Ishqbaaaz Is This Love Episode 6

Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and I am back with another episode. I am sorry for late update. But i was busy with school work. i didn’t get time to comment on ff. But I just want to say that everyone who are writing ff. Are doing an amazing job.

Days passed and shivika started liking each other but didn’t admit it. Now everyone (dadi, omru and soumya and prinku ). Started making plans. Roumya was also making plans to reunite ishkara.

At the wedding venue

Both anika and shivaay were sad

In the evening.

Everyone were present in the hall.

Omru were sad that they couldn’t convience shivaay to stop the marriage.
Ishana came there and saw everyone.
At another place
A person saying: Oberois you are gone now. And laughed wickedly.

At the wedding hall
The preperations were about to start. Gayatri went inside the oberoi mansion. Without anyone noticing. Shivaay and tia were sitting in the mandap and were going to do pheras. When the security alarm went on. And shivaay stood up. The police came and (guys it is the same cd scene which is shown in the show). The police arrested tej and shakti. Everyone where shocked.

But suddenely dadi fainted and everyone rushed to her. Anika called the doctor.

The doctor came and told that due to stress she fainted.

Dadi was sleeping. And pinky and jhanvi and priyanka were there

with her to take care of her.

In another room shivaay was talking on the phone with a angry voice

Outside the oberoi mansion.
A woman was saying this is just the start oberois. Just wait and watch what i can do now.

In om’s room.

Ishana was passing by when om saw her.
Om: Excuse me.
Ishana turned and saw om.
Om: Haven’t you gone home. It is really late.
Roumya came there and said.
Soumya: Bade bhal walle bhaiya. We told her to stay here. It is really late and it is not good to go alone in this hour.
And they left from there.
Ishana was about to go when om asked her if she wanted something.
Ishana nodded no.
Then suddenely they smelled smoke/ poison gas.
Ishana: This smell. This is a poison gass smell. This is really dangerous we have to open the windows. And tell everyone.

Precap: Shivika gets stucked in a room.

They informed everyone. But they didn’t find shivika.

In shivaay’s room
Shivaay was talking on phone when anika came in. Shivaay saw her.
Shivaay: What do you want.
Anika: Dadi is calling you.
Then suddenely they smelled the gas.
All the doors were open but shivika’s room got closed.

The poison gas started affecting anika and suddenely she fainted in Shivaay’s arms.
Shivaay got really tensed and said anika wake up.
He even started to have tears in his eyes.
He banged the door. But still no one found them.
Everyone came outside the hall. Ishkara was trying to find shivika
ishana started feeling weak. And was about to fall when om stopped her and gave her support.
Om: We have to be strong.
Ishana started feeling really weak due to the gas.
Om saw this and said to everyone to go out from the house. Now only shivika and ishkara were in the manison. They called the police and the ambulance as well.

Scene shifts to shivika.
Shivaay was tensed. So he pushed the door and it got opened and called everyone. Om and ishana heard him and came there.
They all went outside where everyone where.
They saw anika and tried to wake her up.
Shivaay got an idea.
He took a bucket full of water and threw it on anika.
Everyone where shocked but anika opened her eyes.

The police came and the ambulance. And the gas went and everyone went inside the mansion. Everyone were tensed and said to each other to rest. Jhanvi and Pinky went to another room. Priyanka and dadi together went to dadi’s room.Roumya, Ishkara and Shivika in their room.

Precap: Shivika, roumya and ishkara romance.

Guys I hope you liked the episode. Please comment and support my fanfiction. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care ?

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