Ishqbaaaz Is This Love Episode 1


Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and I am back with another episode of my ff. Guys the titel for my ff is Ishqbaaz is this love. It was written two titles because the ff got published 2 times. So no confusion the ff is named ISHQBAAZ IS THIS LOVE?

So let’s start ?

At the Oberoi house:

Anika was working and Shivaay was passing by. They shared an eyelock. But the eyelock was broken by Tia.

Tia: Shivaay baby….
Shivaay:Tia. What are you doing here.
Tia: Mom have come for some arrangements for the sangeet. I am so excited.
Shivaay got a call and he left.
Guys changes have been made both shivaay and anika will realise their love in upcoming episodes

At the room
Dadi, omkara, soumya, rudra and priyanka were sitting.

Om: dadi what happened.
Dadi: i don’t know why. But main is shaadi se khush nahi. I am not happy. I feel like tia is not right for shivaay.
Rudra: even i feel the same. Ladybaba is not the right person. Anika didi is.
Soumya: But we don’t know what shivaay and anika feel for each other.
Priyanka: Your right. How can wefind out.
They discussed something that find out.
They discussed something that was muted.

But suddenely a voice came and they went down

Tia’s mom: hello dadi. I wanted to ask have you found a dancer for the sangeet.
Pinky came and said no we haven’t.
Listening to the word dancer om got flashes of a girl who was wearing ghungroo and dancing.FB:
Wow Ishana you dance really well.
Ishana: Om come you too dance. Ishana took om with her and they started dancing.

Om got out of flshback and went from there. Roumya saw this and got thinking.

Tia’s mom: Well i know one person who is a really great dancer she will dance in the sangeet.
Everyone agreed.

Precap: Ishana got a call. Anika and Shivaay moments.

Bye guys I hope you liked it next episode will be published on Thursday or Friday. Bye and take care. Please do comment?

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  1. Raksha.manan

    It’s too short….but fantastic….. Keep writing

  2. Nice but plz make it a bit longer

  3. Priyanka.N

    Its very short update yar…bt I like it…waiting for shivika moments

  4. Shaza

    It’s awesome..but very short ..pls try to make the next one a lil longer if u can….

  5. Jazz1

    Really good. Plz post the next one soon and make it longet

  6. Jazz1

    Really good. Plz post the next one soon and make it longer

  7. Sat

    Very nice and plz post the next one. Can’t wait.
    And do check out my new ff,

  8. Didi it’s awesome but maybe try to make it longer

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