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Chapter: 3
On the dark way of Pennsylvania, a car was flying nearly 20-30 above the ground on the speed of 190

Om “shivaay, why you’re slowing down the car in this way we’ll fall asleep” he shouted

Rudy “yeah bro I’m sleeping shout less…” he scratched his hair

Shivaay “om I’m not mad that I’ll slow it down… and don’t shout I’m not dumb”

Om “then why the heck it’s going downward…”

Rudy “O look at the meter speed is 190 and it’s going down”

Shivaay “yeah, it’s weird I’m trying my best to not drop the speed and I’m not moving down too but it’s going on its own idiots”

Om “you could’ve told us before; idiot handle your steering”

Shivaay “I didn’t want to scare you…”

Om “isn’t it scary our car is doing whatever it wants to…”

Rudy “stop it both you’re scaring me” he gulped

Shivaay “sleepy head you can do your drama later too…handle the fu**ing steering first” he shouted

And the trio tried their best to stop the car from going down but failed and soon the car landed on the road

Rudy “run” he was going to open the door but om stopped him

Om “duffer why don’t you use your brain? We are in Pennsylvania the city of horror incident and you’re trying to go out in darkness…”

Shivaay “we are safe till we are in our car…” he gulped

Rudy “isn’t it so funny we came on adventures trip and are sitting in car being scared?” he laughed

Shivom “shutup you sleepy head…what else you want to do? Wanna go out? In the dark woods?”

Rudy “I think we will move further in morning only and you two are awake so let me sleep little…” he yawned

Shivaay “you freaking sleep lover…no-one is gonna sleep…”

Om “if you’ll sleep we’ll snatch you’re all the snacks…” he smirked…

Rudy “No already they’re just a big pack left” he plead and they nodded…

Soon they heard the sound of train’s horn “Choo-choo-choo”

Rudy “hell from where these sounds of train is coming?” he freaked out

Om “strange”

And soon the light of train appears from their right side and falls on their car

Shivaay “shit! we are on the track of train?” he freaked out

Om “hell! How come train in abandoned place?” he feared

Rudy “Shivaaayyyy I don’t want to die…Virgin! Save me” he screamed

Shivaay “shutup rudy…and om it’s not the time to think how come train here! It’s the time to take action…we are on track and need to fly away start the engine on 3…2…1…”

They started but it didn’t

Rudy “let’s run away from the car otherwise we may die here” he whined

And they both nodded and started opening the doors of the car

Om “what the fu*k? doors are jammed is it?”

Shivaay “how is it even possible…?”

Rudy “we are dead now…” he cried

Om “wait we can break the windows…” he smiled and they started breaking it but no it didn’t break…

Shivaay “Pray…” he closed his eyes and started praying seeing the train on a quite less distance from them… omru too started praying…

Shivaay heard “Tujhe pyaar karte karte”

Om heard “Be-panah pyaar hai aajaaa…”

Rudy heard “Mere Dholna sun, mere pyaar ki dhun”

Shivomru “did you hear that?”
They opened their eyes with songs still ringing in their ears…

“Ch, Ch, Ch” sound of the train track changed came and they looked on to the side to see the train turning to other track and soon vanished

Shivaay “we are saved”

Om “did you hear that?”

Rudy “later O, engine started fly bro…” he shrieked and they flew away…

Om “now tell me did you hear that song?”

Shivaay “yeah so lovely voice isn’t it? Tujhe pyaar karte…karte…” he smiled…

Rudy “excuse me? it was Mere Dholna…” he rolled his eyes

Om “oh hello? Sleep has destroyed your brain it was be-panah pyaar hai aajaaa…” he smiled

Shivaay “it means we heard different songs?” he gulped

Rudy “mean there were three Dayan’s {Witches}” as soon as he spoke that a strong wind rotated their car

Om “hell is this? Why it is rotating?” he held his seat tightly…
Shivaay “I think they were some goddess whom rudy badmouthed” and soon the wind stopped and their car stabled…

Om “rudy, dare not to badmouth anyone again…” he looked at him “Rudy” he shouted

Shivaay “what happened” he looked back to see him fainted

Om “hey boy wakeup” he tapped on his cheek’s

Shivaay “let me check”

Om “we are in air shivaay handle the car keep flying I’m checking him” he assured and sprinkled some water on his face and he opened his eyes

Rudy “O, I’m so scared my head was spinning” he hugged him

“Aaaaaaaa” shivaay screamed and fainted

And car started going down

Om “handle the steering Rudy and let me check him” he moved forward side to shivaay and sprinkled some water on him

Shivaay “Om…” he stammered…

Om “what happened shivaay why you screamed and fainted?” he shooked him

Shivaay “I saw someone in-front of windshield… crawling on bonnet and moving toward me…face was so scary…Hair like snake and…” he shivered…

Rudy “but bro there’s nothing on bonnet…” he narrowed his eyes…

Om looked at bonnet and saw what shivaay was saying but before he could scream he again heard “Be-Panah pyaar hai aajaaa” and someone pulled the ghost down the bonnet whom they were seeing…

Om “there was something but vanished”

Rudy “let’s go back to home” he shivered

Shivaay “but how? Our car rotated in heavy wind and the GPS isn’t working all the ways looks same…” he sounded dejected

Om “I don’t think we can go back before morning…”

Rudy “Fuel!”

Shivomru “Oh no!” They all shouted…
To Be Continued…
“What’s the matter?”
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    Dear Annie
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    It was amazing ! Honestly, this is the first ever horror ff i have read and am not regretting it at all… am loving it ?. I am scared of horror stories/movies a lot but am enjoyin this a lot.
    Om shoutin on shivay to speed up and rudy wakin up frm his sleep… shivomru panicking on seeing the car goin on it’s own and they can’t control it. Rudy hell scared with it and shivom tryin to keep their calm but they are also scared.
    The train comin towards their car out of nowhere and they can’t even get out of the car… so they pray and they all hear different songs and get saved. And their car also strted flyin on it’s own ??… and they all arguin abt the songs they heard and were really shocked abt the happenings. The moment rudy said witches and thn☇shivay managed by sayin goddesses. Rudy fainted with all the happenings ?… bechara. Shivay fainted ??… tht came as a surprise…. the real stry strts now…. the ghosts crawling on the bonnet of the car and omkara also saw tht and he heard the song. And the horror begins… no gps… no fuel… and ghosts.
    I love how shivom’s dialouge shut up rudy always remains in all ur stries ?. Am so glues to this stry now… can’t wait for the next one now. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

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