too.I havent watched IPKKND 1 and 2 but i have heard many talking about the similarities but i have watched Tanhaiyaan and its the same way , i mean it started with lots of groundbreaking thingies and went back to the usual….But no matter what Ishqbaaaz was that one show which had me grounded for a long time and those old beautiful episodes will always remain so

  2. Kashaf

    I don’t have any hopes from redux. I literally have quit watching this show. Anika is being bechari and shivaay is all being monster once again. I’m sure we will soon witness a forceful marriage. About rikara, the makers have forgotten them long back. I will always be salty about rikara and Rumya not getting their due though having better potential than shivika.
    Making a girl marrying forcefully is not any revolution and this show promotes manhandling.
    I’m done with this show. It has nothing to show

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