Ishqbaaaz Is This Love Episode 4

Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and I am back with another episode. I will thank everyone who comment and support my fanfiction. It means a lot. I will try to make the episodes longer. And guys omkara will not find out that fast that ishana is the dancer. So you guys have to wait a little.

So let’s start ?

Ishana’s dupatta fell down and she fell down where rudra was standing. He saw her face and she immediately took the dupatta on her face. And finished her dance.
She was about to leave. When she heard a voice.

It was Tia’s mom
Tia’s mom : Aren’t you gonna show your face.

Tia’s mom was about to take off her dupatta when rudra screamed.
Om: Rudra what happened.
Rudra: I saw a lizard. It was on my shoulder. You guys first help me.

Rudra diverted the focus from ishana to himself.

Ishana thanked him. Dadi came and said let’s enjoy.
ishana was about to leave but then dadi came. And asked her to stay till the sangeet is over.
Ishana said no but because dadi insisted so much she had no choice but to agree.

She went to a table and rudra came there.

Rudra: What are you doing here. If om bhaiya come here he will get angry like a volcado.

ishana told him evrything how she got here. And about her past with om.

Rudra felt sad. And ishana went from there.

Soumya came there and saw rudra sad. Rudra told everything to soumya. And soumya gave him a plan. They both agreed and gave each other a hi-fi.

Ishana was walking upstairs where nobody was and was thinking.
Ishana: I have no courage to be down there. She was walking and om was also coming out from his room.
Suddenely om and ishana collided. And ishana was about to fall but om holded her.
Ishana looked up.and saw omkara. She immediately left him and said sorry.
Om felt some kind of connection with her but didn’t say anything.

The sangeet was over and everyone left except the oberoi’s and Tia’s family. Ishana was about to leave but then soumya and rudra together said: we need dancer for the wedding. For the mehendi, party etc and the shaddi.

And they pointed towards ishana. Tia understood that and askes ishana to be the choreographerfor the weddimg. Ishana was about to refuse but then rudra and soumya emotional blackmailed her in a funny way. That she had to agree.

Precap: Shivika, roumya and ishkara dance together.
Oberoi Mansion

I hope you guys liked it. Please comment and support my ff. And I’ll see you guys next time. Until then take care ?

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