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Chapter: 4
Silent Hill’s
Late night
Shivaay “idiot in your tantrums of hungry fellow we forgot to re-fill the tanks” he boiled in anger

Om “he can’t be our friend never ever…” he shooked his head

Rudy “worry not, I’ve batteries I placed them…” he passed a prideful smile

Shivaay “yeah, you’ll go out and install them right? Who the hell being batteries instead of fuel idiot” he squealed

Om “calm down shivaay shouting will not the change fact that we’re done” he said with dull face

Rudy “why you guys panic so much? I’ve mobile and now we will call police and get their help and will go back to Delaware “he did logic sign

Shivaay “yeah very good idea…Signal will come from dark woods…” he narrowed his eyes
Om “and above that police will never step in this state to just protect us 3 and if they come after being rescued we will be jailed for whole life don’t you remember it’s a crime to come here…” he passed a cheeky smile

Rudy “stop giving me these smile’s O. Coming here wasn’t my plan at all…This shivaay buddy is guilty” he made angry face

Shivaay “shutup sleepy head, who said we should go today only no matter how much late we’re” he raised his eye-brows

Rudy “again I did? Oh God why I’m their friend?” he whined

Om “exactly how can you be our friend” he shooked his head

Shivaay “We are definitely Gone” he rolled his eyes

Rudy “hey look there a palace and see people are their too…” he shouted and they both looked down to left side

Om “yeah, it seems as few people’s still live there…we got our help shivaay” he shrieked

Shivaay “no I don’t think it’s a good idea to go there…” he refused

Rudy “we will not listen to you now” he handled the steering

Om “I’m with rudy…and you’re in too shivaay we have no other option” he looked at him and held his steering

Shivaay “well okay but still I’m against it…don’t blame me later” he held his steering and they slowed down and started landing and soon they landed in-front of palace under shadow of Banyan tree…and immediately stepped out of car

Rudy “it looks beautiful…” he stretched his arms…

Shivaay “add scary too, look at the tree…” he ran his gaze around

Om “Beauty of nature…shivaay it is called beauty of nature…which is not there in Delaware anymore…” he smiled looking at whole place…

Rudy “Let’s go in” he ran to the door and knocked on it

Shivaay “duffer can’t you wait little…” he reached there

Om “Winget palace…not bad” he smiled touching the board and again heard “Be-Panah pyaar hai aajaaa” and looked here there but the door opened

Rudy “hey is there anyone?” he asked peeping in palace

Voice “Come in we are here only just enter now…and close the door…”

Shivaay “strange not a single person and voice?”

Om “maybe busy…stop thinking much and step in” he stepped in pulling shivru along and rudy closed the door…

Voice “we were waiting for you only…” she descended down the stairs in a long White floor length gown

Shivaay “beautiful…”

Om “what do you mean miss?” he looked suspiciously

Voice “Miss Annika Winget” she smiled coming near them “I mean we saw you flying above and you looked scared and usually scared people arrives here” she looked at shivaay

Rudy “we? Mean you’re many?” he raised his eye-brows

Voice “Not many just few” she descended down the right side stair case in Red Floor Length Gown

Shivaay “your good name?” he smiled

Om “she’s so beautiful”

Girl “Miss Gauri Winget” she came near them and stood beside annika

Om “Next one?” he looked at gauri…

Voice “oh yeah me you’re talking about me right?” she stepped down and then rolled down the stairs and rudy rushed to her and held her

Rudy “are you okay?” he made her stand

Girl “yeah obviously…I just slipped from gown, hehe” she chuckled and received angry glares from gauri and annika

Om “your name sweety?” he smiled

Annika “her name is soumaya Winget youngest sister of us”

Rudy “Mo…” shivaay held his arm and pressed it “shutup sleepy head don’t utter another word”

Annika “how can we help you?” she looked at shivaay who smiled

Shivaay “miss we came here to visit these beautiful hills and lost our way to go back to Delaware and fuel is finished too…we have batteries but way isn’t clear so night stay?” he smiled

Gauri “Yeah why not…after all we did all for you only…” she smiled

Rudy “hey guys my name is rudra they call me rudy…” he shrieked

Soumaya “Dumb…Don’t you know when to give introduction…?” she narrowed her eyes

Om “excuse me you said you did all this for us? Why you said so?” he again doubted

