Ishqbaaaz Is This Love Episode 7


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and I am back with another episode. I will thank everyone who commented. It means a lot. And my real name is Nora.

So let’s start?

Shivaay’s room

Anika felt really weak and was about to fall. But shivaay came to her rescue. He lifted her and made her sit on the bed.
Shivaay: Can’t you be careful. Saying this he hugged anika. Anika got surprised and hugged shivaay as well.

Scene shifts to Roumya

Rudra was tensed. Soumya saw this and took food with her to rudra.
Soumya: Here eat this.
Rudra without realising ate the food and made soumya eat as well. They both were now eating. And enjoyed each others company.

Scene shifts to Ishkara

Ishana was feeling really weak. Om saw this and helped her to his room.
He made her sit down. And made her drink water. Ishana drank the water and she was feeling really tired and weak.
Om saw this.
Ishana went into deep sleep. And Om slept on the sofa

Back to shivika
Anika whispered: Billuji i am fine now.
Shivaay heard this. And he saw up and anika smilled. Seeing her smile shivaay automatically smiled also.
Shivaay’s room

Anika: Billuji you are smiling.
Shivaay: Is smiling a crime
Anika: Not at all. Always keep smiling.
Anika was about to stand up. But shivaay stopped her.
Shivaay: What are you doing you need rest.
Shivaay was helping Anika. When anika asked him why did you cry when i fainted.
Shivaay didn’t know what to say.
Anika: Tell me honestly.
Shivaay: Because I LOVE YOU ANIKA.

Anika was damn shocked.

Shivaay: I loved you. But didn’t realise till know.
Anika was crying.
Anika: You love me.
Anika asked shivaay if he is joking.
Shivaay said no.
Anika: But i don’t have a surname.I am a middle class girl for you.
Anika was having tears in her eyes.
Shivaay: But when you came in my life you made me understand that these things are not important. You changed me. Anika do you love me.
Anika was so happy and confessed her love also. And they both hugged each other.

In the morning.

Scene shifts to ishkara

Ishana wakes up and find om sleeping on sofa.
Om woke and said.
Om: How are you
Ishana: I am fine. And thank you.
Om: Your welcome.
Ishana and om stood up.

And they both went down.

In the hall.
Everyone were present in the hall and wanted to find out about the cd case.

Ishana told Roumya that she is going home and if they need help then call her.
Anika and Shivaay both were tensed. Then suddenely anika came to know about the poster and she told everyone about it.

Shivaay: That means that poster is fake.
Omru and Shivika went to the place where the poster was.

They divided in two teames. Anika and Shivaay in one team. And Omru in one team.
Anika found a cotton candy shop and was about to eat. When shivaay told her that we have to focus and took her from there.
Guys it is same as shown in the show.

They got the girl and tej and shakti were free.

Omru and Shivika was going home when suddenely Shivaay said.
Shivaay: You guys go we have an important work that we forgot to check.
Omru were confused. But agreed. So that shivika could be alone.

Omru went and shivaay took anika to a cotton candy shop.

Anika: Billuji what are you doing.
Shivaay: Here you wanted a cotton candy to eat. Here eat this.

Anika smiled.
Anika: But then you also have to taste it.
Shivaay: I don’t eat this unhygienic food.
Anika: Then i won’t eat it either.
Shivaay agreed and ate the cotton candy. He got some of the candy on his nose. And anika started laughing.
Shivaay: What’s so funny.
Anika: Look at yourself in a mirror.
Shivaay looked up and saw candy floss on his nose he took it away. And gave Anika the cotten candy.
Anika: Admit it you liked the cotton candy.
And then they both went from there.
Omru was watching all this
hiding behind a bush. And gave each other a hi-fi.
Rudra: Finally they admitted that they are in love. Om bhaiya i am so happy, I can’t even tell you. We have to tell this to dadi, somu and priyanka. And Ish….
He was about to say Ishana but stopped.
om: What happened.
Rudra: Ummmm. Nothing let’s go.

Guys I hope you liked it. I feel this is long update. I want a lot of comments. Please silent readers comment. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care?

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  1. Nansshivika

    Nora its superb ?? shivika confession awesome?? omru hiding and watching is so cute. Waiting for shivika moments and a request dear can u plz add recap starting of ur episode? I read all ffs its quite confusing tracks so plz add short overall recap. And post next epi asap

  2. Samm

    I liked the twist with cotton candy. If they actually did accept their love for each other, i would love to see this scene play out in the show!

  3. Vincy

    Nice episode

  4. Ishqkum

    Super dr

  5. Nice dea?

  6. Sat

    Nora sorry for the late comment Yar
    Please forgive me
    I really loved this episode
    When shivaay admit that he is loving annika and confesses her. I was like????????
    And when they hug, I was just imagining every scene????
    And when shivaay takes her back to the cotton candy stall and buys candy for, it was sooooooo cute???
    And when omru saw it and when they were happy, it was sooooooo lovely???
    I just loved this episode
    Please update the next epi ASAP??

  7. It was fabulous yar

  8. Tulasi

    Nyc one dear

  9. Shivaay admitted that he loves anika??
    Loved the episode dear

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