Annika “She was joking…just relax now as you’re our guest…We will not let you go easily…” she smiled

Shivaay “no-one is eager to go even” he smiled looking at her

Om “shutup you Hawas ke pujari…” he hit him with elbow

Shivaay “as if you’re not seeing her in that way right?” he passed a cheeky smile…

Rudy “I’m hungry”

Soumaya “hey Hungry I’m soumaya”

Rudy “excuse me I’m serious” he rolled his eyes

Soumaya “no you’re not serious you’re hungry”

Rudy “I’m serious dammit”

Soumaya “No I’m not dammit, I’m soumaya and you’re hungry” she laughed

Annika “soumaya stop teasing him…sorry she is like this only…”

Gauri “yeah whenever she meets someone after so long she does jokes” she laughed

Shivaay “yeah, after all very less people come here in these silent hills…”

Gauri “that’s true but none reaches here…alive”

Om “what do you mean?” he shivered

Annika “mean…it’s true there are ghosts in Pennsylvania …and reaching here in this palace is no less than any miracle” she looked at all

Rudy “so how you live here?” he raised his eye-brows

Soumaya “we are also g…” she was cut in mid

Gauri “actually we know a way to be safeguard from Ghosts of hill’s and it’s our birth place how can we leave it so we just found a way to stay safe and live here and helps those who reaches here…” she smiled

Shivaay “we can talk on table too? Isn’t it? I mean we can get fresh first?” he pouted

Annika “ofcourse…”

Rudy “okay so let us bring our bag’s first…” he turned to go

Soumaya “wait! Why you are going it may be risky I’ll bring it…” she held his hand

Annika “she’s right…we will bring it go get fresh…there are your room’s” she pointed toward pool side where 3 doors were showed…

Gauri “soumaya. Go show them the room’s…and we will bring their stuff” she glared her and she nodded and left with them

Shivaay “hey take the key’s” he threw them toward annika
Annika “thank-you” she walked out followed by gauri and doors closed by themselves…

Soumaya “here shivaay bro and om bro your room’s and this mid one rudy boy for you” she pointed

Shivaay “you’re cute” he pinched her cheeks

Om “you give me sister kind of vibes cutie” he side hugged her and walked in room now rudy was left

Rudy “I’ll not call you cute neither say sister vibes…as you only give me only Fatso vibes how much do you eat daily?” he crossed his arms around his chest

Soumaya “I was right you’re dumb…now go to your room else I’ll call the ghosts here…” she flipping her hair’s walked away while he made faces
Outside the Palace
Annika and gauri were standing near car when a wind blew and few shadows appeared around them

Voice 1 “what do you think? We can’t reach them…? In this birth too we will get them and you all will be left empty handed”

Voice 2 “you can’t rescue them for so long…not every time you can save them…you yourself will become the reason of their death again” she laughed

Voice 3 “You’re not that powerful Annikaaaaa” she laughed strangulating her neck

Voice 4 “In this night only we will take them away again…hahaha” she swirled around them and laughed while holding both…

A 5th Voice came “Om…namah…shivaay…Om” holy chants of word Om were echoing the silent hill’s and soon added the sound of screams of a lot people’s

As soon as chants of om started one shadow vanished screaming now the chants changed into Christian chants word “Jesus…Jesus…Jesus…Jesus” soon the echoing changed into this chant and screams increased and 2nd shadow vanished…gauri ran to the one chanting this who was none-other than soumaya and joined her as it was the turn to get rid of the 3rd and 4th shadow gauri folded her hands like soumaya and closed her eyes “O Allah…” they chanted and soon the 3rd and 4th shadow vanished too in resulting increase in screams…
Which were hearable by shivomru and they were shivering in fear in room’s…

Soon Aniriya entered the palace again with the stuff of shivomru and closed the door…

Gauri “soumaya have you lost it? Why you came out?”

Annika “gauri leave her…she saved us…Thanks soumaya…” she hugged her and they left to the room of the shivomru with their bags…
To Be Continued…
This is it ishquies…Chapter 4 of this SS…
No offence to anyone…it’s a fictional story and 3 religions are added in it…
Muslim, Christian, Hindu…
No Offence I repeat No offence it’s just a fictional story and Everything is fictional…
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